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And We Actually Pay These Guys?: 'Intelligence' Chief Warns of Threat of Iran Attacks Inside US

By dlindorff - Posted on 01 February 2012


By Dave Lindorff



Let’s see now. James Clapper, the director of national intelligence who oversees both the FBI and the CIA, is warning that Iran’s leaders have “changed their calculus” and, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, “now appear willing to conduct an attack within the US.”


Speaking at a Join Intelligence Committee hearing in Congress, the aptly-named Clapper said that Iranian leaders, “probably including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei” are “now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States as a response to real or perceived actions that threaten the regime.”


Well gee, that sure should come as a shocker.


Officials in the US, from the President on down to the clowns in Congress and campaigning for president , are all (with the notable exception of Rep. Ron Paul), insisting that “nothing is off the table” in confronting what they all keep insisting, with no hard evidence, is Iran’s alleged “program” to produce a nuclear weapon. We know, from reports by journalists like Seymour Hersh and others, that the US is already sponsoring and helping to orchestrate sabotage and terror attacks within Iran. The country’s top nuclear scientists are being killed by sappers on motorbikes, almost certainly working for Mossad, the spy service of America’s client state Israel. Several US aircraft carriers loaded with bombs, bomber aircraft and rack upon rack of cruise missiles, are stationed threateningly off the Iranian coast. And the US is working on boosting the power of its already huge 30,000-ton conventional bombs which are specifically designed to destroy Iran’s deeply buried nuclear fuel development facilities. The US is also running regular spy flights by stealth plans and drone aircraft (one of which was captured intact recently by the Iranians), over Iran to develop targeting information.


If you were the Iranian government, facing all those threats and actual acts of war against you coming from the country with the most powerful military in the world, you would be completely idiotic and derelict in your duty if you did not start developing a plan to retaliate against a looming attack.


Do we really have to pay Clapper the big bucks to come up with this kind of “intelligence”?


Americans ought to understand: If we are going to be an aggressor nation, and are going to sponsor acts of terror abroad against nations that have not attacked us or our allies, we need to expect, or at least be prepared to face attacks on our own country. ..


For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper, please go to:

Hey kidz!!!  You can't sell a "False Flag" event without "Previews"!!! . .. 


. . . anymore than you can get people to "buy into" a Hollywood movie without a "teaser"  film trailer. . . ;-)


Do you think on September 11, 2001 so many people would have believed Zionists Jerome "Answer Man" Hauer . . .


(link to video - approx. 8 minutes)

"The 9-11 Solution -How the myth was sold"


. . .  and  Ehud "Mr. Thermate" Barak . . .


(link to video - approx. 5 minutes)

"BBC Ehud Barak (9/11)"


. . . as they pointed the finger at Osama bin Laden for their own Zionist "False Flag" operation  .. .  or as they liked to

call it , "A New Pearl Harbor" . .. 


. . . if they had not done their pre-release "Marketing", kidz??? . . . ;-)


(clipped headline and article from 10April04 CNN)

"Transcript: Bin Laden determined to strike in US -

The following is a transcript of the August 6, 2001, presidential daily briefing entitled Bin Laden determined to strike in US. Parts of the original document were not made public by the White House for security reasons.

Clandestine, foreign government, and media reports indicate bin Laden since 1997 has wanted to conduct terrorist attacks in the US. Bin Laden implied in U.S. television interviews in 1997 and 1998 that his followers would follow the example of World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and 'bring the fighting to America.'"


(full article)

One thing about these Zionists, they are consistent with their Modus Operandi . ..  ;-)


(clipped headline and article from Intel Hub)

"US Intel Director Prepares Public for False Flag Event -

The Bottom Line

Iran has nothing to gain and everything to lose by attacking the United States. US policy makers have expressed a documented desire to provoke the Iranians into a war the Islamic Republic is clearly trying to avoid.

The United States government is on record funding, arming, and training terrorist organizations (LIFG & MEK) on it’s own 'foreign terrorist organization' list,a violation of their own anti-terrorism laws. They have failed categorically to provide convincing evidence regarding the alleged “Iranian-Saudi assassination plot,” more over, the evidence suggests it is instead, the latest in a long string of contrived federal entrapment cases.

If an attack occurs on US soil or against US allies in the near future under these circumstances, it is most likely Clapper, General Petraeus at the CIA, and Israel’s Mossad that will be to blame."


(full story)


The question only comes down to how will the Zionists do it?


(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)

"USS Enterprise False Flag!!"


Or will they go for something more close to home like the FIRST Super Bowl to be played in "retractable roof"  Lucas Oil Stadium

in Indianapolis, Indiana (built in 2008) . ..  or perhaps something in Zionist Mayor Rahm "Mega MOSSAD" Emanuel's backyard of Chicago??


Well, just remember kidz, when you hear the BIG BOOM!!! . . . and you see someone pointing the finger . . .


. ..  quickly look the other way to see if you can video tape the MOSSAD agents in their vans trying flee back to Israel . .. the land of our "Special Friends" . . . ;-)


(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)

"Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11"


"By Way Of Deception, You Shall Make War"

- The Motto of Isreal's MOSSAD


"Here they come again, mmmm-mm-mm
Catch us if you can, mmmm-mm-mm
Time to get a move on, mmmm-mm-mm
We will yell with all of our might

Now we gotta run, mmmm-mm-mm
No more time for fun, mmmm-mm-mm
When we're gettin' angry, mmmm-mm-mm
We will yell with all of our might

Catch us if you can
Catch us if you can"

- "Catch Us If You Can" by The Dave Clark Five




There's no good reason to believe that Iran is a  threat to the US.  None.


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