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America's Dismal August Jobs Report

By Stephen Lendman - Posted on 08 September 2012


America's Dismal August Jobs Report


by Stephen Lendman


Headlines obscured its ugliness. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a dismal 96,000 jobs created. Whisper numbers suggested around 200,000. June and July totals were revised down 41,000. They're usually momentum drivers for future data releases.


U-3 unemployment dropped from 8.3% to 8.1%. It's because 368,000 workers hadn't found jobs after over a year of looking. BLS calls them non-persons. They don't exist. 


At the same time, it added a fictitious 87,000 jobs based on so-called birth/death calculations. They turn reality on its head. 


The labor force participation rate fell from 63.7% to 63.5% month over month. Doing so hit a 30 year low.


The total number of non-person workers surged 2.7 million. It's 3.2% above a year ago. An astonishing 89 million Americans want jobs can't find them. Their numbers equal Germany's entire population.


America's employment to population ratio fell from 58.4% in July to 58.3% in August. It's the lowest since August 2011.


Workers without jobs for six months fell monthly since spring. It's because they can't find employment and stopped looking. They're leaving the labor market because their jobless benefits expired. If extended ones lapse, about one quarter of unemployed people only will get relief, but for how long who knows.


The newly unemployed who've been seeking work for five weeks or less increased 133,000. It's 5% more than July. Mean and median unemployment duration rose in August. They stand at 39.2 and 18 weeks respectively.


Economist John Williams reengineers economic data based on more reliable decades earlier modeling. Payroll job gains were pathetically few. The broader Household Survey declined by 119,000. July plunged by 195,000.


Real unemployment is 22.8%. Expect worse, not better, ahead.


Private payrolls barely registered half of expectations. Manufacturing dropped for the first time since September 2011. Down 15,000, it was the largest decline since August 2010.


Goods-producing employment is highly cyclical. It leads the rest of the jobs market. Expect service sector declines to follow. Manufacturers created virtually no jobs since April. It's eerily similar to what happened in 2007. Perhaps another inflection point was reached.


Central bank policies and pronouncements so far divorced financial markets from economic reality. August report numbers had practically no redeeming features. The private payroll diffusion index slid from 54.3 to 50.2 month over month. It's the lowest read in 30 months.


The manufacturing index collapsed. It fell from 50.6 to 36.4. It's the weakest showing since August 2010. The index of aggregate hours worked barely gained 0.1%. In July it lost 0.2%. In Q 3, it's running at 0.2% annualized growth. 


It's half what Q 2 posted and slowest since Q 4 2009. It portends slower Q 3 GDP growth than Q 2's weak 1.7% pace.


Hourly and weekly earning declined fractionally. The latter fell for the second straight month. It was the first time since winter 2009. Given rising food, energy, healthcare and transportation costs, household spending power is increasingly pressured.


Forward-looking indicators portend further employment deterioration. Workweek and overtime hours growth are absent. The factory workweek declined for the past four months.


Most jobs created are part-time or temp low pay/poor benefit ones. Temp hiring tends to lead total employment up or down. It fell for the first time in five months.


In August, it's significant that nearly twice as many people went on food stamps as found jobs. Recovery is pure fakery. Main Street America remains in protracted Depression. Half the population is impoverished or bordering on it.


Lost public ector jobs make things worse. Instead of creating them during hard times, nearly 700,000 federal, state and local positions were shed since summer 2008. Around half are teachers. 


It's part of Obama's anti-public education jihad. He wants it commodified into another business profit center. Teaching and learning don't matter. Corporate America's bottom line counts most. At issue is sacrificing a generation of youths on the alter of money power wanting more of it.


Obama menaces freedom and other democratic values. Besides waging war on humanity multiple ways, since taking office in January 2009, employment is down 261,000. 


The jobs creator lost them big time. Those generated stand in stark contrast to bountiful good full-time ones. They were plentiful most often from the 1940s through the 1960s.


Since the 1930s, negative employment only happened once at this stage in the presidential cycle. It was during Bush's first term. He got a second because of electoral rigging. 


He lost in 2000 and 2004 but served eight years as president. Whether Obama matches him remains to be seen. At this stage, it's close. 


Wall Street favors both candidates. Whatever the outcome, they'll win. They still get to choose. Whatever they want, they'll get. In two months, we'll know what they've already decided.


BLS releases seasonally adjusted numbers. Unadjusted figures paint a different picture. The over 16 aged non-institutional labor population isn't seasonally adjusted. It rose 212,000 to 243.6 million.


Unadjusted Household Survey labor force numbers contracted 1.27 million in August compared to the adjusted 368,000 decline. The unadjusted participation rate fell twice as much as the adjusted figure.


Seasonally adjusted August employment totals dropped 119,000 to 142.1 million. Unadjusted they fell 568,000. Last year they declined 49,000. It 2010, they were down 115,000.


The adjusted August number of unemployed declined 250,000. Unadjusted it fell 704,000. Normally that's positive. Not, however, when those with jobs fall. The sum of the two, or decline in labor force size, represents workers BLS declared non-persons.


They need work but can't find it. Washington erased them. Doing so shamelessly tries hiding dismal employment conditions. Not according to White House Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Alan Krueger.


Inverting reality, he claimed:


"Today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover. It is critical that we continue the policies that are building an economy that works for the middle class as we dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the severe recession that began in December 2007."


Millions of Americans wanting work can't find it. Most able to are woefully underemployed. Instead of full-time/high pay/good benefit jobs, they're stuck with low pay/few benefit part-time or temp ones. Many people need two to survive. Many spouses need employment to help meet family expenses.


Conditions are deplorable and worsening. Once plentiful higher pay full-time jobs reside in low wage countries. American workers are left high and dry. 


Republicans and Democrats don't care. They're long on rhetoric, short on performance, contemptuous of human need, and belligerent against anyone, group, or nation opposing them.


It's been this way for decades. It accelerated post-9/11. It's fast-tracking toward oblivion. For growing millions, it's nightmarish. 


Each generation since the 1970s is worse off than its predecessor. The American dream no longer exists. Neoliberal ideologues planned it that way.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 


His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Non-persons, just because workers couldn't find a job after a year of unemployment? I'm in BIG trouble. It's been far longer than a year since my racket-forced divorce from employment. Far longer. And the longer it is, the more difficult it becomes to be credibly employable. so you stay unemployed on an ever increasingly long basis; because it's been too long since your past job, you're over-qualified for jobs when employers ask little for education and experience, and you're no longer considered employable in your field of experience. And, so, you live "merrily ever after", unemployed; and most grocery stores lock up their garbage bins, so good luck looking for food. Oh, and it's illegal to pan-handle on the streets, here, too. Starve! After all, nobody cares and they don't want to be annoyed by any complaints; so, starve and shut up.


C'est la vie, as might be said in French. In English, we might say, "Heh, ya know, shit happens, so shut and put up".


Now we have some jerk politician in Massachusetts leading a huge mass of voters and encouraging them to vote for Obama!


"Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Speaks at DNC", uploaded Sept 4, 2012


I'm astounded that we could still have huge masses of US voters supporting Obama. Of course Romney is rotten, but what excuse is that for supporting criminal Obama?  This country is in BIG trouble. Romney, Obama? No way! Absolutely not.   When I was a young lad, I learned to go fishing for Brook Trout in nice brooks. Apparently, when we grow older, life changes. Gone are the "good'ol days" of childhood years.


The video is roughly 13 minutes long and it's extremely disheartening to see the huge crowd or audience there, supporting support for Obama; very disheartening. A person might want to roll over and die, closing with words like, f.e., "Get me the hell out of here". We could say that we don't want this to be real. Unfortunately, however, it's real. Recently, we've also had charlatan Bill Clinton going around promoting Obama and "Mrs" Clinton. It's all BS. We're being played, as if we're idiots.


You just want to cry, and you'll need more than only one handkerchief, too.  After all of these many years it would be welcome if people began to sufficiently wake up to reality. Some people apparently have, but look at the HUGE crowd that listened to and cheered Governor Deval Patrick. Deval or Devil?


It all is very disheartening.  The Devil has Americans in the palms of his hands. He can marrionette many Americans how ever he wishes.


We're in big trouble.  But one thing we can know for sure is that the Gov. of Mass. just proved that he can't be trusted, at all. It's always important to know who the enemies are.

The total number of non-person workers surged 2.7 million. It's 3.2% above a year ago. An astonishing 89 million Americans want jobs can't find them. Their numbers equal Germany's entire population.

Wikipedia says Germany's population is a little less than 82mn. 89mn Americans want jobs and can't find any? Population of USA is what? Wikipedia says just a little over 314mn. Okay, 89mn out of 314mn is what? Roughly 28%! Well, that's the total population; not the number of unemployed Americans desiring employment. So, it's getting uncomfortably close to a third of the population, for the portion wanting jobs, I think. Many are elderly and not looking for or even desiring jobs. There're others who can't work due to handicaps. There are the young children, who're too young. And there are older children in wealthy families, so they're not in a critical need for employment. They can play golf and listen to Disney's "American Dream" stuff, instead.


What portion of the 314mn or so want jobs, can perform work, ...? I think that the 28% actually is nearing a third of Americans capable of working and wanting work; as well as needing it. Even if it was strictly 28% of the whole population, though, it would still be an awful lot of people.


Workers without jobs for six months fell monthly since spring. It's because they can't find employment and stopped looking. They're leaving the labor market because their jobless benefits expired. If extended ones lapse, about one quarter of unemployed people only will get relief, but for how long who knows.


Not long.  And, definitely; real unemployment includes the many of us who no longer are counted as being part of the unemployed statistics, for, f.e., we can no longer get unemployment insurance benefits. We become part of the "ghost" population; the "ghostly" unemployed. It's difficult to count ghosts, so we're not included, I guess. During the 1970s and '80s, it was often said in at least Quebec, Canada, if not all of Canada, that the real unemployment rate was about three times what the unemployment statistics reported, for the latter was only for people receiving unemployment insurance. At least three times more were unemployed, capable of working, and desiring employment.


I know what jobless benefits running out means. Have known it for many years.

Real unemployment is 22.8%. Expect worse, not better, ahead.

Choke.  "not better, ahead"? USA, "land of dreams", or something like that. It's nonsense, but USA has long been considered "land of dreams". The dreamers dream of screwing their neighbors, I guess. Welcome to the USA.


And grocery stores lock up their garbage bins, to boot. It wouldn't be recommendable during warm months, but when winter cold sets in, then .... But most grocery stores seem to lock up their bins, so STARVE!


Private payrolls barely registered half of expectations. Manufacturing dropped for the first time since September 2011. Down 15,000, it was the largest decline since August 2010.

That would have to be explained, I think. Losing 15,000 jobs is important for the employees who were cut, say, but what does it mean, say, on a broader scale? I became totally and personally bankrupt because of the H-1B and other foreign worker importation programs that were and probably continue to be racketeeringly used by job placement recruiters, who corporations employ I guess to replace former HR staff. There were also AILA lawyers, American Immigration Lawyers Association; racketeers. They all tried to get Clinton, Billy boy, to remove the cap on the number of H-1Bs who could be imported per or every year. They didn't get that, but he did triple the number, based on the number (65,000) initially set by Presie GHW Bush as a "favor" for a son of his working for some law firm.


Don't worry. It's the "American way". Help thy childen to parasitically profit, while "screwing" your country.  Well, job placement recruiters in the USA, AILA, and so on, sure profited, so we can look at this bright side of the story; if we wish to do that.  USA, "the land of dreams", racketeers, pirates, ....


And, heh, we could also hire the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders to cheer for all of these liars, thieves, charlatans, ... parasites.  It's just a little "icing" for the American tradition. While people are illegally and immorally rendered bankrupt, we can watch the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Since Americans (and others) can pay for criminal wars, they'll also pay for anything perverted/corrupt.  Heh, consider all of the Massachusettans, alone, who support Obama. As incredible as that may seem, it's real.  I'm astounded by the huge number of people Deval ..., governor of Massachusetts, drew to his treachorous pro-Obama speech. It should be Devil, not Deval. If you wish to vomit, then Deval will be "helpful".


Or maybe you just want to explode. Well, see devil Deval. Who the heck ever elected that charlatan? How the heck did he ever become governor?


Well, that's the way most voters apparently are and I figure that it's good reason to not vote. Nader isn't running anymore, understandably so, too. But I don't know of anyone he'd recommend being a candidate, either. So who the heck would or could I vote for. Only Ron Paul, I guess.


I'm 55 and have voted a whole three times in my entire life. Ralph and people he recommends, I would vote for. Anyone else? Head to the nearest store or pub and have some good beer or wine, because ..., well, it's better than listening to politics.


Wasn't it Socrates who said, with good reason, that "Politics is full of hypocrisy"? I.E., hypocrisy is what we mostly get. It's not to say that we don't occasionally have opportunities to vote for vettable people, for that sometimes happens, once in a while. Once a while, it happens. The rest of the time is hypocrisy, hegemony, et cetera.


We're in big trouble and have been for a long time.

The manufacturing index collapsed. It fell from 50.6 to 36.4. It's the weakest showing since August 2010. The index of aggregate hours worked barely gained 0.1%. In July it lost 0.2%. In Q 3, it's running at 0.2% annualized growth.

What does the manufacturing index going from 50.6 to 36.4 (I guess percentages) mean in practical or layman terms? It's a large drop, but I don't know this economics language. 

Also, for the aggregate hours worked, is that for people working full-time, part-time, or both? And what's the worker population size? Until we know the details, we can easily be left with different impressions about what's actually meant.

Not about H-1B, but certainly regarding US economy:

"The Truth Comes Out About Offshoring" by Paul Craig Roberts, 2004

... Economists are taught that free trade is a good thing and that anyone who disputes it is a protectionist in the pay of some industry scheming to raise prices that consumers have to pay. The notion that there could be any problem with free trade is beyond the imagination of most economists.


In addition to their unexamined commitment to free trade, economists disbelieved my analysis because they thought it was inconsistent with statistics indicating high U.S. productivity and GDP growth. They thought GDP and productivity statistics trumped my use of job data.


All of this may be about to change. Susan N. Houseman, a good but previously obscure economist with the Upjohn Institute, has discovered a problem in the statistical data that produces phantom U.S. GDP. Phantom GDP results when cost reductions achieved by U.S. firms shifting production offshore are miscounted as U.S. GDP growth. Phantom productivity increases occur when gains from moving design, research and development offshore are counted as increases in U.S. productivity. Obviously, production and productivity that take place abroad are not part of our domestic economy.

BusinessWeek's June 18 cover story by Michael Mandel explains the problem identified by Houseman. Economist Matthew J. Slaughter, a proponent of offshoring, says: "There are potentially big implications. I worry about how pervasive this is." BusinessWeek says the implications are big. The cover story estimates that 40 percent of the gain in U.S. manufacturing output since 2003 is phantom GDP.

Most likely that estimate is low. Consider, for example, that furniture imports have doubled in the past few years (offshored production counts as imports), while U.S. jobs in furniture manufacture have declined 21 percent. U.S. statistics, however, show that U.S. output and productivity rose even as U.S. manufacturers closed their plants and no new investment went into the industry.

That's in 2004 and times are worse today. Doesn't it make you feel "warm and comfy"? But there isn't only the problem of offshoring of jobs. There's also importation of foreign workers used to increase profit margins for American job recruiting firms, AILA lawyers, and so on; even when the imported workers usually ended up, after only a couple of years, getting more income than I did after 8 years of computer programming experience and all I wanted was just a reasonable wage. Ya see, American employers can cost themselves more by importing workers, since not all American workers are greedy. That's okay though. On average, the employers still gained. They work with averages, not details.

Paul Craig Roberts also wrote about H-1B in at least one article that was cross-posted at, but I haven't yet found it, again.

"Doomed by the Myths of Free Trade: How the Economy was Lost",

by Paul Craig Roberts, Feb. 24, 2009

The American economy has gone away. It is not coming back until free trade myths are buried six feet under.


“Free market economists” covered up the damage done to the US economy by preaching a New Economy based on services and innovation. But it wasn’t long before corporations discovered that the high speed Internet let them offshore a wide range of professional service jobs. In America, the hardest hit have been software engineers and information technology (IT) workers. 

I know that first hand and it's been a very difficult fact ever since it happened at the end of the 1990s. Et cetera.

Quoting more from Craig Roberts' article:

The American corporations quickly learned that by declaring “shortages” of skilled Americans, they could get from Congress H-1b work visas for lower paid foreigners with whom to replace their American work force. Many US corporations are known for forcing their US employees to train their foreign replacements in exchange for severance pay.

He's not joking.  Offshoring has been a constant topic with respect to American economics, but there's also and long been importation of foreign workers from poorer countries, most coming from India, where there virtually was no IT employment, not until western IT corporations began to expand there, anyway. Some people have complained about NAFTA, and that includes Canadians and Mexicans complaining; but, NAFTA apparently wasn't as bad as H-1B and L-1. All, combined, it was very devastating for many US citizens and other residents, plus for graduating students hoping to get IT  jobs. H-1B, and possibly L-1 programs were especially bad though. (L-1 was very bad for some imported workers and probably US citizens and residents, but for hi-tech jobs? L-1 was bad, but I don't know how much it was used for hi-tech jobs. It never was supposed to be used for these jobs, but it sometimes was; illegally, I think. See Norman Matloff, anyway. He knows about this far more than I do.)


I don't know why those URLs say heather, but it's Norm Matloff's writings. Maybe Heather is his wife's name? He's married to a Chinese woman though.

I had to relocate to Canada in order to try to avoid needing to live on a park bench, or in some back alley, ..., homeless; hoping to get some family assistance so that I could hopefully find work in Ca., since USA was making us homeless. Parents had retired in Canada, brother was there, and I hoped for some help. Well, when you're on a "bad luck" streak, then it sometimes doesn't end. And still hasn't.  Ha ha. Lots of fun. For IT jobs, my last job was too long ago. I'm also not an accountant, lawyer, Dr., mechanic, et cetera. When applying for jobs requiring only a h.s. diploma, then I'm considered far over-qualified. Finally got an interview in August 2010 for a low-paying bookstore clerk job that required university education, which I had. That's why I applied. Otherwise, when employers offer low-paying jobs and only ask for a h.s. diploma, plus a copy of the job resumé, then there's no point in applying. They won't consider me once they see the relatively heavy-weighted resumé. They see it and run away. I have too much.  They can't believe that I could want to stick with a low-paying job, so they run away. When I just speak with them in person, before submitting the job resumé, then they're in a good mood, friendly. As soon as they see the resumé. Oh-oh. I'm "screwed".

Or maybe the managers think that I would want to try to get their jobs.

Either way, I'm refused employment. I could pan-handle, but it's illegal here. If you do that, which churches and other institutions can legally do, then you, as an individual employed panhandler will be thrown in a dugeon somewhere. See, the panhandling community doesn't accept individually employed, entrepreneurial panhandlers. You can only do that if you're doing it for a big and rich institution. :)

Anyway, among other links in the sections of links of the following page are some for "Organizations critical of the H-1B program".

One of the links is for Programmers Guild. If recalling correctly, then this guild was started in California during the 1990s and if additionally remembering correctly, then they were then working on trying to form a Programmers union, for there were programmers in California who were working on forming a union and I can't think of any other organization there that would've been trying to do this. It was due to the need for solidarity to survive against the H-1B program, ie, racket.

Apparently, most Americans were unaware of what was really going on against us, but I guess some people came to learn of it, for I think it's Paul Craig Roberts who, in one of his articles, said that enrollment for computer ... degrees at American universities and colleges came to seriously decline. I'm not sure when the decline began but it's after year 2000. This decline was or is surely due to people having learned about the H-1B, L-1 and TN-1 rackets. Et cetera.

I'm not racist, xenophobic, et cetera, but it does become annoying when foreigners come in, get all of the decent jobs, and you're not granted equitable treatment. But, that's part of politics, I guess; and we have an awful lot of awful politics.

In the same section of Norman Matloff's itaa.others.html page is a link for H-1B Hall of Shame.  Beware. I already mentionned that website. Many juniors posted comments about the problem supposedly being racial discrimination. It isn't. It's $ racket. So just understand that comments talking about racial discrimination are from people who just didn't understand what the real problem was. It has nothing to do with race. It does have some relation to nationality. F.e., most H-1Bs were imported from India. But it's not about race. People in India were in an economically poorer country and accepted jobs at very low-ball rates for Americans. The problem is $ racket.

Consider the huge crowd of Dem. Party voters in the following video, which is for a speech by charlatan governor of Massachusetts, Mr Deval/Devil ....

Tell me, after listening to or viewing that nearly 13min video that US voters aren't SICK! That governor is a charlatan. He's a charlatan and it's considerably obvious. No honest, sincere, ... political leader would speak as he did. He spoke like he knew that he was leading a huge mass of human lemmings.

I don't expect much good when the November elections happen.

by Paul Craig Roberts :

"What Kind of Country Destroys the Job Market for Its Own Citizens?", July 2005

The June payroll jobs report did not receive much attention due to the July 4 holiday, but the depressing 21st century job performance of the US economy continues unabated.


This most certainly is not the labor market profile of a first world country, much less a superpower.

Where are the jobs for this year’s crop of engineering and science graduates?

US manufacturing lost another 24,000 jobs in June.

A country that doesn’t manufacture doesn’t need many engineers.  And the few engineering jobs available go to foreigners.

Readers have sent me employment listings from US software development firms. The listings are discriminatory against American citizens. One ad from a company in New Jersey that is a developer for many companies, including Oracle, specifies that the applicant must have a TN visa.

A TN or Trade Nafta visa is what is given to Mexicans and Canadians, who are willing to work in the US at below prevailing wages.  Another ad from a software consulting company based in Omaha, Nebraska, specifies it wants software engineers who are H-1B transferees. What this means is that the firm is advertising for foreigners already in the US who have H-1B work visas.

The reason the US firms specify that they have employment opportunities only for foreigners who hold work visas is because the foreigners will work for less than the prevailing US salary.  Gentle reader, when you read allegations that there is a shortage of engineers in America, necessitating the importation of foreigners to do the work, you are reading a bald faced lie. If there were a shortage of American engineers, employers would not word their job listings to read that no American need apply and that they are offering jobs only to foreigners holding work visas.

What kind of country gives preference to foreigners over its own engineering graduates?

The USA, of course. But, heh, look at the bright side. We citizens can try to survive by scrounging for food scraps in garbage bins; not recommendable during warm months, but if you live up north, then cold weather usually keeps the garbaged food safe for ..., well, as long as the temperature remains cold enough.

Since the 1930s, negative employment only happened once at this stage in the presidential cycle. It was during Bush's first term. He got a second because of electoral rigging.

Bush, if meaning Jr, ie, GW, wasn't elected in 2000, either. Robert Parry has an article at about this. By Fall 2001, it was proven that Bush Jr lost the election. He was appointed, not elected, President. In January 2000, the Black Caucaus wanted a recount of the votes. Gore opposed. But, by Fall 2001, a full recount was apparently performed and Bush lost; except, the USA was caught up in the hysterics about 9/11 and apparently most Americans didn't learn about the recount. Parry provides his report about this recount. Bush lost, as would be expected. I was against both Bush and Gore, but was surprised that Bush could've won. He didn't.

I'd try to find the article for you, but just tried a Google and it's not easy. I'm not going to read all of the articles that Google returns links for. But maybe if you write to Robert Parry, then he might tell you which is the relevant article.  Google returns too many and I'm not going through all of that.

Here's one article I just found and hadn't previously read.

"Bush v. Gore's Dark American Decade",

by Robert Parry, Dec. 12, 2010

They did this even though it was clear that Bush had lost the national popular vote to Al Gore by half a million votes. It also appears that Bush would have lost Florida if the full recount had been given the necessary time.

But then I think Parry goes off mark. Quote:

So, instead of the deeply qualified Gore becoming president, the largely unqualified Bush took over, carrying with him an anti-government philosophy of tax cuts tilted toward the rich and reduced regulation for business, combined with a tough-guy-ism toward the world – essentially the script crafted three decades ago by President Ronald Reagan.

Gore, a good President? This has to be a joke. Bush wasn't qualified, but what made Gore qualified? What are we dreaming about? Gore wasn't qualified. He didn't even act as a qualified VP. Obama didn't act as a qualified Senator. Not that other people do, but who wants any who don't? This is all a bad joke, right? Gore is "deeply qualified"? Well, if you dig far enough, then maybe you'll find your way to Hell. How much more deeply qualified does Gore have to be go to become U.S. President? Jim, Hightower, has a good name. Raise me up high, so that I can see what the heck is going on below. If Gore, Obama, Clinton, ... go for the deep, then to hell with that. Give me Hightower so that I can see what's going on. Nice name. I like it.

Interesting name, Hightower. I like it. It's sort of like Good Sherpherd. The Good Sherpherd stands on a high  tower watching over the flocks. Doesn't sound like a bad idea, at all, imo. I'm not much of a flock animal, but might get closer when danger approaches. :)

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