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From Afghanistan: We Support the People of Wisconsin and the World

We Afghans Are All Bouazizi
By Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Afghan youth are quietly encouraged by the Egyptian uprising because the people of Afghanistan want what the people of Egypt want.

We are all Bouazizi.

We want dignified livelihoods.

Dare any scientist prove to us that 30 years of wars and more to come will successfully bring us decent livelihoods? Dare any human being prove to us that mutual killings somehow bring men and women some measure of murderous dignity?

Aren’t any of you curious about whether there are any ‘stirrings of Middle East change’ in Afghanistan?”

Are we Afghans so ‘animal-like’ that we are not capable of protesting for our bread and butter? Or is the world poised, in propagandic or silent complicity, to shoot any Afghan protester even before they take to the streets?

Why isn’t there even an Afghan ‘blip’ in the mainstream news?

The publicity-hungry Al Jazeera is also not picking up any ‘blip’ from Afghanistan, perhaps not even asking the needed questions, not even pursuing leaks.

No one notices us, not even when 103 of us burn ourselves, far less when we are dead.

We are saddened by the inhumane ‘oversight’ from the general public and mainstream media of the world. We are puzzled that Nobel Peace Prize Winners have neglected to comment about the War in Afghanistan. Is it perhaps because their 2009 ‘fellow-winner-friend’ Obama is the War Commander-in-Chief who is prosecuting War as the way to Peace. Do Nobel Peace Prize Winners approve of the approximately 2400 Afghan civilians killed in 2010 as just?

Come to Afghanistan, face ANY Afghan mother, and tell her that this is your justice.
We’re convinced that those in Power do believe that killing Afghans brings peace.
And we understand that the rest of the world is too busy, too remote and too uninvolved in human tragedy to ‘stir’. You would NEVER believe that this tragedy has strengthened our love for the non-violence seen clearly in our Egyptian friend Shereef and his People.

At least Wisconsin, and many other Middle Eastern places are stirring for themselves, so ‘Go for it, People of Wisconsin, People of Tunisia & Egypt, People of Bahrain, People of Libya, we ordinary Afghans share your moral rage.’

Didn’t we try to tell you? We are all Bouazizi.

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We’re convinced that those in Power do believe that killing Afghans brings peace.

That depends on what's meant by peace, because they're not concerned with bringing peace. They are enemies of peace and know that peace, real peace is contrary to their ways and desires or goals. But they evidently do believe that the more people for real peace are out of the way, the better it'll be for them; the more profitable anyway.

There was a video clip for one time when Bush was speaking to some audience and the audience was quite close around him. I don't know if someone asked him if it wouldn't be better for the US to withdraw from Iraq or to end this war, but it's what he said, saying that of course the world would be better off if the US withdrew, so if the US ended the war. Then he returned to the war commanding role he was appointed to.

I lost the bookmark quite a while back and don't recall the title for the clip at Youtube, so can't say which it is. There are quite a number of clips there with "Bush" and "slip" in the title, which I thought would provide a match by using these two words for search terms, but I don't recognize the clip based on the images shown. Some of the longer clips about his slips or slip-ups might contain the episode, say, that I'm referring to.

He spoke in very clear terms about the world being better off if the US withdrew, so ended the war, just that he then carried on with the usual war push.

They're not concerned about any real peace, except in perceiving and treating it as a threat to themselves.

With that said, the short piece by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers is good. I don't know how they can stay connected, say, with what's going on in the rest of the world, but they evidently have means for being informed very currently.

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