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“U.S. troops join Baghdad battle against militants” AP 2 hours ago

By Michael Collins - Posted on 05 September 2010

BAGHDAD —"Days after the U.S. officially ended combat operations and touted Iraq's ability to defend itself, American troops found themselves battling heavily armed militants assaulting an Iraqi military headquarters in the center of Baghdad on Sunday. The fighting killed 12 people and wounded dozens.

"It was the first exchange of fire involving U.S. troops in Baghdad since the Aug. 31 deadline for formally ending the combat mission, and it showed that American troops remaining in the country are still being drawn into the fighting.

"The attack also made plain the kind of lapses in security that have left Iraqis wary of the U.S. drawdown and distrustful of the ability of Iraqi forces now taking up ultimate responsibility for protecting the country." Barbara Surk, AP, Sept 5

But wait. Isn't this supposed to be over.

"So tonight, I am announcing that the American combat mission in Iraq has ended. Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country." President Barack Obama, August 31, 2010

But in Baghdad today, the Iraqi military called on U.S. forces for support and got it in the form of troops, helicopters, and drones.

Apparently, this is part of the plan. The AP article ended with this portentous line:

"Under an agreement between the two countries, Iraq can still call on American forces to assist in combat and U.S. troops can defend themselves if attacked." AP, Sept 5

The sorrows of empire are never ending.


I wonder who these culprits might be; surely not Iraqis of real Iraqi Resistance groups.

We're getting some deja-vu again. It happened a number of times during the Bush Jr-Cheney years. Anyone who had paid some serious attention to events in Iraq would recognize that we're getting another deja-vu with these new attacks.

I would not rely on the L.A. Times for truth, or no more than the LAT reporting that there were attacks. When it comes to investigative reporting and real analyses, I would not rely on the LAT and many other corporate news media. The U.S. and the U.K. conducted covert black ops during this war on Iraq and what many westerners have been calling "sectarian fighting" or warfare among Iraqis evidently was proven by real investigative people that many of these attacks were not really "sectarian warfare". We would not get this kind of information from corporate news media, and the same is true about surely most alternative media, but has a link in its home page for an index entitled something like "Salvador Option and Death Squads" (in Iraq) and there are some really shocking articles in that section of the website.

Covert black ops is M.O. for the U.S., U.K., and some of their allies, including Israel, which has covertly operated in Iraq during this war there. Some Mossad did, but I suppose Israeli soldiers didn't.

Remember the murderers dressed in black and/or with their heads covered with black masks or whatever they were called? It was clearly so that they couldn't be identified. And Iraqi resistance fighters didn't dress in this manner, but we have had real proof a considerable number of times now that some mercenary contractors working for the U.S. in Iraq did dress in this manner and not only in Iraq. Some also did this in the U.S.

The bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra wasn't committed by Sunni Iraqis and both Muqtada al-Sadr and Ayatollah al-Sistani called on all Iraqis to refrain from treating this bombing as if it was sectarian Iraqi warfare; having said that it most probably wasn't Sunni Iraqis who did this to a Shi'ite Iraqi mosque and that it was surely a covert black op actually committed under the command of the U.S. They said it might've been some Israeli operatives.

That's one of the attacks people can read one or more good articles about in the aforementioned section of, which has plenty of articles about covert black ops in Iraq during this war and not ops committed by any Iraqi resistance forces or groups.

We won't get that kind of information or analysis from corporate news media.

And there's the famous question that many people say to always ask, "Who benefits?", "Who stands to benefit?", from attacks in Iraq.

Hint: Iraqis certainly won't benefit; that's for sure.


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