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‘Muslim terrorist’ ????

By jimstaro - Posted on 24 December 2010

‘Muslim terrorist’ on Air Malta plane turns out to be Caribbean Christian

24 December 2010 - The story that made the rounds of the world that a Muslim man was apprehended on an Air Malta plane when he persisted in praying out aloud in the aisle just as the plane was taxying to take off at London’s Heathrow Airport, now has to be revised.

It was a Caribbean Christian man, Maria Busuttil who was on the plane with him, told The Times. And the prayer he was chanting was the ‘Our Father’.

Yet even yesterday on In-Nazzjon, Brian Grech who had a hand in restraining the man, still insisted the man was an Arab Muslim.

Writing on The Times comment pages yesterday, Ahmed Sain wrote: “For all of you who made a comment yesterday on this subject, I think you got it all wrong regarding this man’s religion. Now you guys ask for forgiveness.”

Meanwhile, unbeknown to most Maltese, comments on foreign papers were not all unanimously in favour of the crew’s action to remove the man from the plane. Many said that in a multicultural society, a man might be allowed to pray as his religion orders him to do.

Thus, a Max from Amsterdam wrote on the Der Telegraaf comment blog: “This often happens. Even before 9/11. Then it was no problem. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen to leave for New York: a Muslim and a Jew side by side were praying. If you’re afraid you must stay home.” {continued}

They had a report on one of the shows this past week, talking about criminal terror and terrorist. I started flippin out as they only labeled Terrorist as from the Muslim countries and affiliated with the propaganda meme 'al Qaeda'. The only mention of as to here in the states was Ft Hood. No Mention of the Austin Pilot, No Mention of the Many Other Criminal Terrorist Actions By U.S. Citizens As Individuals or In Groups Having Nothing To Do With The Muslim Religion But Many Related To So Called 'christian ideologies' Of Extremism!!

I think most people have read at least a little about the Jewish passenger on a plane flying from Australia to possibly the UK and who threatened to kill everyone onboard by opening the exit door during flight some months ago. His little example evidently also shows that it's not necessary to use bombs or to crash planes in order to kill everyone on a plane once it's in flight.

And then there of course is the history of false flag attacks committed by Israel; a very serious history of very serious false flag attacks. Some Israeli official, perhaps military, was traveling from Israel to the UK and it was decided that he better not get off of the plane after it landed in the UK, because the UK wanted to arrest him or certainly bring him for questioning in relation to an Israeli false flag attack, or two of them, and I think these were the ones Israel committed in the UK; unless it was about an Israeli false flag attack in Argentina or some other South American country. Anyway, this incident, with this Israeli official, occurred over the past year or two; if I'm recalling the time span correctly.

Israel isn't the only country/government guilty of committing false flag attacks, for the US and UK also are; and there are surely other governments that are guilty of the same thing.

More pertinent for this post is the story of the Israeli Jew who threatened to kill everyone on the plane that was going from Au. to the UK; but we can nevertheless keep the false flag attacks in mind, as well.

This story about the Caribbean Christian praying on the plane will hopefully help to wake people up, but if it hadn't been for the article posted by jimstaro, then I wouldn't have heard or read of this incident, which is why the Independent, UK saying that the "story that made the rounds of the world" is rather funny. It "made the rounds of the world" in what news media?


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