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Conyers' Report Newly Updated: "Constitution in Crisis"

The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War, and Illegal Domestic Surveillance

The following are Adobe pdf links to the Final Investigative Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. (This Report is over 350 pages.)

Full Report

Table of Contents



I. The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution and Coverups in the Iraq War

II. Unlawful Domestic Surveillance and the Decline of Civil Liberties Under the Administration of George W. Bush



Recommendations and Conclusion


Legal Standards and Authorities

Major Reports


Next Steps

1. Ask the media to cover this report.

2. Ask your Congress Member to sponsor H. Res. 635 to start an investigation.

3. Buy this report as a book. Pre-order, and ask your friends to do so, and get it on the best-seller lists. Buy it here.


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You are so full of neocon BS it is pathetic. Where have you been if you even have to ask why we hate Bush?? I suggest you pull your head out of your butt. You REALLY believe Bush didn't want to send in troops into Iraq?? My gawd. I got news for you, he didn't HAVE to
send any troops in! And please do not use the excuse Houssein was a brutal leader. How many threatening brutal leaders are in this world? Are we going after all of them? He had no WMD's or Sarin, he used it up after the Gulf War. He said, just before he died, that he didn't want Iran to have knowledge that he didn't have WMD's anymore or it would weaken his defenses against them. Bush knew all this.
This is the guy, who, after 911 told us, the American people, that he would track down Bin Laden, and not stop until he found him, and then turns around and goes into Iraq. A bold face lie! Our moronic president hoped and depended on people like you to buy his every lie. And in case you didn't know this, Bin Laden was in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Iraq had nothing to do with the brutal attack on our country, nor did they harbor terrorists.
Bush, told several people on his staff, (documented) that he intended to go into Iraq after Houssein, just after he took over as president, and prior to 911. He also told his ghost writer, while he was still governor of Texas, that if he became president he would go into Iraq. What does it take for you to have any clarity into this situation?? As far as your ignore 'New Orleans' attitude, may I remind you, some of my tax money and yours, goes into a fund to cover national disasters. Our money!!! What about people who live in hurricane country, earthquake country, flood country? You think Bush has the right to pick and choose who and what citizens of this country get help?? (He did say he was the decider) We pay for this help through our taxes!
His bumbling of our country has broke the bank, our infrastructure is badly decaying. Again a chunk of our tax money is to go to take care of these things, but since Bush could care less about Joe Public (his nick for us), he provides huge tax breaks for his wealthy corporate buddies, starts a war giving more of his buddies, like Halliburton, huge profits, pilfering millions more, bails out banks who got themselves into trouble. But if we the people, get into trouble, it's 'oh well' from you and all your ignorant right wing clan. This war was all about oil fields. Iraq is the richest oil producing country in the middle east, and that is what it was about. Because he chooses to invade a country, running the tally to trillions, allowing the subprime loans to run rampant, put's us into a recession, allows unsafe products/food into our country, losing worker jobs by the thousands with no plan in site, wages stagnant while food, gas utilities, goods keep sky rocketing, the middle class cannot afford medical care because of huge increases, not to mention the huge profits they are all raking in while they go deeper in the hole. This will be GW Bush's legacy, the worst president in history.
You say Clinton got away with far more moral degredations than Bush shows more of your stupidity. You don't find it immoral to be the author of 4,000 deaths and lying to the country? You don't find it immoral to expose a CIA agent? You don't find it immoral to allow torture and detain people without cause. You don't find it immoral to wiretap without a warrant, stomping all over our 14th amendment rights? You don't find it immoral to do nothing with our borders and ports while Bush went out of his way to instill fear in us of 'pending' terrorist attacks? (That is until after his second term election when they stopped.) Isn't it interesting no more of those yellow and orange terror alerts?? He did very little to protect us, and only indangered us more. We have more enemies in the world because of George W., we are considerably unsafer because of his attack on Iraq, and complete bungling of it. Terrorist cells have multiplied all over, not only in Iraq. And face it, George W. Bush is responsible!!
He is a criminal along with Cheney and Karl Rove. You people who supported his lies and voted for him are equally guilty. You paid no attention to the writing on the wall aka or did your homework. You spend too much time watching Fox Noise, the front for the Republican extremists.
Jackie S.

Bush in a recent speech had the audacity to say that every life has a purpose. He was refering to the embryonic stem=cell bill that he vetoed. He made this speech with parents that conceived after using the Vitro Method of Fertilization. It was real nice to see all the parents holding their babies,proclaiming this is life and it must be protected. But what this so-called moral man didn't say is what happens,to the stem-cell that are not used. He didn't tell anyone that in all likelyhood they were headed for a Hazardous Waste Basket,and would be discarded. But we should all be used to this mans blindness and rhetoric. Here we have a man,who says that evgery life has a purpose. But he entered us into a war that can never be won,and has stripped America of its vital resource,our American youth. He sees no problem with putting our brave men and women into sa situation that is totally hopeless,and with no way out. If you go down and see the aftermath of Katrina,that is almost one year ago,you would think that it happened yesterday. The cities of Biloxie,GulfPort, Bay St. Louis, it just devasting,and this man calls for a quailty of life. The only people dancing in the streets are his hand picked companies of Halliburton,and Chevron,who are and have continued to bilk the American tax-payer billions of and billions of dollars. The moral president,you have got to be kidding,impeachment proceedings cannot start fast enough,if for only enlighting people who still stand behind this sham. The world according to Bush and Cheney,the new world order is coming into being and fast

A number of websites are dedicated to Bohemian. Each website tells an amazing and chilling story about our leaders. Definitely worth checking out. The dark forces have taken over and we have let them. It is urgent that people bring the light back into the world. It is not too late to change the course of events. Burn a white candle every night and make it your intention of Peace. Imagine Light shinning over the white house, white light over Israel and white Light over Lebanon Palestine, Afghanistan and or course not forgetting Iraq where the american soldiers are asked to kill every boy under the age of 21. The killing and raping woman and children. Bring the light into our heart and pray for peace and take action against the cruel and inhumane leaders of the USA. Only the sword of light and truth can conqueor this evil. Good and decent people must unite together and demand that justice take place.
Quickly find your heart and soul and stand for truth and light.
If people bring back the light miracles will happen. Act now, do not hesitate.
May The Force Be With You

I am so glad to see that there are others out there that are concerned and willing to share information. Thank you. A great site is by Alex Jones. Also, Steven Jones, a professor at BYU, this tape will knock your socks off!
Enjoy. I have many sites that would interest the general public. May The Force Be With You TOO!

Can't see Bush reading this 200 page compilation of his and Cheney's contriving, but the details and judicious quotations used throughout are going to be mandatory reading for many of us. The remainder of the report consists of the footnotes, the Downing Street Memo papers, complete with the original typographic errors that Mark Danner removed, plus some other appendix material. Rep Conyers readily acknowledges the "blogosphere," so take a bow, all you who helped the committee gather infomation and material for the report.

Of course Bush won't be reading this, it has no pictures!

We Ex-Pats and "foreigners" who are often barred from even accessing sites like this really do appreciate Conyers and the rest for fighting the good fight.

Over here in AussieLand we are in our own battle with the lap dog and his kennel as they drag us further and further into the pit with the USA. You know the one, where the rest of the world throws rotten tomatoes and worse as we duck and weave and plead how we just want to make everyone as "free" as we are. Free. Yup, thanks to our word for word "anti-terrorist" laws we are "free" to watch Lil Johnny Lap Dog do as his lord and masters in Washington tell him to do and to hell with the people they were elected to serve.

And for master Rich above: Mate, only something like 17% of the people of the rest of the world even sorta like you folks any more. Is this really the way you want the world to view America? Most don't even want your tourist dollars any more. Those of us out here in the "real world" deal with the fall out all the time as we hear "bloody yanks" and other even less flattering terms (seppo or tank, as in septic tank) thrown at us. Yup, makes one "right bloody proud" of our accents. NOT!!!

The Flea
USA Citizen by Birth
Australian by Choice

Stay there.

This report is invaluable, and will make the case against these crooks much smoother when the day of reckoning arrives.

Make no mistake in thinking BushCo will get off for their crimes. It may not be as soon as we'd like - it may even take years to happen. But happen it will because the American people won't stand to see them get away with this once the majority realize how their country and respect was stolen right under their noses. Many conservative Republicans are trying to distance themselves from these rogues. When the ship sinks, they don't want to go down with it, or even be associated with the disaster created from the neocons' greed.

Folks like Richie "Right Wing Kook" Rich will soon discover that:

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” – Dwight Eisenhower, 34th US president

This is not about who wins; it's about what is humane and right.

With the Republicans controlling all three brances of government, the mainstream media, in bed with the large conglomerates, the Christian Right, and roughly 50% of the American people still believing they walk on water....the are not worried about impeachment. They will put their spin meisters on it and say it is just politics as usual or Democrat propaganda. But all we can do is try to impeach the felons and try them for their illegalities, war crimes, and sordid corruption. Then hope for a miralce. Thanks for those that are standing up and doing something in face of tyrannious odds.

Robert Knowles
Lebanon 37087

The Republicans just might be worried about impeachment. They desperately want to maintain control of both houses of congress, because they can then control congress's agenda, and impeachment will never happen. But, if they lose control of congress in November, and the Democrats take control, then the impeachment process might begin. And if impeachment ultimately fails, at least the dirty deeds of Bush, Cheney, and all the others will be in the news, as bright as day.

I say:
W, Cheney, Rove, Card, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Hughes, Pearl, Libby, and the others between the columns of the Lincoln Memorial. Let the rest of the world know that we will not stand for this again! Oh, and you can add Lieberman to that list.

Advocating the death of a sitting President is no laughing matter. True, they have not lived up to what everyone wanted them to be, but what elected official ever does? I'm sure Truman pissed off some Americans of Japanese decent towards the end of WWII, but that seemed to work out ok for the rest of us, right?

Why does the report avoid the lead-up to the events of 9/11. They had pre-event warnings from numerous sources. Why did they let it happen? Why did they resist forming the 9/11 commission? Why did they refuse to testify under oath and only in each others company? What are they attempting to hide? Why was absolutely no-one punished, fired, or court marshalled for this enormous breach of security? There are millions of that are calling for new investigation because we believe the Bush / Cheny administration had indirect if not direct fore knowledge and let it happend to fit their long term agenda of securing oil in both Afganistan and Iraq.

You are "Nuts".

You bring up valid points, though obviously some don't want to listen. I think what needs to be done is for someone to look at who had the most to gain by attacking us on 9-11. It wasn't the Taliban, they knew if they wanted to stay in power they better not hit us directly. It was more likely secret agents of Israel, the Mossad, who wanted a war against Islam started so the United States would help eliminate their most dangerous enemy. There's also a chance it was allowed to happen because the people behind the Project for a New American Century had seized control in the 2000 elections and wanted to get their Plan started. They needed their Pearl Harbor and got it, due to neglect and a stand-down order from the top.

The dateline shows that this article was added August 1. I haven't seen or heard any reference to this in the press. Has there been any kind of press conference? Contact made with the media?

FYI: I sent the following e-mail to the news departments at CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS, as well as to my local newspaper.



The war between Israel and Lebanon will still be there Thursday and Friday. Take a day to cover this IMPORTANT report. (Oh, and by the way, has any American died in Afghanistan or Iraq recently? Forget the ratings and the administration's diversionary tactics--Americans need to know this information BEFORE THE ELECTIONS!)

Conyers' Report Newly Updated: "Constitution in Crisis"
Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2006-08-01 20:30. Evidence
The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War, and Illegal Domestic Surveillance

The following are Adobe pdf links to the Final Investigative Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. (This Report is over 350 pages.)

Today Amy Goodman mentioned it on Democracy Now!

The media is (90%) controlled by just 5 companies who are very close to the Bush Administration...

This will not get the light of day from MSM...

The biggest and best advertising is the world is word of mouth. Gather your friends, family and neightbours and neightbourhood and get the world out there. Next is the internet. Email everyone you know and more and ask them to eamil everyone they know and more.
Bloggers unite. There are detailed name lists of who these people are who contol the press, go to the grassroots level. Do not give up hope, the will of the people must prevail.
In the name of peace and justice.

Comcast Cable has removed both C-Span 2 (Senate) and C-Span 3 from their basic cable unless you PAY extra to receive it. They use the FCC as their excuse. So, who says they don’t listen to the public. They must have heard us say “thank god for C-Span”.
So much for “public service”! Fascism anyone?

Hey dude...there is an ELECTION GOING is AGAINST THE LAW to promote your POLITICAL PARTY over C-Span2 and C-Span 3.
Recall that Trafficant used to say a lot about what was OBVIOUSLY wrong and conclude with "BEAM me up,Scotty (R.I.P Scotty)!!!"

Incumbents already put FREE mailed ads promoting themselves in OUR mailboxes...YOU want them getting FREE TIME on C-Span also?

Well, if those 5 companies won't tell it like it is, then WE have to be the mass media and get the message out, however we can. For some time, I wrote an abridged articles of impeachment on dollar bills and indirectly inspired several others to do the same. Money circulates among all social and economic classes and so it doesn't just reach the choir. This was just my way of expressing dissent. What about flyers, songs, skywriting, whatever? If enough people try and make this stuff public in a spectrum of different forms, then we will become the mass media.

Yes, of course anyone who doesn't agree with wild conspiracy theories is "close" to the Bush administration. Nice ad hoc rescue.

If Bush controlled 90% (or is that 9%) of the media, do you HONESTLY think Bush would sit by and let the Mark Foley ant hill be MOUNTAINIZED for weeks? Aw...Come on now...and don't forget that lots of media folks are defending John Kerry's gaff against the troops and the military in general. Kerry has REFUTED in SOUND BITES EVERY DAY in the news...while what Bush said is no longer repeated. This leaves Kerry's eventual, gradual apology looking like a Kerry publicity stunt. The latest REFUTE FROM Kerry has him saying "Do well in school or you'll be stuck in the military like that dumbhead Bush was!" Talk about SPIN...and some people will buy this milarky explanation. TRUTH is many "brilliant"-only-5-D-grades in-college elitists look down on the military. Would Kerry be so superior if he had to WORK many hours a week to pay for college and watch his GPA get trashed?
Many in the military will use their GI benefits to attend college
and succeed in life. Take a look at who is automaticaly eligible for scholarships by the tonnes some time.

The obvious war crimes and war profiteering should have been dealt with a long time ago. I just couldn't understand why the American people were letting OUR country be brought down like this!

We have to get the DEMOCRATS in CHARGE in NOVEMBER so that this WICKED, EVIL BUSH ADMINISTRATION will be brought to JUSTICE! VOTE DEMOCRAT IN NOVEMBER!!!!!! Also we have to get the "TWO-FACED" Democrats OUT of office in NOVEMBER!!!!!

Keep in mind that the Two-Faced Democrats includes most of the Democrats in Congress. The Democrats could have pre-empted the Iraq was quite obvious to commoners like me what Bush, PNAC, etc. were up to before Iraq was attacked. Hence, Congress was well aware about what was going on.

Justin Bronk
Golden, CO

Conyers' being such a blabber-mouthed Socialistic Communist liker is one reason he and others were NOT informed by Oliver North. Funny how that Sandinesta leader promised Kerry and the other Congressman that he would make peace is Kerry would CUT aid to Contras...when Congress did cut aid...the Sandinista leader went to Moscow and received a $250 loan and Congress seeing this , voted EVEN more aid for the Contras! Too may liberals support UNamerican and Undemocratic activities.

I agree. I just cannot fathom why Clinton was impeached for just having an affair while Bush has committed worse crimes against humanity.

Government IS NOT a cover for racketeering activity:
any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical
any act which is indictable under any of the following provisions of title 18, United States Code: Section 201 (relating to bribery),
RICO Act??? Why are we allowing a government branch to opperate outside these rules.??

Is not afraid to stand up to the Bush regime. I am so proud of him, and say thankyou to this fine gentleman, and true American. Bush and his adminstration's dream for a democracy in Iraq, is a joke. This administration is slowly taking our Democratic rights away from us one by one. Thankyou again for "Constitution In Crisis."

It is warming my soul to see that finally there is courage in DC to take on the Cabal. I do not find fault with the fear that demos and right thinking folks had of speaking out especially after 911, (we got a chance to see what they can do after all). I was afraid to speak my mind too, but now with so many of us are declaring the parts of the "House of Wishful Thinking" to be a fraud that they'd have to send 60% of the USA population to Guantanamo to go after us (safety in numbers- ah democracy sweet democracy).

I am well aware that there are folks who wish to remain in the Fairy-tale World" and that they will fight hard to keep their denial alive. We will have to love them out of denial one person and one point at a time. The good news is that as the force of "The Many" with the plurality of "Reality Points" will act as check points leading all our citizens from the "Fantasy World" back to the world of "The Sane".

GWB is not as smart as Richard Nixon so it will take longer for the "Real" facts pointing at him to sink into his understanding and for him to capitulate. His world view sees him as king and top dog and bully, but even he will recognize finally that all swaggering will not cover his naked body from the many cross-hairs aimed at him. Take hope the Bully is really a Coward at heart and the Righteous are the inheritors of Peace.

Who remembers Hyde (the hypocrite) going on about "the rule of law"?
Clinton with a huge surplus at the end of his presidency, where is it now? He got impeached for something that Bush has proved was so ridiculous it was laughable. Well the rest of the world was laughing! 8)
Bush & his puppet masters have/are:

  • Stolen the Presidency in the first place with the help of his republican allies on the Supreme Court.
  • Helped his rich cronies (father included) by:
    • Getting rid of the death estate tax.
    • Allowing the destruction of the environment.
    • Given them the prime contracts (worth billions) to "rebuild" Iraq.
    • Increased decfence spending to 40+%, who owns the Military/Industrial complex?
  • Attempting to destroy the constitution.
  • Condoning "nazi" style domestic spying & harrassment.
  • Condoning torture as a form of interrogation. YEP the US Military is now no different to the Gestapo/SS, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Chinese gov (Tianamen Square) etc etc etc.......
  • Lied to the american public. (about serious stuff)
  • Blocked any meaningful investigation into 9/11. Forget conspiricies, there are too many unanswered questions.
  • etc etc etc etc etc etc

If the dems had any brains they would go full steam on a "fix democracy" so no more nuts (bush & cronies) can do the same again.
But then again, from a non-us perspective is there really that much difference between them?
If Bush stays in control the US will invade Iran within the next two years. Pretext, same as Iraq, whatever the GOP can dream up. AND after that the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush & his puppet masters have/are:
Stolen the Presidency in the first place with the help of his republican allies on the Supreme Court.
Ask Yourself...Did Bush force the Democrat Supreme Court 7 of Florida to rule that Al Gore WON after several expensive re-counts kept determining that Bush had won?

Helped his rich cronies (father included) by:
Getting rid of the death estate tax.
LIE, the Death Tax is Alive and WELL and wrecking small businesses every time an owner DIES because survivors are FORCED to FORK over small fortunes they do not have lying around.
Allowing the destruction of the environment.
Say WHAT? We do not drill in mosquito-infested Anwar of Alaska or off California's coast (not even the beachless portions). Castro is going to drill off the coast of Florida soon. If Castro spills oil on Florida Castro will laugh something off especially if we ask him to pay for cleanup!!
Given them the prime contracts (worth billions) to "rebuild" Iraq.
Guess what? Haliburton was already primed and ready to help whilst OTHERS were too small or not even in the Middle East. We could not wait around while Company Alsobeeg bought equipment and took it to Iraq to repair oil producing facilities and blown-up utilities. The media (that Bush controls so well) never mentions repaired schools, water, electrical utilities, or oil producing facilities. There are wells producing oil in Iraq to help support the people.
Increased defence spending to 40+%, who owns the Military/Industrial complex?
Fortunately the Arabs have NOT YET PURCHASED the USA Military/Industrial complex...they might have to buy SOME of it from the RED Chinese who are rapidly buying up income streams.
Attempting to destroy the constitution.
Like wanting to impeach a Commander-In-Chief for fighting terrorists? See Saddam was NO ANGEL argument all over the internet.
Condoning "nazi" style domestic spying & harrassment.
OH...I didn't know the Nazis had Cellular Telephones AND the World Wide Web. Speaking of "Nazis"...Where does Dick Durban, Democrat from ,"The Stronghold", get off calling OUR troops,"Nazis". He DID!! And everyone KNOWS he DID! AND he was SOBER!
Condoning torture as a form of interrogation. YEP the US Military is now no different to the Gestapo/SS, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Chinese gov (Tianamen Square) etc etc etc.......
Beg your pardon? We already dealt with that "US troops are Nazis." you work for Kerry? Or Durban?
Lied to the american public. (about serious stuff)
(be it noted that to this guy,"American" does NOT deserve capitalization.) Show me a President George W. Bush lie...JOKES do not count...ask Sen. John Kerry about JOKES! We forgot to laugh...Ha Ha!
Blocked any meaningful investigation into 9/11. Forget conspiricies, there are too many unanswered questions.
"Blocked any meaningful investigation into 9/11. " ??? With what? Blocked with a Free Press? Late Night "Comedians" cannot portray Bush in a bad light...cannot make unfunny monotinous endless JOKES about Bush's famous "Eloqution" and Texas pronounciation of "nuclear" despite his Yale background. Have YOU seen any "comedians being dragged off the stage on TV? Watch yer mouth buster...WE talk like that informally. We don't always sport a cane and a high starched collar.
"Forget conspiracies"....YES...We know that conspiracies belong to and are EXCLUSIVE to, the RIGHT...Hillary told us about RIGHT Wing Conspiracies!" Popping a Republican female page seducer at the same time that a Democrat male page seducer (Mr. Studds) and doing a "Censure" so both could stay knowing the Republican was DOOMED to be "HOMOginized" by HIS voters while the Democrat turned his back defiantly on the entire Congress and even got RE-ELECTED from his district.
Too many unanswered questions? About WHAT? Flight 800 in 1990s before Bush and Clinton blaming "Right Wing Radio" for the Oklahoma Bombing?
etc etc etc etc etc etc
Tell it to folically deprived Yule Brenner in "The King and I".

I was going to reply, but you covered it all. Rather well, too.

"There are only three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

look, there are already Democrats in Congress and not one, including Conyers has introduced Articles of Impeachment.
What makes any of you think the mid-term elections will make any difference? Yes, the Dems want control, but what will they do different? Will they undo the damage done by Bush? Will they repeal the Patriot Act? the Real ID act? Bring the troops home?
I think not.



Terrorist Bush? Really now? So Bush was in Iraq torturing Iraqi kids and their parents and other peoples in the Mid-East? What weapons of mass destruction? How about these 500:,2933,200499,00.html

or this info:

And how about Saddam's support for terrorism?:

Learned anything yet? lol...if not, perhaps maybe those unreasonable bias blindfolds should be removed.

Are you kidding me? If you actually read the article, instead of frothing at the mouth because you want to say 'I told you so' you'll realize these were 'PRE-GULF WAR DEGRADED MUNITIONS' and most importantly, these are not the weapons for which we went to war in Iraq.

You will always search for confirmation, and you will not find it. Your government has failed you friend! And they have failed the world, terribly. Watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann for 2 weeks, and if you still hate the left, you will never be a part of America coming together despite her differences.

Members who freely admit they are on the Left and those in the clauset pretending to be moderates, have ONE thing in common. They believe Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Conyers and others NO MATTER WHAT FACTS they may accidentally see.
Sure we gave,sold,loaned to Saddam (and Usama ben Laden)when he fought Iran (on our side). At the time Saddam was not giving $10,000 to homicide bombers who used dynamite belts' families. But you can find it in your beloved Reuter's News that Saddam upped his $10,000 ante to $25,000 when he got his hands on oil money he was supposed to spend on food for his people. But Bush is the Devil, Clinton and Albright are angels and all is well on the Western Front. Your hero Clinton never shed any collateral damage blood when he authorized bombing from 16000 feet in Europe. Every shell was always right on target except the one that blew up the Chinese Embassy. Ooopps. Missed. Perhaps you don't know that over 100 ancient Christian churches have been torches by Muslim peacenicks. But that's just propaganda too. All those churchmen are lying in unison to protect Bush. And France was not burning this time last year...those were MIRAGE flames from holograms by right wingers.

Those weapons were what the U.S. supplied Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran War, just like when they supplied the Mujahadin with weapons when they fought the Russians from Afghanistan. The Bush administration has fueled more hatred, fear, frustration, and anger, than ever before in the USA and especially abroad. Somewhere along this, I see the etches of terrorism. Its people like you that the Bush admin. knows can instill fear into and make you support their lies and own self interest. Ever heard of Halliburton? Do some research into the Bush dynasty, and the history of South America and the Middle East. There's much to be understood.

as to how much of a bastion of the truth this news source is. It is nothing but a propoganda machine for the folks in power. Get real.

500 degraded PRE-Gulf War ONE munitions do not present a threat to the U.S..
The only true "weapon of mass destruction" is called a nuclear bomb.
Why is it that Bush lackeys always rely of Fox News and other Murdoch-owned media to support their pathetic case for supporting the war crime that is the needless invasion and occupation of Iraq?

"The only true "weapon of mass destruction" is called a nuclear bomb."


I have sat and read all of this, and heard cries to "uphold" the constitution...but you lefties don't seem to give a damn about "the people's rights" when it comes to the 2nd ammendment.

Oh, and one more thing...munitions are munitions. Does it really matter how old they are?? I have some rounds for a very old Argentine Mouser, but you know what??? THEY STILL FIRE WHEN THE PRIMER IS STRUCK!!!

Until the way Our Elected Officials reach office changes, nothing significant will change. When the Corporate money hits the hand of a potential Elected Official, it is understood that payback is expected. What the hell do any of us expect with this kind of system ?. It is a crime that this has continued as long as it has. This must be changed now. Their are several states including California that are on the edge of reason in Clean Campaign Financing. If We demand, as the People who are to be served by those WE elect, to remove the ugly middle man in the Electoral process, Publicly financed election's will remove the need for favor's given by Our Official's that sadly come in the way of damaging legislation and contract's that undermind the Democratic process. Also,lobbying rules must be legislated along with the Public Campaign Finance laws. The sctratch My Back, and get scratched back lobby machine is so overtly wrong and damaging that it needs to be structured by removing the gifting, free money handouts, and other freebees Government officials now receive from the lobbying machine. Stop this prctice, clean it up by zero tolerance gifting. NO freebees, no payback and We will have rooted fairness and real opportunity for all in the Electoral Process.

Activism is Patriotism
It's time to shit or get off the Pot. The only remedy for what ails our Republic is that which our Constitution guarantees We the People. When faced with a Despotic President who has no respect for the Rule of Law, who flaunts his disdain for Democracy and Humanity with every word he utters, must rise up and with one voice say No More, Impeachment is our only option!
It is the one remedy reserved for The People to stop a Fascist Madman. He has no God save Power. He is drunk with the awesome Power he was entrusted with or stole by Supreme Court Edict. He is determined to perpetuate the chaos that is now Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants to export it to Iran and keep Americans and the World in a state of fear and anxiety. They can be easily controlled he thinks in his narcissistic bubble of yes men!
It is truly up to us. The burden of invoking and evoking the People to force an Epochal change in the way in which this Government manifests it's power. It shall hence forth be felt as a benign entity whose primary function is to tend to the welfare of all citizens, be they rich or poor, black, white, brown or green.
We must seize the ramparts and compel a Government of, for and by The People to once again blossom forth across this Nation and stand once again as a bastion of Freedom against the very Powers that have now seized our Government.
This is perhaps our last chance to stop this Madman before he condemns the entire World to Decades of Chaos, fueled by Fear and Hate. Hate is Fear turned upon itself, a endless cycle fed by the Propaganda-Catapult, Corporate Mainstream Media. Are you paralyzed by fear? Are you afraid to confront the truth? You must reach past your fear and use that Hyper-awareness fear causes as your strength to confront the reality that the duty to save this Republic falls to us.
We must stage mass protests and flood the phone banks of our Representatives and Senators with the single message, Impeach Bu$h and Cheney Now! Not later but Now. They will have brought us another 9/11 and declared Martial Law if we wait. They aren't waiting. They want another catastrophic event and they will precipitate it if Al Qaeda doesn't do it first.
Your Government will not protect you, for Political Power and Empire are all they see. We must take the Power back and compulsory Impeachment is the way we do it, by Rule of Law, the same Laws that this Administration has trampled in their greedy rush to power. Impeachment is the Right Remedy for what ails the Republic and Now is the time to administer the medicine, a full dose of Justice before the World.
Restoring our Nation to the People will restore America's stature as a Beacon of Freedom to the World. We must do this Now as Americans, as Human Beings. I want my Grandchildren to grow up in a peaceful World. and to have that I will make any sacrifice, overcome any obstacle, confront any malefactor so that Justice, once more, reigns Supreme in our Nation. All of us must make an oath with ourselves to protect our Rights and our Nation from ever letting this Cancer of Greed and War Mongering take root in America again.
The War Mongers will fight to the death if we confront them with Violence. Gandhi knew how to overcome Empire, with truly massive peaceful resistance. We must fill the streets in dozens of cities, literally overwhelm the System's ability and desire to respond.
Our only hope of Victory rests in the heart of each of us. Would you rather live in Slavery to a Torturing Tyrant or live in Freedom with your Destiny in your own hands? The answer for me is a No-brainer. Freedom and Peace

Not only have they snubbed their noses at our Constitution, but they have lied to the American people to do the bidding of the power elite ie George Sr. and all the big power brokers of the country. I say they need to be held accountable and put on trial for the lives lost on this B.S. war and freeze all their assets here and off-shore. If they are impeached, they should be incarcirated and their assets be used toward restitution for all the lives lost in the war. Also they be recognizes as the traitors they are and be put in the history books. Also let it be known about all the secret orginizations that they are affiliated with and make it a law that any and all political figures that affiliated with these orginazitions will be ousted from our government. And that anyone wishing to be in politics will not be affiliated with any orginazition.

The face,.. of power, only a part of the animal, and to ignore the entire anatomy of the animal, that you are facing, can lead to errors in judgment and mistakes in your understanding, of the enemy that is facing you.

A full understanding will allow you to know what to do and when to do it, so as to be, not destroyed by this enemy. A enemy, that is more than just a face!

The face is the secret extended families that has for generations controlled with an iron hand, the politics and the economy of not only the USA but of most of the the world!

Now at long last we can scrutinize the secret societies that they have belonged to for generations. We now know that the super rich wield a power over us that boggles the mind, and that these families that are only interested in increasing their power and their wealth are ruthless in this pursuit!..They are like the Mafia families! These families resemble the powerful family groups that came out of our world's, feudal past! They function in pretty much in the same way!

The secret conspiracies that they had been involved in, the secret murders that they committed of people in high places over the decades are now with diligent research, is being exposed and made available to a large audience connected to the internet!

We now know the names, of these economic royalists, we are beginning to know all about them and their secret societies and their secret fraternities that overwhelm our social fabric and control every aspect of our society!

They are now the recognizable face, of a system that is called capitalism!

Their was a time when the old established families of wealth resented the new families that became wealthy by bootlegging and discovering oil on their land and speculating in the stock market. The old families of wealth regarded these newcomers as crude and an embarrassment because they were ostentatious and vulgar in the displaying of their new found wealth!

The power grabbers of today do not care that their secrets have been brought to the light of day, and they are being exposed! ..They have so much power they just don't care!

The animal that is confronting us is not only a face! ..It is also a system and when you take out a face it will be replaced by another face that is a part of the same old system. The face will laugh at you as you go about finding individuals to blame for the sins of the system!

If you change the nature and the character of the system, you will change the character and nature of the people within the system!

You will change the entire animal!

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