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Conyers' Report Newly Updated: "Constitution in Crisis"

The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War, and Illegal Domestic Surveillance

The following are Adobe pdf links to the Final Investigative Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. (This Report is over 350 pages.)

Full Report

Table of Contents



I. The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution and Coverups in the Iraq War

II. Unlawful Domestic Surveillance and the Decline of Civil Liberties Under the Administration of George W. Bush



Recommendations and Conclusion


Legal Standards and Authorities

Major Reports


Next Steps

1. Ask the media to cover this report.

2. Ask your Congress Member to sponsor H. Res. 635 to start an investigation.

3. Buy this report as a book. Pre-order, and ask your friends to do so, and get it on the best-seller lists. Buy it here.


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Now Put the Motherfuckers behind bars!


We'd also like a raise, too.

Just attatch it to the inheritance bill and tag minimum wage!

Not only should these people be tried, convicted and incarcerated but by all that is "right" in the world they should even be tortured!! And finally put to death in the public square for crimes against humanity. We have let our governors run away with power and devolved to a point where an eye for an eye may be the only consequences they understand. How did this happen? By the slow and sure method of a school system which required only obedience, not inquisitiveness, an economy propagandized 24/7 thru the opiate of the people ie; television, and wages and livelihood demands which have kept the masses in fear and in check for well over 50 years. Our children do not even have a perspective on the history of civil rights! We as a people are reaping the karma of innattention and a blind trust in our "leadership" which has been quietly running amok ever since Bob wrote "the times they are a'changin". Well it's time for all to experience the results of ignorance and denial.

To be unlike the b/c usurpation et al we HAVE to VALUE LIFE above ALL ELSE!
To torture them would be to become like them. Remember, one of their "reasons" for the ILLEGAL WAR of AGGRE$$ION in Iraq was "because sadam tortures".

i cant belive the people elected nancy pelosi. all we asked was get us out off iraq. and stop bush. what does she do. she says impeachment is off the table. and keeps funding the war. i say impeach bush chenny and that traitor nancy pelosi

Congressional members are investors profiting from the increase of oil sales whether they are Democrats or Republicans. They are not going to bite into the profits that feeds them. They rationalize their apathy for human life with all kinds of excuses to justify keeping our soldiers in the Irak war.

I agree totally. The current Democrats were elected predominately on the promise to get the US out of Iraq. We are still there; they lied; they are no different than lying Republicans; they should be recalled.

Political Correctness vs: The Truth:

It is sad to say, but the Truth has become so offensive
in Washington, DC it becomes Classified Information,
or labeled as hate material or a hate crime. Desent
becomes an act of terriorism.
Is the media bias, or have their hands been tied behind
their backs?

FEAR has been used to strip us of our constitutional rights, and the moral values & ethics we had always stood for in the past.
Who should be held accountable?
Support Obama, changing how things are done or not done in Washington.

READ the following books. VOTE in November.


These controversial new books written by a retired Police officer are fact-loaded tableaus exposing the inner-workings of our government in relation to foreign policy, nuclear armament, and political corruption.
We call for a literal reprisal of our government though a return to " by the people" democracy.

FINAL-REPORT.(ID# 49149) & DECEPTION. (ID# 53223)

The easiest way to place an order is to go to the Author House Bookstore. You can also call our Book Order Hotline, at 888.280.7715. Also, orders can be accepted via email at

OR: Web. site

“The First Cost of World Empire Will Be Our Own Freedoms”
Both books also available at Barnes & Noble, and

The books are written in support of Obama and change.

It will take team work folks !!

Support out troops, bring them home.



The Minimum Wage hike that the Republicans taged onto the newest tax cut for the rich, the inheritence tax, would lower the minimum wage for 7 states such as Oregon due to the fact tips are on top of minimum wage in Oregon.

Tell Congress to impeach Cheney now and add your name to the 83,705 who have already signed.

Images can be added to this post.lets see

guess not

Rep Conyers and his staff have assembled a staggering report. This 26-page "distillation of the findings in my Report" contains 14 pages that identify Administration law-breaking and misconduct, followed by 12 pages of source notes. The full report of 370 pages will be stunning. Conyers is eloquent: "The unfortunate reality is we are a long way from being out of the constutional woods under the dangerous combination of an imperial Bush presidency and a compliant GPO Congress."

How do I admire thee, let me count the ways: Focus, stamina, determination, purpose, grace, wisdom, knowledge, truthseeking, articulate, moral, public service, and about a million other praiseworthy kudos describe Congressman Conyers and his team.
They are simply AMAZING!


How far they actually get? I can't wait until the "PNAC's" lawyers get their hands on this and no doubt shred it one "fact" at a time. I got as far as the report referencing to the DSM's a unrebutted evidence and it lost me. Any report that reports that the DSM's are unrebutted evidence, is already junk to anyone that wants the truth. I love how these DSM's which are: a typed copy of a destroyed photocopy can be even presented as evidence. It would be like the police bringing in a picture of a gun and saying that the picture shot the victim...It is laughable. It needs not be rebutted based on pure logic and lack of credibility.

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

P.S. I will probably read the rest of it when I am restless and need something to bore me to sleep. ;)

That gang will need them!


cool site!
I'll post it on my web page:

Crazy jerks like you are not what this world needs when millions are being killed by the axes's of evil USA, UK and the Hebs. Why don't you kill yourself so that there will be one less madman in the world.

Your blissful life of denial aside, Richie, where the hell did you learn to spell? "Axes's?" With an apostrophe, no less? Sophomoric rants are one thing. Spelling like a sophomore is something else altogether.

I cVan't spell either BUT thanks to the army drafting me and sending me to Korea I was trained to shoot streight...
any way none of this stuff matters any more since israelis AIPAC spys controll our government,media and the American people...
I do agree Richie, the UK US and israel are now the axcess of eivil thank to israel and thw world wide jewish congress.
But the world will wake up sooner or later and the crap will be flushed down the drain.

you constantly spout neocon bullshit, you don't have anything meaningful to say on here, and you're a fucking chickenshit coward who is afraid of your own shadow. go away! don't peddle fear here, you won't be getting any of us to buy that BOOGEYMAN bullshit....jesus fucking christ..just go the fuck away, puleeeeeezeeeeeee!!!!!

Ask your self why you can not sleep at night?

Please send us a post card. The scenery must be amazing to the point that it makes you hallucinate, and ignore facts that are inconvenient to your sophomoric arguments.

Tony Blair long ago verified the legitimacy of the Downing Street Memos, and not a single person who was at the meetings where they were written has come forward to dispute their contents.

Corrupt Bushies have no choice but to completely dismiss them, because they quite literally prove the intel was cooked to fit the long-sought Bush goal of hijacking Iraq.

Wake up, man.

Demand accountability.

I have learned to dismiss MY concern for those that see life from the land OF DENIAL.

When people like Richy Rich comment on what is going on, remember, they are commenting from their perspective in a world OF DENIAL. A world not rooted in reality. Therefore their commentary is naturally going to be skewed toward one of even more DENIAL, not one where, through closer examination, they find the details that add up to an over all picture of truth. Their truth, based IN DENIAL, will always see reality as a DENIAL OF the truth rooted in reality.

At one time in life it was called, "Seeing the world through ROSE COLORED glasses." Now-a days, those ROSE COLORED glasses help paint their world with a tint of Republican RED.

Great comment.
Submitted by MAX 1 on Fri, 2006-08-04 22:03.

There is no such thing in America and dont bet on the democrats since they are as yellow as they can be.They ALL voted for the WAR and its "WAR PRESIDENT" ,the jerk without any brain!Now like Hillary wants to be president and she was ALL for the WAR.It is really very upsetting that we cannot have a leader in this country who is SMART enough to put the need of the american people first.God have mercy on us.

c'mon Rich, you can't be such a fucking moron on your own without having Limbaugh's private part up your kazoo, huh?

Fact: Bush had a written plan to attack Iraq BEFORE 9/11.
Fact: Despite Bush's efforts to prevent investigation into the
events leading up to and including 9/11 it is obvious to
the majority of citizens of the U.S. as well as around the
world that the Trade Center buildings were brought down by
explosives -- demolition -- facts will be exposed that will
expose Bush's reason for blocking any investigation into the
death and destruction wrought on 9/11: Bush did it. If Bush
had nothing to hide why expend that much energy to prevent an
honest investigation? For what possible reason would he have
hidden information pertaining to an investigation unless he
has something to hide? What could he possibly have to hide--
except his own involvement?
Fact: Bush has done everything possible to eliminate civil rights
of American citizens. Why? His agenda includes control over
the entire world -- like all control freak madmen that came
before him, such as Adolf Hitler -- whom Prescott Bush, his
grandfather, not only supported politically, but financially
as well -- Little King George wants to rule the world and do
so without a brain.
Fact: Bush has violated several laws and committed treason as well
as domestic and international war crimes; and he is guilty
of treason against the United States of America--all of which
he should be indicted, arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to
a maximum term in prison.
Fact: There is a mountain of evidence establishing Bush's guilt as
well as the private agenda he has served from day one that a
lawyer or a team of lawyers cannot "shred" because the facts
cannot be shredded nor can the evidence supporting them.

Fact: Right wing kooks like you are a detriment to this country and
you are going down with your so called leader. Bye-bye!

Thank you for having the courage to speak out loud and clear, using facts to back up what you say. You are one of very few who have come out and used the word 'treason'. I have stated this often, and it seems clear to me. Bush has committed many acts of treason. He is truely Public Enemy Number 1.

Poetic justice requires that dubya pay for his treason by being the last human executed in the state of Texas.

He has committed crimes worse than any person in Texas who was executed before him. Kill one person...get the death sentence. Kill a million innocents over five or six years using a the lie of WMD. No need for a "leader of a democracy" such as Bush in the world today.

I don't think so. All this nonsense about impeaching Bush is just that...nonsense. He won't be impeached because there are no LEGAL grounds for it. Most of this impeachment talk doesn't come from experienced lawyers but Bush-bashers who have an agenda.

Blindly following people like Alex (the cult leader) Jones and other disinformation specialists will only get you on an island somewhere in South America drinking some special cool-aid. No thanks, none for me.

Since our president took a solemn vow to uphold the US Constitution, it would do you good to read it and find out about the human rights it guarantees to "all persons"----it does not say 'all citizens', it says 'all persons'----and compare these to the so-called laws he is signing, theoretically legalizing torture and denial of habeous corpus rights and other such cherished American values, and his additional signing statements which directly go against the Constitution's guarantees.

If that's not treason enough for you, then taking us to war on lies certainly should be.

How did the truth become so unimportant to the right wing?

But let's not stoop to the level of the torturers and sadistical war criminals by advocating even their torture. Let's keep the American dream alive by trying them and incarcerating them. All of them. Including those who enable them by manufacturing and propogating all the lies. If lies take us to war, all the tellers are war criminals. And so on.

And let's take it a step further. Those who write laws and vote for laws that go against our Constitution and enable human rights abuses like torture are also criminals, and also treasonous, and should be tried and incarcerated.

This would be so much better use of our resources than targetting free-thinking alternative living idealistic protestors.

How about disappearing on 911 and Katrina when his country needed him to lead? He went AWOL (and not for the first time).

How about destroying evidence and refusing documents needed by Congress to investigate various disasters, fraud, and events in this country? He is ignoring the law and the Congress which does over sight for the country. It is his constitutional duty to obey the laws of the land. He makes up his own with signing statements, etc.

You don't need to go to law school to know this man makes up his own laws and country borders. He wants a Americas Union without our vote or discussion. He admitted he hated the Constitution as an old document. The Bible though is not old? He took an oath of office to obey the Constitution but he abhores it.

He lied us into Iraq. I feel also Afghanistan. Bin Laden is a family friend (trained with the CIA and did business with Bush). He steals from us by dipping into the treasury at will for "religious cronies".

The list is very long as to why he should be impeached. Last of all he stole two elections and is not President at all.

Is there a "Demolition Crew" that is deaf and dumb and cannot blab?
Las vegas frequently does demolition and the guys who do it drink in bars, talk to their wives and girlfriends, and could no more heep a secret this BIG than they could have monkeys flying out their ears...

Sir the very techniques they use are considered in part to be secrets
apparentlly you do not know how many secrets CDI does keep and neither do I
I guarrente you that the ability to keep information secret would not require much since the claim that one knew of it would bring down a pretty strong response from people who clearly have no problem taking human lives to further their own cause
besides who would believe you?
who would print such a story?
It does not seem difficult for people to keep secret things so obvious to the human eye that it is not even difficult for a child to make a distinction between the truth and the lies
like the emporers new clothes you simply have to be willing to accept a fact you neither wanted nor invented a truth is not a fact it is the result of facts so I cannot tell you the truth only my truth however I can present you with facts which will be easily verified by the same sensory organs and laws of physics which I share with you
These facts are yours to sort out and to perhaps construct some truth which can account for those facts
we should never believe everything we see hear touch smell taste It is much easier to trick the senses than we think and It isn't as if facts can be asscertained any easier than truth sometimes but the anomalies of perception MUS T be accounted for and included in the truth
the t ruth we have from government does not fit the facts
It therefore cannot possibly be the truth

Watch this if you want to see how much total B******T/LIES your propaganda is about to be proven to be in front of the American public & the world because it's about to hit the theatres of America
They're doing the final editing now!
And then there's this: 9/11 Pentagon eyewitness IDs Global Hawk

Read from Looking Glass News

How Flight 77 Hitting The Pentagon Would Really Look?

9-11: Animation showing military precision of flight paths

Planes of 911 Exceeded Their Software Limits

9/11: The Myth and the Reality

The Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

20 reasons to question the official story of 9/11


5 Reasons to Question the Official 9/11 Story

Scientific Evidence that Official 9/11 Story is a Lie ****:

Pentagon Video Observations

All "911" News Articles


I could go on for more pages than I could post here in a day.

IMPEACH the bu$h/cheney USURPATION et al NOW!

Thanks for telling it like it is. Not only should Bush be tried for treason, but so should Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, and all the other Fascist scumbags who were behind this illegal war.

You can read ??? Amazing !! That is enough to shock anyone . Even a Republican like yourself. You are a real dumb A--> Do you REALLY have enough sense to be bored???

Have you ever heard of proof reading or spell check? It is people like you who I am most concerned about, i.e., ranters and ravers who really don't know much about that of which they speak!
Happy reading!

American People to SEYMOUR (Buttes) HERSH 'There has never been an American army as lied about and persecuted as the one in Iraq'...

So happy, so not understanding the loss of life. BUSH IS REMOVED FROM THE DEATH OF WAR!

Wayne Madsen Report has a post today that reports that Barbara Bush did not even go to her own mother's funeral. Neither did she or George H.W. Bush have a funeral for their little girl. When she died, they donated her organs to the hospital and went to play golf. George H.W. Bush's mother had a little funeral for the girl, but they didn't attend.

There's nothing normal about a couple who watch their child die and then head out to the links for a day of enjoyment. I know, I watched my parents deal with the death of two babies who never reached their second birthdays - it nearly destroyed them - my father became a different person and never really enjoyed a minute of his life over his remaining 40 + years (RIP).

No matter what we think, all people are not the same - some people can kill with no remorse - some people are born without conscience or a soul.
I know it is too horrible to contemplate let alone believe, but that doesn't make it untrue.
I would urge everyone to read "The Sociopath Next Door"
One in twenty-five people around you have absolutley no conscience. This means that they also have no compunctions about doing anything to achieve their goals. They will use you, they would destroy you, and have you blaming yourself. Also these people know they are different and are masters at manipulation and covering up so they aren't discovered.
They cling to things like "faith" and "patriotism" to avoid detection.

I believe we have a Pathocracy running this country, not a theocracy and certainly not a democracy or democratic republic.

Wake up America, before it's too late.

I wouldn't believe unchecked anything from a liberal blogger. He cannot have a HUGE REPUTATION like Drudge and liberal Democrats lie all the time. Kerry just said he was talking about Bush when Bush never went to war for his country! And that BS about NO WMDs is such a repeated bo;d-faced LIE that many believe it. For example, did you know that the British found 50 MIG attack jets hidden in the desert? If a MIG is a weopon of NO DESTRUCTION and was never used in war it wouldn't be a WMD...but lots of MIGs have probably dropped canisters of poison gas on the Kurds which died en masse!

He's an excellant investigative reporter who backs up his journalism. Drudge is a gossip monger compared to Madson who does real journalism not lies.

I firmly believe that bush does understand the loss of life. He is not removed from the deaths of war. He and his corrupt administration planned everything that has happened long before he was selected president. We just fit into his scheme of things by believing his lies, perpetuating issues such as abortion, gays, false terrorism, shiavo, swift boats, Code red, Code orange and on and on. No issues of importance such as the needs of our country, the deficit that was created by the republican corruptness, the environment, Global Warming, jobs and the giving away of American resources to corporations and the super rich. Katrina is a good example of how he ignores the needs of this country except when an election is near. I have always felt that this administration planned 9ll or let it happen to raise bush's ratings. This is critical in the course of an inpeachment investigation. This MUST be thoroughly looked into by those who can be trusted to find the truth. He MUST be stopped now. Syria and Iran will be next. I don't blame them for trying to protect themselves. After all the saber rattling bush does I don't blame them. They don't want to be another Lebanon or Iraq. Where and when will it stop? Innocent people mean nothing to the butchers in Washington now. Our sons and daughters mean nothing to them either. If they can get other countries to help them do their dirty work they will. Neither do they believe in the Constitution, the rule of Law, or the American people. The present administration are the EVIL DOERS and the AXIS OF EVIL. As long as bush is "THE DECIDER", this country will continue to be at the head of all that is trouble.

The Impeachment of Bush will not come soon enough nor will it be adequate to prevent more terrorist attacks. Two simple things are apparent to me: one is that too many people do not realize how evil the bushwhacker and his crew can be and will be again, the second thing is that I'm certain that the evil in Washington will create another disaster that will make the 9/11 tragedy a minor inconvenience in comparison and just so that they, GW Bushwhacker, Dick Shotgun Cheney and the MORONS in Washington supporting them can retain power by declaring a National Emergency. Think about it, but not too long. They are getting restless while their popularity plummets. Popularity and power are proportional.

This is sickening to read. How can some American people hate this president so much. I feel sure he wishes he had not had to send troops there, more than 2,500 times he wishes that. No president be he one side of the isle or the other would ignor the needs as the writer suggested in the case of Katrina. The blame there lies with the people of New Orleans for living in that bowl that was bound to fill with water at some point. Those people have to take the majority of the r esponsibility for their protection from natural disasters. We feel for them but when you chose to live below sea level and the sea is just a few miles away , well, that's your problem. The government, state or national should help and does help, but not be held fully responsible. Clinton got away with far more moral degredations than Bush.

Dub Joiner
Ellijay Georgia

I am glad to know that you are at least taking the time to read other peoples opinions on the subject of the Bush administration and the anticipated articles of impeachment. Many people absolutely refuse to listen to or read anything that doesn't conform to their own personal viewpoint.
However, an ever increasing percentage of US citizens are finally beginning to take wake up and take a closer look at what this administration has done over the past several years, and they are finding out that there is definitely an element of truth in the criticisms made against the Bush administration. And as more information becomes known, more people will begin to realize just how misguided they have been in believing the "spin" put out by Bush and his cohorts. Keep reading and listening to all opinions, not just the ones you agree with, and you may come to realize that there have indeed been impeachable offenses committed by the president and vice-president, and may well be criminal charges against many of his complicit supporters. As for your comment about Bill Clinton, he may have lied, but no one died as a result of his actions. Bush is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people as the result of the decision he made to go to war. We live in a supposedly democratic country, and if people don't speak out against this military/industrial administration, the war we are in now could become the war to end all wars.
Try to keep an open mind, and hope that saner minds prevail before someone decides to go nuclear!

NO, I'd say the blame lies with the bu$h/cheney USURPATION et al.
Katrina was a TOTAL FAILURE of LEADERSHIP (and worse) from the TOP DOWN,
The usurper-in-thief bu$h should've mobilized relief efforts BEFORE LANDFALL (like 3 or 4 days before, at least!)INSTEAD OF PRETENDING TO IGNORE THE APPROACHING STORM AND PARTYING/PLAYING GUITAR WHILE PEOPLE DIED. NERO FIDDLED WHILE ROME BURNED, BU$H PLAYED GUITAR WHILE N.O.LA. DROWNED and people said "bu$h HATES black people" and I had to say "No, you're wrong. bu$h HATES POOR PEOPLE! No matter what color they are."
PLUS, we have the FACT that the levees were blown (the et al-above)so the rich neighborhoods wouldn't get flooded (I personally talked with ex-military EOD [EXPLOSIVES ORDINANCE DIVISION] THAT INSPECTED THE LEVEE AND REPORTED TO ME- DEFFINANTLY BLOWN, NOT FAILED) that's why there were other reports that they QUOTE "heard a LOUD BOOM and then the flooding started" UNQUOTE.
bu$h enjoyed murdering INNOCENT PEOPLE while (probably usurped then too) gov of Texas by railroading them to the death penalty while blocking the testing of rna/dna evidence (bu$h doesn't believe in science, it gets in the way of his KILLING PEOPLE) that could of (in in 7 out of 11 cases, DID-AFTER THE FACT) PROVEN THEM INNOCENT! Once again, if they were RICH then they could've afforded a good lawyer and gotten free so I guess bu$h figured they deserved to die.

IMPEACH the bu$h/cheney USURPATION et al NOW!

And ALLWAYS REMEMBER: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 19, 2000 (Listen to audio clip )

"A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it." —George W. Bush, July 27, 2001

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