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Citizen Signing Statements

George W. Bush often signs bills into law and then uses "signing statements" to announce which portions of the law he won't obey. What if citizens were to submit their own signign statements announcing which portions of Bush's unconstitutional laws we won't obey? This idea comes from a California activist who has submitted the first example below. Please add your own in the comments:

U.S. Citizen Nick Fotheringham Rejects "USA Patriot Act of 2001"

Today, I have reviewed this law, "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate
Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001." This
law represents some progress toward improving the overall security of Americans. However,
in many cases it does so by the unnecessary and unconstitutional restriction of the civil rights
of U.S. Citizens. For example,

Sections 201 and 202, authorizing interception of wire, oral and electronic communications
related to terrorism, is too broadly stated and may be in conflict with Amendments 1 and 4 of
the U.S. Constitution.

Section 212, Paragraph 2703, requiring disclosure of customer communications and records,
conflicts with Amendment 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

Likewise, Section 213, providing authority for delaying notice of the execution of a warrant,
appears to conflict with Amendment 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

Section 225, providing immunity for compliance with FISA wiretaps, conflicts with Amendment
6 of the U.S. Constitution.

Section 412, providing for mandatory detention of suspected terrorists; habeas corpus; judicial
review, is in conflict with Article I, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution.

Due to these and other serious flaws in this legislation, I do not intend to apply this law to my
role as a U.S. Citizen.

Moreover, I do not acknowledge representation by any elected official whose activities are
unconstitutional or result in unconstitutional legislation. I encourage both houses of Congress
to continue to seek constitutional legislation that improves the security of our nation and its
citizens at home and abroad.


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These documents that each of us creates should all be filed at your county courthouse on Friday.

We the People
peaceably assemble and humbly request
that the government repair the wrongs,
which have caused hardship and harm,
To ourselves - as Americans -
and to those abroad.

We ask you to repeal the illegal and invasive patriot act immediately
We ask you to stop spying on those Americans who phone other countries
We ask you to stop circumventing proper legal recourse in the name of terrorism
We ask you to stop spying on those Americans who disapprove of the war
All of these things harm innocent Americans

We ask you to beg for the world's forgiveness

For leading the people of America astray regarding your reasons for war with Iraq
And for manipulating the press and the United Nations regarding the reasons for war with Iraq
These actions have led innocent Americans to their deaths, the ultimate harm,
And many of those abroad to their deaths and the destruction of their property.

We ask you to cease and desist any and all discussion of invading any other country

We ask you to immediately remove any war planning activities from the tables of the Pentagon, whether by conventional or nuclear
weapons of death and destruction.
Your intent to harm others will not be tolerated.

We ask you to cease and desist any and all discussion, forever, of violating our National Parks, National Forests, Wildlife Refuges, and
any other safe havens of nature, which our forefathers wisely set aside for all future generations to enjoy in their pristine condition.
Your intent to harm nature is unacceptable.

We ask you to cease and desist any and all development of "weapons of mass destruction" including, but not limited to, nuclear and
chemical weapons. We further ask you to responsibly destroy any and all such weapons which currently exist within our own military.

We ask you to foster good will towards all other countries who are intent on developing weapons of the same and work, without cessation
or failure, toward a world wide agreement to forever ban these abominations to God and man.

We ask you to cease and desist torturing and/or holding prisoners without probable cause in the name of terrorism.

We ask you to "come clean" regarding the events of 9/11 as your secrecy has caused immeasurable, and possibly irreparable, damage
to the American people and the nation of Islam.

We further ask that those of you who are supposed to be representing us, the American people, to step down if you cannot be honest
and honorable towards us and to the rest of the world.

We ask that you step down if you cannot treat us, the American people, with dignity and respect, or if you feel that you cannot honor the Constitution and the Bill of Rights - whether you are elected or appointed.

We the People
peaceably assemble and humbly request
that the government repair the wrongs,
which have caused hardship and harm,
To ourselves - as Americans -
and to those abroad. -~wolf

This is simply splendid. I would like to see it online as a petition so that millions of Americans all over the country can sign this. If you figure out how to post it, please contact me and I will send out a call for signatures.

Nikki Alexander
Ventura CA

If things are ever going to get better, we've got to be willing to share our dreams of a bright future, so here's mine. The future begins immediately. If you've been waiting for the future to do the right thing, now is the time.

Under intense public pressure, the US House of Representatives passes Articles of Impeachment against Bush & Cheney for the international crimes of aggressive war. If Cheney resigns, a filibuster prevents Senate consent to his appointed replacement. As the facts of the case are laid out, several Republican Senators agree to vote to convict, in an effort to save their political hides. In her short term in office President Pelosi starts a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to examine Congressional complicity and war profiteering, as well as the complicity of the society that wastes the oil they're fighting over. And finally, in the first free and fair election with mass popular engagement, Dennis Kucinich is elected President and leads the world to sustainable peace.

It's a beautiful vision, isn't it? But I'm not holding my breath. And I'm not going to stop doing the hard, joyous work of grassroots organizing to build a multi-party democracy from the bottom up. The 2007 elections will make more difference than 2008. School board members and other local elected officials have more impact on our daily lives than does the President.

Our daily decisions - how we earn and where we spend our money - make a bigger impact than voting usually does anyway. It's time to start living in the future we want to see.

- Vernon Huffman
| _`\;,_ plan to ride from home
| 22 SEPT - World Car-Free Day

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