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Open Letter to the Government from an AWOL Soldier

By James Circello, Iraq Veterans Against The War

To those Businessmen and women holding seats in Congress,
To the Highest Court of America,
To every Department within the U.S. government,
To the President's Cabinet,
To the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
To the Vice President and President of the United States of America:

My name is James Circello. I am sure some of you already know who I am now that wiretaps and spying on American citizens has been approved.
Or maybe you've heard of me when you saw my name on a comprehensive list of Anti-War activists.
Or maybe you just know of me because I was a Sergeant in the United States Army and served as an Airborne Infantryman for six years, went to Iraq in March 2003 and served until March 2004, remained in the Army a little longer before refusing to take part in the Occupation of the Middle East and went AWOL.

I am writing you today, not asking for forgiveness for what I decided to do, but to give you an idea of what brought me to that decision to leave the Army and speak out against the Occupation. Though some will claim I left for other reasons and will try to force the discussion away from the facts and at the same time attempt to assassinate my character with half truths and out right lies, these are the facts. If later we wish to get into more of my personal life, we can do that: I have no fear of it.

I will first like to say that I am no longer a member of the United States Armed Forces. When I left the military on Easter morning, April 2007, I have officially resigned from service to that military. There are no ties between myself and an oppressive military regime set on occupying groups of impoverished indigenous people.

I am no longer a Sergeant or a paratrooper.

I will not respect an organization that can and does, at its own will, change entire enlistment contracts for the purpose of extending soldiers;

Gives quarterly sexual harassment courses and still allows roughly 30% of women to be sexually assaulted in some way, shape or form;

Openly discriminates against people based on homosexuality, race, gender and ethnic background;

Allows crimes against humanity and peace to occur and covers them up with internal investigations;

Actively recruits young boys and girls from low level income high schools and communities with false promises of health care, school and job experience and fails on all accounts;

Refuses to recognize conscientious objectors (C.O.), and when individuals apply for C.O. status that are administratively "punished" by their chain of command;

I refuse to be a part of a military and Administration that continue to abuse and torture, doesn't recognize the rights of detainees and allows them to be shipped to secret detention facilities for "National Security" purposes; a military that is illegally, based on all U.S. as well as International Law, inside of Iraq; a military that is over extended, under funded in a war with no foreseeable end (because time tables give our enemy a "sense of victory", but how can the enemy have victory when "Mission Accomplished" has been declared?); a military that watches billions of government contracts given to private military outfits, while they run through the streets of Iraq unchecked, and allows soldiers to be poorly equipped and the V.A. poorly funded.; the No Child Left Behind Act and it's policy of making it mandatory for schools to send out the information of all students attending the school to military recruiters, or they are threatened with being cut off from Federal funding (I thought school was a place of
learning, not a place of turning our youth into the:
"(insert Arabic country name here) Veterans Against The War".

This and many other reasons are why I tell you today, I do not recognize any of the warrants that may have been placed upon me. These warrants are merely a way to silence any opposition to this criminal war. I do not support the United States foreign policy and will not be the fool that enforces it.

The United States has a history of using the poor of this country to massacre and oppress the poor of other countries and I say to everyone that is able to read this - I am no longer a member of the United States Armed Forces.

I also say, this by no way makes me Un-American. I love this country and feel very strongly that it can be saved and that it must be saved.

I say this without a growing ego, but my acts as of now are what the Founding Fathers envisioned and wrote about. This is what Democracy looks like.

Dissent isn't Un-American, it is what Patriotism means.
Patriotism is not blindly following a Flag waver, it is Direct Action.

I joined the Army after the towers of New York fell. Swept up in the fervor, I left college to enlist. My country was attacked - I, like many, wanted to defend it.

But here is where a majority of Americans, as well as Politicians have made their largest mistake: Defending your country does not mean destroying other Nations out of and/or for Revenge. But the People bought into the outcry that we must kill to feel better, and the Politicians sang their songs and danced their dances, in an attempt to show who was the most Patriotic of them all!

America stayed fixed to the lies from Fox News (can it really be called "News"?) and we watched the towers fall so many thousands of times until we were all ready to go kill and die for the Eagle and Red, White and Blue.

Though, I will admit, I was angry and young but it didn't take me too long to see that this wasn't about defending America, but creating an entirely new enemy.

It was all there.
It was almost too perfect.

They are of different color.
They speak a different language.
They are a people that have been made to be poor - not a people that are poor; there is a difference.
They follow a strange religion that Americans don't understand! A religion so very similar to Christianity, that - get this - it recognizes almost the same individuals as being Prophets that the Bible does.
They "hate us (you) for our (your) freedom".
They will come here and kill our women and children if we do not go there (and kill their women and children first).

The Administration and all of Its men and women sold it and Americans bought it.

How many people got chills when the American flag was placed there at Ground Zero? Remember when there were so many flags outside of houses, and flag stores ran out of them?

So I went to Iraq and I saw their faces. People that I thought wanted to kill me, and hated me because I was free, brought me into their homes, offered me food and something to drink.

Was the food poisoned? No.

Was it a poor family that could barely afford the food they were offering, but offered it to me without charge or regret? You bet.

I was quickly disillusioned by the military. Senators and Representatives from Congress would come to visit us - and we would be told to get everything clean for the Dog and Pony Show.

We would up the security levels, to make everything look ship-shape. When it was time for the questions and answers portion, we would never be without a question, because the chain of command was always there for us - and thankfully they had come up with the questions we were allowed to ask our Representatives. This is what happens every time someone from D.C. came for a little sight seeing visit. I can only imagine what kinds of shows they put on now.

Long story short, I left Iraq feeling really uncomfortable with America's position in this entire conflict. It didn't feel right. It didn't look right. And after much soul searching and researching, I discovered that it plain out just wasn't right.

It took me a while to finally decide to leave. I wanted to leave prior to invading Iraq, while witnessing the illegal "Shock and Awe" that killed so many innocent people and destroying the infrastructure of the country that we hadn't destroyed from the first bombings in the Gulf War and what wasn't antiquated and useless from the illegal sanctions held over the heads of the every day Iraqi citizen.

I fell for the trap of "don't let your buddies down". And what a well spun web it is. I can not control the conscience of another man. I can only follow mine. And after deciding what I believe in is not consistent with the United States military and learning that "don't let your buddies down" is just a form of domination through guilt, I left my post in Italy to return to America. I began speaking out against this Occupation. I do not fear arrest. I do not stay hidden. I go to all national events and travel the country at my own leisure.

I say this to you Congressional Democrats: you have failed us. I delayed my going AWOL, because when I learned both Houses of the Congress were controlled by Democrats I was confident that the war was finally over. You ran on the platform of ending the war. I told all of my friends to just hang on, it will be over very soon. You funded the war and you continue to fund it. By no means is my hostility solely directed towards the Republican bench of the government. You lied to the American people, and more so, you failed the American people. We are finally awake and more and more are realizing that we don't have a two party system in America, we have a single party that is not representing the will of the People.

Realize this Congressional Democrats, that when you agreed to continue funding the Occupation, this was no longer the President’s war against the Arabs.
You helped buy this Occupation and now you own it as well.
And I will remind you every time that I see your faces.

The People say end the war. Stop funding the Occupation. The Soldiers want to come home. The insane idea of we must stay in Iraq and Afghanistan so that these thousands of soldiers will not have died in vain should never be said again! We tried saying that in Vietnam! The Iraqi people are strong and can defend themselves. They also want us out.

It took years for a G.I. Resistance to begin within the Military during Vietnam, but I am telling you right now - the feeling of resentment is there. The feeling that Politicians and Businesses are profiting off of this Occupation while we suffer through extended tours and battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depleted uranium, losing friends and family and losing our lives and limbs through wounds.

We come home and barely have time to adjust to being home before we begin training to leave again.

Families are falling apart.
Iraqis are dying.
For what?
A red, white and blue flag that says, "I'm a Patriot"?
Dissent is Patriotic.

Open discussion is Patriotic (this to Speaker of the House Pelosi who refuses to have an open forum with the people of her district. I believe it is going on just over 2 Years now.)

And I say to you dissent is filling the ranks of the military and it doesn't even need a charismatic figurehead to come forth and say "Dissent; Desert!". They are doing it and will keep doing it.

And the military's attempt to censor free speech will not contain it. Blogs, Youtube, Myspace: these sights, and others, weren't blocked for any reason other than these are the most popular places to find out that the G.I. Resistance Movement is growing daily.

So proud Patriots of America, I ask you today for nothing. You are my Employee, never forget that. My tax dollars pay your salary, never forget that.

I do however have demands for you:

-End the Occupation Now. Not tomorrow.

-Bring home all American troops. Replace them with a true international coalition designed specifically for peace keeping operations, NOT military operations.

-Remove all U.S. contractors from the Middle East that continue to benefit off of the death of the Iraqi and Afghan people and the destruction of their countries.

-Allow the Afghan and Iraq governments the freedom to decide what kind of country they want to be in, not what kind of country we want them to have.

-Allow the Afghan and Iraq governments freedom to choose who is given reconstruction contracts - which none should be American companies, for obvious reasons.

-Fund in full all reconstruction projects in Afghanistan and Iraq: We destroyed their countries, by International Law we must pay. By Moral virtue we must pay.

-Support the Troops means take care of them when they come home, not blindly fund their continued existence in a war zone - Completely fund the V.A. Department!

-Fund the Levees; Do NOT allow another Hurricane Katrina or Rita.

-Oversight on Gulf Region reconstruction (where is it?) - I was just in New Orleans, it is still a disaster area two years later. Fix it now.

-Open Diplomatic negotiations with Iran - Do not allow another war to take place. We have Diplomats that are paid by taxpayers to do just that: to Talk and Discuss. Use Diplomats not Depleted Uranium and Cruise Missiles.

I also want to say this before I close, I wrote it in a letter, just yesterday, to the people of Italy that stand up and actively oppose more U.S. military bases in their country. And it says:

The Iraq war is a War of Aggression, led by a cry of "We Will Never Forget"; the famous quote from September 11, 2001. Well, I have something to say for the people of the World and to the People of this Administration, as well as to the members of the U.S. Congress.

We WILL never forget.

We will never forget that the men who hijacked those aircraft on September 11, 2001 were not Iraqi.

We will never forget that Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D) when we invaded.

We will never forget that the W.M.D's that Iraq did have years before, were sold to them by the U.S. Government.

We will never forget the millions of Iraqi men, women and children who have suffered through the Dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, The Iraq-Iran War, The Gulf War, Depleted Uranium, Years of Illegal Sanctions, Shock and Awe, "Liberation" from a Tyrant only to find a new Tyrant take his place.

We will never forget the 2 million of Iraqi men, women and children who are now displaced refugees within their own country.

We will never forget the 1.5 million refugees in Syria, the 775,000 refugees in Jordan and the nearly 200,000 refugees in Egypt.

We will never forget the 1 million dead Iraqi men, women and children since March 2003.

We will never forget that nearly 100,000 Iraqis flee the country each month since 2003.

We will never forget the widows, widowers and orphans of those dead.

We will never forget the effects of depleted uranium in American ammunition that litters the countries of the Middle East.

We will never forget the increased infant mortality rate. The sewage on the streets. The sectarian violence that was never in the streets of Iraq until we installed a Pro-U.S. Government.

We will never forget the destruction of Shock and Awe that destroyed Iraq's entire infrastructure.

We will never forget Abu Ghraib.

We will never forget the Lost men and women of Guantanamo Bay and other Secret U.S. Detention facilities.

We will never forget the every day Iraqi that is gunned down at a Traffic Control Point by a tired American teenager.

We will never forget the sounds of Improvised Explosive Devices (I.E.D) directed not at the American soldier, but at American Policy.

We will never forget the Women and Children gunned down at random after an I.E.D. explodes, because they were working the vegetable fields and were frightened and began to run.

We will never forget that War is, in fact, Terrorism. And America is the largest State Sponsor of Terrorism.

We will never forget that the Men, Women and Children of the Middle East may be of the same color as Saddam Hussein, but they do not have his face. They are not him. They do not deserve what they have been made to endure.

And we will never forget that corporations are profiting off of the death and destruction.

We will never forget that Blackwater and other private armies, which are in themselves illegal, are running around the Middle East killing at will - and are left unchecked.

We will never forget amazing photo opportunities with the soldiers, whether its walking through a market in Iraq with security all around you and Apaches in the air, or sitting on the deck of a ship under a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

We will never forget that a majority of the American population want the Occupations to end and we will keep repeating it until you do what you are paid to do - and that is, Listen to the People.

The People are United and I know that attempts will be made to have me appear a fool and soon you will have my grade school photographs, my coloring books, a list of every library book I have ever checked out, and whatever other records these incredibly large and over-funded Secret Agencies compile on Activists in America, but I do not fear you.

You have no moral authority over me.
Or any authority at all.
I do not fear you.
Any of you.

We The People,
United within The Struggle,

James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against The War

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Its YOU who are the traitor. I will not fight for a lie either.
I went AWOL from my NG unit after Dugway Utah after being used as a guinea pig. We were lied to about what we were guarding; NBC disposal sites. God knows what we were exposed to.
Then they wanted to send us to Iraq. "No way." I told my 1st Sgt.
I failed my physical. They were gonna bust me, so I just flew. Finally got my discharge.
Uncle Sam is a liar, and a thief!
And none of us got medical bennies.

I do not blame anyone for going AWOL. I did it from my NOGO unit after a year at Dugway.
We guarded NBC disposal sites. Exposed to all kinds of God knows what. Never were we told
the hazards of it of course. They used us, many got sick, one died.
Many of us went underground after, as Iraq was the next stop. "No way." I said.
How long will this go on? We need to fire the idiots in office who propagate war.

I am not American I am Jew, a branch of survivors from the WWII and I know well enough what your talking about as many many in the Israeli Military think same as you are and never make it to the media - they are trained for silence in the name of guilt as well as exposed to get caught and silenced - I left Israel over that I will not return there if its up to me until they will change their racist ugly corrupted policy toward human being from all races and nations - You are not alone and there will come a day that we shal overcome.
many blessings I feel great honor I got to read your words as I started to feel no one really care.
Inbal Levi a criminal.

It's one thing to disagree with what is happening. It's another to turn your back on those that depend on you.

You don't need to fear me - because I see you as the coward you are.

Way to F*ckin' go! You are AWESOME!

See these links. and
Brave men and women need to know they are and will be supported.

Say what you, Make what excuses you will, It makes me sick to know a coward such as yourself ever servered in our military, and SICKER to read you claim to love this country. Great men and women have given there lives over there while you ran and hide. Claim not to recognize
their warrants all you want, it will not change the fact when you are arrested and punished for your crimes, I for one will cheer an american victory when you are locked up. The very organization you claim is a problem, defend your write to express such garbage as I have just read, again you and all who have posted in favor of your actions make me sick.

The thing I love most about living in the USA is this: Most of us will defend to the death your FREEDOM Your right to say whatever you like about anything. There are countries where you cannot speak your mind. I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience with this time in your life. I want to SAY that my favorite story about the Holocaust was an American soldier at the "death camps". He came in and found a dying man. The soldier said: "I am an American".
The reply was: "Bless you son, we KNEW you were coming".

But although probably untrue i thought it was believed the 'you were coming' refers to the coalition forces. Not jsut the american forces. Sorry (this is my final reply) but it seemed your post was making out that it was america which saved them.

Also, stop saying 'most of us will defend the country for your freedom of speach'

'most' of the country do not server in the military, even though they can.

And how is the war in iraq in any way associated with freedom? Hussein did not (in the run up to the war) threaten your freedoms in any way.

Osama bin laden did, but as most people know him and hussein werent the best of friends.

Stop being so blind plox!11

I cannot help but notice that for a supposed soldier, your letter is remarkably similar to political talking points.

I am sure it is just coincidence, and I look forward to this guy providing proof that he's not the next Jesse MacBeth.

Thank you, James. This is the most idiotic war imaginable. The handful of thugs that precipitated this mass mobilization of the greatest military power the world has ever know, must be sitting in glee and wonderment. We are borrowing and spending $12 billion per month, losing brave men and women fighting an invisible enemy.

The silly reason being given is "if we don't fight them over there, we will fight them over here." Who is "them"? Some big military force? No, just a ragtag band of miscreants. Of course, the real reason was to get rid of a former ally, Saddam, install a puppet government and then open the oil fields to US corporations.

Well, that would have been a tough sell, so we invoked a UN resolution, surrendered our sovereignty and obeyed the General Council of the UN. Only Ron Paul can regain the high moral ground and restore sanity to this land.

I have to admit this makes me nervous. Posting on this letter makes me nervous. Allow me to say that firstly, I am a nobody. I have no status, I have no following, I have no money - I pose absolutely zero threat to the United States government in any way. What I'm saying here is a matter of an idea expressed, and nothing more.

I think that those who will speak against your AWOL status are failing to see the full spectrum of what you're declaring, here. You are attempting to overthrow the government, by stating that it is not valid, any longer, and is actually the enemy to the American people. You want passive resistence in the form of the American people simply ignoring the Government.

I feel uncomfortable with the idea of forsaking one's own country by forsaking it's military. That is why I support what you've done and continue to do.

Passive resistence, America. They have only the power that you give to them. Stop paying taxes. Stop serving the two-party government's militia and form a new one that serves it's people, instead of being sent to die for so many points on a web of bullshit. Make from yourselves a calm, calculated, dissenting militia that the Founding Fathers could have looked upon without shame.

I love you

Simply put, Thank You. I will not forget your struggle to oppose a revival to the age from which our forefathers fled. Thank You.

I understand how you may be so disillusioned. The war went through some very difficult periods.

However, everyone from the President and his staff, to Congress, the CIA to the troops deserve to be commended. Almost everyone represented the best that the United States of America could offer. There were problems of course, Abu Ghraib, and things like this can happen whenever you have several million people involved on the ground over a period of five or more years.

Many of your complaints are over the top James and I am not going to waste my time here trying to get you to come over to my side. I have better things to do than to communicate with an asshole on MY dime. You are Anti-American and Un-American. Don't kid yourself.

Semper Fi

The president is a coke head with a 70 iq, and is also a deserter from the texas national air guard. Defend him with the thickness of your skull. He thanks you in advance for a job well done. I am so glad that I am out and not a jar head. They weren't able to beat the dissent out of me. I guess I'll always just be fighting the man.

American is the operative word. What does it mean today?

What is Un-American?

American - Serving in a war perpetrated on lies and false fears

Remember those cool threat levels on tv...I remember this difficult period

Personally, I didn't mind the threat levels on tv leading up to the war. Just point out the genius that setup or / and sponsored the threat meter for civilians on all the major channels and that could help the american people figure out who to put the bullet in. A MASS MEDIA BLITZ OF A UNIDENTIFIED THREAT TO COERSE THEM INTO SUBMISSION OF RIGHTS. That is keenly american by todays standards.

American - Global commerce...It wouldn't be required if we didn't owe every asshole we hated enough money to bury every american with the cost of a mortage in the suburbs. Maybe it's the removal of the congress right to print money without the federal reserve charging enough interest to absorb the entirety of the country's yearly federal income tax without denting it. I'm no mathemitican...shit..I can't even spell it, but paying billions in interest on money that can be printed for free for the sake of funneling it through house of mirrors filled with rich people of all sorts that you don't even know...and probably will never have the money to get the list of...probably the person forclosing on your home while you are fighting people that explode themselves to kill you to defend THEIR freedom...when the real people trying to break you are at home. Realize who your enemy is. It's not a conspiracy theory if it's true. Educate yourself.

American - Patriotism...What the hell is it today? Screaming America, and simultaneously taking one in the ass with no lube. Imperialism sprinkled with salvation and democracy on the side.

Un-American - Thinking. Disagreeing. Wanting for peace. Failure to prop up the rich as we are too stupid to rule ourselves. People that support the millitary...but not the politicans and interests that really direct you.

I read all these posts and I especially read the ones from service people. I was one. There is nothing thing wrong with wanting peace. But in a capatilistic OWNED & RUN system you can't have peace....ever. To continue to make money you need to beat everyone in the head every fucking second of the day on the idiot tube, telling you you can be satisfied without this sweet new product or service and then be told that you have to fight and kill for every scrap of everything to be satisfied. That is the reality of the current world.

If the technology revolution and industrial revolution stopped tomorrow because of the lack of fucking what. Rub two sticks together and make a fire. Atleast us coming from the service could do so. We would have to teach the rest of the starbucks generation how to take care of themselves...or maybe they all starve to death. God has never conclusively defined that there was no such thing as a bad batch...where are them fucking dinosaurs?

Do you think multiple years of sanctions, public oppression, ordering, and pressing poverty on a people incites them to belive that we are for equality? It's their country. We put every Japanese person we could round up in internment camps vs. Saddam and the kurds. WE BOUGHT AND SOLD PEOPLE AS SLAVES. Like we are the really the people to rule this world. We can't even rule ourselves. But we want that fucking money...and we want it bad...and you will be yelling Semper Fi not to the shores of Tripoli, but to the sound of shares and money changing hands.

I don't tell you this because I dislike you or what it is that you do. I tell you this becuase I respect the possiblity that you can change like millions will need to to see the light. They will need strong people like yourself to lead the way...not follow anymore.

Please note that I really have no clue what I am talking about and am just regurgitating what I hear in the media and people that I watch. What do you watch? has all you need to know. Ya. the government is not right. It's ran by the illuminati

Regardless if you agree or not, the very act of speaking his opinion is what the founding fathers had in mind. Unfortunately, even though he made no personal attacks, people will take it personally. whether or not you were in Iraq has no bearing on the right you have to say this. Our government has evolved well past what it was meant to be and only continues to grow. If you want to make a change you gotta start somewhere. I am just happy you have an educated opinion.

Congratulation Mr. Circello,

You just destroyed your life on beliefs and "values" that make no impact on any one person or government. You as an individual make absolutely no difference.

I hope you continue to congratulate yourself on your superior performance and lack of ability to really be anyone or anything.


Sgt Barker, John A. USMC

You have a hard mission, I pray that GOD be at your side and bless you.

All the men and women that died in uniform...for reasons our government chose worthy....and you go AWOL. What a coward. You sign up for something and then back out of it. You should really be ashamed.

You say "You are my Employee, never forget that. My tax dollars pay your salary, never forget that." You are an absolute moron. You abandoned your country, and now you talk down to us all.

You do have a right to talk about patriotism, but lack any sense of credibility when you do talk about it. Do us all a favor and just shut up, you're embarrassing yourself.

SSG Martin

SSG Martin

Rah Ooh.

I didn't grammar check or spell check this one, but I am a wiz at metaphors. There pretty sweet.


Shouldn't you be sitting somewhere shining your chevrons spewing your blind faith propoganda to young poor kids. That's what they do at about your rank right...Ship you out to see if you can sell people on the 'life', besides why do you think that you have an opinon SSG? You don't, even if you did you shouldn't and literally couldn't based on your service right? You have no opinion. You are a soldier and a perveyor and obeyor of should act as such.

When everyone backs up their initial disgust and ignorently says that people died in uniform obviously misses the point. They may have died at that point of time in good reason...but what about now? We're so afraid of someone bringing a nuke here that we will slaugter thousands of people, re-face their government with a nice puppet (aka pakistan), and leech and rape their economy. Collateral damage and blowback is a ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY for our meddling..or as a well off elite family would describe as 'fine tuning'. Our current status as trying to be the hand puppet up the ass of the world results in these types of chaos and destruction (in our borders and in theirs).

The question really is are you fighting for something you believe in? My grandfather served in WW1 and 2, my other grandfather's twin brother died when he was in the service during WW2, and I have an uncle that ran through the jungle of vietnam while in the marines 'detering the communist threat'. I always thought that the service was the right thing. I would love to think that every time that we pick up arms it is for the right reason. That would be patriotism, constantly drinking from 'the time we trusted them' while in the current moment they throw men to the wolves. The people of this country have marched and proven once before that we weren't right...why can this specific instance of an imperialistic agressor america be so different? It's such a load of fucking shit perpetrated on the american people. I stopped believing a long time ago. God is not interested in commerce, financial institutions, or people's existing power or status. I don't need scales, crowns, whips, or carrots anymore.

I went awol from the Marines, and therefore could be considered a coward by many. But MANY is not what I am concerned with. What is in my heart is what I am concerned with. If I am a corporate mercenary then put the sponsors logos on my uniform so I know what I am fighting for. Sponsor me like a nascar driver so the world could see the string at the top of the marionette. The economy is not the United States. Fuck the economy...It fucks you and every other middle class and lower person. The economy is a Corporate board room and a a undefined number of Mexicans / Chinese and other foreignors creating goods at slave wages to be sold at wall mart to ignorent citizens. It is a world without Social Security, and with profiteering at every edge, crack, and crevice possible to trade wealth up. Patriotism is not commercialization, nor is it uneucated obediance. It is a sad constant sound of a life dying thousands of miles away so people can eat cheeseburgers, get fat, stupid, poor, lazy, and never stand up on their own two legs left dazed waiting to finally die. That is the current definition of Patriotism as I interpret it, and you should look outside of the circle of people that provide you with your rose colored glasses so you can excercise the muscle you call your brain.

Put a smile on your face and spew your confused logic. Cowardice is blind faith sheepishness. Courage is having the fortitude to stand for something...even if it means that you get trampled in the process by the blinded. WWJD.

FYI: My opinion doesn't mean shit a awol / bcd discharged marine who was drunk or drugged a large portion of his service life up until the last few years, but what the hell...this is america right? Opinions are like assholes, now you can sniff mine.

We will never forget....that you are AWOL!!!! It doesnt matter that you think you "have officially resigned from service to that military." NEWS FLASH, you cant just are a hypocrite!!

That I am now a free man.

I resigned, how incredible isn't it?

James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against the War

We will never forget the ones who are killing the Iraqi people are Insurgents and Iraqi people.

As well as:
We will never forget insurgences are trying to kill civilians. They are not innocents.

This whole letter is a bunch of bunk, you sound sincere in the begining and then jump on the "anti-bush" fan wagon, throw a little fox news attack in there. (Here's a little hint, CNN, MSNBC and every news station followed 9/11 and the wars and broadcasted the same "liez". Not just fox. Oh god they are all in on the conspiracy.

Yes you hate the war, great. One problem, who the HELL are you to demand stuff from the government? They are doing what they have to. Want to stop the occupation? Iraq gets 2 days of peace and then some faction forces control to be given to them. Reconstruction doesn't happen (at least not the way it should be) and we get another dictator who makes Hussein look benign (hint Hussein was pushing into areas he shouldn't have during the Clinton administration. But we never heard about that because Clinton didn't want to deal with him.)

So then we have an enemy, who blames America. Why are we in Iraq SO THEY DON'T GET ANOTHER DICTATOR IN 3-5 YEARS. It's not ok to fight a war over there, but it's ok for Saddam to kill hundreds of thousands of his own people. Oh that's right, it was ok for Stalin, and it was ok for Hitler until he invaded Poland. I'm sorry, I forgot how our play book works.

The rest of your letter is full of the same poor writing style and logical fallacy. The sad thing is none of it's unique it's all lists written by many people many times before and the sad thing is no one actually looks at what they are rewriting, they just retype it up with out thinking about it and spread more false information.

Good for you "free thinker".

I was under the impression that the People made up the government and that it is our duty and obligation to hold it accountable and make demands of it.

Did you fall asleep during Civics?

Unfortunately, I didn't re-type anything already written. I re-stated it, because it is absolute truth. In which ever way you want to view it, view it.

I didn't write it for You, I wrote it for You.

Be well,
James Circello

P.S. Let me give you a homework assignment: try to find out for me just who helped put Saddam in power. It's a very difficult fact to find, but with a little patience you may succeed!

Thank you, James, for speaking out and standing up for what you believe in.

Your thoughtful words are an inspiration to those of us who have lost hope in the people of this country who are lost to the truth by the political marketing that constantly takes place to deceive us which benefits the corporations and political servants who have lost their way.

Please keep up the good work. Let's turn this country around.


great letter. as a vet i applaud you.

rev andy

I wish all soldiers thought like you. This is a great thing to publicize and its a damn shame you will be watched by the pathetic American Secret agencies. Hopefully others catch on to this article and understand what this country is doing. We have posted a link on our website to create more publication.


Open Minded people come to discuss controversial issues at:

Actvists and Truth Movement!

If the governments would stay out of the other countries lives and look within their own countries, all would be much more peaceful and save lifes that risk their lives for the so called taking care of our country.
I ask that their peace within all our hearts and minds and througout the world.
I would also like to thank you James for being upfront. Wars have to end NOW!!!! Each country can be friends instead of eniemies, as we are all after the same thing on earth - peace, love & happyness.

God Bless you all that have fought the so called war, when really it was all about the politicans that are disrupt, and they had all the young men and women thinking that they were fighting for their country and die for their country, what a crock so many lost their lives for that....

You know James, I share the same dream, except I see all the people of the world standing up and saying to them that we will not take this bullshit anymore. Thank you for coming forward! I think you're awsome! I am a Canadian and it's the same thing happening here too. The mainstream media is totally controlled by these corrupted, power hungry rich freaks.
I think that We the People, who are 6 billion on this planet can handle this bunch without any violence. No more services to them. Imagine if no one including the military would finally stand up and say no to this madness? Your letter made my day!


I wouldn't lose any sleep over some negative comments made by "anonymous" readers... Amazing how none of them had the balls to put their names on the comment!

I don't lose any sleep over Anonymous comments or comments with names. Thank you.

James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against the War

I am an 18 year old middle-class male. I owe my utmost respect to Patriotic citizens such as James Circello. He is a true man of his word. I find it horrific that he is so accurately correct. Our nation has become a tyranny. More so the worst part is the we have bred a generation of fuck-tards.This generation has been made into careless, selfish, and spirtless, commodified culture (not on accident). Very few of my own best friends do not listen to me when I pour my heart out telling them of this trickery our nation has undergone. They acknowledge and agree with everything I say, however they fail to listen with their heart and spread the word. In other words when they hear Our nation has deceived them they remain in denial and carelessness, while agree to the fact that its true??????? We have bred a generation of FUCKTARDS...We live in a youth were we get what we want through "daddys credit card" and indulgences are too easy. Therefore I want to leave at this note. To those whom have already identified Americas deceitful secrecy and plot for the holocaust II: IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM AND REVOLT AND FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOMS AND LAND WE WERE RAISED AND BRED UPON!

by the amount of idiots on these comments.


I'm pretty sure server for 6 years doesnt count as cowardice. If you served in the miltary ill let it slide as you feel that you put your life on the line for 'your country' (well actually your governments war with no reason) those that havent served. Fuck off.

Seriously, anyone that serves in another country in the military is not a coward, it wasnt as though it was in a charge on an enemy where his men would die if he left. He left on his own accord, when it did not affect anyone but his conscience (i mean it positively affected this btw).

And sgt baker of the us marine corps. Congratulations you serve in an important role, i respect you for being a marine, it is a very small minority of people that can become one. On the other hand, this kind of political discussion is over your head, your opinion is void as you are working for the people that this very letter is against, your job is to folow the orders of these people. If you did not agree with them you would leave your job.

Some random child in england. With no political history in the slightest, an easily influenced opinion and lack of literary skills. I don't really know enough about the war (making almost all of my points void). I do know enough to distinguish a coward from someone with morals.

What a great and concise way to define what this war is about....with a extra slice of natural resources. Maybe we americans simply want our own brownies now that ours aren't working anymore. This still applies all the way past world war 2.

James, you are a true hero for knowing what you know and telling it like it is. I hope you will forgive me because I have no idea how to get ahold of you, but I will be reading some of your words in my political podcast and I hope that's OK with you.
Of course you are not reading this, but I just in case.....
The soldiers are who will end this war, not Congress. Congress is all but worthless and the Congressional Democrats are of little use to us and the world. I don't know how this happened, but he's right about them. We can't count on them. We need to get out of Iraq ASAP. No more excuses.

Of course I am reading this.

-James Circello

P.S. Stand by for a new update.

Bravo, troop. As a former military member who experienced a crisis of conscience (albeit before I was sent to war). Keep defending democracy with your freedom of speech! BRAVO!!!! I admire you for your willingness not only to speak out, but your courage to do so without shielding your identity.


J Gates

As a soldier in the RNZA, we are heavily involved in peace keeping. I would somewhat disagree with you on the point that America should dump it's pointless mess on NATO or the UN to resolve. Iraq is no Kosovo, It's no Sinai, It's no Lebanon, It's no Solomon Islands or Timor Leste, It's no Sudan. You catch the point here. Civil war, political and/or oppression prevention those kinds of things. Not shovel Americas shit for them whilst they ponder their political patriotists/defeatists who put them there and those who choose to be there. You want to know the root of this, It's the US government and US Armed forces burden to deal with, nobody else's. You chose to invade and occupy Iraq when it mattered you didn't object then, now do as you truly should and as your government pledged to do to the poor Iraqi people and free their country not only of insurgents but your self's even if it takes 15-20 years. If you choose to be the smart one to beat a hornets nest with a stick, you pay the price not the person eating their lunch minding their own business.

Learn from the fact too that US can't offload Iraq to the UN. Why ?, it's in breach of the UN charter the invasion occupation and civilian mistreatment and what America is doing within Iraq concerning occupation etc it's all against UN jurisdiction and is actually a war crime and a crime against peace. Yes it's an outright fact that bush administration and US Army Generals in control of the Iraq operation are war criminals according to UN international law. This is bureaucracy at it's best, sucks nads doesn't it ?.

Either way, respect to you for standing for what you believe in. Sadly just a voice lost in the shadow of politics. Wish you well with your future. Happy new year.


Wow, what a bunch of hippie bologna. There are millions of better ways to make changes happen by just doing it. Moaning about how bad things are never did anything. Quit being preachy and just work hard. US is still the best. Deal with it.

Dear James,
I hope you enjoy your time in prison! Trator

Prison life is extremely demanding. Today I woke up and saw the iron bars of my cell. I couldn't believe how terrible it felt. It seemed like in that instant I woke up and realized that I was the biggest trator (sic) in American history.

I immediately called to the guard.
I said, "Guard Thompson, can you please bring me an American flag, two slices of apple pie and a Big Mac."
Guard Thompson immediately understood, he said, more in a preaching manner, "By God! It's happened! The boy has come back!"
I couldn't help but smile, it was true. I was an American again.
He bent over a little bit and whispered in my direction, "You're for real right? You hate those dirty A-Rabs now, right?"
I motioned for him to come a little closer, waving him in with my hand, just like ground-guiding a HMMWV, and told him, "You know what Guard Thompson, you look a lot like the guy that called me a trator (sic)".
He laughed and tipped his hat, "Well you know, I used to think you hated this country, but fuck!, you want an American flag, I can sure as hell tell you love this place. There's nothing more American than Old Glory, except a tattoo of Her - no more of that tasteless writing, defending the A-Rabs, alright? Free speech isn't what a good American practices".

And with that new found understanding, I sat back down and waited for my flag, two pieces of apple pie and a Big Mac and read discussion forums that called me a trator (sic), it was just like Heaven.

James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against the War

i understand and i back you 100%!!! a lot of people don't understand how it is until they have been there i have noe, but i am an ex army wife and i have seen it with my own two eyes!!!

you all are dumb ass if you dont think wat this man said is basicaly true i admit i am a kid you may think i dont know anything about the world but you are dead wrong this man is awsome he may be a coward but he is a brave man and if u think hes not you join the army,navy,marines,or the air force and you teell me your not scared you do not know what this man has been through even if it is lies just think if you went through with that jsut think what it wouldd be like and i think prison is a bit much if im not mistaken this is the home of the free as long as u dont hurt any body in any way then its ok wat ever happened to that so all you who dont agree with him or at least think hes right a little bit even if he is lieing think hes right and to all u who does not agree you can just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Mr. Circello; that was a beautiful letter. I can't think of the right words to describe how I felt when reading it, but I am moved by your courage and inner strength, and the ability to follow your head and your heart, when you know that something is not right. Sometimes doing what is right is the hardest thing to do. I truly hope the negative, hateful comments on here are not giving you too much trouble (I know you say you have a clear conscience, but hey, we're all human, and seeing so many spiteful words could potentially take its toll). So, I just wanted to say, good for you, and thanks for not being fooled by the corrupt, selfish jackasses that make up our federal government.

From a Soldier who knew Mr. Circello: this is "his" story!

Recently it has been brought to our attention that a former “Sky Soldier” James Circello has felt compelled to tell “his” story of his time with our brigade in one of the latest issues of “Men’s Journal.” As Mr. Circello was a member of Legion Company, his commentary is quite personal, and somewhat disheartening. Throughout this article he implies that there were gross violations of the Geneva Convention by his unit (173D) during the initial deployment to Iraq-charges which have no basis in fact or investigation. At no time did during the deployment or immediately following the deployment, did Mr. Circello bring these concerns to anyone’s attention. He further asserts that he went AWOL because of his unwillingness to fight in an “unjust war.” Well, these statements cannot go without rebuttal.

Mr. Circello previous to becoming part of Legion Company had been assigned to 2/503D for the duration of their deployment to Iraq. It should be noted that during this deployment much of Iraq was still in total chaos. It proved to be a tough deployment for the 173D. Despite having left to travel to another post following his deployment, he eventually found his way back (he REQUESTED the return) to the 173d and finally to Legion Company. It should be noted that the article in “Men’s Journal,” reflects his moral “issues with the actions in Iraq-nothing was written about Afghanistan. Fit might also be noted that Mr. Circello not only returned to Italy, but actually re-enlisted following the deployment to Iraq he speaks about. Needless to say he is no longer in the Army.

Mr. Circello’s second tour in Italy was wrought with many problems. Mr. Circello, after having shown up to work while intoxicated, lost his promotion to Staff SGT. Furthermore, upon being picked-up for a DUI, instead of staying and facing the problem, he chose to go AWOL the day IMMEDIATELY following his charge, and thus abandoning his fellow soldiers immediately preceding their deployment to Afghanistan. These are facts-facts that somehow were not discovered by this specific media outlet. It is not my contention that he cannot be “against the war, but rather in speaking on this subject, Mr. Circello chose to omit all the facts. When the punishment came down, he should have considered himself “lucky” to have been discharged with only an “other than honorable” discharge.” Had the command been so inclined, this soldier could have been in a world of trouble. DUI is a criminal charge, and AWOL-well, lets just say historically is one of the worst crimes a soldier can commit in a time of war. There is no honor in running from one’s own responsibilities.

The anger that many of us here at Legion feel has nothing to do with his stand on the war (either one,) but at the fact that he did not tell the whole story, rather he told the facts that fit his “story.” It also cannot be ignored that one of the photographs showed Mr. Circello standing at Arlington Cemetery-a place where his former Company commander is buried having given his life in service to his country-in my humble opinion it does nothing but disrespect the memory of those buried there. It is for this reason that I too felt compelled to write on this subject.

I of course notice how quickly the media jumps on anything “negative” regarding these wars. It is hard to accept that no matter how many “good” things are accomplished, they still chose to print the unsubstantiated “story” of one soldier. This was NOT an editorial piece but rather a regular article within the magazine. It is exhausting for all of us to attempt to make the general public understand what we are doing, and to change the image many have of us being blood-thirty murderers. Articles such as this one do nothing but reinforce this image. This is NOT who we are.

Anyone that has taken the time to read any of my previous posts has some idea of who we are. We are men, attempting to help a country find her way to freedom; furthermore, we are soldiers as well as diplomats, each day finding new ways to ensure the continuation of the work started here. It saddens me to think of any American thinking of us in the light put forth by Mr. Circello, but to think that this “attack” comes from one of our “own” is unthinkable. It is not my contention that he cannot be against these conflicts, but, to in anyway discount the sacrifices made by our fallen comrades as well as the men still standing here is reprehensible. To again be reminded how the media seems content to report half truths in regards to these conflicts, again is disheartening.

In the end Mr. Circello made the CHOICE to re-enlist AFTER his tour in Iraq, he made the CHOICE to return to Italy knowing deployment would again be in his future. He made the CHOICE to drink and drive and a CHOICE to go AWOL, but, most disturbing perhaps is the choice he made, to tell an incomplete story which in effect discounts my brothers-in-arms sacrifices and actions which, it seems, the media was all too eager to latch onto-facts unchecked.

The stories of war are often hard to swallow, no one, and I do mean no one “wants” a war. But as is the case with many things throughout history it is often “war” that inevitably leads to peace. It is my greatest wish that the stories of these wars are told in their entirety, not merely adjusted to fit the needs of an alternate agenda. Although it is often easiest to look at war in relationship to “right” and “wrong,” it must be noted that much of the ‘reasoning” associated with it cannot be seen in such absolute shades of “black” and “white.” Instead we muddle through the “gray” areas, attempting to make the BEST decisions in the worst of situations, are mistakes made? Of course, but, the coverage of these mistakes seems far greater than the coverage of the good deeds accomplished everyday. It is the purpose of my writing to attempt to put the honest stories of myself and soldiers out there-the good along with the bad. It is up to each American to make their own decisions regarding our governments’ policies as they relate to the Middle East. But, it is up to myself and all soldiers, to be sure that when the waters are muddied by incomplete, and unsubstantiated stories, that we stand up and tell the whole story so as the judgments regarding our actions by others are made with full knowledge of the events and an understanding of what it means to be a Soldier in combat.

God Bless,

To the Men and Women who wear America's freest colors,
To The Red, White and Blue,
To The Gathering of Eagles,
To LT Emerson,
To Every Anonymous commenter,
Here is the apology you have been waiting for:

It has come time for me to admit my faults. I have tried answering comment after comment
on message boards across the length of the internet (internets if you're George Bush), but
I have trouble responding to everything.

Some people have nothing but nice things to say about me.
Some people wish me death.

And though I sincerely do not fear for my death, I find it quite strange that people
would wish death upon someone asking for peace in the world and an end to bloodshed
and yet at the same time elevate a tyrant, such as George Bush, to near sainthood.

So this has made me think about my decision over this last year.

The insults I have had directed at me is something that I will never get used to.

I have been called a Traitor to my country and a Traitor to my family, by my Step Father.
A wonderful man but still somehow thinks the world is in such a crisis by this new wave of
Islamo-Fascist Extremism, or whatever McCain calls it (by the way, McCain, you're a joke).
As if somehow this hatred for the West has just appeared and we have done nothing to provoke
it. But maybe that is the case. Maybe America isn't to blame for the world's problems.
So, I have battled with my conscience and I am ready to come before you as a changed man.

Okay, here I go. I submit. You are right. America is the greatest country on the planet.
And I, James Circello, am a traitor.
I deserted Legion Company, 1st Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry while serving on the
front lines of this War on Terrorism in 2007. If I wouldn't have listened to those Vietnam Veterans
that opposed their genocidal occupation of Southeastern Asia during the 1960's and 70's,
I probably wouldn't have done what I have done. I let garbage and filth corrupt my mind.

If only I had access to and was able to play loops of George W. Bush speeches,
I would have known who the real enemy was. "The Terra-ists"

I regret that I have to admit it to myself and to the Iraq Veterans Against the War that what I
have said is nothing more than half truths and lies, the liberal media brainwashing machine
has affected my thinking and manipulated me in such a way that I found myself on television talking
about the horrible things that members of my unit had done during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

Forgive me, the 2003 LIBERATION of Iraq. I need to get my head back on straight.
It wasn't an Invasion, we brought them Democracy. Okay. I have it now.

Okay, I too now have realized that the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees that I spoke of wasn't
mistreatment of Iraqi detainees at all. I understand that under the Bush administration, they weren't
Prionsers of War and don't deserve the right of the Geneva Conventions. These people that were
mistreated were obviously Al-Qaeda and were on their way to get a bus ticket to the U.S.A. to
probably spread their crazy religion and blow something up.

Thankfully I was in a unit with certain individuals that recognized this and roughed them up a
little bit just so those Al-Qaeda would know who's the boss.

I realize now that when a certain Squad Leader in my platoon shot a man in the back it was only
because he feared for his life that this particular man, that he knew to be unarmed, probably had a
suicide bomb strapped to his chest and he was running all the way to Boston.
Thankfully he was such a great shot.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't deploy to the mountains of Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Brigade
in 2005. Again the Brigade brought Freedom and Democracy to the People of Afghanistan.
What I thought to be a War Crime, turns out was just good old fashioned Texas Justice.

You might not remember this, because most of us in America have short term memories and the
liberal media uses that fact to their advantage, but those Communists in the media played video of
some guys from Legion Company burning the dead bodies of some Taliban fighters.
I know that I am not the first person to tell you that "All is fair in Love and War", so what was the
problem with burning this Al-Qaeda Islamo-Fascists?

At the time I thought it was monstrous to say the things that they did to the nearby village.
I'll put the article here for you to read. You'll forget about it in 5 minutes anyway:


Film Rolls as Troops Burn Dead
By Tom Allard (of the Liberal Media)
October 19, 2005

US soldiers in Afghanistan burnt the bodies of dead Taliban and taunted their opponents
about the corpses, in an act deeply offensive to Muslims and in breach of the Geneva conventions.

An investigation by SBS's Dateline program, to be aired tonight, filmed the burning of the bodies.

It also filmed a US Army psychological operations unit broadcasting a message boasting of the burnt
corpses into a village believed to be harbouring Taliban.

According to an SBS translation of the message, delivered in the local language, the soldiers
accused Taliban fighters near Kandahar of being "cowardly dogs".
"You allowed your fighters to be laid down facing west and burnt.
You are too scared to retrieve their bodies.
This just proves you are the lady boys we always believed you to be," the message reportedly said.

"You attack and run away like women.
You call yourself Taliban but you are a disgrace to the Muslim religion, and you bring shame upon your family.
Come and fight like men instead of the cowardly dogs you are."

The burning of a body is a deep insult to Muslims. Islam requires burial within 24 hours.

Under the Geneva conventions the burial of war dead "should be honourable, and, if possible, according
to the rites of the religion to which the deceased belonged".

US soldiers said they burnt the bodies for hygiene reasons but two reporters, Stephen Dupont and
John Martinkus, said the explanation was unbelievable, given they were in an isolated area.

SBS said Australian special forces in Afghanistan were operating from the same base as the US soldiers
involved in the incident, although no Australians took part in the action.

The incident is reminiscent of the psychological techniques used in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.


I am back. Have you forgotten about the incident yet? Well, I have. It was easy to forget when I
realized this was just your average High School prank. I mean who is really offended
by the term "lady boys". The video claims what was said was translated into the local language
by some U.S. soldiers, but what I believe it to be was actually a few locally Afghani men
that were fed up with Al-Qaeda being in their town and took the microphone from the U.S. soldiers
and made these comments.
You prove it otherwise, I'm waiting!

I won't even mention the burning of the bodies and boasting that the bodies were facing to the west.
This is just your average bleeding-heart liberal commie trying to get a talking point in.
U.S. soldiers, especially from the 173rd Airborne Brigade are not blood-thirsty killers, they
are god-fearing patriots sworn to uphold freedom and justice, all the world over.
They just don't fear the Muslim God.

This letter is mostly for LT Emerson, he has taken it upon himself to start a campaign to attempt
to smear my name. You can stop now. I realized I myself smeared my name when I rolled around in the
dog house with these anti-war hippies. Now I have the fleas. Now I have the NSA wiretapping my prepaid
cellphone. Now I have Dick Cheney reading (but fortunately losing) my emails (when someone asks him
about them). I realize Mr Emerson, that I have been a bad boy and I hope you fully accept this apology.

My apology goes out to all of America, I cannot believe some of the things I have said in the last
year. It was so immature of me and I just wasn't looking at the big picture. U.S. global dominance
is in America's best interest. Hell, it's in the world's best interest. So today I ask all the
anti-war activists to put down you signs, take off your masks, stop flooding the streets to ask for
the end of a War that is much needed (ask anyone at Halliburton!).

I also ask you to get a job. Cut your hair. Shave. Take a bath.
Throw away your Che shirts and buy a Reagan shirt instead.

Listen I have been wrong before, but I am humbling myself before the world and all of America.
I ask you all to help me be more like you. Help me be more American so that I never have to say I am wrong again.

Above all I apologize to my family, because I realize this was always about them. And it was
wrong of me to put my emotional state of mind and silly ideas of my own particular sort of
Christianity to the forefront.
I should have realized that if I am not in the Middle East at this very moment, there is a
strong possibility that Al-Qaesa could come to America just to do them harm.

I hate those nasty Al-Qaeda's.

I feel I can no longer faithfully be a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War, because now
I support it. And as a symbolic act of Patriotism and valor, and an attempt to save face with
all the Americans in America,
I am announcing my new organization called Iraq Veterans Supporting the War.


Question and Answer period. The fans want to know:

Did James Circello get a DUI in Italy prior to going AWOL?

James Circello's response: I have openly admitted this to every journalist that I
have talked to. This is not something I am proud of, but something I am not ashamed to
admit. I made a mistake. I made many mistakes. And again, I ask you to help me be more American,
because Americans don't make mistakes.

Did James Circello go AWOL because of his DUI?

James Circello's response: I have commented on this as well, but I wish now this was
the reason I went AWOL, because I see that the War on Terrorism is a justified, noble battle
of unprecedented glory of Good (America!) versus Evil (Brown people, eww!) and unfortunately
I am now forced to sit on the bench and watch it from the side lines.

No I didn't leave because of a DUI. DUI's are rather common in the 173rd and nothing
to lose your rank over, or career. Hell, in just a few months you can have a DUI, serve your
extra duty and then regain your Squad. My best friend from Legion Company did it!

Did James Circello mistreat his soldiers?

James Circello's response: I will let them speak about that. But I somehow doubt they
will ever get a voice in the liberal media machine here in America.

Why did James Circello re-enlist after he served in Iraq if he was against the War?

James Circello's response: For everyone with this question, you should call my Mother,
thankfully for her she doesn't have the Circello family name so it's hard to find her. But she
can tell you how many times I called home during my fits of weakness. Crying at times, I would
tell her how I wanted to go AWOL and didn't believe this war was right. Thankfully the shame I
felt I would face by going AWOL was intense enough to keep me in the military for 3 more years.
So My weakness kept me in the military. However, now that I am beginning to become a complete
American, I no longer fear being weak or wrong.

Why did James Circello sleep with another woman if he is so morale and Christian?

James Circello's response: I believe the problem wasn't that this woman and I were
never in love, but that I never fully accepted my fundamentalist lifestyle. To this day I
regret not making this work. It is my duty as an American to live with a woman that will
make me unhappy for the rest of my life. I now realize this and it is my quest to ensure I
find just such a woman. I should have waited longer after asking for a divorce. And above all
I shouldn't have spread such silly rumors about myself. Being a promiscuous boy is not proper,
but it makes for the youngster to idolize you!

Why did James Circello call U.S. soldiers blood-thirsty murderers?

James Circello's response: I never said such a thing, thankfully. Even in my most
radical rants, I never pointed a finger at the United States soldiers. I believed they were
being exploited and used, but I never called them any names. I know a lot of soldiers call
me names, but again... that's the American way!

What stance of Mr Circello's should I believe, was his for it or against it, he re-enlisted???

James Circello's response: Again, please, don't become McCain. I am not a "flip flopper".
I just simply had not found the compassion in me at the time to slaughter at will. I am ready now
and if the Army will accept me back into its ranks, I will gladly serve.

Umm, Not?


So here today, I make it loud and clear that YES!, James Circello is a coward and a traitor to
his country and family.

I am a traitor to the America that believes the U.S. led war of aggression on the men,
woman and children of Iraq and Afghanistan is justified and noble.

i am a traitor to the U.S. soldiers who glorify burning dead muslims while his body
faces the west. Or to the soldiers who mistreat and dehumanize their prisoners

I am a traitor to the mentality of wishing death upon people. Even my enemies.

I am a traitor against having enemies.

I am a traitor and coward and afraid to murder an Arab based upon xenophobia.

My men are better without me leading them into combat, because God help us, I can not
be the American that my enemies are looking for. I cannot murder and be okay with it.
And I am so sorry that you can

And I am a traitor to the unwritten oath, that soldiers obviously must take, to remain
silent while you witness illegal acts and to furthermore bury the secrets and never
speak about them again.

You can join us all at the Winter Soldier Investigation in March where all the Veterans
can be traitors together.

Let the Crusader's Banner fly,
James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against the War

P.S. Any other questions can be sent directly to James Circello at
(please allow 4-6 weeks for a response due to James' increased celebrity status and love of the camera)
P.S. This letter has been prepared and written for James Circello by the Liberal Media,
James Circello has had no part in the making of this letter, nor does he endorse it.
But he does endorse Obama.

1 word hooah

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