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Open Letter to the Government from an AWOL Soldier

By James Circello, Iraq Veterans Against The War

To those Businessmen and women holding seats in Congress,
To the Highest Court of America,
To every Department within the U.S. government,
To the President's Cabinet,
To the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
To the Vice President and President of the United States of America:

My name is James Circello. I am sure some of you already know who I am now that wiretaps and spying on American citizens has been approved.
Or maybe you've heard of me when you saw my name on a comprehensive list of Anti-War activists.
Or maybe you just know of me because I was a Sergeant in the United States Army and served as an Airborne Infantryman for six years, went to Iraq in March 2003 and served until March 2004, remained in the Army a little longer before refusing to take part in the Occupation of the Middle East and went AWOL.

I am writing you today, not asking for forgiveness for what I decided to do, but to give you an idea of what brought me to that decision to leave the Army and speak out against the Occupation. Though some will claim I left for other reasons and will try to force the discussion away from the facts and at the same time attempt to assassinate my character with half truths and out right lies, these are the facts. If later we wish to get into more of my personal life, we can do that: I have no fear of it.

I will first like to say that I am no longer a member of the United States Armed Forces. When I left the military on Easter morning, April 2007, I have officially resigned from service to that military. There are no ties between myself and an oppressive military regime set on occupying groups of impoverished indigenous people.

I am no longer a Sergeant or a paratrooper.

I will not respect an organization that can and does, at its own will, change entire enlistment contracts for the purpose of extending soldiers;

Gives quarterly sexual harassment courses and still allows roughly 30% of women to be sexually assaulted in some way, shape or form;

Openly discriminates against people based on homosexuality, race, gender and ethnic background;

Allows crimes against humanity and peace to occur and covers them up with internal investigations;

Actively recruits young boys and girls from low level income high schools and communities with false promises of health care, school and job experience and fails on all accounts;

Refuses to recognize conscientious objectors (C.O.), and when individuals apply for C.O. status that are administratively "punished" by their chain of command;

I refuse to be a part of a military and Administration that continue to abuse and torture, doesn't recognize the rights of detainees and allows them to be shipped to secret detention facilities for "National Security" purposes; a military that is illegally, based on all U.S. as well as International Law, inside of Iraq; a military that is over extended, under funded in a war with no foreseeable end (because time tables give our enemy a "sense of victory", but how can the enemy have victory when "Mission Accomplished" has been declared?); a military that watches billions of government contracts given to private military outfits, while they run through the streets of Iraq unchecked, and allows soldiers to be poorly equipped and the V.A. poorly funded.; the No Child Left Behind Act and it's policy of making it mandatory for schools to send out the information of all students attending the school to military recruiters, or they are threatened with being cut off from Federal funding (I thought school was a place of
learning, not a place of turning our youth into the:
"(insert Arabic country name here) Veterans Against The War".

This and many other reasons are why I tell you today, I do not recognize any of the warrants that may have been placed upon me. These warrants are merely a way to silence any opposition to this criminal war. I do not support the United States foreign policy and will not be the fool that enforces it.

The United States has a history of using the poor of this country to massacre and oppress the poor of other countries and I say to everyone that is able to read this - I am no longer a member of the United States Armed Forces.

I also say, this by no way makes me Un-American. I love this country and feel very strongly that it can be saved and that it must be saved.

I say this without a growing ego, but my acts as of now are what the Founding Fathers envisioned and wrote about. This is what Democracy looks like.

Dissent isn't Un-American, it is what Patriotism means.
Patriotism is not blindly following a Flag waver, it is Direct Action.

I joined the Army after the towers of New York fell. Swept up in the fervor, I left college to enlist. My country was attacked - I, like many, wanted to defend it.

But here is where a majority of Americans, as well as Politicians have made their largest mistake: Defending your country does not mean destroying other Nations out of and/or for Revenge. But the People bought into the outcry that we must kill to feel better, and the Politicians sang their songs and danced their dances, in an attempt to show who was the most Patriotic of them all!

America stayed fixed to the lies from Fox News (can it really be called "News"?) and we watched the towers fall so many thousands of times until we were all ready to go kill and die for the Eagle and Red, White and Blue.

Though, I will admit, I was angry and young but it didn't take me too long to see that this wasn't about defending America, but creating an entirely new enemy.

It was all there.
It was almost too perfect.

They are of different color.
They speak a different language.
They are a people that have been made to be poor - not a people that are poor; there is a difference.
They follow a strange religion that Americans don't understand! A religion so very similar to Christianity, that - get this - it recognizes almost the same individuals as being Prophets that the Bible does.
They "hate us (you) for our (your) freedom".
They will come here and kill our women and children if we do not go there (and kill their women and children first).

The Administration and all of Its men and women sold it and Americans bought it.

How many people got chills when the American flag was placed there at Ground Zero? Remember when there were so many flags outside of houses, and flag stores ran out of them?

So I went to Iraq and I saw their faces. People that I thought wanted to kill me, and hated me because I was free, brought me into their homes, offered me food and something to drink.

Was the food poisoned? No.

Was it a poor family that could barely afford the food they were offering, but offered it to me without charge or regret? You bet.

I was quickly disillusioned by the military. Senators and Representatives from Congress would come to visit us - and we would be told to get everything clean for the Dog and Pony Show.

We would up the security levels, to make everything look ship-shape. When it was time for the questions and answers portion, we would never be without a question, because the chain of command was always there for us - and thankfully they had come up with the questions we were allowed to ask our Representatives. This is what happens every time someone from D.C. came for a little sight seeing visit. I can only imagine what kinds of shows they put on now.

Long story short, I left Iraq feeling really uncomfortable with America's position in this entire conflict. It didn't feel right. It didn't look right. And after much soul searching and researching, I discovered that it plain out just wasn't right.

It took me a while to finally decide to leave. I wanted to leave prior to invading Iraq, while witnessing the illegal "Shock and Awe" that killed so many innocent people and destroying the infrastructure of the country that we hadn't destroyed from the first bombings in the Gulf War and what wasn't antiquated and useless from the illegal sanctions held over the heads of the every day Iraqi citizen.

I fell for the trap of "don't let your buddies down". And what a well spun web it is. I can not control the conscience of another man. I can only follow mine. And after deciding what I believe in is not consistent with the United States military and learning that "don't let your buddies down" is just a form of domination through guilt, I left my post in Italy to return to America. I began speaking out against this Occupation. I do not fear arrest. I do not stay hidden. I go to all national events and travel the country at my own leisure.

I say this to you Congressional Democrats: you have failed us. I delayed my going AWOL, because when I learned both Houses of the Congress were controlled by Democrats I was confident that the war was finally over. You ran on the platform of ending the war. I told all of my friends to just hang on, it will be over very soon. You funded the war and you continue to fund it. By no means is my hostility solely directed towards the Republican bench of the government. You lied to the American people, and more so, you failed the American people. We are finally awake and more and more are realizing that we don't have a two party system in America, we have a single party that is not representing the will of the People.

Realize this Congressional Democrats, that when you agreed to continue funding the Occupation, this was no longer the President’s war against the Arabs.
You helped buy this Occupation and now you own it as well.
And I will remind you every time that I see your faces.

The People say end the war. Stop funding the Occupation. The Soldiers want to come home. The insane idea of we must stay in Iraq and Afghanistan so that these thousands of soldiers will not have died in vain should never be said again! We tried saying that in Vietnam! The Iraqi people are strong and can defend themselves. They also want us out.

It took years for a G.I. Resistance to begin within the Military during Vietnam, but I am telling you right now - the feeling of resentment is there. The feeling that Politicians and Businesses are profiting off of this Occupation while we suffer through extended tours and battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depleted uranium, losing friends and family and losing our lives and limbs through wounds.

We come home and barely have time to adjust to being home before we begin training to leave again.

Families are falling apart.
Iraqis are dying.
For what?
A red, white and blue flag that says, "I'm a Patriot"?
Dissent is Patriotic.

Open discussion is Patriotic (this to Speaker of the House Pelosi who refuses to have an open forum with the people of her district. I believe it is going on just over 2 Years now.)

And I say to you dissent is filling the ranks of the military and it doesn't even need a charismatic figurehead to come forth and say "Dissent; Desert!". They are doing it and will keep doing it.

And the military's attempt to censor free speech will not contain it. Blogs, Youtube, Myspace: these sights, and others, weren't blocked for any reason other than these are the most popular places to find out that the G.I. Resistance Movement is growing daily.

So proud Patriots of America, I ask you today for nothing. You are my Employee, never forget that. My tax dollars pay your salary, never forget that.

I do however have demands for you:

-End the Occupation Now. Not tomorrow.

-Bring home all American troops. Replace them with a true international coalition designed specifically for peace keeping operations, NOT military operations.

-Remove all U.S. contractors from the Middle East that continue to benefit off of the death of the Iraqi and Afghan people and the destruction of their countries.

-Allow the Afghan and Iraq governments the freedom to decide what kind of country they want to be in, not what kind of country we want them to have.

-Allow the Afghan and Iraq governments freedom to choose who is given reconstruction contracts - which none should be American companies, for obvious reasons.

-Fund in full all reconstruction projects in Afghanistan and Iraq: We destroyed their countries, by International Law we must pay. By Moral virtue we must pay.

-Support the Troops means take care of them when they come home, not blindly fund their continued existence in a war zone - Completely fund the V.A. Department!

-Fund the Levees; Do NOT allow another Hurricane Katrina or Rita.

-Oversight on Gulf Region reconstruction (where is it?) - I was just in New Orleans, it is still a disaster area two years later. Fix it now.

-Open Diplomatic negotiations with Iran - Do not allow another war to take place. We have Diplomats that are paid by taxpayers to do just that: to Talk and Discuss. Use Diplomats not Depleted Uranium and Cruise Missiles.

I also want to say this before I close, I wrote it in a letter, just yesterday, to the people of Italy that stand up and actively oppose more U.S. military bases in their country. And it says:

The Iraq war is a War of Aggression, led by a cry of "We Will Never Forget"; the famous quote from September 11, 2001. Well, I have something to say for the people of the World and to the People of this Administration, as well as to the members of the U.S. Congress.

We WILL never forget.

We will never forget that the men who hijacked those aircraft on September 11, 2001 were not Iraqi.

We will never forget that Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D) when we invaded.

We will never forget that the W.M.D's that Iraq did have years before, were sold to them by the U.S. Government.

We will never forget the millions of Iraqi men, women and children who have suffered through the Dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, The Iraq-Iran War, The Gulf War, Depleted Uranium, Years of Illegal Sanctions, Shock and Awe, "Liberation" from a Tyrant only to find a new Tyrant take his place.

We will never forget the 2 million of Iraqi men, women and children who are now displaced refugees within their own country.

We will never forget the 1.5 million refugees in Syria, the 775,000 refugees in Jordan and the nearly 200,000 refugees in Egypt.

We will never forget the 1 million dead Iraqi men, women and children since March 2003.

We will never forget that nearly 100,000 Iraqis flee the country each month since 2003.

We will never forget the widows, widowers and orphans of those dead.

We will never forget the effects of depleted uranium in American ammunition that litters the countries of the Middle East.

We will never forget the increased infant mortality rate. The sewage on the streets. The sectarian violence that was never in the streets of Iraq until we installed a Pro-U.S. Government.

We will never forget the destruction of Shock and Awe that destroyed Iraq's entire infrastructure.

We will never forget Abu Ghraib.

We will never forget the Lost men and women of Guantanamo Bay and other Secret U.S. Detention facilities.

We will never forget the every day Iraqi that is gunned down at a Traffic Control Point by a tired American teenager.

We will never forget the sounds of Improvised Explosive Devices (I.E.D) directed not at the American soldier, but at American Policy.

We will never forget the Women and Children gunned down at random after an I.E.D. explodes, because they were working the vegetable fields and were frightened and began to run.

We will never forget that War is, in fact, Terrorism. And America is the largest State Sponsor of Terrorism.

We will never forget that the Men, Women and Children of the Middle East may be of the same color as Saddam Hussein, but they do not have his face. They are not him. They do not deserve what they have been made to endure.

And we will never forget that corporations are profiting off of the death and destruction.

We will never forget that Blackwater and other private armies, which are in themselves illegal, are running around the Middle East killing at will - and are left unchecked.

We will never forget amazing photo opportunities with the soldiers, whether its walking through a market in Iraq with security all around you and Apaches in the air, or sitting on the deck of a ship under a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

We will never forget that a majority of the American population want the Occupations to end and we will keep repeating it until you do what you are paid to do - and that is, Listen to the People.

The People are United and I know that attempts will be made to have me appear a fool and soon you will have my grade school photographs, my coloring books, a list of every library book I have ever checked out, and whatever other records these incredibly large and over-funded Secret Agencies compile on Activists in America, but I do not fear you.

You have no moral authority over me.
Or any authority at all.
I do not fear you.
Any of you.

We The People,
United within The Struggle,

James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against The War

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Dear James,

I can not begin to thank you enough for your inspiring words and courageous action in "firing" the United States military from your life.

I have only read about what you have experienced first hand. Reading about all this is troubling enough but having lived it must have been indescribable. Yet you have expressed in written form above a most compelling chronicle covering the past nearly 7 years.

I especially appreciate your indictment of the Democrats. You are so correct in tagging them as just another arm of the corporatist party. Your description of the corporate gouging at the public trough is maddening and should be required reading for all Americans, especially all those who consume Fox propaganda on a daily basis. They are the fools!

Continue to be strong and encourage your fellow activists to come forward and speak the truth. THE TRUTH SHALL SET US ALL FREE!!!!

Until "we the people" are willing to impeach our cell phones, our agricorp foods, our low mileage vehicles, wallmart et al. etc etc we will never be able to impeach the powers behind the throne.
America, we must stand against injustice. Especially from within.
Impeach the spin doctors. Fox and other public lyres. corporate democrats.
"When I became a man, I put away my toys". King David.
OH yes, and do impeach hype!

I very much agree with "Anonymous" on putting away our toys.

Our government is defending and actively pursuing "the interests of the United States of America". These interests are aimed at sustaining our people and our lifes. They are aimed at sustaining our borders, our democratic system, our freedom of speech and, well yes, our economy. They are aimed at sustaining our standard of living and so, sustaining our happiness. Fair enough!

The strive for sustaining, or even accelerating our economy puts businesses into the focus of our attention. They become the children of our government, which has forgotten that children always get what they want. They know no border and they know no mercy, unless they are told and taught so, sometimes in restraining lessons. Right now, businesses are the tails that wage the dog.

Unfortunately this is were many critics of the current government stop. Everyone simply blames "the powerful and big businesses". An important aspect remains in the dark, and that is what drives businesses? Well a lot of people would say, they are driven by money and profit. And I would say, well yes, but what does that mean? I think it means that businesses are driven by the people. By the people who run these businesses, whose main goal is to make money. And they are driven by the people who want to buy from them for the cheapest price possible. The CHEAPER the MORE they can buy. And, let's not forget: no customers, no business! So, once again, what drives businesses?

There is no denying, America is a business world. A world that measures everything by its profit, and a world that measures everything by its price. The cheaper you can offer your toys the more you sell and the more profit you will make. And likewise, the cheaper you can get your toys the more toys you can buy.

What I see is people in the government, people in businesses and people in the street, all who want to buy as much as possible for as little as possible. And that is the motor for our business, our economy and our government. It is our people everywhere.

So, who is to blame?
Who is to make a change?
And what change can make it?

I embrace the quote from "Anonymous":

"When I became a man, I put away my toys". King David.

Sincerely yours,
Ingmar Rauschert

nobody has been drafted into service or forced you signed the the letter to serve on your own. so don't cry after your in and want out . i personally feel any traitors should be shot or at very least be put in leavonworth. sincerely dion walters us army

Yeah dude, I believe you are referring to "Leavenworth". Also learn to use proper punctuation and grammar as it will get you farther than the Army ever will.

For all the reasons you've stated, I understand and agree with you and your decision.

I retired from the US Navy after 20 years, and it has sickened me to see that our country has now become what I had joined the service to once defend against.

All the best to you.

AE1, USN (ret.)

"A commercial that gives an honest account of what US military service would really mean.":

I am a retired disabled vet, although I do not agree with AWOL status I believe in the truthfulness of your article. I thought it was well thought out as well as well written. I too belive in your patriotism.

Obviously, the American people have forgotten the lessons of Nuremburg after WWII. Or maybe that German who said that the Nazis had not lost but had just changed venues was correct. Either way, the best way to sell people on your way of doing things is to be an example of that way. Certainly it is not to force them into compliance. Respect for others and their institutions is what is needed, not sending kids like this young gentleman into wars for the rich and powerful. Keep speaking out, James! You embody what is truly human and worthy of being copied!

Dear James,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for standing up for everthing that CAN be right in our country and thank you for refusing to fight in an illegal and immoral war. Here in LA, we have been holding weekly vigils for First Lieutenant Ehren Watada in Little Tokyo Monday evenings, corner of First and Alameda at 5:30. Tonight Agustin and Helga Aguayo joined us as we have also thrown our full support behind him. Next week when we hold our vigil, I will make sure a copy of your statement gets passed out to all those attending.
Stay strong, stay safe, and know that we support you in all you are doing.

"Mr." Circello has not only touched on so many things that are being witheld by the mainstream media, but has also created in his writing a powerful, POWERFUL reason for supporting Dennis Kucinich for the next President of this "Non-United States".

The disaster based on oil and lies MUST be brought to an end; political game-playing no longer tolerated by "We The People"! Mr. Circello has also touched on many domestic issues that are being ignored to continue the madness. His mention of opening diplomatic talks with Iran is a sane and proper approach quite opposite of the war drums of the "Cheney administration".

If we want the country that we say we do, we have to follow our hearts and get behind a man who the media constantly assure us is "unelectable". We cannot, with true conscience, continue to suffocate under the blanket of "politics-as-usual" out of fear.
We cannot allow "Mr." James Circello's courage to go for naught.
PLEASE...Stand with this brave man and speak out. And stand with this brave man and support another brave and TRULY patriotic man: Dennis Kucinich. Let us prove he IS electable! Let us join together and retake our country!

I want to thank everyone for the compliments. I also want to say that there has already been a huge attempt to smear my name - I am fine with this.

What I have stated in this letter is me.
Every word of it.
I am not trying to convince anyone that I am some sort of hero or patriot. Your opinions are yours.

The words "coward" and "traitor" have been thrown out there already. I am fine with this.

I wasn't a coward when I served in Iraq. I was an idiot for going, but not a coward.

And the Founding Fathers were all traitors to the British Crown - now they are idolized by the likes of the Right wing that try to steer the conversation into the direction of (James Circello is a) "traitor".

Let the names come, but remember before you attempt to insult me - they don't bother me. I still sleep well at night. And Peacefully.

With you all in the Struggle,
James Circello; Iraq Veterans Against The War
Oct. 25, 2007

Thank You for your courage and your patriotism.You are a true American hero.Those who attack you are either the criminals themselves or their naive pawns. Dick Cheney and his cohorts should be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against America and the world. "WE WILL NOT FORGET" The biggest threat to America is not the terrorists but those who use them to further their own imperial goals.Their dream of never ending war is a nightmare.

Your insight into our "corporatocracy" is dead on.We have a media run corporate sponsored popularity contest every few years that gives us the illusion of democracy.True thinkers and visionary are sidelined by the media in favor of the corporate sponsored talking heads.

They will do all they can to damage your credibility, your bravery is evident in the risks you have taken standing up and speaking out.

You Are An Inspiration

"Power to the People cos the People Want Peace"

...they probably need to serve for 4 years in Iraq.

From that list of people, I'm sure you will have more understanding.

I disagree with the people who think that AWOL was not the right choice;
1) This war is illegal.
2) They've broken geneva conventions, and enablers of torture are war criminals.
3) It seems that either we are in Iraq for "Production Sharing Agreements" (Oil) or we are there to drain America for the purpose of distroying our military and empowering a Mercenary force. Take your pick. It could be "all of the above."
4) I've read too many stories of dangerous tours for people who complain. If you were in Iraq, I don't think retaliation is unlikely. I read about 3 Air Force officers in charge of oversight who were killed about a week ago -- on patrol. I'll ask you if that is normal for people who are due to report and in charge of overseeing contractor abuse -- look for the story.
5) Our representatives and commander in cheif (or, head occupant of the White House) have failed their main oath of office to uphold the constitution. The crossing out of Habeus Corpus -- laws that have stood since the Magna Carta, are but one example. Their is no justification for this, when even the most scary estimates of our "enemy" don't even put them in a league with a platoon of the former USSR -- we didn't suspend these laws during the cold war.
6) I think the benefit of the doubt is over for this administration. The war profiteering is thinly veiled. We have a Vice President who pushes hidden laws that make it illegal to criticize the United States economic position -- while he divests himself of dollar denominated assets. Very interesting that he still has hundreds of thousands of shares of Halliburton stock. The parent company of which, the Carysle Group, is run by Bush's dad and has relocated, as has Haliburton, to Dubai. You have contractors that you have to patrol with, who are incorporated by a non-US country that has also been implicated in funding terrorist activities (their banks are state owned). In fact, the largest non-governmental weapons dealer in the world is Carlysle, and they sell weapons to Iran, and their subsidiaries also do contracting work for non-US allied countries. Couple this with the resent selling of American ports, and weapons manufacturing facilities to Dubai ... do I need to underscore the risks here? Do I need to mention that our CIA is now 80% privatized and the means of production of nuclear weapons is privatized? None of what I'm saying is theory -- and any of these facts should scare the heck out of any citizen or military troop. I wouldn't trust anyone who conducted the affairs of state like this -- there could only be one reason to do these things.
7) Your future employment in America, may well be with a mercenary force. The sanctioning of such a thing, in my mind, is treason. The idea of EVER having a mercenary force in America, or using one for warfare, is not only foolhardy, but a huge betrayal of trust. There is no oversight, there is no loyalty, they cost far more than our troops who do a job where there is a chain of command, accountability, and the nations interest at heart. Only a scoundrel would ever consider the idea. These guys could shoot you in the back, be allied with foreign interests (as some of them used to work for Pinochet and other dictators), or simply work for the highest bidder.

>> Is that enough reason?

You might be right to say you have to be in Iraq for a tour to truly understand, but just becuase someone sees the light today...doesn't mean it wasn't there yesterday. I'm not saying that I have more or less respect for either side. What you say is the truth.

I did this a few years back before we shipped over there when I was in the Marines. I didn't even need to see the country, people, or anything to know that it made no sense. You just get a feeling in your stomach that eats at you. Sometimes I tried to drink it away, other times tried to bang it away with women...but I couldn't put it down. Even when I talked with the chaplain they just defined me with some depressive disorder and gave me happy pills, which ultimately helped me leave the service because I was lifted out of the fear, guilt, impending remorse, anger for being used that kept me in a prision of compliance.

For the majority of my life I accepted that in order to have a host of fair weather friends I needed to dumb myself down. Rational and Realistic thought is not for the masses...neither is self-responsibility. It is this twisted umbrella / blanket thing where people think politicians and police take care of them, but instead police enforce rules that corporations and lobbists paid politicans to sell to people that they need...but even when you get out of the protectionist mentality you still have to deal with the inability to act based of fear of reprecussion by the same people oppressing you.

I will always remember threat levels on tv. If you show me a threat level then you need to issue me a gun. Give every american a gun if you want a national militia. The truth is that if every american had a gun and a proper mentality about the whole situation then there would be some bleeding rich people and politicians across the board...That is the real truth. You can try to solve it by pushing your head at the tip of someone elses gun, or you can just switch places. People are afraid of death and sacrifice. I'm no different.

All the ideations of correcting the situation have passed in my head.

I don't say this to be depressive. I was awol for a year running up and down the east cost, writing poetry / passing out stuff, trying to help people, openly saying things in line with you sentiments. Trying to put a flower stem in a gun barrel pointed at my head. I did the time and moved on with my life.

It's like boondock saints...except instead of the russian and italian mob its politicians, lobbyists, banks, corporations, media stations. You'll see terrorism soon enough, but it will be at the hands of Americans against it should be. That's just my thoughts though. I'm a coward that settled for making enough money to take care of his house and family and buy worthless shit I don't need to look better than other people.

Right on,son! I will pray that God will bless you and keep you safe! You are BRAVE to speak the truth...but the truth MUST be spoken! I can't agree more with every word that you wrote! What a horribly EVIL empire we live in....but there is ONE who is stronger. That one is God. Being a Christian, I beg Him almost every night, as I'm praying before I fall asleep, to PLEASE COME QUICKLY to put an end to all of the suffering that is going on in this world. You wrote it eloquently, from the point of view of one who was there, and saw it first hand. It breaks my heart to just imagine it in my mind! All I can do is pray..."Dear God, please be with all of your children who have honest hearts (and that certainally includes YOU!). Strengthen them for the horrible days ahead of us, prior to Your coming. And, oh yes, Jesus, please don't wait too much longer to come...or else NONE of us will be able to survive. Thank you Jesus! I trust You that You're on top of it...and that You have Your own good reasons for the delay. I think You're just waiting for the last few of Your honest-hearted children to get the message...and then You will come and take us home with You! Keep us strong until that blessed day. I love You...good night from Karen! I have a young son who joined up against my wishes and I know he went to Iraq but haven't heard from him for about 3 years. It would be an honor to me if I could speak to you more...through email. Here is a link to my MySpace page.
Talk to you more later perhaps,
Mother Clucker

it's too easy to succumb to the pressure. It's too easy to kill; and there are not many people who have the courage to do what you have done. I'm not sure I would be able to do that. I applaud you, and wish you the best.

who has the stones to walk away and "I do not fear..any of you". Good luck with that.

Thank You James..
Thank You for showing that not all Americans are as dumb as their president..Thank you for proving that Americans have hearts and souls too..Thank you for being so brave to admit your country's mistakes..Coming from a Muslim in Singapore, I thank you whole heartedly for being so sincere..Thank you for restoring my faith in the West again..I thank you from the bottom of my heart..


I am a veteran.

I remember a Mother's Day ruined by being recalled to react to our embassy being taken in Iran.

I remember soldiers guarding my five year old son because Libya wanted him dead.

I remember attending funerals of friends killed by radical islam, way before it became trendy on the news.

I remember leaving Iraq in 1991, knowing the job was unfinished.

I remember losing my family to divorce because of long separations to distant lands. Defending your right to say the things you do.

It's saddening me to see you become a tool of those who would destroy our country in order to gain political power.

I saddens me to see you lash out at our country without once giving pause to reflect on your own weakness.

The People are not United. The small faction screeching to end this war are those you have never had to fight for anything. Since being attacked since 1979, the U.S. has finally stood up to those who wish us dead. Those of you who want to back down and submit deserve the fate that awaits you. The World is an evil place. There are those who do not what to establish a dialog with you, be your friend, hold hands a sing "We Are The World". There are those who want nothing more than to want you dead.

The future belongs to the strong and you're not it. It was wise of you to desert the the military. You are the Enemy Within.

Dear Anonymous,

We Americans thank you for your service. There are many crying to stop this war not as you've stated of a "small faction". The percentage is at 76% of americans want this illegal war to end now. Look what is happening in Pakistan with the government that we put into power and is indeed our puppet government. How about Afghanistan and the uprising there that doesn't get to make it to the propaganda news here in the good old USA? I am a patriot and I can assure you that occupying and taking over countries then afterward placing our pick of leaders to lead the country isnot going over real well. You are correct that the world is an evil place and their should be noone that questions ones so called sense of "patriotism" when it doesnot correlate with our constitutional laws of the United States of America. Hitler was really good at questioning his mens "patriotism" when they were not placing jews in the gas chambers fast enough. How about the ones that were court martialed or shot due to their so called lack of "patriotism" b/c of their complete refusal to follow orders that they knew were evil? Did you fight to protect your country or to force convert other U.S. installed puppet governments? I'll bet it was our country. Does our men/women fight for these "new" governments to be "Dictated" by the U.S government? How then would these governments be considered "democracies" with our installed picks? I consider you both patriots as I know that you both did what you thought was best for your country as far as the information given you by our government. Thank you both and God Bless America...once again.

You are just trying to convince yourself you did the right thing.

The future belongs to the strong? As in Army strong? Cut the G.I Joe macho rhetoric please. Sir, you are just a robot, a follower.

"The small faction screeching to end this war are those you have never had to fight for anything."

Since when does 68% of the general population constitute a "small faction"?

56% of America wants an immediate end to this war -- no, sorry, that's the number who want Cheney impeached.
About 70% of Americans think this war should end.
That is NOT A SMALL FRACTION. The media doesn't cover the "screeching protests," so I can understand why you might have this illusion.

>> I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with Arab countries. But Libya is NOT Iraq or Iran, so knowing the anguish you had that your kids were at risk -- well, let's not paint everyone there with the same brush.

>> When we invaded Iraq before, it was due to James Baker telling Saddam Hussein that it was OK with the US if he invaded Kuwait-- this was passed off as a minor gaff by an underling who did not know US policy -- can you believe that? I can't. Not only were most of the royals safely out of the country, the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter was trotted out to tearfully cry about babies being thrown out of incubators -- the usual "the enemy is evil" speech. None of what she said was true, other than the fact that Iraqis invaded Kuwait. Perhaps they were rude.

The Iraqis were invading Kuwait because of slant drilling and the theft of their resources. However you think we should react to that, the whole "Iraq is bad" theme started when Saddam was moving to trade Oil in Euros. Strangely, this is also what Iran's sin is that is being misconstrued as a nuclear threat (which the IAEA attests that they do NOT have enrichment facilities for).

I'm sorry your family as broken up over the stress of this war. We should not have sent you there, and it is a cruel con job of epic proportions that anyone was tricked into thinking there was a need.

>> The benefit to the Kuwaiti government by the invasion and liberation seems to have been that they ended a Democratic movement in that country. The people are still in a welfare state but have no voice in their government. You have to wonder how convenient "scary enemies" are to despotic governments.

Damn straight brother!

How very refreshing that someone here pointed out that this war didn't start in 2003 or 2001 ... it started in 1979 and was kept in check for 8 years by The Gipper! It wasn't until the Clintonistas came along to coddle those that would see us destroyed and turn America into "... a paper tiger ..."

This is something the left doesn't understand. When you say for years, and negotiate 19 UN security council resolutions (all of which where broken by Iraq, including the cease-fire to the first Gulf War) there comes a point where you either put up or shut up.

Luckily for us all, there was a strong man in the whitehouse who decided it was time to put up. If we hadn't, God only knows what state we would be in today.

I'm proud of where America is today. We are turning Iraq around, and for the first time, can see the path out. It took this long for the Iraqi's to really want to see their country rebuilt, and now it's going to happen.

That will be the legacy of the GWB's Presidency. GWB is the one that will be in the history books, not this moron.

> How very refreshing that someone here pointed out that this war didn't start in 2003 or
> 2001 ... it started in 1979...

Actually Sir, you're wrong, DEAD wrong! The War started a lot longer before that, and in a way started even before the material that I'm about to reference.

I'll quote Wikipedia, putting emphasis on the key areas, but you can find the same information elsewhere: "*On 29 November 1947* the United Nations General Assembly approved a plan, UN General Assembly Resolution 181, to resolve the Arab-Jewish conflict by partitioning Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. Each state would comprise three major sections, linked by extraterritorial crossroads; the Arab state would also have an enclave at Jaffa. With about *32% of the population the Jews would get 56% of the terrritory*, including 499,000 Jews and 438,000 Palestinians. The Palestinians would get 42% of the land, with 818,000 Palestinians and 10,000 Jews. In consideration of its religious significance, the Jerusalem area, including Bethlehem, with 100,000 Jews and an equal number of Palestinians, was to become a Corpus Separatum, to be administered by the UN.[28]
Although the Jews criticized aspects of the plan, the resolution was welcomed by most of the Jewish population.[citation needed] The Zionist leadership accepted the partition plan as 'the indispensable minimum'.[29], glad as they were with the international recognition, but sorry that they didn't get more.[30]
*Arguing the partition plan was unfair to the Arabs with regard to the population balance at that time, the representatives of the Palestinian Arabs and the Arab League firmly opposed the UN action and even rejected its authority to involve itself in the entire matter.* [31]. They upheld 'that the rule of Palestine should revert to its inhabitants, in accordance with the provisions of ... the Charter of the United Nations' [1]. According to Article 73b of the Charter the UN should develop self-government of the peoples in a territory under its administration."
Violence started in Israel that very year, and has continued in the 60 years since.

Please understand that I am NOT an anti-semite. Although I was raised Christian, I actually have more belief in the Torah than the New Testament, as I believe it was largely edited by Constantine during the formation of the Roman Catholic Church around 1700 years ago. With that being said, I personally believe that the creation of Israel by the UN was wrong, as the land was previously occupied and controlled by the Palestinians. By taking the land away from them and installing a Zionist state, Europe started this war that has been raging for at least 60 years. And by the US supporting Europe's decision, and supporting Israel, we have in the process pissed off a LOT of people.

As for James, I personally think that you should have tried to stick it out until your term of service was over, and THEN became an activist. But I cannot blame you for your decision, and I agree with everything that you said. I just wish that most Americans weren't so damned misinformed and lazy so that we could actually do something about this. WWIII is right around the corner if we don't stop the Cheney/Bush Regime. And since both sides of congress can't seem to do anything about it because they're too concerned over their corporate-sponsors and political-future, maybe it's time that the few remaining intelligent, motivated and patriotic people of the American public do something about it.

Only problem is that this country has become so Orwellian that I'm afraid any petition I sign is going to go straight into the hands of Emmanuel Goldstein - that is, Cheney.

Now THAT's the sad part. That a Patriot has lost trust in his government so much that he's afraid signing a petition will get his name put on a watch-list! And yes, I believe something like that could be happening right now.

as the consequence of your actions became clear, because it was your own life that drained away, justified by the self-rigthous cause of projecting ones own version of good-dooing onto the american people. As the veil of illusions continues to do its neverending work of prolonging the suffering of the human race.

We have military bases in 130 countries other than our own. How would we feel about having the military base of another country in ours?
Michael Savage is an angry, deluded man, who thinks he has a right to impose his Revelation-inspired vision on the people of this nation. This former soldier has realized what too many are afraid to say... that we are all culpable for our own actions, even soldiers. When a soldier kills a child, that is his responsibility. Maybe he was in a firefight. Maybe it wasn't his fault, or not solely, but it was his responsibility, because he chose to take that shot. This man decided he didn't want to be responsible for any more innocent deaths. Is that so hard to understand?

You say "The future belongs to the strong". It is strength, then, to blindly follow orders (the Nazis certainly thought so)? To attack a nation that had already been shattered by our sanctions and continuous bombing and had NOTHING to do with 9-11? And what if it did? You think we did nothing to raise the ire of the Middle East? Than you are ignorant, and a fool.

Vote Ron Paul. He'll bring the troops home.

u r an idiot. Please inform me on what fox news is talking about tonight.

Obviously we are heading for a police state when we have citizens talking like you. The "Enemy Within?" Do you think James is planning on becoming a terrorist? If you support this illegal war, that is your prerogative. There will always be people who will support -without question- leaders who abuse their power, but do not attack this man, who is brave enough to speak his mind when most Americans just keep watchin' the TV, eating the lies. James' "weakness" in your estimation, is his abandonment of the military. His weakness would be unquestionable if he were to disappear and hide after his desertion. This man is making no secret of his whereabouts. He is speaking his mind, which is an action that those who support Bush, Cheney and their illegal actions would gladly give up to appear more patriotic. Do you think we were doing a benevolent thing invading Iraq? Do you honestly think Iraq had anything to do with the towers falling? Why is Bush no longer concerned about finding Bin Laden? (he said so himself) This question should be asked by every American concerned for their nations future.

I am a veteran as well. I was in those same deserts with you during Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom and all the others whose names now escape me (my memory isn't as good as yours, it would seem).

You remember so much, do you remember this part of the oath we all swore to?
"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"

As a fellow veteran, you know that blindly following orders is not a soldier's duty. A soldier's duty is to do what is RIGHT, no matter the consequences.

You may disagree with his methods and beliefs, but to say he is not strong simply makes me think you don't know what true strength, strength of character, really is.

To James,

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot." - Mark Twain

I salute you.

Before I go any further, I feel compelled to ask you... if you are so adamant in the righteousness of your claims, why do you hide behind anonymity?

I am a veteran.

In my humble opinion, it is you who is a tool for those who would destroy another country to gain political power and oil.

How do you know that the author of this letter hasn't reflected upon his own weaknesses? You don't. You're guessing. What does "reflecting upon his own weaknesses" have to do with this, anyhow?

The faction that is speaking out against the actions of this administration is not "screeching." They are speaking out against tyranny. It isn't a small faction either, at least as far as the 24% (last I heard) approval rating the Presidency has concerning this war.

I understand why the people of the Middle East dislike the U.S. They have been run over by the greed of the corporate entities that would take their natural resources with only the the smallest compensation, while those who plunder them are becoming rich. They do this while hiding under the skirt of the U.S. Military Forces.

What other reasons can you cite for their "wanting you dead" besides the silliness of "They hate our freedoms." 'It was not Iraq who decided to illegally wiretap into all of our internal emails, telephone calls, and web activities. It was not Iraq who removed Habeas Corpus. It was not even Iraq who destroyed the WTC.

I can't imagine Lybia wanting to kill a 5 year old. If you had your child in path of such danger, that is not your own irresponsibility?

Do you have any idea how many Black Americans have been killed by "Radical Christians?" The KKK is, and has always been, predominantly radical Christian. the Neo Nazis are predominantly radical Christians. If you think religious fanatics are a problem, how about you do more to help fix the problems we have with the ones within our own borders.

The world is not evil. Evil exists, but not to the exclusion of good. By your remarks though, you label yourself as evil, since you are a part of this "evil world." Of course, unless you meant to say that "the world is evil, with the exception of me and those who think as I do. And of course, how can any red blooded American even consider the notion that an elected official could be evil. That is an impossibility." Is that what you're essentially saying?

I was taught to turn the other cheek at a very early age. I finally fought against those who would take advantage of this pacifistic approach. From what I have seen in my life, Corporate America has slapped the Middle East in the face over and over and over. Personally, I see them as fighting against the aggressors, not us. We are the aggressors.

We are Americans. We are supposed to be better than the evil that confronts the world, but instead, we are a part of the evil that confronts the world. I resent the Bush for sullying the reputation of this country, and forcing me to be complicit with it against my will.

This country was founded by the rich, for the rich. If you are not one of the "more capable" (, then this country is not for you. You are required to be for it, and you are fulfilling your requirements admirably. Unfortunately, the rich don't care about you. You are replaceable. So am I. So is James.

During Vietnam, I wanted to speak out against the senseless killing. I was too scared, honestly, and I remained silent. I understand what repercussions will eventually befall James. They are unavoidable, as long as he resides in the United States. It is nothing that a coward would confront. A coward would merely hide in silence... in anonymity.

Our President is the enemy within (as are all who consider their profits and social standings before they consider the good of this country and the rest of it's inhabitants). I would be less inclined to feel this way if his family's money didn't come from oil, and if his family hadn't such close ties with the Bin Laden family. If he had done this with no obvious profit motive, I would at least not think of him as a criminal. I would only view him as stupid (he is definitely stupid). The average American who voted for him in the second election isn't profiting from this war either, so I don't consider them as criminals either. I merely view them as stupid and gullible.

Are you aware that our own President Bush stated “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” You support a president who views the Constitution to be something in his way, something to be gotten around? Oh, another lovely quote, "This would be a whole lot easier if this were a dictatorship, as long as I'm the dictator."

Does that sound like a person who is up for the job of the United States Presidency? We need people like James to stand up to him. I wish I had that sort of bravery. I wish you did, too.

Michael Anderson,
A displaced New Orleanian.

p.s. You rock, James.

Hi "Anyomous:,

I have two thoughts from reading your post.

>> I remember leaving Iraq in 1991, knowing the job was unfinished.

If the current government felt like you, that the "job" was undone, and that they wanted to go back and finish the job, then I wonder: What was the "job" that needed to be done? Clearly it was not to remove unwanted WMD. But then, what was the "job"? Why did the government NOT tell us what the "job" was? Why did they tell us a farce? Is it because we are children, who cannot understand the truth? Or because they cannot explain the truth? We elect people from within us, like you and me, to represent and run our country. How can they not tell us, to this day, what the "real job" was, that needed to be done? There are only two reasons why you would not tell your children the truth about your ruling. And that is because you believe they would not understand, or because you fear they would not agree. So either the government thought we would not understand, or they thought we would not agree. I say, either we are children and accept what our government does, or we are grown up and we demand full transparency of our government's actions. There is no such thing as: you need not know, because you will not understand.

>> You are the Enemy Within

It is one thing to state that "the future belongs to the strong [..]", and I will not comment on that. However, it is completely mind blowing to state that because someone does not share your believes of a world in total war, automatically is an "enemy" of "your" country. That simply means your are at war with a world that you imagine to be entirely against you, including your own people. It is a black and white picture you render of the world in front of your eyes, that not only has many gray values, but is full of color and beauty. You not only sound like a child that is afraid of the shadows at night, when the world "seems" dark and cold, but you wish death to those who try to tell you that really, the world is a great place to live in.

In your vision, everyone is suspicious and everyone is against you. In your vision you kill everyone not on your side. Your fear becomes your vision and your shadow your enemy.

James has served in Iraq and he has learned that we are fighting shadows. And you wish him death because he disagrees with your view of a dark world? I think you not only see a dark world, you also help create one. Only children are afraid of shadows at night, and only cowards wish death to those who stand up right.

Grow up and see the light. Grow up and stop being afraid. And learn the constitution. It not only gives you the right to post your vision, but it also gives the right to everyone else to post their opinion as well - without having to fear for their lives.

Sincerely yours,
Ingmar Rauschert

Can anyone say paranoid, cuckoo, and your just a step away from the funny farm if you really believe what you are trying to throw our way....
James, You rock!

No one is looking for you, no one knows who you are and no ones cares about what you have written here.
You have a long rambling letter full of garbage...most of it is not your own thoughts. You have simply regurgitated the liberal lefts talking points.
You have not actually verified anything you have written here. You are really just a pawn used by the liberal left. You have made many assumptions based upon what you "want to believe" and not on what is real. I am willing to bet that you have not even fought in a war...or better yet, that you are not even a soldier.
You are just a fearful, hate-filled nobody, trying to make yourself "feel" important. It is time to grow are not going to be are not going to be are not going to be anything more than you already are just another one of us with a poorly thought out theory of what drives the US and it's government.

And the truth of the matter is....

You are so amazing! You are just (voice choked with emotion) so goddamn smart. I mean wow, you just performed a complete psychoanalysis on someone, over the internet! And of course, you must be completely correct, because you disputed EVERYTHING he wrote. EVERY. GODDAMNED. THING. Just, wow. I guess you win.

Except for this:

And this:

And this:

Oops! Did you forget to do a little research before started your little spiel? You stupid jackass.

In your response, you wrote: "You have made many assumptions based upon what you "want to believe" and not on what is real." Well, now. Aren't we quite the genius? Well, I can tell you what is real. This is the age of technology, my dear genius. There are no less than three veterans in my family, and two of them came home with HUNDREDS of MEGABYTES of digital photos and digital video (with sound). I have seen and heard things in these images and video that I wish I could forget.

You are just one of those lonely, jealous, negative types that likes to patrol blog comments with the intention of lambasting every blogger, regardless of their stance. No one knows who you are and no one cares about what you have written here. You have a long rambling response full of garbage. You are just a fearful, hate-filled nobody, trying to make yourself feel important.

Go play in traffic, you little fucking douchebag, before I get angry.

Stephen A. Miller
Phone 203-345-4231


For Dennis Kucinich to ignore the overwhelming evidence that only a massive conspiracy directed by Bush & Cheney could possibly have diverted Flight 77 away from the Pentagon and had experts rig explosives to demolish the WTC towers and building 7, would be an unwitting political blunder. You can’t blame Osama bin Laden for those events.

There will always be the ridiculous claim that massive conspiracies are impossible. There will always be the claim that those who simply believe the hundreds of witnesses at the WTC who commented on the spot that they heard explosions are conspiracy nuts. The fear of being called a nut is the crux of the dilemma.

The nuts are the people who ignore glaring, vivid facts and evidence. That is the classic case of delusional behavior. Dennis Kucinich has set himself apart from all the other presidential candidates with a series of brilliant ideas that have failed to get traction for this campaign not the least of which is a very popular impeachment effort.

What is vividly missing in HR 333 is treason and more specifically the Bush & Cheney 9/11 attack. While the media has flagrantly violated its First Amendment obligation to provide the impeachment issue for public scrutiny, the omission of treason and specifically the 9/11 attack in HR 333 is a flagrant, unwitting political blunder.

The Bush & Cheney 9/11 attack is the most grotesque crime ever perpetrated in America. Dennis needs to consider that if he became elected President would he order the hiding of evidence by the Attorney General of the 9/11 attack. That is a genuine campaign issue that needs to be raised to all other candidates as well. While there is glaring evidence available for Congressional scrutiny aside from the hidden evidence, there are surveillance tapes of the Pentagon that can surely identify the weapon necessary to have blown the hole through the fortified wall of the Pentagon.

That would be a question that no other candidate or member of Congress would like raised. Speaking of conspiracies, to have no member of Congress even question the hidden Pentagon surveillance tapes is a massive conspiracy in broad daylight. It is time right now for Dennis to either take off his gloves or end his campaign. Asking citizens to contribute their money for a guaranteed losing campaign is not what I think Dennis Kucinich is about.

wow... you're kind of an idiot. What are you gonna do if you get angry? Type something mean? You shouldn't attempt to turn this into black and white, because you can't, anyone can rationalize anything these choose to believe. I personally don't really know how I feel about this article, there's a lot of truth in it, but that's not a good enough reason to break your word, to me. You might be different, I don't really care. But at least when you're flaming someone, be smart enough not to do the same damn thing you're accusing them of:

"You are so amazing! You are just (voice choked with emotion) so goddamn smart. I mean wow, you just performed a complete psychoanalysis on someone, over the internet! And of course, you must be completely correct, because you disputed EVERYTHING he wrote. EVERY. GODDAMNED. THING. Just, wow. I guess you win."

and then :

"You are just one of those lonely, jealous, negative types that likes to patrol blog comments with the intention of lambasting every blogger, regardless of their stance. No one knows who you are and no one cares about what you have written here. You have a long rambling response full of garbage. You are just a fearful, hate-filled nobody, trying to make yourself feel important."

Come on, be mature. And unstupid.

I care about what he has written here.

No, I thought not.

Have you verified that no one is looking for him?

Have you verified that no one cares about what he has written here?

Have you verified that these are not his thoughts?

Have you verified that he is merely a pawn of the "liberal left?"

Since you insist that none of what James has said is "verified," I fully expect you to verify what you say. Short of that, what should be said to you is:


No one is looking for you, no one knows who you are and no ones cares about what you have written here.
You have a long rambling letter full of garbage...most of it is not your own thoughts. You have simply regurgitated the Neo-Con Republican right winger's talking points.
You have not actually verified anything you have written here. You are really just a pawn used by the Neo-Con Republican right wingers. You have made many assumptions based upon what you "want to believe" and not on what is real. I am willing to bet that you have not even fought in a war...or better yet, that you are not even a soldier.
You are just a fearful, hate-filled nobody, trying to make yourself "feel" important. It is time to grow are not going to be are not going to be are not going to be anything more than you already are just another one of us with a poorly thought out theory of what drives the US and it's government."

If you disagree, that only means you are holding yourself to a different standard than you hold James.

Michael Anderson

Did you even try googling his name? Yes all those sites with information, sources and reliable sources about this man are all left propaganda. Your country is always right. God Bless USA. Lets hang a flag out of our window and roll around in our own wealth. America is an incredibly unpopular country, but people dont hate America, they hate the way it is run. People like you have to understand this as opposed to believing that everything your country does is right.

Ok enough of that.

Amazing letter, people are free to say that they dont support you going AWOL (i support you but ah well) and are free to disagree. But the guy i am replying to is a moron. And I feel that that needs to be pointed out.

sorry for infecting the otherwise healthy discussion with 'teh flamezor'

I'm sure that you know that the reasons for the ongoing conflict in Iraq are much more complex than you presented. According to your world-view, America is the root of all evil. This is much too simplistic a position for somebody who obviously is an intelligent human being. I can't help but feel sorry for you.

To say that a reason set is weak because it seems to simple does not make it wrong. The lies are covered by the government. We are a world of lies and money, greed, power drives this insane world. It will drive it to its knees. We must rise from our own kind of oppression (being fed lies and being sedated by the comforts they say we have) and do something. The forefathers knew we would screw up and knew we should refresh our government when it become out of control. Rise up and take hold of your own fate and let us begin the rejuvenation of this country.

America is not the root of all evil. American government being taken away from those to whom it belongs, us, is evil. Continuing to support a the faulty, profiteering, self-interested, destructive, militant, tyranical force that our government has become, is evil. Your ignorance in this issue continues this evil. You should feel sorry for yourself if you feel that you have not been raped by the place you call a home. You should pity yourself for having allowed this clever distraction to succeed. This comment you have made speaks of the terrible tragedy that our population has undergone. This man never said that America was evil. You need to take a closer look. You need to look around you and see that if we do not unite in a peoples government, if we do not put the power back where it belongs we will suffer an even worse fate than that we have subjected these nations to. We will lose everything. This nation, under this political regime, has started to become a facist monster whose government no longer listens to those of whom they govern. IMPEACH! STAND UP! TALK ABOUT THIS! GET EDUCATED!

You are not brave, you are not strong, you are not smart.
You are a traitor, you are a coward
Whatever hole you are hiding in, please stay there.

I have no ideal what you are talking about. If someone has served in any sort of conflict they should have the right to end his/her contract with the armed forces. Look at the hundreds and thousands of other people that call themselves americans and dont even consider joining any branch of the armed forces so who are the real traitors?

The traitors to this country and this country's people are those in power. They have lied to us to get us into war and to keep us in this unnecessary conflict. It's all a scam -- wake up. James is 100% correct, the Iraqi people are and always were innocent of all charges and we are WRONG to have invaded them.

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