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Cindy Sheehan

Cindy's Stand in Crawford


By Cindy Sheehan

In the past week, my travels have taken me to 15 different cities in New England holding impeachment teach-ins.

Admittedly, we were speaking to converted, mostly singing, Impeachment Choir members, but still, the outrage against the crimes of the BushCo is palpable and profound.

I can also the frustration mounting against the Democratic Party who did nothing to check the outright criminals squatting in the White House and Blair House for the first six years of unmitigated disaster because they were not “in power.” Now that the Dems are “in power” they are still doing nothing to rein in the reign of King George the Terrible. What is Congress’ excuse now? It is unfathomable that they have not already courageously acted against BushCo! Instead of inviting George to speak at the recent Dem retreat, they should have had him handcuffed!

Sheehan teaches a lesson in civil disobedience

BY KRISTIN PALPINI, Daily Hampshire Gazette

NORTHAMPTON - If President George W. Bush is to be impeached for alleged abuses of power, the movement to oust him will have to come from the people - this was the message that roared through the First Churches Sunday during a forum featuring activist Cindy Sheehan.

Sheehan, activist Dan DeWalt and constitutional attorney John Bonifaz spoke to a crowd of about 300 people Sunday at a forum titled 'Ending the War in Iraq: Is Impeachment Necessary?'

The Flash Point

By Cindy Sheehan

I was sitting in an airport by my gate---it is shocking how many of my stories begin that way, these days---and CNN was on the video screen. The program was The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. There was a “tease” about the Scooter Pie Libby verdict and Wolf actually had the gall to say: “How much more can the Bush presidency take?”

On a day where ten soldiers died in Iraq and over one hundred Shi’ite pilgrims were blown to dust in the wind there, I am wondering how much more the people of America and Iraq can take.

Activists take aim at Bush, Cheney

By Rutland Herald

CASTLETON — Her late arrival and apparent exhaustion took little fire out of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan's message before an audience of about 200 people at Castleton State College Saturday night.

Sheehan, the keynote speaker in an 11-town statewide "Town Meeting Democracy Tour," began her talk Saturday by responding to a young man's T-shirt that stated, "Go back to California."

Sheehan: Vote to impeach

Iraq war protester supports anti-Bush articles on town meeting agendas
By Eagle Times

SPRINGFIELD - An overflow crowd of nearly 150 people packed the Springfield Unitarian Universalist Church Sunday afternoon to hear Iraq War protester Cindy Sheehan speak.

Outside, a dozen people, one with an American flag, held signs that said, "Sheehan does not speak for me," "Vermonters for Victory," "Sheehan is aiding the enemy" and "Support the Mission."

Vermont: Land of Hope

By Cindy Sheehan

My recent trip to Turkey opened my eyes further to anti-American hatred. As more and more people in the occupied countries of Afghanistan and Iraq are being killed by American troops or by violence that didn’t exist before America existed in their countries, the intensity of the hostility is escalating along with the escalating violence. At a “peace” conference that I attended in Istanbul I was appalled when attendee after attendee rose up from the audience to commend my fellow panelist, an Iraqi scientist, on the insurgency in Iraq which was giving the world “hope” by staving off the self entitled “mightiest military in history”. I was as appalled because a violent insurgency was applauded as I am appalled that a violent regime in DC is still in power to continue devastating the world which encourages people to place their hope in the Iraqi resistance.

Senate hears from Cindy Sheehan, others

By Ross Sneyd, Associated Press

MONTPELIER, Vt. --Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan on Friday endorsed the Vermont Legislature's call for withdrawing American troops from Iraq, saying they are being asked to perform "dishonorable duty."

In a legislative hearing that drew more than 100 people to the Statehouse in a snowstorm, Sheehan gave one view while Vicki Strong, of Albany, who also lost a son in the war, heartily endorsed the war, despite her own loss.

Camp Casey Peace Awards

Honoring the following for their dedication and committment to Peace. Their passion for Peace has helped to make the Camp Casey Peace movement a force to be reckoned with.

Willie and Annie Nelson Willie and Annie have been in the forefront of developing and promoting the use of Bio Diesel fuel. They combined their enviromental concerns with Camp Casey and the Peace movment over the summer by donating a BioDiesel Generator and fuel to keep it running to Camp Casey.


This past Friday I attended an event featuring Presidential candidate, John Edwards. It wasn't a fundraiser. It was a homey speech/Q&A thrown by the Palisades Democratic Club at an upscale hotel in Santa Monica. Equally lavish as the feted fundraiser I attended recently for Barack Obama, but costing substantially less. Just twenty dollars per person to cover the price of the room, filled to capacity with Progressives deciding on 2008.

Yes, deciding....

WE are, after all, the deciders. The energized, knowledgeable, truth-seeking, web-searching, fact-finding, peace-loving, media-reforming, money-raising, non-fiction devotees who work on campaigns. We are the activists. The die-hards who worked tirelessly in 2000 to win, then watched incredulously when etiquette superseded truth and the duly elected President conceded too soon. When pregnant chads and hanging chads paved the way for America's decline.

Open Letter to the Wife of The "President" of the United States

Dear Laura,

It has been quite awhile since I have written to you “mother to mother.” A lot of water has gone under that proverbial bridge, huh? Remember, I wrote to you in August of 2005, urging you then to assert any influence that you may have over your husband to help us bring America’s sons and daughters home from Iraq. Many women at Camp Casey and around the world wrote to you also and those letters were delivered to your ranch on a very hot August day. You didn’t answer me then, and judging by past unanswered letters to your husband and his mother, you probably won’t answer me now. I have to try anyway.

Impeachment in Vermont

By John Nichols

Cindy Sheehan and I will travel Vermont this weekend, stopping in towns from Burlington to Brattleboro, to talk about why we think the president and vice president should be impeached -- and the essential role that Vermonters are playing in the process. We come not to tell the people of Vermont how to vote on warrant articles regarding impeachment at their town meetings next week. That would be not just presumptuous but foolish. Frankly, the voters who have given America George Aiken, Ralph Flanders, Robert Stafford, Jim Jeffords, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders do not need any advice from us about how to make political choices.

American 'mother of peace' in Turkey

ISTANBUL - Anatolia news Agency

Cindy Sheehan, an American mother who lost her son in Iraq and has traveled America championing an anti-war campaign, arrived in Istanbul on Friday. "I am excited to learn more about Turkey and your people," Sheehan said at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.

"It is a difficult position to be so close to Iraq where my son died. We must work together to bring peace to the region," said Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan coming to Greenfield and Northampton MA

February 26, 2007, Northampton, MA
Western Massachusetts Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) will present two public forums entitled, "Ending the War in Iraq: Is Impeachment Necessary?"

The controversial issues of the continued occupation of Iraq and the question of presidential accountability will be the focus of these forums to be presented the weekend of Mar. 10th and 11th in Greenfield and Northampton. While the U.S. Congress is deeply involved in these two areas of concern, PDA has been creating opportunities nation-wide for grassroots involvement in discussing these pressing issues. The weekend will present opportunities for local citizens to hear and question three panelists:

Cindy Sheehan, George Will, and Loving Your Enemies

By David Swanson

Peace activist and gold star mother Cindy Sheehan and spokesman for a war-based oligarchy George Will both published columns this weekend arguing that non-Americans are human beings. Sheehan's column was written in response to an Associated Press article that provided evidence that Americans disagree with this claim. Will's column, meanwhile, adds to this evidence by demonstrating a failure to understand the very point he's arguing for.

Iraqis are People, too

By Cindy Sheehan

After spending two heart wrenching hours listening to two Iraqi gentlemen, one an educator, one a scientist, giving agonizing testimony about what is really going on in Iraq (outside the Green Zone), in Istanbul, I returned to my nearby hotel room and read something from the AP that tore my heart apart even further.

In the article entitled: Americans underestimate Iraq death toll, Christopher Gelpi, a Duke University political scientist who tracks public opinion on civilian casualties in war said:

More Reich-Wing Horse Pucky

By Cindy Sheehan

Karl Rove and his manipulative, behind the scenes machinations continue even though he had to resign in disgrace from BushCo. Also, the willing tools of the Republican killing machine, including Karl Rove, with whom they have formed an unholy alliance, Move America Forward, are helping Rove whip a group called “Gathering of Eagles” into a frenzy over something that is not and was not ever going to occur. Okay, I am not sure that Karl Rove started this particular pile of horse pucky, but it sure has his stank all over it, so we are going to pretend for the sake of argument that it was Karl, or someone just like him. BushCo employees Roves like McDonald’s employs fry cooks.

Mistakes, Mismanagement and MoveOn

Slowly Bleeding to Death
By Cindy Sheehan

Senator John McCain: “We are paying a very heavy price for the mismanagement — that’s the kindest word I can give you — of Donald Rumsfeld, of this war. The price is very, very heavy and I regret it enormously.”

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: "I take responsibility for my vote. It was a sincere vote based on the facts and assurances we had at the time. Obviously I would not vote that way again if we knew then what we know now.”

Money Trumps Peace...Sometimes

By Cindy Sheehan

It is always painful to watch George stumble his way through press conferences. He can’t get through a sentence without at least two-three “uhs,” his eye lids flutter up and down in what my daughter, Carly, calls the “liar’s blink” and just because it is painful that a human like that is ostensibly the leader of the free world. There is always a plethora of things that he says, does, or screws up on to write about but this time what caught my attention happened during the Q & A. George was asked if he thought the economic sanctions on Iran would work because so many European nations trade with that country.

Rightest America Haters

By Cindy Sheehan

I have received this warning in my in-box from friends who are telling me to "be careful:"
February 08, 2007

Protecting the Vietnam Memorial from Leftist America Haters

Apparently Saint Cindy "my firstborn was killed for the PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel"* Sheehan is going to march on the Vietnam Memorial with Hanoi Jane in order to protest the Iraq War. Unfortunately, she will be met by patriotic American Vets. And by patriotic, I mean the kind that actually root for the U.S. to win its wars.

The Destroyer and His Helpers

Cindy Sheehan

When I first started on my long, arduous and relentless journey towards peace shortly after my son, Casey, was killed in Iraq, I met with many Democratic House Members and two Republicans, Walter Jones (R-NC) and Ron Paul (R-Tx). I received sympathy and sometimes tea from each elected official, but the consensus was that the anti-war group was in the minority in the Democratic Party and but the barest of minorities in the Republican Party so nothing could be accomplished in stopping Bloody George the Destroyer’s war of terror.

Sheehan to headline impeachment tour

By DANIEL BARLOW, Rutland Herald

NEWFANE — Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan will headline a 10-town, three-day tour of Vermont in early March to raise support for a series of town meeting resolutions calling for the impeachment of President Bush and withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Sheehan, who camped outside of Bush's Texas ranch in 2005 after her soldier son was killed in Iraq, will join Newfane resident Dan DeWalt on the tour starting March 2. DeWalt kicked off a movement last year in Vermont to impeach Bush.

Addicted to Killing

By Cindy Sheehan

I have figured out what Bloody George’s problem is. He is addicted to killing. Cocaine and alcohol used to be his addictions, but now, thanks to Jesus and the kind of power that should be reserved for an intelligent person with wisdon, he is addicted to killing.

Our Congress is also vicariously addicted to the same thing as Bloody George as they willingly, with the flare of the best enablers, hand him more and ever more money to fuel his addiction. The biggest problem with Congress being champion addiction enablers is that Bloody George only hurts others with his addiction. Some people, including many members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, benefit greatly from Bloody George’s addiction.

Make Congress do Something!

By Cindy Sheehan

Ms. Sheehan,

I couldnt even get through your whole post here. My son leaves for Iraq between now and the beginning of March. We had a phone conversation the other night about his funeral. HIS FUNERAL. Yeah, I had to go over paperwork with him on the phone to plan a funeral in case.. I cant sleep, I am a mess, I dont want to leave the house and I am going to wind up getting fired from my job and losing my home because I cannot pay the rent due to not being able to work. On top of all of this, I have an autoimmune disease that flares terribly when I am stressed. Can you say Stress in this situation. I will be in Washington DC next weekend if I have to walk there. No, I dont have a car and I havent a penny but I will get there somehow to stop this Bloody mess we are into. I am so afraid. I have never been so terrified and depressed in my whole life and I dont know what to do. I cannot even find a local support group for families that have children in the military. Why isnt this low life of a president getting impeached, I dont understand it.

'Peace Mom' Cindy Sheehan will join Peace-In at Rep. Doris Matsui office

By Dan Bacher
Here's the news advisory for Monday's press conference and rally at Rep. Doris Matsui's office.
Contact: Cres Vellucci, Sacramento Coalition to End the War, 916/996-9170

Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan will join Peace-In at Rep. Doris Matsui office on Monday; Protest begins third week

SACRAMENTO – Peace mom Cindy Sheehan – who lost her son to the war in Iraq
– has revealed plans to make a personal visit to the Federal Courthouse

The Price of Freedom 24

By Cindy Sheehan

Becoming a disabled vet during a time of "peace", I saw things, did things that you average Americans could not fathom. All for the sake of our freedoms.Who cries for my shipmates lost at sea? It was peacetime so no attention was called to it. Who stands out when a pilot goes down on a trianing mission? Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, die every day. EVERY DAY! it's the life we lead. It's a dangerous job, and I did it for the love of my country. The greatest freedom YOU have is not having to worry about weather or not our military will defend you. It is thier(our) duty. It is not a choice.We accepted that when we signed up. No one forced us.And we did not get to pick or chose whom we would defend. I lost friends and loved ones both in peace and in war and thier sacrifice is greater than your lose. But to you, it appears, we should sit on our hands and let madmen destroy the world. So Sorry, I have seen it first hand, this cruelity called terrorism.

Hillary for President?

By Cindy Sheehan


13 people killed in a helicopter crash today in Iraq. Two other soldiers and one marine also killed.

16 people dead in the last two days in a war that the Senator has supported since she first voted “yea” to give Bloody George carte-blanche to invade Iraq and her continuing support via her “yea” votes on giving the war-addict in the White House the key to the treasury.

Regarding Half the Bills in the Article Beneath This One

Non Compus Mentis,
Non-Binding Resolutions and
Supporting the Troops
Cindy Sheehan

Non Compus Mentis

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With Bloody George’s planned escalation of the conflict in Iraq, this is the only way to describe it: Insane. The escalations have been tried before and they have only resulted in more body bags returning home from Iraq and more scenes of devastation from that George-plagued country.

In the Name of Love

In Search of Peace
with Cindy Sheehan

Early morning, April 04, a shot rings out in the Memphis sky,
Free at last, they asked for your life,
But they could not take your pride.
In the name of love, one more in the name of love.
~ U2: Pride (In the name of love)

Most everyone who is reading this knows what happened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 04, 1968. Some of you may even know what happened to my son, Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan on April 04, 2004. If you don't know, Dr King and Casey were murdered by the same malevolent entities: People and ideologies that say that we have to be mortally afraid of the "ism" du jour and we, as Americans who have the "moral high-ground" in the world can send our innocent children to invade innocent countries and kill innocent people to fight the "ists" that go with the "isms." In Vietnam we were fighting the evil Communists and in Iraq we are fighting the evil terrorists. Our war against Communism out-stayed its welcome in the 1980's and the military industrial war complex was running out of excuses to build bombs, tanks, bullets, ships, submarines, and soldiers; so in 2001, our leaders who serve the war machine had to switch our enemy of the state to terrorism.

Our Road to Guantanamo

In Search of Peace
with Cindy Sheehan

Asif Iqbal is a quiet, but funny and quick-witted 25 year old British man of Indian descent who was detained illegally in Guantanamo Bay prison for 2 and ½ years before his government was finally able to obtain his release.

Asif’s story is a traumatic tale of survival. From the first moment that he was sold to the Americans by bounty hunters; was forced to leave Afghanistan; miraculously lived through hails of bullets that killed hundreds in the back of truck containers to arriving in Guantanamo prison camp where he was actually relieved to discover that he would be in the hands of Americans. Asif was under the tragic and very mistaken impression that Americans were good and would treat him more humanely than his captors. He soon found out that Americans could be just as brutal as the next person.

'No more torture in our name': Sheehan, others march near Guantanamo

By ANITA SNOW, Associated Press

GUANTANAMO, Cuba -- Peace activists marched to the Cuban military zone wrapping around the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay on Thursday, demanding the United States close its prison for terror suspects five years after the first detainees arrived.

The dozen protesters, including relatives of one prisoner and American "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan, walked along a lonesome, asphalt highway connecting the Cuban city of Guantanamo to the military zone. Sheehan wore a peace sign medallion around her neck.


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