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Letter to Ahmed Chalabi


Also read, a letter from three Senators to the Attorney General (PDF) and a letter from 25 Congress Members to Chalabi (PDF).


November 9, 2005

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi
Iraqi National Congress
c/o The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown
3100 South Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Dear Mr. Deputy Prime Minister:

We write to you as members of the 60 to 70 percent of Americans who believe that this war has been (in the words of the polling companies) a "mistake," or (in our own words) a criminal fraud. We resent the role you played in instigating it. We believe you owe an apology.

You owe an apology not to Judith Miller, whose career is ruined but who consciously chose to disgrace herself by working with you. Rather, you owe an apology to the families of the over 100,000 people who have died in this war, including over 2,000 U.S. soldiers.

Your misinformation campaign has been exposed:


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*one who feels that dignified diplomacy has failed and feels further, that civil disobedience, the likes not seen since Ft Sumpter, is certainly now appropriate and defined (within the constitution) as a legal and moral right, as well as a moral obligation, in order to restore the constitution, and the rule of law in this country.

You are just another corporate shill looking for profit in other people's misery.

Marjorie Hamilton,small town citizen

Matthew Carnicelli, Columnist, Democracy Cell Project

I am a mom, a grandmother, and thirty-year peace activist.
Home: Sonoma, CA

Michael Kahn, Member of Democracy Cell Project and somebody who knows a rat when he sees one.

Shahram Vahdany, Co-Founder Of Modern Writers Community, Editorial Manager of (MWC News Magazine), Writer/Poet, and Peace Activist.

Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

The truth must be told. I will not trust an Iraqi government official who is only a Bush admin figurehead.

Gregory Petrus, Arab American

Why should you get a position of trust in Iraq when you misled and lied to the american public. How can your people trust someone like you?

Carol Sharick - mom, activist and faithful citizen

artist, activist, and Core Member, Democracy Cell Project

Helen N. Hanna, Sacramento, California

I think it is time to arrest this man, Chalabi, who is, I believe, under criminal indictment from another country. He should be arrested and sent to them for trial immediately. In addition, he has been accused of spying by our country. What is he doing here acting as a guest when he is, in fact, a criminal. Shame on those who are allowing this.

Send him packing!

We are watching you. You have stolen and lied from us and the Iraqi people. We won't forget. Justice will get you.

What goes around comes around.
May you get yours in triplicate.

Darla Shelden, Peace Activist and Concerned Citizen
Oklahoma City, OK

Former Lance Corporal Jeff Key, USMC; Iraq War Veteran

Daniel I. Fearn, member & Impeachment Coordinator for Veterans for Peace #27

Matthew Lenoe, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, Visiting Foreign Fellow


You are complicit in the deaths of over 2040 American soldiers, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Enjoy your stay in Washington, this time. Soon you will be welcome only as a guest of the Justice Department and the nearest corrections facility.
Stephen Conrad

5500 Barton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 9008

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi:
You should feel right at home at while visiting The White House right now, surrounded by your parnters in crime. You are an insult to this Republic, and I cannot wait until your trial for all the crimes you have committed against mankind, along with your co-horts.
James Vaughn
American Patriot

You have participated in the most dangerous scheme to gain power and riches at the expense of the World's security, and you can never redeem yourself.

At the very least you should beg forgiveness from the thousands who have suffered and will suffer because of what you did.

Your lies and fraud have caused not only the deaths of thousands but also an atmosphere of distrust and dishonesty that now pervades our country. There is no return to innocence here - but a chance to begin to correct a great wrong that has been perpetuated on a vast number of people.


Marcia F Feuerstein
Buider, Teacher, and Proud American

When will you take responsibility for the debacle in Iraq. Come clean Mr. Chalabi as you led us into a war that has caused the deaths of your people or our soldiers. Soon you will be brought to justice either in Iraq or here in the US. Either way one of these days your evil deeds will be exposed and justice will prevail.

Mr. Chalabi,

You lied to our government and tens of thousands of your own citizens are dead as a result. Over 2000 Americans are dead as well. And then there are those who are maimed in body and in spirit in both Iraq and the US. All of those people are on your conscience and your hands. You lied and we Americans do not think much of people who lie. I suspect Allah does not either.

Ann Dietz
Trumbull, Connecticut

Chalibi should be in jail, not the Ritz. Who are the people in the American Enterprise Inst. who have invited this criminal to speak in honor to them. I suppose, though, that there is no honor among thieves and anyone who calls this man friend or associate must know who he is: liar, cheat, criminal murderer.

Mr. Chalabi,

As a criminal co-conspirator with the war pigs of the Bush administration, you have no business here. Be gone!

fire cheney

I gladly and most sincerely add my "signature" to this correspondence to Mr. Chalabi.

Richard J. Schaedler, Esquire
426 Locust Road (Home)
Hellertown, PA 18055-1917
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Attorney

Enough is Enough.....

Arnoldo Varona-Limia, Editor

The Latin Connection (Florida)

Unfortunately, you've been able to survive politically because of the derelict administration, however, you're time is at hand !! It is my hope and that of America that the next time we read your name in the headlines will be of your arrest !!

D. Thomas, Student, Purdue University, Indiana.

In full support of your letter!

Roanoke, Virginia

The Tide Will Not Be Stopped
That tide is named peace in the Middle East.
The world demands it.
Surely even you can see that this war effort is no good for future generations on all sides.
It's time to get honest and stop running away.
No matter what you have done, there is still hope that you might make a difference in creating a hope-filled world.
What you do today

It's nice to see human beings once in a while.

We must keep making noise. It's working.

Mr. Chalabi,
I know you're not going to apologize for anything. You are a vile and contemptable villian. I curse your very soul and the souls of your family, you fly-ridden sack of pig feces.

Laura Selesky Small business owner New Lenox Il 60451 Jail all these criminals who have made us weaker!

...for W's Freedom Medal. Sweet dreams Mr. Chalabi.

Roy Applegate
Spencer, IA

You are beyond are evil and the world knows it.

We should make similar "petitions" to Congress members, like Ms. Kay Bailey Hutchison in Texas. I stopped reading her replies to my petition signatures because she either made excuses for Bush or said along the lines of "I just don't agree with you." Whether she
"agrees" or not is irrelevant. She refuses to do her job. She lost my vote for good. These congress people don't seem to realize that they could be out of a job in a few months if they don't cool it with letting Bush get away with everything under the sun. Since they do, they are as guilty as he is. The Bush Administration is not a government Administration. It is a cult. Pure and simple.

Truth does not require belief. The truth is you encouraged a criminal war by providing falsehoods backed by liars and gave secrets to the Iranians. You are in league with a cabal of vipers in the U.S. Government, complicit not only in the deaths of over 2,000 Americans but also over 100,000 of your own countrymen. You and the administration you do business with are anathema to the American Democracy and the ideals of democracy. You are a perversion of the human race. Dogs have more value and your time will come.

It is a travesty of justice that you were not arrested immediately upon setting foot into the United States. I sincerely hope that you get what is coming to you.

We Google up the background, "Ahmed Chalabi FBI investigation", etc. We'll never forget Chalabi was Judy's main sqeeze, THE source for the disinformation that paved the path for Bush's invasion of Iraq.
Now we hear rumors, "Libby's talking", "we're catching some bigger fish"... All that escapes from behind closed doors. What a mess it all seems.
But we know this: bad means, bad ends. We recognize a snake before we pick it up. Lies as diplomacy, this mafia foreign policy: this is not what decent people do.

Because of your lies Chalabi, children in Iraq now live in continuous hell; a nightmare that never ends. Innocent souls have been lost forever. There will be no peace for you now Chalabi.

Mark Golding
Children of Iraq Association

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