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The People Who Assaulted a Gold Star Father on September 15th

Here are photos of members of "Gathering of Eagles" who assaulted gold star father Carlos Arredondo in broad daylight in Washington, D.C., on September 15, 2007, throwing him to the ground and kicking him.


Account of what happened from Arredondo's wife Mélida Arredondo:

Carlos Arredondo, 47 year old father of two sons, arrived in the nation's capitol on Monday, 09/10/07 to share a memorial he has made to honor for his eldest son, Alex. Carlos has visited thirty of the United States with the traveling memorial to his son Alexander. Lcpl. Alexander S. Arredondo, USMC was killed on 08/25/04. He was 20 years and 20 days old. The memorial consists of a casket, poster- size photographs of Alex when he graduated from boot camp, before his second tour in Iraq, lying in state at his wake, and a photo of Alex with his younger brother Brian.

Saturday, September 15, 2007 consisted of first a rally, a march towards the capitol and then a die-in. Carlos pulled the memorial along the march route approaching the rotunda near the capitol building. Several of the marchers requested for him to speak about the memorial where a crowd gathered around him. After finishing, several people walked with Carlos as he pulled the memorial. Several pictures of Alex dressed in his blues were attached to the display.

As Carlos passed counter protesters, one man ripped a picture of Alex from the memorial. Carlos leaped on the man to retrieve the picture. It was at that point that approximately five others all began to attack Carlos by kicking him in the head, legs, stomach and back.

The Capitol police bicycle patrol then appeared to break up the fight. Several officers including a female officer were engaged in breaking up the fight and were able to stop any further injuries from occurring. Hannah Jones who was walking with Carlos was also assaulted.

A bystander named Ramesh witnessed the whole encounter and also retrieved the picture of Alex for Carlos. He was quite distressed at how he watched the men follow Carlos as he pulled the memorial, purposefully yelling epiphets and eventually taking Alex's photograph. Soon, an ambulance showed up as well as many concerned activists. The paramedics provided first aid to Carlos but he did not seek further medical attention. Carlos sustained bloody cuts on his shins. He also reported bruises all over his torso and head where he was kicked.


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what the fuck is wrong with people? when they are eye witnesses to this kind of thuggery and banality, why don't they physically come to the aid of people being beaten and manhandled?

this is a disturbing sign of what american's now have morphed into. a people who, when pushed, will sit idly by and watch innocents be harmed by stasi thugs and jackbooted monsters of the bush mis-administration.

it's time to turn out the lights and call it a dictatorship, it has fully turned into one. there's no freedom left here. it's all gone.

Yo... I was there, and a couple women immediately rushed to Carlos' aid, and were briefly surrounded by the GOE thugs. But the whole thing transpired in seconds; the police were there very quickly to quell the violence. So there was no "sitting idly by" I assure you. I was on my way over myself, and had I been nearer I'd still be awaiting bail for assaulting the scum-sucking wingnuts.

As a footnote: Carlos' people told me that the GOE shitheads LIED to the police, saying Carlos had jumped them.

Oh yeah. These guys are good patriots.

Think I know who you are referring to and glad you have photos to share. He came to Richmond on Cindy's Journey for Humanity tour. Saw him in DC on Saturday before the Gathering on Goons got to him.

Guess what? The Richmond City Democratic Committee voted 17-3 to impeach bush and cheney. Voters included quite a few elected officials of Richmond's City Council. Some red state I live in.

The same City Council with porn sites on a city computer? Yeah, a bunch of real Amercians, those guys.

What's un-American about porn?

yeah, it's an American tradition to sexually torture women, film it, and sell it so men can masturbate to it. Nothing un-American about that.

Does any body out side of Virginia let alone Richmond care what the City Democratic Committee or Council thinks?

These people obviously live way back in the woods and can only get the "FAUX" news channel. Apparently they don't know they are in the increasingly shrinking minority.

Even in the minority, that behavior is un-American and unacceptable.
Worse yet, there are people who cheer them on.

These thugs pretend to stand for America, but they seem more like the KKK. A brotherhood of hate.
They're just a Gathering of Chickenhawks.
Some of them look like they may have been in the military, but they live in constant fear. Of what? Ask Bush and Faux News. They've been pumping them full of BS for years.

The ID of the guy in the beret w/the tattoos on his arms in photo 196954430-M.jpg is Tony Cutaro of the Illinois Gathering of Eagles (GOE).

Glad I could help.

Not Tony Cutaro.

a thread on gathering of eagles that you HAVE to read!

"My teams broke up at the Capitol, mission accomplished, and I was walking alone back to the Mall when I saw the photo-image of a proud young Marine in dress blues being held hostage in company not of his own choosing and affixed to a coffin not his own.

The insult to his honor and disrespect to his Corps and cause by his captors was immediately obvious and intended. These same peddlers of provocation are paid to push their coffin-prop all over the country they revile. They subvert a common will and undermine the cause and country for which this hostage-Marine had sacrificed his very life.

The captive Marine was not among his own. He was surrounded and outnumbered by those who shamelessly exploit his image and memory, disgrace his uniform, his brothers in arms, and his willing sacrifice.
He would never choose such company. He needed a rescue…"

please, go there, they don't know about these pictures yet.....

i was there, with carlos, when the photo was ripped off!

... that we're reaching them. After reading that thread, I'm quite discouraged. There's nothing like what I would call "thought" in any of those posts. I especially like this one:


I'm not sure what he means, but I am powerless to argue.

there is absolutely no middle ground with us and them, and we even own the middle! your reaction to that strange rant made me realize in a flash that my part in the fight is over. Time to live with the fact that I will never talk to most of my family again, time to get ready for the blow to the head or the tazering from behind for not being macho enough.
I needed a rest anyway

I think even he is powerless to argue.

Yes, I did take a look at that "must-read" thread - where I ALSO happened to notice the following "avatar" - the little, signature picture - for the following blogger who is their forum moderator:

LogOn: "SpockWasRight"

Does that pus look familiar; from the above pics of the assault on Arredondo? You be the judge:

Here it is (left); scaled to more or less the same height as a headshot cropped from one of the above, Arredondo assault pics. Same nose, same style sunglasses, same (potato-) shaped head.

No? Again:

Same smile.

Still no? How about without the red hat:

Same haircut; same forehead. And what a pleasant fellow!

Who is this prick? Well, on his personal profile page he self-identifies as "RORY" FROM CONNECTICUT.

So this guy who assaulted Arredondo is obviously from within the inner circle of the Gathering of ASSholes; he is not just some random, pissed-off neighbor. And his (first) post above smacks of pure CIA-type psy-op - just exactly the kind of professional shit-stirring you'd expect from a spook with "extensive post military travel to and residence in some 23 different countries", as claimed in his profile.

This guy - and clearly, the leadership of the Gathering of DipShits - are TRUE, PAID PROVOCATEURS - precisely that which they accuse the protesters of being - except these people truly are from a government conspiracy - probably straight from the CIA itself.

"Rory"'s profile names his "Industry" as "Communications or Media". No fucking doubt! Why, here he is "communicating" in his preferred "medium" - attempted intimidation - in DC last Saturday:

It's hard to know just exactly what he was screaming, but I daresay it couldn't have been much other than: "SOMEBODY PLEASE LOCK ME THE FUCK UP AS I AM A LUNATIC GOON, WORKING FOR A FUCKING LUNATIC GOVERNMENT!"

I take one look at this asshole and I say only this: Let's Roll.

Semper Fi,

Good article, Matty, since your labels of provocateur and spook are probably accurate, and you included photos, to boot.

The guy in right photo seems to have a bit fatter or fuller face than the left photo, but maybe if left series was cleared up it would be a better match. Your observation of this subject's willingness or preference for "interfacing" is significant, especially since this is a drill sergeant or even military officer technique.

Today's brownshirts come in any and all (bought off) varieties and can come literally "out of the woodwork" when least expected. They have no heart left at all it seems, because what kind of creature figures the surviving grieving father needs this disrespect shit and demeaning?
thanks, joemartin

I replied with thanks to you and some explanation here. These posts keep getting flagged and posting delayed, so I thought you might appreciate this heads-up and pointer to my reply above, to you.

Thanks again, y'all!

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

He also has a couple of Blogs and this pic is in his profile (larger and more clear)
I believe he is the one who instigated this whole thing. But I really believe that little bitch Michelle Malkin is behind it as well. She's the Wicked Witch and these goons are her little 'Flying Monkeys'. When she says fly, the say 'where to master'. The reason I believe this is because Malkin is always provoking this type of behavior on her website...remember when she posted the personal contact info of college students that protested military recruiters on their campus? They recieved all kinds of threats (including death) after she did that.


I'm just one of a group of Marines here that wants to take these pukes out. It was over for these freaks the second they touched one of ours. We are going after them, in the courts. Opened an investigation on them yesterday. Appreciate any assistance you and yours could give us in getting ID's on these walking corpses.

Semper Fi

Robert S. Finnegan
Managing Editor
Southeast Asia News
(510) 797-1481

Thanks for your encouragement and example of decency, Mr. Finnegan!

I am right now trying to authenticate/confirm your identity with Mr. Swanson and/or the Arredondos - I'm sure you can understand the need for this, buddy. And anyway, you should definitely be in contact with the Arredondo family even more than with me; if you already are, please have them contact and tell me so, riki-tik. Melida has my e-mail address.

Assuming you check out - one way or another - as being "real" I will contact you ASAP at the info provided, sir.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida


Although I didn't see the afore mentioned incident, I attended the protest in DC on September 15. I was expecting a very bad situation. I had been there in March at a previous protest and the Rolling Thunder/Gathering of Eagles guys were there in much larger numbers than I saw on the 15th, needless to say I was relieved.

In my first encounter with these confused patriots many in our group were spat on and insulted, I was rushed from behind in an attempt to knock me down. I Blogged the event and posted pictures.

Many Pittsburghers wrote to the newspapers and some articles and letters were published about the abuse. I wrote a letter to my congressman calling for an investigation, he never responded.

Here are the links to my stories and one from my friend Terese. Gene

These are my entries for the latest protest I attended on September 15:

I was in the march and witnessed the incident mentioned above.

I noticed several groups of pro-war demonstrators along the route on Pennsylvania avenue who were mainly standing with their arms folded across their chests and trying to look ferocious while the marchers were smiling at them and giving them the peace sign.

I guess the Capitol police had put up concrete riot control barriers to funnel the crowds for control, and the portion of the march I was in was forced to move to the left (or North) of the capitol, which merged us into another splinter group of marchers...which forced usm to make a u-turn in order to proceed up the capitol lawn for the die-in.

Just before this merge, the crowd was squeezed between a 3-4 foot high hedge and barricades which were lined with the pro-war demonstrators who tried to look mean and intimidate us. One woman held up a picture of a serviceman and just stood and stared right back with tears in her eyes.

I had developed blisters on my feet and after funneling through the hedge and big men with very bad vibes, sat on the other side of the hedge to rest my feet, people watch, and figure out which way we were supposed to proceed. I then noticed the Arredondo coffin squeezing through and observed one of the men shouting that his beloved son was a traitor - Mr. Arrendondo was maybe twenty feet beyond the hedge at this point. I clearly noticed the expression on Mr. Arredondo's face as he at first had a quizical expression that, to me, said he had heard something but wasn't sure what it was or even if it was directed at him. I saw him slowly to to see what was going on and seemed to shrug off the taunt and only wanted to get moving on to his next destination.

It was then that a man who I can only describe as short and mean looking, ran up to swipe the picture from the coffin. He was just spoiling for this fight, which he succeeded in doing. I must say here that the bike patrol responded almost instantly and professionally to a scene that instantly had become a tangle of arms and legs.

I feel only sorrow and pity for these misguided people. If only they had fathers that cared like Mr. Arredondo!

Semper Fi

Paula Spitler
Alexandria, VA

Had you stayed on your side of the police barricades rather than pushing over and through them this sad incident may not have happened in the first place. But I suppose that simple concept is a bit much for you to wrap your brain around!

ANYONE who defiles the memorial of a fallen hero is a coward and ANYONE who attacks the father of a fallen hero is lower than the vilest scum of the earth.

And does the media report anything?
No - in fact, here in Denver, we saw or heard only minor reports noting only that a "few thousand" show up but they were met with a "group of counter-protestors".....end of story then , "hey, how 'bout them Broncos!!!!!". There was the occasional interview in a newspaper report quoting one of the counter-protestors!
The media is owned by the same corporate greedheads who bought this country and is selling it off to the highest bidders.
The true Americans, the true patriots are those, like Carlos Arredondo, who stand to honor those fallen heroes sent into hell by the oil cartel running the government.
The true Americans, the true patriots are those who risk their freedom daily by speaking out against a regime that uses fear and lies to control its citizenry
The true American, the true patriot is the citizen who stands up in spite of those who will beat him/her down; in spite of those who threaten with "special renditions", seizing assets, removing rights and freedoms.
The true American, the true Patriot will protest the destruction of our Constitution by an Administration that rapes our resources, steals our treasury and spits in the face of our children as they are sent off to die for no "noble cause", no "just reason"
The True American, The true Patriot stands to scream that the Emperor has no clothes

I thank Carlos and every one of you Patriots and Americans that stood on the steps to protest this illegal and immoral invasion on Iraq. I thank all of you who risked arrest, assault and harrassment by standing for OUR noble cause...the END OF THIS WAR ON IRAQ

wow, the truth in photos

i hope the new recruits see this, and realize what they're joining up with

it's totally Iraq-Nam

folks, every boy deep down knows what kind of folks are in the military

what happened was that 911 brought about real patriotism

Imagine the parents of the boys who now find out the grim reality of war

this particular parent was on the receiving end of some truth

folks, as horrible as this is 'the pen is mightier than the sword'

over at the other linked blog, the war bloggers are busy typing away

all in vain

I am a Marine Corps Gulf War Vet and I saw Carlos right after the incident when we received a phone call. You are right about everything that you have just said.

There was anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000 people, a hell of a lot, and only about a thousand cowards kow-towing to this regime. They ganged up on Carlos like a pack of dogs. The media did not cover this event and when you have this many people on the fucking steps of the Capitol marching from the White House and no coverage, then there's a problem. As they say, 'the revolution will not be televised.' Don't look for it on TV. But it's happening, albeit slowly and not as swiflty as some would like.

Everything single word you wrote is pin-point accurate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, brother.


I couldn't have said better myself. Bravo! Encore.Encore! I just hammered a local bible-thumping conservative for misusing a prayer spoken by our Founding Father, Gen./Pres. George Washington himself. He states in the prayer "that thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain fellow citizens of the U.S. at large"....because essentially that is what the Divine Author of our blessed would want(i'm paraphrasing). In response to The writer, Mr Waddey, I wrote this: I see that Mr. Waddey is being his Myopic self again. I guess the more things change the more they stay the same. He had to hearken back to 1700's to find any kind of pro-(pre-Industrial)Military Complex rhetoric for his dubious means. To paraphrase Mr. Waddey's usage of Pres. Washington's archaic quote "Let's all fall in line and blindly follow the government and military no matter how muddled the mission has become. Let's drink the "electric kool-aid" and take our "happy-pill" and then life would be so much better. Now to paraphrase the actual text from (The founding father, at least in my eyes) We need to support this newly formed democratic government so we'll never again let a Monarchy rule; abusing our rights, taxing without showing where it will go, and ultimately having no accountability. Let's show some humility(as I have by turning down the offer of being "appointed' King) and give our young republic/government/democracy a chance to work and flourish. The way the unhumble and preachy Mr. Waddey uses this "prayer" is altruistic and grossly self-serving. He uses the prayer actually opposite for which it was meant. Then again everyone that's Neo-Con in nature sees white when things are black and sees progress when there isn't any and sees the market prospering when the middle class is disappearing. So what can you expect? Everyone's entitled to their opinions: True..It's called Freedom of Speech (which is another law that King George is trying to repeal) But Ignorance is Bliss: without a doubt! The "Above the law" tag-team of Dub-yah & Dick have been existing in bliss for practically their entire tenure in office due the their minions incredibly high level of ignorance. What you, Mr. Waddey, seem to be asking is for the other 72% (given W's 28% National approval rating; more like 45% out here where the flock grazes) to "leave all your troubles on your doorstep" and "Smile boys! That's the Style". Well I've got news for you sir and anyone else that is trying to wax nostalgic times and the present together...We, the people (you know that one, right?)..won't ever be United on this War. The reason for going! The reason we're losing troops left and right! The reason "we" need to give the military anymore money! The reason why we're "warring" in Iraq when Osama Bin Laden is on kidney dialysis in northern Pakistan!..These are all pretty good reasons why I guffaw every time I read your stuff. When I went to Church, lo' those many years ago, we'd end our services by shaking the hands of fellow parishioners and saying "Peace be with you" and getting an "And to you" in response. That's what most men/women of God would say. I, of course, cannot speak for Mr. Waddey and the self-proclaimed Born Again Christian, George W. Bush. But his policies and their rhetoric don't seem to be huge proponents of Peace and Goodwill now do they? I would check the manner in which prayers are being written first before using them for your own self-indulgent connotations you almost sound like the media about which you bash-I can only assume for being too liberal...big surprise there. Peace, William M. Simms

The way the unhumble and preachy Mr. Waddey uses this "prayer" is altruistic and grossly self-serving.

That word, I do not think it means what you think it means. Other than that, I agree 100%.

Absolutly love your first sentance & could not agree with you more; but where was your outrage when threats were made by the Black Bloc against The Wall back in March? And never forget, it was those very threats that led to the formation of Gathering Of Eagles in the first place. Where was your disgust when The Wall was in fact vandalized just days before your die-in? The knife cuts both ways Mr. Surfer.

Disgusting and becoming more predictable.
Do make more copies of the photo/memorial so as not to be vulnerable to situations provoking counter demonstrators acting out (so many derogatory terms for them, so little space - won't waste my time w/simpleminded slander ).

I understand your point, "Anonymous", about not wanting to call names, but the term "Counter Demonstrator" (dreamed up by the so-called "mainstream" media) is not a factual nor truthful description, either.

By their actions these people are not exhorting the governemnt to do (or not do) anything; what they are doing is nothing but attempting to intimidate the Peace & Justice demonstrators. You can read account after account of how they shout at, glare at and attempt to face down the Peace & Justice people, as well as instances - captured by cameras - of them attacking demonstrators' property, and their persons.

That is not "counter-demonstrating", that is BULLYING; that is HARASSMENT. Lining a demonstration route to intimidate the participants is at best an infringement on their freedom of speech, and at worst - as we see here - it is ASSAULT. These are crimes "Anonymous"; the proper term for these people is "CRIMINAL THUGS".

And this is not libel (the proper term for defamation in print), because it is proveably TRUE.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

The next time someone speaks out his views at such gatherings, there should be his friends (big, strong men) watching over him to protect him when he finishes his speech.

Once "the speaker" finishes his speech, the group should surround him before anyone can try and throw a punch. This way people will feel free to say what they wish and feel protected... that is their right.

These bullies are probably "set up" purposely to discourage others from speaking out against the war. May God bless Carlos Arredondo for his courage and his family.


Not only should we be prepared to take on these "thugs" by protecting their targets, but we should have cameras and cell phone videos ready to record this malicious mischief. People can't deny as easily what they see with their own 2 eyes. Shame is our best weapon. They are genuinely
cowards. It's called accountability and they fear it more than anything.
Linda in Ohio

Was it THIS GUY who ripped off Alex Arredondo's picture?

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

Where did you get this? Was this person arrested? Sorry
I missed some of the details...un F 'ing real!
Nixon used the "Hard Hats".. We had police plants
at the famous Century City debacle in LA during the Viet Nam
war, to incite the uniformed police as a pretext to assault...I would not be suprised if all you wrote is true.
I personally met two admitted "ex-CIA" who were working for news
outlets when I was in that business. It's the same old
BS on steroids. Thanks again for the post.


Thanks for the encouragement, "JoeMartin" & "Highlander"! In addition to giving a damn about this country (severe understatement), being a Jew, in particular I am very hostile to this BrownShirt bullshit, as I'm sure you can well imagine.

"HighLander", the way I connected the dots is as follows:

1) I took a good look at the pics of the Arredondo assault; the link posted by his wife at the start of this thread.

2) Reading down the thread I saw "HannahJohns" comment and followed her link to the Goons' blog (Thank YOU, Hannah!).

3) Reading down that thread, I noticed the avatar for "SpockWasRight" - the little, user-ID thumbnail for him - looked just like one of the faces photographed at the attack on Arredondo.

4) I discovered also that, on that blog the User-ID "SpockWasRight" (ha ha) is linked to his own web-page, which in turn has a link to his personal profile page. It was from these, plus reading his own arrogant ranting, that I gathered the details to form the picture of who this guy is. (Nothing like posting your pic and hostile ravings on the Internet and then getting photographed committing a crime in public, eh?)

So that's the "Internet Sleuthing 101" part.

To which I added a little bit of graphics-comparison via PhotoShop®; to show the resemblance which I was talking about. Which, BTW "JoeMartin" I think a phorensic photogrammetry expert could perform quantitatively and definitively; for a legal prosecution.

Which is exactly what I hope - and wanted to assist - the Arredondo family to do.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

Reading this made me feel physically ill...what is wrong with this group? How can you treat someone with this little respect? I would bet money that none of these "eagle" fascists sons or daughters are over there fighting right now...

partway down on this page you will see alot of folks associated with goe, and the michelle malkin crew, invited to the weisshaus, where one goe member says he gave a goe coin to das prez.

We treat people as they treat us, simple concept. But of course none of you people EVER do anything offensive. We weren't the ones pitching eggs at those we don't agree with! Be careful about your bet, I promise you, that's one you will loose.

I haven't finished reading it yet, but this paper is the best description of the wingnuts' thinking I've read yet. Truly frightening:

C&L had an extensive discussion on this. Through the comments thread you will find that our assailant is identified as Chris Hill (there is a comment on the forum that talks about Chris Hill being bit, just as the assailant was). He can be contacted directly at if you want to try and get his side of the story or tell him how you feel.

So, what else is new?

It's us vs them. Has been for at least 50 years.

They seem to be winning.

Cut and paste from the GOE forums.

From the pen of Fred Peterson:

I was leaving Capitol Grounds.
The activity there had just about ended with
the arrest of over 600 provocateurs and agents 'anti-war' of
There, we Eagles had organized teams of six men - mostly veterans
- to protect the safety of Gold Star Moms (and Dads) from the physical threats
and insults of hard-edge left socialists, Seattle anarchists, random lefty
Raggamuffins and reflexive anti-Americans who made up the ANSWER Coalition …

I had spent the day in the company of an American hero - a youthful Army
amputee, who wanted only to rejoin his brothers and renew his sacrifice in
defense of country.
It was a humbling and inspirational experience, to be in
the presence of such selfless virtue in one so young and brave.
It invited a
camaraderie of high principle and enervated a keen sense of obligation to
preserve and protect these worthy veterans from the predations of those lessers
who insult their country and cause…

My teams broke up at the Capitol,
mission accomplished, and I was walking alone back to the Mall when I saw
the photo-image of a proud young Marine in dress blues being held hostage in
company not of his own choosing and affixed to a coffin not his own.

insult to his honor and disrespect to his Corps and cause by his captors was
immediately obvious and intended.
These same peddlers of provocation are
paid to push their coffin-prop all over the country they revile. They subvert
a common will and undermine the cause and country for which this hostage-Marine
had sacrificed his very life.

he captive Marine was not among his
own. He was surrounded and outnumbered by those who shamelessly exploit his
image and memory, disgrace his uniform, his brothers in arms, and his
willing sacrifice.
He would never choose such company.
He needed a

liberated his image from the midst of the hostile crowd,
intending to replace it in a position of honor Arlington, where he would rest
with heroes and among his own …I respectfully carried the image of the
fallen Marine and was not opposed nor confronted in any way until I has walked
perhaps 25 yards down the sidewalk.
There, I was attacked without warning and
tackled from behind by a demonstrator who crashed into my back at a full run.
I went down forward, tearing pants knees and shirt sleeve and five separate
wounds requiring hospital attention.
The Marine's image, along with camera
and sunglasses were smashed into the pavement. Before I could respond, six
or so Eagles-vets were immediately pulling me away from the anti-war attacker.

One Eagle was holding the attacker and yelling, "He's biting off my arm! I
cannot believe this (A-Hole) is biting my arm!"
That Eagle also went to the
hospital where he was treated and given shots.

Other Eagles separated
the two and held the attacker/biter for the police.
Police Interviews were
conducted and Eagles were asked if they wanted to prefer charges…
charges were filed by Eagles, who are unaccustomed to whining about minor
injuries when they stand in defense of larger principles unappreciated - uncomprehended - by their attackers.

Two Gold Star Mothers who witnessed
the entire episode and gave police statements said, "I am so proud of what
you did! I wanted to do it myself …
That coffin is such a disgrace to my
son and all the others who have died to help others be free. Thank you so
much! It made my day."

Well, actually, - those few precious words, from
one who has given the full measure of issue from her own body to the defense of
our country, 'made my day' also …

Let me get this straight. By wingnut logic, this guy didn't deserve to have a picture of his own son. So this thug, Peterson, decides to steal the picture, with about five other goons as backup?

Then he plays the martyr angle, when he gets tackled trying to make his getaway. And he claims to be noble for not going to court.

Am I reading this right?

More from the GOE site. Dig that self-important title.

I had forgotten to tell him about the flag-draped casket that always seems to find its way to these marches. It was there in front of us–a casket adorned with the photo of a fallen Marine, an upside-down American flag, and a pair of combat boots on top of the flag.

Um, if it's draped over a casket, how can he tell it's upside down?

Then he describes the snatch and run that started the fight:

An Eagle ran over to the casket and snatched the Marine’s photo from the end. Tucking it to himself, he ran…towards us. Suddenly he was tackled to the ground only five feet from us, and the scene erupted as Eagles jumped in to defend their brother.

So sad.

carlos had been carrying a flag on a pole, too, and had turned it upside down during the march. when he ran to chase the 'eagle' he tossed the flag, i retrieved it and placed it lengthwise on the casket. while carlos was getting kicked on the ground, some goon tried to grab it from me, luckily i had the casket for leverage, as he could have easily pulled me onto the ground. i had to pull with all my might to keep him from getting it, as he was yelling at me! eventually someone helped me, and he had to let go. he kept yelling, but ran down the street after i asked his name and accused him of assault. i am a late 50's woman, about 5-7 and he was at least 6 feet. a bully.

Depends on where the Blue Star Field is located. At the head or foot of the casket AND which side/direction the bulk of the blue field/stars fall on.
So yes, it is possible to know if a flag is upside down even when draped over a casket.

Great use of Photoshop! I suspected that! And I hope it
does help with any pending case. The actions of people
who want to harm makes me sick. They have no intelligent
arguement so they attack with force...gee...where have we
seen this before? The other thing that is rarely articulated
is that they take advantage of good people...anyone of us
is perfectly capable of violence...I CHOOSE not to...
they act as if we couldn't...BS...WE don't want to!
So they really show their contempt for any hope for
a civilized world. Violence is an attack on civilization
not a solution to anything (self-defense exceptions excluded)
and I hope they are reminded of this through the legal system.

Again...Thanks....Great Job!


"For my own part I wish the Eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country. He is a bird of bad moral character. He does not get his Living honestly. You may have seen him perched on some dead tree near the river, where, too lazy to fish for himself, he watches the labor of the Fishing Hawk; and when that diligent Bird has at length taken a fish, and is bearing it to his nest for the support of his mate and young ones, the Eagle pursues him and takes it from him.
With all this injustice, he is never in good case but like those among men who live by sharping & robbing he is generally poor and often very lousy. Besides he is a rank coward: The little King Bird not bigger than a Sparrow attacks him boldly and drives him out of the district. He is therefore by no means a proper emblem for the brave and honest Cincinnati of America who have driven all the King birds from our country..."

There are a lot of us in the millitary who resent the use of names of the fallen or images or any other representation of the dead to further a political gain. Without the actual bodies some like to use coffins. I wonder If I was to have been killed while in Iraq some ass clown on the left would hold my picture up to gain favor for his or her particular cause. Im sorry you folks on this site dont see why people get angry. You cherry pick this story and thing it justifies your tactic... LT Stephen Benson

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