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Bush Meets and Honors Group Whose Members Harass Gold Star Father

By Hannah Johns

On September 18, 2007, three days after members of the pro-war Gathering of Eagles were involved in the verbal, then physical, attacks on Gold Star Father and war opponent Carlos Arredondo (and to a much lesser extent myself) at the march in DC, the pResident, Laura, Condi, Karen Hughes, and Darth Cheney hosted groups they deem supporting the troops at a breakfast on the south lawn of the Whitehouse. Here are three pictures which show that the administration is not too choosy in the terrorists it invites for eggs and bacon. There is a photo of Chris Hill, 'National Director of Ops' for the Gathering of Eagles, with the pRez himself, one of Chris Hill over Carlos during the altercation, and one just after as he distances himself from the police questioning. These people continue to encourage physical confrontation with those they disagree with, which now polls show is a strong majority. This was a wakeup for me. I didn't think that in public they would try to strongarm a middle-aged woman like myself. The verbal abuse they hurled at those who passed them by would have been reprehensible enough, but to follow up with ripping off (fallen US soldier) Alex Arredondo's photo, and the ensuing kicking of his father, was shocking. To me, anyway. I guess not to Bushco.

Chris Hill and Bush:

Chris Hill and Carlos Arredondo:

Chris Hill and Fellow Pro-Death Activist just following their attack on Arredondo:


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So I suspect you are a DJ in your spare time, what with all the spinning you are doing. Let's talk pictures.
#1 You are correct, that is a great shot of Chris with the President!
#2 Yes, that is Chris using his body in an attepmt to shield Mr Arredondo FROM the attackers. BTW Chris was bitten by Mr Arredondo, as thanks for his efforts to protect him!
#3 Yeap, right again, that's Chris walking away. Guess he should have hung around for 15 or 20 minutes. OOOPPPs then he wouldn't have been able to tell the Police, less than a minute after that shot was taken, that he didn't want to press charges for the bite.
There are always 2 sides to every story Hannah.
And finally we aren't Pro-Death Activists. We are Pro-Victory!

Anonymous, I was 'Pro-Victory' in Viet Nam until I saw what War does to good, moral, integritous men and women. As you must know in your heart of hearts, WAR strips people of their morality, dignity and sense of justice - of whaqt's really right or wrong. It makes them commit acts and deeds of which they will forever be ashamed. I know because I did them - several times. And each time, I swore to myself I wouldn't do a repeat. But I had become and addict - addicted to surviving in the jungles of S. Viet Nam. And I did. But now there are months in which I only get 2 good nights of sleep with out the nightmares. THE BUSH-CHENY CRIME FAMILY has put in motion PERPETUAL OIL WARS, conflicts that have no end save perpetual domination and destruction of cultures, peoples and nations. I don't buy it. Do YOU?

i can't describe the disdain i have for those people. i watched them spit at a dear friend of mine at the march on the pentagon earlier this year - my friend was a WWII combat veteran. they called him a traitor because he is standing up to bush. most of them aren't even vets themselves. we had to deal with them again up here in philadelphia during cindy sheehan's tour of humanity. they're pigs. if you support the war there are other ways to do it.

these pictures and this story (above) need to be shoved down the throats of the mainstream media. THIS is a story. the president has breakfast with thugs that attacked the father of a fallen soldier. i hope everyone will share this.

It's well known that thugs hang out with thugs.

Chris Hill must have the ladies crawling all over him.
That dude has a crank as long as my arm!

Scott Lewis

dude must have a crank as long as your arm, because he is one ugly dude, looks like he got his ass kicked plenty of times when he not around those stooges

I'm sure hitler also appreciated everything the members of the brown shirts did for him.

I would love to see someone do a webpage "a gathering of beagles" that mocks these idiots for the lapdogs they are begging for scraps from the masters table - I am sure that when they ride there bikes full of Saudi Arabian gas home to the doublewide they will be just as clueless as when they arrived. Pathological liars is my take - meaning they believe the Bushco and there own BS. Just look at the comment about protecting the fallen protester. Evil and sick.

I have met these folks a couple of times. What a collection of has-beens and wannabes! Perhaps the highlight most telling is the guy holding up a sign that said, "Peace sucks." Now there is intelligence for you! They say they are "fighting the insurgency at home". Also defending the constitution, I suppose.

Yet, they have more courage than George Bush, who deploys his "security" people to make sure he never has to face anyone who might disapprove of him.

I certainly hope Chris Hill was arrested and Charged with assult. Was he?

i will not respond directly to anonymous comments, but would have mentioned here anyway that i did not title this piece, or title the photos. carlos did not bite the man standing with bush. i stand by what i wrote in that paragraph, not the title or photo titles.

two terrorists in the top photo... this Administration is lower than the belly of a snake :-(


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