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Why We Interrupted Bush at Monticello

By David Swanson

Video by S. Johnson of Gael Murphy, Desiree Fairooz, and Linda Lisanti.

Photo by AP of our photographer S. Johnson whose work is below:

When Bush opened his mouth to speak I shouted "Defend the Constitution, Impeach Bush!" I repeated that several times, as people nearby knocked me over, cops handcuffed me, people gave me smiles and thumbs up signs. They threw me out and a couple of more defenders of our Constitution behind me, and then a few more, and then a few more. The handcuffed citizens who'd done their duty kept coming down the hill. They did not arrest us but did give us a ride down the mountain where we joined a crowd of protesters in the road who greeted Bush's limo coming and going.

Why did we do this? Here's why.

And guess what? Even the Republicans don't want him at their convention, so how could WE be expected to tolerate him?

Gael Murphy, like others, protested with a banner and shouted and never got thrown out. She did interviews on the way out with CNN and Cville Weekly.

Protesters included: Gael Murphy, David Swanson, Linda Lisanti, Desiree Fairooz, Tighe Barry, Liz Cater, Shepherd Johnson, a guy I don't know, etc. Here's Shepherd's account.

OPEN FOR MORE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS. I've also posted below a collection of corporate media reports on the protest, which are actually much better done than have been the depictions of the protest idea by people who oppose protesting while claiming to be on our side and paternalistically protecting us from negative news coverage. Such unsolicited advisors may be made angry by their self-censorship, because they consistently project anger on those who protest, but I have to say we had a delightful time, the crowd was in large part friendly, the president got the message and claimed to approve of free speech, and the Albemarle Police were very decent. I didn't see any angry protesters, but I did see people doing their jobs as citizens and others appreciating it or resenting it while failing to do their own.

Bush and Gael:

Click for photos by David Foky

Some of the Constitution defenders after getting thrown out of Bush's event. Click to enlarge:



Another view:

Bush Arrested (video by Shallel):

Asking the Police to Arrest the Real Bush:

Video of whole speech.

Video of protests.

Audio news report.

Photo by AP of Desiree Fairooz

Tighe Barry in a photo from News Leader

4 Photos by Shallel. Click to Enlarge:

25 Photos By S. Johnson. Click to Enlarge:

A ticket to the event:

The stage before the Criminal in Chief arrived:

The free press:

Desiree Fairooz:

David Swanson:

The crowd:

More photos:

Lots more photos by Shepherd Johnson



Protesters Interrupt Bush Holiday Speech

ABC's Matthew Jaffe reports: Protesters today repeatedly interrupted President Bush's Fourth of July speech at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's residence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

No sooner had Bush started speaking at the naturalization ceremony welcoming new American citizens than protesters began shouting at him, calling him a "war criminal."

The President paused in his remarks and then responded, "To my fellow citizens, we believe in free speech in the United States of America."

One woman moved towards the stage before being stopped by security, but other protesters still made their voices heard.

Only minutes later, another protester shouted expletives at the President, while still another called Bush "a fascist".

By the time Bush finished his 10-minute remarks, at least nine protesters had been escorted out of the event by law enforcement.

Although Bush did not mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in his final Fourth of July speech as President, he did thank the troops, while paying tribute to the author of the Declaration of Independence, who died on this day in 1826.

"We honor Jefferson's legacy by aiding the rise of liberty in lands that do not know the blessings of freedom," Bush said. "And on this Fourth of July we pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America," prompting a standing ovation from the assembled crowd.

Bush congratulated the new citizens participating in the naturalization ceremony, more than 70 men and women from about 35 different countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Norway, and Burma.

"From this day forward the history of the United States will be part of your heritage, the Fourth of July will be part of your Independence Day, and I will be honored to call you a fellow American," said the President.

While in Charlottesville, Bush toured Monticello with Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, a Democrat. Early in the afternoon, Bush returned to the White House to celebrate Independence Day, a holiday which falls right at the start of his birthday weekend.

"Thomas Jefferson once said he'd rather celebrate the Fourth of July than his own birthday," said Bush, who turns 62 on Sunday. "To me it's pretty simple, the Fourth of July weekend is my birthday weekend."

Protesters also lined the President's motorcade route, chanting "Arrest Bush" as he drove to and from the Monticello ceremony.


Protesters disrupt Bush speech at Monticello
By Eric Schroeck/staff • • July 4, 2008
News Leader

CHARLOTTESVILLE — Protesters shouting "war criminal" and "impeach Bush" disrupted President Bush's speech Friday morning during the Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello.

Lee Catlin, community relations director for Albemarle County, said six protesters were asked to leave the ceremony. She said no arrests were made.

Protesters' shouts interrupted Bush at least five times. During the first flare up, in which a woman held a bright pink sign that read "Impeach Bush," the president acknowledged the protests.

Addressing the 72 people who were to be sworn in as U.S. citizens, Bush said, "We believe in free speech in the United States of America."

A Monticello spokesperson said that protesters were allowed to express their views unless they blocked views or passageways. He said that Monticello has no plans at this time to press charges against the six who were removed from the museum grounds.


Bush welcomes new US citizens on 4th of July
By PETE YOST, Associated Press

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — President Bush invoked the memory of Thomas Jefferson Friday in welcoming new U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony at Monticello, saying "I'll be proud to call you a fellow American."

On his final Fourth of July as president, Bush told an audience at the home of the Declaration of Independence's author that he was honored to be present for the naturalization.

Anti-war protesters shouted out calls for Bush's impeachment on nine occasions during Bush's brief remarks, and the president responded by saying he agrees that "we believe in free speech in the United States of America."

The last six Fourth of July holidays have taken place amid continuing violence in Iraq. Bush's addition of 28,000 U.S. troops last year in Iraq helped foster a measure of stability in what is now the sixth summer of the war.

The 150 or so demonstrators, from a variety of groups opposing Bush's policies on the war in Iraq, also rallied along the path of the president's motorcade to Monticello.

Bush mentioned neither the war in Iraq nor the battle against terrorism in his speech, other than to say that "we pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform."

For the people assembled with him at the naturalization ceremony, he said: "When you raise your hands and take your oath, you will complete an incredible journey. ... From this day forward, the history of the United States will be part of your heritage."

"Throughout our history," he said, "the words of the declaration have inspired immigrants around the world to set sail to our shores. ... They made America a melting pot of culture from all across the world. They made diversity a great strength of our democracy."

"Those of you taking the oath of citizenship at this ceremony hail from 30 different nations," Bush noted. " ... You all have one thing in common — and that is a shared love of freedom ... and this is the love that makes us all Americans."

Said Bush: "This is a fitting place to celebrate our nation's independence. Thomas Jefferson once said he'd rather celebrate the Fourth of July than his own birthday. To me, it's pretty simple — the Fourth of July weekend is my birthday weekend."

Before his brief remarks, the president was given a tour of Jefferson's home including the room where the author of the Declaration of Independence died on July 4, 1826, the same day as the death of Jefferson's predecessor, John Adams.


Protestors have creative message for Bush
By John Henderson, Daily Progress
Email | 978-7277
Published: July 4, 2008

While thousands flocked to hear President Bush speak at Monticello Friday morning, Dana Palmer stood by the side of Route 20 dressed like Lady Liberty to teach her kids a lesson in free speech.

Palmer, her husband and their two children were among more than 100 people to protest Bush’s visit to Monticello with homemade signs, costumes, expressive T-shirts and their collective voices.

Palmer wore bright green robes, a foam crown and had her face painted white to represent “the death of liberty,” while her husband, dressed in black, was “Darth Cheney.” Palmer, a Charlottesville area resident, brought her son and daughter to see the first amendment in action.

“What better thing can I teach them about free speech than bringing them out here to show them free speech?” she said.



New citizens and prez celebrate 4th
By Lisa Provence, The Hook

Hugs, flag waving and shouts of “fascist”: It was the Fourth of July at Monticello.

Three thousand people showed up at Mr. Jefferson’s home today to watch 72 new citizens be sworn in– and six citizens escorted out. When the first shouts of “Defend the Constitution.” “Impeach Bush,” and “War criminal” rang out from protesters in the audience and pink-clad Desiree Fairooz ran toward the stage, President George Bush laughed, and acknowledged, “To my fellow citizens to be, we believe in free speech in the United States.”

The shouts continued during Bush’s speech, with one angry woman telling Code Pinker Gael Murphy, “You need to shut up and sit down.”

If someone was blocking the view or if people couldn’t hear, a Monticello staff member asked the disruptor to stop, explained Monticello director of communications Wayne Mogelnicki. If that didn’t happen, they were escorted out, with the help of Albemarle County police. At one point, Chief John Miller leaned in to quiet a man yelling, “Fascist.” Mogelnicki did not anticipate charges being pressed. “The county said everyone left voluntarily,” he said.

“We wanted to allow people to exercise their First Amendment rights,” said county spokeswoman Lee Catlin. “Monticello asked them to leave because that’s private property.”

Anyone speaking at Monticello inevitably invokes Thomas Jefferson, and Bush was no exception. He noted that the third president only made two public speeches, and he also cited the principles of Jefferson: “All men are created equal with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“What about the Iraqis?” yelled Murphy, earning another rebuke from a polite Monticello staffer: “Ma’am, if you can’t be quiet, you have to leave.”

Bush joined Judge James P. Jones in welcoming the new citizens, shaking hands with everyone– unless they got a hug or a pat on the back or a kiss. Young Julia White Freeman got picked up by the president when she went to receive her certificate of citizenship.

The day was particularly poignant for Thomas Jefferson Foundation president Dan Jordan, for whom it was his last Fourth of July after 23 years of leading Monticello. His son, Daniel Porter Jordan III, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District, was on the platform with the other judges.

Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson of the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals mentioned that he’d been to college with Bush– both attended Yale– and that the future president was “widely liked and widely admired,” but did not mention that his classmate didn’t nominate him for the Supreme Court in 2005.

Wilkinson also told the new Americans that his favorite part of the Fourth of July was hearing their stories, and encouraged them not to be embarrassed because the president was there, and to “speak from your heart.”

They did. Mary McFadyen came from Scotland 30 years ago and thanked Bush for “giving me the inspiration” to go through the naturalization process.” Another said, “Good morning. No demonstrations, please. I am proud to be an American.”


Addressing new citizens and a handful of protestors at Monticello, Bush endorses free speech
By Cathy Harding, Cville Weekly

Three thousand were in attendance. Six of those were escorted from the premises. Seventy-two left of their own free will as newly minted United States citizens. Despite the promise of angry protests against the presence of President George W. Bush who had choppered in from D.C. to tour the house and address the new Americans, the 46th annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello went off smoothly. A handful of shouting protesters sprang from their seats when the President began his address, an homage to Thomas Jefferson and the principles of freedom, but once he finished speaking, 9 minutes and 35 seconds later, the hullabaloo died down and the focus of the day returned to the new citizens and the promise of their lives in the United States. No arrests were made, according to Lee Catlin, the County's spokeswoman and those who jumped out of their seats and shouted their disapproval were asked to leave and complied voluntarily.

Bush's participation in the event was announced only last week, generating a quick flurry of e-mails and cries among anti-war and anti-administration groups to upset the ceremony. Meanwhile, Monticello had to fly into high gear to handle the security needs that attend any visit by a head of state. The normally open event went into ticketed mode, with people lining up at dawn on Wednesday to secure any of the 1,000 free tickets that were distributed to the public. A long list of prohibited items was circulated (no tobacco, no mace, no umbrellas), and a new park-and-ride scheme had to be devised to get folks up the mountain in a controlled way. It's a safe bet that the speaker originally scheduled for this year, filmmaker Ken Burns, would have generated far less commotion.

Though signs were listed among the prohibited items, Northern Virginia resident Gael Murphy and others sporting the signature pink t-shirts of feminist anti-war group Code Pink managed to unfurl pink textile signs reading "Impeach Bush." The President was 10 seconds into his speech, mentioning that he was "thrilled to be here at Monticello," when Murphy sprang from her seat, repeatedly shouting, "Defend the constitution, Impeach Bush!"

It was not an unanticipated moment and Bush said, "To my fellow citizens-to-be, we believe in free speech in the United States of America."

More protesters jumped up, shouting about the "police state" and "fascism." One simply said, "Fuck you, George Bush."

Wayne Mogielnicki, Monticello's spokesman, said the plan of action was to ask protesters to be quiet and sit back down. If they did not comply, then they would be asked to leave. Ultimately six got that request and they left without incident, perhaps to join the several dozen who were by the Monticello Visitor Center on Route 20 bearing signs and Uncle Sam outfits.

Murphy was not escorted from Monticello and leaving partway through the event, she said she'd been moved to attend because of Bush's "gall." "He is representing that he is the spirit and the voice of Thomas Jefferson, and he's not," she said. "He is a deplorable president." She had been seated among family members of new citizens. To them, she says, she expressed a hope that her outbursts hadn't offended them. "I think speaking truth to power that is hurting the country is the most patriotic thing I could be doing today," Murphy said. "There is no holiday from truth and from justice."

When it was all over, Walter Hoffman, wearing a short-sleeved, red plaid shirt with a mini flag peeping out of the pocket and a cap from Virginia Track and Equipment remarked on the relative smoothness of the event, his first time in attendance. Hoffman was on the Nelson County Board of Supervisors for 16 years. "Bunch of kooks," he said of the protesters. "They seem to disregard the feelings of anyone but themselves. If they want to express their displeasure this is not the place to do it or the way to do it." He was a sight more impressed by Bush, however, whom he was seeing for the first time. "I like Ol' Boy," the 81-year-old Hoffman said, and then laughed.


An emotional Bush at last Fourth of July as president
From Los Angeles Times

It was his last Fourth of July as president -- and his first visit to Monticello, the home of the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. It was not a long trip. It took the presidential party 40 minutes by helicopter from the White House -- plus a 10-minute motorcade -- to arrive at the home Jefferson built for himself and his family in Charlottesville, Va.

The president's stated purpose was to welcome and attend the swearing-in of 72 new citizens from 30 countries, including one from Burma. But his voice showed emotion when he talked about spreading freedom to other countries, one of his stated rationales for the war in Iraq. Quoting Jefferson as saying that the principles of the Declaration were universal, Bush said: "We honor Jefferson's legacy by aiding the rise of liberty in lands that do not know the blessings of freedom." Without mentioning Iraq, Afghanistan or the war on terrorism, he added, "And on this Fourth of July, we pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America." Watch the video here.

Bush was interrupted repeatedly by protesters, shouting "Defend the Constitution, Impeach Bush!" and "War Criminal!" Bush diverged from his prepared remarks to respond to the hecklers, explaining to
America's newest citizens, "We believe in free speech in the United States of America."

One of the protesters, David Swanson, has gone online to explain his behavior, saying

When Bush opened his mouth to speak I shouted "Defend the Constitution, Impeach Bush!" I repeated that several times, as people nearby knocked me over, cops handcuffed me, people gave me smiles and thumbs up signs. They threw me out and a couple of more defenders of our Constitution behind me, and then a few more, and then a few more. The handcuffed citizens who'd done their duty kept coming down the hill. They did not arrest us but did give us a ride down the mountain where we joined a crowd of protesters in the road who greeted Bush's limo coming and going.

Bush, who celebrates his 62nd birthday on Sunday, said he was delighted to spend part of the weekend at the home of the nation's third president, who died on July 4, 1826, the 50th birthday of the United States.

"This is a fitting place to celebrate our nation's independence," Bush said. "Thomas Jefferson once said he'd rather celebrate the Fourth of July than his own birthday. To me, it's pretty simple -- the Fourth of July weekend is my weekend birthday."

Praising Jefferson's achievements -- a well-read man whose book collection formed the basis of the Library of Congress -- Bush noted that although Jefferson was the nation's first secretary of State, second vice president and third president, he hated public speaking. Alluding to his own reputation for muffing a speech line from time to time, Bush said, "It seems Jefferson got away with only delivering two public speeches during his presidency." Pausing for the laugh, he added, "I'm sure a lot of Americans wish that were the case today."

-- Johanna Neuman


Demonstrators Protest President Bush
By NBC 29

Not everyone was happy to see President Bush in Albemarle County Friday. Demonstrations took place before during and after Friday morning's naturalization ceremony. A couple of hundred protesters lined Route 20, while a handful of others briefly disrupted the ceremonies at Monticello.

Protestors say they wanted to make sure the president and the public heard their message.

Protesters shouts interfered with Bush's remarks at the outset of the cermony, and the president responded by saying he agrees that "we believe in free speech in the United States of America." Six protestors were removed from the ceremony. According to Albemarle County Spokesperson Lee Caitlin, but none were arrested. There were no charges were filed against the protestors.

But that was not the only place where the commander-in-chief drew opposition.

Protest organizer Chris Dorsey stated, "He could not have committed the crimes that he is committing right now without, you know, trampling all over and violating the constitution."

As the president's motorcade drove by more than a hundred people lined Route 20 to express their displeasure with Mr. Bush.

There were two counter protestors. Jeff Wray, who supports President Bush, said "and with George Bush, our president, being here, he oughtta be welcomed, instead of protested against." Even still Wray says he understands why people protested the visit. "Of course they have a right" he stated, "and that's what makes this country so great, to do what they're doing."

Some protestors say it was patriotism that motivated them to show up. Protestor Erin Wise Ackenbom said, "I almost didn't get out of bed. But as my husband got out of bed and played July fourth music to all of camp, I thought I should do my part."

A part in a demonstration with clear objectives. Protestor Michael Purdy said, "Impeach this president and this vice president. They need to be investigated. If not now, when in the United States history should a president be impeached?"

Throughout the morning we spoke with many of the protestors and they all spoke very highly of the Albemarle county police officers who were securing the area.

Reported by Adam Rhew


Bush Greets New Citizens, And Protestors

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., July 4, 2008(CBS/AP) President Bush welcomed new U.S. citizens at a swearing-in ceremony for naturalized Americans at Monticello this morning, but was also on the unwelcome receiving end of calls for his impeachment.

Our nation's newest citizens, pledging their allegiance to the United States on the 232nd anniversary of the colonists' Declaration of Independence from King George III, witnessed an object lesson in free expression Friday on the grounds of Thomas Jefferson's home.

Mr. Bush said he was honored to be present for the naturalization ceremony, saying "I'll be proud to call you a fellow American."

However, throughout the president's remarks, protestors in attendance one by one got up and shouted statements like "Defend the constitution" and "Impeach Bush."

"That man is a fascist!" one man yelled. "He has brought fascism to this shore!"

At one point the president responded: "To my fellow citizens-to-be, we believe in free speech in the United States of America."

Seventy-six men and women from 30 countries became Americans today.

Mr. Bush mentioned neither the war in Iraq nor the battle against terrorism in his speech, other than to say that "we pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform."

For those assembled at the naturalization ceremony, he said: "When you raise your hands and take your oath, you will complete an incredible journey. ... From this day forward, the history of the United States will be part of your heritage.

"Throughout our history," he said, "the words of the declaration have inspired immigrants around the world to set sail to our shores. ... They made America a melting pot of culture from all across the world. They made diversity a great strength of our democracy.

"You all have one thing in common - and that is a shared love of freedom ... and this is the love that makes us all Americans.

"The principles that Thomas Jefferson enshrined in the Declaration became the guiding principles of the new nation. And at every generation, Americans have rededicated themselves to the belief that all men are created equal, with the God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson understood that these rights do not belong to Americans alone; they belong to all mankind. And he looked to the day when all people could secure them."

Some 150 or so demonstrators, from a variety of groups opposing Mr. Bush's policies on the war in Iraq, also rallied along the path of the president's motorcade to Monticello.


Protesters Interrupt Bush at Independence Day Ceremony for New Citizens
Friday, July 04, 2008
Fox News

Protesters made it hard to hear President Bush Friday as he welcomed new citizens and marked Independence Day at the home of Thomas Jefferson.

As is the tradition each Fourth of July, a naturalization ceremony was held at Monticello in Charlottesville, Va. This year, 76 immigrants from 30 different countries came to take the oath of citizenship.

But Bush repeatedly was interrupted as he welcomed the guests.

"That man is a fascist!" one protester yelled. Another swore at him.

The protesters later were removed from the ceremony by law enforcement officials.

"To my fellow citizens to be — we believe in free speech in the United States of America," Bush said when the protesters started shouting.

To the din of more yelling, Bush discussed Jefferson's legacy as he introduced the citizens.

"We honor Jefferson's legacy by aiding the rise of liberty in lands that do not know the blessings of freedom, and on this Fourth of July we pay tribute to the brave men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America," he said.

"We also honor Jefferson's legacy by welcoming newcomers to our land, and that is what we're here to celebrate today."

More than 3,000 citizens have taken the oath at Monticello on Independence Day since 1963.


Founding Fathers turning in their graves... Happy 4th
By Larisa Alexandrovna

Revolution Our Dear Leader decided to commemorate America's birthday by desecrating the home of one of its founders and the author of the Declaration of Independence. Bush descended on the home of Thomas Jefferson to add insult to injury:

"CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia - President Bush invoked the memory of Thomas Jefferson Friday in welcoming new U.S. citizens at a naturalization ceremony at Monticello, saying "I'll be proud to call you a fellow American."'

Cute. But in reality, if Thomas Jefferson alive today, he would only need to change the names and dates on the Declaration of Independence before he delivered its strikingly similar indictments to the current King George, likely nailing it to the door of the White House and then screaming "War!"

Mr. Bush would have been better served if he spent the day golfing, or fishing, or pretending to be a cowboy. Then at least he would be doing exactly what as President he has always done. Or he could have simply gone to the US Treasury and written his cronies a blank check and he would still be more honest than he is at this moment. Mr. Bush could even have burned the Constitution on the steps of the Supreme Court and he would even then still be well within the range of truth. But his appearance at Jefferson's home on the Fourth of July, welcoming new citizens into a country whose laws he hates and whose foundation he is trying to destroy is akin to him proclaiming himself Christ while pissing on the bible (the Christian person that he is). He is neither entitled to be President (and having never legitimately won the Presidency, one would think he might quietly stay out of sight) of Jefferson's democracy nor does he have the right to claim a kinship of any sort with the founders of this nation.

If Jefferson were alive today, Bush would have called him a terrorist and put him on a watch list. Jefferson's home would have been bugged and his property looted under the Patriot Act. If all else failed, a "loyal Bushie" US Attorney could have fabricated evidence against Jefferson in order to discredit him from an election by bringing an indictment. Jefferson's writings would be banned as anti-war on terror and he would be blacklisted from lecturing at Universities and harassed by proxy propagandists like Michele Mallkin and her ilk.

As for the the Declaration of Independence, it would have been served to an empty chamber, ignored by the rest of government and silenced by the Bush cabal. There would be no Boston Tea Party. There would be no domestic uprising to stop the abuses of power. By the time Paul Revere would have started his ride to warn the patriots that "the Bushies are coming," the entire group of revolutionaries would have already been branded "terrorists" and already be well on their way - via unmarked jet - to a secret torture site ("black site") far far away from the homeland they were trying to defend.

We know Mr. Bush holds us in contempt, us little people otherwise known as citizens. We know Mr. Bush holds Congress in contempt, the representatives of us little people. We know Mr. Bush holds the Judiciary in contempt, those who interpret the laws of our land, which he too holds in contempt. We know Mr. Bush hates everything about democracy except for the idea of a lapel pin, the idea of a flag, the idea of a speech in celebration of freedom, and the entire pomp and circumstance that goes along with the pretense of leadership. Mr. Bush has no interest in governing, only in ruling. He has no interest in America, only in capital. He has no love of country, only of wealth. All of this we know, despite the billions of dollars he has spent on illegal domestic propaganda.

So why does he have to insult us on the day when we, Americans, celebrate our nation's birth and democracy in general? Why add insult to injury? Because Mr. Bush can't help himself. He really does believe that he is the leader of the free world, when all he is, is a despot with a bullhorn and a lapel pin.


Protesters React to President Bush's Visit

July 4, 2008

As President Bush made his way to Monticello for the Naturalization Ceremony, protesters along Route 20 were there to voice their opinions about the President and his visit.

CBS19 saw protesters near PVCC as early as 7 a.m. Friday morning, and all were showing their disapproval of the President and his visit to Monticello.

Many were trying to get their message to those on their way to the ceremony from PVCC. Police closed part of Route 20 as the President's motorcade made it's way to Route 53 shortly after 9:30 am. The motorcade was greeted by protesters holding up signs showing varying messages, but all were of the same theme.

"This country was founded on free speech, and he's been the greatest enemy to free speech we've ever had," said one protester.

Another remarked, "The President should not be here."

"We need somebody that's really going to discuss the real problems in America," said another protester.

Some protesters were also at the actual ceremony, shouting out while the President was speaking. They were escorted out of Monticello by authorities.

And some who were there to support those becoming citizens say it certainly wasn't the place nor the time for protesting.

"It's not appropriate to take away from these people who are getting their citizenship today," said Rebecca Richard.

But for one new U.S. citizen from Iraq who was sworn in at the ceremony, the protests were just a reminder of everything he loves about the country.

"You say whatever you want at the president, and the president smile to you, that's, that's heaven," said Ali Alasady who was naturalized at the ceremony Friday.

Protesters at the ceremony were escorted out but no one was arrested.


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Thank you to all protestors for serving our Country and Forefathers on this day of celebrating our Day of Independence.

Bush almost NEVER speaks in front of a crowd that is not hand-picked, or in uniform, standing woodenly behind him...

You were heard! MSNBC made note of the distraction - not even acknowledging that dissent is a Constitutionally guaranteed right to all citizens...

So, even in front of this crowd, Bush and his cronies felt comfortable denying civil rights to an assembled group and once again, breaking the law... Proud of you all!


“ HAPPY 4th of JULY, 2008 “

“ I HAVE A JOB ! “

Thank You, bush, cheney, republican party on, all…











new poem by, & - & - & - & - -

soon, ( Step Ahead U )( GLOBAL ) University - " Where All Earth Citizens R Teachers and Students" )

The homeowner would have greatly approved.

an historic patriotic act took place today

"Why I Interrupted Bush at Monticello" is incredibally inspiring

"We believe in free speech in the United States of America" said he while the people exercising that right to free speech are escorted away! I wonder what speech writer told him to say that? Do you think he could have thought that up all by himself?

I wish I had been there!

Al K.

I would like to say that I do not approve of the war but with that said this protest was on private property. Americans do not own Monticello. It is owed by The Thomas Jefferson Foundation and is privately funded with NO state or federal funding. So when the protesters were removed it was not the same as when they are asked to move from a public place (which is removing the First Amendment). If the protesters had consent from the property owners to behave in such away then they would have no right to have been removed. This means that they are not protected under the First Amendment that govern a peaceably protest.

If we examine the First Amendment closer... "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
There are exceptions to this such as obscenity, fighting words, commercial speech and incitement... Once could say the tone and method of this protest was "fighting words." The purpose of the First Amendment is to make sure the government does not create laws that prevent a forum or dialogue. The First Amendment does not grant Free Speech but protect it from laws that prevent free speech.

If you look at the facts that surround peaceable protest and the First Amendment the protesters on the private grounds of Monticello are very lucky there were not actually arrested.

With that said, protesters on public grounds should not be forced to certain sections and arrested if they do not follow those regulations. That is a true volition of the right to protest peacefully. But the Media driven protest on the grounds of Monticello was just disrespectful guerrilla tactics that tend to be more like the man they hate than to make a statement or help make the world a better more peaceful place.

The simple fact of the matter is that this president has made a career out of not appearing before the American public in person. He attends and speaks to only tightly controlled, hand picked crowds and the military. That is why it is so necessary to seize any opportunity to protest him in person.

Monticello may be private property, but if I know anything about those that protested, I believe they would relish the chance to plead their case before a jury of their peers. They stood up for the rule of law and the Constitution that Jefferson so cherished against a man who has done damage to said Constitution than all other Americans throughout history combined. If Jefferson were hear today, who's side would he be on?

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson

"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil." Thomas Jefferson

You make a valid point but my thoughts are that it's sad that the White House has forced this type of action. In the Gulf War, we saw the entire attack on the news. We watched it unfold and understood the results. The War On Fear is quite different. America has been silenced and excluded from the events. We're simply told that all's rosy. Last throes, mission accomplished, liberators and other pie-in-the-sky rhetoric has replaced reality. Look at how Valerie Plame was disciplined for exposing the truth. Even simply expressing your views to the Vice President in a calm manner will land you in jail. When reporters tell the White House of the way people feel, their response is "so". The Bush Regime has done a great job at stifling the voice of the people and using the media and it's propaganda machine to drowned out the voice of the people with it's consistent lies- repeating those lies often enough and loud enough so that eventually the perception is that they must be true.
The events at Monticello have spread all over the blogs as well as around the world. That's what brought me here. I salute those that participated. It's what needed. Again, it's a shame that we're dealing with such a corrupted White House that demands this type of actions. Andy

Firstly let me say I see a hole in your "Constitutional Free Speech" argument about wide enough to shove a 757 through. And then let me say I couldn't care less - and neither should anyone else.

Because these minutae of Constitutional Interpretation on which you harp pale qute pathetically in comparison to our "duty to throw off such Government" so criminal and destructive as this - including, from a technical standpoint all its laws - which situation has been caused by no one more than by George W. Bush himself; the very target of the protest.

Do these fit your qualification for "fighting words", "anonymous"? I say nothing - not in support, nor in denunciation - of violence. And, notablye neither does the Declaration of Independence. More on "fighting words" below.

In any case, the above portrays the big picture - and failure to keep this in perspective dooms any discussion of how to End the International Aggression - and efforts to do so - to irrelevancy, and abject failure. GET THAT, and REMEMBER IT.

And now to your minutae. Your idea that attending the event in order to call out for Impeachment and Defending the Constitution "could…(be seen as)...fighting words" is of course patent nonsense. But if by some Legal Lunacy you were actually correct, then it would also be clear that Bush' own response - speaking louder to drown out the protestors while lying of course in his implication that as President he actually defends Free Speech, instead of actively assaulting it, as he has done consistently - would certainly qualify as "fighting words", warranting his removal. Far more so for the fact that Bush' lies - that the Emporer is not actually Stark Naked - do real damage, both here and around the world.

Arguments like yours confuse (or attempt to confuse) anger with aggression. But there is a difference - and in the case of George W. Bush, whose Administration has killed almost 2 million world-wide, while he continues to smile affably, it is a big difference. LEARN IT, and REMEMBER IT. And that goes double for that other "anonymous" who thinks Bush isn't a bona-fide Fascist.

As for your implied origin of the Right of Free Speech itself, its existence in the first instance does not derive from your "First Amendment protection", but instead is an "unalienable Right...endowed by (our) Creator"; clearly included within the Right of LIBERTY. All the First Amendment does is to specifically reiterate that Congress cannot take it away - anywhere - not on anyone's property.

Which brings us to the question of just who removed the protestors from the gathering, and by what right. I clearly saw Secret Service Agents - US Government officers - grabbing hold of (physically "arresting") the protestors, who were clearly not a material threat to anyone(s) present, even The Butcher Bush himself. Clearly, the Secret Service were not asked to do so by any of the Proprietors - and are not mandated to serve at their behest, particularly against their fellow citizens, in any case.

Indeed, the fact Monticello filed no charges argues that protestors did have the (tacit) consent of the Proprietors - or certainly at least their recognition afterwards that no harm was done, to anyone. Meanwhile, the Secret Service did not remove any of the people yelling "shut up and sit down" - just as disruptive and clearly qualifying for your incredibly loose definition of "fighting words", above. Clearly, the silencing of the protestors by federal officers was persuant to federal policy - and is blatantly political policy, at that.

So why should anyone embrace your backbiting judgement of the protestors' actions?

Are you worried our entire civilization is going to come crashing down because people are allowed to protest openly? Like, say, in France - where the devastation has been so great that today they have a higher standard of living, more time off from work and live longer - from lower infant mortality to longer living until the grave - than we do? Open your eyes, for Christ's Sake!

If these Legal Minutae are blinding you - if you Can't See the Forrest for the Trees - you're DOING IT WRONG, buddy!

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

You are absolutely correct. Bush IS a fascist. And the US goverment is literally owned by a cabal of defense contractors. What Bush calls 'terrorism' are, in fact, the natural responses by peoples of other nations to secret US covert aggressions, primarily atrocities perpetrated by the CIA.

The CIA was elitist in its inception and doubly so as it wages campaigns of secret atrocities worldwide on behalf of its 'base' ('al Qaeda' means 'the base) back home. Only an idiot dares to ask: 'why do they hate us?'. 'They' hate us because 'we' (the USA) has bullied the third world, waged war against peoples (not nations)and continues to commit atrocities in our name. 'They' hate us because we have become self-absorbed, provincial shit heads! Otherwise, we would have fired all the lying bastards that make up the Bush regime a long time ago.

First, please define fascist. Second, you're dead on with your critique of the fighting words doctrine. Fighting words is a narrow exception to the first amendment and these protesters clearly don't fall into that exception. But have some humility man. The rest of your first amendment analysis makes no sense. Sorry, but you generally don't have free speech rights on private property. You just don't. Congress isn't the one abridging free speech when a private landowner kicks someone off of his or her property. And I don't know what video you were watching, but I saw Monticello security guards removing some of the protesters. That suggests to me that the Secret Service probably had permission to remove protesters as well. It's perfectly within the rights of a private landowner to ask for this sort of assistance. But all this is probably lost on someone who doesn't actually care about the Constitution unless it supports his or her crusade to overthrow tyrannical government. Good luck with that.

From the person that wrote the first reply...

First off I wrote my reply without a title. It was titled by the forum moderator as "How to Abuse Free Speech." I did not give it a title since it was a reply to the previous comment. The title changes the tone completely. My tone was to state that to judge someone for not following laws or being respectful one must model that behavior in order to make change not just mockery.
What I am glad is that my points created an open dialogue. But I hope that you can see that my tone was intended to state what I agree with and what I do not.

No, I do not feel that the world will come crashing down if people are allowed to protest openly. I am for open protest and believe that, for example, the New Mexico Lawsuit that is against Bush is completely justified. Protesters under his administration are pushed to the sidelines and way from the media in such a way that violets their rights to a peaceably protest. This is unacceptable and is clearly a violation of rights and must be corrected!

I was not at the protest so I can only say what I saw on tape. But if I were to scream at a move theater and was asked to stop and sit down but I continued they would remove me by force. That is just the way it happens. Yes, the Secret Service removed the protesters but as far as I know Heckling is only protect under the First Amendment as long as it is not interrupted the speaker. I was watching the speech on TV and had a hard time hearing the speaker. To me that is interrupting.

My guess as to why there were no charges at Monticello is that no one wanted the legal tie up.

As regards to France, they are thousands of years older of a country compared to United States. I don't think the government is to blame for all of our healthcare woes. It is cheaper to eat crap from a box than food grown from the earth. We need reevaluate our lifestyles as Americans from the food we eat, the work hours we keep, the debt we create within our own lives (not including our governments), the over scheduling of our days and so on....

So why would I post the laws that govern protest. I think it is important to understand as much as we can about current laws and regulations in regards to our rights. If one is to create change then one must have knowledge of what is deemed currently legal.

My fear is that if one breaks too many of the laws/regulations than we will lose any and all free speech that is left in America. They will deem all protest as possible attack and not allow it under guise of "terrorism." It is a fine line between having freedom and losing freedom right now. I just think we need to work within those rights. With laws such as the Patriot Act we could end up with nothing if we are not careful.

So, I am sorry my point was retitled "How to Abuse Free Speech" I intended to point out that I did not agree with the tactics but do agree with the principals that govern the protesters choices. In other words I agree with what they were saying but not they way they chose to say it.

Not anonymous,
Richmond, VA

"The purpose of the First Amendment is to make sure the government does not create laws that prevent a forum or dialogue."

You claim that 'fighting words' are not protected speech. Yet --you fail to apply that standard to 'Bring it on Bush'! When has Bush NOT used 'fighting words' when denouncing so-called 'terrorists' abroad or dissent here at home, 'dissent' which he may simply 'deem to be terrorist' under the terms of the Draconian and Orwellian named 'Patriot Act'!

You write: "But the Media driven protest on the grounds of Monticello was just disrespectful guerrilla tactics that tend to be more like the man they hate than to make a statement or help make the world a better more peaceful place."

Guerilla tactics are justified in cases of tyranny. Thomas Jefferson himself stated:

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness"

Che Guevara said essentially the same thing in his classic treatise, GUERILLA WARFARE:

"When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law, peace is considered already broken." --Che Guevara, Chapter I: General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare

And it was David Hume who wrote:

"When we inquire by what means this wonder is effected, we shall find that, as force is always on the side of the governed, the governors have nothing to support them but opinion. It is, therefore, on opinion only that government is founded, and this maxim extends to the most despotic and most military governments as well as to the most free and most popular."

—David Hume, Of the First Principles of Government

But Bush has taken federal efforts to shut up the opposition to new heights. When --due to right wing policies and the previous governments of Reagan and Bush Sr --the media is but a right wing echo chamber, no one can reasonably deny a voice to folk for whom Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is SYMBOLIC not merely of FREE SPEECH but REVOLUTION in support of free speech!

Therefore, Bush may have been within the letter of the law to quash 'free speech' at Monticello, but to do so on JEFFERSON'S soil, is politically stupid! It tips Bush's hand. It betrays his anti-Jefferson mindset, his anti-Democratic, his pro-dictatorial leanings.

It was Mr. Bumble in Dicken's David Copperfield who said "If that is the law, sir, then the law is a ass!"

I'm with Jefferson, Che, Hume, AND Mr. Bumble.

I say RIGHT ON to the protestors!

I denounce the war criminal Bush for having soiled sacred ground by showing his face at Monticello.

Thank you for standing up for our liberties on this most auspicious occasion.

You were true Patriots on the 4th of July. Thank you, all.

Some of us made it to the lawn, while others of us made it to the bottom of the hill. We were there to stand up for the Constitution and to honor the memory of those who recognized the value of freedom, namely, the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

No one has the right to destroy our freedom of speech, assembly or privacy. It is a good thing that there were people there to point out that important fact.

Congress must do its duty and investigate the crimes of the Bush regime. IMPEACHMENT IS PATRIOTIC!

isn't it curious David's picture and name is no where in coverage (so far), even though I understand he was the first vocalist? Chairs flying while he was handcuffed? I might be wrong of course, but it looks to me like a purposeful media blackout so people don't hear of him and find his sites, like this one.

Wonderful action all. Was amazing to watch the whole speech on video and see how many times he was interrupted (well, not that he stopped to listen). R.

I am not an emotional man but thank you wonderful men and women from the bottom of my heart. It was not possible for me to be there in person (work in Alaska and live in the Pacific Northwest) but I am certainly with you in spirit. What they say or do to you they say and do to me. If they get crazy enough I will find a way to physically and spiritually be with you. No matter what.

Take care OK?

Steven (apparition)

All 4 of you...........

You do realize, even a snyde creep like you, that for every one of these people on video there are TENS OF MILLIONS of US for whom they speak accurately, and with our full support! And tens of millions MORE - THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - who agree more than disagree with their statements of concern, and their ultimate goals.

Because this country was founded not just on "free speech", as the Pretender In Chief so "deftly" tried to frame the issue, but on REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE. That's HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF US - a helluva lot more than 4 Code-Pinkers you saw in that video. And a helluva lot more than you and your cynical ilk, "Cletis".

You don't have to "sit down and shut up". But neither will we, who couldn't be there at Monticello, let your sarcastic - and deceptive - crap pass unchallenged, and uncorrected.

Semper Fi,

-An American in Florida

He was running around in his chain-gang suit trying to escape from his jailers, but they caught him and brought him to justice. Unfortunately that was the guy dressed up as Bush. The real criminal was up at Monticello making fools of all the people listening to him speak about Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution.

You would not believe the amount of money and time that is wasted when Bush goes anywhere. It was truly unbelievable the entourage that goes with him.

One thing I will never understand are the people that dislike Bush and hate what he stands for, they will speak up against the people trying to help save our country, "It is like ,"look at me Mr. Bush I am speaking in your defense" they should be ashamed of themselves, they cannot truly believe in the war and his destroying our constitution, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfield should all go to jail and also Pelosi for taking Impeachment off the table and not doing her job. Thanks After Downing Street for all you have done and will do,all of you truly are appreciated , now lets get the Ba----ds!

The problem is George Bush is not actually a fascist.

It was Mussolini who defined 'fascism'. By that definition Bush IS a fascist. Mussolini should have known.

Thank you for speaking the truth to power. I was so thrilled when I saw Bush's speech on MSNBC and could hear the shouts of protest in the background. He is so hermetically sealed that it's not often that he has to face real citizens. I went to a protest once in Philly (when I happened to be there the same day he was), but he was whisked in and whisked out and there were lines of police cordoning off the hotel where he was speaking. I could only hope that some of the sound got through to him inside. But this was wonderful. You guys are the best.

God, I wish I could have been there. I was at the first war protest in San Francisco and have since attended more. Bush hates to see protesters and does everything in his power to protect his cowardly carcass, but damn, you guys made it there. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you made my day!!!

Thank you to all who spoke out at Monticello so bravely and strongly. You are heroes. It seems ironic that both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4th, on the 50th birthday of America. I have no doubt they would both be sad to see what this country has become.

Thanks to everyone who protested War Monger Bush on July 4th. Wish I was there.

Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

kirksfam in SC

It is an embarrassment to this nation and, more specifically, you and your families when you make a mockery of this great moment. These people are fulfilling their dream of American citizenship and you decide to ruin it with your selfish agenda. Please feel free to renounce your citizenship and go move someplace where your lack of intelligence won't be tolerated.

When you say:

"It is an embarrassment to this nation"

"you decide to ruin it with your selfish agenda"

"go move someplace where your lack of intelligence won't be tolerated"

I guess you're talking about BUSH. No?

BWAHAHAHA! Wow, what a brilliant retort

If you love your chickenhawk traitor (Bush) so much then get off your moronic butt and ENLIST!!! Some of us already did.

Trust me, you will not be missed and you will help the human gene pool by not procreating.

Zhu Xiao Ming was a little Chinese lady who wanted to be an American. I met her a few months after the Chinese government had literally crushed the protests in Tiananmen Square and elsewhere.

She wanted to be an American so badly she married me, so you can well imagine her desperation.

She wanted to be an American so badly that when she became a naturalized citizen and she really didn't need me anymore, she stayed with me, so you can well imagine my gratitude.

She wanted to be an American so badly she died on the 4th of July - how about that?

She died in my arms on 4 july 2001, three months before 9/11. She never had to see what Bush and his gang have done to her dream.

Thank you, Code Pink et al, for showing our new friends how free Americans conduct themselves in the presence of a war criminal.

I too have often thought with relief (rather than sorrow) that my parents-in-law, immigrants and survivors, were not around by the time of 9/11 and the resulting attacks by our own government upon our liberties and those of poor people abroad.

It is no small thing to decide to go to Monticello on the Fourth. The Bush administration chose the place, and those who confronted him there did the only thing which could respond to such effrontery. You have to take on the tyrants, and what better place? Bush put his agendas above his oath of office.

He found willing enablers in people like John Yoo, an immigrant who never understood the meaning of what he had gotten by coming to America, not just economic prosperity, but a land of human rights upheld by a Constitution. Professor Yoo is one of the people who helped to bring about the Patriot Act, a misnamed and unread contrivance, shoved through Congress during the unsolved anthrax attacks following 9/11. Many usurpations later, Bush stands at Jefferson's house, asking us to ignore his many violations of the spirit of freedom enunciated by a founder like Jefferson.

From this moment on, the event at Monticello stands as a line drawn in the red clay. He and those like him will be confronted until the balance of power is restored.

Sorry if your July 4th was disturbed. At least you were lucky enough to celebrate. I doubt the families and friends of the 4113 soldiers who have died are celebrating this weekend. How many more deaths for oil contracts will you tolerate?

Sticking up for your King George.

If you read what I wrote, Ephemera, you will see that there is not a single defense of Bush in my statement. I simply mentioned that you turned a great American moment into an opportunity to spread your agenda. Whether your agenda is right or wrong is irrelevant here. You have put yourself into the league of Fred Phelps and his funeral protests. Congratulations on stepping backward in the evolutionary chain folks.

What better time and place to show what WE THE PEOPLE will do to protect our democracy from people like Bush who trample all over it than at a gathering to welcome new member of that democracy. The new citizens probably know better what our country stands for than the average Joe that was born here. They have WORKED for it and understand it rather than take it for granted as a lot of people do. Now they have seen it in action first hand! I would like to hear from these new citizens what THEY think of the calls for justice they heard. I would bet they would agree!

Al K.

We are not making a mockery of any great moment. George Bush was making a mockery of Thomas Jefferson's words and efforts (imperfect as they were) to establish a government of laws. Our country should not be ruled by secret decrees and fear.

When it comes to 9/ll, if the Bush administration had nothing to hide, why did they hide everything? Why did they refuse an investigation into the worse crime that has ever befallen our nation? Why did three buildings fall into their footprint that day?

So many questions. So few answers from the powerful. Check out PATRIOTSQUESTION and see for yourself why it is necessary to remove this criminal regime.





Maybe "Investigate Bush" should replace "Impeach"?
Ken Starr debased the connotation of "impeach" and the masses may no longer grasp that it means to investigate, try, convict, remove and bar from office.

Wonder why CSPAN didn't broadcast it?

"No WMDs Here"
"Prosecute Bush for murder"
"We do not torture"
"Wiretaps require court orders"

America's trade deficit
The Executive Branch copies China's Communist torture for false confessions and the Chinese counterfeit American media with pirated DVDs and CDs and fashion with knockoff merchandise.

You are so sly! Just curious...are you going to slit your writs once Bush leaves office? Or are you going to move to Crawford and continue your pathetic little blogs there and hope the press still pays attention to you?

The sweet irony of an idiot spouting "defend the Constitution..." who obviously doesn't understand the document in the slightest. Yeah Sparky, free speech means you have the right to say whatever you want, whenever you want, and you have the right to be heard. WRONG




DC was a stop over by the airline I was flying on the way home from another state where I was visiting relatives ... flights are cheaper ON the holiday.

I am happy to report that Bugliosi's book "The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder" is being sold in DC's Dulles Airport!



I wish all you left leaning people would open your eyes and realize that the world can't be healed with a hug. You are the people that apparently took too many ass kickings growing up and learned that if I don't make eye contact and scurry around the edges of the walls the ass beatings are less frequent. Stand up for yourself and stand up for America.

Change is a catchy slogan....but it is just that a slogan. Toilet paper uses a slogan to get you to buy it, not a politician. However, if you buy into the change, change, change thing you may need to buy some TP because you're being fed a load of S*&T.

I don't harbor contempt for you because you are entitled to your opinion as much as the next person. I do however pitty you for not being intellectually equipped enough to see through the socialist crap being pushed upon America.

And this David Swanson wuss....please put the bong down and get a life buddy. It is time to grow up and move out of the frat house....

Wake up and smell the coffee, there is NEOCON fascism in America, look in the mirror...IT IS YOU.

Google PNAC , it's a FACT, not "our opinion" , ya silly brainwashed unedumacated MA-ROON.



I suggest you read Reclaiming Conservatism by Mickey Edwards. Go read the words written by one of the early leaders of the conservative movement -- where he says:

"Operating almost unchecked by any other branch of government, [Bush] ordered wiretaps on citizens' phones, held prisoners without trial or charges, and refused to provide information to Congress even when federal law required him to do so. For nearly half a century, conservatives had worried that a leftist president, if given the opportunity might do such things. Now those things were being done by a man who called himself a "conservative," and "conservatives" cheered him on."

Why don't you wake up, look beyond your loyalty to this little man and educate yourself about what he's doing to this nation? You're so quick to point quick to condemn "the left." You have totally missed the point of what this website and this protest was all about. Why don't YOU stand up for America? Why don't YOU demand that this president and his cronies be held accountable for the damages they've done to our republic? Why don't YOU open your eyes to see and acknowledge that this president and his "unitary executive" only preach democracy? The practice of democracy is quite a different thing.

David, Desiree, Tighe, Mr. Johnson, Gael, Linda and all others who were there speaking in support of truth, justice and the Constitution of the United States:

I'm incredibly proud of you all.

But so sad that there are still so many in this country turning a blind eye and a deaf ear (some of my own otherwise intelligent loved ones among them) to the tyranny raging at the top of our own government.

The complacency and ignorance of so many sometimes makes it very hard to continue, but what ultimately keeps me going is the thought that I will be DAMNED if I'm going to enable these bastards by being silent.

Yesterday's emails brought me a piece written by Chris Satullo from the Philadelphia Inquirer called "A Not-so-Glorious Fourth." It was originally published on Tuesday. As I have done with a few of your pieces, David, I recorded an audio version of it and put up on my YouTube channel. The video info includes a link to the written version as well.

Mr. Satullo quite accurately expresses the shame we should all be feeling on this anniversary of our nation's independence, while at the same time reminding us that there is much work left to do to restore our country to something we can all be proud of.

With you all, all the way -

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