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Droning On: The US and the M Word


By Dan DeWalt

‘If the President Does It, It Isn’t Illegal’

             -- Richard M. Nixon

Hollywood-Style History


Hollywood-Style History


by Stephen Lendman


Hollywood's complicity with Washington is longstanding. Movie moguls are duplicitous. The only thing they like like better than good films are good deals.


Washington's requests are prioritized. Scripts feature pro-Western propaganda. "Operation Hollywood" explains. 


Nuclear Roulette Update


Nuclear Roulette Update


by Stephen Lendman


Multiple P5 + 1 talks were held. Almaty, Kazakstan ones are the latest. Nothing gets accomplished. Washington obstructionism prevents it. Israel does so covertly.


Syria News - Feb 28



US, Europe eye greater involvement in Syrian conflict with new aid to opposition, rebels - Fox News

Syria opposition to seek military support at Rome meeting - The Star Online

Syrian Opposition Coalition Announces US Offices in Washington, DC and New York City - SFGate

Top Dem prepares bill to arm Syrian opposition - The Hill's Global Affairs

Amos disappointed pledges made in Kuwait Donor Conf. for Syria not honored - KUNA 


Russia's Putin tells army to shape up for foreign threat —

Defense Minister: Russia to Deploy Warships Permanently in the Mediterranean - Real Syria Updates

Russia returns to the Mediterranean: Fifth Soviet Navy Squadron is back? -


Maliki Warns Syria War Could Spread to Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan - ABC News

Backers of Syrian rebels endanger Iraq: Iraqi minister - Reuters

U.S. official: Iraq continues to allow Iranian overflights to Syria -

Hezbollah accuses Syria rebels of attacking Shiite villages - AFP

Jordanian top diplomat says Syria faces disintegration risk - todayszaman


Syria agrees to renew passports of overseas citizens in apparent concession to the opposition -

Free Syrian Army rejects foreign minister’s dialogue offer -

Syrian National Coalition: Opposing Currents Fight for Control - Al Akhbar English

Terrorist Confesses to Taking Part in Acts of Abduction, Rape and Slaughter of Innocent Civilians in Homs - SANA

Criminals cash in on Syria's chaos with kidnappings and ransoms -

Report Shows War's Impact On Syrian Economy - Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Assadists amuse themselves with two of their deceased victims: Idlib -

VIDEO: Medieval Inquisitions, and Lying Propaganda by Rebels in Syria Exposed –


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Talk Nation Radio: Nick Turse: Kill Everything That Moves

Nick Turse discusses his new book, Kill Everything That Moves, and new evidence of the crimes that constituted the war on Vietnam.

Total run time: 29:00

Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.


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Google, Scroogle and Bing


By Alredo Lopez

If it wasn't so harmful, it would be funny: a marketing battle between the two technology giants MicroSoft and Google over who lacks integrity and is exploitative. It's been going on for a while and with every thrust and block the thing becomes more grotesque and more revealing.

First, by way of introduction, don't need an introduction.

If you're using Windows, your computer lives MicroSoft. If you don't, you use a MicroSoft product (like Word or some smaller program you don't notice on your desktop) or someone sends you stuff using one. You can't escape MicrosSoft if you use a computer.

America's Draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act


America's Draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act


by Stephen Lendman


It's an anti-hacking law. It criminalizes accessing computer systems "without authorization." 


"(E)xceeds authorized access" terminology was left undefined. Misinterpretations and abuse followed. Overzealous prosecutors take full advantage.


No, TSA, we do not all have the same parts, by Sommer Gentry


Tristan Higgins details in the Huffington Post how she was made to suffer for failing to conform to a TSA screener’s gender stereotypes. Tristan says, “I stepped out and waited in that spot where we all wait while some anonymous stranger decides whether we are a threat, whether our body scan matches up with expectations. Well, it turned out that mine did not.”

The TSA’s machine told Tristan Higgins that her body was unacceptable, therefore she was unacceptable.

Obama's Asia Pivot


Obama's Asia Pivot


by Stephen Lendman


In late 2011, Obama prioritized reasserting America's Pacific presence. His Asia pivot was announced. 


It involves advancing America's military footprint. Doing so aggressively is planned. China's growing economic might and military strength are targeted. So is checking Russia at the same time.


University of Ottawa Racism, Censorship and Abuse of Power


University of Ottawa Racism, Censorship and Abuse of Power


by Stephen Lendman


In June 2008, Allan Rock became university president. He's a former Canadian politician and UN ambassador. He's a pro-Israeli flack. He supports its worst crimes.


His administration is unprincipled. It's marked by secrecy, political censorship, abuse of power, and repudiation of fundamental university values. 

Iran War Weekly - February 26, 2013

Iran War Weekly

February 26, 2013


Hello All – After a six-month delay, representatives Iran and the “P5+1” met in Kazakhstan today to renew negotiations about Iran’s nuclear program.  Early news reports say that “the West” offered Iran a very modest lifting of sanctions if Iran would take steps to halt or alter significant parts of its nuclear program.  Iran is expected to make its reply tomorrow, during a second day of talks.  As indicated in pre-meeting analyses linked below, Iran is expected to reject the West’s proposal as trivial and insincere, wanting instead for the P5+1 to recognize Iran’s rights to enrich uranium under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to lay out an offer that would quickly remove all the economic sanctions against it.


Syria News - Feb 27



Lavrov meets Kerry, wants U.S. to urge Syria rebels into peace talks - VOA

Lavrov urges Syrian opposition to name their negotiating team to talk to regime - NOW

Russia: Extremists in Syria opposition blocking dialogue, seeking armed solution - NOW

Hawks in Syrian Opposition Resist Dialogue Initiative - Al-Monitor

Syria opposition to demand arms for FSA in Rome - World Bulletin

Syria opposition mulls 5 candidates for “premier" - NOW

"Friends of Syria" ramp up pressure on Assad, call for enhancing sanctions against Syria - NOW 


Insight: Syria rebels bolstered by new heavy weapons but divisions remain - Reuters

Saudis Step Up Help for Rebels in Syria With Croatian Arms -

Weapons From the Former Yugoslavia Spread Through Syria's War (VIDEOS) -

How did Syria’s rebels get their hands on powerful new weapons? - The Globe and Mail

Hundreds of foreign jihadists leave Syria amid intensive clashes - NZweek

Brazilian Newspaper: Chechen and Kosovar Terrorists Are Fighting in Syria - SANA

VIDEO: FN-6 Chinese Manpad with Rebels in Syria -

VIDEO: American Anti-Tank Missile Filmed In Syria - Brown Moses Blog


Syrian rebels claim successful attack on Hezbollah - The Times of Israel

Syria civil war threatens to pull Lebanon into conflict, U.N. says - Yahoo! News

Jordan Prepares for Return Of Salafists From Syria - Al-Monitor

Conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims seen as escalating across Middle East -

Syria’s Armenian minority flees from conflict - Toronto Star


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Profile of Imperial Lawlessness


Profile of Imperial Lawlessness


by Stephen Lendman


Israel is second only to America in imperial lawlessness. Both nations partner in high crimes too grave to ignore. 


Neither admits fault. One conflict leads to others. Both nations are modern-day Spartas. They live by the sword. Perhaps one day they'll perish by it. Humanity may not last that long.


On protecting children, by Lisa Simeone

I am re-posting something one of our writers posted at TSA News last year, because it’s important and because not everyone, obviously, reads everything all the time. The things we talk about need to be reinforced, the points we make need to be repeated, again and again. We have new readers all the time. It’s impossible for them to go back through the hundreds of archived posts, no matter how assiduous they are. So here is Richard Walbaum’s post from April 2, 2012: Why you must protect your children from TSA groping

Sequester Chicken


Sequester Chicken


by Stephen Lendman


On March 1, $85 billion in automatic sequestered cuts are scheduled. Congress may or may permit them. Obama calls instituting them dire. On February 19, he said.


"(They) won't help the economy, won't create jobs, will visit hardship on a whole lot of people." 

Accountability Now


Accountability Now


by Stephen Lendman


State terrorism is official Israeli policy. Torture and cold-blooded murder define it. Arafat Jaradat is Israel's latest victim. He died wracked in pain Saturday. 


Israel attributed it to cardiac arrest. Shin Bet claimed no detectable health problems during interrogation. Accusations of torture were dismissed. Coverup and denial don't wash. 

An Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel--A 10-point Plan


Dear Senator Hagel,


Congratulations on your recent nomination to the office of Secretary of Defense.  As you await the Senate’s decision on your confirmation, I would like to express to you some ideas about the office of Secretary of Defense, and what I would like to see from this office.  I am the member of an organization called Veterans For Peace (VFP), which has been around since 1985.  VFP was formed by a Viet Nam veteran with the intention of creating a bridge between the peace movement and veterans.  VFP members believe that our collective experience as veterans allows us to speak about the true costs and consequences of war and militarism with a voice of credibility and true standing.  We feel a responsibility to speak out against war and militarism, particularly when it is manifested in illegal and immoral wars of choice and aggression.  I appreciate very much that President Obama has chosen you--someone who has seen first-hand the horrors of combat--to fill the position of Secretary of Defense.  Like the members of VFP, your voice will carry an extraordinary credibility, because you understand war in a way that a civilian cannot.  It will not be easy to dismiss your words when you caution against military force, or speak in favor of abiding by the Geneva Conventions.  I hope that you will become a force for reshaping the Department of Defense, by consideration of the following:

1.     Refuse to put troops into harm’s way as part of an illegal, immoral war of aggression.  The 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), signed as a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 has been used, first by the Bush administration, and now by the Obama administration, as a blank check for perpetual war.  As the Secretary of Defense, you should refuse to deploy any combat troops until Congress provides a legally binding authorization to do so.  As a combat veteran, you truly understand that no one should be asked to kill or be killed for a war of choice, particularly one that has not even been legally authorized.  Demand adherence to the War Powers Act.

2.     Take responsibility for the deaths, damage and harm done by the U.S.  The “Collateral Murder” video leaked to Wikileaks showed the world just one instance of war crimes conducted by U.S. forces.  For the United States to have any moral credibility whatsoever, we must take responsibility for our actions.

3.     State unequivocally that the U.S. will abide by the Geneva Conventions and will not torture, or participate in the extraordinary rendition of prisoners.

4.     Stop the illegal use of combat drones that are responsible the extrajudicial assassinations of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

5.     Call for the closure of all U.S. military bases in foreign countries.  The U.S. currently has military troops stationed in more than 150 countries around the world.  Bringing U.S. troops back to the U.S. will send a strong message to the international community that the U.S. is not interested in hegemony, or in being the world’s policeman.

6.     Call for the dismantlement of all nuclear weapons, and immediately take nuclear weapons off of naval vessels.  There can never be a justified use of a nuclear weapon and if the U.S. is going to demand that other countries refrain from obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities, then it needs to lead the way in disarmament.  

7.     Stop the use of Depleted Uranium weapons. “DU” weapons violate the Geneva Conventions.  Once exploded, DU particulates enter ground water, travel on air currents, and are inhaled by innocent civilians.  DU weapons are responsible for a huge spike in deformities, birth defects and other ailments in Iraq where they were widely used.

8.     End foreign military sales to countries who violate international laws and basic human rights, and who have child soldiers.

9.     Push to become a signatory to the Land Mine treaty.  The international community recognizes land mines and cluster bombs as weapons that kill a high number of civilians, often long after the “official” conflict is over. 

10.Slash the Pentagon budget.  The U.S. spends more on the military and war than the rest of the world combined.  Bring our war dollars home.


In summary, I hope that you will use your unique qualifications and experience to push this administration into adherence with international law.  I urge you, as a fellow veteran, to use your voice, your influence, and your power to guide and inform this administration towards a new type of Department of “Defense…” one that uses military force only for its actual defense.

Watch Your Wallet! Much Ado about Nothing in Budget Debate


By Dave Lindorff

By Dave Lindorff

All the sturm and drang in Washington over the March 1 deadline for a budget deal is an act. Two acts really.

TSA still harassing children, by Bill Fisher

Many readers reacted to the recent story of the crying three-year-old girl in a wheelchair who was searched and harassed by the TSA at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (after she had already successfully cleared the checkpoint) as though this were an uncommon incident.

IAEA Report Confirms Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program


IAEA Report Confirms Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program


by Stephen Lendman


It's no surprise. It's been that way for years. Iran's legally entitled to enrich uranium. Dozens of other countries do the same thing. 


Tehran alone is criticized. Managed news misinformation begets more of it. Washington, Israel, and European partner collaborators repeat it ad nauseam.

Israeli Murder by Torture


Israeli Murder by Torture


by Stephen Lendman


Torture is official Israeli policy. It's longstanding. All Palestinians are fair game. Wanting to live free leaves them vulnerable. More on what demands condemnation below.


Thirty-year old Arafat Jaradat is Israel's latest victim. PA chief pathologist Saber Aloul attended his autopsy. Marks on his body provided clear evidence. He died from torture.

Syria News - Feb 25



State Dept. scrambles to salvage Kerry's meeting with Syrian rebel coalition - Fox News

United States Condemns Attacks on Aleppo by the Syrian Government - State Department

US and British plans to seize Syria's chemical weapons - Telegraph

Top Democrat on Foreign Affairs panel calls for arming Syrian opposition (VIDEO) - The Hill's Video

'Israel's strike on Syria last month killed top Iranian general' - The Times of Israel

Document revealing the involvement of Qatar and Libya in training rebels sent to Syria via Turkey - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Syria SNC To Boycott Talks - To Form Government in Liberated Zones - Denounce Arms Embargo - YouTube


Al Nusra claims bus bombing on Hama factory which produced army uniforms, 60 civilian workers killed -

Jabhat al-Nusra Claims Responsibility for Terrorist Bombing of Aleppo Hospital, More than thirty citizens killed - SANA

Terrorist Confesses to Taking Part in Destroying Hospital - Real Syria Updates

Rebel teenager from Ireland is killed in Syria - Telegraph

VIDEO:  Foreign rebels captured by the Syrian Arab Army (english subtitles) -

VIDEO: German Jihadist Fighting in Homs, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Civilians killed by rebels and thrown in the garbage -

VIDEO: Rebels Torturing Young Syrian Shias -

VIDEO: Armenian-Syrian Elderly Man Kidnapped by Rebels is Forced to Convert to Islam & Weeps - YouTube


KRG Pres Barzani meets Russian FM Lavrov, Says the rights of Syrian Kurds must be respected - Iraq Business News

Syrian Kurdish women set up Martyr Rokan battalion: NGO - NOW

VIDEO: Kurds increasingly entangled in Syrian war - Al  Jazeera

VIDEO: Kurdish Forces take al Jawadyeh city - YouTube

VIDEO: Ras al Ayn, Syria Kurdish YPG fighter in action - YouTube


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Tin Anniversary of Riding Hussein Kamel to the Ground

Eyes Wide Shut on the Iraq War

February 24, 2013

Edior Note: As the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War approaches, it’s worth recalling one moment when the curtain was prematurely lifted on the lies justifying the invasion – and how quickly government officials and the complicit mainstream press pulled it back down.

By Ray McGovern

Ten years ago, as President George W. Bush and his administration were putting the finishing touches on their unprovoked invasion of Iraq, the mainstream U.S. news media had long since capitulated, accepting the conventional wisdom that nothing could – or should – stop the march to war.

A new video by Class War Films: 'Financial Crime'


Class War Films, the brainchild of three filmmakers, Lanny Cotler, and Paul and Jason Edwards, have offered to provide ThisCantBeHappening! with occasional short videos on topics like this, military spending, political fraud, financial crime, etc. They are working on creating a website, which will be called, which should be functioning "soon" we are informed.

We're happy here at TCBH! to be able to help get their films out to a wider public.


More Economic Straight Talk


More Economic Straight Talk


by Stephen Lendman


There's far too little of it around. TV talking heads shun it. All's well in the world, they say. They don't dare report accurately. Their jobs depend on manipulative deception.


Financial truisms bear repeating. Money creation madness assures trouble. Irrational exuberance follows. So do bubbles. 


Washington Whitewashes Israeli Murder


Washington Whitewashes Israeli Murder


by Stephen Lendman


Why not. It whitewashes its own. Washington is a rogue terror state. So is Israel. It denigrates non-Jews. It's waged war on Palestine for decades. It's guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Its rap sheet makes serial killers look saintly.


TSA lying to passengers? Nothing new, by Lisa Simeone

As we’ve indicated umpteen times (yes, I, too get tired of having to use that phrase) and as the TSA itself indicates on its own website, photographing, videotaping, or otherwise recording at the TSA checkpoint is legal.

The only time it isn’t legal is when a specific airport indicates by a public sign that that particular airport in that particular jurisdiction has regulations against it. And that’s very few airports.

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