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Syria News - Mar 14


Kerry Urges Syria Opposition to Unite, Talk to Assad with the aim of forming a "transitional government" -

Russia warns UK against arming Syrian rebels, says it is violation of international law - The Guardian

UNICEF fears a 'lost generation' of Syrian children -

Save the Children: Children of Syria struggle to survive - The Chronicle Herald

How the new $60 million of Syria aid is being spent - Foreign Policy The Cable


Syria's Brotherhood calls for 'week of action' on revolt anniversary, blasts the international community for failing the Syrian people - Ahram Online

How the Muslim Brotherhood Hijacked Syria's Revolution -  Foreign Policy

Khatib may resign as Syria’s National Coalition leader over division on the formation of an interim government: report - 

Syria anti-regime protesters demonstrate against Al-Nusra - AFP

Kurds in Syria hoping for oil discoveries - Al Bawaba

Mortar Shells in Damascus Kill 3, Wound 50 - ABC News

EU representative killed outside Damascus - NOW

PHOTOS: Mass Rally in Aleppo in Support of Syrian Army - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Assad regime Arming Alawite Civilians -

VIDEO: Syrian Government pays salaried in rebel controlled areas - Jazeera


With Official Wink And Nod, Hundreds Of Young Saudis Join Syria's Rebels - NPR

Exclusive: Gaza Salafists Take Fight To Syria - Al-Monitor

Conflict in Syria creates wave of British jihadists - The Independent

At least 50 French citizens ‘waging jihad in Syria’ - FRANCE 24

'German' jihadist fighting in Syria (VIDEO) - The Sun

The Netherlands raises terror threat amid fears Dutch fighters returning from Syria may be traumatized and further radicalized   - NY Daily News

VIDEO: "If you were a man, we’d kill you’: Captive journalist tells RT how she escaped Syrian rebels — RT News

VIDEO: Rebels Beheading & Shooting Civilians In Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Some Minarets Gets destroy in Syria -


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Wrongheaded NYT Views When They're Right


Wrongheaded NYT Views When They're Right


by Stephen Lendman


On March 9, a Times editorial headlined "Repeal the Military Force Law." Reasons given omitted what's most important. More on that below.


Talk Nation Radio: Robert Fantina on War and the Bravery of Deserters

Robert Fantina discusses the courage of those who desert the military, including some 20,000 in the United States during the "global war on terra."  Fantina is the author of
Desertion and the American Soldier,
Look Not Unto the Morrow, and
Empire, Racism, and Genocide: A History of U.S. Foreign Policy.
He discusses all of these books on the program.

Total run time: 29:00

Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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Some European Media Showed Some Guts 10 Years Ago

An Unheeded Warning on Iraq

March 12, 2013

Editor Note: Ten years ago, as the clock was ticking down to George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, a campaign of U.S. government lies and exaggerations had convinced many Americans that they were the ones under threat. A few U.S. intelligence veterans spoke up, but were heard mostly in Europe and on the Internet.  This was the second of three Memoranda issued by the (then-newly formed) Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) before the US/UK attack on Iraq. (The first, addressed to President Bush, gave Colin Powell's speech a C-minus for content -- a far too charitable grade, in retrospect.)


DATE: March 12, 2003

MEMORANDUM FOR: Confused Americans

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

America's Retirement Crisis


America's Retirement Crisis


by Stephen Lendman


Decades of class war leaves most Americans nearing retirement woefully unprepared.


Since the mid-1970s, real wages haven't kept pace with inflation. Benefits steadily eroded. High-paying jobs disappeared. Improved technology forces wage earners to work harder for less. 


Penny Pritzker: Obama's Likely Commerce Secretary Choice


Penny Pritzker: Obama's Likely Commerce Secretary Choice


by Stephen Lendman


She's one of America's most powerful women. For sure she's one of the richest. Forbes estimates she's worth $1.85 billion. 


She's also heir to the Hyatt Hotels and Pritzker family fortune. It's net worth exceeds $20 billion. Some think it's much more. 


A Great American In History Hugo Chavez and the Knuckleheads


By John Grant

Sean Hannity grinned and seemed to bounce up and down like he was plugged into an electric socket as he ripped into Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president who had just succumbed to cancer. Hannity was joined in his death gloat by Michelle Malkin, one of the more delightfully odious voices on the far right.

Syria News - Mar 13



Cameron: Britain could go it alone in arming Syrian rebels, says that the government is prepared to veto a European arms embargo - Telegraph

U.S. spy chief says Syrian opposition remains disorganized and grappling with an infusion of militant foreign fighters - Reuters

CIA Ramps Up Role in Iraq As al Qaeda Fighters Cross Over From Syria (VIDEO) -

US condemns ‘terrorist’ attack on Assad’s troops in Iraq - DAWN.COM

France, Russia, US identifying Syrian officials for talks - AFP

Moscow Takes Issue with US interpretation of the Geneva Communiqué - RIA Novosti

Israel Likely to Be Next Target of Syrian Rebels, General Says - Bloomberg

Al-Nusra helped Turkey capture border gate bombing suspects: Report -

VIDEO: Brand new Croatian weapon being used by Syrian rebels -


Syria army ready to fight rebels 'for years': report - AFP

Syria denies declaration of general mobilization - Xinhua |

Media Source: No Truth in News about Issuing General Call for Conscription- SANA

Syrian forces kill 30 deserters in ambush - opposition - Reuters

Syria to buy aircraft from Ukraine, receives Russian aid - NOW

Syrian Druze: Toward Defiant Neutrality - Foreign Policy Research Institute

Syria: increasing incidence of religiously-motivated attacks against Christians - John Mark Ministries

Over 85 percent Palestinians fled Syria’s Yarmouk camp: UNRWA - Alarabiya

Syrian Kurds Bank on Big Oil Reserves - Al Akhbar English

Syrian Opposition Leader Warns About Partition, Rejects the Formation of an Interim Government - Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Chechyan Terrorists in Syria Threaten to Behead 13 Aleppo Resident -

VIDEO: Rebel school in Aleppo shows classes of women covered from head to toe in black Burqas -


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Obama Wants Lynne Stewart Dead


Obama Wants Lynne Stewart Dead


by Stephen Lendman


Lynne's 73. She's gravely ill.


Obama killed Chavez. He wants Lynne dead. Unjustifiable longterm imprisonment assures it. 


She's a breast cancer survivor. It reemerged. It's spreading.

Sen. Claire McCaskill gets groped by TSA

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill has finally gotten a taste of the medicine she and her fellow Congresspeople have shoved down the throats of the rest of us.

Read the rest at TSA News.

Turkey Targets Press Freedom


Turkey Targets Press Freedom


by Stephen Lendman


No country imprisons more journalists than Turkey. Ragip Zarakolu understands well. He's a prominent human rights activist/publisher. He's a former Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He's been maliciously targeted for years.


New York Times v. Hugo Chavez


New York Times v. Hugo Chavez


by Stephen Lendman


The Paper of Record's history is longstanding and unprincipled. It supports corporate and imperial interests. It deplores populist ones. It features managed news misinformation. It betrays its readers doing so.


When America goes to war or plans one, it marches in lockstep. It's comfortable with neoliberal harshness. It abhors progressive politics. It supports wrong over right.

Syria News - Mar 12



EU Foreign Ministers Split on Arms to Syria, Britain, Italy join France in supporting military aid while Germany, Sweden, others reject it - VOA

UK’s £20m weapons gift to Syria rebels, ­including rifles, machine guns and ­missiles - Daily Star.

Uncharitable Organizations: Islamist charities are bankrolling terror groups across the Middle East and pretending it's aid work - Foreign Policy

Saudi spy agency funds al-Nusra terrorists in Syria: Report - Strategic Culture Foundation

Al Qaeda claims killing of Syrian soldiers and state employees in Iraq - Reuters

Syrian Rebels: 'Conquer Golan, Refuse Israeli Aid' - Israel National News

VIDEO: Syria rebels vow to 'liberate Golan Heights' -

Russian Navy Starts Forming Mediterranean Task Force - RIA Novosti

Turkey refutes claim it denies shelter to Christian Syrians -


Rebel Mortar attack in Damascus kills 6 civilians, It struck a Christian neighborhood and a football stadium at game time - Yahoo! News

20 Bodies Found in Aleppo’s Quelq River -

VIDEO: Bodies pulled out of river in Aleppo -

Captive Ukrainian journalist escapes Syrian rebels, The kidnappers, members of the Free Syrian Army, had repeatedly threatened to kill her-  RT News

VIDEO: Ukrainian Journalist Held Hostage By Terrorists in Syria Escapes Them -

Child Martyred, Nine Injured after Targeting Kindergarten Micro-bus by Terrorists - Real Syria Updates

Syria Islamist rebels set up religious eastern council, It includes the jihadist Al-Nusra Front - NOW

FSA Implement Soft Sharia Law in Aleppo - Asharq Al-Awsat

Syrian Christians Flee Their Villages as Islamist Rebels Take Over - BCNN1

Syria's priceless heritage under attack, One report claims $2bn worth of artefacts have already left the country - BBC News.

Belgian Sources: Nearly 70 Belgian Nationals Fighting with Terrorists in Syria - Real Syria Updates

Valls: Dozens of French Jihadists are in Syria - Real Syria Updates

'Indian-origin jihadis' fighting in Syria against Assad regime - The Times of India

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Raise AlQaeda Flag After Beheading 7 Civilians -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels drag around with hollowed-out heads -

VIDEO: Islamo fascists torturing civilian "Dirlewanger" style -


Rival Kurdish Parties Clash in Syria - Al-Monitor

Syria Kurds decline controlling Raqqa oil field - Kurdpress News Aganecy

Women of Rojava building a free society in Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) Factor Forces Turkey to Have a Peace Process with the PKK - ekurd


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Are John Brennan's Wings Clipped?

John Brennan’s Heavy Baggage

March 11, 2013

Editor Note: After a messy confirmation — which asked new questions about drone assassinations and old questions about enhanced interrogations — John Brennan has taken over at CIA. But his past may not be so easily forgotten in a world looking for accountability.

By Ray McGovern

John Brennan brings heavy baggage to his new job as CIA Director – legal as well as moral – arguably making it risky for him to travel to more than 150 countries that are party to the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

Sex Added to Latest Lockheed Martin Corruption

If Maryland is stopped in its efforts to force Montgomery County to give Lockheed Martin millions of dollars, we may never know whether that could have been done without sex.  And that's a shame.  Yet it certainly should be reported that, according to Maryland Juice, "a lobbyist for Lockheed Martin may be dating one of the bill's sponsors in the State Senate. Several Annapolis sources are now indicating to Maryland Juice that State Senator Rob Garagiola is currently romantically involved with lobbyist Hannah Powers of the Alexander & Cleaver firm. But Garagiola is a sponsor of the Lockheed welfare bill, and Powers is a lobbyist for Lockheed. If true, this seems like a massive conflict of interest."

Thomas Perez: Obama's Labor Secretary Choice


Thomas Perez: Obama's Labor Secretary Choice


by Stephen Lendman


Throughout his tenure, Obama waged war on labor. Perez won't change things. He'll replace Hilda Solis. She resigned in January. She accomplished little in four years. 


She's the daughter of immigrant union members. She failed to deliver as promised. She pledged to make a difference and didn't. Expect little change from Perez. More on him below.

Mid-April Venezuelan Presidential Elections Scheduled


Mid-April Venezuelan Presidential Elections Scheduled


by Stephen Lendman


Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) President Tibisay Lucena announced Sunday, April 14. Acting President Nicolas Maduro carries Chavez's torch. 


He'll do it responsibly. Millions of Venezuelans depend on him. He won't them down. It won't be easy. He faces enormous obstacles. So did Chavez.

The Illegitimacy of the US "Global War on Terror"

by Debra Sweet, Drector, World Can't Wait              Two recent stories powerfully capture the illegitimacy of the US "global war on terror." 1. The former Obama press secretary says he was told to deny US drone program existed.  For four years, the President has been expanding U.S. use of drones, while developing the execution and legal justification for the targeted killing policy. A military drone program has finally been admitted, and there is fierce struggle over the CIA drone program, delaying the confirmation of John Brennan as CIA Secretary.

TSA thugs miss another one — undercover agent with fake bomb in his pants, by Amy Alkon

They’re always there to cup your genitals — because the TSA’s unskilled workers violating your body and your rights aren’t about security. They’re about jobs for people who’d otherwise be out of work, money for the connected Chertoffs of the world, and training you to be obedient when your rights are yanked from you.

Read the rest at TSA News.

True, He’s the First Black President But Obama’s the Worst President Ever


By Ron Ridenour

Yes, I mean it: the worst ever!

We’ve had James Monroe and his doctrine of supremacy over Latin America. We’ve had Theodore Roosevelt and his invasion of Cuba; Nixon, Reagan, Bush-Bush and their mass murder, and all the war crimes and genocide committed by most presidents. Yes, but we never had a black man sit on the white throne of imperialism committing war crimes.

A Nation Mourns


A Nation Mourns


by Stephen Lendman


Venezuelans mourn their great loss. Visceral grief pervades the country. Chavez gave so much to so many. He cared. He showed it. He made a difference. He accomplished so much in 14 years.


The torch passes. On Friday, Nicolas Maduro was sworn in. He's acting president. New elections will follow in about 30 days. Maduro vowed to continue what Chavez began.

Israeli Violence on International Women's Day


Israeli Violence on International Women's Day


by Stephen Lendman


Police state harshness reflects official Israeli policy. Palestinians are ruthlessly targeted. On March 8, Israeli security forces stormed the Al Aqsa mosque. 


It wasn't the first time. It won't be last. They did so on International Women's Day. They commemorated it violently. More on that below.

Maryland: A Government of, by, and for Lockheed Martin

What's the world's biggest war profiteer to do if it already owns the federal government but is having trouble kicking around the local government of Montgomery County, Maryland, where it's headquartered?  Why, hire the state of Maryland to step in, of course. 

Lockheed Martin lives by killing, although nobody ever gives it a background check before allowing it another weapon.  Such a background check would reveal Lockheed Martin to be the number one top offender among U.S. government contractors.  When Congress was defunding ACORN for imaginary crimes alleged by a fraudster who is now having to compensate his victims, one Congresswoman proposed a bill to defund government contractors actually guilty of crimes.  Passing such a bill would strip Lockheed Martin of some 80% of its income. 

The list of abuses by Lockheed Martin includes contract fraud, unfair business practices, kickbacks, mischarges, inflated costs, defective pricing, improper pricing, unlicensed exporting to foreign nations (Lockheed Martin sells weapons to governments of all sorts around the world), air and water pollution, fraud, bribery, federal election law violations, overbilling, radiation exposure, age discrimination, illegal transfer of information to China, falsification of testing records, embezzlement, racial discrimination, retaliation against whistleblowers, bid-rigging, and much more.

Why, one might ask, does the federal government give such a company a dime, much less $40 billion per year?  Why is it intent on dumping over a trillion dollars into Lockheed Martin for the most expensive and least functioning airplane in history, the F-35?  Lockheed not only funds Republicans and Democrats alike with over $3 million per election cycle, lobbies officials for another $30 million, hires former officials, and shapes corporate news, but Lockheed Martin also creates local panics by threatening to notify every one of its employees that they might be fired if U.S. war preparations spending doesn't continue to grow. 

The pseudo-debate of recent years between those who want to cut healthcare and retirement spending and those who oppose all cuts is a debate that any news outlet interested in selling advertising to Lockheed Martin can accept without hesitation.  A debate over what we actually should cut and what we should instead invest in more heavily would be a different matter.

Of course, we can all send emails to Congress.  Lockheed Martin can too.  But Lockheed Martin, unlike the rest of us, also owns the email system through which Congress receives our communications.

Lockheed Martin is based in suburban Washington, D.C., in Montgomery County, Md.  For years, Lockheed Martin and its friends at the Washington Post have been trying to get the local government to excuse the patrons of Lockheed Martin's luxury hotel from paying taxes.  Montgomery County is home to terrific peace activists who can, of course, get virtually nowhere with Congress, but who can make their voices heard locally.  This has frustrated Lockheed Martin no end.  I recommend reading this article by Jean Athey from a year ago, describing the work she and others have done.  An excerpt:

"Let's put this tax exemption proposal in perspective by taking a quick look at Lockheed Martin's finances. In 2010 the company took home $3.9 billion in profits from the portion of its business that is paid directly by taxpayers (84 percent). Lockheed Martin's CEO, Robert Stevens, received $21.9 million in compensation in 2011.  So this company is doing quite well for itself, thanks to the taxpayers, and our largesse will continue into the future. . . . When Lockheed Martin's own employees stay at the CLE, according to the Post, the corporation passes on the costs of the hotel tax to the appropriate federal contract. In other words, Lockheed Martin is already compensated by the federal government for any lodging costs the company incurs, and given federal procurement regulations, the company can charge indirect costs on top of the local taxes it pays. This means that Lockheed Martin gets its money back, with interest, on its employee lodging costs.  Even if Lockheed Martin didn't get that money back, it would still make no sense to exempt this extremely wealthy company from paying a tax on employee lodging costs. The company also invites contractors and vendors to stay at the hotel. Why should these people not be required to pay a tax that they would pay if they instead chose to stay at the Marriott?  In reality, Lockheed Martin rents rooms to more than its employees, contractors and vendors. It uses its world-class conference center for . . . conferences. . . . It is extraordinary that the company would make an issue of this tax. Although the amount of money—$450,000 per year—is significant to Montgomery County, it is essentially a rounding error for Lockheed Martin.  There's more: not only are Lockheed Martin and The Washington Post furious at the county council for questioning the wisdom of a special million-dollar gift to Lockheed Martin to compensate it for having to pay the tax. They are also still irate that in 2011 the council briefly considered a non-binding resolution asking Congress to support the needs of local communities and cut military spending. Lockheed Martin suddenly had a job for a few of its 91 lobbyists: kill the resolution, which they did."

Here's Jean Athey, speaking this Saturday about the latest developments:

"Lockheed Martin lost the battle in 2011 to convince Montgomery County's council to change the definition of 'hotel' so as to exempt guests at the company's luxury hotel from being subject to a 7% hotel tax that everyone else has to pay. Now, Maryland's state government is considering a bill to force the county to do so, and it looks very likely to pass. This is an unbelievable and outrageous example of corporate welfare, designed for one of the wealthiest companies in the nation.  The bill is also an egregious example of state interference in a local issue and so further diminishes democracy."

This latest outrage has passed a state senate committee, and a companion bill is being considered by the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Delegates.  Here's the Washington Post.  This bill (PDF) would force Montgomery County to exempt Lockheed Martin's conference hotel from the county's hotel tax. In addition, it requires the County to reimburse Lockheed Martin $1.4 million for taxes it has paid the County to date for hotel taxes.

The state legislature, in introducing this bill, did not go through the county delegation prior to presenting it, even though the bill will only affect Montgomery County. Senator Jamie Raskin, for example, only found out about the bill Saturday morning.  He opposes it. 

He should oppose it.  We all should.  There is still a glimmer of representative government in some of our localities.  People are able to get involved in local issues, have some influence, and see majority opinion rule the day.  This is, of course, why people concerned about national and international issues take resolutions to local governments.  Unlike Congress, local governments sometimes listen.  But sometimes when they listen too much, state governments or the federal government will step in and overrule them. 

This is an assault on democracy, not just on the budget of Montgomery County and the balance of wealth in a nation that has created a Wall-Street-and-War-Making aristocracy.  When I worked for ACORN we used to pass restrictions on predatory lending or increases in minimum wages at the local level.  Then the banks or the hotels and restaurants would go to the state level and preempt them.  This was an outrage, but what did ACORN members really count for after all?  Some of them were probably on welfare!

Well, what should we call a tax break for one of the most profitable corporations in the nation, a tax break on expenses it's going to bill to the government anyway?  I'd call it welfare for the undeserving rich, except that it's not really about their welfare.  It's about their insatiable greed.

If you live in Maryland or even if you don't, please contact the legislature to oppose Senate Bill 631 and House Bill 815.  Lockheed Martin is using national resources (ours, in fact, courtesy of the Pentagon and NASA) to turn the state of Maryland against the people of Maryland.  Why shouldn't those of us who care speak up, too, and ask everyone we know in Maryland to do the same?

Senate sponsor:  Nancy King:

Senate cosponsors:
James Degrange:
Jennie Forehand:
Rob Garagiola:
Katherine Klausmeier:
Roger Manno:
Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.
Douglas Peters:

House sponsor:  Anne Kaiser:

House cosponsors:
Kumar Barve:
Jon Cardin:
Brian Feldman:
C. William Frick:
Guy Guzzone:
Jolene Ivey:
Eric Luedtke:
Aruna Miller:
John Olszewski:
Kirill Reznik:

Syrian Death Squad Invaders Seize UN Peacekeepers


Syrian Death Squad Invaders Seize UN Peacekeepers


by Stephen Lendman


At this writing, efforts to secure their release continue. Reports suggest freeing them on Saturday likely. 


UN officials hoped to do so Friday. Unsafe conditions and darkness delayed things. So does dealing with rogue killers.


Chavez: Visionary Leader Extraordinaire


Chavez: Visionary Leader Extraordinaire 


by Stephen Lendman


He and Castro matter most. They don't come any better. They transformed their countries responsibly. Doing so made the impossible possible. They did it against long odds. They won over hearts and minds.


Serial Killer Heads CIA


Serial Killer Heads CIA


by Stephen Lendman


Chalmers Johnson called the CIA the president's private army. Imperial Rome had its praetorian guard. It served and protected emperors. 


Syria News - Mar 9



Lavrov: Assad has made it clear he has no intention of resigning, Russia won't pressure him - BBC News

VIDEO: Russia won't pressure Assad, says Lavrov - BBC News

Russia could consider arms embargo on Syria if steps taken to suppress weapons supplies to the Syrian opposition: Lavrov - Voice of Russia

West training Syrian rebels in Jordan, There had so far been no "green light" for the forces being trained to be sent into Syria -

Croatian newspaper: In the last 4 months 75 planes transferred 3000 tons of weapons for Syrian rebels -

VIDEOS: Croatian Weapons Given to the Rebels in Syria - Real Syria Updates

Damascus briefs UN on transfer of Libyan, Saudi arms, militants to Syria - Strategic Culture Foundation

Turkish Main Opposition Party Chief Kilicdaroglo: Erdogan Government's Policies against Syria are Dangerous and a Failure- SANA

VIDEO: Turkish Government and Opposition Go Head To Head over the Syrian Crisis in Parliament - PressTV

Syria PM and Maliki Discuss Bilateral Relations on the Phone - SANA

Syria thanks BRICS for support against West - NOW

A Divided Society: The Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Lebanon - The Jamestown Foundation

Jabhat al-Nusra and Hezbollah In First Confrontation - Al-Monitor

Rebels: Hizbullah training thousands in Bekaa Valley to turn tide in Syrian war - World Tribune


U.N.: Efforts to free peacekeepers to resume Saturday - CBS News

Free Syrian Army offers Golan kidnapping "clarification" - NOW

Richard Engel Reveals a Diary of His Syrian Kidnapping—and How His Captors Terrorized Their Victims - Vanity Fair

75 percent of the Syria-Turkey border is controlled by al-Qaeda, while the rest is controlled by the PKK : Al-Assad -

Al Nusrah Front  executes two more suicide attacks in Homs - The Long War Journal

Nusra Front to provide assistance to Homs battalions: source - YALLA SOURIYA

Al-Manar Website Uncovers Internal Document for Al-Nusra Front -

Syria: Concern over lack of Christian representation on Aleppo council - Christian Today

VIDEO [ENG Subs]: Syrian Rebels Beat And Humiliate the Eccentric 'Yellow Man' in Aleppo -


Syrian women refugees have ‘little to celebrate’ on March 8 - The Jordan Times

Syrian crisis forces young women into early marriages - Wausau Daily Herald 

Desperate, Some Fleeing Syria Turn to Prostitution - ABC News


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Oprah at Harvard


Oprah at Harvard


by Stephen Lendman


Harvard's Crimson announced it. Oprah will deliver Harvard's 362nd Commencement address.


Journalistic Malpractice at the Post and the Times Rejecting the Offer of Evidence of US War Crimes


 By Dave Lindorff

Thanks to the courageous action of Private Bradley Manning, the young soldier who has been held for over two years by the US military on trumped-up charges including espionage and aiding the enemy, we now have solid evidence that the country’s two leading news organizations, the Washington Post and the New York Times, are not interesting in serious reporting critical of the government.

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