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Murder, Inc: Official US Policy


Murder, Inc: Official US Policy


by Stephen Lendman


America does it wholesale and retail. Obama's wars increase body counts. They mount daily. Special forces death squads in over 120 countries add their own. 


So do covert CIA agents. They're licensed to kill. They do it globally.  FBI assassins operate domestically. Doing so belies their "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity" motto. 


Syria News June 1



Russia to sell at least 10 MiG fighters to Syria - Yahoo! News

Moscow threatens to speed missiles to Syria but also offers to delay - Reuters

Russia unlikely to send S-300 missiles to Syria before autumn: Interfax - reuters

Syria's new anti-aircraft missiles will be game-changing, say defense analysts - The Guardian

U.S. and Germany warn Russia against sending missiles to Syria  - NY Daily News

The Washington Post publish a request from a Syrian army general to a Russian arms supplier with a detail list of weapons - Washington Post

US officials: Iran may be on invite list for Syria conference - Washington Times

NATO Secretary General rejects western military role in Syria - CBS News

POLL: Americans Oppose U.S. Military Involvement in Syria - Gallup

VIDEO: The Gallup President  on the Syria poll- YouTube

EU to relax banking sanctions to help Syrian rebels - Reuters

Conflict with Syrian Could Win Ankara a Saudi Order for Altay Main Battle Tanks - Defense Update


Syria opposition says reinforcements reach Qusair, a Qatari-backed armed group close to the Muslim Brotherhood, entered the besieged town - AFP

Hezbollah's involvement in Syria draws retaliation by Syrian rebels against Lebanese - Fox News

Hezbollah urges Hamas members and officials to ‘leave Lebanon immediately’, decision comes as response to Hamas’ role against Assad - Middle East Online

Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria - Telegraph

Syria: Hezbollah versus Hamas - SyriaNews

Hamas chief Mashaal: Assad Refused Political Solution - Israel National News

Balance of power in Syria war shifting in Assad’s favor as troops move steadily against rebels - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Syrian rebel fighter says his side is losing out to Assad and Hezbollah in the battle for the critical city of Qusayr - Blogs

Insight: Saudi edges Qatar to control Syrian rebel support - Reuters

Kuwaiti Charities Funding Militant Groups (VIDEO) -

Captive journalist: Syrian guerillas are ‘simple country folk with no clear ideology’ - Interviews - Panorama | Armenian news

Jihadists in Syria wage a propaganda war – against each other - The Observers

Syria has become the theatre for international jihad - Telegraph


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TSA milks scanner story, scanners still in airports, our rights still violated, by Lisa Simeone


Of course the TSA is getting PR mileage out of its recent (forced) decision on the strip-search scanners, and the credulous media are only too happy to play along.

Read the rest at TSA News.

Concerns that New FBI Director Is Being Selected to Preserve "'War on Terror' Mentality"

Today (Friday May 31) the Institute for Public Accuracy, 980 National Press Building, Washington, D.C., (202) 247-0020 * put out the following press release, based on my comments and questions for  James Comey, reported to be Obama's nominee to replace Robert Mueller as head of the FBI.


Watch this TSA grope and tell me it has anything to do with security, by Amy Alkon

This story has been all over the news recently. (Ashley Jessica’s heart is in the right place, even if her use of anatomical nomenclature isn’t. I’m putting that out there right at the top to head off the inevitable criticism. -Editor)

Read the rest at TSA News.

Israel Threatens Syria


Israel Threatens Syria


by Stephen Lendman


Self-defense is inviolable. It's a fundamental right. International law affirms it. On May 29, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Washington supports Israel's right to defend itself. 


Israeli-style defense is offense. It hasn't been attacked in 40 years. It faces no regional threats now except ones it invents. It prioritizes violence, conflict and instability. 


CIA Global Renditions


CIA Global Renditions


by Stephen Lendman


Extraordinary renditions include arbitrary abductions and extrajudicial transfers from one country to another. Targeted individuals are called terrorists. 


Corroborating evidence isn't needed. What Washington says goes. Rogue hegemons operate that way. 


Syria News May 31



Syria's Assad 'confident in victory' in civil war, says Russia has fulfilled some of its weapons contracts but he is vague on S-300 air defense systems - AP

VIDEO (English): Bashar Al-Assad full interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV channel - Friends of Syria

Transcript of the full interview given by President al-Assad to Lebanese Al-Manar TV- SANA

Doubts Cast Over Reported S-300 Deliveries to Syria - Voice of Russia 

No Russian air defense missiles in Syrian hands, say US officials - Fox News

Israel says wants to avoid escalation with Syria - AFP

Israel could defeat advanced missiles in Syria, but with risks - Reuters

Assad begins to gain upper hand in Syrian civil war -

VIDEO: Qusayr battle swings in Assad's favour - YouTube

Report: Syrian forces kill American, British citizen fighting with the rebels -

‘Alawite State’ in Syria Not in the Cards - Al-Monitor


Syrian opposition to boycott Geneva talks, says it will not take part in planned summit until siege of Qusayr ends - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: SNC's George Sabra announces boycott of Geneva talks - YouTube

Syrian opposition admits liberals to anti-Assad coalition under pressure to broaden its Islamist-dominated leadership - Yahoo! News

Russian, U.S. and U.N. officials to meet on June 5, to discuss ways to bring the warring sides in Syria together for a peace conference - Yahoo! News

Ban: No accord on Syria talks participants, timing - AFP

Russia Angry Over US Talk About Syria No-Fly Zone - ABC News


Report: Turkish Police foil al-Nusra bomb attack planned for Adana, two kilograms of sarin gas allegedly found in the homes of suspects detained - todayszaman

VIDEO: Report: Al-Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra Caught Allegedly with Sarin Gas inside Turkey - YouTube

UN adds al-Nusra to UN sanctions blacklist -

McCain responds to accusations claiming that the Syrian rebels he was photographed with were involved in kidnapping Lebanese Shiite pilgrims -

VIDEO: FSA Merges with Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo -

VIDEO: FSA Head General Idriss Defends Nusra Front Terrorists in Syria - YouTube

Al Qaeda training facility opens in Syria - Washington Free Beacon

VIDEO: Al Qaeda Trains Children in Syria - YouTube


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Forget droning on about changed policies: President Obama will have to Prove He’s a Changed Man

By Dave Lindorff

Some on the left are writing hopefully these days that perhaps President Obama has finally realized he needs to back off on his warlike posture on drones and the War on Terror. They are seeing his talk about scaling back the use of drone killing machines and of reconsidering or “investigating” recent Justice Department attacks on the press and its use of leaks by government whistle-blowers, as a sign that he is perhaps regaining his constitutional senses and perhaps even “moving” to the left to rebuild support he has been losing in droves.

Bilderberg June 6 - 9 Conference


Bilderberg June 6 - 9 Conference


by Stephen Lendman


Its four-day meeting occurs annually. It's a rite of spring. British political economist Will Hutton calls the group the "high priests of globalization." Powerful movers and shakers have their own agenda. 


Pacifist Terms Obama "Force for Destruction"

By Sherwood Ross

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. --- Overall, President Obama has been “a force for destruction” who has “advanced inequality, wealth concentration, deportations, imprisonments, and the de-funding of basic services in order to fund banks, billionaires, and bombers,” distinguished peace activist David Swanson says.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Swanson, a former staff aide to Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaigns, said Obama has done nothing  to better the lot of the nation’s poor, including Americans in the ghettos, apart from reducing “the disparity in crack-powder cocaine sentencing.”

Noting that Obama has attempted to identify himself with the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Swanson was asked if he saw any resemblance. His reply was “Two eyes and two ears and two feet and in Obama’s case two mouths. He got a Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything for peace,” Swanson said. “So did King, and King followed through and retroactively earned it. Perhaps that led to the ludicrous bestowing of the prize on Obama, who proceeded to give a pro-war acceptance speech in which he insultingly and arrogantly denounced King’s approach to world change.”

Asked if either Obama or his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might carry out their threat to make a nuclear attack on Iran, Swanson said, “I think they are willing to and would find joy in it. Watch the video of Clinton laughing over the killing of (Libya’s ruler Muammar) Gaddafi. Watch the video of her talking about ‘obliterating’ Iran. She takes obvious pleasure in such talk, as does Obama. I don’t think it’s at the top of their to-do list, but as long as they allow Israel and Congress to roll ahead, as long as they support the propaganda against Iran, as long as they pursue sanctions as an ‘alternative’ to war that usually brings war closer, the danger will grow.”

Swanson was asked if the U.S. could defeat powerful enemies Germany and Japan in three and one half year in World War II how it has been in Afghanistan for well over a decade with no victory in sight, and whether this was not a deliberate plan to continue a high level of military funding.

“Motivations clearly include irrational machoistic power, financial profit, election campaigning, domination of territories and resources, and the inertia of the war machine,” Swanson said. “I don’t think there’s just one reason, but I think all the reasons are bad ones.”

He went on to say, “I agree that many want to keep the wars going, including those so deluded as to imagine that wars produce jobs. Connecticut’s new commission to plan economic conversion is the most encouraging step I’ve seen in a long time. Forty-nine states need to sit up and take notice.”

Asked why there is so little popular opposition to President Obama’s warlike policies compared to the public outcry during the Viet Nam war, Swanson replied: “Less of it (the opposition) is shown in corporate media, resulting in its actual diminishment. The propaganda---including the lie that people are impotent to effect change -- has become much slicker. People are directed into entertainment, ignorance, and ineffective types of activism, above all electoral campaigning.”

“Our schools are worse, our news media is worse, our political system is more corrupted. Propagandists and recruiters are more skilled. The draft is a poverty draft, presented as a favor to its direct victims rather than an assault on them. And knowledge of the crimes to be protested barely exists. A majority of Americans believes Iraq benefitted from a war that destroyed Iraq. People won’t protest that which they don’t know about.”

Asked how deeply totalitarianism is ingrained in American life, Swanson said that “Americans are among the most obedient and subservient people around. We imagine just the reverse and certainly our tendency toward obedience competes with out tendency toward independence and rebellion. But the majority of politically engaged Americans radically alter their demands depending on which of two very similar political parties is in the White House, accept imperial powers for presidents without thought, ingest corporate propaganda without resistance, and believe that even popular activism is dependent on the divine appearance of an all-powerful leader.”

Swenson went on to say, “A majority of Americans oppose drone murders of Americans but support drone murders of non-Americans. A majority of Americans want different rules for their country and other, lesser countries, including accepting the launching of wars on other nations, whether for genocidal or humanitarian reasons.”

Asked what it will take to get the pacifist message through to the multitudes, Swanson replied, “It may take some combination of independent media and infiltration of corporate media. The latter will only effectively follow the former. So our priorities are backwards right now. We need a much greater emphasis on building independent journalism. And we need a movement to educate people to rely on it. If potential activists won’t take anything seriously that they don’t see on corporate media, it does us little good to get it to them by other means.”

Swanson hosts “Talk Nation Radio” and is the author of numerous anti-war books that have drawn wide attention and praise. These include “The Military Industrial Complex at 50” and “War Is A lie.”


(Sherwood Ross formerly contributed weekly columns to United Press International and Reuters. He is now a national public relations consultant based in Miami, Florida.  Reach him at )

Justice American Style: The Obama War on Dissent

Justice American Style: The Obama War on Dissent

The International Court of Justice in 1996 unanimously interpreted the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty as, "There exists an obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a conclusion negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament in all its aspects under strict and effective international control."

Transform Now Plowshares

An Anti-War Blockbuster

There's no end to the pro-war movies we're subjected to: countless celebrations of bombs, guns, and torture.  They come in the form of cartoons, science-fiction, historical fiction, dramas, and reenactments pre-censored by the CIA.  Movies show us the excitement without the suffering.  War in our theaters resembles almost anything else more than it resembles war.

Journalists appear in our movies too, usually as comic figures, talking-head air-heads, numskulls, and sycophants.  In this case, the depiction is much more accurate, at least of much of what passes for journalism.

But, starting in June, a remarkable anti-war / pro-journalism film will be showing -- even more remarkably -- in big mainstream movie theaters.  Dirty Wars (I've read the book and seen the movie and highly recommend both) may be one of the best educational outreach opportunities the peace movement has had in a long time.  The film, starring Jeremy Scahill, is about secretive aspects of U.S. wars: imprisonment, torture, night raids, drone kills.

Dirty Wars won the Cinematography Award for U.S. Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 and, recently, the Grand Jury Prize at the Boston Independent Film Festival.  Variety calls it "jaw-dropping ... [with] the power to pry open government lockboxes."  The Sundance jury said it is "one of the most stunning looking documentaries [we've] ever seen."  I agree.

Typically, information that does not support our government's war agenda appears only on the printed page, or perhaps in a power-point presented to the usual heroic crowd of aging white activists gathered outside the range of corporate radar.  But stroll through an airport and you'll see hardcopies of Dirty Wars displayed at the front of the bookstores.  Check out the movie listings in June and July, and you're likely to see Dirty Wars listed right alongside the latest super-hero, murderfest, sequel of a sequel of some predictable Hollywood hackery.

I wrote a review of the book some time back, after which I picked up a job helping to promote the film.  But I'm promoting the film because it's a great film, which is different from calling it a great film because I'm paid to promote it.  And my interest remains less in selling the film tickets than in recruiting those who see the film into an active movement to change the reality on which the film reports.

This is not Zero Dark Thirty.  You can't walk into Dirty Wars supporting drone strikes, night raids, and cluster bombs and walk out with your beliefs reinforced.  Most viewers of Dirty Wars will leave the theater believing that U.S. wars make the United States less safe.  In that moment, when people who are usually otherwise engaged have come to realize that the Department of So-Called Defense endangers us (on top of impoverishing us) is when we should sign those people up to take part in activities the following week and month and year.

The film opens by contrasting embedded war journalism -- the regurgitation of spoon-fed propaganda -- with what the viewer is about to see.  And what we see is investigative journalism.  The film begins by providing us with an understanding of night raids, including from the point of view of family members who have survived them.  We see the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tell Scahill that night raids that kills civilians should not be investigated.  And then we see Scahill investigate them, his search leading him to secretive branches of the U.S. military involved in a variety of dirty tactics in various countries.

The film does have a failing.  It doesn't tell people anything they can do about the horrors they're exposed to.  But, of course, activism is possible and far more effective than any journalism -- good or bad -- will tell you. 

One of the stories told in the film and the book of Dirty Wars is the story of the destruction of al Majala.  On December 17, 2009, U.S. Tomahawk missiles and incendiary cluster bombs rained down on the tiny Yemeni village of al Majala, killing 21 children, 14 women, and 6 men, and burning all the homes and their contents. The government of Yemen falsely claimed responsibility.  Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye disproved that claim.

Shaye reported on the carnage, including photographing missile parts labeled "Made in the United States."  He reported on subsequent U.S. strikes in Yemen, working with the Washington Post, ABC News, Al Jazeera, and other outlets.

Shaye is in prison in Yemen for the crime of journalism, at the insistence of President Obama.  A coalition has launched a petition today urging Obama and Yemen to set Shaye free.  Fans of Dirty Wars who want to begin to do something to end the crimes committed in their names can be sent to

While the United States was searching for its citizen Anwar Awlaki to kill him, Shaye repeatedly tracked him down and interviewed him.  These were tough and serious interviews, with Shaye asking Awlaki how he could possibly support acts of violence.  Awlaki's image was not helped.  But the U.S. government began warning media outlets not to work with Shaye, falsely accusing him of supporting al Qaeda.  The Yemeni government kidnapped Shaye, threatened and released him, then snatched him again and gave him a one-sided "trial," universally denounced as a sham by human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

On February 2, 2011, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, under public pressure, had drawn up, printed out, and was prepared to sign a pardon of Shaye.  But Saleh received a phone call from President Barack Obama, who opposed release of the journalist.  Saleh ripped up the pardon.

The White House is feeling a little pressure over recent revelations of government spying on and seeking the prosecution of U.S. journalists.  It took the targeting of a U.S. journalist for prosecution to start people like Chuck Todd and Dana Milbank chattering about Obama treating journalism as a crime.  But have you heard U.S. media outlets raising concerns over the imprisonment of a Yemeni journalist at the instruction of the U.S. president? 

There is much else that we are not regularly told to be found in Dirty Wars.  Organizations that would like to help promote this film and organize around it in U.S. cities should contact me.  With any luck, together we'll change the conversation to one aware of and unaccepting of acts of murder anywhere on earth.

Obama's Anti-Populist Agenda


Obama's Anti-Populist Agenda


by Stephen Lendman


Obama's a reliable corporate tool. He serves powerful monied interests. He spurns populist ones. He's done so throughout his tenure. He's unfit to serve.


Since taking office, he targeted America's most disadvantaged. He wants deeper Medicare and Medicaid cuts than already instituted on his watch. He wants Social Security benefits reduced.


Israel Threatens Russia


Israel Threatens Russia


by Stephen Lendman


Israel gives chutzpah new meaning. War on humanity defines its agenda. It's partnered with Washington's war on Syria.


It's heading perhaps toward greater intervention. It warned Russia about supplying Syria with sophisticated defensive anti-aircraft missiles. It said Israel will react in response. More on that below.


Syria News May 30



Syrian official: Assad will remain president until 2014, referendum needed on any peace deal - The Washington Post

Syria opposition makes demands before peace conference: Assad "must resign, alongside the heads of the military and security forces" - AFP

Syrian army seizes strategic air base near Qusair - Yahoo! News

Elite Syrian and Hezbollah troops in pivotal battle for Qusayr -

Interview with President al-Assad to Lebanese al-Manar TV to Be Broadcast Thursday - SANA

‘The real problem is the Syrian opposition,’ says veteran dissident Kilo - English

Syria activists say national coalition fails to act for grassroots - AFP

Statement Issued by the Revolutionary Movement in Syria - Local coordination committees of Syria

How We Lost The Syrian Revolution, How the uprising calling for freedom and human rights degenerated into an orgy of bloodthirsty sectarian violence - Al-Monitor

Fourth man ‘kidnapped’ with Syrian bishops -

Services collapsing in Syrian rebel-controlled areas - Ynetnews

Syria’s Oil Output Shrinks 95% Since Conflict – Minister - RIA Novosti

VIDEO: Syrian Army Retakes Dabaa Military Base - Qusayr -

VIDEO: Radical Wahhabis Bulldoze Historic Mausoleum of Prophet Abraham in Syria's Raqqa Province - YouTube


U.N. Rights Council’s Resolution Calls for End to Fighting in Qusair,  Lavrov criticizes it as “odious and one-sided”-

Reactions to the UN resolution on Syria - Inner City Press

UN rights chief urges big powers not to send arms to both sides in Syria- THE DAILY STAR

U.N. investigators say most Syria rebels not seeking democracy, suggest identifying groups acceptable to the West is difficult - Yahoo! News

Germany will never send arms to Syria militants: Merkel - PressTV

Many in Middle East oppose E.U. decision on Syria arms embargo -

How Libyan Weapons and Know-How Reach Anti-Assad Islamist Fighters -

McCain Visited Kidnappers of Lebanese Pilgrims in Syria (PHOTOS)- Syria Report

Syrian rebel group, kidnapped UN soldiers, stole UN vehicles, executed soldiers, received foreign weapons (VIDEOS) - Syria Report

Syria: The imperative of de-escalation: Effective diplomacy needs to be inclusive – engaging Iran and accepting that Assad’s fate must not be a pre-condition - The European Council on Foreign Relations

White House says no-fly zone for Syria remains on table - Yahoo! News

Why Pentagon has doubts about no-fly zone over Syria (+VIDEO) -

Russia may revise ban on Syrian arms exports - Minister - Russia & India Report

S-300 Air Defense Systems Deployed at Snap Alert Drills - RIA Novosti

Iran “invited” to Syria peace conference, state media says - AFP

Turkey and Syria’s Kurds Edging Toward an Uneasy Peace? - Al-Monitor

Syria Kurds agreed over differences: official tells Kurdpress - Kurdpress News Aganecy


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Third City in United States Says No to Drones

Following Charlottesville VA in February, and St. Bonifacius MN in April, Evanston IL on May 28th passed a resolution against drones.  Below is the text:


Authorizing the City of Evanston to Establish a Moratorium on the Use of Unregulated Drone Technology

WHEREAS, the implementation of drone (unmanned aerial system) technology in the United States implicates the privacy and constitutional rights of United States residents, including the residents of Evanston, Illinois; and

WHEREAS, the federal government and the State of Illinois have yet to enact reasonable regulation on the use of drones within the United States; and

WHEREAS, police departments in the United States have begun to deploy drone technology absent any regulation on the appropriate use of such technology, although the Evanston Police Department has not.


SECTION 1: That the foregoing recitals are hereby found as fact and incorporated herein by reference.

SECTION 2: The City of Evanston establishes a moratorium on the use of drones in the City of Evanston in the absence of reasonable state and federal regulation of the use of drone technology which will expire without further action by the City Council two years from the date of this resolution; with the following exemptions:

1) for Hobby and Model Aircraft, defined as an unmanned aircraft that is— a) capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere;

b) flown within visual line of sight of the person operating the aircraft; and

c) flown for hobby or recreational purposes; and
2) the Research and Development of "Experimental Aircraft" for non-Department of Defense contracts.

SECTION 3: The City of Evanston establishes a moratorium on the use of drones in the City of Evanston in the absence of reasonable state and federal regulation of the use of drone technology; and

SECTION 4: The City of Evanston supports efforts in the Illinois General Assembly, the Illinois Senate, and the United States Congress to enact legislation (1) prohibiting information obtained from the domestic use of drones from being introduced into a federal or state court, and (2) precluding the domestic use of drones equipped with anti-personnel devices (meaning any projectile, chemical, electrical, directed- energy), or other device designed to harm, incapacitate, or otherwise negatively impact a human being.

SECTION 5: The City of Evanston jointly resolves, with the Associated Student Government (“ASG”) of Northwestern University, as evidenced by the attached resolution of the ASG (Exhibit 1), to provide that the moratorium on drone use extends to all areas of Northwestern University.

SECTION 6: Copies of this Resolution will be sent to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Illinois State Senators Daniel Biss and Heather Steans, and Illinois State Representatives Robyn Gabel, Kelly Cassidy and Laura Fine.

SECTION 7: This resolution 27-R-13 shall be in full force and effect from and after the date of its passage and approval in the manner provided by law.

Talk Nation Radio: David Vine on U.S. Bases All Over the World

David Vine is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at American University, author of Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia, and of the new article "Where Has All the Money Gone?"  He discusses an overseas U.S. military base presence that maintains a million troops in other countries on a permanent basis at a cost of $170 billion per year, and which has funnelled $385 billion to private contractors (most of it to a handful of cronies) since 2001.  Learn more at

Total run time: 29:00

Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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How to tell the TSA how to do its job – and maybe get it to listen, by Christopher Elliott

If you’re afraid a TSA agent might bungle your screening when you fly somewhere this summer, maybe you should do what John Klapproth did when he was traveling from Seattle to Anchorage recently.

Read the rest at TSA News.

Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo


Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo


by Stephen Lendman


On May 27, the so-called one-year EU arms embargo on Syria's opposition ended. Officially it does so on June 1. EU nations agreed to end what never existed.


Since Washington's war on Syria began in early 2011, arms flowed freely. Western-enlisted death squads get them. At issue is replacing Assad with a subservient pro-Western puppet. 


Obama: America's Second Teflon President


Obama: America's Second Teflon President?


by Stephen Lendman


New poll numbers show recent scandals haven't hurt his approval rating.


According to a CNN/ORC International survey, 53% of Americans approve his job as president. Another 45% disapprove. 

Designing software, wings and your life Yahoo's Tumblr, Google's Makani and Noah Cross's Future

By Alfredo Lopez

Toward the end of Roman Polanski's masterpiece "Chinatown" an exchange takes place between "hero" Jake Gittes and the super-rich Noah Cross when Gittes finally realizes that Cross has seized control of Los Angeles' water supply.

"I just wanna know what you're worth," Gittes explains. "More than 10 million?

Syria News May 29



Russia Slams End of EU Arms Embargo, Will Send Air Defense Missiles to Syria to Deter Intervention by Foreign ‘Hot Heads’ - ABC News

Israeli defense chief indicates if Russia ships advanced missiles to Syria, they could be hit - The Washington Post

Report: Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone Plan - The Daily Beast

Pentagon pushes back against Syria no-fly zone report - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

White House: 'No pressure' to alter Syria policy after McCain meets with rebels - The Hill's Video

UK, France say can arm Syria rebels now but no immediate plans - Reuters

State Dept. applauds EU lifting arms embargo on Syrian rebels - The Hill's Global Affairs

Canada opposes arming Syria opposition - AFP

June 15-16 eyed for Geneva peace conference on Syria: diplomats - Reuters

Russia insists Iran join Syria peace conference - AFP

VIDEO: Russia to send S300 missiles to Syria to 'deter intervention & hotheads' - YouTube

VIDEO: William Hague: No plans to send arms to Syrian rebels 'at the moment' - Telegraph


The Syrian opposition is in crisis, and it’s all on video (VIDEO) - Independent Editor's choice Blogs

VIDEO: Syrian opposition remains deeply divided, Low representation of liberals is one of the issues stalling National Coalition talks in Istanbul - Al Jazeera English

FSA Chief of Staff Gives Lebanon 24-Hour Ultimatum to Stop Hizbullah Intervention in Syria - Naharnet

AP Interview: FSA chief says EU countries must quickly ship arms after lifting embargo - AP

Syria: After Qusayr, Regime Eyes Aleppo - Al Akhbar English

Clashes Pit FSA Against Kurds in Aleppo Countryside - Al Akhbar English

Rebels Kidnap Hundreds of Syrian Kurds in Aleppo -

At least 15 prisoners killed in shelling of the Aleppo prison which rebel fighters have besieged - Yahoo! News Maktoob

Syria: West must talk to PYD, not back Jihadists - The Kurdistan Tribune

VIDEO: FSA Chief Salem Idriss: 24 hours deadline to Hezbollat to withdraw their men in Syria or we will give you hell -

VIDEO: Funeral of Syrian Reporter 'Yara Abbas' Shot By Rebels  - YouTube

VIDEO: Nusra Front takes responsibility for the Kisweh car bomb that killed no less than 5 civilians and injured several others - YouTube

VIDEO: Islamist extremists in Raqqa - YouTube


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Obama: POTUS Impotens

Doubting Obama’s Resolve to Do Right

May 28, 2013

Editor Note: In his counterterrorism speech, President Obama ruminated about the moral and legal dilemma of balancing the safety of the American people against the use of targeted killings abroad. But Obama’s handwringing did not sit well with some critics including ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

By Ray McGovern

An article in the Washington Post on July 6, 2010, reported me standing before the White House, announcing a new epithet for President Barack Obama: “Wuss – a person who will not stand up for what he knows is right.”

Peace Process Pretense


Peace Process Pretense


by Stephen Lendman


Peace process initiatives were stillborn from inception. Decades of futility define them. Palestinians genuinely want peace. They deserve it and much more.


Israeli leaders pretend they care. Doing so conceals their dark agenda. They deplore peaceful conflict resolution. They prioritize violence and instability. 


Milliman Medical Index on Obamacare


Milliman Medical Index on Obamacare


by Stephen Lendman


Milliman calls itself one of "the world's largest providers of actuarial and related products and services."


It provides independent consulting services. It does so in areas including healthcare among others. It says it maintains "rigorous standards of professional excellence, peer review and objectivity."

Shopping Bags Full of Money

Afghan president confirms he received tens of millions of dollars from the CIA in suitcases and sacks 'for access to Karzai's inner circle'       

      - Headline, The Daily Mail, 29 April 2013


Syria News May 28



Syria: EU Lifts Arms Embargo On Rebel Groups - Sky News

Britain warns it will go its own way on arming Syrian rebels - Telegraph

Exclusive: McCain Slips Across Border Into Syria, Meets With Rebels, they want the U.S. to provide arms, a no-fly zone, and strikes on Hezbollah - The Daily Beast

France's Le Monde says chemical weapons used by the Syrian government (VIDEO) - Le Monde

VIDEO: Victims of an alleged gas attack begin arriving at a hospital -

'Secret deal with Israel': UK newspaper claims Russia cancels alleged S-300 sales to Syria, Israel dismisses report - RT News

Jordan Mulling Deployment of Patriot Missiles Near Syria Border - IBTimes UK

Jordan jails jihadists for trying to go to Syria - 

Central bank: Iran offers Syria $4 billion credit line - AFP

Iran rejects French claim on its role in Syria war - Ahram Online

Maliki, Syrian FM discuss Syrian crisis -

Iraqi Shiites fight for Syrian government - The Washington Post

Iraq launches operation near Syria, Jordan border -

Israel's New Neighbor: Syrian Al-Qaeda Rebel Group - Israel National News

Turkey’s Opposition Leader Accuses Regime of Training Terrorists - FrontPage Magazine

‘S Arabia strikes arms deal with Turkey' - PressTV


Syrian opposition fails to unify, a liberal bloc that could counter the Muslim Brotherhood was denied full membership in the National Coalition - The National

Syria government to attend Geneva peace conference - Channel NewsAsia

Syria Kurds want to take part in Geneva peace talks - NOW

Syrian domestic opposition vows positive participation in Geneva conference - Xinhua |

Syrian troops gain ground in Qusair offensive, TV reporter covering fighting killed by rebels who ambushed her car - The Washington Post

Rockets hit south Beirut after Hezbollah vows Syria victory - Reuters

11 killed as Syria rebels, Kurds clash - NOW

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Sky News Apps in Google Play -

VIDEO: Last Report by Journalist Yara Abbas Killed by Rebels in Qussayr -

VIDEO: Who Were the Victims Executed by Al Qaeda in Raqqa? The men are a dentist and a teacher. civilians from Alawite background - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Army Kills Rebel Leader in Qusayr Known as Bin Laden II - YouTube

VIDEO: Aleppo's Christians Fear For Religious Freedom - YouTube


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IMBY: The Afghanistan War Comes Home to Philadelphia

By Dave Lindorff

(This article was originally written on assignment

Nobel Women’s Initiative Conference: Women Mobilizing for Peace in Conflict

By Ann Wright

I am honored to be attending the Nobel Women’s Initiative, “Moving Beyond Militarism and War,” May 28-30, 2013 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Six women Nobel Peace Laureates and 80 women from around the world are gathering to discuss the weighty and seeming insolvable problem of getting past the militarism of our world and the financial need of politicians and corporations to wage war.  Nobel Peace Laureates Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Leyamh Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman will attend the conference, as well as women activists from war conflict regions.


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