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Syria News - July 17


“Battle for liberation” of Damascus has begun, Free Syrian Army says - Now Lebanon

Syrian National Council members in Saudi Arabia are coordinating with tribes along the borders of Syria to smuggle weapons to the Free Syrian Army -

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood urges grassroot support for Damascus battle - Yahoo! News

SNC, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood renew calls for foreign intervention - todayszaman

SNC spokewoman: If the UN won't act, 'we have other options' -

How valid are the outlandish claims of defector Nawaf Fares? He offers no proff - BBC


Does US refuse to help Syrian rebels until after election? The Obama administration has made clear to its allies that it will not intervene - Telegraph

U.S. Mum On Releasing $ 10 Million in Frozen Funds to Syrian Rebels - DOTMIL (


Jihad in Syria: The Penetration of Radical Islam in the Syrian Conflict -

Video: Christian Town Hit by Suicide Bombing - YouTube

Video: Syrian rebels kidnap terrified innocent boy - YouTube

Video: Syrian Rebels Shelling City Of Aleppo Endangering Civilians -

Video:  Syrian Rebels Burning and Destroying Countless Bottles of Alcohol as They Yell ‘Allahu Akbar’ -

Video: Tribute to the Mujahideens of Free Syrian Army - YouTube

Video: Syrian' Rebels fly the flag of Saudi Arabia - YouTube

Syria News - July 15


Syrian National Council Chief To Obama: Waiting For Election Day To Act In Syria Is 'Unacceptable' - Now Lebanon

Ex Syrian ambassador accuses Assad regime of collaborating with al Qaeda both in Syria recent suicide attacks and against Iraqis and American forces in Iraq - CNN

Islamist group Al-Nusra Front claims 12 Syria attacks targeting Syrian security forces and pro-government "thugs" - Now Lebanon

SNC spokeswoman: "Some of the Syrian Kurds supporting the revolution seek the right to self-determination but the SNC does not accept radical goals" - IKJ News

Dozens of Syrian soldiers ‘defect to Iraqi Kurdistan’ - IKJ News


Syria says U.N.'s Annan wrong about Tremseh killings | Reuters

Video: Hama: Syrian rebels meet the army. Note that almost all of the dead had a weapon on them at the time - YouTube

Video (in Arabic) FSA Commander threatens members of a Sunni village to cut their throats if they are found to be collaborating with the progovernment neighboring villages -

Priest: "I protect the churches from looting", Another priest: "The armed (Islamic extremists) in Syria murdered more than 200 Christians in the city of Homs, including entire families with young children" - The Christian Post Singapore

Muslim Rebels Destroy Another Church | Friends of Syria

Video: New Execution of an unarmed Pro Assad Civilian - YouTube

Video: Syrian Rebel Takes Out Brain Of Victim Of Terrorist IED For The Sake Of Propaganda? -

Video: Turkish Men in Military Fatigues Kill 20 Syrian Security Forces in Massacre - YouTube


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