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Syria News - Dec 4



Syria moves chemical weapons, White House warns of crossing 'red line' - Fox News

Exclusive: U.S. Sees Syria Prepping Chemical Weapons for Possible Attack -

Syria Stresses It Won't Use Any Chemical Weapons, Draws parallel with the fabrication of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - DayPress

Israel Asked Jordan for Approval to Bomb Syrian WMD Sites - The Atlantic

VIDEO: Carney: 'Concern' Over Syria's Chemical Weapons - YouTube

VIDEO: Clinton Warns Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons - YouTube

U.N. suspends Syria aid operations due to insecurity - Reuters

Syrian government spokesman flees country, diplomat says - Reuters

Arabi Says Syrian Regime Could Fall 'Anytime' — Naharnet


Sakr admits to weapon contacts with Syria rebels - NOW Lebanon

Sakr Tapes: Saad Hariri In the Syrian Battlefield - Al Akhbar English

Syrian rebels, seeking international funds, said to pirate each other’s battle videos - The Washington Post

For one Syrian activist, second thoughts on the armed rebellion - Bradenton Herald

VIDEO: Ras Al Ayn soldiers killed captured by Islamists belonging to FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: People Protest Against the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo - Friends of Syria


Turkey and Russia fail to agree on Syria - Al Jazeera English

NATO expected to approve Patriot deployment to Turkey this week

Lavrov repeats that Syria settlement unachievable without govt-opposition talks - Xinhua

Russia Prepared to Evacuate Nationals from Syria -


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Syria News - Dec 3



Syrian warplanes strike rebels in Damascus suburbs -

New car bombings rattle Syrian capital amid ongoing clashes - Xinhua |

VIDEO: Devastation after Homs car bomb attack killing at least 15 - Telegraph

Qaida-linked group Syria rebels once denied now key to anti-Assad victories - McClatchy

Inside Jabhat al Nusra - the most extreme wing of Syria's struggle - Telegraph

Strife hardens Syrian rebel brigade, many fighters have evolved from civilian protesters into hardline, Islamist fighters - AP

VIDEO: FSA Capturing and Torturing a SAAs Colonel -

VIDEO: Captured rebel 'Mahmad Jamaa AlMansur' confesses his crimes against civilians - YouTube


Exclusive: Al-Akhbar has obtained recordings of Future Movement MP Okab Sakr organizing weapons transfers to the armed Syrian opposition - Al Akhbar English

Recordings shed light on Sakr pivotal role in closely following up on military operations in Syria, leading military operations rooms in Turkey and Lebanon -  Al Akhbar English

Lebanese Army Clashes with FSA on Bekaa Border — Naharnet

VIDEO: Lebanon "Future Movement" Caught Smuggling Weapons & Fighters into Syria -

VIDEO: 17 Lebanese Salafi militants killed in Syria clashes - YouTube


Syrian opposition set to elect interim government head before 12 December - Voice of Russia

Four Syrian Kurdish Parties Forging New Alliance - Rudaw

Turkey requested Nato missile defences over Syria chemical weapons fears - The Guardian


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Syria News - Dec 2



Syria reports Internet service has been restored in Damascus - Fox News

Syria army presses drive to secure Damascus perimeter, In the east troops re-entered the Al-Omar oilfield three days after pulling out - Kuwait Times

US Senate set to ban deals with Russian arms exporter over Syria — RT

Russia says West pushing democracy with iron and blood - Reuters

Flow of Arms to Syria Through Iraq Persists, to U.S. Dismay -

Iraq Says It Can't Search All Syria-Bound Planes - ABC News

U.S. communications equipment to Syria opposition ‘spy-proof’ - Washington Times


Syrian opposition coalition forms new executive committee, edges toward appointing transition PM -

Syrian opposition may allow peacekeepers if Assad goes - Yahoo! News

FSA in Northern Syria Devoid Of Structure, Authority - As-Safir Newspaper

FSA says Al-Nusra has between 6,000 and 10,000 fighters, These numbers may be inflated -

Syrian Rebels Outlaw Women Driving, Family Photos With “Uncovered” Women’s Faces — 

VIDEO: The Syrian Jihad: Interview with an Islamist rebel military commander - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Capturing 11 Alawites - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Capturing a Drug Dealer - YouTube


Syrian Kurds Keep Eye on Country's Oil - 

Syrian Kurds seek path to unification despite difficulties - todayszaman

YPG Denies Reports that it Refuses to Join Military Council • Kurdistan Today News

New Syrian rebel group named after Iraqi Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani - eKurd

‫بيVIDEO: Syrian rebel group named after Iraqi Kurdish leader Mustafa BarzanI - Youtube


Syria Sees Incidents Of Anti-Christian Violence Increase As War Intensifies -albanytribune

Syrian war is now a war against Christians, The situation in Aleppo is tragic, with fundamentalists sowing the seeds of an Islamic emirate - Vatican Insider


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Syria News - Dec 1


Internet Blackout Continues in Syria as Airport Shuts Down - ABC News

UN convoy leaving Damascus airport hit for second day by unknown attackers  - NOW Lebanon

Syrian Refugees Attacked by ‘Armed Groups,’ U.N. Says -

Over 20 rebel fighters from Lebanon killed in Syria, local official says - NOW Lebanon

Dutch Police Arrest Three Syria-Bound 'Jihadists' — Naharnet

To Retrieve Attack Helicopters from Russia, Syria Asks Iraq for Help, Documents Show - ProPublica

VIDEO: Evidence Of New Incendiary Bombs Used In Syria- Brown Moses Blog


Al Nusra rebel films himself shooting 10 prisoners in Ras Al Ain - Reuters

VIDEO: Ras Al Ain: Al Nusra Rebel Reportedly Films Himself Shooting 10 Prisoners - YouTube

Al Nusra militant leader in Syria seeks Islamic state, says his men do not fear death - The Washington Post

Jihad in Syria: A Profile of Jabhat al-Nusra - The Jamestown Foundation

VIDEO: Jaramana bombings: How Wahhabi Fanatics are Religiously Cleansing Syria - YouTube

Bomb explosion rips through Press TV vehicles in Syria - PressTV

VIDEO: Bomb Explosion Damages Press TV and Al-Alarm Cars in Damascus - YouTube


Citing Iraq Failures, Clinton Avoids Endorsing Syrian Rebels, Denies that the U.S. has upgraded its support of opposition to lethal supplies. - US News and World Report

Friends of Syria” agree to step up pressure on Assad - NOW Lebanon


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Syria News - Nov 30


In Syria, Internet and Main Airport Shut Down -

Damascus’ airport road “secured” after army intervention, state TV says - NOW Lebanon

Terrorists cut Syria's Internet - Syria minister of information —

Syria using mines and cluster bombs on civilians - campaigners - Reuters

Is Russia Running a Secret Supply Route to Arm Syria’s Assad? -

Syria finds rare friends in Latin America -

VIDEO: Records show Russia printing money for Syria - Al Jazeera English


Syrian rebels’ arsenal now includes heavy weapons -

Officials: Syrian rebels’ arsenal includes up to 40 antiaircraft missile systems - The Washington Post

New page in Syria war as rebel missiles hit aircraft - NOW Lebanon

Beyond Benghazi: Where Are the Libyan Missiles? - National Review Online

HRW: Syria rebels using children in battle - NOW Lebanon

Ukrainian Reporter Abducted in Syria 'Admits' Intelligence Links - RIA Novosti

VIDEO: New video of Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Behead Syrian Soldier in the Name of JIHAD - YouTube


Cairo Meeting: Syria opposition government nears, Brotherhood flexes muscle - Reuters

AP sources: US preparing to upgrade recognition of Syria’s opposition, offer greater support but not military assistance - The Washington Post

Russia backs Syrian rebel splinter group - The Hindu

Spain Recognizes Syrian Opposition —


NATO Seeks to Assuage Russian Worries Over Patriots in Turkey - Global Security Newswire

Germany, Turkey Spar Over Patriots -

Erdoğan dismisses Iranian threat over Patriot deployment along Syria border - todayszaman

Turkey president says Syrian attack unlikely - AFP


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Syria News - Nov 28



20 dead after Syrian warplanes bomb olive press factory - activists - RT

Syrian jets bomb rebel-held positions outside Damascus - CBS News

VIDEO: First Confirmed Hit of Aircraft by Surface-to-Air Missile, It shows a missile strike downing a Syrian regime helicopter outside Aleppo -

Al Nusrah Front claims 3 more suicide attacks in Daraa - Threat Matrix

Syria names 142 slain foreign fighters from 18 countries - Ahram Online

Syria conflict triggers cost of living surge - NOW Lebanon

VIDEO: FSA capture strategic Tishrin Dam -

VIDEO: Helicopter and Radar Station Destroyed near Damascus -

VIDEO: Convoy, Led By The Al Nusra Front With Tanks,4x4s,and Machine Guns - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian rebels with tanks in Turkey at Bab el Hawa Crossing - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian rebels commit another ugly massacre in Douma - YouTube


NATO scouts missile sites near Turkey-Syria border - DW.DE

Rasmussen says Patriot missiles in Turkey will be under NATO command -todayszaman

VIDEO: As Kurds Fight for Freedom in Syria, Fears Rise in Turkey - PBS

Turkey accuses Iran, Iraq, Syria of supporting PKK - Dinar Vets Message Board

Intellectuals call for humanitarian access to Syrian refugees in Turkey - todayszaman

Ban Ki-moon due to visit Turkey on Syrian refugee crisis - todayszaman

Britain wants more frequent reviews of EU's Syria arms embargo - Reuters

Medvedev says Russia has no “special” ties with Assad - NOW Lebanon

The Russian embassy in Damascus is now “encouraging” Russian citizens to leave Syria - YALLA SOURIYA


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Syria News - Nov 26



Syrian Kurds Agree on Forming Joint Military Council, defected Kurdish soldiers from the Syrian army will join - Rudaw

Kurdish Fighters announce a temporary truce with the Syrian Islamist groups in Ras Al Ain - Rudaw

Syria rebels take loyalist Palestinian training camp, with casualties suffered on both sides - AFP

VIDEO: Salafis armed groups claiming control of Ras Al Ayn, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Aljazeera Coverage of Ras Al Ayn - YouTube

VIDEO: Demonstration in Syria Calls for Establishment of Islamic State & Extermination of Alawites, organized by Jabhat an-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria)- YouTube

VIDEO: Rebel Crimes against the Christian population - YouTube

VIDEO: Extremist Groups bombed the main drinking water line for Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Gives Friday Sermon in Full Jihadi Regalia in Aleppo -


Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus, then withdraw fearing counterstrikes by regime aircraft - CBS News

Syria's opposition chief Khatib asks Turkey for anti-aircraft weaponry - todayszaman

VIDEO: Military Air Base Near Damascus Falls To The FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Group Threatens Parents of Syrian Army Troops with Death - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Burn Ancient Aleppo Umayyad Mosque - YouTube

VIDEO: Unification of FSA Batallions in and around Houla -

VIDEO: Alwaar Massacre - YouTube

VIDEO: Rebel Fighter Shoots a Hostage in Cold Blood - YouTube

VIDEO: Terrorized Syria....What the BBC should but WONT report! - YouTube


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Syria News - Nov 24


Russia to discuss Turkey's Patriot request with NATO, Lavrov says - todayszaman

Putin to visit Turkey on Dec. 3, Syria will be top of the agenda - todayszaman

Russia: No Military Choice to Crisis in Syria, we Advise Ankara to Utilize Influence on Opposition to Start Internal Dialogue without Parade - SANA

Syria says Turkey's bid for NATO missiles provocative - Reuters

Iran criticizes Turkish request for Patriots - AP

Ankara slams Maliki over Turkey statements, labels them delusional - todayszaman


Bomb in Damascus Palestinian refugee camp kills 4, Group blames Syrian rebels for attack- CBC News

Another Syria media murder: State TV journalist killed in war-torn Damascus — RT

Suicide car bomb kills 3 in Syria's Idlib: State-TV - Xinhua |

Al Nusrah Front claims suicide attack at hospital, joint operation with Chechen fighters - The Long War Journal

Citizen Involved with Terrorists in Aleppo: Terrorist Groups Kill Innocents, Steal Houses in the Name of Islam - SANA

Syrian bishop appeals to the international community to prevent the conflict from reaching refugees in Jezireh region - NOW Lebanon

VIDEO: Jihadists in Syria: What you need to know - BBC News

VIDEOS: Complete SA-7 MANPADS Reportedly Looted From The 46th Regiment Base - Brown Moses Blog


Syria Main Kurdish Groups, PYD and KNC, Join Forces in Standoff with Rebels — Naharnet

SNC Kurdish opposition leader claims Assad benefits from PYD agenda - todayszaman

Russia to host Syrian opposition conference, Including representatives of the National Coordination Committee as well as Kurds opposition - Xinhua |

Assessing The Economic And Political Potential Of An Autonomous Kurdish Region In Syria -


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Syria News - Nov 23



Syria: Rebels flying black Islamist flag seize artillery base in Syria’s Deir al Zour province -

Islamist rebels skeptical about the Syrian National Coalition, They have established themselves as the most effective, best armed and fastest growing units - Reuters

FSA reorganizes, establishes new "regular" brigades, prepares for post-Assad period - Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

Syria presents foreign fighter list in bid for UN to acknowledge terror acts — RT

VIDEO: Lack of discipline in the FSA, Fighters do not follow the orders -

VIDEO (FRENCH): Testimonies on Extermination of Shiite in Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Muslim cleric preaches extermination of Alawites - YouTube


Jihadist rebels in standoff with Syria Kurds, 200 fighters from the  Al-Nusra Front and 100 from Ghuraba al-Sham advanced on Ras al-Ain - NOW Lebanon

Interview with SNC kurdish leader Abdulbasit Sieda - Rudaw

VIDEO: Syrian rebels preparing attacks on kurdish forces in Syria -


Activists: Syrian warplanes flatten building near Aleppo hospital, killing at least 15 people including 11 fighters, a doctor, a young girl and two children - Fox News

VIDEO: Shifa Hospital In Aleppo After Bombings - YouTube


Russia criticizes Turkey's request for NATO missiles on Syrian border - Fox News

NATO, Russia clash over missile deployment in Turkey - Yahoo! News

Libyan Leader Opposes Foreign Intervention, Foreign Aid to Syrian Rebels - ABC News


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Syria News - Nov 22

Syria News - Nov 21


Dozens die as Kurds, rebels clash in northern Syria: NGO - Ahram Online

Syrian Rebel Commanders Killed in Clashes with Kurdish Fighters - Rudaw

Inter-Kurdish tensions mounting against Free Syrian Army - ekurd

VIDEO: FSA Going Door To Door in Ras Al Ain - YouTube

Syria Kurdish leader rejects new opposition coalition -


Britain recognizes Syrian opposition coalition, as "sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people" -

Turkey agrees Syria missile defense with NATO members -

Turkey Fears Escalation Of Fighting in Northern Syria - Al-Monitor

Erdoğan accuses CHP of cooperating with Syrian regime torturers - todayszaman


In Syria, An Act Of Reconciliation Stirs Fierce Debate: The Homs governor meets the rebels - NPR

Syria rebels set up own intelligence service - Now Lebanon

VIDEO: Syria rebels set up own intelligence service - Firstpost Topic

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Release Prisoners from Harem Prison in Syria for Recruiting - Liveleak

VIDEO: Testimony of A Syrian Christian - YouTube

VIDEO: Abducted & tortured by Syrian rebels with uncertain fate - YouTube

VIDEO: Civilian abducted with uncertain fate - YouTube

VIDEO: Execution: Man hanged from a bridge - YouTube

VIDEO: Tortured POW - YouTube

VIDEO: Indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas by Syrian rebels - YouTube


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Syria News - Nov 16


Cameron considers arming Syrian rebels - Telegraph

France proposes defensive weapons for Syria rebels - AFP

Russia Says Arming Syrian Opposition Breaches Law - ABC News

Pentagon Sees Seizing Syria Chemical Arms as Vast Task -


Rebels capture Ras al Ayn, 1st town to fall in Syria’s Kurdish region - McClatchy

VIDEO: Captured POW in Ras Al Ain have been executed according to Turkish TV channel - YouTube

On Syrian border, mixed feelings for rebel liberators, Kurds say "I don't want Assad, nor do I want the rebels" - Reuters

Turkey sends warplanes to patrol Syrian border - todayszaman

PYD says Turkey trying to stir war in Kurdish Syria, calls on West not to remain silent - ANF ENGLISH

Kurds seize another key town in Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd


Report: "Free Syrian Army” Threatens Red Crescent, forbidding their vehicles from hospitalizing Syrian army soldiers -

VIDEO: A civilian working for ministry of defense abducted and executed by Syrian rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: Police officer abducted, tortured and sentenced to death by Syrian rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: Police officers few minutes before execution by Syrian rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: Military officer kidnapped while on the way home and tortured to death - YouTube

VIDEO: Military officers tortured and sentenced to death - YouTube

VIDEO: Military officer abducted and executed by Syrian rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian rebels attack a kid like school yard bullies - YouTube

VIDEO: A school teacher kidnapped while on the way home and tortured - YouTube

VIDEO: An Iraqi refugee in Syria kidnapped and executed by rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: Civilians travelling, got killed on highway by Syrian rebels - YouTube


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Syria News - Nov 15



Obama not ready to recognize the new Syrian opposition group as a ‘‘government in exile’’ or to arm it -

U.S. vows $30M more in Syria humanitarian aid, bringing the total U.S aid to the war-torn nation to $200 million - CBS News

Lavrov meets with the Gulf Cooperation Council, but fails to reach common ground on Syria - Reuters

Suspected North Korea missile parts seized en route to Syria in May - Reuters

VIDEO: N Korea suspected of arms shipment to Syria - YouTube


VIDEO: Interview with Moaz al-Khatib: A united Syrian opposition - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO:.Sheikh Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, President of the Syrian National Coalition, gives his inauguration speech - YouTube

Interview with the Syrian opposition VP Atassi - Reuters

Syrian armed groups rob 3 trucks delivering relief aid - Xinhua |

VIDEO: GRAPHIC - Terrorists Behead a Pro-Syrian Government Palestinian Refugee in Syria -  


Turkey scrambles jets, evacuates villages as Syria border tension escalates - todayszaman

Kurds in disputed town on Turkish border ask Syrian rebels to withdraw -

Following the Ras al-Ain battle, the Kurdish leadership in northern Syria is getting ready to fight in Qamishli - Al-Monitor

Massoud Barzani calls Turkey to release Ocalan and offers to mediate between it and PKK: Turkish Milliyet newspaper - ekurd

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Go from Home to Home  in Ras al-Ain Killing Civilians -

VIDEO: Takeover of Ras Al Ain by Syrian rebels - YouTube

Report: Turkey-US relations sour on Syria, Iraq, sweeten on Iran - todayszaman


Israel says Syrian rebels have control of villages near Golan Heights - Fox News

Not al Qaeda, but 50-70 Syrian outlaws in Golan buffer zone: Report - DEBKA file

Syria claims UN consent to pursue rebels in Golan - NOW Lebanon


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Syria News - Nov 14



Arab League gives hesitant welcome to Syria opposition coalition, stopping short of giving it full recognition as the sole representative of the Syrian people - Yahoo! News

US says new Syria body “a legitimate representative”, US policy of providing only non-lethal support and humanitarian aid to the Syrian rebels remains unchanged - NOW Lebanon

France Recognizes New Syrian Rebel Group, Hints It May Provide Weapons -

Moscow to seek Syria progress, bigger Middle East role in Riyadh - Reuters

Syrian opposition leader calls for arming of rebels, "We need specialized weapons" he added, without elaborating - NOW Lebanon

Rebel fighters in Syria on Tuesday dismissed Western support for a new opposition bloc, expecting little to change on the ground - NOW Lebanon

Mistrust of Syria's Muslim Brotherhood lingers -


Syrian Air Force Kills Many in Kurdish Town, Kurds have suspicions that Turkey is supporting the takeover of Ras al-Ayn by Syrian rebels - Rudaw

Turkey’s Syria Policies Falter On Intra-Kurdish Struggles, Sources say that Turkey’s persistent pressure for military intervention in Syria is annoying many, particularly in Washington - Al-Monitor

Turkish PM warns of harsher response to Syria as border tension drags on - todayszaman

Turkish security summit discusses measures against Syrian border tension - todayszaman

Turkey says NATO Patriot missiles could counter Syria's chemical weapons - todayszaman

Syria: Clear Evidence of FSA Attacks directly carried out from Turkish territory (VIDEOS) —

Turkey camps, training hub for Syria insurgents: Turkish party - PressTV

UN pulls aid staff from Syrian area near Turkish border over safety fears - NOW Lebanon

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Denies Giving Information to Media on Number of Displaced in Syria, said that the SARC and its branches are providing aid to around 1.5 million - SANA

VIDEO: Despite Political Divides, Syria's Kurds Want Autonomy


New Syrian opposition leaders must curb abuses by opposition fighters, rights groups says - NOW Lebanon

Free Syrian Army will see British troops in Syria as enemy - World Bulletin

Free Syrian Army accuses Israel of aiding regime - The Times of Israel

FSA Military Council of Damascus Gives Embassies 72 Hours to Leave Country, This report was later dismissed by the FSA -

At UN, Threats on Embassies in Syria Blamed on "Hacking - Inner City Press

VIDEO: Unexploded Cluster Bomblets Repurposed As DIY Rocket Warheads by Syrian Rebels - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Syrian Imam : "The sellers of liquor products will be slaughtered without mercy" - liveleak


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Syria News - Nov 13


Dynamic, progressive Islamist to head Syria’s new opposition coalition - Democracy Digest

VIDEO: Speeches of Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib Al-Hasani, chief of the new Syrian opposition - YouTube

Text of the Syrian opposition’s Doha agreement - ArabSaga

United Syrian Opposition Seeks Recognition by the Arab League, as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people - VOA

Syrian opposition unity useful if dialogue with authorities - Russia Beyond The Headlines

Inside Syria, rebels offer cautious support for unified council -


Fierce fighting on Turkish-Syrian border risks igniting broader conflict — RT

Iran claims Turkey backing al Qaeda fighters along Syrian border - The Hill

VIDEO: Syrian rebels arresting villagers and civilians in Ras Al Ain (Border city with Turkey) -

Turks in Antakya discontent with presence of Syria insurgents -

Yurt Newspaper Reveals Training Camps in Turkey for Gunmen in Syria - SANA

NATO 'ready' to help Turkey deal with Syria - Al Jazeera English


Israeli military fires into Syria for second day, no word on whether against the Syrian army forces or the rebels - FRANCE 24

FSA warns "Israel enemy" against Syria interference, saying that Israel's rocket fire at Syria on Sunday afternoon was aimed to help the Assad regime  - Ynetnews


Family of missing journalist Austin Tice pleads for information - The Washington Post

Syrian government denies holding missing journalist, father says -

4000 FSA Militiamen Attack Damascus: Minorities, Palestinians Among Them -

Syrian Armenians flee the nightmare in Aleppo - The National

Two Terrorists Confess to Committing Crimes of Rape and Kidnapping in Aleppo- SANA

VIDEO: Syrians supporting Assad turn into 'dead men walking', Primary targets of Syrian rebels - RT

VIDEOS: Syria's most disturbing fake videos - GlobalPost


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Syria News - Nov 11

Syria News - Nov 10



SNC seeks delay on decision to unite Syria opposition - NOW Lebanon

Dissident Sabra elected to lead Syrian opposition SNC, "We want arms," Sabra said three times - FRANCE 24

Syrian activists' network withdraws from SNC - NOW Lebanon

SNC member quits, says changes fall short -

FSA to drastically restructure - Middle East Online

Assad says only “ballot box” can decide his future - NOW Lebanon

Assad Interview to RT - YouTube


In Syria, Missteps by Rebels Erode Their Support -

The scourge of kidnappings, more than 1,700 in the Syrian conflict, by armed groups present in the galaxy of the opposition - Agenzia Fides

VIDEO: A First: Al Jazeera Starts Showing FSA Crimes in Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Terrorist War Crimes - Mutilated Bodies Cover Field as they film - YouTube

Matthew VanDyke: US citizen held in Libya emerges on Syria's frontline -


As many as 11,000 Syrian refugees cross into Turkey, UN reports - Fox News

U.S. State Department announces humanitarian aid for Syria -

Jordan Said to Help Arm Syria Rebels -

Turkey Approves Military Deal With Qatar, Saudi Arabia Amid Syria Conflict —

Russia wants Palestinians kept out of Syria fighting - Reuters

Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp Divided Over Syrian Crisis - Al Akhbar English

VIDEO: FSA captures 4 Palestinian members of "Palestine Liberation Army"


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Syria News - Nov 9



Progress in talks on united Syria opposition - AP

Assad foes near to opposition unity deal: delegates - Channel NewsAsia

Turkey representative: Syrian opposition able to reach consensus - Trend.Az

Qatar urges Syrian groups to unify ranks - Gulf Times 

US hopes "broadly representative" political structure for Syria emerges - KUNA

Islamists dominate new leadership of Syrian National Council- Middle East Online

Women fume at all-male SNC body -

Moscow Sees Shift in Western Stance on Syria Opposition - RIA Novosti

Syria expects political solution to prolonged crisis during Obama's second term - Xinhua |

VIDEO: Assad to RT: 'I'm not Western puppet - I have to live and die in Syria' — RT

VIDEO: Syrian opposition unity talks enter second session - Al Jazeera

VIDEO: Syrian national initiative : plan to create new body to unite opposition groups - Al Jazeera

Red Cross "can't cope" with Syria crisis - CBS News

VIDEO: Red Cross 'unable to cope' with huge number of Syrian refugees - YouTube


Syrian rebels kill prisoners as war fuels hatred - Yahoo! News

The Church's efforts to free 10 kidnapped Christians and to assist the displaced - Fides Service

VIDEO: Prisoners Shot Dead by Syrian Rebels -

VIDEO; Civilian Executed by Muslim Wahhabi Terror Squad in Syria - YouTube

VIDEO:  Syrian Rebels Kills Ex Minister of Parliament Member Ahmad Al Turk Harasta - YouTube

VIDEO: Terrorists Shell + Destroy Houses Start Fires in Deir Ez Zor - YouTube


Turkish President says NATO mulling missiles for Turkey - Reuters

VIDEO: Turkey to request NATO missile defence on Syria border - YouTube

VIDEO: Pantsir S1 Air Defense Missile/Gun System -- Syrian via Russia - YouTube

Syria rebels take Turkish border town, Kurds alarmed - Reuters


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Syria News - Nov 8



Syrian opposition plans fall apart, Riad Seif withdraws after he loses his seat in the executive council - Telegraph

U.S. diplomat meets with Syrian opposition leaders Clinton blasted, Reiterates no weapons or a no-fly zone - McClatchy

VIDEO: SNC Chief calls for a transitional government in a Syria no-fly zone - euronews

VIDEO: UN Political Affairs Head Feltman comments on Syria - YouTube

Syria opposition in exile fails to elect women - Huffington Post


Britain calls to lift Syria arms embargo to aid rebels - The Guardian

Britain to organise armed Syrian rebels into efficient fighting force - Telegraph

VIDEO: Cameron Wants Obama To Do More To Solve Syria Conflict - YouTube

Obama would make his first foreign visit to Turkey - todayszaman

Confusion grows over Patriot bid to Turkey, Turkish PM denies request which was announced earlier by the FM -

Vatican cancels Syria trip due to danger - Reuters

VIDEO: Pope cancel Syria trip, sends Cardinal Robert Sarah to Lebanon to help Syrian refugees - YouTube

UN World Food Program denies Syria regime grabbing most aid sent to Syria Red Crescent, NGO says almost all international aid never reaches civilians - Now  Lebanon


Syrian rebels fire at, miss Assad's presidential palace killing three people and wounding seven, Lions of Islam rebel group claims responsibility - Reuters

Syrian rebels kill 10 pro-Assad Palestinian militiamen - Reuters

Syria rejects attempts to involve Palestinian refugees in crisis - Xinhua |

VIDEO: Heavy Artillery Targets Assad's Presidential Palace - YouTube

VIDEO: Terrorists fires mortars at random in heavily populated neighborhood near the Presidential Palace -

VIDEO: Ukrainian Journalist Anhar Kochneva, kidnapped by rebels, makes a plea -


VIDEO: Syrian Kurd refugees enjoy autonomy in Iraq - YouTube

Syrian Kurds residing in Iraq long for a solution - Syrian Freedom

The Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan who do not want to go home - The Independent

After quiet revolt, power struggle looms for Syria's Kurds - Reuters

Syrian Kurdish Filmmakers Ready to Produce Movies at Home - RUDAW


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Syria News - Nov 7


Syria’s SNC insists on leading role in unity talks - AFP

Bombings rock Damascus, brother of parliament speaker killed —

VIDEO: Car bomb in a residential area of Damascus -

7 Syrian Generals Quit Army, Seek Asylum in Turkey -

In Syria, small-town rebels are stuck in big-city Aleppo, Many residents of the once-prosperous city resent the fighters' presence. -

VIDEO: Civilians Getting Sick and Tired of the Rebels - YouTube

VIDEO: Again, Syrian rebels using your beautifull house for their armed operations -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels: 'To Hell with Freedom, we want a Caliphate.' - YouTube


UK to open talks with armed opposition in Syria - The Guardian

Britain floats safe exit for Syria's Assad - Reuters

Russia urges Syria opposition to drop demand for Assad to quit - Yahoo! News

Russian FM says Syria rebels have 50 Stingers -

Moscow pledges to stop arms shipments to Syria - Voice of Russia

Davutoğlu defends Syria policy in face of opposition attacks - todayszaman

U.N. cites credible reports Syria army using cluster bombs - Reuters

Syria shutters Hamas offices in break with group -


Iraqi Kurdish president warns Syrian Kurds over infighting - Chicago Tribune

Free Syrian Army FSA and Kurdish group sign truce - Rudaw

Syria’s Kurds: Civil Wars Within a Civil War -


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Syria News - Nov 6

Syria News - Nov 5

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