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Syria News Apr 15



Lebanese fighters backed by Hezbollah fighting inside Syria near border, in several towns inhabited by 15,000 Lebanese who live on the Syrian side - Fox News

Lebanese factions deepen involvement in Syria supporting opposite sides in the civil war - VOA

Iraqi forces arrest 18 al-Qaeda suspects "planning to launch terrorist operations" in the Iraqi-Syrian border areas and "merge with Al Nusra" - Al-Shorfa

Syria: Jordan to spearhead Saudi Arabian arms drive in a move that coincides with the transfer from Riyadh to Amman of more than $1bn - The Guardian

Syria: Britain funds rebels overseeing aid inside occupied areas - Telegraph

Report: 200 Australian Muslims Waging Jihad In Syria, Majority Fighting With Al Nusra Front - The Australian

Russia to vote against 'one-sided' UN Syria resolution - RT News

VIDEO: Rebels waving Al Qaeda flag in Syria after they passed freely the Turkish Border -


Syria troops break siege of key army camps killing at least 21 opposition fighters, a watchdog said on Sunday - NOW

The reluctance of rebel groups to reprimand criminals within their ranks has tarnished their reputation - Syria News

2 Killed, Reporters Wounded in Aleppo Car Bomb — Naharnet

Main rebel groups in Syria's Aleppo - AFP

Kidnappers free Lebanese man held in Syria, Relatives paid a ransom of $150,000 to secure his release - Ahram Online

Four Italian journalists freed by jihadist kidnappers in Syria, No details if Rome paid a ransom - Telegraph

Ahrar al Sham - A Rising Force in the Syrian Civil War - SOFREP

A press released just issued by Syria's National Coalition about Jabhat al-Nusra and Al Qaeda links -Hassan Hassan Facebook

PHOTO: Rebels Shoot Down Helicopter then Behead Crew - Human Rights Activists

PHOTOS: Syrian Died from Torture by FSA group- SyriaNews

VIDEO: FSA group interrogates and beats man-

VIDEO: Rebels invading a small village near the turkish border and start kidnapping men in this village -

VIDEO: Scud-B Missile Remains Filmed Near Raqqa - Brown Moses Blog


Defected Syrian VP:  We are against Kurdish federalism in Syria, Our Country is Burning, No Time to Waste on Kurdish Issue - Rudaw

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Syria News Apr 13



Syrian opposition faces "crucial leadership juncture", Ambasssador Ford: it is incumbent on the Syrian opposition coalition and military council to isolate those extremists - KUNA

Syria’s Jihadists Dismay the Opposition - Al-Monitor

Brotherhood blasts the ‘smear campaign’ against them among other Syrian opposition - THE DAILY STAR

Syria’s major coalition of Islamist rebels rejects Qaeda allegiance vow - English 

Text of responses from Syrian Islamist Rebels about Al Qaeda Merger - Hassan Hassan

Sectarian strife will persist in Syria after Assad’s fall as divisions among opposition groups deepen, top U.S. intelligence official says - The Washington Post

France says U.N. talks begin on Qaeda-linked Syria rebels - Yahoo! News

Lavrov : Attempts of Raising Doubts on Legitimacy of Syrian Government Reduce Chances of Peaceful Solution - Swissinfo

Russian Landing Ship Alexander Shabalin Bound for Tartous- SANA, Syria

Muslim Brotherhood Paves Way for Qatar’s Ascent - Al Akhbar English

Tiny emirate, huge political ambitions: Qatari investment booms (VIDEO) - RT News

Syria: Libya and Iraq biggest arms traffickers to rebels -


Syrian rebel attack on Kurdish-populated town of Qamishli points to end of peace pact, the advance includes the Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra - Reuters

In Latakia rebels inject the conflict with a sectarian violence that has people angry, stories of Alawites captured and savagely killed by Al Nusra - Heritage Florida Jewish News

Kurd tortured to death in Syria's Aleppo: watchdog, "Like dozens of others, he was arbitrarily detained and tortured" - Yahoo!7

From Rebel Torture Chambers in Aleppo (PHOTOS) - SyriaNews

VIDEO: One Minute left before we Kill you....Terrorist in Syria torturing a hostage -

Iranian TV correspondent ambushed, shot at, by terrorists in Damascus - Trend.Az

Factories ablaze as intense clashes erupt in eastern Damascus - Xinhua |

VIDEO: Syrian rebels enter Qamishli - YouTube

VIDEO: The rebels shelling the airport near Qamishli - YouTube


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Syria News Apr 12



G8 ministers fail to agree on Syria -

G8 urges humanitarian assistance for Syria, but makes no commitment to supply rebels with lethal weapons (VIDEO)- Al Jazeera English

Obama Clears $10 Million in Aid for Syrian Opposition, "in non-lethal commodities and services ... to provide food and medical supplies" - Businessweek

U.S. updates military options for Syria - Blogs

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Menendez: Arm Syrian rebels - The Hill's Global Affairs

Lavrov: Moscow, Washington will Urge Syrian Opposition to Form Team for Negotiations - SANA

Russia concerned over Syrian opposition connection with terrorists - NZweek


We need arms, rebels’ new leader Hitto tells West - The Times

Syria LCC activists reject Qaeda call for Islamic state - NOW

Syria calls on UN to list al-Nusra Front as terrorist - Xinhua -

Syria TV confirms video of cleric's killing is real - NOW

Bishop speaks of starvation in Aleppo - Catholic Culture

Power outages put Aleppo back in the dark ages, Syria Minister: sabotage was by armed militants who killed dozens of power sector workers -

A Rivalry Between Two Legal Systems in Aleppo Reveals Syrian Rebels’ Challenges With Governance -

VIDEO: Rebels show off headless body & 3 more victims from car ambush -

VIDEO: Volunteers from Iraq in the Syrian Abalfazl Al-Abbas Brigade defending Zainab Shrine in Damascus -

VIDEO: DIY Weapons In Syria - The Mobile Mortar Battery - Brown Moses Blog


Syria Opposition Says Hizbullah Fighters Massing in Qusayr: We Don't Want Nusra-Hizbullah Confrontation - Naharnet

Six wounded by Syrian airstrike on Lebanon, targeting smuggling routes along the border - THE DAILY STAR

Mansour downplays Syrian violations of Lebanon’s border - THE DAILY STAR


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Syria News Apr 11



The head of Al Nusra pledges loyalty to Al Qaeda, distances his group from claims it has merged with Al-Qaeda in Iraq -

AUDIO: Statement from Al Nusra leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani about the relationship with Al Qaeda in Iraq - YouTube

AUDIO: Announcement of the emir” of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi about the merger with Al Nusra - YouTube

Syria rebel chief Al Khatib urges rejection of Al Qaeda - The National

The Syrian Opposition’s Muslim Brotherhood Problem - Al Akhbar English

Car bomb attack hits Idlib in northwestern Syria - PressTV

Saudi charity workers on trial for funding terror, Defendants have also been charged with arming militants in Iraq - Money Jihad

VIDEO: Syrian TV states that Al-Bouti assassination video is fake -

VIDEO: Evidence points to the Al-Bhouti Assassination video being genuine - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Rebels launching Grad rockets with a potential range of 20 kilometers -

VIDEO: Filmmaker Captures Life for Syrians Whose World Has Been Blown Apart - PBS NewsHour


Lebanon Is Pivotal for Syria’s Jihadists, "Jihadists in Lebanon coordinate with jihadists in Syria, including Al-Nusra"  - Al-Monitor

FSA says Hezbollah has thousands of fighters in Syria - English

Relatives of Lebanese hostages 'hunt down' Syrians - FRANCE 24

Iraqi Shiite militants start to acknowledge role in Syria - THE DAILY STAR

Iraq Inspects 3rd Iranian Plane to Syria This Week, no weapons were found - ABC News

Arab Israeli Man Arrested, Accused of Joining Syrian Rebels -

Turkey building refugee camps for Syrian Christians, Kurds - English


A Third of Syria’s Housing Damaged or Destroyed by Conflict - The Syria Report

A Quarter of Syria’s Workforce Lost its Job – Labour Union - The Syria Report 

Syria’s trade deficit rises with sharp decline in exports: study - NZweek

Syrian Oil Sector Suffers Disastrous Losses, at least nine oil wells have been set on fire -  Al-Monitor

Syria says will support currency after plunge in value - Reuters

Syrian Economy Severely Affected By Crisis: EU Report -

Syrian Economy: Stock Market Paralyzed, Insane Poultry and Meat Prices - Informed Comment

Syria: Current Food Prices in Aleppo - SyriaNews

Syria eyes East to stave off economic woes - THE DAILY STAR

VIDEO: Syrian economy scarred by war -


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Syria News Apr 10



Al Qaeda in Iraq merge with Al Nusrah Front as rebranded single entity - The Long War Journal

Introducing the “Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria”, its mission is an Islamic state that exceeds the bounds of the Syrian nation and a rejection of democracy - jihadica

Free Syrian Army: “We don’t support the ideology of Nusra”, insists that alliances it had struck with Nusra fighters on the ground were only tactical - The Daily Star 

Syria Jihadist Al-Qaeda Link to Aid Assad, Opposition Chief Says - Bloomberg

VIDEO: Qaeda promotional video celebrating the united of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (Syria) - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Colonel Defends Jabhat al-Nusra -


Opposition says the regime bear responsibility for Damascus suicide car bombing - AFP

Syrian Rebel Unit Torturing Civilians in Aleppo, Opposition Group Claims - Reuters

Syria's Jihadists face test of government in eastern city Raqqa, religious sharia court has replaced a collapsed judicial system  - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Syrians protest the arrest of two girls for not being properly attired in Raqqa - SyriaNews

VIDEO (English subtitles): Tawfiq AlBouti dispute media claims on the video of his father murder, says that the man who rushes up to Bouti after the blast is his grandson Maher - SyriaNews

Only negotiated settlement will end Syria crisis: Domestic opposition figure - Ahram Online


Saudi Arabia warns its citizens against sending money to Syria outside of government-approved organizations, SPA Says - Businessweek

Libya arms fueling conflicts in Syria, Mali and beyond: U.N. experts | Reuters

Iraqi Prime Minister Defends Assad In Top U.S. Newspaper - ThinkProgress

Iraq inspects second Syria-bound Iran aircraft, but finds only humanitarian materiel - Saudi Gazette

Al-Arabiya: Hezbollah fighters killed in ambush outside Damascus - NOW

Future slams Hezbollah activity in Syria - THE DAILY STAR

Syria’s Assad says Turkish PM cannot be trusted in peace talks with Kurds - ekurd

When the Yarmouk Camp Fled, The plight of Palestinians in Syria - Counterpunch

Iran's 'axis of resistance' loses Hamas to Syrian war -

Fresh gasoil from Russia reaches Syria -


Ban appeals to Syrian Government to allow chemical weapons probe to proceed - UN News

On Syria, Draft UN General Assembly Resolution Nods to Opposition, Chemical Weapons Probe, Text Here - Inner City Press

Russia: No Consensus on UN Chemical Investigation Mission to Syria- SANA


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Syria News Apr 9



Syria: Suicide car bombing kills 15, injures 146 in Damascus - Yahoo! News

List of major deadly bombings since Syrian uprising began, the first one was on Apr 8, 2011 - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: State TV's coverage of today's car bomb in central Damascus - YouTube

VIDEO: More on the Damascus bombing‬‎ - YouTube

PHOTOS: Terrorist Bombing Rocks Crowded Area in Damascus - SANA

Report: Rebels and security forces exchange gunfire after Damascus car bomb - Al Jazeera Blogs

VIDEO: Video Claims To Show The Moment Of Mohammad Al-Bouti's Assassination - Brown Moses Blog

Syrian Army Fully Controls Eastern Gouta, Regains some Areas in Aleppo -

Syrian human rights group says nearly 9,000 regime troops killed during 2-year conflict - Fox News


Syria Blocks UN Chemical Weapons Mission, saying Ban has “suggested a supplementary mission to deploy throughout Syrian territory” - VOA

All Syria chemical arms claims need examining: U.N.'s Ban - Reuters

Arms supplies to all sides of Syrian conflict should be halted - Putin - RT News

Two members of Lebanon's Hezbollah killed in Syria - AFP

Iraqi officials search Iranian plane looking for weapons headed to Syria, but none found - The Washington Post

Relatives of Lebanese hostages bar Syrians from entering workplaces - THE DAILY STAR

Army vet accused in Syria fighting to remain jailed; al-Qaida group wanted him as spokesman - The Washington Post


Despite U.S. concerns little prevents Islamists from joining Syria fight, Turkey not only allows jihadists’ crossing but also helps build up Nusra’s capabilities -

Syrian opposition national coalition loses clout inside Syria - Xinhua |

The Syrian Opposition’s Leadership Problem - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Clashes between Jabhat al-Nusra and local tribal militias in Deir Ezzor underline significant trend (VIDEOS) - Hassan Hassan

PHOTOS: A Sit-in in Raqqa in response to the arrest of two girls by Umana'a rebels for not being veiled - FACEBOOK


Ankara’s Kurdish Peace Talks Reverberate Among Syrian Kurds - Rudaw

PKK leader reiterates Kurdish confederation as 'stateless solution', It will comprise the Kurds of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey -

Mistrust mars Syria rebels, Kurds deal in Aleppo - News24


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Syria News Apr 8



Syrian Regime Launches Counteroffensive on Rebels - ABC News

Syria's Homs besieged for 300 days, some 80 percent of the city is under tight army control - NOW

Syrian troop redeployments raise concerns over Golan security, Thousand soldiers moved in recent weeks to battle fronts closer to Damascus - The Guardian

In Golan IDF exchange fire with rebels as Israelis warn jihadists gaining foothold - The Guardian

As Fighting Rages in Damascus, Kurds Flee Their Neighborhoods - Rudaw

Syrian rebel prime minister Ghassan Hitto has begun talks to form an interim government - AFP

Gulf states said to put new conditions on arms supplies to Syrian rebels, They must pledge allegiance to the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Coalition  - The National

Free Syrian Army Denies Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Supplied Arms - Ikhwanweb

Syria oil industry buckling under rebel gains - USAToday

Steep fall in Syria foreign trade in 2012 - NOW

VIDEO: Demonstration of Tartous citizens supporting Bashar Al Assad - YouTube


Qaeda chief urges Syria rebels to seek "jihadist Islamic state" - RT

Al-Qaeda and Jabhat Al-Nusra Collaborating - Asharq Alawsat English Mobile

Al-Qaeda Seen Expanding Influence in Lebanon - Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Italian journalists detained in Syria by Salafi militants - euronews

VIDEO: The story of a soldier kidnapped and tortured by the rebels, In same cases they cut the legs before beheading -

VIDEO: Well armed, uniformed rebel group created in Ghouta -


Moscow Slams UN ‘Maneuvering’ on Syria Chemical Attack Probe - RIA Novosti

UN-Syria talks on probe of alleged chemical weapons use continue: UN - KUNA

VIDEO: Russian President Putin interview to the ARD: Arms to Syrian Opposition Must Stop, All Parties Must Negotiate -

Transcript of Putin's interview to the ARD: Voice of Russia American Edition

Russia Heavily Boosting Mediterranean Naval Fleet amid Syrian Conflict - IBTimes UK

New Lebanon PM insists on neutrality in Syria conflict - AFP

Lebanese factions train Syrian refugees as militants: Lebanon interior minister - PressTV

Iraqi Shiite group says member killed ‘defending holy sites’ in Syria - The Washington Post

Syria's War Could Inflame Turkey's Hatay Province - Syrian Assistance

Brazil: Dialogue is Only Way out of the Crisis in Syria - SANA


Syria: Christians flee rebel areas as fatwa authorises rape of non-Sunni women - Independent Catholic News

Report: Syrian Rebels Recruiting Children for Military Missions, Sexual Abuse -

Raping Women in the Name of Islam - Gatestone Institute


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Syria News Apr 6



Assad warns the fall of the regime will produce a domino effect that would destabilise the region "for many years, even decades" - AFP

VIDEO: Full Interview of Pres. Assad with Turkish Media: Syria's Breakup Will Cause Mideast to Blow Up - YouTube

Putin: Syria Needs Negotiations to Stop Massacre, "We do not think that Assad should leave today" - RIA Novosti

U.S. Reviews Military Options for Syria, Pentagon's assessments reflect the military's reluctance to get into a shooting war in Syria - WSJ

Obama to host Middle East allies for talks on the Syrian crisis - English

Saudi Arabia backs push to carve out liberated southern Syria - Telegraph

Sectarianism, Saudi-Qatar Jostling Prevail in Syrian Opposition - Al-Monitor

Iranian soldiers fighting alongside Bashar Assad: captured officer - Al-Shorfa

Hezbollah: 3 Lebanese Shiites dead in Syria fighting - NOW

Syrian rebels threaten to hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon - NOW

Relatives of kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims shut Syrian shops - THE DAILY STAR

Times of London: Military wing of Hamas training Syrian rebels - JPost

Yemeni officials: 'Jihad' in Syria causes problems for Yemen - Al-Shorfa

Turkey not yet ready to allow Syrian opposition to open embassy - todayszaman


Bombs Hit Damascus Like Shooting Stars as Battle Intensifies —

Rebels look to extend gains from Raqqa to south and east Syria - THE DAILY STAR

Ahrar al-Sham: A Profile of Northern Syria’s al-Qaeda Surrogate - The Jamestown Foundation

Rebels say take army post near Syria's southern border - Reuters

Four Italian journalists abducted in northern Syria: report - FRANCE 24

Maronite patriarch: in Syria, Arab spring's obscurantist potential could lead to religious conflicts - Asia News

VIDEO: Syrian town tries to block rebels and arms coming from Lebanon -

VIDEO: Interview with Damascus University rebel Ammar Baloush who opened fire on 5 of his colleagues - YouTube

VIDEO: Rebels argue over sharing looted belongings -

VIDEO: Shocking video Ahmed, 8-year-old FSA soldier from Aleppo - YouTube


Conflict Intensifies between Kurdish militias YPG and Syrian governement forces (VIDEO) - Al-Monitor

Clashes Break Out Between Kurdish Groups In Syria - Al-Monitor

Syrian Kurds flee their neighborhoods in Damascus as fighting rages - ekurd

Plans for the ‘Kurdish Empire’ advance, thanks to Syria - ekurd

VIDEO: Assad Forces Kill Kurdish Fighter -


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Syria News Apr 5



UN: Syria’s refugee tide overwhelms relief efforts: Quarter of population now in flight - Middle East Online

Red Cross: Syria Humanitarian Crisis Worsening - AP

AFP: Lebanon proposes UN refugee camps inside Syria - AFP

In Syria, some 300,000 Christian refugees also fleeing from UN camps - Asia News

Sources: Kerry asked for a tripartite US, French and British meeting attended by the head of the Syrian National Coalition Khatib and the FSA Chief Idris - Al Sharq Al Awsat

VIDEO: Refugee camps in Syria cripple under strain - YouTube


Insight: Syrian government guerrilla fighters being sent to Iran for training - Yahoo! News

No agreement yet on Syria access for U.N. chemical arms inspectors: Official - Yahoo! News

Syrian regime troops appeal for immediate aid in Al-Raqqa - English

The Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes - Syria Comment

Residents of Aleppo and Deir Ezzor say Al Nusra imposing its strict Islamic agenda under the cloak of providing aid to residents - Central Asia Online

Another Case Of Weapons Mis-Identification In The Media - "British AS-50s" On Al-Arabiya - Brown Moses Blog

At least 13 Tunisian girls head to Syria to offer themselves to Islamic fighters as part of sexual jihad - Mail Online

VIDEO: Turkey's Alawites support Syria's Assad - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Child Soldier Interview - YouTube


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Syria News Apr 4



U.S., Jordan stepping up training of Syrian opposition amid concern that moderate rebel forces be overtaken by extremist Islamic fighters in southern Syria - Washington Post

Syrian rebels set their sights on strategic south, a critical gateway to attack Damascus -

Iraqi officials requested U.S. drones strikes near their border after al-Qaeda-linked jihadists ambushed a Syrian convoy in Iraq -

France undecided over EU arms embargo on Syria - Alarabiya

Kerry, Lavrov to visit Turkey for talks - todayszaman

BRICS Summit draws clear red lines on Syria, Iran - nsnbc international


Syria conflict drawing hundreds of jihadists from Europe, says report -

ICSR Insight: European Foreign Fighters in Syria - ICSR

David Ignatius: Sorting out the armed rebel forces in Syria, names and manpower figures for the insurgency - The Washington Post

Aron Lund: Commenting David Ignatius on the nature and composition of the Syrian armed opposition - Syria Comment

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood influential but mistrusted - NOW

Canadian men said to be 'travelling jihadists' -

Tunisia jails jihadist over call to join rebels in Syria -Reuters

World's most powerful rifle AS - 50 raising fears in hands of Syrian rebels - Fox News

VIDEO: World's most powerful rifle AS - 50 in hands of Syrian rebels -

Syria's ancient oasis city of Palmyra threatened in fighting - Reuters

VIDEO: Syria's ancient oasis city of Palmyra threatened in fighting - Youtube


Woman spoke to the Guardian about the arrival of the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo, resulting in kidnappings and the rise of the al-Nusra front -

Rape and Murder: Eyewitness Accounts from Sheik Maqsoud after AlNusra Front entered the Aleppo neighborhood -

Facebook page: Christian women being raped in Aleppo - PanARMENIAN.Net

New Fatwa permits rape of non-Sunni women in Syria -

VIDEO: Syrian sexual jihad: Tunisian women join rebels - YouTube


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Syria News Apr 2



Iraqi intelligence says Syrian and Iraqi Islamic extremist groups ramping up cooperation (VIDEO) - Fox News

Syria rebels on the ground not ready to give up power after war, say they, not educated opposition outsiders, deserve leadership in a civilian government -

A Black Flag and a Cup of Coffee in Raqqa, Islamist rebels won the battle for the city - The New Yorker

Syrian rebels said close to chemical weapons cache - The Times of Israel

VIDEO: Rebels in Syria become oppressing force themselves - RT

VIDEO: Jabhat al-Nusra in Deir Ezzor Will Accept Nothing but an Islamic State - YouTube

VIDEO: Nusra Front Brainwashing Syrian Children - YouTube


Syria in Danger of Replicating Christian Exodus in Iraq - 

VIDEO: Syrian Christians Getting Attacked by Hardline Wahhabi Terrorists in their Ancient Homeland - CBS

U.K. charities: Palestinians from Syria vulnerable - THE DAILY STAR

Palestinian victims of the civil war in Syria - Alkarmil

Rebels tried to intrude Armenian districts of Aleppo: Several Armenians wounded - ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

Syria’s Kurdish Supreme Council (KSC) bans more refugees from fleeing to Iraqi Kurdistan - Rudaw

UNHCR concerned for Syrian refugees in Iraq as number of arrivals arises - UNHCR

UN food agency reports 20 Syria attacks since 2011 - The Jakarta Post


US restraint in Syria could aid Iran nuclear talks - Yahoo! News

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Syria News Apr 1



FSA Joint Command blasts Muslim Brotherhood for undermining the revolt and trying to dictate opposition politics - The National

Syrian oppostion leader Moaz Al Khatib on Al Arabiya: I asked for a public televized debate with Bashar Assad - YALLA SOURIYA

Domestic opposition group says granting SNC bloc's seat at the Arab League risks jeopardising opposition unity - Al Jazeera English

Any decisions taken by just one Syrian opposition group will have a "very short life", Algeria FM says - AFP

Report: Al Nusra Front Emir Killed By Regime Forces In Syria? - Weasel Zippers

Jabhat al-Nusra imposing extremist views in Syria - Al-Shorfa

Al-Nusra Has Access to Chlorine Gas: Plant Owner - Global Security Newswire

VIDEO: Butchery of 13 Civilians at Talkalakh in Homs -


Al Jazeera exclusive: UN working on secret contingency plans for Syria after the possible fall of Assad - Al Jazeera Blogs

VIDEO: UN plans for a post-Assad Syria - YouTube

Syrian Alawites kidnapped in north Lebanon, Gunmen demand release of a Sunni man held by Syrian forces - AFP

Tit-for-tat kidnappings bring Syria's war into Lebanese backyards -

Canadian Foreign Minister: We Support Iraq Stance Regarding Crisis in Syria, Share its Fears of Terrorism and Extremism - SANA

Solana: Syria War May Be Obstacle to Iran Nuclear Talks - Al-Monitor

Spy equipment discovered near Russian military base in Syria -

Sarkozy's Qatar payday: Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy will work for Qatar Investment Fund - Slate


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Syria News Mar 31



Syria accuses rebels of setting fire to oil wells; Aleppo civilians flee shelling - The Washington Post

Rebels kill Aleppo cleric, some reports suggesting he was beheaded then dragged through the streets - AFP

Syria rebels, regime trade accusations of “massacre" -AFP

Ancient Synagogue burns in Damascus, rebels and government exchange blame —

Fear and loathing in Damascus. 'Why are the rebels doing this? Why are they trying to starve us?' - Telegraph

VIDEO: Syria citizen journalists target opposition - YouTube

VIDEO: Christians under rebel attack in Syria - CBS

VIDEO: Syria's Kurds fighting a war within a war - YouTube


VIDEO: Opposition Leader Muaz al-Khatib Condemns Islamic Extremists in Syria and States who Support Them - Darth Nader

Opposition PM Hitto: Defense minister will be chosen by FSA -

Syrian National Coalition wants representation within OIC - Anadolu Agency

Free Syrian Army founder Riad Al Asaad praises Al Nusrah Front as 'brothers' - The Long War Journal


Inside Obama's Syria Debate, A reconstruction of months of conversations within the administration - Wall Street Journal

West embargoes arms to Syrian rebels over their resale to al Qaeda - DEBKAfile

U.S., Israel, Turkey, Jordan planning military action in Syria to counter the threat of chemical weapons, either by the regime or by al-Qaeda linked terrorists - DEBKAfile

German Intelligence Chief: Al Qaeda Influence Increasing among Syrian Opposition- SANA

Syria Exclusive: New Arms for Insurgents --- The Case of the Croatian Multiple Rocket Launcher (VIDEO) - EA WorldView

Turkish police seize firearms cache on Syrian border - Reuters

VIDEO: Turkish opposition slams Erdogan's stance on Syria - YouTube

Interview: Iraq FM Zebari on Iraq, Qatar and Syria - Yahoo! News

Report: Israel's Syria spy cameras tracked Russian navy - Haaretz Daily Newspaper


Why didn't CNN's international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain's Arab Spring repression? -

Former CNN reporter alleges CNN accepted money from Bahrain to ignore oppression -

VIDEO: Amber Lyon reveals CNN lies and war propaganda - YouTube

VIDEO: Palestinians Attack Al Jazeera Crew in Occupied Palestine over Syria -


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Syria News Mar 30

Syria News Mar 29



Mortar strike kills 15 in Damascus University: state media - Reuters

VIDEO: Terrorists fired a mortar shell on Damascus University and killed 15 students - YouTube

White House 'deeply concerned' by attack at Syrian university - The Hill

Iraqi Influx Doubles Syrian Al Qaeda-Linked Rebels - Israel National News

Chechen commander forms 'Army of Emigrants,' integrates Syrian Jihadist groups (VIDEO) - The Long War Journal

Tunisia Targets Jihadist Recruiters for Syria -

Syria’s European Jihadis - National Review Online

Jihadists control large parts of Daraa: Syria MP - NOW

U.S. says Syrian opposition head to finish his term - NZweek

Hungry Aleppo residents rely on charity for food - NOW

VIDEO: Aleppo's Children: Channel 4 Documentary Chronicles Misery In Syria - Huffington Post

VIDEO (English subtitles): Syrian Channel RTV documentary about terrorism in Aleppo - Youtube

VIDEO: Oldest Synagogue in Damascus Looted by Syrian Rebels - YouTube


Obama did not approved NSC recommendation to give body armor to Syrian rebels - Foreign Policy

France's Hollande says too early to send arms to Syria rebels - Reuters

Saudi heavy weapons supply to Syrian rebels breaks up Arab summit in uproar - DEBKAfile

This is the secret Jordanian airline that's reportedly flooding Syria with weapons - Foreign Policy

US Training Rebels in Jordan: Get the Story Straight -

Arab League decision to recognize Syrian rebels denies peaceful solution – Lavrov - RT News

Russia to block Syrian opposition at UN - NOW

Putin flexes Russian military muscle in naval exercise - Reuters

Lebanese FM: AL Can't Talk of Peaceful Solution While It Is Overthrowing Syria's Membership - SANA

Al Jazeera ‘losing’ Arab viewers - The Arab World 360°


UN: Syrian refugees riot at camp in Jordan - Yahoo! News

Turkey Reverses Plans to Deport 130 Syrian Refugees -

Rape and sham marriages: the fears of Syria's women refugees - Channel 4 News

Tunisians Raise Alarm on Possible Fatwa Encouraging 'Sexual Jihad' in Syria- Al-Monitor


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Syria News Mar 28



Officials: Weapons supplies to Syrian rebels increase dramatically before a push on Damascus - Fox News

Regional rivalries, competition over money and weapons driving Syria's opposition divides - NOW

The jihadist groups 'running the show' in Syria - Channel 4 News

Russia Slams Arab League’s Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels - RIA Novosti

BRICS warns against militarising Syria conflict further -

NATO head urges Syria political solution, rules out intervention - Reuters

Moaz Al Khatib, Syria Rebel Leader, Slams NATO Refusal To Provide Patriot Missile Support - Huffington Post

Security Council calls on Syria and rebels to ensure safety of its force in Golan Heights - montrealgazette

Israeli Soldiers Enter Syrian Golan Heights - Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Ladsous: "Armed Groups are a Fact in Golan" ~ Frequency

VIDEO: Iraqis chant "My Homeland" National Anthem side by side with Syrian football team in the face of terror -


Giving Syrian opposition seats at Arab League is ‘illegal, indefensible’ – Moscow - RT News

Iran slams Arab League over 'dangerous' move of handing seat to Syria opposition - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Algerian Foreign Minister: Handing Syria's AL Seat to "Opposition" Is Inconsistent with AL Charter - SANA

Syria rages at Qatar for giving opposition its Arab League seat - Yahoo! News

Hito selected government's HQ near Turkish-Syrian border - Anadolu Agency

Syrian refugees clash with police in Turkish camp - Yahoo! News

Leishmaniasis outbreak rings alarm bells at Turkish-Syrian border - todayszaman

VIDEO: Syrian Refugees Flee Concentration Camp in Turkey -

Syria Kurds help Shiite, Sunni fighters negotiate - NOW

Syria: 'up to 100' British Muslims fighting in war - Telegraph

VIDEO: Jabhat al-nusra terrorist gives a speech over the headless body of a Syrian soldier -

VIDEO: Pro-Syria Group Vows to Fight Jabhat al-Nusra in Raqqa -


U.N. hopes chemical arms team deploys to Syria soon: envoys - Reuters

Head of UN probe into chemical weapons use in Syria says preparatory work has begun - United Nations News Centre

UN yet to reach chemical inquiry accord with Syria: envoys - AFP

Evidence Shows Syrian Rebels Behind Chemical Attack -

No Evidence Yet of ‘Red Line’ Breach in Syria: Experts - Global Security Newswire | NTI

VIDEO: Syria state TV show victims of 'chemical attack' -


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Syria News Mar 27



VIDEO: Syrian Opposition Takes Seat at Arab Summit - VOA

Syria opposition asks US for Patriot missile protection of rebel-held areas in Syria - AFP

White House: no Patriot missiles in Syria - AFP

NATO says has no intention of intervening in Syria - Reuters

VIDEO: Syrian opposition asks for US and Nato protection -

Syria's Alkhatib explains why he quit as rebel head - Yahoo! News

Syria activists slam regional interference, Brotherhood - NOW

At Doha summit, Arab states say they have right to arm Syria rebels - Middle East - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Meeting of Arab League leaders showcases Qatar's growing political clout - Fox News

VIDEO: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks into Arab League Website - YouTube


Car bomb explodes near Damascus, kills 3 – Syrian TV - RT News

Mortars strike Damascus, killing as many as 4 - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Aftermath of Suicide bombing in Damascus -

Syria's Shiites offer different picture of war -

Outsiders are killing Syrian People, destroying Churches and mosques - Christian Bishop - RT Op-Edge

Relatives of Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped in Syria hold demo - THE DAILY STAR

In Syria, the Rebels Have Begun to Fight Among Themselves -

The Umma Brigade's Political Manifesto - Syria Survey

VIDEO: Kurdish YPG Women's Battalion in West Kurdistan (Syria) - YouTube


Swedish scientist to head U.N. Syria chemical weapons probe - Reuters

UN excludes major powers from Syria chemical arms inquiry -AFP

Alarming Footage: Who Is Really Using Chemical Weapons in Syria? -


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Syria News Mar 26



Arms Airlift to Syrian Rebels Expands With C.I.A. Aid, Size of the Shipments and Degree of Distributions are Voluminous -

Syrian Jihadist Fighters Getting Western Anti-tank Weapons Meant for FSA groups - VOA

Russia Seeks to Join Probe of Syria Chemical Attack Reports - RIA Novosti

Defected Syrian pilot says he made trips to Russia and Iran to ‘collect cash’ - 

Rebel mortar fire hits Damascus killing at least two people, army gunners retaliate - Reuters

U.N. to move some staff out of Syria after mortar blasts near hotel - Reuters

Jordan closes main border crossing with Syria - Reuters

Residents of Syria's Aleppo sell belongings to survive - Ahram Online

Tunisian Jihadists fighting in the ranks of Jabhat al-Nusra and FSA, According to newspapers they are funded by Qatar and trained in Libya -  Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Rebels target Syrian State TV & Radio With Rockets -

VIDEO: A new toy for Syrian rebels: U.S. ACOGs? -


Syrian rebel army founder's leg blown off by car bomb - Reuters

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): FSA founder Riad al-Asaad in Turkish hospital having his shredded leg amputated - YouTube

PHOTO: Photo showing Riad al-Asaad's amputated leg -

VIDEO: FSA founder Ryad El Asaad crying "I want to die" after becoming amputee - YouTube

VIDEO (Arabic): Riad Al-Asaad praising the indepedence and fighting spirit of Jabhat Al Nusra and condemning the political hacks and opportunists who are controlled by foreign powers - YouTube

VIDEO (Arabic): FSA statement about assassination attempt on al Asaad -


Syria rebels win Arab League seat despite rifts - AFP

Iraq: Giving Syria seat at AL to Doha Coalition violation of Charter - SANA, Syria

Syria's Alkhatib to address Doha meeting despite quitting - Reuters

VIDEO (Arabic): Opposition leader Michel Kilo accuses the Muslim Brotherhood and Sabbagh’s Qatari-backed faction of choosing PM Hitto in a non-consensual manner - Youtube

VIDEO (Arabic): Ghassan Hitto, Syrian National Coalition PM visits Aleppo - YouTube


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Syria News Mar 25



Syrian National Coalition leader Moaz al-Khatib resigns, citing lack of international support for the rebels -

Translation of Syria opposition chief Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib's resignation speech- NOW

Syria's opposition National Coalition says it refuses leader's resignation - NOW

FSA: Syria insurgents refuse to recognize new rebel PM Hitto - NOW

Al Nusra and other groups 'seize Jordan-Syria border area' - FRANCE 24

A militant Islamist/jihadi nexus is emerging in northern & eastern Syria, led by Harakat Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyya and Jabhat al-Nusra -

VIDEO: Thousands gather in Damascus for funeral of assassinated Syrian cleric - RT News

VIDEO: Evidence Of Jabhat al-Nusra With Croatian Weapons - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Mujahideen arrive at Tartus -


Syria chemical weapons report: finger pointed at jihadists as responsible of the Aleppo attack - Telegraph

Chemical Weapons Probably Used by the Syrian Regime, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rogers Says - Bloomberg

Israel says concerns militants will get Syria chemical weapons factor in restoring Turkey ties - The Washington Post


EU urges political solution in Syria amid fears of spillover, There is little to no appetite for the push by Britain and France to arm the rebels - NOW

Maliki resists Kerry's call to halt flow of Iranian arms to Syria -

Clashes in Lebanon as PM Mikati’s resignation accepted - DAWN.COM

Israeli military in Golan Heights responds to fire from Syria - Fox News

Kurds in Syria Celebrate Their New Year with Hope and Defiance - VICE United States

Kurdish rebels declare formal ceasefire with Turkey - Yahoo! News

Palestinians in Syria register to vote for PNC - Maan News Agency

UN condemns killing of five Palestinian children in Syria - The Boyne City Gazette


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Syria News - Mar 23

Syria News - Mar 22



Top pro-Assad Sunni cleric killed as suicide bombing hits Damascus mosque killing 42 - RT News

VIDEO: Suicide Bombing in Al-Iman Mosque in Damascus - YouTube

VIDEO: More on the suicide bombing at Al-Iman mosque in Damascus - YouTube

U.N. to launch probe of alleged Syria chemical arms attack -

Syrian opposition chief criticizes US in chemical attack debate - todayszaman

Muslim Brotherhood Holds Sway Over Syrian Opposition - Al-Monitor

Syrian bishop says 30,000 Christians have fled Aleppo - AFP

BBC Weather Twitter Account Hacked By 'Syrian Electronic Army' (PICTURES) - Huffington Post

VIDEO: Al-Nusra Beheading Assad supporter - EuropeNews

VIDEO: Islamic flag raised in Raqqa -

VIDEO: Rising Inflation in Syria - YouTube


EU set for showdown on Syria arms embargo -AFP

Paris pushing ahead with plans to arm Syria militants - PressTV

Survey: Cameron, Hollande at odds with voters on Syria -

Key senators push Obama to use limited military options in Syria crisis - Yahoo! News

House Lawmakers slam Iraqi government for allowing Iranian aid to Syria's Assad - The Hill's Global Affairs

Syrian radical Islamic rebels capture areas near Golan Heights - The Burleson Star

Lebanese Army arrests 10 Syrians for arms possession in border raids - THE DAILY STAR

Syria hands over seized Lebanese fighter to Beirut - Yahoo! News

US report says Turkey could be drawn into war with Syria, Iran - todayszaman

Russian military officials deny reports that warships will not tank up in Tartus - Russia & India Report

China, Russia move toward full-fledged strategic partnership - Xinhua |


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Syria News - Mar 21



Syrian govt, rebels urge UN investigation into ‘chemical attack’ - RT News

West stalls Syria chemical attack probe in U.N.: Russia -

Report of chemical-weapons use in Syria being investigated, Obama says - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Obama on Syria: Chemical weapons a 'game-changer' -

Israeli official: Chemical weapons used in Syria - Yahoo! News

Chemical weapons likely used in Syria, but detection window closed, expert says - Fox News

Syrian Gov: Missile carrying chemical weapons launched from an area controlled by terrorists, fell near a Syrian Army location - SANA

Alleged Rebels' Web Page Adopting and Proud of Chemical Attack in Aleppo - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Syria Rebels Caught on Tape Discussing Chemical Weapons Attack - LeakSource

VIDEO: Jihadist Al-Nusra Front Siezes Chemical Factory Used to Make Toxic Chlorine Near Aleppo - Gerard Direct , AFP


Key Syria dissidents leave Coalition grouping over the deeply divisive election of rebel prime minister Hitto - AFP

New US-Educated Prime Minister Of Syria Has One Massive Problem: Jihadist Rebels Control Most of the North - Yahoo! Finance

PYD: Hitto does not represent Kurds - ANF

Syria’s Oil a Source of Contention for Competing Groups -

Syrian Christians turn to Turkish churches, not refugee camps, for help - Catholic Philly

Jordan king warns Syria could become jihadi state, says Assad's days numbered - Fox News

Jordan’s desert patrol force sets up security cordon around Syrian refugee camp - The Washington Post

Recent videos show international makeup of Syrian jihad - Threat Matrix

VIDEO: Aljazeera TV reporting on a brigade of hundreds of libyans fighters fighting in Syria - Al Jazeera

VIDEO: Statement of Syria Rebels United With Jabhat al Nusra Against US Imperialist Threats and Schemes - YouTube


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Syria News - Mar 20



At least 25 dead in Syrian 'chemical' attack as govt and rebels trade blame (PHOTOS) — RT News

U.S. evaluating Syria chemical weapons charges - Reuters

Russia says Syrian rebels used chemical arms near Aleppo - Reuters

Aleppo medic: Victims - including Syrian regime soldiers and pro-Assad armed men - exposed to organic pesticides, not chemical arms - Al Jazeera Blogs

Photographer says Syria attack victims suffocating, they could smell chlorine in the air - Reuters

 Al Qaeda has employed crude chlorine bombs in the past in Iraq - The Long War Journal

VIDEO:(Arabic) Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Leaves 86 injured and 25 dead - SYRIAN STATE TV

VIDEO: Syria condemns rebels' 'chemical weapon attack' –


Syria opposition PM rules out talks with Damascus (VIDEO) - FRANCE 24

Who is Ghassn Hitto? He was backed by the Muslim Brotherhood to be Prime Minister of an Interim Gov - Syria Comment

Many Syrian dissidents disappointed by the choice of Interim Prime Minister Hitto - Brookings Institution

New Syrian rebel leader was official of CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation found guilty of financing Hamas - Radical Islam

US welcomes election of Syrian rebel PM - NOW

Russia "deeply regrets" election of Syrian rebel PM - NOW

Islamic law comes to rebel-held areas of Syria enforced by Al Nusra and other groups - The Washington Post

Syria’s Salafi Insurgents: The Rise of the Syrian Islamic Front - Syria Comment

In Rural Syria, Christians Eye Revolution Suspiciously - Rudaw


NATO Commander: Contingency plans under way for Syria - US News and World Report

Top Democrat endorses Syria no-fly zone - The Cable

Iraq turns blind eye to Iran arms flights to Syria: US - Ahram Online

In Syrian shadow, Iraq jihadists resurgent - UPI


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Syria News - Mar 19



Kerry says US won't stand in way of France, Britain or anyone else arming Syria's rebels - Fox News

Congress to weigh legislation to arm Syrian rebel fighters, Top House Dem To Move On Bill - The Hill's Global Affairs

Top US general urges caution on Syria options, says that US has very opaque understanding of the opposition - Reuters

An internal rift at the NSC on Syria? - Foreign Policy

UK Pulling out Special Forces from Afghanistan to Help Rebels in Syria - Daily Star Sunday

French minister to visit Turkey for talks on defense ties, Syria - todayszaman

Fundamental rift growing inside Syria opposition: German spy chief - PressTV

Russia strengthens its presence in Mediterranean Sea - Voice of Russia

Syria crisis is tipping Iraq into civil war, says minister - The Times

VIDEO: Croatian Weapons Arrive In Homs - Brown Moses Blog


Syrian opposition elects interim prime minister - Boston Herald

Assad: We Negotiate under Our Conditions, Battle in our Favor -

Assad sends letter to Zuma, asks BRICS ‘to intervene’ in Syria crisis - Yahoo! News South Africa

President of South Africa: We, Along with BRICS, will Spare No Effort to Implement Geneva Statement - Real Syria Updates

Pro-Assad group hacks HRW website, Twitter page -

Asma Assad has NOT fled Syria: rare public appearance dispels rumours she was abroad and several months pregnant - Mail Online

VIDEO: Asma Assad Makes Rare Appearance - Yahoo! News


Syrian warplanes strike Lebanese territory, a smuggling zone for weapons and personnel destined for opposition forces -

Israel to ask Obama to use air strikes in case of Syrian missile transfer to  Hezbollah -

Key Lebanese export route through Syria to remain shut: Rebels- THE DAILY STAR

Tensions High in Lebanon After Assault on Sunni Clerics - ABC News


Muslim Brotherhood Chief: Kurds Should Join Fight Against Assad Regime - Rudaw

Syria Kurds will seize control of Qamishlo: website - Mesopotamische Gesellschaft


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Syria News - Mar 16


Anglo-French plan to arm Syrian rebels meets wall of resistance at EU summit -

Hollande: France has guarantees from Syrian rebels on weapons - Reuters

US State Dep says is favorable on UK and France upping Syria rebel aid, but "we have made our own decision to provide only non-lethal assistance" - AFP

CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes -

VIDEO: More Videos Of Croatian Weapons With Non-FSA Islamists, Salafists, and Jihadists - Brown Moses Blog

U.S.-trained Syrian rebels returning to fight in their homeland: senior rebel source - Yahoo! News

US says it will allow money from American citizens and companies to be sent to Syrian opposition forces, exempting them from sanctions - Al Jazeera Blogs

Report: Syrian regime being aided from 12 countries - The Cable

VIDEO: Years After Invasion to Crush Uprising in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Helps Fuel Conflict in Syria - Democracy Now!


Syrian opposition announces candidates for interim gov't president - Xinhua |

Syrian Brotherhood refuses talks with Assad - World Bulletin

FSA chief vows to fight until 'new Syria' established - NOW

Few Protests On 2nd Anniversary Of Syrian Uprising - NPR

Aleppo activist Edward Dark: ‘People here don't like the regime, but they hate the rebels even more’ - The Globe and Mail

VIDEO: Message from FSA chief of staff. In English -

VIDEO(Arabic): Syrian National Council Head George Sabra Speaks to Syrian People - YouTube


Syrian rebel leader confronted with video of his men killing prisoners (VIDEO) - CBS News

VIDEO: Salafi Terrorist confesses: We did the massacre of 50 people, including women and children, in Homs (Syria) In April 2012! - YouTube

Sharia Court Orders Authorizes Rebels to Use and Loot Syrians' Properties - Real Syria Updates

New obstacles emerge in case of Lebanese kidnapped by Syrian rebels - THE DAILY STAR

Damascus warns of strike on Syrian rebels hiding in Lebanon — RT News

Lebanese Official Charges 10 with Belonging to al-Nusra Front — Naharnet

Syrian Conflict Extends to Border With Israel - Al-Monitor

Syria accuses Jordan of opening borders for jihadists - NOW

Under Internal Pressure, the Tunisian Security Starts to Dismantle Networks Recruiting Jihadists and Sending them to Syria - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Caucasian Fighters In FSA -


In War-Torn Syria, Kurdish Regions Remain Remarkably Calm • Kurdistan Today News 

The Kurdish Rebellion in Syria: Toward Irreversible Liberation - PUKmedia


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Syria News - Mar 15


France pushes EU to end Syria arms ban, warns that it could break with the EU embargo - Reuters

VIDEO: France, Britain to push EU to end Syria arms ban - Video Dailymotion

Those who would like to see Assad overthrown, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, worry the U.S. is supporting negotiations - Haaretz

VIDEO: US State Department Briefing Exchange on the Syrian List of Names of Regime and Opposition Representatives at Negotiations - YouTube

As Kerry Backs Political Solution, Khatib Faces Dissent - Al-Monitor

Syria’s Opposition Still Divided, Mistrustful - Al-Monitor

Ambassador: US providing $114 million in aid to Syrian rebels - The Hill's Global Affairs

Exclusive: U.S. sending Free Syrian Army 200,000 halal MREs - The Cable

House Republicans to hold hearing on White House's Syria policy - Washington Times

Moscow Warns Arab League Over Syria Seat for Rebels - RIA Novosti


Institute for the Study of War: Though depleted and fatigued, Syrian army remains cohesive - THE DAILY STAR

Defections, desertions, battlefield losses and damage to morale cut Syrian troops to 50,000, IISS Says - Bloomberg

Exclusive: Iran steps up weapons lifeline to Syria's Assad: envoys - Reuters

Israel:  Iran and Hezbollah have built up 50,000-strong units of Syrian militiamen besides the army - reuters


Syrian rebels ramp up extrajudicial killings of soldiers, suspected informants, pro-government militias and captured or kidnapped civilians: Amnesty Int’l - RT News

Syrian Rebels Aren't Able To Fill Government's Role As They Take Cities : NPR

Al Nusrah Front poised to take over last major city on Euphrates River - The Long War Journal

How important is the rebel takeover of Raqqa? - The Globe and Mail

VIDEO: Syria Rebels committing war crimes -


3 Syrian Diesel Tankers Torched in Tripoli, Gunmen Appear on Streets — Naharnet

Syria Warns Lebanon to Stop Insurgency - Real Syria Updates

Hezbollah, Jabhat al-Nusra Set for Showdown in Syria - The Daily Beast

Security Council Voices 'Grave Concern' over Lebanon-Syria Border Violence — Naharnet


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Syria News - Mar 14


Kerry Urges Syria Opposition to Unite, Talk to Assad with the aim of forming a "transitional government" -

Russia warns UK against arming Syrian rebels, says it is violation of international law - The Guardian

UNICEF fears a 'lost generation' of Syrian children -

Save the Children: Children of Syria struggle to survive - The Chronicle Herald

How the new $60 million of Syria aid is being spent - Foreign Policy The Cable


Syria's Brotherhood calls for 'week of action' on revolt anniversary, blasts the international community for failing the Syrian people - Ahram Online

How the Muslim Brotherhood Hijacked Syria's Revolution -  Foreign Policy

Khatib may resign as Syria’s National Coalition leader over division on the formation of an interim government: report - 

Syria anti-regime protesters demonstrate against Al-Nusra - AFP

Kurds in Syria hoping for oil discoveries - Al Bawaba

Mortar Shells in Damascus Kill 3, Wound 50 - ABC News

EU representative killed outside Damascus - NOW

PHOTOS: Mass Rally in Aleppo in Support of Syrian Army - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Assad regime Arming Alawite Civilians -

VIDEO: Syrian Government pays salaried in rebel controlled areas - Jazeera


With Official Wink And Nod, Hundreds Of Young Saudis Join Syria's Rebels - NPR

Exclusive: Gaza Salafists Take Fight To Syria - Al-Monitor

Conflict in Syria creates wave of British jihadists - The Independent

At least 50 French citizens ‘waging jihad in Syria’ - FRANCE 24

'German' jihadist fighting in Syria (VIDEO) - The Sun

The Netherlands raises terror threat amid fears Dutch fighters returning from Syria may be traumatized and further radicalized   - NY Daily News

VIDEO: "If you were a man, we’d kill you’: Captive journalist tells RT how she escaped Syrian rebels — RT News

VIDEO: Rebels Beheading & Shooting Civilians In Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Some Minarets Gets destroy in Syria -


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Syria News - Mar 13



Cameron: Britain could go it alone in arming Syrian rebels, says that the government is prepared to veto a European arms embargo - Telegraph

U.S. spy chief says Syrian opposition remains disorganized and grappling with an infusion of militant foreign fighters - Reuters

CIA Ramps Up Role in Iraq As al Qaeda Fighters Cross Over From Syria (VIDEO) -

US condemns ‘terrorist’ attack on Assad’s troops in Iraq - DAWN.COM

France, Russia, US identifying Syrian officials for talks - AFP

Moscow Takes Issue with US interpretation of the Geneva Communiqué - RIA Novosti

Israel Likely to Be Next Target of Syrian Rebels, General Says - Bloomberg

Al-Nusra helped Turkey capture border gate bombing suspects: Report -

VIDEO: Brand new Croatian weapon being used by Syrian rebels -


Syria army ready to fight rebels 'for years': report - AFP

Syria denies declaration of general mobilization - Xinhua |

Media Source: No Truth in News about Issuing General Call for Conscription- SANA

Syrian forces kill 30 deserters in ambush - opposition - Reuters

Syria to buy aircraft from Ukraine, receives Russian aid - NOW

Syrian Druze: Toward Defiant Neutrality - Foreign Policy Research Institute

Syria: increasing incidence of religiously-motivated attacks against Christians - John Mark Ministries

Over 85 percent Palestinians fled Syria’s Yarmouk camp: UNRWA - Alarabiya

Syrian Kurds Bank on Big Oil Reserves - Al Akhbar English

Syrian Opposition Leader Warns About Partition, Rejects the Formation of an Interim Government - Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Chechyan Terrorists in Syria Threaten to Behead 13 Aleppo Resident -

VIDEO: Rebel school in Aleppo shows classes of women covered from head to toe in black Burqas -


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Syria News - Mar 12



EU Foreign Ministers Split on Arms to Syria, Britain, Italy join France in supporting military aid while Germany, Sweden, others reject it - VOA

UK’s £20m weapons gift to Syria rebels, ­including rifles, machine guns and ­missiles - Daily Star.

Uncharitable Organizations: Islamist charities are bankrolling terror groups across the Middle East and pretending it's aid work - Foreign Policy

Saudi spy agency funds al-Nusra terrorists in Syria: Report - Strategic Culture Foundation

Al Qaeda claims killing of Syrian soldiers and state employees in Iraq - Reuters

Syrian Rebels: 'Conquer Golan, Refuse Israeli Aid' - Israel National News

VIDEO: Syria rebels vow to 'liberate Golan Heights' -

Russian Navy Starts Forming Mediterranean Task Force - RIA Novosti

Turkey refutes claim it denies shelter to Christian Syrians -


Rebel Mortar attack in Damascus kills 6 civilians, It struck a Christian neighborhood and a football stadium at game time - Yahoo! News

20 Bodies Found in Aleppo’s Quelq River -

VIDEO: Bodies pulled out of river in Aleppo -

Captive Ukrainian journalist escapes Syrian rebels, The kidnappers, members of the Free Syrian Army, had repeatedly threatened to kill her-  RT News

VIDEO: Ukrainian Journalist Held Hostage By Terrorists in Syria Escapes Them -

Child Martyred, Nine Injured after Targeting Kindergarten Micro-bus by Terrorists - Real Syria Updates

Syria Islamist rebels set up religious eastern council, It includes the jihadist Al-Nusra Front - NOW

FSA Implement Soft Sharia Law in Aleppo - Asharq Al-Awsat

Syrian Christians Flee Their Villages as Islamist Rebels Take Over - BCNN1

Syria's priceless heritage under attack, One report claims $2bn worth of artefacts have already left the country - BBC News.

Belgian Sources: Nearly 70 Belgian Nationals Fighting with Terrorists in Syria - Real Syria Updates

Valls: Dozens of French Jihadists are in Syria - Real Syria Updates

'Indian-origin jihadis' fighting in Syria against Assad regime - The Times of India

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Raise AlQaeda Flag After Beheading 7 Civilians -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels drag around with hollowed-out heads -

VIDEO: Islamo fascists torturing civilian "Dirlewanger" style -


Rival Kurdish Parties Clash in Syria - Al-Monitor

Syria Kurds decline controlling Raqqa oil field - Kurdpress News Aganecy

Women of Rojava building a free society in Syrian Kurdistan - ekurd

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) Factor Forces Turkey to Have a Peace Process with the PKK - ekurd


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Syria News - Mar 9



Lavrov: Assad has made it clear he has no intention of resigning, Russia won't pressure him - BBC News

VIDEO: Russia won't pressure Assad, says Lavrov - BBC News

Russia could consider arms embargo on Syria if steps taken to suppress weapons supplies to the Syrian opposition: Lavrov - Voice of Russia

West training Syrian rebels in Jordan, There had so far been no "green light" for the forces being trained to be sent into Syria -

Croatian newspaper: In the last 4 months 75 planes transferred 3000 tons of weapons for Syrian rebels -

VIDEOS: Croatian Weapons Given to the Rebels in Syria - Real Syria Updates

Damascus briefs UN on transfer of Libyan, Saudi arms, militants to Syria - Strategic Culture Foundation

Turkish Main Opposition Party Chief Kilicdaroglo: Erdogan Government's Policies against Syria are Dangerous and a Failure- SANA

VIDEO: Turkish Government and Opposition Go Head To Head over the Syrian Crisis in Parliament - PressTV

Syria PM and Maliki Discuss Bilateral Relations on the Phone - SANA

Syria thanks BRICS for support against West - NOW

A Divided Society: The Impact of the Syrian Crisis on Lebanon - The Jamestown Foundation

Jabhat al-Nusra and Hezbollah In First Confrontation - Al-Monitor

Rebels: Hizbullah training thousands in Bekaa Valley to turn tide in Syrian war - World Tribune


U.N.: Efforts to free peacekeepers to resume Saturday - CBS News

Free Syrian Army offers Golan kidnapping "clarification" - NOW

Richard Engel Reveals a Diary of His Syrian Kidnapping—and How His Captors Terrorized Their Victims - Vanity Fair

75 percent of the Syria-Turkey border is controlled by al-Qaeda, while the rest is controlled by the PKK : Al-Assad -

Al Nusrah Front  executes two more suicide attacks in Homs - The Long War Journal

Nusra Front to provide assistance to Homs battalions: source - YALLA SOURIYA

Al-Manar Website Uncovers Internal Document for Al-Nusra Front -

Syria: Concern over lack of Christian representation on Aleppo council - Christian Today

VIDEO [ENG Subs]: Syrian Rebels Beat And Humiliate the Eccentric 'Yellow Man' in Aleppo -


Syrian women refugees have ‘little to celebrate’ on March 8 - The Jordan Times

Syrian crisis forces young women into early marriages - Wausau Daily Herald 

Desperate, Some Fleeing Syria Turn to Prostitution - ABC News


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