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Syria News June 19



G8 calls for urgent peace talks and a transitional government in Syria, no mention of Assad's fate in statement - AFP

Obama on Charlie Rose of PBS: Syria is not Iraq, "It is very easy to slip slide your way into deeper and deeper commitments" - usatoday

Obama: Striking Syria carries risk of hitting chemical weapons sites, Skeptical About Syria No-Fly Zone - 

VIDEO: Obama on Syria in interview on Charlie Rose of PBS - CBS News

Putin: Russia won't rule out new arms supplies to Syria's Assad - AFP

VIDEO: Putin on Syria at G8: Do You Want to Supply Arms to People who Eat their Enemies' Organs? - YouTube

Pentagon Shoots Down Kerry’s Syria Airstrike Plan - Bloomberg

Consideration of Syria no-fly zone relies on Iraq experience - Navy Times 

France's Hollande open to Iranian presence at Syria talks -

UK's Cameron wants Syria peace plan, with or without Russia - Yahoo! News

Lavrov Says Syria Talks Must Not imply 'Capitulation' of Regime - Naharnet

Syria rebels assail G-8 leaders on Syria - usatoday


Saudi Arabia, France sending Syria rebels anti-aircraft guns: Der Spiegel - Al Akhbar English

Iran reportedly preparing to send 4,000 troops into Syria - Fox News

Iran Denies Plans to Send Troops to Help Syria’s Assad - RIA Novosti

Syria Counts on $1 Billion Iran Fund to Support Pound - Bloomberg

Analysis: Saudi role in Syria driven by fear of Shi'ite 'full moon' - Reuters

Hezbollah leader's brother killed in Syria clashes - The Times of Israel

Lebanon Clashes: Security Officials Clash With Gunmen Loyal To Hezbollah Critic In Port City Of Sidon - AP

4 Lebanese Shiites Killed In Ambush Near Syria

Hamas to Hizbullah: Leave Syria, Fight Israel - Israel National News

Iraq Moves Troops To Syrian Border - Al-Monitor

Egypt seen to give nod toward jihadis on Syria - Yahoo! News

The adventures of a Libyan weapons dealer in Syria - Reuters

Private money pours into Syrian conflict as donors pick sides - The Japan Times

Qatar Red Crescent Funds Syrian Rebel Arms - Al Akhbar English

Qatar shares edge down; Syria fears weigh on most markets - Gulf Times

U.A.E. Shares Retreat as Syria Civil War Concern Grips Region - Bloomberg


Full transcript of Assad interview to the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper- SANA

Assad denounces chemical arms claim as ‘lies’ – FAZ : The Voice of Russia

Defected Syrian general will be conduit for U.S. military aid to rebels - The Washington Post

Qaeda-linked militants blow up Shiite hall in Syria - AFP

VIDEO: The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham have exploded a Muslim Shi'i place of worship - YouTube

VIDEO: More on the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham exploding a Muslim Shi'i place of worship - YouTube

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Hundreds of thousands of civilians besieged by rebels in Afrin -YALLA SOURIYA

Is Anyone Counting the Guns in Syria? -

Syrian fighters funded in part by jizya - Money Jihad

In civil war, Syria's Kurds search for place but increasingly clash with Arab rebels - Fox News

VIDEO: FSA Fighters Insulting Kurdish Flag - YouTube


Turkey's Defiant PM Says Police to Get More Power - ABC News

Dozens held in Turkey, silent protester goes viral - Reuters

POLL: Poll shows Erdogan's popularity has taken a hit. Could he lose his mandate? -

POLL: Most Turks Do Not Support Erdogan's Syria Policy - Al-Monitor

Turkish unions march in support of Istanbul protesters -

Anti-Government Protests In Turkey Reach Syrian Border (RADIO) - KGOU

Syrians protest in Damascus backing Turkey demos - THE DAILY STAR

VIDEO: Istanbul: silent standing protest shut down by police -

VIDEO: Mayhem in Istanbul hotel as police target protesters seeking rufuge - CBS News


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Syria News June 16



Russia questions Syrian chemical weapons evidence as it doesn't meet criteria for reliability, says Assad has no need to use them - Yahoo! News

Chemical weapons experts still skeptical about U.S. claim that Syria used sarin - McClatchy

U.S. missiles, jets to stay in Jordan as Syria crisis rages - Yahoo! News

The Syrian War: Israel and U.S. Coordinating How to Target Assad’s Arsenal -

Kerry: Syria's use of chemical weapons jeopardizes political solution - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

G8 Summit: David Cameron pushes for no-fly zone over Syria - The Independent

Mursi cuts Egypt's Syria ties, backs no-fly zone - Yahoo! News

Russia says illegal to impose Syria no-fly zone from Jordan - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Zbigniew Brzezinski on Syria: US is engaging in "mass propaganda", "Who's fighting for democracy?" - YouTube


Syrian rebel commander urges West to provide heavy weapons and a no-fly zone, says he could defeat Assad's army within six months -

Getting U.S. weapons to Syria rebels will take weeks -

Syrian troops capture Damascus suburb near airport, days after attack on the facility - Fox News

Al-Qaeda in Iraq rejects Zawahiri ruling on Nusra - AFP

Nusra Militants Kill Young Man Accused of Theft by Amputating Hand, Foot in Syria's Aleppo -

Moscow blasts UNHRC's 'Hezbollah-focused' resolution on Syria - RT Russian politics

Russia says 50 groups in U.S. raise funds for North Caucasus extremists, Some of them are in Syria - Money Jihad

Russian Laurov stresses Syria Kurds should attend in Geneva 2 - Kurdpress News Aganecy

VIDEO: Kurdish YPG forces in Afrin against the FSA -


Saudi Arabia funding fuels jihadist terror,  Oil earnings spent on spreading a violent and intolerant variety of Islam - Vancouver Sun thru Money Jihad

Qatar: State Sponsor of International Terrorism - Oriental Review thru Money Jihad

Saudi Arabian Shares Drop Most in Two Years on Syria Escalation - Bloomberg

Saudi king flies home early as Syria war intensifies - zeenews

Moderate cleric Rowhani declared new Iran president, says "This is a victory of intelligence, of moderation, of progress... over extremism" - AFP

Turkish riot police storm Istanbul park to end protests after Erdogan ultimatum - Reuters

Mother of Turkish protester killed in Ankara: 'Erdogan must resign' - Telegraph


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Syria News June 15



U.S. says it has proof that Assad's government used chemical weapons, starts arming Syria rebels but still moving warily - Chicago Tribune

Obama move to arm Syrian rebels comes as Assad gains upper hand (VIDEO) - The Washington Post

Russia: U.S. claims of Syrian chemical arms use unconvincing, military support for Assad's opponents undermines the peace talks - Yahoo! News

Syria: US chemical weapons charges 'full of lies', cheap tactics to justify decision to arm the Syrian opposition -

VIDEO: Syria Denies Using Chemical Weapons - YouTube

U.N. leader Ban Ki opposes U.S. plan to arm Syrian rebels, says there is no certainty of chemical weapons use without on-the-ground investigation - AP

Text of White House Statement on Chemical Weapons in Syria -

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice: Syria regime used sarin twice in Aleppo - San Jose Mercury News

UK: Al-Qaeda groups in Syria tried to obtain chemical weapons - The Times of Israel

Report: CIA will run US arming of Syrian rebels - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

U.S. aid to Syria rebels likely to include mortars, RPGs: sources - Reuters

Syrian rebel commander urges West to provide heavy weapons -

As the US wants to arm 'nice Syrian rebels' hardware will end up in the hands of al-Qa’ida, says Robert Fisk - The Independent

U.S. studying Syria no-fly zone near Jordan border: diplomats - Yahoo! News

White House: No plans for no-fly zone over Syria for now - Army Times

US sees "downsides" to Syria no-fly zone, Rice says - AFP

US to leave air defense weapons in Jordan along Syrian border — RT USA

Russia Keeps Freeze on S-300 Contract with Syria – Kremlin - RIA Novosti


Syrian troops, rebels clash in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city -

Unspecified US weapons for Syrian rebels, but no intervention in Aleppo - Debkafile

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says to keep fighting in Syria “wherever needed" - Chicago Sun-Times

Syria says UN should condemn massacre in Hatla village - PressTV

Hatla Massacre: Sectarian Beasts Prey on Children, Women, Elderly - Friends of Syria

English Transcripts Of Witnesses Describing The Execution Of A 14-Year-Old For Blasphemy In Aleppo - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO (Arabic): The father of Muhammad Qatta gives first hand testimony of the murder of his child - YouTube

VIDEO (Arabic): Testimonies of the younger brother of Muhammad Qatta and a passerby by Muhammad's coffe stand - YouTube

7 of 9 key Syrian rebel fighter groups are Islamist -

Egypt Brotherhood backs Syria jihad, denounces Shi'ites - JPost

Thousands of Egypt Islamists rally for Syria jihad - FRANCE 24

Gezi Park protesters win a concession, but Erdogan insists they must still leave - The Independent

Regime Change in Qatar - Foreign Policy

On Syria, OHCHR Didn't See Any Reason to Ask Who Paid for Study Ascribed To It & UN by Reuters - Inner City Press


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Syria News June 13



Rebels fighters in Syria attack a village killing dozens of Shiites - CBS News

Syria Islamists celebrate Shiite deaths, videos show - AFP

VIDEO (English subtitles): Syria Islamists celebrate Shiite deaths - Liveleaks

More details of an alleged massacre of Christians by rebels in Homs last month - Syria Report

Al Manar TV: Over 6000 foreign militants killed in Syria, A detailed list by foreign country-

Syria: The Insurgency's New Weapons - M of A

Syria Kurds need unity against FSA: KNC official tells Kurdpress - Kurdpress News Aganecy

New Agreement Arab Tribes & Kurds in Tall Tamr, Syria - Mesopotamische Gesellschaft

United for reconciliation with Muslims, Christians return to al-Qusair - Asia News

Analysis: Zawahiri’s Letter to al Qaeda Branches in Syria, Iraq - Foundation for Defense of Democracies


Officials: Top Obama aides split on arming rebels as they gather at White House to talk Syria - The Washington Post

U.S. approves waivers to aid opposition-controlled areas of Syria - KUNA

Sanctions Eased for Syrian Opposition - US State Department

Putin talks NSA, Syria, Iran, drones in RT interview (FULL VIDEO) — RT News

Syrian forces'' advance must be stopped before Aleppo -- French FM Fabius - KUNA

France, Saudi Arabia Increase Syria Coordination Post-Qusair - Al-Monitor

Signs Labour could break ranks on Hague's Syria mission -

Syrian helicopter fires on Lebanese town, two wounded - Reuters

General Command of Syrian Army and Armed Forces: Syrian Helicopter Targeted Terrorist Groups Fleeing into Lebanese Territories - SANA

Austria begins pullout from tense Golan Heights - DW.DE 

Iran gets 'verbal invitation' to Syria conference: report - Yahoo! News

Turkey's ruling party considering referendum on park redevelopment plans that sparked protests - Fox News


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Syria News June 12



Killing of Syrian youth for 'blasphemy' fuels tension in Aleppo, Protesters call for justice and blame armed opposition groups -

Foreign volunteers with the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria responsible for the boy's execution: source- Times Online

For Aleppo bishop, boy's brutal killing shows jihadist danger - Asia News

Suicide bombers target central Damascus, killing at least 14 -

VIDEO: Damascus double suicide attack leaves 14 dead, dozens injured - 

Syria army launches attack on Aleppo airbase -

VIDEO: Aleppo Meng airbase clashes between the army and FSA - YouTube


FOX NEWS POLL: Voters say US should not intervene in Syria - Fox News

NBC/WSJ POLL: Americans oppose intervention in Syria - NBC First Read

Putin Warns Against Syria Intervention - RIA Novosti

VIDEO: Russian foreign minister Lavrov denies U.S. charges on Syria - CBS News Video

France says Syrian war at 'turning point', mulls arming rebels - Reuters

Saudi Arabia, France agree Qusayr scenario can’t be repeated in Aleppo - 

Iraq Increasingly Drawn Into Syrian Battlefield - ABC News

Army: Nine rockets hit Lebanon near Syria border - 

Roadside bomb hits Lebanon road near Syria border - 

Qatar preparing for leadership transition - Telegraph


Turkish police battle protesters after Erdogan warning -

VIDEO: Turkish police storm Taksim Square - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: Taksim Square protesters set fire to water cannon –

Police disperse protesters with teargas in Ankara: Report - The Times of India


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Syria News June 11



Aleppo: Rebels execute teenager for blasphemy in front of his parents, For saying “even if Muhammad comes down, I will not sell coffee for free” - The Independent

VIDEO - GRAPHIC: 15 year old boy executed for blasphemy by rebel fighters in Aleppo, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO (Arabic): Testimonies of the family of the child Muhammad al-Qatta executed yesterday by rebels in Aleppo - YouTube

Syria opposition condemns child execution - AFP

Syrian Rebels Clash With Kurdish Militias - Al-Monitor

Syria rebels fire on Iraq border posts, one killed -  Ahram Online

Syrian rebels open fire on convoy carrying Russian journalists (VIDEO) — RT News

Syria And Iraq Al Qaeda Merger Annulment Announced By Ayman Al Zawahri -

Syria civil war: President Bashar al-Assad's forces plan assault on rebels in Aleppo - The Independent

Syria army clashes with militants in Aleppo suburbs - PressTV


Obama to decide whether to approve lethal aid for the beleaguered Syrian rebels and to enforce a no-fly zone - Fox News

US and Jordan hold joint military exercises close to the Syrian border - euronews, world news

Iraqi Shiite fighters' role in Syria grows more prominent, raising sectarian tensions at home - Fox News

Takfiri militants in Syria endanger regional peace: Iraqi PM - PressTV

Lebanese protest against Hezbollah turns violent; one dead -


Turkish leader Erdogan to meet Istanbul protesters - Reuters

Turkish opposition leader criticizes Erdogan - Yahoo! News

Barricades bolster Turkey's Taksim Square protests -  FRANCE 24

Istanbul soccer fans united by anti-govt protests -

Turkey police crush protests, govt refuses to resign (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT News

Ankara Police Shoot Turkish Protester Ethem Sarısülük in Shock Video [VIDEO] - IBTimes UK


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Syria News June 9



Syrian forces capture final rebel stronghold in Qusair region - Yahoo! News

Syrian troops capture central villages from rebels - Yahoo! News

Syrian army hunts down rebels north of Qusayr: NGO - FRANCE 24

Suicide Car Bomb Kills At Least 7, including three women and a teenager, in Homs neighborhood which largely houses Alawites -

UN urges Syria to immediately allow aid groups into newly captured Qusair to help civilians - The Washington Post

Russia allows U.N. statement on Syria's Qusair after town falls - Reuters

Lavrov Says Denying al-Qusayr Achievemnt Big Hypocrisy -

Russia Enlists Syrian Kurds For Geneva II - Al-Monitor

Syrian Kurdish NGOs prevent recruitment of child soldiers - ekurd


Report: Hizbullah to Suspend Syria Operations after Taking Zabadani - Naharnet

Hezbollah applies new training practices in Syria-THE DAILY STAR

Hezbollah justifies its involvement in the war in Syria - NBC World News

Hezbollah fighter tells of Syria battle -


Syria Opposition Won’t Attend Talks Unless Rebels Get Arms, FSA Commander Says -

Syrian opposition: The Syrian regime is currently recruiting more "sectarian" militia fighters from Iraq and Iran - 

Iraqi FM says Baghdad not sending fighters to Syria - 

Qaeda chief rules against merger between Syrian and Iraqi-based groups battling Assad's regime - Al Jazeera English

Belgian Channel Broadcasts Video of Belgian Terrorists Beheading Man in Syria - Friends of Syria

VIDEO: Belgian Terrorist in Syria Behead Hostage - Friends of Syria

Leader of ''Al-Tawhid Brigade'' killed in Aleppo - Syria 24 English

VIDEO: al-Nusra take down revolution flag and raise their own in Aleppo - YouTube

Aleppo shari'a court executes rebel militia leader and assistant, video shows (VIDEO) - AFP

VIDEO: FSA releases father of Syrian deputy FM in prisoner-exchange deal - e

Balkan Militants Join Syria’s Rebel Cause -


Turkey rules out early polls, thousands defy call to end protest - Reuters

U.S. Embassy In Ankara Deletes Tweets Disputing Erdogan's Comment -


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Syria News June 7



Syrian army recaptures Golan crossing from rebels (VIDEO) - FRANCE 24

Lebanese FM defends Hezbollah involvement in Syria -

US condemns Hezbollah-backed assault on Syrian town - AFP 

Arab League condemns Hezbollah involvement in Syria -

Gunmen walk the streets in Tripoli, tensions rise - THE DAILY STAR

For second time, Palestinians from Syria torch Hezbollah aid - THE DAILY STAR

Report: Hamas Infighting Deepens Over Syria War -


France, US at odds over Syria’s chemical weapons, says diplomat -

Major powers "obliged" to act over Syria - Hollande - Yahoo!

Cameron faces serious Cabinet split over over arming Syrian rebels - The Independent

Russia says Syria sarin evidence is 'speculation', should not be used as a pretext for a foreign invasion - The Seattle Times

Russia Wants More Info From Turkey on Sarin Reports - RIA Novosti

Russia refutes US reports on Syria power handover agreement - RT Russian politics

Putin Endorses Permanent Russian Navy Presence in Mediterranean - Bloomberg

Pentagon official: Russian warships may be carrying weapons to Syria - Blogs


Al Qaeda leader Zawahri urges Syrians to unite against Assad, U.S. - Yahoo! News

Most Foreign Sunni Fighters Recently Killed in Syria Fought For Al Qaeda linked Nusra Front -

Some 200 Russian Islamists with Qaeda in Syria, says official -

Father of Syria deputy FM freed - AFP

AUDIO: Al Qaeda leader Zawahri urges Syrians to unite against Assad, US - YouTube


Amid protests, Erdogan vows to go ahead with Istanbul park development - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Istanbul protesters hunker down with yoga and books - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Inside Istanbul’s Taksim Square Protesters Remain Despite Police Attacks - Democracy Now!

VIDEO: Police fire teargas and water cannons at Ankara protesters -


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Syria News June 6



Syrian rebels lose strategic town in boost for Assad, 500 rebels dead with 1,000 wounded, leaving just 400 outgunned men - Reuters

Syria rebels say they have lost battle for Al-Qusayr -AFP

VIDEO: Video Shows Opposition Forces And Wounded Retreating From Qusayr - Brown Moses Blog

Syrian army finds mass grave of "rebel fighters" in al-Qussair: report - Xinhua |

Hezbollah: Qusair shows rebel aim of toppling Assad 'delusional' - Yahoo! News

Qusayr-headed militants ambushed - PressTV

Idriss: Syria rebels ready to move battles into Lebanon - THE DAILY STAR

Rockets launched from Syria hit Lebanon's Baalbek - Channel NewsAsia

4,000 Hezbollah fighters reach rebel-held Aleppo: FSA - THE DAILY STAR

Hamas-Hezbollah Ties Deteriorate Over Syria - Al-Monitor

Syrian media: Rebels pushed out of Damascus suburb - Yahoo! News

Battle for Damascus is over. Is Israel intelligence slow on Syrian war? - DEBKAfile

Bashar al-Assad is not the one really in control of Syria, the secret service, the military and the ruling Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party are truly responsible, claims cousin - Daily Express

Syrian war widens Sunni-Shia schism as foreign jihadis join fight for shrines -

U.N.: Nusra Front in Syria gains recruits after announcing tie to al Qaida -

Majority of foreign fighters recently killed in Syria linked to front group for Al Qaeda - Fox News

WPOLL: WSJ/NBC Poll Finds Little Support for Arming Syrian Rebels - WSJ

EU official wants criminal penalties for joining Syrian fighting - Reuters

Syrian Electronic Army steps up attacks on opposition Facebook pages - FP Passport


France: 'No doubt' Assad regime used sarin gas, adding that "all options," including armed intervention, are on the table - AFP

Syria: Britain says it is 'very likely' regime has used chemical weapons - Telegraph

White House says not ready to say Syria used chemical weapons - Reuters

VIDEO: Hagel: 'I have not seen evidence' Syria used chemical weapons -

US officials: Russia rejects chemical arms evidence - WKBN First News

UN fails to determine perpetrator of Syria chemical attacks, urges on-site inquiry - RT News

VIDEO: U.N. Unclear Which Side's Using Chemical Weapons in Syria - YouTube

Now UN Says Video of Syria Rebels' Chemical Weapons Use Went to Sellstrom, Chides ICP for Filming in UN Briefing Room - Inner City Press

The Potential Rise of Sarin Manufacturing Among Non-State Actors -


US to deploy Patriots, F-16s to Jordan - AP

Large US Marine force lands in Aqaba to deploy on Jordanian-Syrian border - DEBKAfile

Russia Slams US Patriot Plans for Jordan - RIA Novosti

Russia has not yet sent S-300 missiles to Syria: Putin - Reuters

Russia not yet training Syrians on S-300 missiles: report - Yahoo! News

Russia: Syria rights report biased, silent on 'terrorist acts' - Yahoo! News

Russia: Still no agreement on Syria conference participants - AFP

Russia wants Tehran at Syria conference - Turtle Bay

Diplomats fail to set date for Syria peace conference - AFP


Turkey angry at US comments on protests -  Al Jazeera English

Biden urges Turkey's government to respect dissent as protests rage on - NBC World News

Turkish protesters demand police sackings, unions join - Reuters

Woman in red becomes leitmotif for Istanbul's female protesters - Reuters


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Syria News June 4



Erdogan maintains hard stance on protests - Yahoo! News

Drunks, extremists, opposition party, Twitter - Turkey's Erdogan blames all - usatoday

Contraddicting Erdogan Turkish president Gul defends people's right to protest, "Democracy does not mean elections alone" -

President Gul and opposition leader meet over Taksim Gezi Park protests - Anadolu Agency

U.S. calls for restraint by Turkish police confronting protests, 'vast majority of the protesters have been peaceful' - Reuters

Anti-government protesters in Turkey hold onto square - usatoday

Turkey Protests: Unions Strike In Support - Sky News

Turkey and Syria’s Jihadis: More than Free Passage? Erdogan's government appears to support radical Islamist groups -

POLL: Turkish Opinion Poll Finds Majorities Slam Erdogan policies on Alcohol, Syria - Informed Comment

VIDEO: Erdogan brands protesters 'extremists' and 'looters' - Telegraph

VIDEO: Turkey President Gul Says Protesters Message Received - YouTube

VIDEO: Turk protesters set fire to offices of Erdogan's AKP - JPost

VIDEO: Protesters clash with police in Ankara -

VIDEO: People's bulldozer chases police Toma vehicles in Besiktas - YouTube


NATO data: Assad winning the war for Syrians’ hearts and minds - World Tribune

Key bloc quits Syria opposition, slams leaders - AFP

Russia says U.S. not putting enough pressure on Syria opposition - Yahoo! News

Russia: Proposed U.N. statement on Syria's Qusair was one-sided - Reuters

No Russian S-300s to Syria before 2014: Israel - FRANCE 24

Syrian Observatory: Assad backers reportedly make up 43 percent of dead, rebels 17 percent and the rest are non combatants civilians - The Sun Herald

Al-Qaeda sets up ‘complaints department’ in Syrian city of Raqqa - 

Six dead in Lebanon's Tripoli, shots fired at Sidon cleric - Reuters

Iraq says arming Syrian opposition threatens stability -

Opposition: North Korea Officers Help Assad in Syria - The Weekly Standard

Qatar’s reputation-tainted media arm Al Jazeera seeks to reconquer viewers - Middle East Online


Syrian Kurdish Discord Threatens to Derail Historical Juncture - KurdishGlobe

Iraqi Kurdish rivalries play out over the border: Taking the fight to Syria - ekurd

Over 700 Kurds Kidnapped in Syria - KurdishGlobe


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Syria News June 3



Source: Hezbollah slays dozen Syrian rebels in Lebanon ambush, says the area has been used by rebels as a site for launching rocket attacks - THE DAILY STAR

NGO: 28 Syrian rebels killed in assault on village in Homs province - AFP

Syria: Red Cross can enter Al-Qusayr after fighting ends - AFP

Foreign Fighters Key To Decisive Battle of Qusair, al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters on one side, and Lebanese Hezbollah on the other - Al-Monitor

In Syria, Hezbollah boosts Assad’s forces in Aleppo - The Washington Post

31 Syrian inmates allegedly killed by rebels' bombardment on Aleppo's central prison - APA 

Diplomat: Russia blocks UN Security Council declaration criticizing Syrian siege of Qusair - Fox News

Russian, Iranian technology is boosting Assad’s assault on Syrian rebels - The Washington Post

Gulf states will consider punishing Hezbollah for role in Syria - English 

Deadly Damascus car bomb blast – reports — RT News

Leading Sunni Muslim cleric calls for jihad in Syria - Reuters

Tartus, A City Of Assad Supporters In War-Ravaged Syria : Parallels : NPR

The Counter-Insurgency Role of Syria’s “Popular Committees” - The Jamestown Foundation

VIDEO: FSA head warns of defeat if not given weapons - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

VIDEOS: Reinforcements And A Senior Free Syrian Army Member Arrive In Qusayr


Anti-government protests spread across Turkey, speaking against rising authoritarianism and calling for Erdogan to resign -

Turkey police tear gas protesters in Istanbul and Ankara, more than 1,700 people had been arrested - AFP

VIDEO: Protesters in Turkey speak out against Erdogan - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: Turkey protesters clash with police - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: Turkey protesters celebrate after police leave Istanbul square - Telegraph

Turkey's building boom unrest conceals fear of corruption - The Observer

Syria accuses Erdogan of "terrorizing" Turks - AFP

PYD leader meets Turkish officials -

PYD leader Salih Muslim asks Russia’s Lavrov to invite him to invite to Geneva meeting - Kurdpress News Aganecy


U.S. withholds millions pledged to help Syrian opposition, because the Obama administration is frustrated with the group's disarray - McClatchy

Friction between McCain, Paul underscores divide within Republican Party, banging heads this time over whether to arm Syrian rebels  - Fox News

POLL: Just a quarter of Britons back Hague on arming rebels in Syria - The Observer

Israeli Arrow II ready for Syrian missiles. US Patriots for Jordan. Moscow backs Hizballah - DEBKAfile

Russia Deploys Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier in the Mediterranean - Business Insider

Iraq says captures al Qaeda chemical gas team - Reuters

VIDEO: Iraq says al Qaeda chemical gas plot uncovered - DW.DE 

Syrian Military Source: Two Cylinders of Sarin Gas Seized after Raiding a Rebel Den in Hama - SANA


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Syria News June 1



Russia to sell at least 10 MiG fighters to Syria - Yahoo! News

Moscow threatens to speed missiles to Syria but also offers to delay - Reuters

Russia unlikely to send S-300 missiles to Syria before autumn: Interfax - reuters

Syria's new anti-aircraft missiles will be game-changing, say defense analysts - The Guardian

U.S. and Germany warn Russia against sending missiles to Syria  - NY Daily News

The Washington Post publish a request from a Syrian army general to a Russian arms supplier with a detail list of weapons - Washington Post

US officials: Iran may be on invite list for Syria conference - Washington Times

NATO Secretary General rejects western military role in Syria - CBS News

POLL: Americans Oppose U.S. Military Involvement in Syria - Gallup

VIDEO: The Gallup President  on the Syria poll- YouTube

EU to relax banking sanctions to help Syrian rebels - Reuters

Conflict with Syrian Could Win Ankara a Saudi Order for Altay Main Battle Tanks - Defense Update


Syria opposition says reinforcements reach Qusair, a Qatari-backed armed group close to the Muslim Brotherhood, entered the besieged town - AFP

Hezbollah's involvement in Syria draws retaliation by Syrian rebels against Lebanese - Fox News

Hezbollah urges Hamas members and officials to ‘leave Lebanon immediately’, decision comes as response to Hamas’ role against Assad - Middle East Online

Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria - Telegraph

Syria: Hezbollah versus Hamas - SyriaNews

Hamas chief Mashaal: Assad Refused Political Solution - Israel National News

Balance of power in Syria war shifting in Assad’s favor as troops move steadily against rebels - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Syrian rebel fighter says his side is losing out to Assad and Hezbollah in the battle for the critical city of Qusayr - Blogs

Insight: Saudi edges Qatar to control Syrian rebel support - Reuters

Kuwaiti Charities Funding Militant Groups (VIDEO) -

Captive journalist: Syrian guerillas are ‘simple country folk with no clear ideology’ - Interviews - Panorama | Armenian news

Jihadists in Syria wage a propaganda war – against each other - The Observers

Syria has become the theatre for international jihad - Telegraph


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Syria News May 31



Syria's Assad 'confident in victory' in civil war, says Russia has fulfilled some of its weapons contracts but he is vague on S-300 air defense systems - AP

VIDEO (English): Bashar Al-Assad full interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV channel - Friends of Syria

Transcript of the full interview given by President al-Assad to Lebanese Al-Manar TV- SANA

Doubts Cast Over Reported S-300 Deliveries to Syria - Voice of Russia 

No Russian air defense missiles in Syrian hands, say US officials - Fox News

Israel says wants to avoid escalation with Syria - AFP

Israel could defeat advanced missiles in Syria, but with risks - Reuters

Assad begins to gain upper hand in Syrian civil war -

VIDEO: Qusayr battle swings in Assad's favour - YouTube

Report: Syrian forces kill American, British citizen fighting with the rebels -

‘Alawite State’ in Syria Not in the Cards - Al-Monitor


Syrian opposition to boycott Geneva talks, says it will not take part in planned summit until siege of Qusayr ends - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: SNC's George Sabra announces boycott of Geneva talks - YouTube

Syrian opposition admits liberals to anti-Assad coalition under pressure to broaden its Islamist-dominated leadership - Yahoo! News

Russian, U.S. and U.N. officials to meet on June 5, to discuss ways to bring the warring sides in Syria together for a peace conference - Yahoo! News

Ban: No accord on Syria talks participants, timing - AFP

Russia Angry Over US Talk About Syria No-Fly Zone - ABC News


Report: Turkish Police foil al-Nusra bomb attack planned for Adana, two kilograms of sarin gas allegedly found in the homes of suspects detained - todayszaman

VIDEO: Report: Al-Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra Caught Allegedly with Sarin Gas inside Turkey - YouTube

UN adds al-Nusra to UN sanctions blacklist -

McCain responds to accusations claiming that the Syrian rebels he was photographed with were involved in kidnapping Lebanese Shiite pilgrims -

VIDEO: FSA Merges with Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo -

VIDEO: FSA Head General Idriss Defends Nusra Front Terrorists in Syria - YouTube

Al Qaeda training facility opens in Syria - Washington Free Beacon

VIDEO: Al Qaeda Trains Children in Syria - YouTube


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Syria News May 30



Syrian official: Assad will remain president until 2014, referendum needed on any peace deal - The Washington Post

Syria opposition makes demands before peace conference: Assad "must resign, alongside the heads of the military and security forces" - AFP

Syrian army seizes strategic air base near Qusair - Yahoo! News

Elite Syrian and Hezbollah troops in pivotal battle for Qusayr -

Interview with President al-Assad to Lebanese al-Manar TV to Be Broadcast Thursday - SANA

‘The real problem is the Syrian opposition,’ says veteran dissident Kilo - English

Syria activists say national coalition fails to act for grassroots - AFP

Statement Issued by the Revolutionary Movement in Syria - Local coordination committees of Syria

How We Lost The Syrian Revolution, How the uprising calling for freedom and human rights degenerated into an orgy of bloodthirsty sectarian violence - Al-Monitor

Fourth man ‘kidnapped’ with Syrian bishops -

Services collapsing in Syrian rebel-controlled areas - Ynetnews

Syria’s Oil Output Shrinks 95% Since Conflict – Minister - RIA Novosti

VIDEO: Syrian Army Retakes Dabaa Military Base - Qusayr -

VIDEO: Radical Wahhabis Bulldoze Historic Mausoleum of Prophet Abraham in Syria's Raqqa Province - YouTube


U.N. Rights Council’s Resolution Calls for End to Fighting in Qusair,  Lavrov criticizes it as “odious and one-sided”-

Reactions to the UN resolution on Syria - Inner City Press

UN rights chief urges big powers not to send arms to both sides in Syria- THE DAILY STAR

U.N. investigators say most Syria rebels not seeking democracy, suggest identifying groups acceptable to the West is difficult - Yahoo! News

Germany will never send arms to Syria militants: Merkel - PressTV

Many in Middle East oppose E.U. decision on Syria arms embargo -

How Libyan Weapons and Know-How Reach Anti-Assad Islamist Fighters -

McCain Visited Kidnappers of Lebanese Pilgrims in Syria (PHOTOS)- Syria Report

Syrian rebel group, kidnapped UN soldiers, stole UN vehicles, executed soldiers, received foreign weapons (VIDEOS) - Syria Report

Syria: The imperative of de-escalation: Effective diplomacy needs to be inclusive – engaging Iran and accepting that Assad’s fate must not be a pre-condition - The European Council on Foreign Relations

White House says no-fly zone for Syria remains on table - Yahoo! News

Why Pentagon has doubts about no-fly zone over Syria (+VIDEO) -

Russia may revise ban on Syrian arms exports - Minister - Russia & India Report

S-300 Air Defense Systems Deployed at Snap Alert Drills - RIA Novosti

Iran “invited” to Syria peace conference, state media says - AFP

Turkey and Syria’s Kurds Edging Toward an Uneasy Peace? - Al-Monitor

Syria Kurds agreed over differences: official tells Kurdpress - Kurdpress News Aganecy


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Syria News May 29



Russia Slams End of EU Arms Embargo, Will Send Air Defense Missiles to Syria to Deter Intervention by Foreign ‘Hot Heads’ - ABC News

Israeli defense chief indicates if Russia ships advanced missiles to Syria, they could be hit - The Washington Post

Report: Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone Plan - The Daily Beast

Pentagon pushes back against Syria no-fly zone report - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

White House: 'No pressure' to alter Syria policy after McCain meets with rebels - The Hill's Video

UK, France say can arm Syria rebels now but no immediate plans - Reuters

State Dept. applauds EU lifting arms embargo on Syrian rebels - The Hill's Global Affairs

Canada opposes arming Syria opposition - AFP

June 15-16 eyed for Geneva peace conference on Syria: diplomats - Reuters

Russia insists Iran join Syria peace conference - AFP

VIDEO: Russia to send S300 missiles to Syria to 'deter intervention & hotheads' - YouTube

VIDEO: William Hague: No plans to send arms to Syrian rebels 'at the moment' - Telegraph


The Syrian opposition is in crisis, and it’s all on video (VIDEO) - Independent Editor's choice Blogs

VIDEO: Syrian opposition remains deeply divided, Low representation of liberals is one of the issues stalling National Coalition talks in Istanbul - Al Jazeera English

FSA Chief of Staff Gives Lebanon 24-Hour Ultimatum to Stop Hizbullah Intervention in Syria - Naharnet

AP Interview: FSA chief says EU countries must quickly ship arms after lifting embargo - AP

Syria: After Qusayr, Regime Eyes Aleppo - Al Akhbar English

Clashes Pit FSA Against Kurds in Aleppo Countryside - Al Akhbar English

Rebels Kidnap Hundreds of Syrian Kurds in Aleppo -

At least 15 prisoners killed in shelling of the Aleppo prison which rebel fighters have besieged - Yahoo! News Maktoob

Syria: West must talk to PYD, not back Jihadists - The Kurdistan Tribune

VIDEO: FSA Chief Salem Idriss: 24 hours deadline to Hezbollat to withdraw their men in Syria or we will give you hell -

VIDEO: Funeral of Syrian Reporter 'Yara Abbas' Shot By Rebels  - YouTube

VIDEO: Nusra Front takes responsibility for the Kisweh car bomb that killed no less than 5 civilians and injured several others - YouTube

VIDEO: Islamist extremists in Raqqa - YouTube


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Syria News May 28



Syria: EU Lifts Arms Embargo On Rebel Groups - Sky News

Britain warns it will go its own way on arming Syrian rebels - Telegraph

Exclusive: McCain Slips Across Border Into Syria, Meets With Rebels, they want the U.S. to provide arms, a no-fly zone, and strikes on Hezbollah - The Daily Beast

France's Le Monde says chemical weapons used by the Syrian government (VIDEO) - Le Monde

VIDEO: Victims of an alleged gas attack begin arriving at a hospital -

'Secret deal with Israel': UK newspaper claims Russia cancels alleged S-300 sales to Syria, Israel dismisses report - RT News

Jordan Mulling Deployment of Patriot Missiles Near Syria Border - IBTimes UK

Jordan jails jihadists for trying to go to Syria - 

Central bank: Iran offers Syria $4 billion credit line - AFP

Iran rejects French claim on its role in Syria war - Ahram Online

Maliki, Syrian FM discuss Syrian crisis -

Iraqi Shiites fight for Syrian government - The Washington Post

Iraq launches operation near Syria, Jordan border -

Israel's New Neighbor: Syrian Al-Qaeda Rebel Group - Israel National News

Turkey’s Opposition Leader Accuses Regime of Training Terrorists - FrontPage Magazine

‘S Arabia strikes arms deal with Turkey' - PressTV


Syrian opposition fails to unify, a liberal bloc that could counter the Muslim Brotherhood was denied full membership in the National Coalition - The National

Syria government to attend Geneva peace conference - Channel NewsAsia

Syria Kurds want to take part in Geneva peace talks - NOW

Syrian domestic opposition vows positive participation in Geneva conference - Xinhua |

Syrian troops gain ground in Qusair offensive, TV reporter covering fighting killed by rebels who ambushed her car - The Washington Post

Rockets hit south Beirut after Hezbollah vows Syria victory - Reuters

11 killed as Syria rebels, Kurds clash - NOW

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Sky News Apps in Google Play -

VIDEO: Last Report by Journalist Yara Abbas Killed by Rebels in Qussayr -

VIDEO: Who Were the Victims Executed by Al Qaeda in Raqqa? The men are a dentist and a teacher. civilians from Alawite background - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Army Kills Rebel Leader in Qusayr Known as Bin Laden II - YouTube

VIDEO: Aleppo's Christians Fear For Religious Freedom - YouTube


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Syria News May 26



Hezbollah chief commits to victory in Syria, warning that the fall of the Damascus regime would give rise to Islamic extremists who pose a grave danger to Lebanon - AP

VIDEO: Hezbollah Leader: Islamist Takfiri Groups in Syria Pose a Grave Danger to Lebanon and to All Lebanese - YouTube

Hezbollah, Syrian government forces advance in border town - GlobalPost

Syria regime takes key Qusayr objective, army claims - AFP

At least 28 dead, 250 wounded in Sunni-Alawite clashes in Tripoli (PHOTOS, VIDEO) - RT News

Iraq forces strike Sunni militants near Syria - AFP

Between 180-200 French militants have fought in Syria: Le Monde - GlobalPost

Syrian Businessmen Help Assad Regime Survive -

VIDEO: Rebel Abu Hafs "the Libyan" lays down the law in Aleppo: theft, any breach of contracts or any form of cheating will punishable by decapitation -


Syrian opposition delays a crucial vote to expand the coalition, Islamists think the secularists have been very soft on Assad -

Syrian opposition in knots over Muslim Brotherhood - AFP

Syria opposition says kidnapped bishops 'in good health' - Yahoo! News UK

RADIO: Bishop of Aleppo gives an inside view of life in Syria's wartorn city -

Kidnapped Syrian Armenian Hagop Mikaelyan released - Public Radio of Armenia

Saudi Arabia says Assad should not have role in Syria talks - AFP

Daughter of Qatari ruler Khalifa Al Thani says Doha’s support for Syria militants ‘scandalous’ - Friends of Syria

Syria: Britain in last ditch bid to persuade EU to relax arms embargo to rebels - Telegraph

Russia: No Evidence on Chemical Weapons' Use by the Government Forces in Syria- SANA, Syria

US does not know who used chemical weapons in Syria - The Voice of Russia

PLO delegation in Syria to discuss refugees - Maan News Agency

French soldier stabbed in neck by robed Muslim attacker - The Washington Post

Anti-Muslim actions rise in UK over slain soldier - Yahoo! News


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Syria News May 25



Russia Says Syria Will Attend Geneva Peace Talks -

Is Bashar al-Assad winning the civil war in Syria? - Telegraph

Bashar al-Assad makes small but strategic gains in Syrian civil war - National Post

Israel, in reassessment, thinks Syria’s Bashar Assad will last awhile -

Syria army can conduct successful operations at will: Germany’s BND - PressTV

Rebel Leaders Ask for Weapons from the West, The FSA could lose its fight against the regime of Assad within a few months, warns Idriss - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Saudi officials meets the Free Syrian Army’s Higher Military Command -

Details on Syrian opposition's talks in Turkey - Hassan Hassan

Syria army says rebels trapped in Al-Qusayr's north - AFP

Al-Akhbar takes a close look at the Syrian army’s movements on the ground in Qusayr - Al Akhbar English

VIDEO: Russian state TV with Syrian troops in Qusayr -

Clashes in Lebanon’s Tripoli kills 23, says security source - 

VIDEO: FireFight During Night In Tripoli Lebanon -

Syrian state media: Rebels attack prison in northern city, leaving casualties among inmates - Fox News

Syria says Israeli vehicle entered its territory and was targeted heading to a rebel village - The Washington Post

Russian journalists have proof Syrian terrorists used chemical weapons - SyriaNews

ITV News Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army - Yahoo! News


Obama to narrow focus of the "global" war on terrorism - The Boston Globe

VIDEO: Obama: The global war on terror, "like all wars, must end" - CBS News Video

Obama’s six-point plan to wind down the ‘war on terror' - washingtonpost

Biden, Maliki discuss importance of negotiated end to Syria conflict - KUNA

Discord Over Iran Role Shows Hurdles to Peace Talks on Syria - Businessweek

Iran dismisses claims about military presence in Syria - PressTV

Austria Wants EU Arms Embargo to Syria Extended - ABC News

EU must extend Syria arms embargo, Oxfam says -

Syria: Arab League Must 'Apologize' before Peace Role - Naharnet

Tensions Rise Between Iraqi, Syrian-Kurdish Parties - Al-Monitor

Syria Kurdish parties trade blames - Kurdpress News Aganecy


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Syria News May 24



Syrian opposition announces the creation of a military council of all the commanders of the groups fighting in Qusayr including Al Nusra -  Al Akhbar

The Battle for Qusayr: What Victory in Syria’s Latest Front Means for the War, Al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra has more than 2000 fighters there -

VIDEO: Big groups of Syrian rebels heading to Qusayr for support - YouTube

Syrian army starts 2nd phase of Qusayr operation -

Battle for Qusayr: Syria Says Rebels’ Supply Routes Totally Cut -

Lebanon Clashes Between Syria-Linked Alawites And Sunnis Kill At Least 6 - AFP

Young Lebanese rebel fighters leaving Syria for battle closer to home - The Washington Post

Lebanese Politics Affected By Syrian Battle for Qusair - Al-Monitor

Fighters primarily from Lebanon, Iran and Iraq, Enter Syria to Defend Shiites - Wall Street Journal 

Golan Heats Up as Front Line Between Syria and Israel - Al-Monitor

General says Israel poised for war on Syria if Assad falls, to prevent advanced weapons reaching jihadi rebels or Hezbollah guerrillas - Chicago Tribune

SNC asks for UN humanitarian aid corridor in Syria - World Bulletin

Arab League seeks Syria ceasefire - Oman Observer

Assad Meets Tunisian Delegation, Stresses Role of Arab Powers to Face Extremists, Takfiris -

Syrian churches 'desperate', 'exhausted" -


Turkish officer in custody over leaks on Reyhanlı attack, Gendarmarie documents claimed that Al Nusra was planning a car bomb attack in Turkey - hurriyetdaily

Peace and Democracy Party Kürkçü Submits Official Inquiry to Turkey Interior Minister on RedHack Cables - Bianet / English

Redhack blog: Turkish Government tries to hide their responsibility for the bombings in Reyhanli by arresting innocent soldiers -

Redhack blog: Turkish Intelligence Services was aware of the bombs exploded in Reyhanli -

Turkey's MİT called off police prior to Hatay blasts - todayszaman

Turkey to build wall on border with Syria - APA

Syria's Civil War Fuels Violence in Iraq, Analysts say al-Qaida-linked militants are flowing back and forth from both countries (VIDEO) - VOA

Iraq launches counter-terrorism campaign along Syria border - Mawtani


Obama meets Russian top security official who delivered Putin' letter, reaffirms his intent to strengthen US-Russia partnership - Voice of Russia

Erdogan deeply disappointed by the meeting with Obama -

Kerry pushes Europe to amend arms embargo on Syrian rebels-

Exclusive: U.S. State Dep To Bring Chemical Weapons Witnesses Out Of Syria - The Daily Beast

On Syria Chemical Weapons, UN's Angela Kane Has Russian Reporter Popova's Information, Prober Ake Sellstrom Next - Inner City Press

Scowcroft Argues for Diplomacy, Not Arming Rebels in Syria or Establishing a No-fly Zone - Washington Wire - WSJ

Syria opposition's Khatib proposes Assad "safe exit" AFP


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Syria News May 23



Syria opposition calls for for rebels across the country to send reinforcements in embattled Qusair -

FSA Tawhid Brigade in Aleppo sends 300 support units to al-Qusayr - Anadolu Agency

Idriss to Washington Post: Free Syria Army has just received a new shipment of 35 tons of weapons from Saudi Arabia -

Syria Gov on the Battle for Qusayr: First Stage Ended Successfully, Second Stage Launched -

Hizbullah-Backed Syrian Troops Advance in Northern Qusayr Town - Naharnet

Syrian Army detains Saudi, Qatari officers caught aiding rebel forces in Qusair - World Tribune

Qusayr Battle Far From Over - Al Akhbar English

Friends of Syria demands Hezbollah, Iran fighters withdraw - Yahoo! News

German Intelligence Believes Assad Regime Regaining Lost Power - SPIEGEL ONLINE

This Russian Mobile SAM Site Could Be a Serious Ace Up Syria's Sleeve -

VIDEO: Intercepted Radio Conversations Gives An Insight Into The Fighting In Qusayr - Brown Moses Blog

Sectarian violence over Syria war rages in Lebanon's Tripoli - Yahoo! News

Attacks against Lebanese Alawites deepen fears -

The Jihadist Threat to Lebanon - Al-Monitor

UN: Fighting displaces 70-80% of Palestinians in Syria - AFP


Sec’y of State Kerry says US, allies ready to step up aid to Syrian opposition in the event that the Assad regime is unwilling to negotiate - The Washington Post

Syria's Reaction to Proposed Peace Talks 'Constructive', Says Lavrov — Naharnet

Syrian Opposition’s Stance On Peace Talks ‘Not Reassuring’ - Lavrov - RIA Novosti

FSA chief Idriss says he would not attend the Geneva peace conference: "It's not valuable to go to negotiations when we are weak on the ground" - Washington Post

Kerry Mideast Talks on Syria to Include Russian Call for Involving Iran - VOA

UK sees no Syria peace deal with Assad in place - AFP

UK: EU Should Be Ready To Change Syria Arms Embargo To Pressure Assad -

Austria Ordered the Peacekeepers to Withdraw from Golan if EU Arms Initiated Syrian Revolts - Austrian Tribune

France says Syria's Assad must give up power to end war - Reuters

Qatar PM says Assad departure a must for Syria peace - AFP

US Syria Arms Bill Real Bad For Russia - Business Insider

British politician compares London machete attack to U.K. policy in Syria, Killer: “The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day" -


Hacker Group Redhack Releases Alleged Turkey's Gendarmerie Intelligence Unit Cables on Reyhanlı, Al Nusra Suspected to be Related to the Blasts - Bianet

PHOTOS: Photos of the gendarmerie’s Reyhanlı attack document - CyberGuerrilla soApboX

Turkey shuts Syria border crossing after deadly bombs - Yahoo! News

Syria: 10,000 people at the gates of Turkey - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

Turkey and Saudi Arabia reiterated their common understanding on the civil war in Syria -

Iraqi forces dismantle cell linked to Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria - Mawtani

Al Nusra leader in hiding after disputed merger -


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Syria News May 22


Syrian and Hezbollah Fighters Push Qusayr Assault -

Hezbollah sends new fighters to bloody Syria battle - Yahoo!7

Syria: Turning Point in the Battle of Qusayr - Al Akhbar English

FSA Warns Shiite/Alawite Towns Will Be Wiped Out if Qusair Falls to Government Troops, “We don’t want this to happen, but it will be a reality imposed on everyone” - Bloomberg

VIDEO (Arabic): FSA Colonel: Shiite/ Alawite Villages Will be Wiped Out if Qusair Falls - YouTube

Syria: Main al-Nusra Front commander killed in Qusayr clashes - PressTV

State Dep official: Iranians joining Hezbollah in key Syria battle, His information was based on reports from FSA commanders - AFP

Footage from rebels shows Iranian munitions in Syria - The Times of Israel

U.K. Pushes EU Blacklisting of Hezbollah Military Wing -

Tripoli braces for the worst as fighting enters fourth day - THE DAILY STAR

Baalbek residents back Hezbollah in Qusair fight - THE DAILY STAR

Israeli military chief issues stark warning after Syria, Israel trade fire across border - Fox News

Syrian army says captured Israeli Jeep is proof of aid to rebels - FRANCE 24

VIDEO: Israeli Jeep Used by FSA Terrorists Found in Qusayr by the Syrian Army - YouTube


UN mediator: Syria government, rebels preparing for peace talks - NBC World News

Syria submits five names for possible peace talks - AFP

Syria Opposition Signals Tough Line on Peace Talks - ABC News

Syrian National Coalition to partake in 'Friends of Syria' talks - Ammon News

Iran wants in on Syria peace conference - AFP

Turkey's green light to Iran role in Syria talks a welcome step - todayszaman

Lavrov warns of hidden obstacles in upcoming conference on Syria - Russia Beyond The Headlines

Russia's Lavrov on Solving Syria through Diplomacy (Text of Interview) - Informed Comment

Top Russian security official visits US, He will deliver Putin’s response to a letter Obama sent in April - RT Russian politics

US President Obama to visit Russia with the Syrian crisis expected to top the agenda -

Senate panel delivers bipartisan rebuke to Obama with vote to arm Syrian rebels - The Hill's Global Affairs

Armed, Bearded Syrians Flourish In Southern Turkey  -

Three Chemical Weapon Specialist Answer Questions About Chemical Weapons In Syria - Brown Moses Blog


Tensions Rise as Barzani Closes Syrian-Iraqi Kurdistan Border - Al-Monitor

Barzani warns PYD over its Syria policy in deepening row - todayszaman

Border Arrests Reveal Disunity, Conflict Among Syrian Kurds - Al-Monitor


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Syria News May 21



Battle in Syria Pulls Hezbollah Further Into Assad’s War -

Obama voices concern to Lebanon on Hezbollah role in Syria - Reuters

Syria Says the Army Restores Security and Stability to Most of al-Qseir in Homs- SANA, Syria

Idriss says Free Syrian Army well armed and determined to defend the city, warns Lebanon to restrain Hezbollah - THE DAILY STAR

Senior Hizbullah Official Killed in Syria Fighting - Israel National News

FSA: Mustafa Badreddine Leading Hizbullah Operations in Qusayr — Naharnet

Hariri slams state inaction over Hezbollah role in Syria - THE DAILY STAR

Tensions over Syria convulse Lebanese city again, 5 killed - Reuters

Attacks kill 95 in Iraq, hint of Syrian spillover - Yahoo! News

Iraqi campaign boosts Iraq-Syria border security - Al-Shorfa

Tribal and Islamist clashes in Syria reveal deep divisions - The National

Syria's Raqa opposition chief kidnapped, NGO says - afp

Video shows Syrian Islamists flogging men over illegal marriage - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Sharia in Syria - whipping of men -

VIDEO: Evidence Of Iranian Arms Provided To Syria In The Past 18 Months - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Syria crisis: 'Iraqi Shia fighters' join regime in battle - BBC News

VIDEO: Syria's makeshift oil refineries: 'It is like hell' –


Friends of Syria to push for peace conference - AFP

Russia: Assad foes must come to Syria meeting without conditions - Reuters

Syria top priority as Saudi crown prince visits Turkey -

William Hague hints at veto of Syria arms ban -

Syrian opposition meets in Madrid over conflict - AFP

Syria, Russia, and the S-300: Military and Technical Background -

VIDEO: The coalition of peaceful change forces welcomes peace initative for Syria - YouTube


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Syria News May 19



Syria's Assad says he won't leave before elections are held in his country - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Interview: Bashar al-Assad on Syria and the international community –

Syrian troops advance in northern, southern areas as rebels storm central towns - Xinhua |

Syrian army thwarts infiltration from Lebanon - AFP

Official: Gunmen abduct father of Syria deputy FM - AFP

Syrian opposition considers sacking its interim PM Hitto - McClatchy

Kurdish Youth Groups in Syria Blame Opposition Parties for Divisions - Rudaw

One Year After the Houla Massacre. New Report on Official vs. Real Truth - 

Was The Attack In Saraqeb Chemical Weapons, Or Something Else (VIDEOS)? - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Saudi cannibal rebel in Syria is interviewed, He ate the heart of a soldier - YouTube

VIDEO: The "Osama bin Laden" brigade, It belongs to the Souqour Dimashq (Hawks of Damascus) Battalion of the “Free Syrian Army” - YouTube


Turkey "softens opposition" to Syria conference, Obama sways Erdogan on Russia-US brokered peace deal - AFP

VIDEO: Angered by Erdogan’ policy towards Syria hundreds of protesters clash with Turkish police near Syrian border - RT News

VIDEO: Turkish citizens blame government negligence for border town blasts - YouTube

US Secretary of Defense : US, Russia "are doing their best to convince the powers in the region to be cautious against any escalation in military options" in Syria- SANA, Syria

Putin sending a letter to Obama,The key message will be that Russia and the US must jointly respond to global challenges - Russia Beyond The Headlines

Assad accuses Israel of providing intelligence to Syrian rebels -  Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Tunisia to reopen its embassy in Syria - Medafrica Times

Lebanon arrests a network smuggling Syrian antiquities - Ya Libnan

Hackers target Saudi government websites - Al Jazeera English


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Syria News May 18



Russia provides Syria with advanced missiles, To counter any effort at imposing a naval embargo, establishing a no-fly zone or carrying out limited airstrikes -

Russia boosts fleet off Syria, A warning to the West and Israel not to intervene in Syria's bloody civil war - WSJ

US general slams Russia for giving Syria anti-ship missiles, calls it an "unfortunate decision that will embolden the regime" - AP

Russia defends weapons shipments to Syria, “There is absolutely no danger that these systems may end up in the hands of Hezbollah" -

Russia has data that Israel targeted Syrian defense facilities in May: Lavrov -

Syria not a bargaining chip in relations with West : Lavrov - RT Russian politics

Fox News Video Allegedly Shows Israeli Special Forces Returning From A Mission In Syria (VIDEO) - Business Insider

France opposes Syria conference if Iran to attend - Reuters

Turkey's Erdogan says U.N. must decide on any Syria no-fly zone - Reuters

Peacekeepers in Golan Abducted but Released by Rebels -

Number of Syrian refugees tops 1.5 million mark, says UN agency - United Nations News Centre

Moscow ‘Hopeful’ on Syria Chemical Weapons Inspections, "the Syrian government has expressed readiness - after that place near Aleppo is inspected - to consider requests for inspections in other parts of the country” - RIA Novosti

Financial Times becomes the latest victim of the Syrian Electronic Army as its website and Twitter accounts get hacked - The Next Web


Qatar bankrolls Syrian revolt with cash and arms, has spent as much as $3bn over the past two years supporting the rebellion -

How Qatar seized control of the Syrian revolution, Yet it also stands accused of dividing the opposition -

Insight: Syria's Nusra Front eclipsed by Iraq-based al Qaeda - Reuters

Jabhat al-Nusra and The Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (VIDEOS) - Brown Moses Blog

Vice and virtue police gain foothold in rebel-held territory in Syria to enforce a strict and brutally imposed form of Islamic rule - USAToday

Syrian rebels demand weapons before talks - The Washington Post

Syrian opposition to name new president in Istanbul -

Syrian Oil Becomes Fault Line In War, the European Union lifting of the oil embargo on the opposition is likely to stir up Kurdish-Arab strife -

Syrian grain imports pick up despite worsening war - Ahram Online

Germany fears return of European jihadists in Syria, Up to 700 Europeans are fighting the Assad regime - The Guardian

Iraqis in southern city mourn 2 Shiite fighters killed in Syria - Fox News

Sectarianism in Iraq stoked by Syrian war - The Washington Post


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Syria News May 17



Obama: Syrian peace talks may yield results, No magic formula to end the civil war - The Hill

Obama says U.S. won't act alone on chemical weapons in Syria -

VIDEO: Obama and Erdogan: We both agree that Assad needs to go. He needs to transfer power to a transitional body - YouTube

VIDEO: Obama: I preserve the options of taking additional steps on Syria—both diplomatic and military -

Russia: Iran should take part in Syria conference - AFP

West wants to limit participants of coming conference on Syria, to virtually determine result: Lavrov - The Voice of Russia

Lavrov says Russia will send top air-defense system S-300 to Assad - The Times of Israel

Russian warships enter Mediterranean to form permanent task force - RT News

Russia wary of attacks by rebels returning from Syria - Reuters

VIDEO: Lavrov wants all Syrian voices at the table, barring terrorists - Ruptly

EU to block arming of Syrian rebels to give a US-Russian peace initiative time to work - Telegraph

In UN General  Assembly on Syria, 107 Votes Is "Big Loss for Qatar" - Inner City Press

MAP: How the world voted on a U.N. resolution on Syria -


Graph on casualty levels in Syria: there is a definite correlation between the level of monthly casualties and the shipping in of arms to the rebels (GRAPH) -

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 41.000 Alawites killed in Syria, between 34-43 percent of all dead although Alawites only make up 10 percent of the population - abna

Syria Execution Video: Jabhat Al Nusra Jihadists Kill Regime Supporters (VIDEO) - Huffington Post

Syrian troops push back rebels who stormed central prison in northern city of Aleppo - The Washington Post

Syrian rebels launch offensive in south to reverse losses - Reuters

Report: Iran told Nasrallah to prevent Assad downfall 'at all costs' - Ynetnews

CIA head visits Israel to discuss Syria, Iran's nuclear program - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

US sets sanctions on 4 ministers in Assad's government, leader of al-Nusra - Fox News

Iraqi forces bust cell with ties to Jabhat al-Nusra - Al-Shorfa

Syria erects earth mounds along border with Lebanon - THE DAILY STAR

VIDEO: When I met the Syrian rebel who 'ate soldier's heart' - Channel 4 News

VIDEO: Video Of An Unknown Object Reportedly Dropped From A Helicopter During The Alleged Chemical Attack In Saraqeb, Idlid - Brown Moses Blog


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Syria News May 16



Israeli Official Signals Possibility of More Syria Strikes, Warning Syria Not to Hit Back -

Netanyahu to Putin: 'Your missile sales to Assad could trigger war' - The Times of Israel

In meeting with Netanyahu, Putin did not commit not to provide Damascus with S-300 missiles systems - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Iran's FM: Assad 'Unimpressed' by Israeli Attacks - Israel National News

Report: Iran convinced Assad to allow Hezbollah to attack Israel from Golan, However officials in the Arab world expressed doubt over it - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Syria: Hezbollah fighters reached the border with Jordan - SyriaNews

The imminent Hezbollah-Nusra war - AFP

Iraqi officials: Extremist groups seek to fuel sectarian conflict in Syria - Mawtani

Hundreds of Turkish students condemn government's Syria policy, clash with police in the capital Ankara - PressTV

PHOTOS: Satellite images show damage caused by alleged Syria strike - JPost 

VIDEO: Syria air strike: Hizbollah TV station broadcast aftermath of Israeli attack - YouTube


Kerry, Lavrov "very, very hopeful" on Syria peace talks plan - Yahoo! News

UN General  Assembly condemns Assad’s forces, urges support for Syria opposition; Russia opposed - Reuters

Syria UN Envoy Al-Jaafari: Draft Resolution Submitted to General Assembly Seeks to Inflame Situation in Syria - Syrian TV

Syrian opposition not to attend Friends of Syria meeting in Jordan: minister - Xinhua |

Syrian Minister: Removal Of Assad Means Destruction Of Syria - NPR

Obama to Seek $200 Million to Help Jordan With Syrian Refugees - Bloomberg

Iraq: Syrian Refugees' Health Deteriorates at Domeez Camp - Doctors Without Borders

Syrian refugees sell daughters in bid to survive VIDEO - CBS News

Confirming poison gas use in Syria will be tough task - Yahoo! News

Berlin Sees Chemical Weapons As Trigger for Intervention in Syria - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Iraq Then, Syria Now? The New York Times coverage of allegations of chemical weapons use by Syria - FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting


Civilians Come Under Fire From Rebels, Sky's Editor Tim Marshall witnesses a crowd of pro-regime demonstrators being shot at in Damascus VIDEO - Sky News

'He will be punished severely': Free Syrian Army vows to hunt down rebel commander Abu Sakkar filmed eating government soldier's 'heart' - The Independent

Guns and Money Divide Syrian Rebels - The Daily Beast

The Muslim Brotherhood Prepares for a Comeback in Syria - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Iraqi Kurds Reportedly Fighting Among Jihadists in Syria -

VIDEO: Extended interview with Brown Moses about the Syria jihadist execution video - YouTube

VIDEO: New Rebel Army Forms in Eastern Ghouta led by Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham May-13 - YouTube

VIDEO: Controversy Over Tunisian Jihadists Fighting in Syria - YouTube


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Syria News May 15



Syria Gives Russia List of Envoys to Peace Talks -

Kerry says the “core group” of countries that support the rebels and Free Syrian Army chief have agreed to the peace talks  - The Hill

Lavrov criticizes U.S.-proposed choice of participants in Syria conference, suggests that Iran and Saudi Arabia be invited - Russia Beyond The Headlines

No moves to shake up situation in Syria – Putin to Netanyahu - RT News

5 Questions on Russian S-300 Missile System Sales to Syria - RIA Novosti

Austria determined to keep EU's Syria arms embargo, says UK push to arm rebels would violate international law -

Qatar says to tighten control of the arms flow to Syria to keep weapons out of the hands of al Qaeda-linked Islamist fighters - Reuters

Arab League: Syria seat not yet given to coalition because it has not formed a government - ArabNews

Syria developments suggest Assad may go out quietly after all, In any case his staying power hasn't run its course - Haaretz Daily Newspaper


The Islamic State Of Iraq And Al-Sham (Nusra/Qaeda) Executes Three Men In Raqqa Stating That It Is In Retaliation For Alleged Sunni Massacres (VIDEOS) - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Residents of Raqqa rally in protest against the Al Nusra executions - YouTube

Exclusive: “We Will Slaughter All of Them.” Interview With The Rebel Who Cut out and Ate The Heart of a Soldier  -

FSA, Al Nusra and others unite to retake strategic town near Damascus, Their flag with declaration: "There is no god but God; Mohammad is God's prophet" - Reuters

Excitement fades to despair in rebel-held Syria as war grinds on -

Free Syrian Army Chief of Staff: Israel is an Enemy Country collaborating with Syrian President Bashar Assad -

Report: Hizbullah Fighters Advance to Syria-Jordan Border - Naharnet

Al Nusra linked Jordan salafists: Fighting Hezbollah militants a top priority - MTV

Attacks Against Lebanese Alawites Deepen Fears - ABC News

Sinai: Foreign Militiamen Trained to Join Fight in Syria -

More and More Europeans Are Flying to Syria to Fight Assad - VICE United Kingdom

Syrian Kurdish parties capture Kurdish youths waging jihad - 

Terrorists in Syria stole 1000 year minbar of Aleppo Kaber Mosque - islamicinvitationturkey

New Syrian opposition group formed, appears to be an attempt to counterbalance the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood - 

The Structure and Organization of the Syrian Opposition - Center for American Progress

VIDEO: Syrian National Coalition discusses rebels' videos - YouTube


Syria says ready for joint inquiry on Turkey attacks -

Erdogan Rejects Syrian Proposal of Joint Inquiry on Reyhanli Blasts - AFP

Turkish PM criticizes main opposition’s Syria stance -

Turkish Court Imposes Media Clampdown on Reyhanli Bombing - Al-Monitor

Turkish MP blames Al Nusra for border town attack - The National

Reports suggest Syrian opposition involvement in Turkish bombings, the cars that were used had been smuggled into the country from areas controlled by Nusra Front - World Socialist Web Site

VIDEO: Turkish civilians attack FSA propaganda booth in Turkish market -

VIDEO: Syria - One of the biggest stadiums chanted for the resignation of Turkish government -


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Syria News May 14



Syria rebels lose control of key town on road between Jordan and Damascus, new advance in regime's campaign to drive rebels from strategic south - CBS News

ICRC: Hundreds of armed groups hold swathes of north Syria, while government forces have consolidated their hold on the capital - Reuters 

Syrian army takes villages near Qusayr - AFP

Abandoned arms as Syria rebels pull back near Qusayr - AFP

Weapons, ammunition shipments slowing to Syria’s moderate rebel factions - McClatchy

Syrians losing patience, confidence in revolution - Reno Gazette-Journal 

Syria: Assad Still Popular In Parts Of Country (VIDEO) - Sky News

Six ways Assad has turned the tide in Syria -

Syria declares troops have right to enter Golan, a veiled threat toward Israel to stay out of Syria’s conflict - The Boston Globe

Report: German freelance journalist detained in Syrian city of Aleppo - Fox News


Obama pushes for Syria peace talks but warns of huge challenges - Reuters

Syria Opposition: Consult Allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar Before Peace Push - ABC News

US-Russia plan for Syria talks ‘slipping’ to June, State Dep: “The goal here is of course to get representatives of both sides to the table” - 

Western Stance on Syria Becomes More Realistic - Syria PM Jamil - RIA Novosti

Saudi Arabia has decided to explore dialogue with its great regional rival Iran for ending the Syrian conflict - DEBKAfile

In Saudi, Iran FM Warns of Syria Breakup - Naharnet

Lavrov urges Iran presence in Syria talks -

Putin Vows Snap Military Drills in Future – Kremlin - RIA Novosti

Israel Minister Criticizes Russia Over Syria Arms - ABC News

Turkey’s Syria policies are criticized as Erdogan prepares to meet with Obama - The Washington Post

Former opposition leader Khatib berates Syrian National Coalition -


Atrocity: Omar al-Farouq Brigade Commander Abu Sakkar Ate Syrian Soldier's Heart - Human Rights Watch

"Sometimes you cannot apply the rules" - Syrian rebels and international humanitarian law - IRIN

Syrian rebels on international humanitarian law: In their own words - IRIN

VIDEOS: Omar al-Farouq Brigade Commander Abu Sakkar Cutting Flesh Of A Corpse, And Apparently Eating It - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Formation Al-Omar and Al-Farooq Battalion - FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: Syria opposition coalition publishes videos on rules of war - YouTube


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Syria News May 13


Turkey Arrests Nine in Deadly Bombings, Blames a militia led by a Turkish Alawite linked to Syria regime - Bloomberg

Damascus denies responsibility for Turkey bombings - AFP

Erdogan says country won’t be drawn into Syria conflict after deadly bombings - The Washington Post

Turkey says world must act against Syria after bombings - Reuters

Turkey opposition criticizes Erdogan's Syria policy  - todayszaman

Why is Turkey Building a Tent City for Syrian Christians?

VIDEOS: Links To Photos And Videos From The Reyhanli Car-Bombings - Brown Moses Blog


Assad forces gaining ground in Syria, Analyst: the insurgency does not pose an existential threat to the regime - The Washington Post

Syria Christian village breathes easier as army advances on Qusayr - AFP

On the Golan Heights, the people are (mostly) with Assad - Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Palestinian-Syrian group forming units to fight for Golan - JPost 

Rebel Rockets Hurt Two in Hermel, Aimed at pressuring Hizbullah to end its fighting in Syria - Naharnet

Syrian Rebels Release 4 UN Filipino Peacekeepers - ABC News

UN praises Qatar key role in release of Golan peacekeepers - Saudi Gazette

Syria Promises Ibrahim to Help in Abducted Lebanese Pilgrims Case - Naharnet


Under the black flag of al-Qaeda, the Syrian city Raqqa ruled by gangs of extremists - Telegraph

VIDEO: : Telegraph dispatch from Raqqa, Syria - Telegraph

PHOTOS: Exclusive pictures from Syria by Telegraph photographer David Rose - Telegraph

Syrian rebels, including FSA groups, fund their fighting through looting, smuggling and selling antiquities - conflict antiquities

Al Qaeda’s £168million cocaine smugglers, paid for the cocaine with weapons and cash looted in Libya - Money Jihad

Al-Jaafari to UNSC: Jabhet al-Nusra Claimed Responsibility for 600 Terrorist Acts in Syria in One Year - The Santos Republic

800 Tunisian Islamists fighting in Syria, minister says - NOW

Claims Australians killed in Syria were fighters, not aid workers - SMH

VIDEO: Insurgent Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier - YouTube


Syrian opposition to meet to decide whether to join peace talks - Reuters

Russian official says Syria conference not possible in May, there are disagreements over who should have the right to take part - Yahoo! News

Gates: US military involvement in Syria a 'mistake' - NOW'

Drugs, prostitution and official corruption: Syrian refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan - ekurd

VIDEO: Direct U.S. military involvement in Syria "would be a mistake," says Gates - CBS News Video

VIDEO: US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford poses with rebel of Aleppo -

VIDEO: Geraldo Rivera: My Sources Tell Me Benghazi Was About Running Missiles to Syrian Rebels

VIDEO: Moaz al-Khatib Exposes Roles of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the Syrian Crisis on al-Jazeera -


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