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Syria News - Feb 7


Arab League Backs Syrian Opposition Call For Dialogue With The Regime - Israel National News

Islamic Summit Opens With Calls for Syrian Dialogue -

Syria govt assign two senior officials to reach out to the political opposition -

Elements in Syrian Opposition Call on Alkhatib to Resign - Asharq Alawsat English Mobile

Syria's domestic opponent supports exiled opposition's call for dialogue with gov't - Xinhua |

Syrian opposition group to open New York, Washington offices - Reuters


Heavy fighting breaks out in Syrian capital, while two car bombs kill 19, activists say - Fox News

Islamists Fighting Kurds in Syria Admit to Turkish Military Support - - English

Syria rebels train 'killing machine' teenagers - AFP

VIDEO; FSA recruiting and training child soldiers - YouTube

VIDEO: Kurdish Army ready to protect Syrian Kurds ! - YouTube

VIDEO: Rebel Threatening Opposition Chief Moath Khatib - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian rebels Whipping Women for Supporting President Assad - YouTube


Nearly 800,000 refugees flee fighting in Syria, US officials say - Fox News

State Department won’t disperse aid through the Syrian opposition - The Cable

US ambassador says Obama's 1st Israel visit to address Iran, Syria and Palestinians - AP

US condemns Turkey's 'inflammatory comments' on Israel attack to Syria - The Times of Israel

Israel boosts defenses along Syria, Lebanon borders - Reuters


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Syria News - Feb 5


Syria opposition heads wants to talks to Assad's deputy -

US backs Syrian opposition leader's call for talks -

Turkey says Syrian opposition should not be pressured into talks with Assad regime - Washington Post

Two Russian hostages, one Italian freed in Syria: Moscow - Yahoo! News

Aleppo bishop speaks out against Christian kidnappings -

New protests of the Christians of Syria against the scourge of kidnapping - Fides Service

Religious minorities: ‘We’re all losing in this battle’ over Syria | The Desert Sun

Abbas to send delegation to Damascus to take up Palestinian refugee plight in Syria : Voice of Russia


White House rebuffed Clinton-Petraeus plan to arm Syrian rebels: report | Reuters

Clinton: Syrian rebels getting ‘messages’ from Pakistan region known as Qaeda haven - Washington Post

Al-Nusra Front: Seeking a Lebanese Base in Ain al-Hilweh | Al Akhbar English

Syrian Islamist groups announce they would unite - pietervanostaeyen

Terrorists Assassinate Former MP Ibrahim Azzouz, His Wife and 2 Daughters - Real Syria Updates

Syria: Horrific 6 Hour Torture of Kidnapped Civilian by Syrian rebels (PHOTO) - Real Syria Updates

VIDEO: Syrian rebels decapitate civilian -


Syria’s National Defense Forces: New Style of Fight against Insurgents -

VIDEO: New Syrian paramilitary organization, National Defense Forces -


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Syria News - Feb 1


Syria a top focus for Biden 3-country trip, He will meet with Syrian opposition chief, Russian FM and European leaders - The Washington Post

Syria opposition meets in Cairo to discuss talks with Syrian regime officials -

Syrian Opposition Figures Call For Dialogue With Regime - Al-Monitor

UN chief welcomes the statement by Mr. Moaz Al Khatib and his openness to discussions with representatives of the Syrian Government - UN

Syria mediator will not return to Damascus, guarded on talks between Syrian opposition and regime -

VIDEO:  Brahimi statement on talks between Syrian opposition and regime - YouTube

Turkish Foreign Ministry: Syrian Dialogue "Hypothetical" -

PM: Turkey does not supply arms to Syrian opposition - todayszaman

Lebanese Hostages in Syria Not Turkey’s Main Problem: Erdogan - Real Syria Updates

Britain struggles in push to ease Syria arms embargo | Reuters

VIDEO: European Union confirms it won't ship weapons to Syrian rebels - YouTube


White House Warns Syria Not to Transfer Arms to Hizbullah — Naharnet

Russia Concerned by Reports of Israeli Air Strike on Syria - RIA Novosti

Syria threatens to retaliate for Israeli airstrike, Iran warns of repercussions - The Washington Post

Opposition condemns Syria inaction after Israel air strike - NOW

Dawn attack shook Damascus military research complex, a crucial element of Syria's missile program, and maybe a chemical weapons facility - Ynetnews

Analyst: Syria missiles threaten Israeli spy flights -

VIDEO: Israel Strikes Syrian Trucks Heading for Lebanon - YouTube

VIDEO: Former Mossad Chief on the Israel Air Attack - YouTube


Jordan Islamist sees clash with secular Syrian rebels, Al Nusra refused offers to join the Free Syrian Army in return for pay and weapons - Reuters

Orthodox Church of St. Mary and the Christian school of Al-Wahda destroyed in Syria - Fides Service

Syrian refugee women exploited in Egypt - IRIN 

VIDEO: Detainees being beaten inside a Syrian military helicopter - YouTube

VIDEO: Free Syrian Army excecuting some people -

VIDEO: Syrian rebel: 'Im crying because we are weak' - YouTube

VIDEO: Kurdish PKK/YPG fighters free Assyrian church in Ras Al  ain -


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Syria News - Jan 31



Opposition leader says could hold talks with Syrian regime - Reuters

Opposition Leader Calls for Meeting After Rift Over Talks with Syrian Regime - Bloomberg

War of words breaks out in Syrian opposition ranks, Text of Alkhatib and SNC Statements - arabsaga

Haidar: National Reconciliation is the Project of the Syrian State- SANA, Syria

Decisions to Supervise Return of Syrians from Neighboring Countries, Set Up Mechanisms for Dialogue - SANA

The Syrian National Coalition statement on the river massacre in Aleppo - theoslotimes

Syrian Foreign Ministry Calls on Security Council to Condemn Jabhat al-Nusra's Mass Execution against Scores of Abducted Citizens in Aleppo - SANA

Eastern Syrian town lives under al Qaeda rules | Reuters

VIDEO: FSA declares they won't stand aloof from the Al Nusra Front, as it says "they came to save and protect Syria" -


Israeli aircraft fires missile at target in Syria - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Russia Delivers 24 Iskander 9K720 Anti Patriot Missile To Syria - YouTube

President Al-Assad and King Of Jordan Agree to prevent any militants from Jordan crossing the border into Syria - Real Syria Updates

Why Doubts Are Growing About An Alleged Syrian Chemical Attack -

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE pledge $900 mln for Syrians at donors conference -

The Syria Report - World Bank, UN Provide Bleak Estimate of 2012 Economic Performance - World Bank


Sulaimani Convention Discusses Return of Kurdish Syrian Soldiers - 

Kurdish Give 24 Hour Ultimatum Full Retreat of "FSA" in Ras Al Ain - Real Syria Update

VIDEO: Kurdish YPG fighters take control of governor's office in Ras al-Ayn -

VIDEO: Syria Kurdish Forces Seize French Ambulance - YouTube


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Syria News - Jan 30



78 bodies found 'executed' in Syria river, Syrian regime and opposition blame each other for the killings - Channel NewsAsia

VIDEO: Dozens Shot Dead In Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: Aleppo River of Death - 

VIDEO: Scores of bodies lined up after massacre in the Syrian city of Aleppo - Telegraph

Syrian government: Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists Perpetrate Mass Execution in Aleppo- SANA,

VIDEO: Opposition VP: " Al Nusra rebels are fighting for freedom and democracy...Terrorists only a small part of Syrian rebellion" -— RT

VIDEO: FSA Al Tawheed and Nusra Front brigade attack an arms depot in rural Aleppo, The Jihadists are seen to employ extensive use of heavy weapons - YouTube

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate claims 2 more suicide attacks - The Long War Journal

Christians in Syria, targeted by Islamic extremists and bombs - Asia News

March of solidarity for the victims of kidnappings in Syria - Agenzia Fides

Syrians angered by Free Syrian Army that reportedly recruits teens | National Post

VIDEO: Rebels execute Syrian shabiha - YouTube

VIDEO: Volunteer army in Syrian Latakia defends area from militants -


VIDEO: President Obama Announces $155 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance for the Syrian People (Arabic Translation) | The White House

U.S. spent a whopping $365 million on 'non-lethal' role in Syrian civil war - Washington Times

Syrian crisis: EU pledges €100 million for humanitarian aid -

VIDEO: UN issues briefing on deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria - YouTube

Brahimi Tells U.N. Assad Regime May Survive but Legitimacy Seriously Damaged — Naharnet

Erdoğan discusses Syrian crisis with Qatari emir - todayszaman

Turkey, Qatar sign MoU to cooperate on defense industry - today zaman

Mikati, Erdogan to discuss abducted Lebanese pilgrims held in Syria - Zawya

Analysis: Al-Qaida’s increasing presence in Lebanon- JPost - Middle East

Top Israeli security officials in Russia over Syria crisis - Saudi Gazette

Israel worrying about fate of Syria's conventional arsenal | Reuters


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Syria News - Jan 28

Syria News - Jan 27



Iran official says attack on Syria is attack on Iran - Fox News

Syria says Russia still sending arms under contracts signed long ago - NOW

Russia’s Forces Are Ready for War - Army Chief - RIA Novosti

US delegation visits Syrian refugee camp in Turkey - todayszaman

Fears Grow That Libya Is Incubator of Turmoil - ABC News

British man remanded on Syria terror charge - North Wales Weekly News


Al Nusrah Front claims complex suicide assault on Syrian military base in Golan Heights - The Long War Journal

Closer ties emerge between Sunni militants from Lebanon and Al Nusra, officials say - The Washington Post

VIDEO: Lebanese ambushed and killed by Syrian security forces kicking and cursing the corpses - YouTube

Al  Nusra and Secular Activists Clash in Syrian Town -

VIDEO; Syria Rebels Liberate Prisoners in Idlib Central Prison - YouTube

VIDEO: Bleeding FSA Rebels Brutally Beaten by Syrian Soldiers -

VIDEO: How Syrian Rebels Massacred Citizens Of Daraya And Houla - YouTube

VIDEO: Fake videos about Syria? (CNN,Al Jazeera,BBC) - YouTube


Barzani meets Moaz Khatib in Davos - Kurdpress News Aganecy

VIDEO: Turkish Ambulance in Ras Al Ain Supporting FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: Turkish hospitals taking care of wounded FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: Clashes in Ras al-Ayn, Syria: Video shows rebels crossing the Turkish border -

VIDEO: Ras al-Ayn, Syria: Arab rebels destroyed houses of Kurdish civilians -


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Syria News - Jan 26

Syria News - Jan 25



In Senate confirmation hearing, bipartisan pressure on Kerry over Syria policy, Kerry: The goal of U.S. policy is a peaceful transition to a new government - NBC Politics

Russia's Putin says Libya and Syria revolts led to Algeria hostage crisis - Yahoo! News

China, Russia, U.S. raise Mediterranean naval focus - Yahoo! News

Russian maneuvers off the Syrian coast - Russia & India Report

French Military Source: US Special Force in Lebanon to Monitor Syria -

Saudi Arabia v. Qatar on Syria - Counterpunch

Russian offer to host an international conference on Syrian refugees - Sky News

America: Iraq responded impressively to the Syrian refugee’s situation -


VIDEO: Free Syrian Army accuses Kurdish group of being Assad's mercenaries. Ras Al Ain - Al Jazeera English

VIDEO: Kurdish civilians kidnapped by FSA and accused of being YPG. Ras Al Ain -

Syrian Kurd: The FSA is helping create conflict between Arabs and Kurds - NPR

VIDEO: Jubhat al-Nusra Announces No-Fly Zone in Aleppo -

VIDEO: Attack on Aleppo University - Lies of FSA -

VIDEO: Bombing of Aleppo University - What Happened - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Soldiers capture enemies and slap them around-

VIDEO: Armenians leave ancestral homes in Syria for Yerevan - YouTube

VIDEO: A citizen beaten by Syrian soldiers - YouTube

Syrian Directorate of Antiquities Records Vandalism Acts and Illegal Excavations- SANA

Surveillance Drones Received by Syrian Military for Border And Sky Control- Real Syria Updates


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Syria News - Jan 24


HRW: Syria rebels looting churches, destroying mosques, Armed clashes cause mass displacement of minorities | Support Syrian Christians

Activists demand end to violence in Syria's Kurdish city of Ras al-Ain - ekurd

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Burn Muslim Mosques - YouTube

VIDEO: Wahhabi Destroying mosques of Shia Muslim in Syria - YouTube

VIDEO: Umayyad Mosque burned, scarred by bullets and trashed - YouTube

VIDEO: Patriarch: Christians in Syria Fearful of FSA - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Terrorist Raiding and Burning a Cotton Cleaning Factory. Raqqa -

VIDEO: FSA fires heavy rocket towards Aleppo -

VIDEO: FSA abusing SAA militiamen - Firstpost 


Syria agriculture sector in tatters, livelihoods of about half of the country's population threatened: UN - AFP

White House defends U.S. response to humanitarian crisis in Syria - KUNA

‘Flat Wrong’: CIA Denies Lt. Gen. Boykin’s Claim About Alleged U.S. Gun-Running to Syrian Rebels Through Benghazi (VIDEO)

Russia: Syria rebels obsession with Assad blocks peace - Yahoo! News

Turkey's Davutoglu warns Syrian Kurdish group - World Bulletin

Qatar Leaks: The Business of Foreign Affairs | Al Akhbar English


Women Joining Syrian Military, The first women's unit of the National Defence Forces has 450 fighters - AFP

VIDEO: Syrian Women join Syrian Arab Army - RTArabic

VIDEO: Syrian Arab Army beat rebel to death -

VIDEO: Syrian Arab Army brutally executing a student accused of being with the Free Syrian Army -

VIDEO: Man executed by the Syrian Arab Army -


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Syria News - Jan 23


Bipartisan group of U.S. senators wants Obama to boost direct assistance to Syrian opposition - VOA

Russia says it is not planning full Syria evacuation, Bogdanov: " We think it (the conflict) may be prolonged" - Yahoo! News

Saudi says negotiated Syria settlement inconceivable - Reuters

Qatar hands Syrian opposition $20m -

UN concerned about sending arms to Syrian rebels, since "this contributes to spread of terror, destruction, and killings" - islamicinvitationturkey 

US plea to protect Syria's rich heritage - AFP

Turkey Angered by Armenian Petition On White House Website - Al-Monitor


Syria Blames Qaeda for Hama Car Bomb, Criticize Turkey for sheltering "terrorists" -

More young Syrians disillusioned by the revolution -

VIDEO: Suicide Car Bomb in Hama Today - Friends of Syria

VIDEO: Bishops: Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra & the Suffering of the 25,000 Christians of Hassake, Syria - YouTube

VIDEO; Documentary: Syrian rebels speak about their atrocities, Part 1 - YouTube

VIDEO: Documentary: Syrian rebels speak about their atrocities Part 2 - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian soldiers abuse teen - YouTube


Syrian rebels continue to clash with Kurds in northeast: activists - Yahoo! News

VIDEO: Qamishli, Syria: Massive Funeral of YPG fighter killed by the FSA - Liveleak

VIDEO: Kurdish YPG Forces take control of Rumelan - YouTube

VIDEO: New Kurdish armed group in Syria: Freedom Falcons aim to establish a Kurdish de facto state by fighting for a democratic and federal Syria - YouTube


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Syria News - Jan 21


Syria opposition meets to name PM-in-exile - AFP

Syrian opposition seeks Qatar backing for transition government - Reuters

The Bared Teeth of the Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt -

Syria Internal opposition statement regarding FSA attacks on Kurdish town Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ain - ekurd

Jihadists terrorize Christians in Eastern Syria - Fides Service

Syria: funding an Islamist rebellion through theft (VIDEO) - Money Jihad

VIDEO: Syria Kurdish YPG Forces Protects Oil Fields Against FSA -

VIDEO: Syria Kurdish Forces take control of FSA Checkpoint - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA and Nusra Terrorists Bickering Over Looting Kurdish Area in Syria -

VIDEO: Jihadists attack Kurds in Syria: international Islamist forces seek to create Sharia state - YouTube

VIDEO: Free Syria Army Robbed Over 1,000 Aleppo Factories - YouTube

VIDEO: Aleppo Residents Want Syrian Army to Intensify Operation Against Insurgents - Press TV - YouTube

VIDEO: What happened in Hasawiya, Homs? Locals say rebels killed civilians - CNN

VIDEO: Terrorist in Syria Confesses to Participating in Karm al-Zeitoun Massacre in Homs in March 2012 -

VIDEO: Revolutionaries in Homs unite their voice on demanding an Islamic State - SyriaUpdate

VIDEO: More Evidence of FSA Use of Child Soldiers in Syria - YouTube

VIDEO:  Audio Recording Between Syrian Rebels Reveals Request for Chemical Weapons -

VIDEO: Criminals torturing a kid somewhere in Syria -


Russia ‘Flexes Muscles’ in Mediterranean Amid Syrian Crisis, Largest naval exercise in post-Soviet era begins - RIA Novosti

Syria opposition and backers to meet in Paris: French minister —

Algeria Attack May End Syrian Rebels’ Hope for Arms Aid - Bloomberg

Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya - Telegraph

Assad's overthrow 'red line' for Iran: supreme leader's aide -

Assad's mother leaves Syria -

Non-lethal chemical weapons used in Syria, Le Monde reports - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper


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Syria News - Jan 19



Casualties in Aleppo Rocket Attack, Twin Suicide Bombings Near Mosque South of Damascus - Latinos Post

Rebels may have more sophisticated weaponry blasting with sometimes inaccurate rockets - washington post

2 journalists killed in Syria - San Jose Mercury News

VIDEO: Rockets hit Aleppo residential building - YouTube

VIDEO: Aftermath of the suicide bombings in Daraa mosque - YouTube

VIDEO: Moment of sniper killing Al Jazeera Journalist while crossing the street with FSA in Daraa - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Rocket and Mortar factory -

VIDEO: More Information On The Equipment Looted From Taftanaz Air Base, including rockets - Brown Moses Blog

VIDEO: Documentary detailing the story of the bombing of Syria News Channel- YouTube


Kurd-Jihadist firefights continue to rage in northern Syria - AP

UN agency says latest fighting in Damascus Palestinian refugee camp kills 12 - Fox News

Lebanon gunmen target pro-Syria minister's convoy - FRANCE 24

VIDEO: Rebels In Ras al Ayn Allegedly Fighting With YPG Kurds - YouTube

VIDEO: Crimes of Islamic armed groups in Ras al-Ain - YouTube

VIDEO: Yarmouk Palestinian Camp Clashes Continue - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Army Soldier Abused by Rebel - YouTube


Syria to establish new military organization, report says - NOW

VIDEO (Arabic): Woman Freed From Assad Prison Gives Testimony - YouTube


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Syria News - Jan 18



Kurdish Forces Clash with FSA in Ras Al Ain, Heavy Weapons and Deaths Reports Say -

Islamist and Kurdish rebels fight for control of the north-east Syria -

Kurdish spokesman: The attack started by battalions “Descendants of the Prophet” and “The Brigade of Troch" - friendsofsyria

Schools in Turkey Once Again Closed Due to Fighting in Ras Al Ain, Syria - Daily Kos

VIDEO: FSA pounds Kurdish militias with a tank in Ras Al Ayn - YOUTUBE

VIDEO: Rebel tank enters Ras Al Ayn - YOUTUBE

VIDEO: Ras al-Ayn, Syria: Clashes between Kurds and FSA -

VIDEO: Qamishli, Syria: March of Kurdish Defense Units (YPG) -

VIDEO: 150 men alleged shabiha were captured by rebels in north Syria -

Paper: Turkey not positive on Armenia border after White House petition on Syrian Armenian refugees -


US asks Turkey, Jordan to secure chem weapons if Syria crisis worsens - Open Channel

US will share Syrian information with Russia on chem weapons - Voice of Russia

Lavrov: Statements on Syrian Forces' Responsibility for Aleppo Terrorist Attack Repulsive  - SANA, Syria

Russian ships to pick up munitions on way to Syria | Reuters


Meqdad: FSA Will Negotiate Several Suggestions to Release Lebanese Kidnapped Pilgrims — Naharnet

Less bail for release of Ukraine journalists demanded : Voice of Russia

Report: Tit-for-Tat Abductions between Hizbullah, FSA — Naharnet

Zarqawi brother-in-law killed in Syria: Jordan Salafist | THE DAILY STAR

Syrian rebels accuse jihadist groups of trying to hijack revolution |

Syria: Islamist Nusra Front gives BBC exclusive interview - BBC News

VIDEO: Syrian rebels in Yarmouk - YOUTUBE


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Syria News - Jan 17




Suicide bombings kill at least 22 in Idlib, northern Syria - Chicago Sun-Times

US State Department blames Assad regime for 'despicable' Aleppo campus blasts - AFP

Russia condemns attacks on Syrian University of Aleppo blaming the explosions on terrorists - PressTV

Syria's U.N. envoy calls Aleppo attack "a cowardly terrorist act" - Chicago Tribune


Syrian opposition bemoans ‘loose' pledges of world support, calls for arming the rebels - todayszaman

Syria PM: We are even ready to negotiate with armed groups that tend to lay down their weapons - PressTV

FSA pushed to the sidelines by Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo - al Monitor

Baghdad Traces Iraqi Terror Links To Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra - Al-Monitor

Lebanon, Turkey send Qaeda prisoners to Syria, Jaafari says - NOW

Al-Shihabi: We Have Decisive Evidence on Turkey's Involvement in Robbing Factories in Aleppo- SANA

VIDEO: Syrian rebels firing rockets into Idlib -

VIDEO: Promise of Mass Beheadings: Message from Abu Hafs, the Sword-Waving Jihadist in Syria - YouTube

VIDEOS: Are Yugoslavian Anti-Tank Weapons Being Smuggled Into Syria? - Brown Moses Blog


White House doubts Syria chem. weapons report - Yahoo! News

Rape And Abuse In Syria's Detention Centers Documented In BBC Report (VIDEO) - Huffington Post

Syria allows U.N. to step up food aid - Yahoo! News

Damascus, Tehran ink deal on $1 bln credit facility, electricity projects - THE DAILY STAR

Assad doesn’t live on Russian warship – source : Voice of Russia

US missile destroyer arrives in the Mediterranean: Voice of Russia

VIDEO: Syrian Kurds demand autonomy - YouTube


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Syria News - Jan 15



State Department reports North Syria descending toward anarchy, Picture of disorganized rebels, greedy arms peddlers and profiteering warlords - Washington Post

Aleppo Dispatch: The Dark Side of the Syrian Opposition - The Atlantic

6 Months Of Combat, And No Victor In Aleppo, Syria's Biggest City (RADIO) : NPR

Syria: Rape is big problem, International Rescue Commission says - globalpost

Jihadists seeking Islamic state in post-Assad Syria | Kuwait Times

Syria using rockets to spread cluster bombs: HRW - Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)

VIDEO: Man tortured and executed by the Syrian army, A soldier says: Would you let me fuck your wife? -

VIDEO: Assad forces brutally torture a young man in Aleppo - YouTube

VIDEO: FSA Deathsquad Abdullah Aljabail (Wafeiu) Kills Prisoners -

VIDEO: FSA Abdullah Aljabail Killing Civilians near Raqqa -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels training child soldiers in Syria -

VIDEO: Signing of the document by numerous brigades to establish Califate and refuse civil society in Syria - SyriaUpdate

VIDEO: Rare Video Shows A Surface-To-Air Missile Fired By The Syrian Opposition- Brown Moses Blog


UN Security Council to meet on Syria late January, looking at ways of sending a new observer mission to Syria - NOW

Arab League Decides to Send Team to Syria Neighbors as Lebanon Asks for $180mn in Aid for Refugees — Naharnet

Russia’s FM calls on Syrian opposition to propose 'own' peace plan, adds that Assad’s removal from power is ‘impossible to implement’ — RT

Saudi newspaper: Assad staying on Russian-guarded warship -

Did Assad Order Commanders to Target Israel, US Interests "If Assassinated"? - Real Syria Updates

Russia Sees Al-Qaeda Growth in Lebanon, plans to evacuate its nationals - Al-Monitor

IDF brass to PM: Syrian rebels on fence with Israel - JPost

Saudi Arabia Funds Al Nusra Fighters in Syria -

Turkish CHP Leader: Allowing Extremists to Use Land against Syria by Governemnt Would Increase Tension - SANA

Iran, Iraq, Syria sign agreement to boost transit cooperation - PressTV

Iran's Revolutionary Guards hold exercises in Strait of Hormuz - todayszaman

Energy security: the chokepoint risk factor, 5 of 7 critical oil transit corridors are in Islamic world - Money Jihad


Opposition Leader Says Syrian Kurds Should Not Demand Guarantees or Autonomy, Defends Al Nusra -

Kurdish Youth Forces in Syria Accuse KNC Parties of Squeezing Them Out -

Syrians facing hunger rush to Iraqi Kurdistan, risk death by walking in freezing weather - ekurd


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Syria News - Jan 11



Opposition leader: Assad can't leave Syria without trial - todayszaman

Russia plays down pressure on Assad - NOW

US focused on Syria's chemical arms after Assad: Panetta - AFP

Syrian Foreign Ministry: Brahimi Statements Deviate from the Essence of his Mission- SANA

Brahimi apologizes to Assad for calling his position "sectarian": Voice of Russia

Britain says world must prepare to step up Syria response, seeks to amend the EU weapons embargo - NOW

BRICS Group: Resolving Crisis in Syria Realized only Through Dialogue- SANA

VIDEO: Assad soldier executes a man -

VIDEO: Assad soldier abusing an animal - YouTube


Abbas says he rejected Israel's conditional offer to resettle Palestinians from Syria | Fox News

Amnesty: Protection of minorities in Syria - including Alawites - should be priority -

Lebanon families of hostages in Syria picket Qatar embassy - Ahram Online

VIDEO: Red Cross: conflict causes increased suffering in Idlib - YouTube


Battles renew at Taftanas airbase in Syria's Idlib -

Syria’s Battle for the Airports - Al-Monitor

Syria says rebels involved in looting northern factories, with the full knowledge and facilitation of the Turkish government - NOW

VIDEO: Discovery of a Mass Grave in Marj Al Sultan Airport - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Kill Civilians for Stealing a Car -

VIDEO: Islamists brainwashing & indoctrinating very young children -


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Syria News - Jan 10


Syria releases 2,130 captives to rebels in exchange for 48 Iranian prisoners - The Washington Post

Russia, U.S. to meet Syria envoy Brahimi on Friday - Yahoo! News

Russia: West should consider Assad's proposals - US News and World Report

Russia, Syria discuss ways of political outcome of crisis -

Russia is coordinating the supervision of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal: Report -

Top Turkish diplomat set for Syria talks in Moscow, Washington - todayszaman

Report: Saudi Arabia mulling over changing approach to Syria, withdrawing its financial support of Syrian rebels - PressTV

SNC propose transitional government, based in areas rebels refer to as "liberated territories" - NOW

VIDEO: Lakhdar Brahimi laments Assad's 'lost opportunity' - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian army tortures and executes a rebel -


Al Nusra Says It Stands With Other Syrian Rebels, The jihadis are fighting now alongside Free Syrian Army units -

VIDEO: Report ties Syrian rebels to al Qaeda - YouTube

VIDEO: Nusra Front sees Islamic state in Syria - YouTube

Quilliam Releases New Strategic Briefing ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ | Quilliam Foundation

Zarqawi's legacy: Jihadist rebels in Syria - UPI

VIDEO: Al-Nusra Militants Execute Three Assad Soldiers - IBTimes UK

VIDEO: Syrian rebels' lies and propaganda EXPOSED! - YouTube


Report: Hizbullah Training Shiite Syrians to Defend Villages against Rebels — Naharnet

Amid Syrian violence, the exodus of Christians continues - | News Service

Anti-Christian violence in Syria can trigger mass exodus – report : Voice of Russia

70.000 Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan - EKURD

VIDEO: Syria Kurds seek essential supplies in Iraq - Al Jazeera English

Surviving in Aleppo -


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Syria News - Jan 8


US: Assad's Plan 'Detached from Reality' - VOA

VIDEO: UN chief Ban disappointed with Syrian President's Speech - YouTube

Pope Benedict XVI Makes Urgent Appeal for Ceasefire And Constructive Dialogue in Syria - Catholic Online

Domestic Syria opposition rejects Assad offer - Al Jazeera English


Syrian troops repulse rebel attack in Aleppo - Yahoo! News

PLO: Syrian regime, Free Syrian Army negotiate on Yarmouk camp -

Israeli Premier: Frontier Fence With Syria Needed, Warning that radical Islamist forces have taken over the area - ABC News

Study shows rise of al Qaeda affiliate in Syria - CNN

Jihadists Exploit Syrian Turmoil as the Islamic State of Iraq Makes a Comeback - Modern Tokyo Times

Lebanese politician: Syrian militants' funding sources decline - LBCI News

Sharia banks that fund terrorism - Money Jihad

Names and nationalities of 108 foreign individuals who were arrested by the Syrian authorities - United Nations Official Document

VIDEO: Syrian Islamist Rebels Executed Three Prisoners - YouTube

VIDEO: Damascus protesters call for rule of Islam and restoration of caliphate - Jihad Watch

VIDEO: Syrian rebels burning some marijuana -

VIDEO: Syrian rebels faking dead child -


Kurdish Leader Says The Syrian Revolution Deviates From Path And Turns Into Struggle for Power; Denies His Party Branch of the PKK - biyokulule

Iraqi Kurdistan's border with Syria is open: Peshmerga - ekurd


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Syria News - Jan 7


Assad proposes political solution for Syria conflict - NOW

Assad outlines 3-phase reconciliation plan for Syria - NOW

Syria opposition rejects Assad reconciliation plan- NOW

VIDEO: Full Speech of Dr. Bashar al-Assad President of the Syrian Arab Republic - YouTube

VIDEO: President Bashar al-Assad's Speech Highlights (English Subtitles) - YouTube

VIDEO: Syrian National Coalition: Assad has no desire to relinquish power - YouTube


Lebanon Interior Minister: Syrian opposition fighters training in Lebanon - Charles Ayoub

VIDEO: FSA & Jihadist Training Camps Exist in Lebanon: Lebanese Interior Minister Reveals-

Lebanese MP: 3 Airplanes Headed to Libya Carrying Syrian Gunmen to Be Trained - SANA

Amid Hammoud: A Lebanese officer heavily involved in the recruitment, training, and support of Syrian rebels -Al Akhbar English

Foreign fighters using Yarmouk as base: ex-Arafat aide | Al Akhbar English

Sources: Deal to demilitarize Yarmouk Palestinian camp in Syria 'imminent' | Maan News Agency

PFLP-GC says reports of Yarmouk deal 'incorrect' | Maan News Agency

Syria's Armed Opposition Plagued With Division - Al-Monitor

VIDEO: Australian jihadists in Syria - 

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Murder Civilian Administrator and his Assistants in their Car -

VIDEOS: French Rockets Used By The Syrian Opposition - Brown Moses Blog


Russian Naval Force Gathers Off Syria In Warning To West - The Sunday Times

VIDEO: Russia to Hold the Largest Naval Exercise in Its Recent History Near Syria -

Syria reveals Turkish pilots’ names captured in Syria - islamicinvitationturkey

CHP Calls for Questioning Erdogan and Davutoglu in Parliament- SANA, Syria

Kurdish Leader: Turkey Will Impede Kurdish Aspirations in post-Assad Syria -

Interview with the chairman of the Kurdish National Council -

An Exclusive Interview with One of the News Editors of Al-Jazeera Channel | Friends of Syria


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