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Andy Worthington on 11th Anniversay of Illegal U.S. Guantanamo Prison

Andy Worthington has spent the last seven years researching and writing about Guantánamo,and the men held there.Based in London, he is the author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America's Illegal Prison, and the co-director, with Polly Nash, of the documentary film, “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo.”

Say no to "Zero Dark Thirty"

by Debra Sweet Director World Can't Wait         Things are starting to break open in protest against the film Zero Dark Thirty which opens nationally Friday on the anniversary of Guantanamo.  Amnesty International projected the message TORTURE IS WRONG at a special showing to Congress last night.  Right on to that!

Raise Your Voice vs. Torture in Our Names

By Debra Sweet, Director World Can't Wait

Greetings to all of you on the new year. 
In spite of the news I'm conveying today on continued crimes of the U.S. I am hopeful. I'm not hoping that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, those who run this government will somehow decide to do the right thing. My hope is based on knowing the tens of thousands of people like you on this list, on knowing the courageous, bright people who are acting to stop these crimes, and most of all, on knowing it does not have to be this way. And we are the ones to change it.


"Let them die and decrease the surplus population" – Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Scrooge and Company torture health care
The Berkeley Federalist Society has assigned Torture Memo author John Yoo (yes, the
guy who defines severe pain amounting to torture as that occasioned by "serious
physical injury, such as death, organ failure, or serious impairment of body
functions") to make the case against what has come to be termed 'Obamacare',

Thursday, January 10 at 12:40 pm, Boalt Hall room 105

on the eve of the 11 year anniversary of Guantanamo.

Almost three years ago Truthout noted that while it may seem like a stretch to talk
about health care and torture in the same breath, there is a direct link between the

March On Washington DC to Close Guantanamo - Jan. 11,2013

We the people say NO to U.S. human rights violations in the name of unending “global war”

Join us on the 11th anniversary of Guantánamo prison to call on President Obama to keep his promise to shut it down, and for all branches of the U.S. government to uphold human rights.
• Close Guantánamo: all detained people must either be charged & fairly tried, or be released
• Resolve the cases of the publicly cleared detainees, including Shaker Aamer & Djamel Ameziane
• End indefinite detention & remove detention provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act
• End unlawful killings with drones and other weapons
• Ensure accountability for torture, unlawful killings & other abuses


• March from the Supreme Court via the Capitol to the White House
• Gather at noon on the steps of the Supreme Court

Zero Dark Thirty - What's Wrong With the CIA's World View?

Please Print out this leaflet below and distribute where "Zero Dark" Thirty is playing in your neighborhood.


What's wrong with the CIA's World View?

Una reflecion de la pelicula "Zero Dark Thirty" ( La Hora Mas Oscura)

por Debra Sweet, Directora del Mundo No Puede Esperar          “Zero Dark Thirty” (La hora más oscura) crea un retrato del mundo según la CIA y pinta la tortura falsamente como necesaria para encontrar a Osama bin Laden.

Lo que pasó el 11 de septiembre de 2001 fue un horror. Las fuerzas que atacaron el World Trade Center (las Torres Gemelas) son totalmente reaccionarias.

NO OBSTANTE, lo que Estados Unidos hizo en nombre del 11 de septiembre ha sido un horror muchísimo mayor:

Zero Dark Thirty Reflection

by Debra Sweet, Driector World Can't Wait

Next month, many organizations are coming together to protest in Washington and nationwide against indefinite detention and drone strikes, and for the closure of Guantanamo. We had not anticipated the relevance — and outrageous content — of the new film Zero Dark Thirty entering the public sphere at the same time.  But, it's here... what are we going to do about it?

January 21st Drone Protest at the Inauguration

In DC during the inauguration,  join us to say no to the wars which continue under Obama, and are increasingly being fought using drone!!

January 11th: Shut Down Guantanamo

For eleven years now, hundreds of men have languished at Guantanamo prison.

Join us to demand its immediate closure NOW!

The World Can't Wait Needs You

by Debra Sweet, Director of World Can't Wait.  I imagine that if Mitt Romney would have won, this e-mail would be very different. In fact, while the crimes being committed would likely be the same, millions of people would be starting to act in opposition once more.

We could imagine the street protest, and people knocking on our office door, calling in, sending in donations, and e-mailing asking what they could do to stop Romney's targeted assassinations, killing and maiming children using drones, indefinite detention here and abroad, or his criminalizing whistle blowers and activists. Instead there is a new wind of passivity, a cold chill in the air. We know many good people who care about what is happening here and around the world. Many of them still feel the "worse" option was prevented and we need to get back to business as usual. 

On Torture Memo Authors John Yoo & Jay Bybee

by San Francisco World Can't Wait.  "Let them die and decrease the surplus population." Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol Scrooge and Company torture health care.The Berkeley Federalist Society has assigned Torture Memo author John Yoo(yes, the guy who defines severe pain amounting to torture as that occasioned by "serious physical injury, such as death, organ failure, or serious impairment of body functions") to make the case against what has come to be termed 'Obamacare'.

Thursday, January 10 at 12:40 pm, Boalt Hall, Room 105
on the eve of the 11 year anniversary of Guantanamo.

Almost three years ago Truthout noted that while it may seem like a
stretch to talk about health care and torture in the same breath, there is
a direct link between the two issues. Indeed, it was a Medicare benefits
statute and other health care provisions that were used to form the basis

Bradley Manning, Shakar Aamer, Andy Worthington & Guantanamo, Drones

by Debra Sweet,Director, The World Can't Wait
Tuesday, we gave you a sense of how much World Can't Wait is appreciated for our role in sticking to principle, and supporting others who do. Today, I want to shout-out to some of the many who show courage and fortitude in the effort to show the rest of the world that there are people living in this country who don't go along with the program of war and repression. I'm concentrating today on people who expose and resist U.S. wars, drone strikes, and indefinite detention.

Bradley ManningFirst, and in a class by himself, is Bradley Manning:

December2012, January 2013 Appearances/Protests of U.S. War Criminals

Dick Cheney
12/6/12 - New York NY
1/26/13 - Reno NV

Colin Powell
1/19/13 - Alexandria VA

Condoleezza Rice
12/7/12 - Henderson TN
12/19/12 - Birmingham AL

Grand Central NYC Freezes to Support Gaza & Bradley Manning

Grand Central Memorial for Gaza Victims of Israeli Missiles - Monday November 26
Meet up at 5 pm at the NW corner of Lexington and 42nd St.  Enter Grand Central at 5:30 pm
Wear black.  Head scarves encouraged. Details at the Meet-Up.

The freeze will highlight a "surgical" Israeli missile attack on Sunday that killed 11 civilians, including 4 children, members of the Dalu family whose home was flattened by the strike.  This is one of many stories of innocents killed by the rain of missles. The children will be represented by shrouds and will be followed by mourners.

The World Can't Wait - Stop the Crimes of Your Government

by Debra Sweet, Director World Cant Wait                                                                                         Where do you turn when the Commander in Chief keeps a “kill list;” orders drone strikes on several continents, shredding lives and the concept of national sovereignty; supports indefinite detention without trial, vastly expanded domestic surveillance and the suspension of core civil liberties?

General Petraeus & Army Staff Sargent Robert Bales

By Debra Sweet, Director World Can't Wait                                                                                        One man is at the center of a story you can’t avoid in the media, since last Friday. General David Petraeus, architect of the U.S. “surge” in Iraq, pulled in to “save” Afghanistan, then bumped over to the CIA last year, was forced to resign because the FBI, we are told, found out about an affair he was having with a fawning biographer.

Hurrican Sandy, Climate Change and a Protest Against Drone Strikes

By Debra Sweet, National Director World Can't Wait.                          Thanks to all who have messaged those of us in the northeast to check how we're doing. We know many of you have been affected, and are not even able to read this, or follow the news. The scale of the disaster in the US is unprecedented, and still remains to be grasped, as tens of millions are affected. A reminder, given how seriously people in NYC/NJ are affected... proportionately, the poor countries who got the storms brunt first, especially Haiti, suffered more loss. People in Haiti's slums who have nothing — a situation fostered by centuries of U.S. actions — were washed away, and survivors face cholera. This is an international problem, and we can't get all "Ah-MUR-i-can" as the politicians do.

Nov.2012 War Criminals Appearances/Protests

Here's our list of War Criminals appearances and protest for November. Let us know if you'd want to have a demonstration in your area and we'll aid you in planning and publicizing your event.

 Madeline Albright  11/12/12 - Naples FL

So Who Do I Vote For?

By Debra Sweet

I was listening to the "foreign policy debate" while reading blogs and tweeting. Among people I follow there was a lot of interest in whether the drone war would come up. It was brought up by Mitt Romney, approvingly, and then not spoken to by Obama. People also hoped Guantanamo would come up; it didn't.

Humanity and the Planet Come First

by Debra Sweet, Director World Can't Wait

Despite what you may have seen on the screen Tuesday night, there were little pockets of of truth-telling at Hofstra University. World Can't Wait  and the kNOw Drones tour were out with two drone replicas driving home the message "Stop the Drone War! and "Humanity and the Planet come first!"  Act-up and Queerocracy brought the real lives of people suffering with AIDS to the media.  Access to abortion and birth control was a contended question.


Report on Russel Tribunal on Palestine NYC, 10/6&7 Report

On October 6th and 7th, the Russel Tribunal on Palestine was held in the
Great Hall at Cooper Union in NYC.  I attended this conference, and what I
took away from it confirmed the US role in sustaining Israel's human rights
abuses in Palestine, which clearly amount to Crimes Against Humanity under
International Law and Basic Laws of Morality.  These are the reasons for
charging Israel with Crimes Against Humanity in the World Court in the

1) Israel practices a policy of a severe form of apartheid in the occupied
territories which is based on exclusive rights for those who are Jewish and
virtually no rights for those who are not.  Apartheid is a Crime Against

2) Land is confiscated from Palestinians and houses demolished to make way
for settlements and housing where only Jews can live. The Palestinians
affected are made homeless.  This is a Crime Against Humanity.

Protest Outside Presidential Debate 10/16, 3pm, Hofsta University

At 3:00 p.m. Meet at South corner of Hempstead Turnpike and California Avenue (South Campus)  Here Veterans For Peace Long Island, World Can't Wait, Occupy the Debates, and many other peace and social justice organizations, will make a presence outside, as close as we can be, to the debate venue to make our concerns known to the candidates, the press, and to the public.  Bring your message with signs, banners, etc.

Transportation and Directions:

By car: Grand Central/Northern State Parkway to Meadowbrook Pkway So. to Exit M4 Hempstead Turnpike Westbound. Here is a link for more detailed directions.
By train: Take the LIRR to Hempstead Station and transfer to the N70, N71, N72 or the Hofstra Shuttle Bus. See Map here.

OWS Bus Info Release:

Who is Barack Obama really? An Examination of Obama's domestic policies

As Rebecca Solnit put it in admonishing the Left to support Obama’s re-election: Obama may be killing innocent children abroad, but that’s not new for American presidents (!!), and Obama at least is promoting health care in ways that Mitt Romney wouldn’t.  In other words, even if the Democrats and the Republicans are not distinguishable in terms of foreign policy, at least with the Democrats you get more humane domestic policies.

Protesting Obama's Wars

From the speech by Stephanie Tang for the San Francisco rally against the war in Afghanistan:
Yesterday I was at a high school with a young army vet on the We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour.  We spoke in 3 classes, telling the students  the truth about America’s wars. These students were between 4 and 6 years old the day the U.S. attacked Afghanistan.  Now they see military recruiters prowling their campuses because the empire needs them to fight, kill, and die for it. I am outraged - Are you?

We here know the story of these 11 years.  How Bush launched illegal illegitimate war in Iraq/Afghanistan.  How Obama’s expanded those wars into 3 more countries.

Suport Gregory Koger

Thanks to the almost 300 people who quickly signed onto this NEW statement for Gregory Koger, the activist from Chicago sentenced to 300 days in jail for videotaping. More signatures are needed ASAP for presenting to Cook County officials. Please sign and share with others even if you have already signed letters for Gregory.

We Are Not Your Soldiers Visiting High Schools and Colleges

We Are Not Your Soldiers is up to a good start this fall semester visiting high schools and colleges with veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  We have been to several schools in NYC and northern California and have plans in the works for Chicago, Hawaii and other locations.  Students learn about the vets' experiences and why they should not enlist to fight in these ongoing wars.

Stop U.S. Aggression and Continued War on the World

Starting tonight in Honolulu, through the weekend and into next week, protests against the ELEVENTH anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan are happening all around the country. Don't sit this out—find a protest near you and raise your voice against the crimes of your government.

Octobr 2012 Appearances/Protests of U.S. War Criminals

Here's the October list of U.S. war criminals appearances and protests. Let us know if you are planning something in your area so we may help promote it or assist you in any way.

Protests Againt Drones Multiplying

Protests against U.S. drone killing and drone surveillance are breaking out all over -- there are events happening in state after state, and just about anyone who agrees it's time to say ENOUGH! can find others near them that are actively protesting the drones. Live in the Midwest? Get together with protesters in Ohio - who were bird-dogging Barack Obama and picketing Congressman Mike Turner about their support for drones this week ... or Occupy Chicago, which deposited coffins representing drone victims at the doorstep of Obama 2012 Campaign HQ last week ...

Speaking Events


April 25 Houston

May 8 New Jersey

May 30 NYC here and here

August 27, Chicago


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