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"Shallow Throat": Has "The Revolution" Started?


"Shallow Throat": Has "The Revolution" Started?


By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers


Over the past decade, I've met fairly regularly with "Shallow Throat,"** a mole high up in the former Bush Administration, currently a respected consultant in Washington, D.C. A well-connected insider, ST knows where the bodies are buried, and how the political game is played (and rigged) to benefit the powers-that-be behind the Republican and Democratic parties.


Given the momentous events in the news, a good share of which puzzle me, it seemed appropriate to contact Shallow Throat for some insights into what may be going on. We talked the other day in a quiet booth at a Bethesda tavern.


Whirlpool of Crazy: A Letter to European Friends



The Water Is Wide: Building a Revolution

(Summary: There are outbreaks of positive, activist responses to GOP extremism in the U.S. -- but there's not a coordinated effort to create a national movement against the worst excesses of the HardRight. With so many citizens turned off by Obama and Dem fecklessness and refusal to fight, here are some ideas for how to battle the left's political despair.) 

By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

"The water is wide and I cannot cross over/Nor do I have wings to fly/Build me a boat that can carry two..." -- Fred Neil

I've been writing about political depression on the Left for years now, especially during the horrific CheneyBush decade but also in the distressing Obama years. I can't tell you how many of my liberal friends have been fighting despondency (and I'm among that cohort) as the social/political/economic situation has gone from bad to worse to a bit better to worse again.

The Sounds of Silence: Reactions to Political Despair

By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

Hello darkness, my old friend... -- Simon & Garfunkel, "The Sounds
of Silence"

By nature, I'm usually an optimist. I've experienced and studied enough
history to understand its cyclical nature and its ability to house enormous
positive/negative contradictions. The worst of times can also lead to the
best of times. What goes around can come around. Every cloud can have a
silver lining. Etc.

But those more positive views are overshadowed these days by a quickly
darkening horizon. Hemingway's "shitstorm" has arrived, with a vengeance.
As with so many citizens dedicated to positive activism, I am politically
discouraged, demoralized, depressed. We want to find solace and hope enough
to pull us through the pit of despair yet again, but instead we run headlong
into a brick wall of voters' voluntary ignorance, a growing authoritarian

Inside Karl Rove's Diary: Return to Permanent Political War

Precis: Rove (aka Turdblossom, Bush's pet name for him) has returned to center stage with renewed desire to playmake the GOP's return to power. He has plenty to say about the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, the Big Dog, the GOP's "Big Lie" practice, and his plans to destroy the Obama presidency and the Democratic Party.

By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

Dear Diary:

Watching the Democrats squirm in pain after last week's election is so much fun! It's even more enjoyable now when I don't have the levers of governmental power in my hands, so I have to be, get to be, more creative in defeating these liberal pinko weenies.

WTF?: A Letter to Appalled, Puzzled European Friends

>> <<

[ Precis: Friends from Germany and France raise provocative questions about America's current descent into the crazier-than-usual midterm election circus. The answers in response are not always pleasant, but they have to be faced. God help us, everyone! ]

By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

Dear Wolfgang and Jacqueline:

Your recent email, wondering "what the f--- is going on" these days, questioning whether we Americans have taken "more than your usual amount of stupid pills," is well deserving of a considered response.

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