Figuring out a fabulist: Big Lies about Blacks from Bigot Boy

By Linn Washington, Jr.

During President Trump’s appearance on a nationally televised Town Hall forum held recently at the U.S. Constitution Center in Philadelphia, he engaged in the ‘Big Lie’ – that propaganda technique linked with Hitler’s Nazi regime.

Trump spun Big Lies of varying size on topics ranging from health care to racial hatred throughout that Q-&-A session broadcast from the specialized museum located two blocks from historic Independence read more

False ‘progressive’ claim must be challenged: Rep. Madeline Dean Won’t Get My Vote for Re-Election

By Dave Lindorff

I voted enthusiastically two years ago for Democrat Madeleine Dean to represent the newly un-gerrymandered Congressional district in which I live here in Pennsylvania. An attorney who moved into politics and was a representative in the Pennsylvania House at the time she ran for Congress in 2018, Dean sold herself as a new progressive voice in Congress who would far better represent the voters of suburban Montgomery County, PA.

My prior representative read more

Time for a little truth about the economic crisis: Screwing with the Unemployment Statistics

By Dave Lindorff

Something is screwy about unemployment numbers out of Washington. 

In late July, just before the end of the supplemental $600 weekly checks for people collecting unemployment benefits, the New York Times reported that 30 million were receiving those checks

That’s 30 million laid-off workers who qualified for unemployment benefits, which is not everyone who was laid off, since many people who get work for a wage don’t qualify for unemployment compensation. 

read more

Commander-in-Chief Bonespur waddles into a new controversy: Prez Dishonors Troops but Correctly Labels 2 Major Wars Unjustified or ‘Stupid’

By Dave Lindorff

Let’s be honest about America’s wars and the men and women who have fought them.

Most of the wars that the US has launched or fought in, dating back to at least the War of 1812, were not just or necessary, could have been avoided, and wasted precious lives and national wealth, often while slaughtering the people of weaker nations.

In the latest scandal precipitated by Commander in Chief Donald Trump — a man who notoriously got a doctor to lie read more

Trump could singlehanded kill the program: Social Security in the Crosshairs

By Dave Lindorff

Could President Donald Trump destroy Social Security, the New Deal retirement program that for 85 years has provided critical support to old or disabled Americans — currently numbering 65 million?

At first blush, the idea that a president could singlehandedly destroy a program that was founded in 1936 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that has since then for 85 years had the solid backing of Congress, and that polls have consistently ranked as the most read more

If Social Security matters to you, can you trust Trump? Older Voters, especially Republicans, Need to Think Before They Vote

By Dave Lindorff

In 2016, exit polls show that Donald Trump won the over-50 vote by a big margin. With voters over the age of 50 accounting for 45% of voters that year, Trump, according to  a study by AARP was the choice of 55% of that demographic, compared to 44% who voted for Hillary Clinton.  Trump’s margin was even higher in the three key “swing” states — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin —  that went narrowly for Trump to give him the win read more

Go postal!: Save the Post Office and the Vote!

 Dave Lindorff

Fishs Eddy, 13774  -– Over the last 15 or so years, Ive had two post offices vanish from towns I live in.

The first was in Maple Glen, PA, a small town we moved to when we left Hong Kong in 1997.

The town center, where the post office was located, is basically a triangle of shops, including a gas station, a car wash, a Supermarket and strip mall, and another small strip mall, as well as four banks. 

For the first eight years we lived here, it was read more

Trump and ICE take a page from the Nazi playbook: Gassing Immigrants with a Highly Toxic Industrial Disinfectant in Detention

By Dave Lindorff

As the first and hopefully only presidential term of Donald Trump nears its November 3 moment of truth, the accusations of fascist or even Nazi tendencies and actions by him and his administration have multiplied.

But this latest one I’m calling out is particularly horrific:  The use of a powerful “for industrial use only” disinfectant called HDQ Neutral on captive immigrants at the Adelanto ICE read more

Trump launches attack on key programs for the elderly: Alert! Social Security and Medicare are in Critical Danger

By Dave Lindorff

Watch out! Uncle Donald is coming for your and all your relatives’ Social Security and your Medicare!

The all-out attack on Social Security and Medicare, those two remaining standing edifices of the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s New Society, has begun in earnest with President Trump’s latest executive order calling for the postponement, until year’s end, of the payroll taxes by employees and employers that finance those critically important read more

New TCBH poem by Gary Lindorff: Te Remaking of a Poet

Covid-19, you have done a number on me as a poet!
For that I am cautiously grateful.

I don’t think I can ever get back to
My old pre-Covid relationship to poetry
Even if I wanted to,
Which I’m not sure I do.

The pandemic hasn’t made me a better poet,
However that might be defined.
I’m starting from scratch.
I’m like someone who was laid off
From a twenty-year stint as a machine operator.

I used to turn out poems that meant read more