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With Apologies to the Beatles

Can't buy you votes, votes
Can't buy you votes

You can forget my vote, my friend, if you support this war
I'll laugh at your ads, my friend, if you support this war
'Cause all you care about is money, but money can't buy you votes

If the other guy is for the war, how can you be for it too?
I don't vote for corporate whores, and I sure won't vote for you
So go ahead and spend your money, money can't buy you votes

Can't buy you votes, everybody tells me so
Can't buy you votes, no mo do, ho

Say you'll oppose this evil war, and I'll be by your side
I'll help you find a million votes that money just can't buy
Just stop caring so much for money, money can't buy you votes
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Dissonance The War Is the Question

The War Is the Question
ANSWER is not the answer

The largest anti-war demonstration since the invasion of Iraq came and went in Washington this past weekend, but the peace movement remains adrift.

The post-demonstration debate is all about media coverage. Were there 100,000 marchers or 300,000? Why didn’t the networks show more aerial shots? Why were the small groups of pro-war counterdemonstrators given so much airtime? Those are the wrong questions.

What’s missing in the debate is what is always missing: a focus on strategy. Drum circles, bare-breasted guerrilla theater and giant puppets aside, there are only two ways the anti-war movement can achieve its goals. Either by what the Europeans call “extraparliamentary

War, Racism and Global Warming

Future Hope column, October 1, 2005
By Ted Glick

The three days of anti-war actions in Washington, D.C. last
weekend organized primarily by United for Peace and Justice
were a huge victory for the progressive movement. From the
Saturday rally and march co-organized with ANSWER, to the
Peace and Justice Fair all day on the Washington Monument
grounds, to the highly successful Operation Ceasefire
concert/rally Saturday going late into the night attended by
tens of thousands, to the tent revival inter-denominational
religious service Sunday evening, to the mass lobbying of
many hundreds on Capitol Hill Monday morning followed by

We're Going to Hire Mainstream Pollsters...for Impeachment!

We're Going to Hire Mainstream Pollsters...for Impeachment!
by The Bulldog Manifesto [Subscribe]
Sun Oct 2nd, 2005 at 02:40:53 PDT
You might recall back on September 22, 2005, when I told you about how Impeach Bush Coalition member Luke Ryland of the blog Wot is it Good 4 had finally managed to get Zogby International to admit that it would not poll the national public on impeachment related issues again unless simebody hired Zogby to do so (or unless Congress raised the impeachment idea again)

(If you don't recall, see the Recommended Daily Kos story HERE)

Well finally, the IBC has joined up with Luke and to raise money so that we can pool donations together to hire at least one mainstream pollster to go out and survey the public on impeachment related questions.


October 01, 2005
This is Ryan's family. I met them Saturday at the Peace Rally.

Aunt Kathleen and Aunt Ann

Uncle Fred, Brother Corey, and Aunt Rose

Ryan's aunt told me his story.

Ryan is a Marine serving in Iraq, but Friday September 23, 2005, Ryan was scheduled to return home to his family. He hopped on the plane leaving Iraq (yesterday), excited for his journey home and relieved that he was leaving Iraq in one piece and alive.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be changed Ryan's plans. As Ryan sat on the plane and waited to take off, an officer suddenly came on board. He called out three names.

Ryan's was one of them.

Ain't That The Truth!

Image hosted by

In the Spirit of Ghandi and MLK...

September 26, 2005
In the Spirit of Ghandi and MLK...
Today's activities for democracy are two: I've got the easier one: I'm speaking with my Congressmember (and then flying home.) But a new friend of ours is going for the gusto! She will be participating in today's civil disobedience. The following letter is from her, describing her thoughts about today's actions:

We've got Stephanie's back...

Craziness! Just 3 days ago I was back home in Buffalo not knowing where I'd be staying while in DC let alone if I'd participate in the civil disobedience.

Plan B for Baghdad

David Swanson, a co-founder of After Downing Street, will speak about the Downing Street Memo at this event in Denver on October 15. The keynote speaker will be Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The story of my White House Arrest

The story of my White House Arrest
Edited on Fri Sep-30-05 06:47 PM by meganmonkey

I'll start my story on Sunday, the day before the arrest. The weekend thus far had been a blast - I had fun partying with DUers, marching, yelling, celebrating the solidarity of the movement. But Sunday, I woke up in a very different state of mind. I went into the city at around noon, and my first stop was Camp Casey. As soon as I got there I started weeping. It was as if I finally remembered why I was there in the first place, and it hit me that every one of those crosses in the field represented not only a soldier, but also hundreds of Iraqi citizens, and I wept. A very kind stranger approached me and held me and said 'You are too young to feel this way' and wept with me. That moment has stayed in my heart since then - I am typing through tears now and I am only on my first paragraph. This is going to be a long story....but this is my personal permanent record of it, so forgive me.

The Lies Created These...

Image hosted by

From the Peace March in Washington, DC on September 24, 2005

You Made History

The UFPJ Lobby Day on Sept. 26 was the biggest lobby day for peace any of us can remember - and you helped make it so! Even if you had to miss out on the lobby day, I will continue to reach out to you so that you can be involved in our follow-up activities.

Here is a quick report - upwards of 1,000 citizen lobbyists hit Capitol Hill, meeting with over 300 members of Congress and/or their staff. We represented 40 states, and met with about an equal number of Republican and Democratic members. Even the media were interested, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer covered the Indiana delegation meeting with Senator Lugar, Phil Donhue and his crew were present at a few meetings with the California delegation. Most delegations were met with a polite and respectful response. One Congressional Aide told a delegation "you are the best prepared and largest group I have ever met with"!

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DC Poets Against the War Presents Sam Hamill in Three Area Readings

Poets Against the War Founder Sam Hamill comes to Washington, D.C., in October 2005, with two new books, Almost Paradise: New and Selected Poems & Translations and Tao Te Ching: A New Translation (both from Shambhala Publications, 2005).

Wednesday, October 19, 7pm - Jimenez-Porter House, Dorchester Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Click here for a map of campus. College Park/Green line on the Metro.

Thursday, October 20, noon - Pryzbyla Center, Great Room A, Catholic University, Washington, DC. Includes a short reading by D.C. Poets Against the War coordinator Sarah Browning and the screening of an excerpt from Voices in Wartime. Brookland/Red line on the Metro. Click here for a map of campus.

IMPORTANT NOW: 60 Minutes Niger story that never aired... Let's get it aired!

IMPORTANT NOW: 60 Minutes Niger story that never aired... Let's get it aired!
by jbalazs [Subscribe]
Fri Sep 30th, 2005 at 09:29:23 PDT
Re-Post from August 25th. Commenters encouraged me to post it again when the time was right... The time is right! With Judy Miller's testimony being covered today, CBS needs to get this timely story out NOW!

Consider this an actionable item diary for all of you Kossacks. I think the tone in the media has changed sufficiently over the past few months that now is the time to push to get stories out there.

One story inparticular is already done but has never been aired. 60 Minutes has it ready to go, they've just never aired it. Now is the time to contact them and request they show this important story. Here is the contact information:

Ontario advocates join anti-war protests

Ontario advocates join anti-war protests
Wire Services
September 25, 2005

Anti-war advocates marched in downtown Toronto and Ottawa over the weekend to protest Western military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti.

One of the protesters outside the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, was a soldier who refused to go to Iraq and is now seeking refugee status in Canada. He spoke against his country's role in Iraq.

More than 1,000 came out for the Ontario protests. Other rallies were held in cities around the world, including Washington, London, England and Baghdad.

Crowds opposed to the war in Iraq surged past the White House during the Washington protest, shouting "Peace now" in the largest anti-war protest in the U.S. capital since the invasion.

Group announces whistleblower award fund


A coalition of 120 liberal and progressive groups calling themselves has launched what they call the "Government Accountability Reward Fund," a $100,000 prize for information leading to the arrest and conviction of "high government officials." Specifically, they are asking for information about the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, purported fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential election, and bribes allegedly given to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, as reported in Vanity Fair.

A press release issued by is even more specific. An excerpt follows:

Suggestions for Polling Questions

Please post below as comments your recommendations for exactly what questions related to impeachment it would be ideal to pay pollsters to ask.


Canceled Transaction

You have canceled your PayPal transaction.


LINK TO AfterDowningStreet HOME PAGE

After Downing Street depends on the generosity of our members to support our organizing work. We are taking no overhead out of the fund for polling. Every dime will go to polling. But After Downing Street needs your support in order to continue working:

Thank You for Your Donation

Thank you for your donation!

Your payment has been made, and the transaction has been completed.

Payment transaction details will be Emailed to you by PayPal.



After Downing Street depends on the generosity of our members to support our organizing work. We are taking no overhead out of the fund for polling. Every dime will go to polling. But After Downing Street needs your support in order to continue working:

Judith Miller released from jail, agrees to testify in leak investigation

Judith Miller released from jail, agrees to testify in leak investigation
JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press

September 30, 2005

WASHINGTON -- After nearly three months behind bars, New York Times reporter Judith Miller was released Thursday after agreeing to testify about the Bush administration's disclosure of a covert CIA officer's identity.

Miller left the federal detention center in Alexandria, Va., after reaching an agreement with Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. She will appear Friday morning before a grand jury investigating the case.

"My source has now voluntarily and personally released me from my promise of confidentiality regarding our conversations," Miller said in a statement.

Using Blogs to Promote Progressive Causes

Virginia Grassroots Coalition workshop
Saturday, October 8, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Falls Church, Virginia

Blogs (Web logs) can be used to disseminate important news overlooked by the mainstream media, sharpen our thinking and analysis on key issues, help organize events, and raise money. In this workshop you’ll learn more about blogs and how to apply them in the progressive issues that are important to you. The class is intended for persons with any level of experience with blogs, from none at all to lots. The workshop will have three panelists, plus plenty of time for questions and discussion.

The Relevance of Marching

The Relevance of Marching
By David Swanson

David Corn,, published an article today on his site and on arguing that last weekend's march on Washington to end the war was a waste of time and money and energy and won't help end the war. I disagree, but think Corn makes some useful points.

Corn's arguments include:
1-these marches always result in debates over how many people showed up
2-not enough people showed up
3-there's nothing novel about marching anymore
4-more people watched "Desperate House Wives" than marched
5-the marchers are all from blue states, so the Republicans don't care

Grassroots Lobby Day

By Mike Hersh, PDA

September 26, 2005--This is what democracy looks like, Progressive Democrats of America and United for Peace and Justice style. PDA, UFPJ, and a host of progressive allies issued a call to arms, and at least 800 citizen lobbyists from 40 states answered. Activists—-almost all still in D.C. from the mobilization on September 24th—-walked the corridors of power demanding their Representatives and Senators stand up against the occupation of Iraq, and in support of legislation against permanent military bases and "sweetheart deals" the Administration has planned. See PDA Talking Points.

A Grassroots Organizer’s Perspective: PDA Strategy Day

By Mike Hersh, PDA

In the wake of the march that seized the streets of our Nation's Capitol September 24th, Progressive Democrats of America activated and trained hundreds of members and guests at a National Strategy Conference Sunday, September 25th. We began with an Interfaith Service led by Dr. James A. Nelson, Reverend Gerry Straatemeier, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and Nicoli Bailey. Mimi Kennedy, star of "Dharma and Greg" and the Chair of PDA's Board, hosted a breakfast for participants to honor PDA's Grassroots Leadership.

Cindy Sheehan electrified us with her call for peace and a report of her discussions with top Democrats demanding they start leading the U.S. out of Iraq. Incredible speakers followed, including key members of the House Progressive Caucus; Tim Carpenter, Executive Director of PDA; Reverend Yearwood, Founder of the Hip Hop Caucus; PDA Board Member and best-selling author William Rivers Pitt; Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Global Exchange; and Jeff Cohen, Founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). Then we broke into regional and state caucuses to prepare for our lobbying day and plan our ongoing organization.

Media culpa

Media culpa
September 22, 2005

Dear Editor:

Karl Rove was sighted in Aspen last Friday at the Forstmann Little & Co. gathering at the Jerome by some friends of mine. Nearby was George Lucas - both known for amazing special effects!

Amazing that Karl has survived Enron, Enron Europe (Caspian intrigue), the Carlyle Group (Saudi intrigue), Iraq, WMD, Valerie Plame and now also the FEMA debacles along with, of course, his "re-elected" president.

How is it that FEMA was so slow when Nicolas Davies of the Online Journal states with regard to the Downing Street memos, "The British documents show that they were already committed to 'regime change' in Iraq by April 2002. Britain's Ministry of Defense and two senior U.S. generals have confirmed that offensive military operations began in May 2002, without authorization from the U.S. Congress, the British Parliament, or the Security Council"?

Werner: Anti-war movement a success

Werner: Anti-war movement a success
by Maximillian Werner
published on Monday, September 26, 2005

Despite the national and local media's abysmal coverage, the march for peace that took place on Sept. 24 in Washington, D.C., was a tremendous success.

In the days leading up to the march, organizers anticipated 100,000 people would attend. That prediction proved inaccurate: An estimated number of more than 300,000 people surrounded the White House in peaceful protest of this insane, immoral and illegal war.

This march represents the single greatest anti-war effort since this indefensible war began. And it signifies the American public's recognition that even the loftiest rhetoric and the most ardent appeals to our "values" ring hollow when professed over the dead bodies of innocent men, women and children.

Report on Yesterday's Antiwar Protests

Report on Yesterday's Antiwar Protests
Yesterday was the long-awaited antiwar protest here in DC, sponsored by ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and United for Peace and Justice. It was one of the first major ones since the U.S. went to war in 2003. Kevin and I went downtown with his uncle John (on the Jernegan side), who flew in from California for the event. For a while before the march, I wasn't sure if DF wanted to go: He seemed to have taken a stance that "What's the use? The Bushistas are going to do whatever the hell they want." So, I was quite pleased when he started showing signs of interest, and even more so when we found out that John was flying in. Kev has a great deal of respect for his uncle and always spoke very highly of him. John attended and photographed many of the Vietnam antiwar protests. That's him on the left there.

Candle Light Vigil in Brevard, North Carolina

Tomorrow evening at 8:30 pm there will be a candlelight vigil to end the war in Brevard North Carolina.

Brevard is in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains a few hours away from one of our DCP friends.

Know more people near Brevard or Greenville S.C.? Send them!

Posted by: sparrow at September 27, 2005 06:49 PM

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