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The Outing of Joe Wilson

The Outing of Joe Wilson
by emptywheel

We've been thinking for over two years that the Plame Affair is about the outing of a CIA NOC, Valerie Plame Wilson. With Judy Miller's acknowledgement that she met with Libby in June 2003 to talk about Wilson, the most important details become how and when the White House learned of Joe Wilson's identity and what they did with it. The outing of Wilson, not Plame. If this thing will be traced back to Cheney, as rumors suggest, it will be through the way he outed Joe Wilson.

Let's start with the story the Bush Administration would have us believe.They acknowledge Dick Cheney asked CIA for more information on Niger, a request we know led to Wilson's trip to Niger. But they say they never learned of the results of his trip. On June 8 2003, Condi told Tim Russert no one had known about Wilson's (and other) investigations into Niger. "Maybe somebody in the bowels of the Agency knew something about this, but nobody in my circles." A month later, Condi would say that taht Russert question was the first she had heard of Wilson's trip.

Rational Disengagement: An Exit Policy Proposal

Monday, October 10, 2005
Rational Disengagement: An Exit Policy Proposal

As there is little national discussion on “Rational Disengagement

End the War in Denver this Saturday

Can we end the war in Iraq from Denver this Saturday? I don't know. I've never been to Denver before. But we can try to do our bit. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio will be the keynote speaker.

I'll be talking about the Downing Street Memo.

Sign up here:


Victims of War

Victims of War

Submitted by citizeng (not verified) on Tue, 2005-10-11 23:59.
(Editor's note: This letter was submitted to but has been elevated because it so clearly states why we need to be the media and how we can help reclaim our Democracy.)

Soon after the beginning of the war I saw a photo taken in Iraq.
It was taken perhaps 15 feet from a child lying on a table with a figure shrouded in black at his head. The caption stated the boy had lost 3 limbs, was approx. 10 years old and had lost all the members of his immediate family in a US bombing raid. The figure at the head of the table was his aunt who had survived the attack. At the moment of the photo he was unaware of the death of his mother, father, brother and sisters. I was shocked at this photo, published in Time or Newsweek. It was the beginning of a series of shocks and outrages which continue till this day. I believe that child was eventually brought to the west to be fitted with prosthetics.

2,000 U.S. Deaths in Iraq is 2,000 Too Many!


Organize an Anti-War Action the Day After the U.S. Announces the 2,000th U.S. Soldier Death in Iraq

How many more U.S. soldiers and Iraqis must give their lives before our government finally admits that the war against Iraq was wrong and it’s time tobring our troops home now? So far, more than 1950 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq, and more than 15,000 have been wounded. U.S. soldiers are at grave risk in Iraq, and continue to suffer even after they come home. Troops returning to the U.S. are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and are even turning up in homeless shelters in cities through the country. The risk for Iraqis is even more severe: Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed in the war, and hundreds of thousands of lives have been devastated, even according to the most conservative estimates.

Repeat after me: cronyism, corruption, and incompetence

The Mix

Perspectives, insight and news from AlterNet.

Repeat after me: cronyism, corruption, and incompetence
Posted by Rachel Neumann on October 6, 2005 at 11:22 AM.
The perfect talking point about the Bush administration has to be accurate, cut across party and class lines, and stay simple. So here it is:

The Bush administration is corrupt and incompetent. The cronies who run the government are more interested in rewarding their friends and patting themselves on the back then getting a single thing done.

Here's my recipe for putting the last five years behind us:

1. Use these three words "cronyism, corruption, and incompetence" in every paragraph, t-shirt, sign, bumper sticker, and article about the Bush administration.

2. Fight like hell in the 2006 elections.

3. Get us out of Iraq.

Stir, rinse, repeat.


Poll: Bush Ratings Hit New Low

CBS News
The President's approval ratings are at their lowest point ever. (CBS)

President George W. Bush's overall job approval rating has reached the lowest ever measured in this poll, and evaluations of his handling of Iraq, the economy and even his signature issue, terrorism, are also at all-time lows.

(CBS) This CBS News Poll finds an American public increasingly pessimistic about the economy, the war in Iraq, the overall direction of the country, and the President. Americans' outlook for the economy is the worst it has been in four years. Most expect the price of gas to rise even further in the next few months.

Press Silence on Impeachment
Text of Radio BC audio commentary
October 6 2005
Listen Now

The corporate media in the United States can hardly claim to fill a journalistic role, anymore. The first duty of a real newsperson is to ask questions. But the corporate press can’t bring itself to ask even the most obvious questions, including on issues that are important to a high proportion of the public. When we refer to the corporate media, we’re also talking about the major polling organizations, that work hand in glove with the leading newspapers and broadcast outfits.

Places for Nonviolent Protests

Thursday October 6, 2005

BUSH in Washington DC: President Bush this week will be his remarks on the war on terror at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC on Thursday morning. [ABCNews, 10/3/05]

BUSH in Washington DC: The President will participate in a tribute to National Review and William Buckley on Thursday. [ABCNews, 10/3/05]

GINGRICH in Burlington, VT: Newt Gingrich will attend UVM and give a speech on the subject of the pursuit of opportunity and happiness. The speech will be on October sixth at 7pm in the Ira Allen Chapel. [Vermont Cynic, 9/27/05]

NEW* PAWLENTY in New Ulm, MN: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be the keynote speaker at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to be held Thursday,

The March in DC - a Report

The March in DC - a Report
By Virginia Moran

Wednesday 05 October 2005

I went with my friend, Kim and her friends. We left from the West Carrollton Station and took the Metro. From the moment we entered the parking lot at the Metro station until midnight that night, we were surrounded by incredibly determined, kind, funny, angry, sincere, interesting, opinionated, strong, discouraged, depressed, desperate, sad, fearful like-minded souls and it felt great. Not in a misery loves company kind of way - but in finding a sane home for awhile. Separately, we tear our hair and wring our hands. Collectively, we change the world.

You Do the Math

Associated Press says the table is rigged and the Iraqi Constitution virtually guaranteed to be "approved". To be voted down will require not a two-thirds vote, but two-thirds of registered voters, many of whom (likely half) will not vote at all, including some who talked to Riverbend Blog.

But Cindy Sheehan says the Democrats in Congress (the ones who claim to "oppose" the war) all tell her they'll be ready to do something after they see how the Constitution vote goes.

Opposing Campus Repression

Activists, writers and organizations are supporting students in a wave of repression that has surfaced at Holyoke Community College, George Mason University and UW-Madison this past week. HCC Antiwar Coalition and UW-Madison Stop the War are chapters of the Campus Antiwar Network.

The Campus Antiwar Network website at

is covering these breaking stories and posting updates. CAN is organizing actions in response to repression and continuing its counter-recruitment work at campuses across the nation.

Read statements of support at

$50 Billion More for War?

The UFPJ Lobby Day on Sept. 26th was the largest lobby day for peace that many long-time organizers have ever seen! Almost 1000 grassroots activists met with over 300 Senators, Representatives and their staff to demand they take action to end the war. The pressure from the weekend's activities, including the Lobby Day, moved some congresspersons in the right direction. You can help us move more by making a phone call (and sending an email) to your Senators today.

The Senate is poised to vote yes on Wednesday to another $50 billion for the Iraq war. This money is being included as part of a $441 billion defense spending bill.



What an amazing three days it was!

The Sept. 24 - 26th actions in Washington, DC offered a broad cross section of people many ways to express their opposition to the war on Iraq. The mobilization turned up the heat on the Bush administration and Congress while making connections between the war and other pressing issues of the day. We are proud to report on the tremendous success of these three days. As we return to organizing in our communities, schools, religious centers, and workplaces, our movement is stronger. Hundreds of thousands of people are re-energized for the work ahead, and Congress and the White House now recognize our movement as a force to reckon with.

Support Holt's Plame Investigation Bill

The BackBone Campaign and the After Downing Street Coalition are asking their members, allies, and all U.S. citizens to urge your Congress Member to Co-Sponsor Congressman Rush Holt's bill (H. Res. 363), calling for a Congressional investigation into the dangerous outing of Valerie Plame.

Buy NeoConned and NeoConned Again

Buy these excellent books by clicking the image below, and part of the purchase price will go to support AfterDowningStreet:

Learn more: PDF.

With Apologies to the Beatles

Can't buy you votes, votes
Can't buy you votes

You can forget my vote, my friend, if you support this war
I'll laugh at your ads, my friend, if you support this war
'Cause all you care about is money, but money can't buy you votes

If the other guy is for the war, how can you be for it too?
I don't vote for corporate whores, and I sure won't vote for you
So go ahead and spend your money, money can't buy you votes

Can't buy you votes, everybody tells me so
Can't buy you votes, no mo do, ho

Say you'll oppose this evil war, and I'll be by your side
I'll help you find a million votes that money just can't buy
Just stop caring so much for money, money can't buy you votes
More Songs

Dissonance The War Is the Question

The War Is the Question
ANSWER is not the answer

The largest anti-war demonstration since the invasion of Iraq came and went in Washington this past weekend, but the peace movement remains adrift.

The post-demonstration debate is all about media coverage. Were there 100,000 marchers or 300,000? Why didn’t the networks show more aerial shots? Why were the small groups of pro-war counterdemonstrators given so much airtime? Those are the wrong questions.

What’s missing in the debate is what is always missing: a focus on strategy. Drum circles, bare-breasted guerrilla theater and giant puppets aside, there are only two ways the anti-war movement can achieve its goals. Either by what the Europeans call “extraparliamentary

War, Racism and Global Warming

Future Hope column, October 1, 2005
By Ted Glick

The three days of anti-war actions in Washington, D.C. last
weekend organized primarily by United for Peace and Justice
were a huge victory for the progressive movement. From the
Saturday rally and march co-organized with ANSWER, to the
Peace and Justice Fair all day on the Washington Monument
grounds, to the highly successful Operation Ceasefire
concert/rally Saturday going late into the night attended by
tens of thousands, to the tent revival inter-denominational
religious service Sunday evening, to the mass lobbying of
many hundreds on Capitol Hill Monday morning followed by

We're Going to Hire Mainstream Pollsters...for Impeachment!

We're Going to Hire Mainstream Pollsters...for Impeachment!
by The Bulldog Manifesto [Subscribe]
Sun Oct 2nd, 2005 at 02:40:53 PDT
You might recall back on September 22, 2005, when I told you about how Impeach Bush Coalition member Luke Ryland of the blog Wot is it Good 4 had finally managed to get Zogby International to admit that it would not poll the national public on impeachment related issues again unless simebody hired Zogby to do so (or unless Congress raised the impeachment idea again)

(If you don't recall, see the Recommended Daily Kos story HERE)

Well finally, the IBC has joined up with Luke and to raise money so that we can pool donations together to hire at least one mainstream pollster to go out and survey the public on impeachment related questions.


October 01, 2005
This is Ryan's family. I met them Saturday at the Peace Rally.

Aunt Kathleen and Aunt Ann

Uncle Fred, Brother Corey, and Aunt Rose

Ryan's aunt told me his story.

Ryan is a Marine serving in Iraq, but Friday September 23, 2005, Ryan was scheduled to return home to his family. He hopped on the plane leaving Iraq (yesterday), excited for his journey home and relieved that he was leaving Iraq in one piece and alive.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be changed Ryan's plans. As Ryan sat on the plane and waited to take off, an officer suddenly came on board. He called out three names.

Ryan's was one of them.

Ain't That The Truth!

Image hosted by

In the Spirit of Ghandi and MLK...

September 26, 2005
In the Spirit of Ghandi and MLK...
Today's activities for democracy are two: I've got the easier one: I'm speaking with my Congressmember (and then flying home.) But a new friend of ours is going for the gusto! She will be participating in today's civil disobedience. The following letter is from her, describing her thoughts about today's actions:

We've got Stephanie's back...

Craziness! Just 3 days ago I was back home in Buffalo not knowing where I'd be staying while in DC let alone if I'd participate in the civil disobedience.

Plan B for Baghdad

David Swanson, a co-founder of After Downing Street, will speak about the Downing Street Memo at this event in Denver on October 15. The keynote speaker will be Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The story of my White House Arrest

The story of my White House Arrest
Edited on Fri Sep-30-05 06:47 PM by meganmonkey

I'll start my story on Sunday, the day before the arrest. The weekend thus far had been a blast - I had fun partying with DUers, marching, yelling, celebrating the solidarity of the movement. But Sunday, I woke up in a very different state of mind. I went into the city at around noon, and my first stop was Camp Casey. As soon as I got there I started weeping. It was as if I finally remembered why I was there in the first place, and it hit me that every one of those crosses in the field represented not only a soldier, but also hundreds of Iraqi citizens, and I wept. A very kind stranger approached me and held me and said 'You are too young to feel this way' and wept with me. That moment has stayed in my heart since then - I am typing through tears now and I am only on my first paragraph. This is going to be a long story....but this is my personal permanent record of it, so forgive me.

The Lies Created These...

Image hosted by

From the Peace March in Washington, DC on September 24, 2005

You Made History

The UFPJ Lobby Day on Sept. 26 was the biggest lobby day for peace any of us can remember - and you helped make it so! Even if you had to miss out on the lobby day, I will continue to reach out to you so that you can be involved in our follow-up activities.

Here is a quick report - upwards of 1,000 citizen lobbyists hit Capitol Hill, meeting with over 300 members of Congress and/or their staff. We represented 40 states, and met with about an equal number of Republican and Democratic members. Even the media were interested, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer covered the Indiana delegation meeting with Senator Lugar, Phil Donhue and his crew were present at a few meetings with the California delegation. Most delegations were met with a polite and respectful response. One Congressional Aide told a delegation "you are the best prepared and largest group I have ever met with"!

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