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UFPJ Legislative Action

In-District Meetings with Members of Congress:
President Bush threw down the gauntlet to his Congressional critics in a speech this week: "When our soldiers hear politicians in Washington question the mission, they are risking their lives to accomplish, it hurts their morale. In a time of war, we have a responsibility to show...our nation is united and determined to prevail."

Where to Protest Peacefully

Friday January 13, 2006
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush meets with German Chancellor
Angela Merkel at the White House and participates in a joint press
availability. The President meets with business leaders on Central

Tell the Houston Chronicle You Take Belafonte More Seriously Than You Do Its Editorials

Harry Belafonte: He sings great, but talks nonsense.
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

For some reason, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez brings out the boneheadedness in some high-profile Americans, on the left as well as the right. Last year, archconservative televangelist Pat Robertson suggested that U.S. operatives assassinate the populist leader. Last Sunday, singer/liberal political activist Harry Belafonte was in Caracas on a UNICEF goodwill ambassador visit, where he offered an outlandish characterization of President George W. Bush as a "tyrant" and "terrorist."

World Can't Wait to Run Another Ad in the NY Times

By World Can't Wait

DONATE! ALL YOU CAN. To print this ad next week in the New York Times: $45,000. LISTEN to ads running this week nationally on Air America Radio! At this moment of urgent necessity as the Bush program is being locked into place via Alito and Bush-authorized NSA spying, do all you can to stop this now. At this moment of great opportunity, as millions want this President gone, and the "I" word of impeachment is circulating, build a movement powerful enough to drive out the Bush Regime.

Three Years Too Many

End the War on Iraq: Bring All the Troops Home Now

A Call for a Week of Local Action: March 15-22, 2006

March 19th will mark the third anniversary of a war that never should have happened -- a war based on lies that continues to devastate the lives of thousands, both in Iraq and the United States.

Dick Cheney Birthday Bash & Retirement Party

Dick Cheney Birthday Bash & Retirement Party January 30

A retirement party celebrating Vice President Dick Cheney's 65th birthday―and eagerly anticipated departure from public life―will be held in the hometown of the Lincoln, Nebraska native Monday, January 30, 2006, 65 years exactly to the day of his birth.

Americans in Italy Working for Truth and Peace


Romacittapertallapace and U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice
Voices from the Other America
Voices from the Other Italy

Friday, January 13, 2006, 6pm
Casa delle Culture, via S. Crisogono, 45

An evening with:
Dave Lindorff - U.S. Journalist and Writer
Maurizio Torrealta - Italian Journalist, RAINEWS24

The Scoop That Got Spiked

Times delay on wiretap story leaves questions unanswered

By any standard, the New York Times' story of December 16 was a blockbuster: Reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau revealed that following the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration initiated warrantless wiretaps on hundreds of people within the U.S.--including U.S. citizens--even though a federal law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, expressly forbids the government from doing so. This program was legal only if one accepts the administration's contention that the executive branch has essentially unlimited powers during "wartime" (even though Congress has not declared war).

The Case for Impeachment: A DVD With John Bonifaz

You may be searching for actions you can take to alter the course of our government and to begin the impeachment of Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush. Here is your opportunity to take an active part in that effort.

Where to Protest Peacefully

Tuesday January 10, 2006
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush makes remarks on the war on
terrorism to the Veterans of Foreign Wars at 10:15 am ET at the Omni
Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. At 1:05 pm, Bush participates in a

Virginia Grassroots Coalition Iraq War/Peace Forum

January 10th, 6:30-9:00pm
6:30 -- 7:00 – Dinner & Networking
7:00 – 7:05 - Introductions
7:05 – 7:15 - Iraq Veterans facts and figure
7:15 – 8:05 - Panel Discussion
8:05 – 8:10 - Bill Black’s 5-minute Speed Seminar on framing the Anti-War Message Demands Criminal Prosecution

(Washington, DC) - (CBC) is compiling clear and convincing evidence of High Crimes and War Crimes committed by George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and the Bush/Cheney Administration. Drawing upon investigations by experts and respected organizations, mainstream media reports, and other reliable sources, CBC publishes evidence of torture and abuse of detainees; spying on US citizens; willful deception and other misconduct during the run up to war; leaking classified information and other improper acts in retaliation against administration critics; and other facts which constitute grounds for indictment and conviction of Bush and Cheney.


NCNR (National Coalition for Nonviolent Resistance), the ones who organized the action at the White House on September 26th, are now planning an action of nonviolent resistance at the Pentagon in commemoration of the 3rd year of the war on Iraq.

Throw a House Party for the State of the Union Address

By United for Peace and Justice

Does the thought of watching President Bush give the State of the Union address alone leave you feeling a bit depressed? We have the solution: throw a house party to support UFPJ and your local peace and justice group. And have fun!

Upcoming Rally in Sacramento

By Stephen Pearcy

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

For most people, the last several weeks probably involved holiday gatherings with friends and family. Locally, we saw little, if any, direct action.

'Out of Iraq' Forum with Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Confirmed Speakers:
Congresswoman Maxine Waters,
Tom Hayden,
Jeff Key (Iraq Veterans Against the War),
Erin Sikorsky-Stewart (State Political Director, California Peace Action)
More speakers TBA


From: International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration



Brooklyn Nation-Wide Out Of Iraq Day

Brooklyn Nation-Wide Out Of Iraq Day
Democratic Underground

Image hosted by

The dialogue Mark Kirk won't have...the district has started it without him

Saturday, January 07, 2006
The dialogue Mark Kirk won't have...the district has started it without him
Ellen Beth
Ellen's Tenth Congressional District Blog

What an extraordinary afternoon! We had a real dialogue on the Iraq war in the Tenth District with a panel of remarkable speakers, Robert Gard, Ron Miller and David Cortright (from left to right). The only shame was that our current congressman, Mark Kirk refused to attend the meeting he should have hosted. He was probably too busy airing out his topcoat from the smell of fish or maybe he was comforting a troubled friend.

Join Us in Virginia on Tuesday!

Out of Iraq – Forum

Ray Mcgovern - US Army Veteran and 27 year CIA analyst
Gael Murphy - Co-founder of CODEPINK: Women for a Peace
Steve Cobble - Strategic Political Advisor and Speechwriter

Live blogging from Northbrook, Illinois part two

Madame defarge
Democracy Cell Project

Just back from our Town Hall Forum in Northbrook, IL (ok, with a short stop for dinner and a badly needed glass or two of wine)... So much to tell, but I need to collect my thoughts & notes so that I can give you all a meaningful summary of the highlights. In the meantime, here are some quick points:

DC Out of Iraq Town Meeting

We are having a great event here at Busboys and Poets, in Washington DC. We have a pretty highly educated audience here, of course; many are already working daily to end the war, and they know the truth of it.

Live blogging from Northbrook, Illinois

Madame Defarge just called from north Chicago area. They had over 200 people in a library auditorium, 175 in an adjoining room--cramped--watching a live feed. And they had to turn away over 100 others.

Live blogging from DC part three

Questioner now asking about the rest of us--those who cannot see the need for withdrawal. How are we going to talk to them?

Answers: Cliff Kindy: He shares the issue of depleted uranium weaponry, and has seen the results of its use in Mosul and Fallujah. Babies born with deformities, with organs outside of the bodies. Secretary of Veterans Affairs resigned because 3/4 of veterans from Gulf War I are on permanent disability.

Live blogging from DC, part two

Lila Rajiva is now speaking. She is the author of The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the American Media and is speaking to the terrors of war, particularly against women.

She says that the military would like us to believe that only low level soldiers commit these crimes. But she offers that fact that they were smiling and were proud.

Live blogging from DC...

Live Blogging from DC
Democracy Cell Project

Original Link

Kevin Zeese reporting that only 31 % believe we can win in Iraq. Only 2% believe the Congress has the best interests of the military at heart.


Dick Bell, Karen Bradley
Democracy Cell Project

A cold morning in Lafayette Park, the White House glistening in the bright morning sun. Four mounted park police stand in formation opposite the White House fence, while another policewoman plays a rough game wrestling with a K-9 dog over a foot-long orange plastic attack-dog toy.

John Conyer's Town Hall Today

Ray of Light
Democratic Underground

Today was the first day towards taking back our government. The focus was on ending the Iraq occupation. Afterdowningstreet, the Democracy Cell Project, Code Pink, and The world can't wait have people attending local events and have asked all of us to attend and to bring people into these town halls to learn.

Speaking Events

March 27-April 6 Events Everywhere


April 4: Remembering Past Wars . . . and Preventing the Next: An event to mark 100 years since the United States entered World War I, and 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech against war. A new movement to end all war is growing. 6-8 p.m. at 5th and K Busboys and Poets, Washington, D.C.


April 7-9: Huntsville, Alabama: 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest


April 22: David Swanson speaking in Burlington, Vermont


June 16-18: David Swanson and many others speaking at United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) annual conference in Richmond, Va.

August 2-6: Peace and Democracy Conference at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minn.

Find more events here.


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