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Iraqi Workers Organize!

Iraq's Oil and Port Workers and their Unions
Photographs by David Bacon

Following the fall of Saddam Hussein, oil workers in Basra reorganized one of Iraq's oldest unions, and faced the occupation's prohibition on collective bargaining in the public sector. Oil workers forced US contractor KBR to leave the oil districts, and defended Iraq's oil against the threat of privatization. They helped dockers organize in the ports, and together forced Stevedoring Services of America and the Maersk Corporation to give up their privatized concessions. Workers in power generation and other industries have organized as well. This photodocumentary project shows people at work on the rigs in the refineries and the ports, their unions and leaders, and their life at home with their families.

International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration

305 West Broadway, #199, New York, NY 10013
PRESS CONTACT: Connie Julian: 917-449-9064 Commission office: 212-941-8086

Harry Belafonte to Will Also Speak at Bush Crimes Commission

Friday, January 20, 5-9pm, Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive
Saturday, January 21, 10am-6pm, Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive
Sunday, January 22, 1-5pm, Columbia University Law School, 116th & Amsterdam Avenue

Progressive Caucus to Deliver Alternative State of the Union

Read this editorial from the Nation, and this article titled "Out of Iraq" by Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee.

Leaving Iraq: Strategies for Immediate Withdrawal

WHAT? The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party and US Tour of Duty will present a panel of distinguished speakers from the fields of politics, foreign policy, journalism, and defense, as well as citizen activists, to discuss the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. The Progressive Caucus hopes to fuel a dialogue within the Democratic Party regarding an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. The audience participation format of the event is designed to equip attendees with information and action plans that will allow average citizens to facilitate an immediate end to the Iraq conflict.

No to Alito! Bush Step Down and Take Your Program with You!

In front of the Supreme Court
East of the Capitol on 1st St. NE, Washington DC
Friday, January 20th, 10 A.M.


You don’t have to be resigned to what seems like Alito’s inevitable confirmation. Whether you have lobbied your hearts out, written anguished letters, or silently fumed at the newspapers and television reports, now is the time to take to the streets. We have all had enough of watching as the confirmation of Samuel Alito go unchallenged in the Senate. Samuel Alito is a man who never met a wire tap he didn’t love. This is a man who has been working to get rid of a woman’s reproductive choice for twenty years. This is a man who believes the president’s word is law which includes torture, endless war, and spying on innocent people. A confirmation like this is not an isolated incident. Many are waiting for the pendulum to swing back to the left. However, think about what it means when high ranking Democrat, Al Gore, says in a speech on Monday, "If the pattern of practice begun by this administration is not challenged, it may well become a permanent part of the American system." Many groups and individuals are calling for impeachment, but the confirmation of Samuel Alito will slam shut the impeachment door permanently.

Where to Protest Peacefully

January 19 - 21, 2006
REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE in Washington, DC: The RNC will hold its
annual winter meeting. [, 1/18/06]

Thursday, January 19, 2006
NEW* BUSH in Sterling, VA: President Bush will give a speech on the

Craig Murray to Receive Annual Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence Award

This coming weekend in New York at the Bush Crimes Commission, , the annual Sam Adams Associates for Integrity In Intelligence Award will be presented to Craig Murray, the former United Kingdom's Ambassador to Uzbekistan who publicly criticised the human rights situation there, and privately criticised the UK government for committing torture by proxy and "selling our souls for dross". Last year's recipient was Katharine Gun.

Conyers and Others To Hold Democratic Hearing On Domestic Spying Program

Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Michigan, 14th District, Ranking Member, U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Dean, Congressional Black Caucus

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressmen John Conyers, Jr., Bobby Scott and Chris Van Hollen and other Members to hold a Democratic Hearing to consider the legal ramifications of President Bush's warrantless surveillance.

Making Change/Creating Peace! - Event in Santa Cruz, Calif.

On Wednesday, February 15th, please join
at 7:30PM, at the Veterans Hall in Santa Cruz
speaking about:

Making Change/Creating Peace!
What Each of Us Can Do Today, Tomorrow, the Next Day, the Day After

Where to Protest Peacefully

Wednesday January 18, 2006
NEW* Washington, DC: U.S. Senate reconvenes at 10:00 AM.
[, 1/18/06]

NEW* PRESIDENT BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush will meet with
victims of Saddam Hussein's regime at 10:55 AM in the Roosevelt Room.

ISSUE: Nothing to hide (except everything they're hiding)


Whether or not you have "nothing to hide" isn't the point. The thousands (perhaps millions) of Americans who were illegally spied on didn't have anything to hide


International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration
305 West Broadway, #199, NY, NY 10013 212-941-8086

FRIDAY EVENING, January 20, 5:30 – 9 pm, Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Avenue

The New Fascism

By William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t |

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

NY Times' Nonresponses to FAIR Alert

On January 11, FAIR issued an action alert on the New York Times' decision to hold its explosive story on the NSA's secret wiretapping for over a year, and executive editor Bill Keller's refusal to answer questions about that decision. In the days that followed, FAIR activists called and emailed Keller's office, and several received responses from Keller and his assistant, Diane Ceribelli.

War's Stunning Price Tag

By Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz, Los Angeles Times

Last week, at the annual meeting of the American Economic Assn., we presented a new estimate for the likely cost of the war in Iraq. We suggested that the final bill will be much higher than previously reckoned — between $1 trillion and $2 trillion, depending primarily on how much longer our troops stay. Putting that into perspective, the highest-grossing movie of all time, "Titanic," earned $1.8 billion worldwide — about half the cost the U.S. incurs in Iraq every week.

Where to Protest Peacefully

Tuesday January 17, 2006
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush today meets with Belgian Prime
Minister Guy Verhofstadt at 9:10 am, and with the National Commander of
the American Legion at 9:55 am. [, 1/17/06]


The following resolution is coming before the California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting on January 27-28.


WHEREAS, (1) the Downing Street Memos show that President George W.Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, CondoleezzaRice, and various others began planning and executing the illegal waragainst and occupation of Iraq months before seeking Congressional and UNapproval; (2) in furtherance of this planning, (a) intelligence wasshaped to fit these plans, (b) illegal bombing runs were made againstIraq and various other potentially illegal operations and actions weretaken with the express intent to provoke Saddam Hussein to take militaryaction and decline to cooperate with the UN and other internationalentities, and (c) false statements to the American people were made byBush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and others with the apparent intent todeceive Congress and the American public in order to allow the BushAdminstration to carry out its plan for an unnecessary war; (3) as adirect result of the above actions, the U.S. and U.K. began an unapprovedwar of aggression against Iraq, killing thousands of American and Iraqimilitary forces, wounding tens of thousands more, and killing or woundingpotentially hundreds of thousands of civilians, women, children and otherinnocents; (4) that the U.S. has invested hundreds of billions of dollarsin this potentially illegal war, to the detriment of the national debt,all citizens of the U.S. and all government programs for which this moneymight otherwise have been appropriated, and to the benefit solely of themilitary contractors and supplier corporations who have been shown to beovercharging and otherwise cheating the people and the government of theU.S, and (5) these actions on the part of the Bush Administration fit thedefinition of high crimes and misdemeanors, and

Forum Planned in New Jersey

By Paul Surovell, chairperson, South Mountain Peace Action, a local affiliate of NJ Peace Action in Maplewood and South Orange, NJ.

SMPA is sponsoring a public forum on February 8th in Maplewood that will discuss the main withdrawal proposals in Congress, and some citizen group proposals, as well as the Administration's "National Strategy for Victory."

Powerful Protest in Temecula, Calif.

By Barbara Cummings

Jeeni Criscenzo, former Kucinich campaign worker, now a candidate for congress in the 49th district in California held another bringtheirbuddieshome vigil this Sunday in Temecula, Calif. It was a silent, respectful tribute to the troops. All who come dress in black, pin a profile of a soldier to the front of their clothing, and stand in silent respect.

Impeachment Activism Hits Bush Family Home Town

By Bill Crosier, Progressive Action Alliance,

Monday, Houston activists distributed flyers at the local Martin
Luther King, Jr. parade. The flyer contrasts King's ideas with

Poets Against War

Poets Against War

It is three years since we began Poets Against War. It seems altogether
appropriate to note the occasion with three comments from Walt Whitman. It
was, after all, Whitman to whom I turned that cold January afternoon after

Bush on Trial in New York This Weekend

Is the Bush Administration guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity? Even raising this question has been ruled out of order and out of bounds in the U.S. today, but on January 20-22 in NYC an unprecedented citizens Commission of Inquiry will ask -- and seek to answer -- exactly these questions and alter the terms of debate about this government.

Iraq: Blair's Big Lie Confirmed

By David Morrison,

A thirteen-page useful summary of the evidence that Blair (and Bush) lied about the war: PDF.

Demand that Republican Senate Leadership Let the Truth Out

President Bush has said over 100 times (documented below by Sentor Edward Kennedy) that Congress was shown the same pre-war intelligence he was. While we could take the President's word for that, Senator Kennedy thought he would just check to make sure. He submitted an amendment in December to an intelligence bill asking the White House to turn over to the Senate Intelligence Committee the President's daily briefings, beginning with the last term of the Clinton Administration and ending on first day of the war in Iraq in 2003. In response, an anonymous Republican Senator afraid of the truth, and afraid even to reveal his name, blocked the bill and is still blocking it. For the first time since 1978, the Senate recessed with this national security legislation left undone.

Email and phone these three members of the Republican leadership and demand that they have the hold taken off the bill:


From the Interfaith Network of Concern for the People of Iraq (INOC), and
Michael Ramos, Director of Social Justice Ministeries, Church Council of
Seattle - January, 2006.

Most national leaders would have us believe that our choices in Iraq are

Listen to Al Gore on Monday in DC

Get tickets to Al Gore's speech in DC on Monday, Jan 16th.

And bring these signs!

And if you can't get tickets, show up anyway, at 11:30 a.m. at Constitution Hall, 1776 D St NW.

And if you can't bring signs, we'll give you one!

Talking Impeachment

By David Swanson

Here are some events I'll be speaking at about war lies and impeachment:

Jan. 18, 2006, "Defining the Issues," with Marcus Raskin and John Conyers, taped at Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C.


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