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Turnout Huge in DC

Today's march in DC certainly looked from the middle of it like the biggest we've had.
Here are some photos.

Here are more photos.
Here's some blogging at truthout.
Here's coverage, including videos at BradBlog.
Here are photos and blogging at DemocracyCellProject.
More photos on Dailykos.
Some photos of creative Protest Signs and Shirts.

Live Photos & Blogging from Pro-Peace March in DC

The Democracy Cell Project has people who are at the march right now and are calling in with reports as they line up to march. Stay tuned for continuous updates, reports & photos here.

Democracy Cell Project Live Blogging

Cindy Sheehan's Speech at UFPJ Rally

Ahhhh, I love the smell of Patriotic Dissent in the afternoon!

As we stand here on the grounds of a monument that is dedicated to the Father of our Country, George Washington, we are reminded that he was well known for the apocryphal stories of never being able to tell a lie. I find it so ironic that there is another man here named George who stays in this town between vacations and he seems to never be able to tell the truth. It is tragic for us that o ur bookend presidents named George have two completely different relationships with honesty.

I also find it ironic and heartbreaking that my son, Casey, who was a brave person, tall and proud, who loved his country and was honest beyond measure, could be sent to his death by someone who is even too cowardly to meet with a broken hearted mom, let alone go and fight in the illegal and immoral war of his generation. We are losing our best and our brightest in a country that we are destroying that was no threat to the United States of America. Iraq was and still is no danger to our safety and security, or to our way of life. The weapons of mass destruction and mass deception reside in this town: they are the neocons who pull the strings and the members of Congress who have loosened the purse strings with reckless abandon and have practically given George and company a blank check to run our country into monetary and moral bankruptcy. We are out here in force today to take our country back and restore true democracy and sanity to our political process. The time is now and we are here because we love our country and we won't let the reckless maniacs destroy her any further.

Lecture Series Urges Political Action

Hofstra Chronicle
By Nicole DiGrazia

The projected image of an authoritative-looking memo greeted students and community members last week during common hour in the Student Center Theater.

The Downing Street Memo, according to professors David Green, Cindy Bogard and Carolyn Eisenberg, was another form of proof that the Bush administration knowingly deceived the country while promoting the war in Iraq.

Green, a professor of political science at the University, referred to the Downing Street Memo as the "smoking gun" of the Bush administration.

"These were not mistakes," Green said. "They were lies."

Join Us in DC


Things are really heating up in Washington DC now that all three tours have arrived! We've got a schedule full of events and congressional meetings, and we're getting ready for the big march tomorrow.

On Wednesday night, September 21st, Hart Viges of Iraq Veterans Against the War spoke at American University along with other members of the tour. Here he is in his own words:

"I go and search this hut for AK-47s, for explosives, for RPGs - you know the things that would need to convict someone, maybe, for a crime: Evidence. And all I can find is a tiny little pistol, probably to scare off thieves who were trying to steal his crops.

Introduction and Lobbying Overview

As you read through this Lobby Kit it is important to keep in mind two points. First, that the act of lobbying [influencing] your congressperson is a dynamic process; it will become easier to master the more it is practiced. Second, lobbying begins with a small number of committed and focused individuals. As time progresses, others in your community will be drawn to this crucial work
Lobbying is an attempt to influence elected officials on specific legislation. Legislation can either be an introduced or a draft bill that may be introduced in the future to any legislative body such as a city council, state legislature or Congress. Writing letters is one of the most fundamental grassroots tools for showing support or opposition towards an issue. A handwritten letter shows the congressperson that the constituent has thought about the issue and has serious opinions about it.

Visiting Your Congressperson

Research the member's voting record. Find out which constituencies and/or industries are important in the member's district. What committees and/or subcommittees does the member sit on? How do they relate to your issue? What power does the member have to give you what you want?
Assemble a Delegation:
A delegation lets the member of Congress know that the issue resonates with the community. A good delegation is between five and eight people. Large delegations should be avoided because you don't want to overwhelm your member of Congress. You will want to begin building a relationship with your congressional representative and her/his staff so that a trust is formed.

How to Conduct a Letter Writing Campaign

1. What to have on hand:
blank white computer paper
clipboards, pens
“Sample Letter to the Congressperson

Lobbying the Media

Letters to the Editor:
Letters to the editor (LTE) are a great way to get your message out to others in your community. Editors and reporters may also look to letters to the editor for ideas and issues that they have not previously covered. The LTE should be clear, brief, and focused. Limit the letter to one page. Remember that shorter letters have a better chance of being published.
LTE campaigns are effective in generating many letters that deal with the same issue. They also serve to address particular news items or editorials that have appeared in the publication. To start a LTE campaign, you should form a LTE committee in your group. Stagger the mailings, a few days apart to address a particular issue.

How to Lobby the Public

For exact details please refer to the “How to Conduct a Letter-Writing Campaign

Know Your Rights to Demonstrate and Protest

A guide for demonstrators, marchers, speakers and others who seek to exercise their First Amendment rights.
Q. Can my free speech rights be restricted because of what I want to say - even if it's controversial?
A. No. The First Amendment prohibits restrictions based on the content of speech. However, this does not mean that the Constitution completely protects all types of free speech activity in every circumstance. Police and government officials are allowed to place certain non-discriminatory and narrowly drawn "time, place and manner" restrictions on the exercise of First Amendment rights.

March on Washington/ Tampa Bay

March on Washington/ Tampa Bay

End the War In Iraq

PDF Flyer

September 24, 2005

Williams Park, St. Petersburg

11:30 – 4:30 P.M.

Special Guest::: Ray McGovern, Washington, D.C.
Founder of Veteran Intelligence professionals for Sanity

Additional speakers: Carol Ann Breyer, * Charles Ferris,
Rev. Charles McKenzie * Samar jarrah * women in black

Music: Kritikal resistance *the Refuge * tribal style

Food: st.pete food not bombs asks you to
bring a vegan/ vegetarian dish to share!

Participating groups include: Tampa Bay Veterans
for Peace * St. Pete for Peace * st. pete food not bombs *

Ralph Nader to Speak at Washington , DC Anti-War Rally

Democracy Rising's Ralph Nader will be speaking at the main event in Washington, DC tomorrow, Saturday, 9/24. An exact time has not yet been scheduled but it is likely to be before 12:30. The rally begins at 11:00 am.

Kevin Zeese will be speaking at a feeder rally at McPherson Square at 10:00 am.

Democracy Rising activists will be handing out literature and gathering contact information near the Iraq tent during Operation Ceasefire beginning at 2:00. Come meet us. And, come help us hand out literature and make contacts.

Additionally, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm our webmaster Karen Kilroy's short film, “Something’s In the Air / But Its Not on the Airwaves

Largest Group of MilitaryFamilies to March Against War in U.S. History

Contingent of Over 250 Military Families to Join Tens of Thousands in
Massive March and Rally Against Iraq War

Largest Group of MilitaryFamilies to March Against War in U.S. History

WASHINGTON, DC - This Saturday, Sept. 24, a contingent of over 250 military
families from 42 states and the District of Columbia will join Iraq War
Veterans and Veterans from previous wars, to march among tens of thousands
of people from across the country in a massive march and rally against the
Iraq War, organized by United for Peace and Justice.

WHEN: Saturday, September 24, 10:00 A.M.

WHAT: Media Availability: Military Families Available for Interview before


Suz and I spent the afternoon at the Peace Festival site, at the corner of 17th and Constitution, helping the staff and volunteers of Operation Ceasefire set up the stage and tents for Saturday and Sunday’s activities. Well, we were very encouraging to those who were doing the heavy lifting anyway!

We first ran into Tina, who was serving up food for the volunteers:

“Working in the concert production business, I was thrilled to be able to donate my time to the cause. Plus, I have a soon-to-be draft-age son and two more behind him, so this effort matters to me on a very personal level.

Support this Weekend's Mobilization to End the War

In just two days, United for Peace and Justice will bring huge numbers of people into the streets of Washington to tell the White House and Congress: It's time to end this disastrous war, bring all our troops home, and expend all the resources necessary to fully rebuild the devastated Gulf Coast.

We very much hope you can make it to DC this weekend -- but whether or not you'll be joining us in the streets, you can lend critically needed support to this mobilization by making a donation today.

We have three easy ways to donate:

by credit card online at


By Jim Hightower

George W is the kind of guy who'll gladly sacrifice your life for his country.

Not only was he a cheerleader when he was in college at Yale, but he also was an energetic cheerleader for the war that was raging in Vietnam at the time. Of course, he cheered from a safe distance, using family connections to make certain that he personally would not have to do any fighting.

Now that he's in the White House, Bush is cheerleader-in-chief for his own war. In a recent speech designed to shore-up sagging public support for his misadventure in Iraq, he referred to the terrible fact that nearly 2000 Americans have already died there. Of these dead troops, Bush said, "We owe them something," by which he meant continuing the war. What a callous payback: Many have died, so many more must die to pay tribute to those who've died. That's a war rationale chasing its own tail.

Details for Sept 24 Mobilization

ACTION ALERT * UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE | 212-868-5545 | Click to subscribe

Justice for the People of the Gulf Coast
3 Days of Action in Washington, D.C.
September 24-26, 2005

In this alert:

Mobilization Overview
Housing & Volunteers Needed!
Getting There
What to Bring
Contingents in the March
Tabling at the Peace & Justice Festival
We Need Your Financial Support!

Still haven't made your plans to join us in Washington, D.C. this weekend? This 3-day anti-war mobilization promises to be the most dynamic, powerful peace and justice gathering in years. We're at a real turning point: A solid and growing majority of this country is now against the war, and there is deep discontent nationwide with the appalling priorities of the Bush Administration and the shameful government response to Hurricane Katrina. This is the time to stand up and demand a dramatic change of political direction. Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary series of events!


The federal government flexed it’s muscles on this first day of testimony
by peace activists, charging two defendants with contempt of court, and
interpreting the charges in the indictment to make it easier for the
prosecution to attain a conviction.

Senior U.S. District Judge Hon. Thomas J. McAvoy charged Peter DeMott and
Teresa Grady with contempt of court for testifying about the fact that there
was a previous trial.

McAvoy previously informed the defendants they were forbidden from
testifying on a laundry list of topics including: the illegality of the Iraq
war, international law and its relevance to their actions, the mandates in


All of us will be in Washington to let this administration and the Congress know this war needs to end. Change will happen in the house and senate. Once we leave Washington, we need to be well-informed and emboldened to continue lobbying our representatives in Washington to be among those demanding and working toward ending the war.

This week-end is the perfect time to share every known method to accomplish this goal!

UFPJ is sponsoring a
Reserve a table for your group or organization today!
Display Materials * Distribute Proposals * Discuss Initiatives * Offer training * Help educate Provide Petitions * Exchange ideas

A New Sticker

Places for Peaceful Protests

Thursday September 22, 2005

BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush gets a briefing on the War on Terror and will then deliver a speech on it around noon at the Pentagon. Later in the day Bush welcomes King Abdullah of Jordan to the White House. [White House; Congress Daily, 9/19/05]

NEW* MEHLMAN in Washington, DC – 12:30 PM: Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman will address more than five hundred pastors of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) on Thursday, September 22nd, 2005. As part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Chairman Mehlman's remarks will reflect the Party's on-going commitment to reaching out to the Hispanic Americans. [RNC Release]

Minnesota Veterans for Peace Launches Ad Campaign

To view PDF and contribute to placing this ad in newspapers, go here.

Sept. 15 Remarks: Kevin Zeese

Katrina is the Iraq War Come Home to Roost
Time to Recall the National Guard from Iraq

By Kevin Zeese

As I watched the scenes on television -- soldiers driving by dead bodies in the street, wayward people looking like refugees, soldiers pointing their guns at civilians -- I could not help but think of Baghdad, but it was New Orleans. The reports of people on the ground were even worse:

“Police drove by, windows rolled up, thumbs up signs. National guard trucks rolled by, completely empty, soldiers with guns cocked and aimed at them. Nobody stopped to drop off water. A helicopter dropped a load of water, but all the bottles exploded on impact due to the height of the helicopter.

Sept. 15 Remarks: Tom Hayden

Comments for Congressional hearing on Iraq exit strategy, Sept. 15, 2005
By Tom Hayden

Madame Chair and members,

Today you commence a vital shift in our government’s official discourse on Iraq, from how to win the war in Iraq to how to withdraw troops and end the occupation. This change of paradigm is overdue, is in keeping with public sentiment, and begins to fill a dangerous vacuum. We cannot accept a faith-based commitment to “stay the course

Sept. 15 Remarks: J.E. McNeil

"As the Executive Director of the Center on Conscience
& War and part of the GI Rights Hotline where we speak
daily to our men and women in uniform, I bring you the
words of the soldiers themselves. The Center has been
a voice for soldiers since 1940. We have spent almost
65 years trying to end war, one soldier at a time.

Let me give you their voices now:

A Special Op, career, in his thirties, called us prior
to being deployed to Iraq. Special Ops are train to
allow nothing to get in the way of their mission. They
can even shot their own commanding officer if he
stands in the way of completing their mission. "I was

Sept. 15 Remarks: Erik Leaver

The Costs of Quagmire
Erik Leaver

The death and destruction strewn by hurricane Katrina may equal or even exceed the death toll of U.S. soldiers in the Iraq War. But while 6,000 miles separates the two, the links between war overseas and the fate of those in Katrina’s wake are closely interwoven.

The cost of having over 6,000 National Guardsmen stationed from Mississippi and Louisiana far overseas in Iraq is just being felt as the region seeks to deal with the horrific aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Headlines across the nation highlighted the looting, the need for more rescue operations, and the need for boots on the ground to help with reconstruction—all tasks that the Guard is asked to perform.

Sept. 15 Remarks: Jawaid Khan


I am a concerned father of two, a grandfather of two and a taxpayer. Hear our cry, Mr. President, hear our cry: end this quagmire of a war and bring our troops home.

Make no mistake about my support for our men and women who are in harm’s way.

I salute the men and women of the U.S. armed services and reserve units who so bravely and courageously are serving in Iraq today. Theirs is a gallant battle.

To the families of those valiant soldiers who have given their last measure of full devotion for our beloved country, my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and brothers, neighbors and friends. They are truly America’s heroes and who are deeply missed.

Support WarIsACrime


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