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This is the forum for general discussion of the Downing Street minutes, the After Downing Street Coalition, and related matters other than activism, evidence, Congress and the media which have their own forum categories.

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to Anonymous

Most of you havent a clue of whats going on in IRAQ
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified

I have a very good clue!

I have picked up legs and hand; body parts of american soldiers.
I have gone with 1 meal a day for months.
I have fought to stay alive with a knife.
I have use the knife right into the lung of iraq insurgents.
I have witnessed buddy after buddy BLOWN to bits.
I have guarded OIL PIPELINES!

Love Canal-type landfill submerged in New Orleans floodwaters
Submitted by HELP ALL THAT ARE IN NEW ORLEANS! NOW (not verified) on Tue, 2005-09-06 10:00.
Relative to Katrina......look what is now spread around NEW ORLEANS.

Somebody needs to let the media know what the soldiers are WORKING IN! Write your newspapers Online.

Reuters, AP, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Washington Post, Washington Times, NYT, Wall Street Journal,Yahoo NEWS

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The following is an update to a civil lawsuit filed against Bush and Cheney. For additional info, visit the website noted below:

P.O. Box 60958 Reno, NV 89506


Date: January 18, 2006


The lawsuit filed on January 14th 2005 in US District Court in Reno, Nevada by retired Washington State attorney Douglas A. Wallace was served upon the Defendants at the office of the Attorney General in Washington D. C.

The class action lawsuit seeks an injunction against the Defendants from further implementation of the Plan for the New American Century (PNAC) without a Constitutional 2/3 vote of the Congress and full education of the American public.
The lawsuit alleges the plan was the basis for deception behind the Iraq war.

The suit alleges that defendants acted in a conspiratorial manner among themselves in deceiving the Congress and the American public of the need to go to war with Iraq. Hence a private treaty among the conspirators to violate Constitutional restraints upon Bush and Cheney.

The delay in serving the defendants was the result of efforts to organize a support base among Americans to pay for the expenses of the lawsuit. Additionally, Wallace is currently seeking a re-instatement of his license to practice with the Washington State Supreme Court so that he may represent the class member plaintiffs.

In addition to the injunction Wallace seeks a ruling by the court that the conduct of the Defendants has been outside the scope of their official duties and that they are liable for damages to all persons injured as a result of the act of taking the country to war and for restitution to the Treasury of the expenditures for the war.

The lawsuit may be read by visiting

For further information email Wallace at:

Just read an article by Leola
You can read it at This article will turn the white house and congress upside down,as this is an explosive article.It supposedly took place in 1984 in the state of Tennessee which deals with Bush's participation in BISEXUAL ACTIVITIES.This article was published on 9/17/2006. I'm sure you won't find any of this information on MSM, unless enough people "cluster bomb" them with requests and pressures them to bring it to light. I'm sure the public is entitled to know this information before the mid-term elections.Also another article about Bush's tirades, rantings and cussing at the Republicans that defied him concerning the interrogations of suspected terrorists and the use of torture to extract confessions from prisoners.You can read that article at httt:// . It looks like the whole world is turning against the United States and the reason is because of Bush's foreign policies. stay tuned.

A correction on that web page. It's . You can also go to "voice of the white house" for more articles. Sorry for the misprint

Recently Bush accused the party of FDR and Truman of being the party of cut and run.Is he kidding? Lets look at the facts. Ninety-eight percent of Democrats served in the Military. Most in Combat. Ninety-eight percent of Rupublicans coward from WW2,Korea, and Vietnam. From the Latest NIE report from sixteen intelligence agencies states that the war in Iraq and Afganistan are increasing (not decreasing) in violence. Numerous Military Generals are saying the same thing and asking for Rumsfield to resign for incompetence.
The republican party also proclaim to be the party of moral values.Let's look at the facts again. Intentionlly lying to Congress, the citizens and the world about wmd's, al-qaida connections, and continuing to lie about the progress of the war is morally wrong. The huge number of Republicans being disgraced from Congress for corruption and accepting bribes and others for extra marital affairs with members of the same sex is MORALY WRONG. The latest is another Republican (Foley) Hyprocritectly looking out for young people just resigned for E-mailing to young pages working in congress with sexually explicitly messages.The truth of the matter is that the party of Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan is in fact the party of COWARDS, LIARS, INCOMPETENTS, PROFITEERS, RUBBER STAMPERS, CRIMINALS AND PEDOFILES.

Iraq is a country of liars and cowards, everything done through theft and in disguise, with all shooting in the back. But none of that matches the Bush Administration. That Saddam was executed after only one trial for retaliation against men and boys involved in a Shia attempt to assassinate him so that the trial for gassing Iraqis-- the main issue on which Bush based the invasion after all preceding justifications proved to be lies ("Saddam gassed his own people...!")-- only raises again the question of whether Saddam was executed to prevent his giving data on the Reagan and Bush Sr. supply of component chemicals that make the gas, encouraging him to use it on Iran. Furthermore, the issue of Iran having done the gassing at Habjala, not Saddam, also would make this an uncomfortable trial for the dumbest liar ever to lead us in all our history, GW Bush.

America is doomed, not to speak of Iraq, unless all American troops are withdrawn by a publicly given date certain soon and GW Bush is impeached for heinous crimes, criminal negligence and deceptions inflicted on the American people; that, of course, only after Cheney is impeached for corrupt influence, making possible war profiteering by Halliburton.

No terrorist or would be terrorist can forget that the first to scoop Saddam's execution is the US Arab-language propaganda station. Every American who suffers the consequences of this stupid scoop, owes his/her fate to this reckless imbecile we call "Mr. President."

Remove him at once from Wash DC and our troops from Iraq in the name of sanity, justice and a minimum standard of responsible intelligence required to lead the country.

I cannot bring myself, in light of the depth of imbecility in which we find ourselves drowning and bleeding, to wish anyone a Happy New Year....But once the Bush crowd is totally gone, I certainly will find myself again hopeful in the American character.

If Mr. Bush has a grain of dignity, he would use Saddam's revolver that he had with him when found in the spider hole and is now in Bush's possession, to shoot himself in the head and thus show that he is truly "saved" by saving us from his miserable existence. Only his hand can set us free from him in that way. The rest of us would do well to stick to legitimate political means and legal action needed to bring him to the same "justice" as well.

Daniel E. Teodoru

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