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This is the forum for general discussion of the Downing Street minutes, the After Downing Street Coalition, and related matters other than activism, evidence, Congress and the media which have their own forum categories.

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May I suggest, as an addition to the "Timeline of War Planning" By Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane, the 1996 paper titled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm", from the Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies. It was signed by Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, perhaps the chief White House intelligence "fixer" on Iraq. Here's an excerpt: "This effort [to weaken Syria] can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions."


After a careful review of historical events involving the UK and the Us with the Suez Canal, then the Shaw of Iran, Isreal, trying to make friends with Turkey, and looking at the map of the general area it became evident that the Caspian Sea was the focul point for US Oil Inc.. If you think about the events since then and the moves the US has made, it is plain that they want access in some way, forceful or otherwise to getting a pipeline through that area from the Caspian Sea, but all roads lead to hell in that area. There are shrines in Tabriz, Iran (the closest route to the Caspian from the oil refineries in Iraq). You can't miss it if you look at the map as just on the other side of the mountain range. I believe Rumi was intombed there, among many of the Ismaili's, or Assissins as they are called by western historical speculators. China has made it there, Russia is there, but the US Inc. is going to have to loose a lot of lives before it even comes close--especially with all the Bush/Cheney haters bordering on the sea.

The leaves never know which will be the first to fall.
Does the wind know?

"... Much of the Caspian Sea evidently resides on pools of oil. Numbers for those potential resources are not available, but the Caspian Sea bordering countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan have yet to work out agreements on who is entitled to whatever is there. Meanwhile, the Caspian represents the Central Asian energy producers most likely gateway to the major markets other than China. A US financed pipeline now being built from Baku, Azerbaijan via Tbilisi, Georgia and across Turkey to the port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean will carry a million barrels of oil per day. That will represent a start on a Western effort to bypass Russia with energy shipments to major markets from greater Central Asia, which includes the whole Caspian region. ..."

All of you should be nuked!!! Peace Through Strength!!!!

I want to know will all supporters be informed about the inquiry into the issues of the memos

Dear Mr. Gonadface,
Get a life, you snivelling little twerp!O.k., enough of the compliments. What's with the ? instead of quotation marks when quoting statements. Are these guesses????????
Name one source other than the limey named. "Government officials" is as convincing as "what's-his-name" for authenticity( """ these are quotation marks).
Whining, backbiting, Monday morning quarterbacking,and terrorist appeasement are the only "weapon of crass discussion" you solution-less moronic cowards have. You are traitors in your hatred for this country and if there was justice in this world we'd all have the pleasure of watching a real man (such as Michael Jackson) spank the daylights out of you;

hey baloney - here's a name that they just released today - Carne Ross...

you can see the whole story here:

It's the article titled:
"British diplomat confirms that WMD intel was misreported to public"

What we hate is being lied to and wonder why you have such difficulty accepting that you've been lied to also. It's not about republicans or's about right and wrong. Maybe the reason you're having problems with the truth is because to admit you were wrong about Bush and the reasons for the Iraq war and the war on terrorism make you a pawn...a fool...gullible and a stupid patsy willing to accept any drivel they throw at you never questionning the big picture. Will you be okay for instance if Bush goes to war in Iran next and then Syria, or that when there is another terrorist attack, you may never have elections ever again? When will you hear the warning signals that are all around you? As I saw someone write in this blog, it's 1930's Germany....what are you going to do about it?

Study the conservative papers on war plans and foreign policy. Check out Project For New American Century. Who benefits? Are you in a $1000 suit because if not, they couldn't care less about you.

You don't sound like the type who wonders why a culture or a country hates us so bad that they would resort to a 9/11 type of action. If you kept up with the history of the region, and the U.S.'s involvement in their lives you may be able to control your emotional sputtering about others who disagree with the path we have taken there to get whatever it is we needed to get--regardless of the citizens living there. You have to remember that the U.S.'s own CIA set up the Glorious Shaw of Iran, God of the Zoroastrians, who brutalized his people while we welded pipeline after pipeline through their country. Read up on some history of the Middle East with actors like the UK's involvement, and the US's adventures there, and don't speak out until you have controled your emotional, and unschooled mental faculty.

The leaves never know which will be the first to fall.
Does the wind know?

I live in Arcadia, CA near LA. Yesterday,Saturday, June 18, I was watching CNN and the anchor said "and now we will hear a report about the Downing Street memo from ?" The feed flickered and her image came on again presenting a totally different subject. Someone cut it out of the feed. Managed media!!! None of the mainstream media have broken ranks.

Dear Conservative Jerk,
After criticizing a source for being an anonymous government official with no attributed name, thank you for submitting your post anonymously. You're certainly not a hypocrite. By your logic, (which is bending the word to the limit in your case) Beowulf should not be considered a great work of literature because it is attributed to no one. Government Officials do not wish to be identified. They prefer remaining anonymous kind of like...oh...I don't By the way, Monday Morning Quarterbacking only happens when the Quarterback screws up. I don't know about you, but I cannot accept representatives of our country who screw up time and time again.

p.s. I atleast have the guts to tell you who I am.

I'm worried about the source of the DS minutes.

Sunday Times = News Corp. = Rupert Murdoch = FOX News

I hope this has been looked into. Rupert Murdoch's propaganda service can't be trusted. The right wing nuts would have a party if the DSM are bogus in any way. Think W's AWOL and Rather.


Do the Research yourself, even if others only read the news. The TRUTH is, many years before the LIES of WMD, Yellow Cake, Meltdown and Faithbased Agendas. There were the BUSH'S and I'm not talking baked beans.

Even before IG Farben and Prescott Bush and the grave robbers. This Bush Family and friends had Agendas to follow, and the Bussiness of WAR, for them has only gotten better, and most know it.

Most of the Right Wing feel its only Bussiness.

And besides it's the only thing there good at.

When an explosive document such as the "Downing Street Memo" barely makes a ripple in the media something is very very wrong. Imagine if President Clinton had been president since 2000 and this memo surfaced, you could be sure that it would be front page news all over the world.
Below is a long but I think important 'read'. I hope you will take the time to read it through.

Until Americans resume thinking critically for themselves and stop relying on television etc. to tell us what our opinions are and how to think and by extension how to vote, we will always be at the mercy of those who control the media.

"He who controls the media controls the masses."

Corporate Media Propaganda and its Weapons of Mass Distraction

By Manuel Valenzuela

My friends, we come to a critical juncture regarding the Downing Street Minutes(DSM).For the past several weeks we have agitated for the mainstream media to acknowledge the DSM. This has finally happened and the mainstream response was just a big yawn and spin in favor of the Bush administration. Are any of us really suprised at this? It was to be expected. Just the fact that we kept up the noise for long enough and loud enough to get the mainstream media to even report on the DSM is a victory for us. A good first victory for us but now is the time to take the next steps.

What should those next steps be? We can blog all we want, even march with posters and shout slogans (both of which I have done) but the truth is that will change little to nothing. Writing letters to editors, media outlets, politicians, and others are positive actions as well but sadly are not likely to change the mainstream tenor of the debate surrounding the revelations contained in the DSM. This,unfortunately, is the reality of the situation and highlights the high hurdles facing our cause.

What is needed is some form of OFFICIAL action. The Honorable Rep. John Conyers Jr.'s hearing on June 16th 2005 was a good first salvo that we all cheered but it also served to highlight the difficulties we face. It is unlikely that the Republican controlled Congress will convene OFFICIAL hearings on the DSM any time soon, if ever. Rep. Conyers has said he hopes to hold more hearings and we all cheer him on, but will these subsequent meetings have official standing? Will they have subpoena powers as Rep. Conyers expressed a hope for towards the conclusion of the June 16th hearing? I certainly hope so as this avenue of inquiry is the most promising to date but I am not holding my breath that the Republican powers that be in Congress will empower any hearings that deviate from the party line.

Without OFFICIAL action being taken, and by OFFICIAL I mean actions with subpoena powers where people testify under oath, I am afraid the whole DSM affair will get swept under the rug just as the right-wing so desperately wants. With the Republican control of Congress and the conservative right-wing bias of the mainstream media what are our options? As much as I cheer on the efforts of Rep. Conyers I think it is unwise to place all our hope in one basket. What is needed is other OFFICIAL venues where people can be called to testify under oath too. What about state or even local courts and governments? A statement under oath carries the same OFFICIAL weight (remember lying under oath is perjury) whether made before the Supreme Court or the smallest local courthouse. Surely some portion of the information in the Downing Street Minutes could be pursued legally and OFFICIALLY, outside of the jurisdiction of the Republican controlled Congress, as an alternate approach to the frontal assalt Rep. Conyers is mobilising in Congress. This alternate strategy should even help Rep. Conyers in his quest on Capitol Hill as OFFICIAL inqueries from elsewhere will supply him with OFFICIAL ammunition with which pursue the fight.

My friends, think on this. Add your suggestions. We are fighting the good fight on a matter of the highest National (and even international) order. We have made progress but have many high hurdles yet to clear. At this critical juncture we risk having the whole Downing Street Minutes revelations fade away into obscurity if we do not keep up the pressure and proceed intelligently.

BTW, does anyone know where I can find a copy of the letter Bush sent to Congress outlining the reasons the United States needed to go to war with Iraq? I would very much like to read the wording of that OFFICIAL document. Thanks.

Is this what you're looking for?




This might be just what you're looking for...

Adobe alert!


If this isn't WORSE than Watergate, I don't know what is. But without control of the House, impeachment doesn't seem likely. (Hence, the importance of the 2006 elections.)

The sad thing about this forum is the minimal ammount of American citizens who think that their government is the REAL terrorist organisation. Believe me folks, no one outside the US, including your former allies, support the US anymore.

If any one is interested in a story that TREMENDOUSLY lends itself to the Downing Street Minutes story, let me know and I will be happy to send you a 30minute interview of a former Pentagon official who witnessed firsthand how Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, (and the neoconservatives) knowingly and deliberately created false intelligence to support their pre-existing plans to go to war. The footage was shot about 2 years ago, yet it is completely in sync with the revelations of the Downing Street Memo, Richard Clarke's story (that the administration was looking for war rationals immediately after 9/11) and so many other facts.

The video footage is from a film I purchased, titled "Hijacking Catastrophe" and the interview is with Karen Kwiatkowski. The film was released almost 2 years ago and only appeared in a few small theatres. I was fortunate to live in the only town in the state of Washington that hosted the film, and by mere chance I stumbled across the film, then bought a copy.

I spoke with the production company and the producers gave me the okay to distribute "Fair Use" copies of the interview, at no charge. This means you can use the video for research purposes. If you are interested please let me know and I will send you a CD-ROM of the video ASAP. I'll even pay the shipping costs.

This story needs to be heard...

To my knowledge Karen Kwiatkowski's story has received little to no press attention, except an article in Salon a long time ago, and her massive amounts of articles online and a few underground radio broadcasts. Following is a except from the Salon article (which I copied from the "Timeline 1" link on

I STRONGLY recommend everyone watch this video, here is a quick glimpse of some of what Karen talks about in her interview.

May 2002 Karen Kwiatkowski says:
"From May 2002 until February 2003, I observed firsthand the formation of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans and watched the latter stages of the neoconservative capture of the policy-intelligence nexus in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq... I saw a narrow and deeply flawed policy favored by some executive appointees in the Pentagon used to manipulate and pressurize the traditional relationship between policymakers in the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies. I witnessed neoconservative agenda bearers within OSP usurp measured and carefully considered assessments, and through suppression and distortion of intelligence analysis promulgate what were in fact falsehoods to both Congress and the executive office of the president. (Salon)


PS The production company is interested in putting the video online, but they do not have the resources to do so. Does anyone know of a website or someone who might be willing to host the interview online? If so, please contact me soon. I am awaiting a reply from the folks at this site (, but figure that the more sites we can get this video on the better. Thanks. Please contact me with any ideas or contacts.

A quick Google search on "Karen Kwiatkowski" yielded 41,600 hits. I checked the first two and they were full of her writings. This is indeed good stuff. Insider stuff. I would love to see her testify on Capitol Hill. Below are two links on her and her writings worth checking:

Bush had only to listen to his father's advice to avoid the nightmare that is present day Iraq.

Excerpt from "Why We Didn't Remove Saddam" by George Bush [Sr.] and Brent Scowcroft, Time Magazine (2 March 1998):

"While we hoped that popular revolt or coup would topple Saddam, neither the U.S. nor the countries of the region wished to see the breakup of the Iraqi state. We were concerned about the long-term balance of power at the head of the Gulf. Trying to eliminate Saddam, extending the ground war into an occupation of Iraq, would have violated our guideline about not changing objectives in midstream, engaging in "mission creep," and would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible. We had been unable to find Noriega in Panama, which we knew intimately. We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq. The coalition would instantly have collapsed, the Arabs deserting it in anger and other allies pulling out as well. Under those circumstances, furthermore, we had been self-consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-cold war world. Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the U.N.'s mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the U.S. could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land. It would have been a dramatically different--and perhaps barren--outcome."

I cannot tell you how much your pathetic U.S. hating rhetoric is making you all look like a bunch of sorry losers. Try defending your country once in awhile, stop being ashamed of courage, strength and nationalism. Every country I have ever been too is very proud of thier heritage and groups like yourselves would be beat down if you opened your mouths. Just goes to show once again how lucky you are to be in the U.S. and able to speak out no matter how idiotic your theory, intelligence and views are. Remember this, Just finished my second tour in Iraq and I know what we did was the right thing to do. None of you pathetic losers have been there nor will ever. The military supports Bush, WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOU LOSERS.

Love it or leave it (I personally would love to fight against you losers) Bang! your dead

I resent the fact that you label those of us who didn't serve as unpatriotic and losers. Just because you chose to believe everything you're told from these liars to justify your conscience, doesn't make it true or right. There are many, many, many who have served before you in all kinds of wars, and years later the truth came out. I think they know what they're talking about. You chose to believe a commander-in-chief who didn't finish his own military career, has no intention of sending his own daughters, because he likes "playing" the role. It is not Democratic (everything you say you've fought for), for previous Veterans from previous wars to have been barred from hearing Bush speak during his last campaign, because they wouldn't sign a "loyalty oath". If that's the kind of commander-in-chief that you honor, God Bless You. I personally don't like liars and I can't wait until this entire Administration is held accountable for war crimes.

I see the Madness everyday, when the Police have Bush Cheney stickers on their ticket books and on their cars and Bikes and help fill the Jails with poor young people, when 99% of Americans are afraid to say anything, when Schools are Brainwashing our young, where doctors and lawyers, lockstep against the people. YES I HATE BUSH AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY, AND ALL HIS FRIENDS.

It just goes to show what we are up against. God Help Us.

I served in Viet Nam, 67-68. I'm now an Apache Tech Rep in Ft. Hood. Brother we all support the troops, thats maybe the point. We don't support the policies that brought you to Iraq. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident, 57,000 of my brothers in arms fell. Everyone feels the wind blow.

The reason Bush can get away with lies is because most of you don't remember the previous lies of your leaders.

There are patriotic Americans and then there are patriotic republicans. And patriotic republicans dare not face the truth.

There are no patriotic Republicans. You Have to Love this Country, to be patriotic, not destroy it. All the Republicans have done, is suck the working class dry for 75 years. They have no Honor, no Love except for money and war, and liars like Bush, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice.

Just look at what they have done to America in just 6 years. And what does the Media say.

What Media. Just Stooges.



CW2, chopper pilot right, or wanna be. Remember your oath, protect your country against all enemys. Yea Bang. is that what your answer is, Or is that what you think George would want you to say. Don't you realize that is a terrorist attitude. Those of us who have been there, and done that, know that people like you are FOOLS, STUPID FOOLS. Your Mother and Father taught you well and the Neo-Cons finished you off already, Yes Many know how far people like you will go to prove your point, Steal Votes, Stack the Courts, but KILL your own countrymen. I saw how many servicemen and women were influnced by the lies of their commanders. Do your homework, The truth, is there, over 80 years of lies from the Bush Family and Friends. I know, your last name is Bush, right.

You are a fascist cunt.

The comment made by Anonymous should have never been posted. How dare you call people such names. Where do you get off, or are you even physically capable of doing such? I'd be willing you live in some run down trailer park in Hooterville running a meth lab. DUH!

If the military supports Bush, then I want NOTHING to do with our military. The smell of mutton permeates the air. I happen to support our troops, but I DO NOT support this pseudo war NOR our "fearless leader." (A.K.A. he whom cannot speak English!) Stick that in the ground and see what grows. You are a fine example of brain washing. SCARY!

If you don't read anything else today, please spend a few minutes with Jeff's post of August 2004, "The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11". It starts like this:
That governments have permitted terrorist acts against their own people, and have even themselves been perpetrators in order to find strategic advantage is quite likely true, but this is the United States we're talking about.

That intelligence agencies, financiers, terrorists and narco-criminals have a long history together is well established, but the Nugan Hand Bank, BCCI, Banco Ambrosiano, the P2 Lodge, the CIA/Mafia anti-Castro/Kennedy alliance, Iran/Contra and the rest were a long time ago, so there’s no need to rehash all that. That was then, this is now!

That Jonathan Bush’s Riggs Bank has been found guilty of laundering terrorist funds and fined a US-record $25 million must embarrass his nephew George, but it's still no justification for leaping to paranoid conclusions.

That George Bush's brother Marvin sat on the board of the Kuwaiti-owned company which provided electronic security to the World Trade Centre, Dulles Airport and United Airlines means nothing more than you must admit those Bush boys have done alright for themselves.

That George Bush found success as a businessman only after the investment of Osama’s brother Salem and reputed al Qaeda financier Khalid bin Mahfouz is just one of those things - one of those crazy things.

That Osama bin Laden is known to have been an asset of US foreign policy in no way implies he still is.

That al Qaeda was active in the Balkan conflict, fighting on the same side as the US as recently as 1999, while the US protected its cells, is merely one of history's little aberrations.

The claims of Michael Springman, State Department veteran of the Jeddah visa bureau, that the CIA ran the office and issued visas to al Qaeda members so they could receive training in the United States, sound like the sour grapes of someone who was fired for making such wild accusations.

That one of George Bush's first acts as President, in January 2001, was to end the two-year deployment of attack submarines which were positioned within striking distance of al Qaeda's Afghanistan camps, even as the group's guilt for the Cole bombing was established, proves that a transition from one administration to the next is never an easy task.

Would it be more effective not only to point out that Bush lied but also to repeatedly inform people that the Downing Street Minutes call into question the Presidents moral and political stance. Anyone can say that the slip away from the issue and say "We did eveything to avoid war" which we all know is a lie, but its no way to deny that (frame question this way) assuming these documents are true how do you Morally and Politically justify your actions??

That would do 2 things either force him to say that the minutes are fake, or force him to justify his lyin to the public

I'm just puttin it out there and I wonder how others feel about this??

He cannot say minutes are fake now because Tony Blair has effectively given them credibility. And George W. has denied his lying and simultaneously justified his lying, by lying more. First there were WMD; then it was a moral war to remove a dictator; then it was to spread democracy in the region, etc. The fact is all these statements were simply to sweep the inital lies under the rug.

Bush is avoiding the Downing Street memos for the same reason he's avoiding Cindy Sheehan. They both serve as a direct confrontation to his lying and deceits.Bush can't deal with them,all he can do is run from them. He's what can be described as a classical coward.

Now that we know that Bush and Cheney committed impeachable offenses, what does it take to get the Congress to impeach them?

In my opionion, one action the citizenry can do now,
to force the congress into action, is a GENERAL STRIKE.

If every worker, in every industry, everywhere in this
country, went on strike and shut down the COUNTRY, that
would send a message to the congress faster then greased
lighting. Since computers are the wave of the activist
future, use it to organize a general strike.

Start with one day, and if need be, increase
the days, until the representatives that work for Us,
get the picture. That the citizens will STOP.
Will stop, all business, all transportation,
all the necessary activity required to function
a thriving, wealth economy. The businesses will scream
bloody murder,and call their elected (bought) officals.
A general strike, will let every moneyed interest
in this counrty and every corporation around the
world that has transactions with the U.S.,
that the citizens are serious.

So what you all say, shall we STRIKE!!!

I purpose that we send our Friends in the Middle East an Invoice for our Expenses for this War on Terror. I believe our President should Bill our Kuwait and Saudi Arabia allies 100 Billion each due in 30 days for our material costs for protecting them from Terror. They are getting more than they hoped for atleast double for a barrel of oil so It would be no trouble coming up with the cash. Why should it just be the American People getting the Bill for this action not even including the human cost of this War on Terror

A national strike is a great idea. I'm for it in full.


" You never change things by fighting the existing reality…

To change something...

Build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "

Buckminster Fuller

" Instead of Changing What Is...

Help Create Something New In the World "

Roger Drowne EC


So 2 Create Positive Change

That Involves People, Places, Things,

We Could Begin to...

Work Together, and

Help Create & Build,

One Global Community


For All of Us...

Or as John put it " IMAGIN "

Re-Sing the words 2 U & Each-Other

It Can B Real... More Than Just A Song


For the USA but also it can go global...

see ...


And to Change things on the

Local, Regional & Global...

Earth Stage

see ...
We have been working on these ideas

For years in many ways...

We created the web sites not long ago...

It will take many Earth Citizens

Working together

In their own way in neighborhoods

All over the Earth

To help let it Happen

Especially 4 the Kids on Planet Earth

This Plan/Idea/What-Ever

... Is Free 2 Use

Your Free 2 Run with It, Change It,

Make It Better...

What-Ever U Want Brothers & Sisters

... It's Our World !

4 more info Also C

Thank You, Respect, Peace & Love 2 All

Even 2 thoes who make it tricky

And nor, do you care. Personal gain (fame) is all Cindy wants. Something to latch on to because her son has died. She doesnt deserve a meeting with bush. She already had one. If she gets one. Then I want one. Catch my drift? Most likley not.

When are the bureau chiefs of our newspapers and networks going to snap out of their own vacation-induced trances and send some grown-up correspondents down to Crawford, Texas? For weeks now, Cindy Sheehan has not been asked a single question that is any tougher than "How does it feel?" The media have been acting as her megaphone. After Slate published her real opinions on politics (a weird confection of pacifism with paranoid anti-Zionism) last Monday, she was eventually asked about her statement that her son Casey had been killed in a war for Israel, and she denied ever having made it. So, we must now say that, as well as being a vulgar producer of her own spectacle, and an embarrassment to her family, Cindy Sheehan is at best a shifty fantasist.

After Slate published an extract from a letter that she wrote last March to ABC Nightline, Anderson Cooper of CNN asked her about the anti-Israel remarks the letter contained. She denied making them and proceeded in her blog to assert that someone had gotten hold of her original letter and somehow doctored it. This dark and murky allegation—evincing further paranoia on her part—has been easily and convincingly refuted, as can be seen. Cindy Sheehan, not content with echoing the Bin-Ladenist line that the president is the real "terrorist" and that he is the tool of a Jewish cabal, has dug a pit of falsehood around her own wild story.

This week, before family matters called her away from Crawford, she mutated her demand—that the president lower himself into that pit and join her down there—into the shameless request that he join her for Friday prayers. The nerve! We all know how much the forces believe in the power of prayer, and in the president's sincere religious convictions (their contempt for this is the only thing on which I agree with them). But, hey, try anything once for a tear-jerker or a bit of moral blackmail—what Maureen Dowd has so laughably called "absolute moral authority."

What do these people imagine that they are demanding? Would they like a referendum to be held, among the relatives of the fallen in Iraq, to determine the future conduct of the war? I think I can promise them that they would heavily lose such a vote. But what if the right wing were also to demand such a vote and the "absolute moral authority" that supposedly goes with it?

One of three things could then happen. The ultra-right anti-Zionist forces of David Duke and Patrick J. Buchanan, both of whom approvingly speak of Ms. Sheehan's popular groundswell, would still lose the vote. So would the media fools who semi-automatically identify Sheehan and her LaRouche-like drivel with the "left" or "progressive" forces. This would leave us with a random pseudo-majority, made up of veterans and their relatives. Who wants this to be the group that decides? One might as well live in a populist, jingoist banana republic. Never mind the Constitution, or even the War Powers Act. Only victims and martyrs can decide! Get ready to gather under the balcony of a leader who speaks rotundly of such glory.

Then there is the question of humanitarian or pacifist emotion. Some have perhaps been drawn to "Camp Casey" out of reverence for life. Their demand, however, is an immediate coalition withdrawal from Iraq. Have they seriously asked themselves how humane the consequences of that would be? The news of a pullout would put a wolfish grin on the faces of the "al-Qaida in Mesopotamia" brigade, as Mr. Zarqawi's force has named itself in order to resolve all doubt. Every effort would be made to detonate every available car-bomb and mine, so as to claim the withdrawal of coalition forces as a military victory for jihad. I can quite understand Ms. Sheehan's misery at the thought of her son being killed on some desolate road. But will she be on hand to console the parents whose sons are shot in the back while being ordered to surrender and withdraw?

I hope I don't insult the intelligent readers of this forum if I point out what the consequences of such a capitulation would be for the people of Iraq. Paint your own mental picture of a country that was already almost beyond rescue in 2003, as it is handed back to an alliance of homicidal Baathists and Bin-Ladenists. Comfort yourself, if that's the way you think, with the idea that such people are only nasty because Bush made them so. Intone the Sheehan mantra—repeated this very week—that terrorism is no problem because after all Bush is the leading terrorist in the world. See if that cheers you up. Try it on your friends. Live with it, if you are ready to live with the consequences of what you desire.

This is an argument, about a real war, that deserves moral seriousness on all sides. Flippancy and light-mindedness have no place. Cindy Sheehan's cheerleader Michael Moore has compared the "insurgents" in Iraq to the American minutemen and Founding Fathers. Do I taunt him for not volunteering to fight himself in such a noble cause? Of course I do not. That would be a low and sly blow. Do I say that he is spouting fascistic nonsense? Of course I do. Is Cindy Sheehan exempt from any verdict on her wacko opinions because of her bereavement? I would say that she is not. Has she been led into a false position by eager cynics who have sacrificed nothing and who would happily surrender unconditionally to the worst enemy that currently faces civilization? That's for her to clarify. While she ponders, she should forgo prayer, stay in California, and end her protest.

A voice of Reason, Thank You!!!

Good news from Iraq: You won't see this in the mainstream news

Today Show: US Soldier in Iraq Zaps Media - "I'd be Depressed Too if I got my
News from the Newspapers"

Iraqi Sunnis Battle To Defend Shiites

Iraq national news agency launched by Reuters

One Small Step for Iraq, One Giant Leap for Iraq's Free Press,3566,165229,00.html

Women Find a Voice at Iraq Radio Station

Iraq still 'offers plenty of business opportunities'

"Despite the upsurge in violence and mounting insecurity, a state enterprise in
the restive Diyala province is doing roaring business."\2005-08-03\10472.htm

Successful Polio Vaccination Campaign Reaches 4.4 million Children


Ministry of Health designates 450 billion dinars for purchasing medicines and
medial supplies

USAID/IRAQ: Reconstruction Weekly Update

Iraq’s southern marshlands are slowly recovering

Helping schoolchildren and handicapped

U.S. soldier honored with title for helping Iraqis

Army reimburses more than $1 million to Iraq reconstruction

Iraqi Infrastructure : Multi-national forces report on Iraq reconstruction

Sanitation : Najaf projects focus on supplying more potable water

Iraqi Education : Another 43 Iraqi schools funded and approved for

This good news must be galling for liberals.

That must be galling to IRAQUIS.


Are they getting the same "good news" that vital USA programs are getting over here?


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