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This is the forum to discuss Congressional events, efforts, meetings and other matters re: the Downing Street Minutes and the After Downing Street Coalition. Please limit discussion to this topic, and discuss other topics under the other forums - Activism, Evidence, Media, or General.

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dont let up until most people in the u.s .want answers. i never trusted the bush administration and now we all see why.dont give up and i can only hope that more people have the courage to come forward expose a lying megalo-maniacal administration that has put ego before reason.a lot of people criticize clinton for pulling our troops from somalia,but it only took losing 19 of our own before he thought it wasnt worth it.why are there so many contractors in iraq?& wasnt it called war profiteering in past history??

it is obvious the the house and senate opposition(republicans i mean) have no interest in discussing the issues surronding the memo.please dont let up. 1700 troops have died fighting for an ideal that was "embellished" by the bush administartion and americans deserve to know that redneck ideology and money are the reasons our troops are really in harms way.

thank for your time

Frankly I believe that you people(if I may be so bold as to call you people)are full of hate for the United States and will believe anything!
The Downing street memo was made up by your friends who are America's ememies!

Greetings, 6/20 (Bolton Vote tonight?)

Another anxious day waiting to see if the Senate will stop the Bolton vote. Be sure to call Congress today with the info that one of the Downing Street Memos, dated August 3, 2002, has a quote from Bolton about Bush's plans to invade Iraq.

August 3, Bolton said, "...let there be no mistake...our policy..insists on regime change in Baghdad and that policy will not be altered where the inspectors go in or not..we are content that at the appropriate moment we will have the requisite degree of international support."

Question from John Humphries to Bolton:
"But is you don't have it, and all the indications are that at the moment you won't, then what?"

Bolton: "We will have it Mr. Humphries."

Bolton on BBC's Today programme, August 3, 2002: "Our European allies are just not relevant to this. And the one of some importance, the United Kingdon, is, I believe, going to be with us."

There is also information in an AP report that Bolton had a UN official removed (in 2002 - lending credence to the downing street timeline) because he wanted to send in more inspectors to seek out WMD claims. Just another link in the chain of events.

Mr. Bonifaz should be on cspan's Washington Journal, and Al Franken's TV Show.

Everyone should go to and suggest appearances by these gentlemen. C-SPAN does listen to such requests! That's why there are so many appearances by American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation and all the other right-wing organizations. We need to demand more appearances by Democrats!

Yes, I would like to see John Bonifaz as a guest on C-Span. Can we do this?

Be sure to check CSPAN for repeat of her remarks on the House floor this afternoon. She has been outfront and outspoken since day one. So long as we still have True Leaders like her and Reps:Lee, Conyers, Waters & Lee.. (hum..are they all attny's?)..we may yet see a Resolution of Inquiry and the demise of this Corporate War Machine and the incipient fascism that propells it
"Courage mon braves..aux barricades"

It's sad that Democratic members of the U.S. House are forced to meet in a tiny, camped basement room to hear testimony about the Downing St. minutes. Let everyone take note of how the Republicans running Congress show no courtesies or respect to Democrats. When the next election occurs, I hope people will remember this treatment and vote for Democrats in every state.
Anyone who did not see the "basement hearings" should check it out on

Yeah, i was peeved at first, but then it made for great Theatre of The Absurd.
Plus a few lines fom a couple of songs lifted my spirits.
1) Only Brits will remember this. "Remember ,Remember,the Fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot."
I am NOT advocating such tactics! - but 'twas a tradition cross the pond when we nippers would build big bonfires, set off fireworks and burn an effigy of Sir Guy Fawkes, leader of a group of anarchists who were caught stashing barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of St James Palace in an attempt to bring down the Monarchy. Don't try this at home.
2) And of course the words of R.Zimmerman:-
"Johnnys in the basement - mixing up the medicine"
Just a little levity in the midst of all this heavy stuff.

A group of six NC CODEPINK members met with a surrogate for Congressman Etheridge today (7/22 North Carolina). We had one primary point, he either takes full responsibility for the carnage of this War...or he signs Babara Lee's resolution, calls for an inquiry, and stand up angry that he was lied to by the Bush Administration.

We, along with other peace groups, have won the support of Congressmen Miller and Price, and encourage everyone to call for a meeting in one of your local offices (Both Price and Miller signed on Conyers Letter, and are waiting for feedback on Lee's Resolution). You don't need to speak with your Congressman or woman. Simply ask to speak with foreign affairs legislative assistants or district rep.

We are blown away by our small but steady successes.
Keep holding your elected officials accountable with steady, direct communication.

Looks like 36 Senators sent a letter to the president concerning John Bolton. His lying is an issue I guess. I hope he takes their advise seriously. I want to know who the 36 senators are.

Dear Mr. President:

In light of the fact that John Bolton was not truthful to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the questionnaire he swore was truthful, we ask that you do not make a recess appointment of Mr. Bolton to be the Ambassador to the United Nations and instead submit a new nomination to the Senate.

Mr. Bolton’s excuse that he “didn’t recall being interviewed by the State Department’s Inspector General

the president told everyone, "i believe GOD has called me to lead this nation". he then said America was going to bring light (freedom)
to the world and rid the world of "evil doers"? getting innocent people killed is murder (1st commandment). "bearing false witness" is another. i mean, if your gonna set the christian example shouldn't
you at least not violate any of the top ten? what he and the religious backers are doing is actually trying to bring about the appocolypse as in revelations step by step.he and his distorted idiology i fear have actually begun the downfall of our empire as all the others before us (greece, rome ect)when they went too far.the fate of the earth has been compromised.

HELP WANTED: President of USA
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2005-09-03 16:47.

Title: President of USA

Position Available: ASAP

Education Qualities Needed: Educated in FOREIGN Policy; Educated in USA and WORLD ECONOMICS; Educated in being a Negotiator; Educated in FOREIGN RELIGIONS; Educated on Relationships; Educated in Military Manpower planning; Strong GRAMMAR skills required.

Personal Attributes: ability to hear the people you represent, truthful, sincere, hardworking, dedicated to the people you serve, high morals, strong ethics of an individuals life, willing to get along with other foreign countries, willing to place YOUR LIFE on the line before the people you represent as a NOBLE cause!

A "proven track record" of the abilities and personal attributes for all the above!

Vacation Time: 3 weeks per year in total

Please forward your resumes to the CONGRESS! You may send via FED _EX.

Pinocchio Puppets need NOT APPLY

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Republicans will be running congress for a long time to come....THANK GOD!!!!

Love Canal-type landfill submerged in New Orleans floodwaters
Submitted by HELP ALL THAT ARE IN NEW ORLEANS! NOW (not verified) on Tue, 2005-09-06 10:00.
Relative to Katrina......look what is now spread around NEW ORLEANS.

Somebody needs to let the media know what the soldiers are WORKING IN! Write your newspapers Online.

Reuters, AP, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Washington Post, Washington Times, NYT, Wall Street Journal,Yahoo NEWS


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Pride cometh before the fall, you asshole..

Chew on them moral values!

Doug E.

hi guys, i'm here with my pal doug. well, doug thinks he's really smart because he uses language that is dirtier than anything that ever came out of my (doug's word). have a nice day doug. i will be praying for you... possibly.

I Live in Kay Grangers Congressional district in Fort Worth Texas. After lobbying Ms. Granger to support Rep. Barbara Lee's bill H.RES 375 I recieved a letter from Congresswoman Granger claiming that "This internal document has been widely discredited." She went on to say U.N. Security Council had voted unanimously to ask Saddam to comply with international weapons inspectors. She say Saddam supported terrorism and harbored intense hatred for the U.S. She went on to claim 189,000 Iraq forces have been trained. Then she proceeded with the same old line of B.S. how staying the course is critical to our national security. I know Kay Granger fairly well. Either she is oblivious to reality and doesn't want to hear the truth, or she is fearful of offending an administration that could cut funding for one of her precious weapon programs which is most dear to her heart. The master she serves more faithfully than her constituents. as Ike Eisenhower could say "I told ya so."

The other day President Bush said that there are some in Washington who feel the sacrifice is too great. Maybe he thinks that 2094 soldiers and 300 billion dollars is a price that America should easily bear,and despite the fact that Congress voted to give themselves a nice raise on Friday, the evidence states otherwise.

They tell us that money is tight and we need to trim the budget, so they

cut foodstamps for 225,000 families
cut headstart funding denying entrance to another 27,000 children
cut childcare assistance for the working poor
scaled medicare and medicaid way back
further reduced the clean water funding despite the fact that Katrina caused 595 chemical and oil spills

When you add these reductions on top of the ones we have had every year lately, it gets pretty drastic.

Do we really want to continue bombing Iraq so that American children can go hungry?

It is a National Shame.

Were does the President get off making this statement. He is not we the people. Remember the people of the United States of America are the Decission Makers' and for him to assume that he has control like this is a joke. We voted people into office for reason and well he was not one of the reasons. People have spoken by voting the lawmakers into office to try and stop his plans. Enough mister Bush!

Progressive Democrats of America support Rep. McGovern and Woolsey. Ask your Representative to cosponsor these bills.

There are people occupying Congressional Offices of those who are not actively working to end the occupation. Imagine of every solider and Marine that died in Iraq or Afghanistan received as much attention as one Anna Nicole Smith we would be a better informed society. I almost vomit listening to commentators openly accept that the Pelosi Planegate is a distraction technique to get off of Iraq. They describe a public tired of hearing about Iraq. Oh if it were so easy. Wake up I say and lets be sure that fewer and fewer people are considering this congressional media complex meme acceptable. These bills must gain cosponsors in line with the polls and in line with the majority of Americans. It is just our Elected Representatives taht seem to need the nudging.


Progressive Democrats of America
Impeachment Working Group National Coordinator

[Read Foreign Press]

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