Rocky Anderson Speaks At Anti-Bush Rally

Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson spoke at Monday's anti-Bush protest at Pioneer Park.

Anderson took to the podium following President Bush's speech at the Salt Palace. Anderson spoke in front of more than 500 people gathered at the park in protest of President Bush's visit to Utah.

Anderson told the crowd that people were afraid of what they had to say and they're "not going to take it anymore.''

The mayor ended his speech by saying "it's up to the people to keep speaking up and this is a turning point for our nation here today in Salt Lake City.''

Idaho Was Fine Without Bush, Thank You

There goes the neighborhood: Donnelly greets Bush with trepidation
By CHRISTOPHER SMITH / Associated Press

The helicopter carrying George Bush touched down Monday on a brand-new, bright green golf course at Tamarack Resort as the president began his two-day Idaho vacation. A small crowd waved flags and cheered, but the town's local dignitary was not among the welcoming committee.

"We've got people that are actually planning to move because of what's happening here," said Donnelly Mayor George Dorris. "The president coming here, now the guy who works as a burger flipper in Denver and who never had any desire to come up here is going to want to see what brought the president here."

On Board the Royal Airplane

Q Is the White House concerned about the protests that are planned in Salt Lake City today?

MR. DUFFY: The President addressed that directly. He can understand that people don't share his view that we must win the war on terror, and we cannot retreat and cut and run from terrorists, but he just has a different view. He believes it would be a fundamental mistake right now for us to cut and run in the face of terrorism, because if we've learned anything, especially from the 9/11 Commission Report, it is that to continue to retreat after the Cole, after Beirut and Somalia is to only empower terrorists and to give them more recruiting tools as they try to identify ways to harm Americans.

Sheehan a critical tipping point for Bush presidency?

Christian Science Monitor
By Dante Chinni

WASHINGTON - By the strictest terms and in the most fundamental way, President Bush is right not to meet with Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who created the encamped protest down in Crawford, Texas.

There are thousands of parents and relatives who, like her, have lost loved ones in Iraq and many of them would also like to talk to the president. If he opens the door to her, why not open the door to all of them? In fact, meeting with Ms. Sheehan would open the door to meetings with anyone who feels passionately about any topic and wants to talk to the president.

Massive Mobilization in Mormon Country

Here's an audio link to the beginning of the protest today in Salt Lake City. Though the commentator says there are 600-700 people in attendance, our sources on the ground say there are closer to 2,000. Oh, the media...

Click here to listen

Urging Congressman C.W. Bill Young to Co-Sponsor H. Res. 375

By Sandra Jurgensen

A Resolution of Inquiry: Citizens of Florida's 10th District
Urging Congressman C.W. Bill Young to Co-Sponsor H. Res. 375

WHEREAS we are concerned regarding the rationale which precipitated the extensive and ongoing injury and loss of life suffered by over eighteen hundred of our nation’s military personnel and countless thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, and
WHEREAS the information in the Downing Street Documents strongly suggests that President Bush intentionally deceived Congress about the reasons for war, and

8-22 The Cindy Sheehan Effect

By Cynthia Bogard

George Bush flew the coop this morning in his red presidential helicopter, off to deliver a speech to 15,000 Veterans of Foreign Wars in Utah, the reddest of red states.[He received 71% of the votes in Utah in 2004.] We were having our morning volunteer meeting at Camp Casey II just then and we raised our arms in unison to salute him with the peace sign as he flew across the prairie.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Bush's carefully scripted photo-op to hype the war, motivated, according to ABC's George Stephanopolos, by "the Cindy Sheehan effect." That's us, the 50 to over 1,000 people on site at any one time here in Crawford and the many thousands of supporters who have besieged the Crawford Peace house with gifts, words of support and donations. "Oddly," noted the New York Times, war protesters showed up in Salt Lake City. And more oddly still, the 1,000 person peaceful protest was organized by none other than Ross C. Anderson, the mayor * yes, the mayor, of Salt Lake. Well, okay, he is a Democrat. But still, that's what's happening today in Utah.

Gold Star and Military Families Continue Vigil With Same Questions for Bush

For Immediate Release: August 19th, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Leaves Crawford Temporarily To Be With Ailing Mother;
Gold Star and Military Families Continue Vigil With Same Questions for Bush

More Families Arrive Daily to Join ‘Camp Casey’

CRAWFORD, TX - As Cindy Sheehan leaves Crawford to help care for her mother who entered the hospital yesterday, members of Gold Star Families for Peace and Military Families Speak Out - those whose loved ones were killed in Iraq, and those who have loved ones are needlessly in harm’s way - vow to remain in Crawford and to carry on the vigil at ‘Camp Casey’ in Cindy Sheehan’s absence. Families from across the country continue to come to Crawford to uphold the call for a meeting with President Bush, and an end to the war in Iraq.

Gold Star Families Follow Bush to Demand Answers on War in Iraq

From Crawford, TX to Boise, ID: Gold Star Families Follow Bush to Demand Answers on War in Iraq

Press Release:

Idahoans tell the President…

"Mr. Bush, Every Town Has a Cindy and Casey"

Tuesday Noon Dedication of Iraq War Memorial to Feature Comments from Military Mom and War Widow

Boise, ID, Tuesday, August 23, 12:00 pm: While President Bush is mountain biking 100 miles north of Boise Tuesday, local citizens opposed to the Iraq war and supporting the efforts of Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan will gather in downtown Boise at 12:00 noon to dedicate a memorial to the Iraq War.

Will sing for peace

You have to admire her tenacity: Joan Baez gave her heart and soul to peace activism during the Vietnam War, and even when the U.S. government is dumb enough to get us involved in yet another quagmire, she is still dedicated to spreading peace through song. Joan said before she performed for us tonight, "I didn't need an invitation to come here-- I had already bought my plane ticket!!"

It was understandably an amazing experience for, ahem, older Camp Casey supporters to hear Joan sing years after they had first heard her during the 60's. And even though my previous experience with Joan Baez was limited to Jenny's idolization of her in "Forrest Gump," her presence alone on the stage reminded me how just how historic Camp Casey is.

Day is done, gone the sun

As the sun sets over Camp Casey, Lance Corporal Jeff Key plays taps to honor the fallen soldiers. Joan Baez stands beside him in solidarity.

Click here to watch and listen
(6 MB, AVI format)

Bush preparing to leave ranch

Peace icon Joan Baez performs anti-war songs at protest camp
07:03 AM CDT on Monday, August 22, 2005
By ANDREW BECKER / The Dallas Morning News

CRAWFORD, Texas – President Bush spent a quiet day at his Crawford ranch Sunday, a day before he is to travel to Utah, where is scheduled to explain why U.S. troops must remain in Iraq.

The renewed attention to the war came as peace activists, camping near the president's ranch, heard a performance Sunday evening by peace movement icon Joan Baez.

Today, the president is set to arrive in Salt Lake City to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. From Utah he'll make his first visit as president to Idaho, where he will spend two days at a resort before speaking Wednesday to military families near Boise.

Spies, Leaks & Memos - Part I

The Sag Harbor Express
ISSUE DATE: 8/18/05 August 05
OUR TOWN: Spies, Leaks & Memos - Part I
By Julie Penny

The documents used to put forth the claim that Iraq had gone shopping for uranium in Niger turned out to be forgeries, and “poor forgeries

Bush Challenged in Utah and Idaho

Institute for Public Accuracy
915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * *

PM Monday, August 22, 2005

* Bush Challenged in Utah and Idaho
* Iraqi Constitution

Currently in Utah, Zappala is available for a very limited number of
interviews. Her oldest son, Pennsylvania National Guardsman Sgt. Sherwood
Baker, was killed in Baghdad in April 2004 while protecting the Iraq Survey


By Greg Palast

Crawford, Texas - Celebrity bike champ Lance Armstrong joined President George W. Bush this weekend at the Crawford Ranch to celebrate the thirtieth day of the President's vigil against Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in action in Iraq.

Armstrong, fresh from his victory in the Tour De France, is seen here with Mr. Bush riding across the symbolic gravesite of Casey Sheehan, deceased Army specialist, son of the bereaved Mrs. Sheehan.

"We must stay the course," said a resolute Mr. Bush who vowed to "extend my vacation as long as necessary to accomplish this mission" and force Sheehan to give up her siege of the Western White House.

Republicans Declare War On Peace Mom

by Tony Peyser

"Cindy Sheehan hates our troops!
She has openly Liberal views!
She's a pawn of!
She's a well-known hater of Jews!"

This feast of vile tirades
Right wingers are loath to shut off
All of them sound like chicken hawks
Whose heads have just been cut off.

Cleland, Kerry and Wilson
They were all too happy to slime
But these tired Swift Boat tactics
Aren't going to work this time.

The GOP fraternity
Is one combative brotherhood
But it's unwise to attack
A symbol of grieving motherhood.


Time to break the silence

By William E. Connolly
Baltimore Sun
Originally published August 22, 2005

THE PROTEST by Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas - while a wartime president takes a five-week vacation - posed a difficult question. Why was there a protest movement during that last quagmire in Vietnam but no equivalent has emerged today? Ms. Sheehan clearly touched a nerve.

But, nonetheless, why, after thousands of Iraqis and Americans killed and maimed, the increased risk of terrorism the war has fostered and the high probability of a civil war in its wake, do so many Americans remain quiet about this disaster?

The Letter George W. Bush Should Have Sent Cindy Sheehan

This will be the last of a series of three public letters Winston has written on behalf of all of us here at The Last Chance Democracy Café. This one, like the one before, is directed to George W. Bush. It's too bad he isn't much of a reader, isn't it? Who knows? He might even learn something.

The Last Chance Democracy Café
Episode 40: The Letter George W. Bush Should Have Sent Cindy Sheehan

by Steven C. Day

* * *

To the Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States (under protest)

Dear President Bush:

To put it plainly, Mr. President, we here at The Last Chance Democracy Café are baffled by the boneheaded way you've handled the Cindy Sheehan affair. As awful a job as we think you've done in just about everything else, when it comes to partisan politics, you, or at least those around you, have generally played a near flawless game of chess -- full contact chess that is -- at least until now.

Baez Is Back!

Folk Singer Icon Joan Baez Takes Camp Casey II By Storm
LoneStar Iconoclast
By Gene Ellis

See photos:

CRAWFORD — Shortly after Joan Baez arrived Sunday afternoon at Camp Casey II, she gave a press conference with the Gold Star Families, all of whom have lost loved ones in the war. She talked with them, and she cried with them.

Ms. Baez returned to the trailer to prepare for her performance, speaking only in whispers when it was necessary to speak at all, saving her voice.

She gave a moving performance, peppered with energy, emotion, humor, and humanity. She even showed compassion for President Bush, although she disagrees with him. She said she doesn’t make Bush jokes any more because they often offend more conservative folks, and that isn’t helping anything.

Protesters Will Follow Bush War Tour


Crawford, Texas - President Bush, trying to counter the message of anti-war vigils outside his ranch and growing public discontent with Iraq, leaves Texas on Monday for the first of two speeches on the war and the September 11 attacks, but more protesters await him.

Bush, appearing at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Salt Lake City, will weigh in on attempts by Iraqis to meet a deadline for a draft constitution and may reiterate his stay-the-course message to Americans who are increasingly uneasy about his handling of Iraq.

At a park near the VFW venue, Celeste Zappala, 58, the Philadelphia mother of a National Guardsman killed in Iraq, plans to lead a protest. Her son Sherwood Baker was killed in Iraq last year and she is part of anti-war mother Cindy Sheehan's group, Gold Star Families for Peace.

From Crawford, TX to Boise, ID: Gold Star Families Follow Bush to Demand Answers on War in Iraq

From Crawford Update

Idahoans tell the President¦

"Mr. Bush, Every Town Has a Cindy and Casey"

Tuesday Noon Dedication of Iraq War Memorial to Feature Comments from Military Mom and War Widow

Boise, ID, Tuesday, August 23, 12:00 pm: While President Bush is mountain biking 100 miles north of Boise Tuesday, local citizens opposed to the Iraq war and supporting the efforts of Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan will gather in downtown Boise at 12:00 noon to dedicate a memorial to the Iraq War.

The gathering will feature remarks from Gold Star wife Melanie House of Simi Valley, CA, the 27-year-old widow of Petty Officer 3rd Class John House, who was killed in Iraq on January 27, 2005; and, Laura McCarthy, the mother of a soldier serving in the Army National Guard's 116th Calvary Brigade in Iraq.

News From Crawford

Joan Baez will be on stage again tonight, singing and speaking about being an activist.

There will be a candlelight vigil tomorrow.

And big events later in the week... stay tuned.

Going to Crawford? Consider this first.

by BOHICA at Daily Kos
Mon Aug 22nd, 2005 at 06:46:03 PDT

Do you need to go or do you just want to go? Big difference. Our Veterans for Peace chapter Vice President just returned from Camp Casey. He needed to go, to record and bear witness, its part of his make up. He was a medic in Viet Nam 1970-71. Saw some horrendous shit. Part of his PTSD recovery is, as he states, "To keep them from coming home in body bags." He is one of our most powerful speakers at schools and rallies. He is a photojournalist with some of the most powerful images you will ever see. This is his mission in life. He had to go. He needed to go.

Do you need to go?

"Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids"

by Cindy Sheehan at Daily Kos
Mon Aug 22nd, 2005 at 09:28:51 PDT

Day 16 - The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford

I have received dozens of emails with this heading: Go Home and Take Care of Your Kids. I think of all the name calling and unnecessary and untrue trashing of my character, this one offends me the most. What do the people who send me this message mean?

First of all, it offends me because it is so blatantly sexist. Would anyone think of emailing George Bush when he is out and about (now he is going on a vacation away from his vacation to make speeches in Idaho and Utah defending his killing policies), telling him to go and take care of his kids? Does anyone write to ANY man and tell him to go home and take care of his kids. I have news for all of these people, my children are adults and their dad is home to take care of them if they need any taking care of.

Arizona Democratic Party Passes Resolution to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

Seven State Democratic Parties Now Say Yes to Withdrawal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, August, 22nd 2005

Contact: Kevin Spidel National Political Director Progressive Democrats of America (602) 373-6990

Flagstaff, AZ - The Arizona Democratic Party passed a resolution Saturday calling for an "expeditious withdrawal of troops in Iraq." The resolution was put forth by grassroots activists in Sedona and supported by local activists affiliated with Progressive Democrats of America (PDA.)

This marks seven states in which grassroots activists have put forth resolutions calling for an exit from Iraq. Other states that activists have passed resolutions include California, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.

All Out for Unified Mass Anti-War Protest Sept 24!

Get Your Bus Tickets Online NOW!

The Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC) applauds the agreement between the National September 24th Coalition (of which it is a part) and United for Peace and Justice to hold a unified anti-war protest in Washington D.C. on September 24. Now all attention and energy can be turned to building the biggest strongest protest possible to Shut Down the War and Bring the Troops Home Now!

Here's what you can do!

1) Buy your bus ticket online to get on the bus for September 24! (tickets available online for 7 New York metro locations including Jersey City and Long Island City, as well as Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Boston, at the following link:


By Jeff Norman
U.S. Tour of Duty

Now that I'm in Crawford, I realize the situation here is even more remarkable than what I had been hearing and reading. In terms of scope, energy, and organization, Cindy Sheehan and her supporters are making history.

I arrived in Austin yesterday afternoon at about the same time as Gold Star mom Karen Merideth did, so we drove to Crawford together. Our first stop in President Bush's hometown was the Crawford Peace House, which is adorned with a multitude of anti-war signs that can't be missed by anyone who drives by. Gold Star brother Dante Zappala picked us up and took us past Camp Casey I (the infamous ditch) to Camp Casey II on a ranch owned by the cousin of a man who fired a shotgun last week in a manner nobody interpreted as inviting. On the way we saw various pro-Bush signs on residential and commercial properties. The most prominent and most mixed message is across the street from the Peace House at a gift shop dominated by Bush memorabilia called the Yellow Rose. Its propietor has placed pro-war slogans on a monument with the ten commandments, including, of course, "Thou shalt not kill."




* Cindy's Crawford: Camp Casey Continues to Grow Despite Sheehan's Absence *

Hundreds of supporters converged on Camp Casey outside Bush¹s Crawford
estate this weekend. Although Cindy Sheehan had to leave temporarily to care
for her ailing mother, other military families delivered a letter to the
gates of the presidential property.


* Pro-Bush Demonstrators Mount "I Give a Sheet" Campaign *

Bush supporters also made their way to Crawford this weekend. About fifty

Congressmen Filner and Wynn Co-Sponsor Resolution of Inquiry

Congressmen Albert Wynn and Bob Filner have now co-sponsored the Resolution of Inquiry into pre-war claims, bringing the total number of co-sponsors to 50.

Finish the Intelligence Investigation!

By Steve Cobble
Huffington Post

Kristen Breitweiser's great post yesterday about the failures of the 9/11 Commission reminded me of another failed Committee--the Senate Intelligence Committee, who never did finish their intelligence investigation.

We were promised an investigation into the use and misuse of our intelligence by the White House and the rest of the government.

C'mon, Senator Roberts, let's get going.

(Don't hold your breath. See this link to Raw Story's article for more on this esteemed Kansas conservative.)

Speaking Events



March 24, Boone, NC.


March 25, Asheville, NC
Battery Park Apartments, 1 Battle Square, rooftop room, noon - 2 p.m.
Sign up on FB.


War Is A Lie: Second Edition
Published April 5, 2016
Tour begins here:

April 11, Washington, DC, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Busboys and Poets at 5th and K Streets.
Sign up on FB.


April 12, Baltimore, MD, 7:30 p.m. at Red Emma's.
Sign up on FB.


April 14, Bellingham, WA, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.
Sign up on FB.


April 15, Seattle, WA
Town Hall Seattle
1119 Eighth Ave (8th and Seneca) 
Seattle, WA 98101
Sign up on FB.


April 16 Portland, OR


April 24, Oneonta, NY at Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta.
5:30 discussion with students.
7:00 talk and Q&A with everyone.
Sign up on FB.


May 28, San Francisco, CA
11 a.m. to 1 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Daniel Ellsberg, at San Francisco Main Public Library, 100 Larkin Street.
Sign up on FB.

May 28, Marin County, CA
4 to 6 p.m., David Swanson in conversation with Norman Solomon, at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA
Sign up on FB.

May 29, Oakland, CA
3 to 4 p.m., David Swanson interviewed by Cindy Sheehan, at Diesel: A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue at Kales (near Manila), Oakland, CA
Sign up on FB.

May 29, Berkeley, CA
7:30 to 9 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, sponsored by the Social Justice Committee and Cynthia Papermaster, 1606 Bonita Ave. (at Cedar), Berkeley, CA
Sign up on FB.

May 30, Fresno, CA
2 to 4 p.m., David Swanson and Cindy Sheehan at a Peace Fresno event


June 11 St. Paul, MN, 6 p.m. at Macalester Plymouth Church Social Hall 1658 Lincoln, St. Paul, MN.
Sign up on FB.


June 12 Minneapolis, MN, 9 and 11 a.m. at St. Joan's 4533 3rd Ave So, Minneapolis, MN, plus peace pole dedication at 2 p.m.
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Other Events Here.


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