Rogue Soldiers or Rogue President? Scapegoating Small-Fry

By Ray McGovern
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

The news that yet another Army private, Lynndie England, 22, of Fort Ashby, West Virginia, has been convicted and sentenced for posing for the infamous photos of torture at Abu Ghraib, while her superiors duck responsibility, is a sad commentary on the extent to which the Bush administration has corrupted the US Army.

The reminder of the photos of those inexcusable activities was sickening enough, and England deserves to be punished. But I am of the old-Army school where officers took responsibility for the actions of those under their command. For anyone who cares to look, there is abundant documentary evidence that the Army brass and its civilian leadership are responsible for the torture. They continue to dance away from taking responsibility.

George Galloway Speaking in DC Last Week

Get report, photos, and audio here.

George Galloway, Member of Parliament - UK (Respect Unity Coalition), spoke to a capacity audience at the First Congregational Church in Washington, DC. Ralph Nader and Dennis Brutus were special guests, while Louisiana activists were honored (see below). Appearing with Galloway were, in order of speaking, Virginia Harabin (moderator); Mounzer Sleiman, PhD, who made welcoming remarks on behalf of National Council of Arab Americans; Camilo Mejia, Army soldier who refused to fight in Iraq; he is a conscientious objector and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War; Elias Rashmawi, National Council of Arab Americans; Rose Gentle, founding member of Military Families Against the War (UK); and Ahmed Shawki, Editor, International Socialist Review and Board member of National Council of Arab Americans - he introduced George Galloway. link.

Poll Shows Deep Doubts About Bush Foreign Policy


WASHINGTON (Sept. 29) - The American public has doubts about whether the Bush administration policy of promoting democracy internationally will make the world a safer place.

A poll done at the University of Maryland found that just over a fourth, 28 percent, say they think the world is safer when there are more democracies, while more than twice as many, 68 percent, say democracy may make life better within a country but does not make the world safer.

The poll, released Thursday, was conducted by the university's Program on International Policy Attitudes in association with the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.

Prosecutor Quiet After Miller's Testimony

Prosecutor Quiet After Miller's Testimony By PETE YOST, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 11 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - It has been two years since a grand jury began looking into the Valerie Plame CIA identity case, a criminal investigation that could close up shop shortly or cause more pain for the Bush White House.

Following Friday's grand jury testimony by New York Times reporter Judith Miller, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald gave no indication of his plans, and his spokesman refused to comment.

"I'm leaving," was all Fitzgerald offered to reporters as the prosecutor left the federal courthouse where he had just won the latest round in his investigation. He had finally persuaded Miller to cooperate after she spent 85 days in jail for refusing to testify.

Miller testimony to end grand jury CIA probe

Miller testimony to end grand jury CIA probe
By Edward Alden in Washington
Published: September 30 2005 21:34 | Last updated: September 30 2005 23:50

A US grand jury investigation into whether White House officials broke the law by exposing a covert Central Intelligence Agency operative is set to conclude after testimony on Friday from a New York Times reporter.

Judith Miller, who was imprisoned for nearly three months after refusing to testify about her conversations with a top aide to Dick Cheney, vice-president, was released on Thursday when she agreed to testify. She appeared before the grand jury in Washington Friday morning.

Can Bush Be Ousted?
By Robert Parry
October 1, 2005

Can American voters impose any meaningful accountability on George W. Bush, including possibly removing him and his team from office?

That’s a question – implicit in our recent stories about his administration’s failures – that has attracted skepticism from some readers. Several have sent e-mails expressing strong doubts that anything at all can be achieved through the electoral process, given the cowardice of the Democratic Party and the complicity of the mainstream news media.

There is much to be said for those arguments. A sub-theme of my book, Secrecy & Privilege, is that the massive conservative investment in media, think tanks and attack groups over the past three decades has led to a systemic change in U.S. politics, the creation of a right-wing machine that can crush almost anyone who gets in the way.

You Made History

The UFPJ Lobby Day on Sept. 26 was the biggest lobby day for peace any of us can remember - and you helped make it so! Even if you had to miss out on the lobby day, I will continue to reach out to you so that you can be involved in our follow-up activities.

Here is a quick report - upwards of 1,000 citizen lobbyists hit Capitol Hill, meeting with over 300 members of Congress and/or their staff. We represented 40 states, and met with about an equal number of Republican and Democratic members. Even the media were interested, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer covered the Indiana delegation meeting with Senator Lugar, Phil Donhue and his crew were present at a few meetings with the California delegation. Most delegations were met with a polite and respectful response. One Congressional Aide told a delegation "you are the best prepared and largest group I have ever met with"!

Triangle Ed-Op Interviews: Congressman Curt Weldon

Triangle Ed-Op Interviews: Congressman Curt Weldon
By James Mack, Jr.
Published: Friday, September 30, 2005
Article Tools: Page 2 of 6

So, what I've had to do is to fight with both of them, both the 9-11 Commission and the [Bush] administration, who I think neither of whom wants this information to be put out to the American people. Now, what bothers me is that the bulk of the information in Able Danger acquired was open-source information; it wasn't classified. To deny these military officers, who are very dedicated, loyal Americans, to tell their story not only flies in the face of everything this country stands for, but it is also a personal attack against them. It also flies in the face of the legitimate role of Congress in oversight of the executive branch. So as Senator Glassly said yesterday, this is a lot of bigger than Curt Weldon or Able Danger: It's about Congress exercising its legitimate roll in oversight.

How to End the Real Looting and Lawlessness: It’s Time To Launch “Project Total Recall

By Steve Bhaerman

As America recovers and rebalances after the huge tragedy in New Orleans, we can expect political rhetoric to seek pre-flood levels. >From the left we can expect to hear help was too little too late because most of the left-behinds were black folks. And no doubt, that is a factor. You too probably saw the two AP news photos and their captions. The white guy slogging through the bog with a garbage bag is “finding food.

Our political elite is in paralysis'

Posted on Thu, Sep. 29, 2005
Our political elite is in paralysis'


President Bush is in big trouble, and so are we. In this town, there is barely disguised glee that the president so badly bumbled the rescue-and-recovery operation post-Katrina that he has lost the aura of a strong, decisive leader.

Democrats and their coalition partners in the media are gloating that Bush's fumbling proves them right: He is the fortunate son who is beyond his depth in an office he would not have won had it not been for his name, connections and a friendly Supreme Court. The piling on begins to grate, but that is the nature of politics. When Nixon was mired in Watergate, Reagan in Iran-contra and Clinton in the Monica mess, Washington was whistling Happy Days Are Here Again.

No-Bid Contracts To Get Close Look

No-Bid Contracts To Get Close Look
Inspectors General Promise to Review Katrina Deals, Earlier FEMA Agreements

By Griff Witte
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 29, 2005; Page A11

The officials responsible for monitoring more than $60 billion in federal Hurricane Katrina spending promised yesterday to take a hard look at every no-bid contract awarded since the storm and to investigate the adequacy of contracts the government had in place before disaster struck.

The assurances came at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing at which lawmakers from both parties questioned a panel of inspectors general about whether Katrina aid money is being well spent. The inspectors general provided few answers because, they said, their work has just begun. But they said repeatedly that they would investigate.

DC Poets Against the War Presents Sam Hamill in Three Area Readings

Poets Against the War Founder Sam Hamill comes to Washington, D.C., in October 2005, with two new books, Almost Paradise: New and Selected Poems & Translations and Tao Te Ching: A New Translation (both from Shambhala Publications, 2005).

Wednesday, October 19, 7pm - Jimenez-Porter House, Dorchester Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Click here for a map of campus. College Park/Green line on the Metro.

Thursday, October 20, noon - Pryzbyla Center, Great Room A, Catholic University, Washington, DC. Includes a short reading by D.C. Poets Against the War coordinator Sarah Browning and the screening of an excerpt from Voices in Wartime. Brookland/Red line on the Metro. Click here for a map of campus.

Indicting the President's Policies

Indicting the President's Policies
John Nichols
2 hours, 27 minutes ago

The Nation -- In Washington, where it is exceeding difficult to get the political players or the press corps to pay attention to more than one story at once, no0 one would suggest that it was "smart politics" to deliver a major address on the day that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay being forced to step aside after being indicted on criminal conspiracy charges.

But sometimes the work of Washington involves more than political games.

Sometimes it involves life and death questions of national policy. And it is particularly frustrating in such moments to see vital statements about the nation's future get lost in the rush to discuss the scandal du jour. To be sure, the well-deserved indictment of DeLay merited the attention it received. But the indictment of President Bush's "stay-the-course" approach with regard to the Iraq War, which was delivered on the same day by U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (news, bio, voting record), D-Wisconsin, should have gotten a lot more attention than it did.

Huffington on Miller

Miller Walks: The Plot Thickens

It’s time for Judy Miller and Arthur Sulzberger to change their talking points.

The claim that Miller “has finally received a direct and uncoerced waiver

IMPORTANT NOW: 60 Minutes Niger story that never aired... Let's get it aired!

IMPORTANT NOW: 60 Minutes Niger story that never aired... Let's get it aired!
by jbalazs [Subscribe]
Fri Sep 30th, 2005 at 09:29:23 PDT
Re-Post from August 25th. Commenters encouraged me to post it again when the time was right... The time is right! With Judy Miller's testimony being covered today, CBS needs to get this timely story out NOW!

Consider this an actionable item diary for all of you Kossacks. I think the tone in the media has changed sufficiently over the past few months that now is the time to push to get stories out there.

One story inparticular is already done but has never been aired. 60 Minutes has it ready to go, they've just never aired it. Now is the time to contact them and request they show this important story. Here is the contact information:

Bush Misleads on Progress in Iraq

Bush Misleads on Progress in Iraq
President Bush, 9/28/05:

At this moment, more than a dozen Iraqi battalions have completed training and are conducting anti-terrorist operations in Ramadi and Fallujah. More than 20 battalions are operating in Baghdad. And some have taken the lead in operations in major sectors of the city. In total, more than 100 battalions are operating throughout Iraq. Our commanders report that the Iraqi forces are operating with increasing effectiveness.

Associated Press, 9/29/05:

The number of Iraqi battalions capable of combat without U.S. support has dropped from three to one, the top American commander in Iraq told Congress Thursday.


Ontario advocates join anti-war protests

Ontario advocates join anti-war protests
Wire Services
September 25, 2005

Anti-war advocates marched in downtown Toronto and Ottawa over the weekend to protest Western military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti.

One of the protesters outside the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, was a soldier who refused to go to Iraq and is now seeking refugee status in Canada. He spoke against his country's role in Iraq.

More than 1,000 came out for the Ontario protests. Other rallies were held in cities around the world, including Washington, London, England and Baghdad.

Crowds opposed to the war in Iraq surged past the White House during the Washington protest, shouting "Peace now" in the largest anti-war protest in the U.S. capital since the invasion.

Torture and the "Controversial" Arc of Injustice

Torture and the "Controversial" Arc of Injustice
By Norman Solomon, AlterNet. Posted September 29, 2005.

What are we to make of the fact that the media considers torture controversial -- instead of clearly unjust?

Several decades ago, "controversial" subjects in news media included many issues that are now well beyond controversy. During the first half of the 1960s, fierce arguments raged in print and on the airwaves about questions like: Does a black person (a "Negro," in the language of the day) have the right to sit at a lunch counter, or stay at a hotel, the same way that a white person does? Should the federal government insist on upholding such rights all over the country?

The Meeting

The Meeting
From August 6: Scooter Libby and Judy Miller met on July 8, 2003, two days after Joe Wilson published his column. And Patrick Fitzgerald is very interested.
By Murray Waas
Web Exclusive: 09.30.05

In early August, Murray Waas reported that the meeting between Judith Miller and Lewis Libby was the whole ballgame for Miller's incarceration. Now that she's agreed to talk, read what she has to talk about.

I. Lewis “Scooter

How the Antiwar Was Won

The ghosts of Vietnam haunting the Iraq war are also lurking over the movement against it.
By Philip Weiss
New York Magazine - October 3, 2005 issue

As Washington goes, it was a religious moment... TV will ignore a disturbing trend as long as it can, but when it stops ignoring the issue, it will demand immediate response. It will speed up the Vietnam curve. Cindy Sheehan was just a taste.

As Washington goes, it was a religious moment.

A slender man with sharp features and a thatch of graying hair in an invisible gray suit flitted down the big marble hallway seeming to want to disappear before he turned into a small room. Wrong room. This was some kind of teach-in crowded with antiwar soldiers. Priests with attitude, maimed Vietnam vets, seventies ghosts with silver goatees, the beaded fringe of the Congressional Black Caucus, and all led by a beatific congresswoman from Sonoma County with great legs and a habit of chanting, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here."

Abu Ghraib: Command Responsibility

Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern served as a captain in the U.S. Army from 1962-64 before serving 25 years as an analyst in the CIA. He now works for Tell the Word, the publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC. He is also a member of the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

The news that yet another Army private, Lynndie England, 22, of Fort Ashby, W. Va., has been convicted and sentenced for posing for the infamous photos of torture at Abu Ghraib, while her superiors duck responsibility, is a sad commentary on the degenerating ethos of the U.S. Army.

The "American Street" Speaks: Will the Democratic Party Listen?

Published on Thursday, September 29, 2005 by
As more and more Americans turn against Bush's Iraq war, Democratic politicians remain silent.
Their play-it-safe strategy isn't just cowardly, it also won't work.
By Juan Cole

The antiwar mother of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan, protested with hundreds of others outside the White House on Monday. She and the others approached the gate of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue three times, and each time police warned them that they were trespassing. On the third approach, Ms. Sheehan was arrested and carried from the scene, as were the others. She left behind, in the fence, a picture of her dead son Casey, who died fighting the Mahdi Army in Sadr City in spring of 2004. Ever since, Ms. Sheehan has been asking the U.S. government to explain what exactly he died for.

Miller's Big Secret

Miller's Big Secret

By Dan Froomkin
Special to
Friday, September 30, 2005; 12:03 PM

Can it be? That after all that, New York Times reporter Judith Miller sat in jail for 12 weeks to protect the confidentiality of a very senior White House aide -- even though the aide repeatedly made it clear he didn't want protecting?

That somehow Miller was more intent on keeping their conversations secret than the aide was?

Miller was released from jail yesterday and showed up this morning at a federal courthouse to testify before the grand jury investigating the leak of Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA operative.

Bush, As Others Before, Escapes Anti-War Protests

Published on Thursday, September 29, 2005 by Hearst Newspapers

Nixon, Johnson Agonized Over War

by Helen Thomas

How does the president of the United States ignore thousands of Americans who come to Washington with a special anti-war message?

It's easy to do, if you are President George W. Bush. You get out of town.

If you are as insulated as Bush is from the real world, a massive public outcry against your policies simply doesn't register.

Bush was happy to get out of town and track Hurricane Rita last weekend as a way of displaying his new-found interest in the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people in the Gulf area.

Our soldiers in Iraq are STILL being forced to buy THEIR OWN body armor

Friday, September 30, 2005

Our soldiers in Iraq are STILL being forced to buy THEIR OWN body armor
by John in DC - 9/30/2005 10:15:00 AM

Any US military out there reading this, or their friends and families? Once again, you're hearing of this outrage from a liberal blog. Not from Republicans, who are the ones you keep thinking care more about our troops, but from Democrats. This is absolutely outrageous. I may be upset about the snuff-porn scandal we've been reporting on all week, but that doesn't mean I want our troops to die in battle because we haven't given them the equipment they need. Yes, I think this war has become a very sad joke, but leaving our men and women as sitting ducks is hardly the answer.

Peace mom Cindy Sheehan meets with Elizabeth Dole over Iraq war

Peace mom Cindy Sheehan meets with Elizabeth Dole over Iraq war
(AP) September 30, 2005 - It's no surprise that North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan don't see eye-to-eye on the war in Iraq.
The two women met privately for ten minutes Thursday to discuss the war.

Dole's office issued a statement saying statements made by Sheehan and her political organization undermine the war on terror and are detrimental to the military. Dole is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Sheehan was more direct. She called Dole "a gentle lady" and a "warmonger," the latter a term she used to describe Arizona Senator John McCain after meeting with him on Wednesday.

Group announces whistleblower award fund


A coalition of 120 liberal and progressive groups calling themselves has launched what they call the "Government Accountability Reward Fund," a $100,000 prize for information leading to the arrest and conviction of "high government officials." Specifically, they are asking for information about the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, purported fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential election, and bribes allegedly given to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, as reported in Vanity Fair.

A press release issued by is even more specific. An excerpt follows:


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