The Outer Limits of Empire

The Outer Limits of Empire
A Tomdispatch Interview with Howard Zinn

He's tall and thin, with a shock of white hair. A bombardier in the great war against fascism and an antiwar veteran of America's wars ever since, he's best known as the author of the pathbreaking A People's History of the United States, and as an expert on the unexpected voices of resistance that have so regularly made themselves heard throughout our history. At 83 (though he looks a decade younger), he is also a veteran of a rugged century and yet there's nothing backward looking about him. His voice is quiet and he clearly takes himself with a grain of salt, chuckling wryly on occasion at his own comments. From time to time, when a thought pleases him and his well-used face lights up or breaks out in a bona fide grin, he looks positively boyish.

Remembering Camp Casey

Barbara Cummings
San Diego Volunteer

A tall, touseled. blonde emerged from a tiny trailer and headed for the porta potty. She was immediately surrounded by well wishers, cameras and reporters. They were all touching, hugging and just trying to get close. Could this average looking woman really be Cindy? The same Cindy I had driven half way across the country to see? The quiet, poised woman I had seen on the Conyer's forum? I angled closer myself and suddenly she thrust her bra into my hand and said " hold this for me so it's not in the pictures." She was smiling and in her gentle way showed no impatience or irritation with "the folks."

After Katrina Fiasco, Time for Bush to Go

Published on Thursday, September 8, 2005 by the Baltimore Sun
by Gordon Adams

The disastrous federal response to Katrina exposes a record of incompetence, misjudgment and ideological blinders that should lead to serious doubts that the Bush administration should be allowed to continue in office.
When taxpayers have raised, borrowed and spent $40 billion to $50 billion a year for the past four years for homeland security but the officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency cannot find their own hands in broad daylight for four days while New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast swelter, drown and die, it is time for them to go.


by CindySheehan

What Kind of Extremist Will You Be?
Cindy Sheehan

Early morning, April 04, a shot rings out in the Memphis sky,
Free at last, they asked for your life,
But they could not take your pride.
In the name of love, one more in the name of love.
U2: Pride (In the name of love)

Most everyone who is reading this knows what happened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 04, 1968. Some of you may even know what happened to my son, Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan on April 04, 2004. If you don't know, Dr King and Casey were murdered by the same malevolent entities: People and ideologies that say that we have to be mortally afraid of the "ism" du jour and we, as Americans who have the "moral high-ground" in the world can send our innocent children to invade innocent countries and kill innocent people to fight the "ists" that go with the "isms." In Vietnam we were fighting the evil Communists and in Iraq we are fighting the evil terrorists. Our war against Communism out-stayed its welcome in the 1980's and the military industrial war complex was running out of excuses to build bombs, tanks, bullets, ships, submarines, and soldiers; so in 2001, our leaders who serve the war machine had to switch our enemy of the state to terrorism.



In November of 2004 George W. Bush was “elected.

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

If you live in the US, please read this in light of what you are witnessing regarding New Orleans. The following is the latest press release from "Doctors for Iraq" Society:



Doctors for Iraq is deeply concerned at the fate of hundreds of civilians trying to flee the sieged town of Tallafa, 80 km from Mousel City. Thousands of residents from the town have been told to leave the area by US/ Iraqi forces who have been attacking the area for the past three- four days.

Now Let's Rescue America: Nine Key Steps For The Left

"Now Let's Rescue America: Nine Key Steps For The Left" By Van Jones, Wednesday 9.7.2005 (Originally published by the

The troops have arrived, and the waters are receding. The battered and traumatized residents are being transported - we hope and pray - to safer ground.

But the battle to save New Orleans is not over - not by a long shot.

The work to rescue it, and the country, has just begun. The coming struggle will be difficult - stretching over a decade or more.

But if we dedicate ourselves, the outcome is certain. The puffed-up potentate who fiddled while New Orleans drowned will lose his grip on power - and so will his party. And the people of New Orleans will live in a resurrected city - their hometown rebuilt by a nation more deeply committed to justice and equality.

More Places for Peaceful Protests

NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush is at the White House, with

no public schedule. [, 9/8/05]


joined by his wife Lynne and Attorney General Gonzales, visit the region

today. They start in Gulfport this morning, meeting local officials at

10:10 a.m. EDT. Then they meet with relief coordinators at 10:35 a.m.

They take a noon walking tour of a Gulfport neighborhood and then meet

with Gov. Haley Barbour at 1:25 p.m. The group then goes to New Orleans,

visiting the USS Iwo Jima at 3:15 p.m. EDT, seeing the 17th Street Canal


A call to action for mass civil resistance at the White House on Monday, Sept. 26, 2005.

Mourn the Dead.
Resist Bush’s War.
Bring U.S. troops home, now!

Be part of an historic mass nonviolent action to end the war in Iraq.

For the last two and half years the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq has brought immeasurable death and destruction. This is a war that never should have happened, a war based on lies and greed. It is time to end it and bring our troops home, now.

United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) invites you to participate in a mass civil resistance action at the White House on Monday, September 26, 2005. As part of three days of public protest against the war in Iraq, this action will provide a dramatic opportunity to more directly express your opposition to the war makers.

March to Bushville-DC on 9/11/05

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit a NONVIOLENT act of Civil Disobedience -- building an encampment on the Washington DC Mall.

Spread the word and join us.

We will post info here as we progress.
It?s up to you to be creative and spread this link:

See you on the Mall on 9/11.



10,000 Katrina survivors will eventually camp on Bush?s doorstep.

They will camp in the seat of power and media demand truth and action.

They will stay there as long as it takes.
-Through 9/11
-Through the Katrina investigations
-Through the Supreme Court Hearings

Other wars had clear justifications

Montgomery Advertiser

Robert Cly's letter urging Cindy Sheehan to remember the Sullivan brothers of World War II is absolutely incredible. Comparing Sheehan's loss with that of Sullivan's is comparing apples to oranges, and since Cly and others who think like him don't seem to be able to see that distinction, let me try to explain.

Most of the wars in which Cly's family, as well as Sullivan's, lost men were wars in which the United States was fighting against an enemy who attacked us or our allies first (the Mexican War being a notable exception). Or, in the case of the Revolutionary War, a war in which we were fighting for our own independence.

Bush's deceptions far exceed Clinton's

Kennebec Journal (Maine)

It is amazing to me that the Bush war supporters are so worried about Cindy Sheehan when there is much more to worry about.

How is it possible that former President Clinton was tried for impeachment after deceiving (lying to) the American people about an affair with one of the women with whom he worked?

Bush deceived (lied to) the American people by telling them that Iraq was making a nuclear weapon and was ready to attack the United States with an atomic bomb.

He then landed on an aircraft carrier in California and deceived the American people by telling us that the war was won.

Peace Mom draws both sides to rallies here

Chicago Sun Times
September 8, 2005

A month ago, Cindy Sheehan stood vigil near President Bush's Texas ranch with a message: Bring home the troops from Iraq so no other parent feels the anguish of losing a child there, as she did.

This week, she delivered that same message to the Chicago area, invigorating supporters who see her as a Gold Star mother leading the cause against a war she claims the Bush administration started based on lies.

"I'm back in love with my country because of you," Sheehan said Wednesday night at a candlelight vigil in Wheaton.

But the California woman was in DuPage County -- Bush country -- and the president's supporters turned out to say their piece, too.

Father of soldier killed in war disputes anti-war mom's views

Northwest Herald
[published on Thu, Sep 8, 2005]
By ERIC SCHELKOPF, Shaw News Service

BATAVIA – The father of a local soldier killed in the war on terrorism faced off Wednesday with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan.

"I said, 'I'm a Gold Star dad, and I wanted to make sure you are not speaking for me,' " Jim Frazier said.

Sheehan, a California woman who has become the face of a controversial movement to bring the troops home from the war in Iraq, was in central Kane County to speak at an anti-war rally at the district office of U.S. House Speak Dennis Hastert. About 300 Sheehan supporters and detractors attended the mostly peaceful rally, police said.

Anti-war mom's path to D.C. crosses suburbs

Dual rallies converge outside Hastert's office in Batavia
By James Kimberly, Tribune staff reporter. Freelance reporter Denise Linke contributed to this report
September 8, 2005

An anti-war demonstration Wednesday outside U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office in west suburban Batavia Wednesday drew peace activist mother Cindy Sheehan, about 100 supporters and a large and vocal crowd of counterdemonstrators.

The rally was organized by Bring Them Home Now, a group that includes Sheehan and other parents who have lost children in combat in Iraq and advocates of immediate pullout from the region.

War protests hit home

Cindy Sheehan stops at Hastert's office in Batavia
Beacon News
By Ed Fanselow

BATAVIA — One week removed from a 26-day vigil that has been credited for reigniting an anti-war movement, peace activist Cindy Sheehan made a brief stop here Wednesday, vowing to continue her protests until all American troops return home.

The visit to the district office of House Speaker Dennis Hastert marked Sheehan's first public appearance outside of Texas, where she spent more than three weeks camped out near President Bush's Crawford ranch hoping to speak with him about the Iraq conflict and her son Casey, who died there last April.

Cindy Sheehan to Speak in DC on Sept 25

Cindy Sheehan has graciously accepted PDA's invitation to attend the PDA Grassroots Strategy Session on September 25th in Washington, D.C. Ms. Sheehan has risen to international prominence because of her unwavering dedication to bring the troops home and end the immoral occupation of Iraq. She will be addressing a PDA forum that highlights PDA's commitment to the long-term process of transforming the Democratic Party into an effective force for social justice and true democracy. Other speakers at the Strategy Day event include voting rights advocate John Bonifaz; Medea Benjamin of Code Pink; Tim Carpenter, Mimi Kennedy, and William Rivers Pitt of PDA; progressive Congress members and their staffs; and PDA national and regional representatives. Click here for full agenda. This Grassroots Strategy session holds the promise of being a truly significant moment in the history of PDA and its role in developing progressive legislative, electoral, and movement-building strategies for 2006 and beyond. We are honored to have Cindy join us. We hope you will too. Click here to register .

Three sons, two mothers, one cause

Beacon News

For more than two hours under a hot September sun, angry protesters carried high above their heads homemade banners vilifying a war and the president they insist is responsible.

Bush Lied. Thousands Died.

War is Defeat for Humanity.

Give Peace a Chance.

Bring our Troops Home Now.

Squeezed in among the crowd, Marge Gugerty made her statement, not with poster board and marker, but with two 8-by-10 framed photographs.

Grasped in both her hands, the Aurora woman waved the military pictures of her sons — Keith, who is serving in Iraq now; and Kevin, who already completed one horrendous tour of duty with the 82nd Airborne and is scheduled to go back again in a couple of weeks.

Peace group to hold vigil Sunday

Royal Oak Mirror

The Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship and Education Project will host a peace vigil on Sunday, Sept. 11.

The vigil, entitled "11 Mothers on 11 Mile Road," coincides with the "Bring Them Home Now Tour, a three-bus tour that left Camp Casey with Cindy Sheehan on Aug. 31 and will be in the Detroit area Sept. 10-11.

The "Bring Them Home Now Tour" is a group of veterans and military family members who are against the war in Iraq.

Members will speak at events across the nation and end up at an anti-war protest in Washington D.C. on Sept. 24.

The local vigil was initiated by Huntington Woods resident Janice Fialka, who said she was inspired by Cindy Sheehan's actions and wished to help the Camp Casey group spread the idea of peace.

Bus tour members speak out against war in Iraq

Florida Independent Alligator

With "Hey wingnut!" and "Truth not Spin" emblazoned on its caravan, the tour arrived in Gainesville on Wednesday.

Cindy Sheehan made national news last month when she publicly asked President Bush why her son died in Iraq. Her passion helped fuel the Bring Them Home Now Tour, a group of activists, family members of soldiers and veterans speaking out to oppose the war across the country.

The South Bus Tour visited the Civic Media Center on West University Avenue, where Gold Star Families for Peace member Julie Cuniglio spoke about her nephew Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Aaron Dean White.

Peace Mom's Tour Makes Stop In Tri-state

Reported by: AP/ 9News
Web produced by: Neil Relyea
Photographed by: 9News
9/7/2005 10:56:25 PM

A bus tour inspired by Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a fallen soldier, who camped out in front of President Bush's Texas home last month brought its message to Cincinnati Wednesday night.

The "Bring Them Home Now" tour stopped at St. Monica/ St. George Church in Clifton Heights to discuss why they think the war in Iraq is wrong.

Supporters of the soldier's mother who kept a vigil outside President Bush's ranch were greeted with applause from about 100 people in Cincinnati.

"This whole tour is about bringing the troops home now and that is a fight for humanity, for saving lives, for protecting the sacredness of of life," said Benjamin Hart Viges, a member of "Iraq Veterans Against The War."

Cindy Sheehan and “Bring Them Home Now

Cross-country bus tour of military families and veterans travels the country and will culminate at the Sept. 24 Anti-War Rally in Washington, DC
Contact: Alicia Sexton 310-936-8020; 818-442-1463
September 6th, 2005

Wednesday, Sept. 7
10 AM: Visit Congressman Rahm Emmanuel's office, 3742 W. Irving Park (Cindy will not be present)
3:00 PM Visit Congressman Dennis Hastert’s Office, 27 N. River St., Batavia, IL
7:00 PM Peace Vigil Wheaton, IL

Thursday, Sept. 8
10:00 AM: Visit Congressman Mark Kirk's office, 102 Wilmot Rd., Suite 200, Deerfield, IL
11:30 AM: Memorial Event at Eyes Wide Open - The Human Cost of War, St. John's and Central Aves., Highland Park, IL

National Anti-War Rally Visits Madison

The Badger Herald
September 7th, 2005
by Carolyn Smith

The north leg of the “Bring Them Home Now Tour

The Tour Rolls into Chicago, Will Visit Hastert's Office

NBC5 Chicago
September 6th, 2005

Anti-War Group Brings Cause To Chicago
Group Will Visit Hastert's Illinois Office

An anti-war group is coming to Chicago, and they will go to the Illinois office of the Speaker of the House, Illinois U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert.

The "Bring Them Home Now" tour is in Chicago with a delegation of Gold Star families and veterans of the war in Iraq. Their message began with Cindy Sheehan's Gold Star Families for Peace.

"All four men in his unit who were killed should have been home," said Karen Meredith, whose son was killed in Iraq. "They were all killed after the extension. These are his dog tags, and they were given to me with his body when it came home in a flag-covered casket. That's what I have left of my son."

'We Are Going to End the War'

The Herald Times
September 7th, 2005
Sheehan-inspired anti-war tour comes to Bloomington
by Steve Hinnefeld

Military families and veterans stopped in Bloomington Tuesday with a message for the president: Bring the troops home from Iraq.

"The best way we can support our troops is to bring them home now," said Mia Lorraine, whose son is an Army captain and spent a year in Iraq.

Lorraine, from Sebastopol, Calif., is a member of Military Families Speak Out, one of several groups involved in a bus tour aimed at catalyzing opposition to the war.

The tour started at Camp Casey, the encampment that grew up in Crawford, Texas, around Cindy Sheehan's attempt to meet with President Bush about her son Casey's death in Iraq. It will end Sept. 24 with an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C.

Tour Comes to Montgomery

Montgomery Advertiser
September 6th, 2005
Anti-War Rally Held at Capitol
By Crystal Bonvillion

Linda Waste's voice quivered as she told the crowd on the steps of the state Capitol on Monday night about her three sons and two grandchildren who are serving in Iraq.

The Hinesville, Ga., resident and her husband, Philip, were two of the participants who rode into Montgomery on Monday on the Bring Them Home Now Tour. The tour, a traveling anti-war rally, was launched last month by Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother who staged a war protest outside President Bush's ranch near Crawford, Texas.

A Hero's Welcome

Anti-war Activists Greeted Heartily
The Capital Times
September 5th, 2005
By Samara Kalk Derby

Had Cindy Sheehan been with them, they might have needed Camp Randall Stadium.

As it was, a group of eight anti-war activists aligned with Sheehan drew more than 800 people to the Barrymore Theatre Sunday night, filling it to capacity, for a Bring Them Home Now Tour.

The standing ovations began before the visiting activists even took the stage.

When popular jazz musician Tony Castaneda, whose sextet warmed up the audience and who is a member of Military Families Speak Out, called for bringing down "this corrupt, murderous, lying, inept George Bush administration," the crowd was on its feet cheering in a show of solidarity that would be repeated dozens of times throughout the evening.

The Tour Comes to St. Louis

St. Louis Post Dispatch
September 4th, 2005

Cindy Sheehan's Backers Stop Here For Protest
By Ken Leiser

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq and a veteran of the conflict stepped off a rented Winnebago at Centenary United Methodist Church in downtown St. Louis on Saturday and voiced their opposition to the war.

Faced with counterprotests and even a lengthy burst of wedding bells from a neighboring church, the small group - traveling as part of the "Bring Them Home Now" bus tour from Crawford, Texas, to Washington - derided the war and paid tribute to Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan held a 26-day vigil outside President George W. Bush's ranch after her son was killed in Iraq.

Bring Them Home Now Tour Links Iraq, Katrina

Minneapolis Star Tribune
September 4th, 2005
War protesters link Iraq, Katrina
Robert Franklin, Star Tribune

Under an "Impeach Bush" banner on a wall of the Minnesota State Capitol, anti-war speakers tried Saturday to link the Iraq war to a slow response to Hurricane Katrina.

It was part of the "Bring Them Home Now" national bus tour initiated by Cindy Sheehan, the mother who camped near President Bush's Texas ranch to demand that he talk with her about the death of her soldier son.

Sheehan was in the South on another bus Saturday, but about 350 people showed up in St. Paul to hear out-of-state speakers, along with local legislators, candidates and clergy members decry the war and question the president's moral values in waging it.

Speaking Events

David Swanson at St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT, October 5, 2016.

David Swanson in Fairbanks, Alaska, October 22, 2016.

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