Bush honesty rating drops to lowest point

NBC/WSJ poll: Iraq replaces jobs as most important American priority
By Mark Murray
Political reporter
NBC News

WASHINGTON - The last two weeks certainly have been eventful ones in America and across the globe: President Bush gave a prime-time speech on Iraq and attended a G-8 summit in Scotland; Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement from the Supreme Court (with perhaps another retirement on the way); and suicide bombers killed approximately 50 people in London. After these events, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that Bush’s overall job rating has slipped and that his rating for being “honest and straightforward

Peace Vigil This Sunday in London

Stop the War Coalition London Solidarity Gathering,
2pm, Sunday 17th July, Russell Square London

Jointly organised by Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain. In solidarity with the families of the dead and injured and in opposition to the racism and Islamophobia which have resulted since Thursday's attacks. Please bring flowers and tell others.

Peter Brierley lost his son Shaun in Iraq in 2003
Peter spoke at the vigil held in the gardens of Friends meeting house last Saturday. More than 1000 people attended. This is what he said, “I really empathise with the victims and their families.

Where Are Bush, Rove, and Gang?

Plan a peaceful protest:

Wednesday July 13, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC - 9:55 AM: President Bush meets with his Cabinet
with focus on budget (mid-session review coming out same day). [White
House, 7/8/05]

NEW* BOLTEN in Washington DC * 11:30 AM: On camera and on the record
briefing by Director of the Office of Management and Budget Joshua
Bolten on the mid-session review of the FY 2006 budget in Room 450,
EEOB. [White House, 7/13/05]

NEW* McCLELLAN in Washington, DC - 12:30 pm: Briefing by the Press
Secretary in the Brady Briefing Room.

NEW* CHERTOFF: Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff speaks on

JOE WILSON: 'The President should fire Rove'!

The Ambassador Strikes Back, Answers to the Right Wing Spin Machine

Ambassador Joseph Wilson fired back today at the Rightwing Spin Machine, which, having been issued marching orders late yesterday in a set of talking points from the RNC , is...

Ambassador Joseph Wilson fired back today at the Rightwing Spin Machine, which, having been issued marching orders late yesterday in a set of talking points from the RNC, is once again hoping to distract from the potentially treasonous crimes that George W. Bush's top political operative and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove is being alleged to have committed.

Top Dems Formally Demand Termination of Rove's Security Clearance

By David Sirota

Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney (D) today announced that all Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence today sent a letter to President Bush demanding that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove's security clearance be revoked in the wake of revelations that he was involved in the leak of a covert CIA operative's name.

This is a major development - Democrats of all stripes on the committee are coming together to do what's right. And as I wrote yesterday, historical precedent shows that the absolute least the White House must do is make sure a security risk like Rove is not allowed access to anymore classified information. Let's see what President Bush's formal response to this letter will be.

GOP Says We Should Credit Rove for 'Having Guts' & Then Advocates 'Shooting' the Media

By David Sirota

New York Rep. Peter King (R) is the latest example of how the modern-day Republican Paty is dominated by wild-eyed right-wing lunatics determined to hold onto power, no matter how indefensible their behavior is. On television and in newspapers, King is trying to make Karl Rove's treasonous leak of classified information into a positive for the White House, while once again resorting to making physically threatening statements about retribution.

As Atrios notes, on the right-wing cable show Scarborough Country, King said the media "who gave [Ambassador Joe Wilson] such a free ride...they're the ones to be shot." Right, we shouldn't thank Wilson for exposing the fact that the Iraq War, which has caused so many casualties, was based on lies. We should shoot reporters.

Downing Street: A Dead-End In American Media

By David Michael Green
July 13, 2005
In These Times

"What is surprising, is how little attention [the memo] has received in some of the most important news media in the United States despite its being an official document that contradicts the North American version of the beginning of the war." --Jorge Ramos Avalos, Washington correspondent for Univision.

The Downing Street Memos have provided an unexpected fright for the minority of Americans who are aware of them.

It's not that presidents lie about the wars they send other people's kids off to fight. And it's not even that the media in this country has grown lazy, intimidated and sycophantic. It's the degree to which this is true, and the deterioration of American democracy to which it testifies. At the same moment we were revisiting the Watergate story and celebrating the dogged persistence that unmasked the crimes of Richard Nixon, the media largely ignored what is one of the biggest stories since the end of the Cold War.

Before London Bombing, Leaked UK Memo Warned Iraq War a Key Cause for Growth of "Extremism" in Britain

By Democracy Now!

British police now believe that four-British-born men of Pakistani descent carried out last week's deadly bombings in London that killed at least 52 people. We go to Britain to speak with author and activist Milan Rai about how a leaked British government study concluded that British foreign policy, and the Iraq war in particular, was a key cause of young Britons turning to terrorism. [includes rush transcript]

MoveOn: Fire Karl Rove Protest

You're invited to come speak out against Karl Rove's abuse of power and demand that President Bush fire Rove. Join other MoveOn members and members of the community at a peaceful protest and picket, Thursday July 14, at 2:30 PM on Pennsylvania Avenue outside The White House.

Rove betrayed the identity of an undercover CIA operative forcing her to end a decade of important national security work. He did it to protect the Bush political agenda. Now, the White House is covering up this betrayal of our national security. The media is ready to report on public outrage about Rove. Will you show up and speak out?

Come Clean

Baltimore Sun Editorial

SO, WHAT Washington suspected all along turns out to be true. Karl Rove, political mastermind of the Bush administration, tried to squelch a report that undermined President Bush's rationale for going to war in Iraq by secretly discrediting the critic who wrote it.
A nasty tactic in any circumstances. But one that could have been dangerous, even deadly, in this case because it resulted in the outing of a CIA undercover agent.

Whether Mr. Rove can be charged with a crime has not yet been determined by the special prosecutor investigating the leak. But it's clear that while Mr. Rove may have stayed within the letter of the law, he certainly violated its spirit, as well as the supposedly high standards of conduct the White House has said the president sets for his staff.


New from DIRELAND, July 13, 2005

New revelations by the investigative journalist Murray Waas suggest that prosecutors are seriously investigating the duo for perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice in the Plame affair. Will Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald actually have the guts to indict the most powerful man in George Bush's
White House?
For all the details, click here.

Silent Now, GOP Used to Talk Tough About Leaks

By David Sirota

With Republicans and the White House now refusing to answer questions about what should be done now that we know Karl Rove was involved in leaking classified information, it is instructive to go back and look at their previous ideas about how they claimed to despise national security leaks.

WHITE HOUSE SAID THERE WILL BE NO TOLERANCE FOR ANY LEAKS: "The president does have very deep concerns about anything that would be inappropriately leaked that could in any way endanger America's ability to gather intelligence information, and even that could harm our ability to maintain sources and methods and anything that could interfere with America's ability to fight the war on terrorism." - White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, 6/21/02


Tell Us Your "Source," Judy
Not published in The New York Times
By Greg Palast

The only thing more evil, small-minded and treacherous than the Bush Administration's jailing Judith Miller for a crime the Bush Administration committed, is Judith Miller covering up her Bush Administration "source."

Judy, Karl Rove ain't no "source." A confidential source -- and I've worked with many -- is an insider ready to put himself on the line to blow the whistle on an official lie or hidden danger. I would protect a source's name with my life and fortune as would any journalist who's not a craven jerk (the Managing Editor of Time Magazine comes to mind).

The Corporate Media Begins to Connect the Dots

By Anthony Wade

Congratulations to David Gregory and his White House press room cohorts on finally putting some of the plot together. Yesterday, White House Press Whore Scott McClellan was caught between a rock and the lies he has been telling for years now and had no choice but to say things so ridiculous, it is surprising he said any of it with a straight face.

I use the word ridiculous, because McClellan seems to like the word as evidenced by his statements about the possibility of Karl Rove being the leaker in the Valerie Plame case. Yesterday, Gregory and others simply tried to get Rove to stand by his previous comments on the situation. Every time they tried, McClellan bobbed and wove to the point that he said 23 times that the investigation was ongoing and thus he could not comment. Finally frustrated, Gregory ripped into McClellan saying that his evasiveness and excuses were ridiculous. Putting one and one together, Gregory correctly pointed out that McClellan apparently had no issue with denying Rove’s involvement when there was no proof out there to the contrary and that this obviously smelled a lot like selective CYA.

Need Another Confirmation of DSM Facts? See Robin Cook's Diaries.

More useful evidence, if more were needed, that Bush-Blair intentionally took their nations to war on false pretenses: LINK.

The Rules Of War: Bush-Blair In Fantasy Land

July 12, 2005 The Baltimore Chronicle
By Ward Reilly

The Rules of "War"...

Let's pretend for a moment that "al Qaeda" IS responsible for the London bombings. That is what George and Tony are claiming. So let's assume it's true. Just for the sake of argument.

What is more disgusting than seeing Bush and Blair lament about the tragedy of "innocent civilian victims" being killed? Nothing, that's what.

Bush said on July 8, "....And the contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights and human liberty, and those who kill---those who have got such evil in their heart that they take the lives of innocent folks."

Karl Rove should be fired immediately

By Bob Ray Sanders
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Having a fox in the henhouse is one thing, but knowing one is loose in the White House has troubled me for some time.

The entire nation ought to be upset now that the president's right-hand man, Karl Rove, has admitted talking to a reporter about an employee of the CIA, even if he never uttered the name of Valerie Plame.

The sly, conniving Rove, known for his dirty tricks, behind-the-scenes maneuverings and below-the-belt political punches, has finally been caught in one of his own snares.

This time he has outfoxed himself. Based only on what we know now, Rove should be fired immediately -- no ifs, ands, buts or plausible deniabilities.

Dragging the Media Down Downing Street

Dragging the Media Down Downing Street
By David Swanson, AfterDowningStreet.org

The U.S. corporate media has begun to awaken to the fact that top Bush adviser Karl Rove exposed an undercover CIA agent's identity and then lied about it. But reporters, editors, and producers remain slow to pick up on the heart of the story, namely that this was part of an extensive campaign to deceive the media, the public, and the Congress about the justifications for an unjustifiable war.

The media has also given coverage to the recent bombings in London, but in very few instances has communicated the fact that the Bush and Blair administrations took their focus off Al Qaeda in order to launch a war against a sovereign state with no ties to the 9-11 attacks, and that this was done on the basis of intentionally false claims about weapons of mass destruction and ties to those attacks. There is a danger that Blair and Bush will try to misuse the recent tragedy as they have done that of four years ago, that the media will allow them to do so, and that the result will be still more attacks.

GOP, Amazingly, Continuing to Attack Wilson

While the Media has picked up the Rove story and missed the central point that what he did was part of an attempt to deceive a nation about justifications for war, the GOP is continuing to attack Joseph Wilson for exposing its lies. (Will the Media cover these talking points? But then what would they use as the basis for their next articles?)

Exclusive: GOP talking points on Rove seek to discredit Wilson

RAW STORY has obtained an exclusive copy of Republican talking points on Bush adviser Karl Rove's leaking the name of a CIA agent to a reporter, circulated by the Republican National Committee to "D.C. Talkers" in Washington.

Philadelphia Daily News: ROVE MUST GO

AS DEPUTY Chief of Staff for the Bush administration, Karl Rove is a high-ranking White House official, privy to a number of classified documents and state secrets.

It's now clear that Rove, President Bush's chief political street fighter, can't be trusted with the nation's secrets. Not when a cheap political attack can be made.

As Newsweek reports and his attorney now acknowledges, Rove revealed to reporters that the wife of former ambassador and Bush critic Joe Wilson was a CIA agent. Wilson was sent to Nigeria to determine if Iraq had attempted to buy nuclear material. When Wilson could find no proof, he accused the Bush White House of leading the nation to war on false pretenses. Rove then outed Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, in an attempt to discredit Wilson.

Washington Poohbahs Pooh-Pooh Rove Scandal

By David Corn

Here comes the Washington Establishment, eager to say, Waitaminute, maybe poor ol' Karl Rove didn't do much wrong. So let's cut him some slack. Last night on CNN, I spotted two Washington poohbahs being interviewed on the Rove scandal and both offered let's-take-this-slow advice and suggested that Rove may have merely committed a tiny and insignificant mistake.

On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Dobbs chatted with David Gergen, who carries the lofty title of "former presidential adviser." Dobbs asked Gergen what he thought of the story, and Gergen replied, "I think this is a complex case, and we shouldn't get caught up in our underwear so far." Not get caught up in our underwear? Is that how the wise men of the capital talk? And is that what those White House reporters were doing yesterday when they were grilling White House press secretary Scott McClellan and demanding he come clean. (See my eyewitness account below.) Gergen explained that Rove might not be in "legal trouble"--which is true. But for Dobbs, that was not the question. He said, "I am not particularly interested in the legal aspect of this so much right now, as I am in both the politics, and, frankly, the forthright, honest character of the people who make statements such as, it's 'ridiculous' to suggest that Karl Rove was behind this."

McClellan vs. Press Corps on Rove, Tuesday Edition

By Greg Mitchell
Editor and Publisher

NEW YORK For the second day running, White House Press Secretary Scott McClelllan suffered through relentless grilling from reporters who demanded answers or at least comment on disclosures that top Bush aide Karl Rove had discussed CIA agent Valerie Plame with Time magazine's Matt Cooper.

McClellan at an afternoon briefing again refused to say much, claiming he did not want to jeopardize the “ongoing investigation.

Fox's Cameron parsed Bush's past statements on the fate of the CIA leaker: Bush "never actually said the word 'fired' "

Fox's Cameron parsed Bush's past statements on the fate of the CIA leaker: Bush "never actually said the word 'fired' "
By Media Matters

Rather than presenting the facts about President Bush's past statements on the fate of administration officials found to have leaked the identity of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame, Fox News chief White House correspondent Carl Cameron claimed that Bush "never actually said the word 'fired.' " In fact, both Bush and White House press secretary Scott McClellan have clearly indicated that if found, the leaker would be fired. But Cameron attributed to "reporters and Democrats" suggestions that senior White House adviser Karl Rove could be fired for his role in outing Plame.

After Downing Street Coalition Co-Founder John Bonifaz to Speak at Upcoming Events

On July 21, Bonifaz will be speaking at Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield, MA. The event, which includes dinner, starts at 5:30 pm ET. Traprock intends on videotaping the talk and featuring it on its website.

On July 22, Bonifaz will give a talk in Great Barrington, MA., at 7:30 p.m. ET in the sanctuary of the First Congregational Church, 251 Main Street. The event is being organized by peace activists in that area. They have also arranged for Bonifaz to do a short interview with WAMC Radio in Albany for July 18 at 9:45 am.

On July 23, Bonifaz will speak at a DSM Day event at 4 pm in Northampton, MA. This event is sponsored by Western Massachusetts members of Progressive Democrats of America. It will be held at the Media Education Foundation, which is housed in the former Northampton fire station.

"Turd Blossom" Must Go

Alexandra Walker

There's a popular maxim in Washington, D.C.: "Nothing's harder than getting fired from the federal government." Doesn't matter if you regularly show up to work inebriated (something I've witnessed personally). And apparently doesn't matter if you jeopardize national security—outing an undercover CIA agent—in the name of defending a plan for war whose stated goal is "protecting national security." This is why the folks at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington were quick to call on the White House to revoke Rove's security clearance in light of the new evidence against him.

Did Rove or McClellan obstruct justice?

By Tim Grieve

Scott McClellan refused to answer all sorts of questions about Karl Rove at Monday's White House press briefing and again at this morning's press gaggle. At one point in Monday's contentious briefing, McClellan refused even to say who Karl Rove was. But it wasn't just Rove that McClellan wouldn't discuss Monday. Scott McClellan wouldn't say much about Scott McClellan, either -- including, for instance, whether Scott McClellan himself has consulted with an attorney about the Plame case.

McClellan's reluctance to talk is understandable. Back in the fall of 2003, McClellan made it as clear as he possibly could that Karl Rove wasn't involved in the outing of Valerie Plame; he called the allegation "ridiculous" and said that there was "simply no truth" to it. As we know now, there's a lot of truth to the allegation and not so much truth to McClellan's denials. But is McClellan's sudden refusal to talk about the Plame case driven by something more than Rove's legal problems and McClellan's own embarrassment? Maybe.

Precedent Shows why Rove's Security Clearance Must be Revoked Immediately

By David Sirota

It is appalling that during an ongoing investigation, a White House adviser who has acknowledged helping leak classified information to the media still has access to the government's most secret information. That's right - Karl Rove still can peer into all the secret material he wants, maybe even to punish another honest opponent of the Bush administration. It's why critics are rightfully demanding that, short of firing Rove, President Bush must at least immediately revoke Rove's government security clearance. And if the past is any guide, that request has historical precedent.

Britons ask if their government's support of the U.S. figured in the attacks

London death toll climbs to 52
The Iraq question: Britons ask if their government's support of the U.S. figured in the attacks
- Zachary Coile, Chronicle Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

London -- Members of Parliament shouted approving chants of "Hear, hear!" when opposition Conservative party leader Michael Howard praised Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor government for its response to last week's deadly terror bombings

But on the streets of London and elsewhere, the bombings have rekindled a debate that has raged in Britain ever since Blair pledged to join President Bush in the invasion of Iraq. While virtually unanimous in their condemnation of the bombings, some Britons have begun to ask whether the country's role in the Iraq conflict helped bring about the worst attack on the British mainland since World War II.

GOP blocking inquiry into war

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
July 12, 2005

I thought Stewart Powell's piece on the forum headed by U.S. Rep. John Conyers had a misleading headline ("Democrats talk impeachment," June 17). It makes it appear that this forum was a partisan endeavor to damage President Bush, much like the partisan impeachment of President Clinton for personal behavior.

It's true that this is a constitutional matter and that only Democrats attended. That was not the fault of the Democrats. Republicans did not choose to attend, choosing instead to do everything in their power to block any discussion of serious breaches of the law in the House and in committee. Congress is compelled to examine serious issues like the Downing Street memo and to exercise oversight over the executive branch of government. The GOP by their actions are guilty of dereliction of duty and obstructing justice.

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