Thompson, dems seeks information around Downing Street memo

Eureka Times-Standard
By James Faulk

North Coast Congressman Mike Thompson is among a group of congressional representatives demanding answers on whether the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to make a war with Iraq seem inevitable.

Thompson, a Democrat from St. Helena, signed a letter dated June 30 that was sent to the heads of four congressional committees.

"We are writing to request that your committees hold hearings to investigate reports of a pre-war deal between the United Kingdom and the United States and evidence that pre-war intelligence was intentionally manipulated," the letter reads. "On May 1, 2005, the Sunday London Times published a leaked document with the minutes of a secret meeting from highly placed sources inside the British government."

Getting Americans To Spend Minutes On The Minutes

By Mark Drolette

I was heartened by the reaction a group of about fifty of us received the other day when, prior to attending a Downing Street Minutes (DSM) House Party, we all stood at a busy Sacramento intersection for an hour or so displaying signs and banners emblazoned with messages about the leaked highly classified British government papers that prove the Bushies cooked the Iraq war books. Honks of support a-sounded, and I personally had only one official bird sighting. It was encouraging, but there’s obviously a very long way to go before the millions of Americans who are still unaware of the documents finally learn of their existence.

A White House Bent On Misleading Public Over Iraq

Thursday, 28 July 2005, 2:46 pm
Article: Between The Lines

Between the Lines Q&A
A weekly column featuring progressive viewpoints
on national and international issues
under-reported in mainstream media
for release July 26, 2005

The Downing Street Memos and Valerie Plame-Karl Rove Scandal Reveal a White House Bent on Misleading Public on Rationale for Iraq War

- Interview with John Bonifaz, constitutional attorney, conducted by Scott Harris

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Video of Maxine Waters' July 23rd Event in Los Angeles - Part IV

Downing Street Memo Teach-In
Part IV | Fernando Suarez del Solar: Bush Lied and Who Died? -- 07.27.05

Tomgram: Schell and Engelhardt Making Sense of the Plame Affair

The Media's Roving Eye
By Tom Engelhardt

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When we first practice to deceive…

I've written regularly about the media's inability to connect the dots. The other day a reporter out in the far-flung reaches of our imperium wrote in to Tomdispatch pointing to a front-paged dot that no one -- myself included -- had bothered to pay much attention to or connect to anything at all. In the July 21st Washington Post, Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei wrote a piece, Plame's Identity Marked as Secret, describing a memo from the State Department's intelligence experts that Secretary of State Colin Powell had with him on a 5-day trip to Africa he took with the President and his aides that began on July 7, 2003. This was only a day after former Ambassador Joseph Wilson published What I Didn't Find in Africa on the op-ed page of the New York Times, exposing the Bush administration's Niger uranium lie. ("Based on my experience with the administration in the months leading up to the war, I have little choice but to conclude that some of the intelligence related to Iraq's nuclear weapons program was twisted to exaggerate the Iraqi threat."); only four days before Time magazine's Matt Cooper had that conversation "on double super secret background" with Karl Rove and was told that "wilson's wife… apparently works at the agency on wmd"; only five days before CIA Director George Tenet took a provisional fall for the administration for letting those "16 words" that started the whole thing on Saddam's supposed search for African uranium for his supposed atomic program into the 2003 State of the Union Address the previous January; only seven days before Robert Novak wrote his now infamous Mission to Niger column outing Joe Wilson's wife as a CIA agent. ("Wilson never worked for the CIA, but his wife, Valerie Plame, is an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. Two senior administration officials told me Wilson's wife suggested sending him to Niger to investigate the Italian report.")

Audio and Video from Rep. McDermott Event in Seattle

Here are some links to audio and video from the Seattle DSM event.

McDermott audio mp3

McDermott video – Windows Media Format



Representative from Rep. Inslee's Office - Windows Media Format



Congresswoman Maxine Waters Addresses Crowd over 1200 at Downing Street Town Hall

Press Release from Congresswoman Waters

Inglewood, CA – Supported by veterans, activists and concerned citizens, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35) addressed an overflowing audience as the featured speaker at the Downing Street Town Hall coordinated by the Out of Iraq Coalition—Los Angeles last Saturday, July 23rd. The four hour event, one of over 300 national events organized by Rep. John Conyers and, was held at the Convenant Worship Center in Inglewood on the third anniversary of the Downing Street Memo. The phrase ‘Downing Street Memo’ refers to the minutes taken at a meeting between Prime Minister Tony Blair and his senior aides where the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service said that he felt that war was inevitable, and that President Bush was ‘fixing’ the intelligence to fit his decision to go to war.

Video of Maxine Waters' July 23rd Event in Los Angeles - Part III
Downing Street Memo Teach-In
Part III | Tim Goodrich: 'The Air War Began
before Bush Went to Congress' -- 07.26.05

Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net

White House Effort To Discredit Critic Examined in Detail
By Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, July 27, 2005; A01

The special prosecutor in the CIA leak probe has interviewed a wider range of administration officials than was previously known, part of an effort to determine whether anyone broke laws during a White House effort two years ago to discredit allegations that President Bush used faulty intelligence to justify the Iraq war, according to several officials familiar with the case.

Prosecutors have questioned former CIA director George J. Tenet and deputy director John E. McLaughlin, former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow, State Department officials, and even a stranger who approached columnist Robert D. Novak on the street.

Memo Demo

Metro Times
Detroit's Alternative Weekly

What’s that? You say you didn’t hear about the 300 or so people who packed an auditorium to overflowing at Wayne State University last week to participate in a town hall meeting marking the creation three years ago of what has come to be known as the Downing Street memo?

What’s that? You say you didn’t hear that the Detroit forum was one of five being held around the country by congressional Democrats wanting a definitive answer to the question: Did George Bush use a quarry-full of lies to pave this country’s path to war in Iraq?

Iraq War is not just 'over there'

Fauquier Times Democrat (Virginia)
By Huel Meadows, Warrenton

It would be easy to overlook ugly world events as something happening "over there," living as we do in beautiful Fauquier County. As responsible citizens we have been blessed with liberty, freedom and abundance that must not be taken for granted.

The world came closer to Fauquier County last week when the Democrat published "We can define a path toward truth," Linda Swanson's op-ed piece on the Downing Street Minutes.

This was a report of a secret meeting held on July 23, 2002, at Number 10 Downing Street, London, the Prime Minister's residence, at which President Bush's plans to invade Iraq and to "fix" the intelligence and facts around this policy were reported to high-level British officials.

Third Anniversary of the Downing Street Minutes

Huffington Post
By Steve Cobble

The 3rd-year-anniversay town halls, house parties, and dramatic readings of the Downing Street Minutes on Saturday were a smashing success. From coast to coast, we had enthusiastic, overflow crowds, passionate and intelligent speakers, and committed Congresspeople. The sense that the Downing Street Minutes have struck a nerve was palpable. This story is far from over.

The public gets it. The people of this country know that a secret set of minutes from the highest levels of Bush's strongest ally in the war on Iraq is stating the truth.


By David Bacon

CHICAGO, IL (7/26/05) - On the second day of its convention in Chicago, the AFL-CIO took an historic step, calling for the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and an end to the country's occupation. Public attention has focused largely on the split in US labor, and the decision by two of the federation's largest unions to leave. Yet the impact of this call will reverberate for years, with as profound effect on the future of US workers and their unions. Brooks Sunkett, vice-president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), started a train of passionate speeches on the convention floor, saying that the government had lied to him when it sent him to war in Vietnam three decades ago. "We have to stop it from lying to a new generation now," he implored. Henry Nicholas, a hospital union leader in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, told delegates that his son, who has served four tours of duty in Iraq, is now threatened with yet another.

AFL-CIO Calls for Rapid Return of U.S. Troops

Chicago: In a major change of course, the AFL-CIO Convention delegates voted this afternoon in favor of a resolution calling for a "rapid" return of all U.S. troops from Iraq.

Eighteen AFL-CIO state federations, central labor councils and unions had submitted resolutions to the convention calling for an immediate or rapid end to the occupation and return of the troops. The General Executive Council, meeting on the eve of the convention, submitted a resolution that borrowed heavily from elements of those eighteen but failed to clearly call for a prompt end to the occupation.

When it came time for the convention to act on the resolution Tuesday afternoon, Fred Mason, President of the Maryland/District of Columbia AFL-CIO, offered a "friendly" amendment that clarified and strengthened opposition to continued occupation of Iraq. The amendment was accepted by the leadership and the modified resolution was adopted by an overwhelming majority of delegates following a parade of delegates who spoke in favor of its adoption (none spoke in opposition).

Audio from July 23rd

Jim Marcinkowski interview is in HOUR 3
Maxine Waters (from LA) and Tony Trupiano (from Detroit) are in HOUR 4

Jim Hightower To Speak at Veterans For Peace Convention

IRVING — Jim Hightower, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner and national radio commentator, will be speaking at the Veterans For Peace National Convention 2005 at the University of Dallas in Irving. This is 20th year for VFP’s annual convention as veterans from all over the nation gather to stand against war and move forward the cause of peace.

Dubbed “America’s most popular populist,

ISP Censored Anti-War E-Mail

The Age (Australia)
By Sam Varghese
July 27, 2005 - 10:30AM

A US broadband provider and a security services company have been accused of blocking emails relating to an anti-Iraq war protest.

American online activist David Swanson says the provider, Comcast, and security services company Symantec, blocked emails drawing attention to the so-called Downing Street memo, which activists have seized on as further proof that the Iraq war was planned well in advance. The leaked memo was first published in Britain's The Times newspaper.

Swanson, the founder of the website, claims emails sent to and from his subscribers were blocked for a week as he tried to co-ordinate events around the United States. He said the events would have had a far bigger turn-out had the block not been in place.



Protesters Outside of D.C. Fundraiser Featuring 'Special Guest Karl Rove'
An EXCLUSIVE Eyewitness Report and Audio From the Protest Recorded Moments Ago...

Transcipt of Congressman Charles Rangel's July 22nd E Town Hall Meeting

Good afternoon, and welcome to my e-town hall meeting on the War in Iraq.

For me, as a veteran of the Korean War, our continued occupation of Iraq is the most heartbreaking of issues. Placing our young men and women in harm's way is always difficult. But it is devastating to ask them to sacrifice their lives when every reason, every justification for war given by their leaders is proven false.

No issue is more important to me and to our nation. More than 1,750 American troops have been killed and 12,000 wounded, many maimed for life. Though seldom mentioned, tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi's have been bombed and strafed to their deaths. The land we swore to liberate is now the world's leading training ground for terrorists, and as proven recently in London, a provocation to attackers abroad. Iraq is the most devastating military catastrophe to our nation since the Vietnam War, and there is no end in sight.

CIA LETTER: DOJ Ignored CIA Leak Investigation Request for 67 Days!

Congressional Dems Request 'Investigation' Investigation on '12-Hour Gap' and '67-Day Gap'!
(Includes Copy of Original CIA Letter)

Many are now speaking of the '12-Hour Gap' between the time White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez was told by the Department of Justice about the official investigation into the unprecedented outting of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame and the time he "officially" notified the White House to preserve all documents relating to the investigation. (He told Chief of Staff, Andrew Card the night before.)

Yesterday it was revealed that, in fact, the White House likely had a full '3-and-a-Half Day Headsup' since MSNBC reported on the matter a full 84 hours before Gonzalez gave "official" notice to the White House.

Transcript of Hearing on TreasonGate




Santa Cruz Sentinel
By Ruth Hunter

The Downing Street Memo recently hit the media and is creating a rash of political activity here and in Blair country. One of the significant aspects of the document is its potential to further erode the popularity of Bush and Blair whose numbers have been falling. It could also be a portend of the future for the global superpower, the USA.

A whistleblower in Britain leaked the secret memo from Downing Street, written in July, 2002, which revealed the justification to invade Iraq. The memo has created ripples across the Atlantic to our shores. Michigan Representative Conyers gathered the signatures of 122 Democrat House members demanding an explanation from the White House. In addition, he asked the public to join with him by signing a petition. When he approached the White House with the letter, he also carried the petition with half-million signers. According to the Cox News Service, "The White House dismissed Conyers’ letter (and petitions) as a political shot by Democrats who have long opposed the war." The ‘political shot’ called by White House spokesman Scott McClellan is a secret meeting held by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his senior aides. The event occurred eight months before the invasion of Iraq. There are references to the determination of President Bush to pre-empt the war against Iraq. One quote in the leaked memo stated that, "intelligence and facts were being fixed" to inflate the rational to wage war.

Photos from PA

Photos from July 23, 2005, Rally in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania:

Where Is W?

Plan Peaceful Protests:

Tuesday July 26, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush signs a Presidential Proclamation to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. [White House, 7/25/05]

NEW* LAURA BUSH in Florida: Laura Bush is in Florida for the shuttle launch, including a post-launch visit at Kennedy Space Center. [, 7/26/05]

UPDATED* ROVE in Washington, DC: Karl Rove will be the star attraction at a fundraiser in Washington for Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele. The fundraiser takes place at the National Republican Senatorial Committee on the Hill at 6:00 pm [Washington Times, 7/11/05,, 7/26/05]

Report from Sacramento

Our Sacramento party was a huge success. We had close to 100 people show up for the first part of the event, which was an outdoor demonstration. Our demonstration lasted about an hour and a half, and then we had the actual house party. About 70 people joined us for that.

Attached below are some photos from our event.

Best regards,
Stephen Pearcy


Report from New York

By Bob Fertik,

Everyone please take a bow - because WE DID IT!

The Downing Street Minutes 3rd Anniversary events organized by Rep. John Conyers and were an amazing, incredible success.

Reports from around the country are pouring in to

I had the privilege and thrill of hosting the New York City event featuring Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), former Rep. Liz Holtzman, and Randi Rhodes.

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