CIA leak investigator warns against document release

CIA leak investigator warns against document release
Thu Sep 15, 8:14 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Justice Department and the special counsel investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity pressed Congress to block legislation that would compel the administration to turn over documents related to the case, the department said in a letter released on Thursday.

The Justice Department, in a letter dated September 14, said special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald had advised that producing documents and holding hearings would interfere with his investigation. The letter was sent to the House Intelligence Committee's Republican chairman, Rep. Peter Hoekstra (news, bio, voting record) of Michigan.

Scandals, Corruption, & Lies. Oh My!

Shuster's Shtick
Scandals, Corruption, & Lies. Oh My!
By Scott Shuster
September 16, 2005

It must’ve been a long hot summer for George W. Bush, plagued with so many detrimental events that made his approval ratings plummet. Now that the summer is over, I thought it would be a good time to review and ‘summer-ize’ what happened in the name of neo-conservative governance.

What I found particularly ironic was that each time a scandal broke out and made George & Co. look bad; they got bailed out… by another scandal! No really – when was the last time you heard about the Downing Street Memos? Not since the Valerie Plame/Karl Rove scandal dominated the headlines. And when was the last time you heard about Val & Karl?

Bring Them Home Now Tour: Central Tour Rolls Through Pittsburgh


Central Tour: Pittsburgh
September 13th, 2005

By Chris Snively

Today was the last full day for the tour in Pittsburgh. Everyone on the Central Bus has been extremely impressed with this wonderful city. It's rolling hills, beautiful bridges, and its 19th century architecture are some of America's best kept secrets. Much thanks to the David Meieran of Pittsburgh End the War, the Thomas Merton Center, the Friends Meeting House on Ellsworth, and the Sisters and caretakers of the Mt. Nazareth Center in Bellevue for making our stay in Pittsburgh wonderful and loving.

Camp Casey Memorial Stolen

Camp Casey Memorial Stolen
By Deborah Mathews
Lone Star Iconoclast

Thursday 15 September 2005

Camp Casey Memorial, Crawford, Texas
(Photo: The White Rose Society)

Crawford - The Camp Casey Memorial on Prairie Chapel Road was removed by thieves earlier today. Not a single item is left at the memorial site.

Crew members working for McLennan County said they witnessed items being removed by an unidentified individual and contacted their office to inform commissioners.

Upon arrival at Camp Casey, honor guard members who had been at the Crawford Peace House immediately called McLennan County Sheriff's Deputy R. Polansky to report the theft.

Peggy Logue Speaks Out on the Bring Them Home Now Tour


Bring Them Home Now Tour Asks Military Mom to Speak Out
September 15th, 2005

I am a mother of a 19 year old 3/25 Lima Co. Marine serving in Iraq. One third of his Unit has been kia or injured. In early August after losing 22 Marines in less than a week, fearing for my son’s life and driven by conviction, I began my journey to change the direction our country has been going.

I have been waiting for my son’s safe return before speaking out publicly. There is such confusion in our country about patriotism and supporting our troops while being against the war.

You Can't Steal the Camp Casey Movement

You Can't Steal the Camp Casey Movement
By Scott Galindez
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Friday 16 September 2005

There was a song written about Camp Casey by a minister from Dallas, called "Prairie Chapel Road." Eric Folkerth was his name, and one of his verses goes like this: "You can mow down the crosses but you can't mow down our hope because the truth will always see the light of the day."

Larry Northern thought he would kill Camp Casey's spirit when he mowed down the crosses with his pickup truck. Well, he was mistaken. The Spirit of Camp Casey was too strong, and the movement that was launched there cannot be stolen by another jerk who stole the memorial that remained there until yesterday.

Local TV Covers Cindy Sheehan in Raleigh, North Carolina


War protester brings peace tour to N.C.
By: Shelvia Dancy & Web Staff

(RALEIGH) -- A woman who camped out in front of President Bush's ranch in Texas after her son died in Iraq visited Raleigh on Thursday.

Cindy Sheehan is on an anti-war bus tour from Crawford, Texas, to Washington, DC. Her son, Casey, died in Iraq in 2004.

"I'm a mother, and my heart and my soul were ripped out of me on April 4th," anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan told the crowd.

Sheehan has traveled across the country sharing her story. "When those three army officers came to my house dressed in their uniforms, I knew they weren't there to tell me my son had received a medal," she continued.

Hinchey Leads Broad Congressional Coalition Calling For Expansion Of Plame Name Leak Investigation


For Immediate Release
September 15, 2005

Hinchey Leads Broad Congressional Coalition
Calling For Expansion Of Plame Name Leak Investigation

Forty-One Members Of Congress Ask Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald To Examine
Bush Administration's False Uranium Claims That Led To Disclosure Of CIA Operative's Identity To Determine If Additional Federal Laws Were Broken

Washington, D.C. - Troubled by what they see as violations of federal law that prohibit making false and fraudulent statements to Congress, Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and 40 of his House colleagues today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald asking that he expand his investigation of who in the Bush Administration revealed to the news media that Valerie Plame, the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson, was a covert agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Hinchey and his colleagues urged Fitzgerald, who was designated as special prosecutor for the case, to examine the causes behind the exposure of Plame's identity -- specifically, the Bush Administration's false and fraudulent claims in January 2003 that Iraq had sought uranium for a nuclear weapon, which the Administration used as one of the key grounds to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Camp Casey Memorial Stolen; Casey Sheehan's Boots Are Gone

Camp Casey Memorial Stolen
Casey Sheehan's Boots Are Gone

By Deborah Mathews
Staff Writer

September 15, 2005 3:23 PM

CRAWFORD — The Camp Casey Memorial on Prairie Chapel Road was removed by thieves earlier today. Not a single item is left at the memorial site.

Crew members working for McLennan County said they witnessed items being removed by an unidentified individual and contacted their office to inform commissioners.

Upon arrival at Camp Casey, honor guard members who had been at the Crawford Peace House immediately called McLennan County Sheriff’s Deputy R. Polansky to report the theft.

Clark criticizes Bush on Security

Clark criticizes Bush on Security
Sun staff writer
September 15. 2005 6:01AM
MICHAEL C. WEIMAR/The Gainesville Sun

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme allied commander, spoke Wednesday night to students and the public at the University of Florida's Stephen C. O'Connell Center.
etired Gen. Wesley Clark lambasted President Bush's administration on Wednesday for its handling of homeland security in the four years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and its response to Hurricane Katrina, calling that response "fumbling, inefficient and dangerous."

Speaking to a crowd of a few hundred people on Wednesday at the O'Connell Center, Clark drew on his 34 years of military experience to outline a new strategy for American security that focused mostly on waging a war of ideas.

Bush Support Eroding as Christians Condemn Iraq Involvement

Bush Support Eroding as Christians Condemn Iraq Involvement
September 12, 2005
the San Bernardino County Sun (California)

by Jano Gibson

With increasing frequency, Christians are condemning U.S. military involvement in Iraq.

And the growing unrest among Christians threatens to erode President Bush's most loyal base.

"We had no plan for making the peace. We continue as a superpower to be arrogant. . . . And we have acted as though all is well, when, in fact, daily we have reports of suicide bombings and more disruptions in Iraq," said the Rev. Bob Edgar, general secretary of the National Council of Churches, a coalition of mainline Protestant and Orthodox denominations.

Watchdog slams US forces for media deaths in Iraq

Watchdog slams US forces for media deaths in Iraq
1 hour, 2 minutes ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A media watchdog criticized the U.S. military on Wednesday for consistently failing to investigate the killing of journalists in Iraq by its forces, and said the Pentagon was losing credibility as a result.

The report by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, or CPJ, said U.S. troops had killed 13 journalists since the U.S.-led war started in March 2003, and at least 40 other reporters had been killed in the conflict.

"Several of the 13 deaths suggest indifference by U.S. soldiers to the presence of civilians, including members of the press," the CPJ said in a statement.

AfterAfterDowning Street


by Bob Fertik

On Wednesday, Republicans had their chance to save George Bush from impeachment.

And, as Steve Cobble describes, they threw it away.

Since the Downing Street Minutes were published on May, progressives have demanded to know whether the central allegation of those Minutes was true: that the pre-war intelligence and facts were being fixed around Bush's policy of invading Iraq, whether or not Iraq had any WMD's or any connection to 9/11.

Mourning in America


Lynn Bradach lost her son in Iraq—a son she believes died for a lie. Now, she’s headed to Washington, D.C., to join Cindy Sheehan and others for what is being billed as a huge, war-stopping march on September 24.

The Stranger

Like the young man in the new Army recruiting commercial, Travis Bradach-Nall had issues with his father. His parents had divorced just before he turned 13, and he barely saw his dad again after that. Instead he lived with his mother, Lynn Bradach, in the close quarters of her brown cottage-style home in Portland, Oregon. Like many teenagers, Travis was furious at his dad and in love with loud noise. He liked explosions. He liked to play the drums. He liked to yell.

Newsview: 3 crises define Bush presidency

Posted on Wed, Sep. 14, 2005
Newsview: 3 crises define Bush presidency
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - It's August in Crawford, Texas, and President Bush is on vacation. His poll ratings are slumping. He hears warnings of a looming crisis that will soon change the course of his presidency.

Is this August 2001? Or August 2005?

The answer is both. Historians will ultimately judge Bush's presidency based on his leadership through two tragedies - the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and Hurricane Katrina, plus a conflict of his own design: The war in Iraq.

Katrina's lethal aftermath revealed that the Bush administration didn't learn valuable lessons from the 2001 attacks about responding to disasters. As for the president himself, since the Sept. 11 terror strikes, Bush seems to have lost his touch for connecting with an anxious public.


Submitted by John Perry (not verified) on Thu, 2005-09-15 08:22.
The toll-free number for the Capitol Hill switchboard.


Give it to everyone you know.

Just call and ask to be connected to your rep's office. Be nice to the people answering the phone. They're just doing their job.


Why is the Bush administration not being held accountable for the falsehoods that led us into Iraq?

Why is there no exit strategy?

When can we expect one?

Why are we building 14 permanent military bases in Iraq?

Where's Osama? Isn't he the one we're supposed to going after?

Rep. Joseph Crowley of Long Island, NY on Yesterday's ROI Votes


By Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY)

On a day when more than 150 people were killed in Iraq, the White House was given a free pass to continue hiding information in regard to the Downing Street Memo.

The Memo, which was leaked to reporters a few months ago, outlines the specific concerns the British government has in regard to the post-Iraq planning of the United States.

The tragedy is that the American public will never know what really happened because this decision was made during a meeting of the International Relations Committee when members voted along largely partisan lines to kill three pieces of legislation that would have required the White House to release the documents that led to the Downing Street Memo.

Close, But Still No GOP Oversight


by Steve Cobble

The International Relations Committee staff was busy counting up a tie vote when one of the well-trained white male cadre that make up the Republicans in the U.S. House walked in late through the door.

"There's our vote," one of his homeboys shouted.

And in the time-honored reaction of conservatives everywhere, the latecomer shouted out "I vote no."

Except that he was supposed to vote "yes," because the motion was to kill Rep.

Barbara Lee's valiant effort to force out into the open the executive branch documents related to the Downing Street Memo.

AP Covers ROIs

House GOP Derails Democratic Inquiries

The Associated Press
Wednesday, September 14, 2005; 3:38 PM

WASHINGTON -- House Republicans derailed Democratic attempts on Wednesday to force the Bush administration to surrender documents on prewar intelligence and the disclosure of the identity of a CIA operative.

Democrats have introduced several "resolutions of inquiry" to compel President Bush and members of his Cabinet to release all information relating to communications with British officials before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and the Valerie Plame case.

The White House has taken heat since the disclosure this year of the "Downing Street memos," British documents that suggest the Bush administration had made up its mind by 2002 to invade Iraq. Administration officials also have been interviewed by a special prosecutor in his quest to determine who leaked Plame's covert identity to reporters.

Debating Iraq with Rich Lowry

September 14, 2005
Debating Iraq with Rich Lowry

Would over a thousand people in your community turn out to see David Corn and Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, debate the war in Iraq? That's what happened in Willimantic, a town in northeastern Connecticut and home to Eastern Connecticut State University. And I wonder if this is a sign of growing popular unease with the war.

As part of a three-day series of events on Iraq, the school hosted this face-off in a sweltering gymnasium, and more than a 1000 concerned citizens from the campus and the surrounding communities turned out. That was more than the 600 who attended a recent speech by David McCullough, the bestselling biographer of John Adams. At the start of the debate, Lowry asked the crowd for a show of hands: how many people were opposed to the war? Most of the attendees raised an arm, perhaps 70 percent or more. Well, Lowry said, I know where I stand. Yes, he did. But, as I noted, these days, Lowry--or any other defender of George W. Bush's misadventure in Iraq--would be in hostile territory, for polls show a majority of Americans now believe the war is a mistake.

Hearing on Exiting Iraq to be Webcast Live on Thursday

The hearing will be taped gavel-to-gavel by C-Span and broadcast during primetime Thursday evening. And there will be a live video link on

Click where it says: Woolsey Forum "How to Bring the Troops Home". Live Webcast 10:00 A.M. ET - 1:00 P.M. ET.

Karen Meredith to Rejoin Bring Them Home Now Tour

September 14, 2005

CONTACT: Ryan Fletcher 202-641-0277
Morrigan Phillips 202-258-1822

Army Reveals Truth around Soldier's Death 15 Months Later, Mom to Rejoin Cross Country Tour of Military Families, Gold Star Families, Iraq War and Other Veterans

Gold Star and Military Families, Iraq War and other Vets bring message to 51 cities in 28 States to Converge at Anti-War Rally in DC on September 24

NATIONWIDE - On September 19th, Gold Star Mother Karen Meredith will re-join the Bring Them Home Now Tour that is crossing the country along three routes from Crawford, Texas to Washington, DC. Last weekend on Sept. 9th, Meredith, of Mountain View, California, was informed by the U.S. Army that it had known for more than a year that her son 1st Lt. Kenneth Ballard was not killed in action as had been reported. The Army disclosed on Saturday that Ballard, 26, actually died of wounds from the accidental discharge of a M240 machine gun on his tank after his platoon had returned from battling insurgents in Najaf. An Army spokesman, Col. Joseph Curtin, said in an interview that separate investigations concluded only days after Ballard's death that it was an accident.

Leave Katrina Relief Efforts to Government

RALL 9/13/05
Leave Katrina Relief Efforts to Government
by Ted Rall

NEW YORK--Hurricane Katrina has prompted Americans to donate more than $700 million to charity, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy. So many suckers, so little foresight.

Government has been shirking its basic responsibilities since the '80s, when Ronald Reagan sold us his belief that the sick, poor and unlucky should no longer count on "big government" to help them, but should rather live and die at the whim of contributors to private charities. The Katrina disaster, whose total damage estimate has risen from $100 to $125 billion, marks the culmination of Reagan's privatization of despair.

HRes 375--A Litmus Test For Congress.

HRes 375--A Litmus Test For Congress.
Submitted by Tony (not verified) on Wed, 2005-09-14 01:51.

The below was sent to the House Judiciary Committee and other representatives to let them know their vote will show just what they are made of, and whether we should keep or discard them in the elections of 2006.

HRes 375—A Litmus Test For Congress
House Resolution 375 provides a clear cut choice between right and wrong. It seeks to investigate, based on strong evidence and probable cause, whether or not our leaders lied and duped us into going to war with Iraq. If some congress members dimly think “the world will little note or long remember

Bring Them Home Tour, Thursday, Sept. 15th Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh, NC
Thu, Sep. 15th - Fri, Sep. 16th
Event Description:

Thursday September 15th
1:30 PM
Welcome Rally, downtown Raleigh.If you have a vehicle, consider meeting the Bring Them Home Now bus at 1:00 to form a caravan coming into Raleigh. E-mail for directions.

3:00-5:00 PM
Media Interviews / Legislative Visits with NC Representatives.

5:00-6:15 PM
Rally with the Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour, including Cindy Sheehan at Moore Square, Downtown Raleigh

8:00-9:30 (doors open at 7:30) PM
An Evening with the Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour including Cindy Sheehan, at the McKimmon Center, NC State University, 1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh, NC 27695, (919) 515-3211

More Bush Katrina Cartoons

(More below)

Bush Katrina Cartoons

(More below)

George Galloway

This Wednesday’s debate between Christopher Hitchens and

George Galloway (moderated by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman)

will be webcast live online at 6:10pm CST.

George Galloway, the antiwar British MP—who made headlines

in May for denouncing the Iraq War in the U.S. Senate—is

currently on a tour of the United States—including stops in

Chicago and Madison with Vietnam era antiwar activist Jane Fonda.

Christopher Hitchens—the one-time progressive author turned

pro-war media flack—will square off with Galloway—who recently

Another Great Sacramento Anti-War Rally

Gary Zimmerman writes from Sacramento:

We had another major rally in Sacramento on Saturday, September 10th. From 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, about 250 people showed up at 16th & Broadway to express outrage over the Iraq War and the Bush administration's incompetent response to hurricane Katrina.

The rally also incorporated fundraising efforts for the Veterans for Peace bus caravan to Washington, D.C., which recently took a detour while en route to Washington to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. They brought food and supplies from Camp Casey and the Crawford Peace House to hurricane victims in Covington, LA.

(More pictures below)

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