Sheehan Coverage Turns Local as Vigils Spread

By E&P Staff

Published: August 18, 2005 12:00 PM ET

NEW YORK The Cindy Sheehan antiwar protest near the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas, has been a national story for the past week. In Thursday's papers, however, the story hit home in a big way, as hundreds of newspapers reported on local pro-Sheehan vigils held coast-to-coast.

The Associated Press estimated there were 1,600 such events and a Google News search produced hundreds of separate stories. Some vigils, such as one in Minneapolis, drew over 1,000 protestors.

The Denver Post covered outpourings in Denver, Golden, and Fort Collins. “Area Residents Take Stand Against War,

What's the policy, Judith?

By Jan Frel
Posted on August 18, 2005, Printed on August 18, 2005

It's hard to believe that once a key fact about a major story is put out there that it's not permanently incorporated into the bigger picture.

But it's clear that things do get missed, and even when they are splashed, they don't always stick with the Big Story. Take for example the fact that Karl Rove was fired in '92 by Bush Sr. for smearing an enemy through Bob Novak. That should be one of the context sentences right next to the one that lays out that this whole thing started with a July 2003 column by Novak; "Rove has a history of smearing his enemies through Robert Novak -- it's a practice he was caught and fired for by the first Bush president in 1992." A simple sentence like that will do, and clearly has a lot of relevance to the current story. The L.A. Times wrote an article devoted to this historical note when the Rove scandal mushroomed in July, but the L.A. Times and the rest of the press haven't made much reference to this as a stock fact afterward.


by Cindy Sheehan on Daily Kos
Thu Aug 18th, 2005 at 10:02:17 PDT

Our candlelight vigil at Camp Casey was beautiful tonight. There were hundreds of people here and we are hearing that hundreds of people were involved in vigils around the country. We at Camp Casey are so amazed and gratified that there were almost 1700 vigils around the country.

CNN followed me around for the morning to do a "Day in the Life" of Cindy Sheehan. I kept asking them if they were falling asleep from boredom yet. I was on Anderson Cooper and it was pretty good. Anderson didn't ask me about the Israel thing because he had checked with Nightline. But he followed with a talk show, hate monger host, Darrell Ankarlo who I have had problems with in the past. He said that I have said that I believe all of the troops are murderers and I have never said that, either. Darrell Ankarlo wanted me to be on his show, but I don't think so.

Media Culpa

Media Culpa: Should The New York Times and Time Magazine Have Exposed Karl Rove's Role in the Outing of Valerie Plame?

In an article in Vanity Fair, columnist Michael Wolff criticizes those in the mainstream media - particularly Time Magazine and The New York Times - who knew of Karl Rove's role in the outing of Valerie Plame, but refused to expose him. We host a debate with Wolff and investigative journalist Murray Waas. [includes rush transcript]

Conyers Calls For Investigation Into Ashcroft's Role In CIA Leak Case

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) is calling for an investigation into the role of former Attorney General John Ashcroft in the outing of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame. Conyers' call comes after a new report by investigative journalist Murray Waas that a special prosecutor was appointed in the case in large part because FBI investigators had begun to specifically question the veracity of accounts provided to them by Karl Rove. We speak with Conyers and Waas. [includes rush transcript]

The Vigil at Camp Casey

t r u t h o u t | One Mother's Stand
By Scott Galindez

The vigil at Camp Casey was respectful and emotional.

Iraq Veteran Aidan Delgado opened the vigil with a heartfelt message: "In victory or defeat the price is the same... A price that can not be measured in dollars or votes but can only be measured in pain... We must make sure it is never paid again until all other means have failed." In the foreground as Aidan spoke was a flag-draped coffin. On the left side of the coffin, Iraq Veteran Hart Viges stood at attention. On the right side, Charlie Anderson in full uniform did the same.

Support Congressman Holt's Demand for Truth About Plame Leak

Congresman Rush Holt's Resolution (H. Res. 363) has 76 cosponsors so far. Here is the summary of what it does:

"Requesting the President and directing the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Attorney General to transmit to the House of Representatives not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution documents in the possession of the President and those officials relating to the disclosure of the identity and employment of Ms. Valerie Plame."

Ask your congress member to co-sponsor.

List of who is already co-sponsoring.

Did You Go to a Vigil?

Post Your Report Here!

Here's mine: I went to a vigil with about 50 people in the small town of Cheverly, Md. Several people took turns speaking. We sang "Give Peace a Chance." Then we broke up the circle and talked to friends and new aquaintances. The Prince George's Sentinel and the Gazette were both there. We're assuming that the Washington Post was either covering the event over at the White House or had decided this was all beneath them.
-David Swanson

White House photos

White House report and photos.

Gallery of photos sent in from AZ, MI, DC.

Video of Tulsa OK vigil.

Orlando vigil photos.

Gallery of photos sent in from Highland Park IL, Sacramento CA, Pacific Grove CA.

Video of Baltimore vigil.

Photos from Oceanside, Calif.

Many more photo galleries.

Gallery of photos sent in from Arlington VA and New Orleans LA.

Click Picture.

What's Up with Nightline?

By Eric Boehlert
Huffington Post

USA Today this week labeled Cindy Sheehan's Crawford protest "a headline-grabbing national movement." And the paper was right. Last night, all across the country thousands of people gathered for candlelight vigils in honor of Sheehan and her son, Casey, who died in Iraq. And yes, Sheehan's gotten more press (especially ink) than anyone could have possibly imagined. So why hasn't Nightline covered the story?

It's been unfolding for nearly two weeks, but to date the late-night ABC news giant has ignored the burgeoning anti-war event.

The omission is telling. Because despite the uptick in TV coverage in recent days, the Sheehan story still has not crossed over into phenomenon territory for most television producers, and certainly not at network news. For instance, over the last ten days ABC News -- all of its programming --has mentioned "Cindy Sheehan" just 26 times, according to TVEyes, the 24/7 broadcast monitoring service.

Cindy Sheehan Reveals the Naked Truth

By Michael Benner

Rarely has there been a better example of the story about the emporer wearing no clothes. George W. Bush's repeated lies, forged documents, and dirty tricks have, especially since the Downing Street Minutes were released, revealed him to be nothing more than an arrogant narcissist. And now, Cindy Sheehan has him so frightened that the same man who shouted, "Bring 'em on" now cowers in the presence of one who seeks only the Truth --- what is the Noble Cause?

Cindy Sheehan has become a hero of mine. She's King and Gandhi. When she speaks I hear angels sing. Yet the boneheads in the media only see partisan politics.

CENSORING AGAIN: Comcast Blocks Emails Linking to Cindy Sheehan Website!

Cox Cable Joins Nation's Largest Net Provider in Keeping Citizens in the Dark!

Other ISPs doing the same thing -- here we go again! only bigger!!

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot UPDATE: Since the following item was posted, we have had confirmed reports of emails being blocked by other ISPs as well as Comcast. We'll post...

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

UPDATE: Since the following item was posted, we have had confirmed reports of emails being blocked by other ISPs as well as Comcast. We'll post more when we know more. In the meantime, please try the tests described below, regardless of your e-mail provider, so we can get some sense of the scope of the problem. Thank you very much, as always.

The Loonies Are Out

I just got a call -- OK, two calls (I hung up on the guy twice) -- from a man calling himself Norman Simpson of Tejas Media Group (whatever that is; I had to ask him five times before he would identify himself). On the first call he wanted to know why I was abusing Cindy by making her stand in a ditch. On the second he wanted to know whether I would be a guest on some kind of show in Houston (I declined). He originally called, he said, because I was listed as the owner of

Let's make a few things clear. Going to Crawford was Cindy's idea, nobody else's. She's choosing to be there, although Bush could invite her in to his ranch if he chooses to at any time. Cindy is not a pawn. She's running the show. And she has a bunch of talented people running her website, headed by David Taylor.

The Iraq War and MoveOn

By Norman Solomon

The day after Wednesday night's nationwide vigils, the big headline at the top of the home page said: "Support Cindy Sheehan." But MoveOn does not support Cindy Sheehan's call for swift withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Many groups were important to the success of the Aug. 17 vigils, but the online powerhouse MoveOn was the largest and most prominent. After a long stretch of virtual absence from Iraq war issues, the organization deserves credit for getting re-involved in recent months. But the disconnects between MoveOn and much of the grassroots antiwar movement are disturbing.

Is Sheehan a Spark or a Flicker?

By Dan Froomkin
Special to
Thursday, August 18, 2005; 11:45 AM

Is Cindy Sheehan the spark igniting an antiwar movement that threatens the Bush presidency? Or is she just an over-hyped flicker that will be extinguished with the next turn of the news cycle?

The White House is counting on it being the latter. As the Washington Post's Jim VandeHei explained in a Live Online discussion yesterday: "The White House thinks this whole story is a silly obsession of bored reporters with nothing better to do during the slow August."

But with more than a thousand Sheehan-inspired vigils all over the country last night -- and a national conversation unleashed -- there are reasons to think the White House may be wrong.

Fair and balanced coverage of Cindy Sheehan


Last night CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 did a show about Cindy Sheehan. Of
course it would be too much to ask that they do a show just about Cindy
Sheehan, who is, after all, an active news maker. So they managed to fit in
segments of White House spin about how "emotional" Bush is when he meets
with families and clips of Bush claiming that he "grieves for every death,"
scurrilous non-attributed claims about how "'some' [my quotes] call her a
savvy political radical and a pawn for the left," clips of Bill O'Reilly


By Phil Vargas, Korean War veteran

I know, I know, it's all been said before. But maybe it hasn't. And it may be worthwhile to revisit our President's military record in view of the deaths and maiming of thousands of Americans and the billions we have paid and are paying for his war in Iraq.

It is nearly two and a half years since our military invaded and occupied a country that did not present a threat to us or its neighbors. That has been confirmed time and time again. And in view of the fact that 1,858 Americans have died, 13,877 Americans have been maimed, and 26,705 Iraqis reported killed - and still counting! (22 US soldiers were killed this week, August 11-17, 2005) -- in Bush's dishonorable, ignoble, illegal (in clear violation of the US Constitution and international law), unnecessary, and extremely costly war in Iraq, it is indeed very appropriate to reconsider the following important aspects of our President's military record. But it is of special importance that we take another look at our President's military record because of his having deceived us and the entire world into that war, and that includes the supporting lies of our highest US government officials, viz., Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, amongst others, who led us into a horrendous international relations blunder which has disgraced our good country and made it the most hated country in the world and us Americans - you and I -- the most hated people in the world!

First, Ignore The Neocons
Robert Dreyfuss
August 18, 2005

Robert Dreyfuss is a freelance writer based in Alexandria, Va., who specializes in politics and national security issues. He is a contributing editor at The Nation, a contributing writer at Mother Jones, a senior correspondent for The American Prospect, and a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone. His book, Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam, will be published by Henry Holt/Metropolitan Books in the fall.

On August 14, The Washington Post reported that Iraqi Sunni insurgents joined in battle not against U.S. occupation forces but against the radical-fundamentalist battalions of Abu Musab Zarqawi and his “Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Urgent Action for Women Supporters: Write Laura Bush

On Thursday, August 18, women who have been sitting with Cindy Sheehan at the vigil in Crawford, Texas, will be writing and attempting to hand-deliver letters to Laura Bush. As part of a woman-to-woman, mother-to-mother appeal, Cindy’s supporters will ask the First Lady to urge her husband to take time from his vacation to answer the questions of a grieving mother. Cindy’s supporters, led by her sister Dede Miller, will then conduct a three-mile march from Camp Casey to the gate of George Bush’s ranch.

Send us your letters asap so we can take them to Laura Bush on Thursday!

Click Here to Take Action Now!

Vitals on Vigils for Cindy Sheehan

by tmatz [Subscribe]
Thu Aug 18th, 2005 at 06:04:56 PDT
Last night's Vigils for Cindy Sheehan were huge. We had hard RSVPs for 103,013 attendees (actual attendance much higher). There were 1627 Vigils in all 50 states and DC.

Top Ten Cities and Number of Attendees

New York

San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

Los Angeles

Boston (Manchester, NH)




Washington, DC (Hagerstown)

Portland, OR


tmatz's diary :: ::
Last night's Vigils for Cindy Sheehan were huge. We had hard RSVPs for 103,013 attendees (actual attendance much higher). There were 1627 Vigils in all 50 states and DC.

Bad Iraq War News Worries Some in GOP on '06 Vote

By Adam Nagourney and David D. Kirkpatrick
The New York Times

Thursday 18 August 2005

Washington - A stream of bad news out of Iraq - echoed at home by polls that show growing impatience with the war and rising disapproval of President Bush's Iraq policies - is stirring political concern in Republican circles, party officials said Wednesday.

Some said that the perception that the war was faltering was providing a rallying point for dispirited Democrats and could pose problems for Republicans in the Congressional elections next year.

Republicans said a convergence of events - including the protests inspired by the mother of a slain American soldier outside Mr. Bush's ranch in Texas, the missed deadline to draft an Iraqi Constitution and the spike in casualties among reservists - was creating what they said could be a significant and lasting shift in public attitude against the war.

Feingold Urges Troop Withdrawal By End of '06

By Peter Baker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 18, 2005; A03

Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) called on the White House yesterday to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of next year and criticized fellow Democrats for being too "timid" in challenging the Bush administration's war policy.

Feingold, who is among the Democrats considering a run for president in 2008, became the first senator to propose a specific deadline for pulling all 138,000 U.S. troops out of Iraq. His comments also laid bare the rising tension within his party about how to respond to President Bush on the war.

War is not the path to peace

by Ellen Beth Gill
Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog

As I sat in my office posting my pictures of the Highland Park Vigil for Cindy and the end to the Iraq War, I heard CNN's Aaron Brown in the background. He was trying to make Cindy Sheehan and those supporting her in nationwide vigils seem like a bizarre group of left-wing fringe. But, then again, Aaron Brown wasn't there, was he? That is not what I saw. I saw a couple of hundred or more very mainstream citizens of our district fed up with the death and distruction of the Iraq War, a war based on a lie.

From Denver Post

Colorado vigils offer support for protest at Bush ranch
By Jim Kirksey, Daarel Burnette and Christopher Ortiz
Denver Post Staff Writers

Hundreds of Coloradans joined thousands of people across the country Wednesday evening in supporting the mother of a soldier slain in Iraq who is camped out near President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch, protesting the war.

About 100 people joined hands in a line and stretched across Interstate 70 in Golden, about 80 gathered at a busy intersection in Fort Collins to wave anti-war signs at passing traffic, and as many as 700 formed a circle of lighted candles in Denver's Civic Center to sing and show their support for Cindy Sheehan.

Support for war dwindles, one wave at a time

by Mary Schmich
Chicago Tribune

Published August 17, 2005

Some distant day, when students curl up with their history books to learn about the U.S. invasion of Iraq, they will read about the moment when the tide of public opinion turned.

That's the cliche the history book will use: "The tide of public opinion turned."

And I'm guessing that the rest of the phrase will be "around August 2005."

It's hard to detect a turning tide, even a tide that laps at your shoes.

"Is the tide coming in or going out?" a friend said not long ago as we walked along an ocean.

We stood and watched the waves. He said out, I said in. I'm not sure which one of us was right. But that's the point. The moment a tide shifts direction is so subtle it's arguable--until all of a sudden it's clear, and closed to question.

Local vigil reflects U.S. anti-war beliefs

Home News Tribune (New Jersey)

HIGHLAND PARK — Four-year- old Elizabeth Macioci made her stand against the war in Iraq last night.

In a pink flowered dress, with pink flip-flops revealing red-painted toenails, Elizabeth held up a sign that read, "Bring our children home," joining 180 people at a candlelight vigil on Raritan Avenue in Highland Park.

They came in support of Cindy Sheehan, who continues to camp outside President Bush's Crawford ranch, demanding he meet with her to justify the death of her son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, who died in Iraq.

Cindy, the Peace Train, and the Little Ditch that Could

By Greg Moses

Two months ago while exhausted from a Summer Soulstice peace festival, and while looking with dismay into a long hot summer of war, Louisiana attorney Buddy Spell, his spouse Annie, and their guest of honor Cindy Sheehan decided they needed to do something, but not something too high energy. So they browsed through the train schedule and designated an Amtrak Crescent as their Peace Train. Come September they'd board the train in New Orleans and put out word to folks along the way to hop on for a ride to the big peace march in Washington D.C. That would be enough to keep their peace hopes on track. Of course, that was then.

Biking toward Nowhere

By Maureen Dowd
The New York Times
Wednesday 17 August 2005

How could President Bush be cavorting around on a long vacation with American troops struggling with a spiraling crisis in Iraq?

Wasn't he worried that his vacation activities might send a frivolous signal at a time when he had put so many young Americans in harm's way?

"I'm determined that life goes on," Mr. Bush said stubbornly.

That wasn't the son, believe it or not. It was the father - 15 years ago. I was in Kennebunkport then to cover the first President Bush's frenetic attempts to relax while reporters were pressing him about how he could be taking a month to play around when he had started sending American troops to the Persian Gulf only three days before.

Blood Runs Red, Not Blue

NY Times

You have to wonder whether reality ever comes knocking on George W. Bush's door. If it did, would the president with the unsettling demeanor of a boy king even bother to answer? Mr. Bush is the commander in chief who launched a savage war in Iraq and now spends his days happily riding his bicycle in Texas.

This is eerie. Scary. Surreal.

The war is going badly and lives have been lost by the thousands, but there is no real sense, either at the highest levels of government or in the nation at large, that anything momentous is at stake. The announcement on Sunday that five more American soldiers had been blown to eternity by roadside bombs was treated by the press as a yawner. It got very little attention.

From Hartford Courant

Vigil Supports Protester In Texas
August 18, 2005
Hartford Courant (Conn)

WEST HARTFORD -- Candles carried by 250 people illuminated a heavily traveled intersection in support of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who has maintained a vigil for nearly two weeks outside President Bush's ranch in Texas.

Many motorists honked their horns in support of the protesters Wednesday night at the vigil at the intersection of Main Street and Farmington Avenue.

Sheehan has vowed to remain camped near Bush's ranch in Crawford until he agrees to meet with her to discuss the death of her son, Casey, who was killed in 2004 five days after arriving for duty in Iraq, or until Bush returns to Washington early next month.


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