Congresswoman Waters and the 'Out of Iraq' Caucus Push for Congressional Debate on the Iraq War

By Congresswoman Waters

Washington, DC - Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35), Chair and Founder of the 'Out of Iraq' Congressional Caucus, announced that the 'Out of Iraq' Caucus has filed a discharge petition on H J Res 55, authored by Congressman Neil Abercrombie (HI-1) and Congressman Walter Jones (NC-3). If passed by Congress, H J Res 55 would require the President to begin bringing US troops home from Iraq.

A discharge petition is a House rule that permits members to bring to the floor for consideration a measure not reported from committee if 218 members sign the petition. The discharge petition, as drafted, provides 17 hours of debate and permits consideration of any germane amendments including amendments that would move up the date at which US troops would begin to return home. The discharge petition, which was filed on November 9th, takes seven legislative days to ripen.

Oppose Torture!

By 20-20 Vision

It was one of the most overwhelming votes in recent memory. By a vote of 90-9, the Senate voted for the so-called McCain Amendment. The Amendment was simple. It stated that, "No individual in the custody or under the physical control of the United States Government, regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment." In short, it promised the world that the US would not commit acts of torture.

It's amazing that it has come to this. It's outrageous that Vice President Richard Cheney went to the Congress to lobby against this simple statement. It's inconceivable, yet true, that nine US Senators voted in favor of condoning torture. But the Senate put aside its partisan differences and overwhelmingly voted in favor of the amendment. It seemed that simple decency would be affirmed.

Shake and Bake: Who would Jesus burn?

By Dave Lindorff

What kind of country is this?

Not only does America use grotesque chemical weapons in its "War of Liberation"--in this case white phosphorus bombs that are as nasty as anything Saddam Hussein could have dreamt up, with the ability to eat their way into a body and liquefy flesh--but our shameless leaders, when caught in the act, try to lie their way out of their own atrocious behavior.

When an Italian documentary producer released a film exposing this war crime committed in the course of the destruction of Fallujah, the honchos at the Pentagon and the White House lied through their teeth, claiming that the scenes of cascading phosphorus bombs blanketing the city, incinerating fighters and civilians alike, which were depicted clearly in the film, were just flares being used for night lighting.

Raid on torture dungeon exposes Iraq's secret war

By Kim Sengupta in Baghdad
The Independent (UK)

The raid was at a building in central Baghdad. Men armed with automatic rifles burst in and made their way to a set of underground cells where they found 175 people huddled together. They had been captured by paramilitaries and tortured. The terrified, mainly Sunni, captives had been held in an office of the Iraqi interior ministry, and the rescue party were Iraqi police and American soldiers.

Yesterday, 24 hours later, the Prime Minister, Ibrahim Jaafari, promised an investigation after the shocking demonstration of how paramilitary units working for the government, and death squads allegedly linked to it, are waging a savage war in the shadows.

"Impeach Bush" Signs in China

"In a sign of the unpopularity of the Iraq war, Bush's presence prompted a demonstration by about 100 protesters who banged drums and carried signs that said 'Impeach Bush.' He is expected to face larger protests in South Korea."

Warmonger Interrupted by Peace Activists

Cheney heckled by peace protesters
Vice president honors former lawmaker in talk
By DUNCAN MANSFIELD, The Associated Press

Vice President Dick Cheney was heckled by peace protesters yesterday as he spoke at the groundbreaking for a public policy center honoring former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. Cheney continued speaking and didn't acknowledge the protesters, who were escorted from the ceremony inside the University of Tennessee's basketball arena.

About 50 protesters, most of them appearing to be college age, demonstrated outside. Several carried signs, including one that read "Honor Baker, Impeach Cheney."

Following Bush and Hadley's lead, media figures continued to falsely claim

Following Bush and Hadley's lead, media figures continued to falsely claim that White House, Congress saw "same intelligence" on Iraq

In recent days, media figures have continued to repeat false claims by President Bush and national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley that the White House and Congress examined the "same intelligence" on the Iraqi threat during the buildup to war in late 2002. The media's frequent repetition of this claim provides ballast for the administration's attacks on Democrats, who are demanding that the Senate Intelligence Committee meet its promise of completing "phase two" of its investigation of pre-war intelligence, which is to include an examination into the administration's use, and possible misuse, of that intelligence. But Congress did not have access to the "same intelligence" on Iraq as the Bush administration. The White House typically receives a greater amount of intelligence on a daily basis than Congress, as Media Matters for America has noted. Moreover, there is ample evidence that the Bush administration played an active role in decisions to limit the intelligence delivered to Capitol Hill and utilized "unique" intelligence sources during the year prior to the war.

The End of News?

By Michael Massing, NY Review of Books

In late September, the Government Accountability Office—a nonpartisan arm of Congress—issued a finding that the Bush administration had engaged in "covert propaganda," and thereby broken the law, by paying Armstrong Williams, a conservative commentator, to promote its educational policies. The GAO also faulted the administration for hiring a public relations firm to distribute video news segments without disclosing the government's part in producing them. The auditors' report, which followed a year-long investigation, presents chilling evidence of the campaign that officials in Washington have been waging against a free and independent press. Only months before, it was revealed that Kenneth Tomlinson, the President's choice to head the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, had paid a Republican operative to monitor the political leanings of guests on Bill Moyers's show Now, as part of a broader effort to shift PBS's programming to the right.

Media, White House push falsehoods on prewar Iraq intel

In recent days, conservatives have pushed two principal falsehoods -- echoed by President Bush in a November 11 speech and uncritically reported in mainstream news reports -- to rebut Democratic criticism that the White House manipulated intelligence to build the case for war in Iraq. First, conservatives have claimed that the White House's Democratic critics saw the same intelligence as the Bush administration and similarly concluded that Iraq was a significant threat. Second, the administration's defenders have conflated two issues: whether the administration pressured intelligence analysts to produce intelligence supporting its case for war, and whether the administration manipulated or cherry-picked the intelligence it received. By conflating the two questions in news reports, the media have advanced the Bush administration's line that several government inquiries have already cleared the administration of both pressuring intelligence agencies and manipulating intelligence. In fact, Media Matters for America has debunked each of these claims, documenting that: 1) The White House had access to intelligence that was unavailable to Congress and began making claims about the Iraqi threat months before Congress received any substantial intelligence analysis; and, 2) while several reports found that analysts felt no "pressure" from senior policy-makers in reaching their intelligence assessments -- a conclusion that has since been challenged by several senior intelligence officials -- no government entity has thus far investigated and reported on whether Bush administration officials manipulated that intelligence once they received it.

Court Day

By CindySheehan,

Today is the day that some of the 376 people who were arrested in front of the White House are going to court to fight our arrest.

Out of the 376, 125 have their appearance day today. The court (Scooter and Karl's court) is expecting about 60 to 70 people to come today to contest the arrest.

We have a team of fine DC lawyers helping us today. My attorney, Jon Norris, has informed me that we could be facing up to a 500.00 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

This seems like a pretty stiff sentence to me for demonstrating without a permit!

I am prepared, but I will not be too thrilled, to serve the maximum sentence. I don't think we will get any jail time, but I am certainly not going to pay the fine either!!

US used white phosphorus in Iraq


US troops used white phosphorus as a weapon in last year's offensive in the Iraqi city of Falluja, the US has said.

"It was used as an incendiary weapon against enemy combatants," spokesman Lt Col Barry Venable told the BBC - though not against civilians, he said.

The US had earlier said the substance - which can cause burning of the flesh - had been used only for illumination.

BBC defence correspondent Paul Wood says having to retract its denial is a public relations disaster for the US.

Col Venable denied that white phosphorous constituted a banned chemical weapon.

Cindy's Day in Court

By David Swanson

Cindy Sheehan has a court date Wednesday morning in Washington, D.C., and faces up to 6 months in jail for the charge of demonstrating without a permit, as a result of the civil disobedience action at the White House in September at which Cindy and nearly 400 other activists protested the war. Some paid a $75 fine. Others, including Cindy, are refusing to pay anything.

Some of those refusing to pay are required to appear in federal court at 9:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday. They'll be at the Federal Courthouse at 3rd and Constitution Ave. NW, and a group of supporters will be there to hold a vigil at 8:30 a.m.. Supporters planning to be there include Congressman John Conyers.

Woodward Wanders Further from Journalism

So the news is out from the Post now -- both in a statement from Bob Woodward and in an article from the Post.

The details still seem sketchy and I suspect we're going to find out a lot more in the next few days. But it now seems that Woodward -- who has long been publicly critical of the Fitzgerald investigation -- has been part of it from the beginning. Literally, the beginning.

From the Post account it appears that Woodward was told of Valerie Plame's identity before any other journalist by an as-yet-unnamed senior administration official who is not Karl Rove or Scooter Libby.

Bob Woodward also received leak

Bob Woodward also received leak of Valerie Plame's name and CIA status one month before Novak wrote about it. Is he another Judith Miller turncoat?
by John in DC - 11/15/2005 11:34:00 PM

UPDATE: Josh agrees about Woodward's apparently ethical lapse needing some explaining.

It's beginning to sound a lot like an intentional effort to disclose who this woman was.

It's also beginning to sound a lot like Bob Woodward is becoming our next Judith Miller. His repeated rants in defense of this administration, and against the special prosecutor, certainly take on a very interesting edge considering Mr. Woodward didn't bother disclosing that he was quite involved in this story, and was hardly the impartial observer his silence suggested he was. Not to mention, he knew all along that HE TOO had received the leak, suggesting that a clear pattern of multiple leaks was developing, yet he still went on TV and said that all of these repeated leaks were just a slip of the tongue?

Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force

By Dana Milbank and Justin Blum
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, November 16, 2005; A01

A White House document shows that executives from big oil companies met with Vice President Cheney's energy task force in 2001 -- something long suspected by environmentalists but denied as recently as last week by industry officials testifying before Congress.

The document, obtained this week by The Washington Post, shows that officials from Exxon Mobil Corp., Conoco (before its merger with Phillips), Shell Oil Co. and BP America Inc. met in the White House complex with the Cheney aides who were developing a national energy policy, parts of which became law and parts of which are still being debated.

The kennel blind New York Times

Eli Stephens
Left I on the News

In the dog breeding world, "kennel blind" is an expression meaning that you
can see faults in everyone else's dogs, but you think the dogs in your
kennel are perfect. You're blind to faults in your own dogs which are
glaringly obvious to everyone else. And what better description of today's
editorial in the New York Times, which is otherwise an excellent dissection
of the lies George Bush has been telling in recent speeches, as well as the
lies he told in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Here's the wonderfully kennel blind paragraph:

Former Intelligence Officers Ask Bush to Suspend Security Clearance for Rove, Other Leakers

15 November 2005
President George W. Bush
Office of the President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Most respectfully, we, the undersigned, as former intelligence officers who have served this nation in a variety of capacities, both undercover and in the open, are writing to deplore the breach of trust between this Administration and members of the intelligence community that has resulted from the Valerie Plame case. Moreover, this nation’s clandestine intelligence service will be seriously undermined if those culpable of disclosing or discussing her identity are pardoned after being found guilty or allowed to continue holding security clearances.

Wag the Dog, Crisis Scenarios for Deflecting Attention from the President's Woes

From Tomdispatch today, Michael Klare, "Wag the Dog, Crisis Scenarios for Deflecting Attention from the President's Woes"

Here's what we already know: The President's men had no hesitation about employing "wag-the-dog" style scenarios to get us into a war in Iraq - and that was when they were riding high. Imagine what they might do in desperation. In fact, Michael Klare does just that in the latest Tomdispatch post, evaluating the most likely wag-the-dog scenarios (Syria, Iran, North Korea) this administration might seriously consider using if its situation grows too desperate and elections too near.

Libby Indictment May Open Door to Broader Iraq War Deceptions

By Stephen Zunes, Foreign Policy In Focus
Editor: John Gershman, IRC

The details revealed thus far from the investigation that led to the five-count indictment against I. Lewis “Scooter

White House Iraq Group Must be Investigated

By U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and U.S. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA)

Was the White House truthful with the American people and with Congress in making their case to go to war in Iraq? This is a critical question that demands a clear answer and it is long past time for the United States Congress to properly ask it and investigate the matter.

A group of top White House advisors, including Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice and Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the now-indicted former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, formed the White House Iraq Group(WHIG) in August 2002 with the task to make the case for going to war in Iraq and to convince Congress and the American public to support that policy.

GOP senator hits Bush for attacking war critics

GOP senator hits Bush for attacking war critics; Hints Congress endorsing another Vietnam by staying silent
Filed by RAW STORY

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), a Vietnam veteran and critic of Bush policy on Iraq, excoriated the Administration Tuesday in a speech to Council on Foreign Relations Tuesday, RAW STORY has learned.

Hagel blasted the Administration for going after Iraq war critics and turning the war into a political cause.

"The Iraq war should not be debated in the United States on a partisan political platform," the Nebraska senator remarked. "This debases our country, trivializes the seriousness of war and cheapens the service and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. War is not a Republican or Democrat issue. The casualties of war are from both parties. The Bush Administration must understand that each American has a right to question our policies in Iraq and should not be demonized for disagreeing with them. Suggesting that to challenge or criticize policy is undermining and hurting our troops is not democracy nor what this country has stood for, for over 200 years. The Democrats have an obligation to challenge in a serious and responsible manner, offering solutions and alternatives to the Administration’s policies."

Ex-intelligence officials want Rove's security clearance suspended

Ex-intelligence officials want Rove's security clearance suspended
By Warren P. Strobel
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - Sixteen former CIA and military intelligence officials on Tuesday urged President Bush to suspend his top political adviser Karl Rove's security clearance following revelations that he played a role in outing CIA officer Valerie Plame.

"We are asking that you immediately suspend the clearances of all White House personnel who spoke to reporters about (Plame's) affiliation with the CIA. They have mishandled classified information and no longer deserve the level of trust required to have access to this nation's secrets," the former officials, some of whom were covert operatives, wrote Bush.

Senate Select Committee on Intellegence sends letter to Senator Frist.

The following is the Original Letter by the Senate Select Committee on Intellegence to Senator Frist. Phase two is still being stonewalled and supressed by the majority party.

Thank you Think for posting this letter.


Phase II Report Being Stonewalled, Senators Charge

Phase II Report Being Stonewalled, Senators Charge
Faiz, Think Progress.Org

Yesterday was the deadline for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to report its progress on Phase II of the investigation into the administration’s use of pre-war intelligence. The prognosis is not good, according to Senators Rockefeller, Levin and Feinstein. They have released a letter, and here is its main finding:

At this time, we are unable to provide an estimated completion date of the Phase II investigation given the substantial amount of work that remains to be done.

Rummy Backing off from Iraq?

Rummy Backing off from Iraq?
Noah Shashtman, Defense
This article from Sunday's Washington Post Magazine is the second major attempt I've seen in the last few months to separate Donald Rumsfeld from the Iraq war. (Here's the other.)

The idea, basically, is that Rummy was more fixated on modernizing the military than invading any country. Iraq just happened to be the country that the President wanted to wack.

Rumsfeld portrayed the memo as a warning blast, an attempt to do "everything humanly possible to prepare" Bush for the awful responsibility that had settled onto his presidential shoulders -- and his shoulders alone. For there comes a point when even the secretary of defense must realize that "it's not your decision or even your recommendation," Rumsfeld reflected with Woodward. By which he meant the Iraq war wasn't Don Rumsfeld's decision or recommendation.

Some Detainees Found in Baghdad Tortured

Some Detainees Found in Baghdad Tortured

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 15, 2005
Alexander G. Higgins and Bradley S. Klapper , Associated Press(AP)

(AP) Iraqi and U.S. officials disclosed Tuesday that more than 170 malnourished Iraqi detainees had been found in a weekend raid at an Interior Ministry detention center and that some appeared to have been tortured.

U.S. and Iraqi forces discovered the inmates when they went into the facility suspecting that individuals there may have been mistreated, the Pentagon said.

"U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East"

"U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East"
by U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel

November 15th, 2005 - Delivered at the Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC - Last year, I wrote in Foreign Affairs magazine that "a wise foreign policy recognizes that U.S. leadership is determined as much by our commitment to principle as by our exercise of power." For decades, the strength of U.S. leadership has brought together allies in common cause, addressing common challenges with common action. In February 2003, three weeks before the U.S. invaded Iraq, I said in a speech at Kansas State University:

Reid Statement on Iraq

Reid Statement on Iraq

Washington, DC - Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid delivered the following statement at a press conference today following the Senate's vote on Iraq amendments.

“Let me tell you the President’s strategy in Iraq - no plan and no end in sight. Our troops deserve better. That’s why Democrats forced Republicans to admit that “staying the course

On Bush, the Dems, Jon Stewart, Hunter Thompson, Bill Moyers, and King

On Bush, the Dems, Jon Stewart, Hunter Thompson, Bill Moyers, and King (not Don)
John Cusack, Huffington Post
Murder is a crime. Uunless it is a poooollliiicceeeman. Or an ariissssstoocrat -- Joe Strummer

Bush 2. How depressing, corrupt, unlawful and tragically absurd the administration's world view actually low the moral bar has been lowered...and (though I know I'm capable of intellectually lazy notions of collective guilt) how complicit our silence as citizens is...Nixon, a true fiend, looks like a paragon of virtue next to the criminally incompetent robber barons now raiding the present and future.

Bush DID limit access. Here's the undeniable proof.

Bush DID limit access. Here's the undeniable proof.

Office of the Press Secretary

October 9, 2001


Q: Can you tell us why the President decided to issue the memo to the key Cabinet officials on secrecy? What prompted it, what individual leak, if you will?

MR FLEISCHER: Let me read to you from the memo in question, which is a memo that the President has sent to his members of the Cabinet who would routinely brief Capitol Hill about matters relating to the military or relating to intelligence. And reading from that memo directly it states that, this administration will continue to work to inform the leadership of the Congress about the course of and important developments in our military, intelligence and law enforcement operations. At the same time, we have an obligation to protect military operational security, intelligence sources and methods, and sensitive law enforcement investigations.

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