Where People Cannot Afford Their Country

By Dahr Jamail and Harb al-Mukhtar, Inter Press Service

Baghdad - Despite the allocation of billions of dollars of US government money for "reconstruction," Iraqis are struggling to exist amidst soaring prices, unemployment, a devastated infrastructure, and cuts in services.

Best Blue Town in the South

By David Swanson

That's right, I've left the beautiful beltway and moved back to the coolest city in the country: Charlottesville, Va., where...

The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice promotes peace at top volume and gets even the police cars and busses to HONK as they roll by...

Why did you want to bomb me, Mr Bush and Mr Blair?

Al-Jazeera's quest for answers has been met with silence from both the White House and Downing Street
Wadah Khanfar, The Guardian, http://www.guardian.co.uk

I have lost count of the number of accusations levelled against al-Jazeera and the incidents of harassment to which it has been subjected since it was founded in 1996. It was rumoured to have been set up by Israel's Mossad intelligence agency with the purpose of improving Israel's standing in the Arab world. It has also been accused of being a CIA mouthpiece designed to disseminate western culture among the Arabs. Some have suggested that it is part of an international conspiracy to break up the Arab world by means of stirring up discord and creating problems for the Arab regimes. Others decided it was a front for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban; or funded by Saddam Hussein. And, at the same time, it has been condemned by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and bitterly criticised by Donald Rumsfeld.

How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq

From Tomdispatch today, my latest piece, "How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq" http://www.tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=40663

-- my attempt to make sense of the sudden post-Murtha hurricane of "withdrawal" proposals, withdrawal trial balloons, withdrawal op-eds, withdrawal hints, clues, and suggestions of every sort and, in particular, to put the administration's newest "draw-down plans" for Iraq in the context of Nixon's old Vietnamization strategy.


Spin, Spin, Spin and more Spin

PETALUMA, CA -- The following is Rep. Lynn Woolsey's (D-Petaluma) statement in reaction to President Bush's first in a series of speech on his "war plan" in Iraq.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Polling

By David Swanson

A new CNN poll finds that in the United States

- 55% believe Bush has no plan to achieve victory
- 59% said U.S. troops should not be withdrawn from Iraq until certain goals are achieved

It's War, Not Hollywood

It's War, Not Hollywood
By John Crawford, Truthdig

John Crawford says “Off to War

Press skeptical about Bush speech

Press skeptical about Bush speech
President Bush's speech outlining his plans for a "complete victory" in Iraq prompts one Baghdad paper to call for action rather than words.

In the wider region, several papers attack Mr Bush's refusal to set a deadline for the complete withdrawal of US troops, arguing that their presence is fuelling the insurgency.

Sen Kerry: Bush 'Doesn't Recognize Realities' In Iraq -TV

Sen Kerry: Bush 'Doesn't Recognize Realities' In Iraq -TV
Dow Jones Newswires

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said Thursday that President George W. Bush "doesn't recognize the realities on the ground" in Iraq, noting the general heading the operation in Iraq has suggested the large U.S. presence is part of the problem in the two-and-a-half year war there.

White House calls Democrats irresponsible on Iraq

White House calls Democrats irresponsible on Iraq
Additional reporting by Sue Pleming and Charles Aldinger, Reuters

Dec 1, 2005 — By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House called irresponsible on Thursday those Democrats who said that President George W. Bush lacked a strategy on Iraq, as Sen. John Kerry said a policy shift was needed to reflect realities on the ground.

White House expresses concern over report that U.S. is paying Iraqi newspapers for favorable stories

10:14 am: White House expresses concern over report that U.S. is paying Iraqi newspapers for favorable stories
New Mexican

December 1, 2005

WASHINGTON (AP) - President George W. Bush's spokesman said Thursday "we're very concerned" about reports that the U.S. military is paying Iraqi newspapers and journalists to plant favorable stories about the war and the rebuilding effort.

A letter from Gary Hart

A letter from Gary Hart in my inbox
(no link available)

Dear Sussel,

"The public trust must be earned, and speaking clearly, candidly and forcefully now about the mess in Iraq is the place to begin."

New Rules In Iraq May Make It Tougher To Keep Insurgents Behind Bars

If you haven't seen this it is a must read. People who are picked up
this way may not initially be willing to fight us but once they are
released, GAME ON.
Larry Johnson

Inside The Pentagon

Hillary, You're Not Listening

Published on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 by CommonDreams.org
by Jeff Cohen

"Part of my job is being a good listener," Hillary Clinton wrote, in the first line of her letter received today. As a New Yorker, I'm represented by Hillary in the U.S. Senate. Along with her two-page fundraising letter, I received a four-page "2005 Critical National Issues Survey."

Iraq Will Stabilize Only If We Pull Out

Published on Thursday, December 1, 2005 by the Long Island, NY Newsday
by Ray Takeyh

In a defiant speech yesterday, President George W. Bush assured a nation uneasy about the war in Iraq that "we're helping the Iraqis build a free society, with inclusive democratic institutions that will protect the interests of all Iraqis."

War Profiteer Knows How to Party

Published on Thursday, December 1, 2005 by CommonDreams.org
by Sarah Anderson

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten all kinds of flak from CEOs who were the subject of a report I co-authored about executive pay among defense contractors. Jack London of CACI International, whose employees interrogated prisoners at Abu Ghraib, denounced what I wrote as “shameful

Cheney 'May Be Guilty of War Crime'

Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 by the Guardian / UK

Vice-president accused of backing torture
Claims on BBC by former insider add to Bush's woes

by Julian Borger

WASHINGTON - Vice-president Dick Cheney's burden on the Bush administration grew heavier yesterday after a former senior US state department official said he could be guilty of a war crime over the abuse of prisoners.

Flight Logs Reveal Hundreds of CIA Flights to Europe: Report

Published on Thursday, December 1, 2005 by the Agence France Presse

More than 300 CIA flights have landed at European airports, a British newspaper said, adding a new element to claims that Washington has been transporting terrorist suspects to secret prisons in Europe.

I'm Deeply Sorry That Judith Miller Is Out of Her Mind

From BradBlog

Former NY Times 'Reporter' 'Apologizes' in BBC Interview
Video and Audio of BBC's Exclusive Interview with Miller

Good lord is this woman a whack-job or what? In a recent exclusive interview with BBC Judith Miller "apologies" for helping lead the drumbeat that resulted in an endless war and thousands dead and wounded for life.

Bonifaz Announces Campaign

By David Swanson

Two weeks ago, I wrote about a candidate considering a run for Secretary of State of Massachusetts, an unusual candidate in that he is a national leader in the fight for voting rights and campaign reform. Today John Bonifaz officially anounced his candidacy! This is, as I argued two weeks ago, a race of NATIONAL importance.

Report: Bush's War on the Press

By Robert McChesney

A host of recent developments have made it clear that the Bush White House is doing battle against the journalistic standards and practices that underpin our democracy. With its unprecedented campaign to undermine and stifle independent journalism, Bush & Co. have demonstrated astonishing contempt for the Constitution and considerable fear of an informed public.

Bush Speech Offers "Clear Strategy"- For Victory or Disaster?

By Ray McGovern, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

But the bromide-heavy speech that President George W. Bush gave yesterday at the Naval Academy presents a clear strategy for quagmire and eventual disaster. Despite the gathering storm of opposition to his approach to the war in Iraq, the speech was bereft of new ideas, calling to mind the words of Emerson: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

Where Pelosi Stands (Dances?)

News From House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
H-204, The Capitol, Washington D.C. 20515

Contact: Brendan Daly/Jennifer Crider, 202-226-7616
Pelosi: 'The President Has Dug Us into a Deep Hole in Iraq; It Is Time for Him to Stop Digging'

Pay Attention To Annapolis

By Patrick Doherty, TomPaine.com

First of all, let me make it clear that I believe the U.S. objective in Iraq should be peace and that peace will come from negotiations—not military victory or unilateral withdrawal. As President Kennedy said in his inaugural, "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." In Iraq, that will mean shifting our political, military, and economic strategy to support a peace process and then to implement it. Regardless of the machinations that led to this war , once we went in, this should always have been our objective.

Revisiting History

By John Lovchik, Democratic Underground

"See if Saddam did this. See if he's linked in any way..."

These are the instructions given by George W. Bush to Richard A. Clarke, then the chairman of the Counterterrorism Security Group of the National Security Council on September 12, 2001. When Clarke responded "But, Mr. President, al Qaeda did this," Bush insisted "I know, I know, but... see if Saddam was involved. Just look. I want to know any shred..." This exchange was described by Clarke in his book Against All Enemies.

Clinton was a lying weasel

By Andy Stone, Aspen Times

Bill Clinton: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

George Bush: "We do not torture."

So Who is Behind Planting Stories in Iraqi Press?

By E&P Staff, Editor and Publisher

NEW YORK So what, exactly, is this Lincoln Group that helped plant pro-American propaganda in the Iraqi press, a phenomenon that has made front-page news this week and has now been denounced by everyone from top military leaders to journalism ethicists? And what about its sub-contractor, BKSH & Associates?

Backbone Campaign Meets With Senator Reid

The Backbone Campaign met with Senator Harry Reid. Here's a report.

Propaganda On The March

By American Progress Action Fund

President Bush regularly heralds himself as a champion of democratic principles; yesterday, he declared one of his prime goals in Iraq to be "providing an inspiring example to reformers in the region." Yet hours earlier, it was revealed that his administration has spent tens of millions of dollars on a coordinated campaign to spread misleading covert propaganda through Iraqi media outlets. As numerous analysts, including White House ally and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner (R-VA), have acknowledged, these ham-handed efforts not only undermine the development of Iraq's civil society, but dangerously risk the credibility of our nation's military at home and abroad.

Speaking Events

January 10 and 11:
Events in Washington DC to present a petition telling president elect to end wars:

January 20-21 Occupy the Inauguration
January 29 David Swanson speaking in Arlington, Va.
February David Swanson debating a war supporter in Boston, Mass.
April 21-23 UNAC's annual conference in Richmond, Va.

April 29 possible multi-issue protest in DC.

Find Events Here.




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