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Check out these follow ups (one, two) to MyDD's excellent earlier post on the Washington Post's poor excuse for a pollster.

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Impeachment As Imperative

Nicholas F. Benton,

The nation is at one of its most precarious junctures ever at this very time.

If it fails to call the president to account for his admission of a widespread disregard for the rule of law, involving in principle and fact the most invasive violation of the public’s civil liberties possible by any government, then a critical moment will have passed. A precedent will be set that will forevermore forfeit the public’s right to privacy, to live free of Big Brother.

Is George Bush a Mad Emperor?

By William Hughes

“Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.

On Wiretapping, Bush Isn't Listening to the Constitution

By Edward M. Kennedy, The Boston Globe

The president is not above the law; he is not King George. Yet, with sorrow, we are now learning that in this great land we have an administration that has refused to follow well-crafted, longstanding procedures that require the president to get a court order before spying on people within the United States. With outrage, we learn that this administration believes that it does not have to follow the law of the land.

60 Out of Iraq Events Planned So Far!

January 7 National Day of Town Hall Forums on Ending the War

Organize public meetings or smaller gatherings on Saturday, January 7, on the topic of ending the war!

Language of the Heart

By Cindy Sheehan

I have been in Europe for 2 weeks now. I have been toasted by the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone and greeted by Foreign Ministers, a Vice President and members of the various Parliaments. Those stories are for another article.

Shoot the Moon and Forget about the Bell Curve

By Elizabeth de la Vega,

I have to admit that some of the responses to my recent article The White House Criminal Conspiracy (published in the Nation and posted at, in which I argued that the Bush administration should be brought to account in Congress or a court of law for defrauding the American people into war, kept me up at night. No, not the ones that questioned my sanity or sobriety. The letters that have given pause are from people who wholeheartedly agree that the Bush administration lied about the war. Yet there's "zero chance," these writers contend, that a completely Republican-controlled government will ever do anything about it, so it's pointless to pursue the matter. While lying awake beside my sleeping husband with my dog staring up at me in the dark, I've wondered, is that true? Is it futile, or foolish, to act when there is little apparent chance of success?

'I-Word' Watch

By Dan Froomkin,

Howard Fineman writes in his Newsweek column: "We are entering a dark time in which the central argument advanced by each party is going to involve accusing the other party of committing what amounts to treason. Democrats will accuse the Bush administration of destroying the Constitution; Republicans will accuse the Dems of destroying our security. . . .

'Impeachment' Talk, Pro and Con, Appears in Media at Last

Editor & Publisher

Suddenly this week, scattered outposts in the media have started mentioning the "I" word, or at least the "IO" phrase: impeach or impeachable offense.

The sudden outbreak of anger or candor - or, some might say, foolishness - has been sparked by the uproar over revelations of a White House approved domestic spying program, with some conservatives joining in the shouting.

Politics inside the UIA (south)

By Helena Cobban,

Reidar Vissar is a Norwegian historian whose knowledge of southern Iraq I have admired in the past. Today he has a fascinating new text on his website, in which he analyzes the results as released so far of the elections, as viewed primarily in the south. His work makes a good, much more detailed complement to the post I put up here on Tuesday with some gleanings of info about the politics within the UIA list.

A True Christmas Story

Sisters and Brothers,
As I do each Christmas season, I'm sending below information about something that happened in 1914. It should happen again, and again, and again. . .
Ted Glick

Christmas Day, 1914

Co-Sponsors Begin Signing onto Censure and Investigation

Here is a list of co-sponsors for the various Iraq Report Resolutions. Already there are seven cosponsors of a bill to create an investigation and make recommendations on impeachment, four cosponsors on a bill to censure Bush, and five cosponsors on a bill to censure Cheney.

Conyers Introduces ROI into Illegal Spying

Contact: Dena Graziano 202-226-6888

Conyers and 26 Other Members Submit Resolution of Inquiry in House; Members Seek Documents from Attorney General Authorizing Secret Surveillance

Representative John Conyers, Jr., (D-MI) House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, along with 26 other Members today submitted a comprehensive resolution of inquiry regarding the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program on U.S. soil. If reported favorably, the resolution would instruct the Attorney General to turn over documents in his possession authorizing the warrantless electronic surveillance and the legal recommendations to do so within 14 days, subject to any necessary redactions or security classifications.

The Pentagon Breaks the Law

By William M. Arkin, The Washington Post

The National Security Agency story has pushed military spying on anti-war groups off the front pages, and the Pentagon appears to have seized upon administrative error to explain away its slide into domestic spying.

So 9/11 Means it's OK to Spy on Americans?

By Molly Ivins

Uh-oh. Excuse me. I'm so sorry, but we are having a constitutional crisis. I know the timing couldn't be worse. Right in the middle of the wrapping paper, the gingerbread and the whole shebang, a tiny honest-to-goodness constitutional crisis.

Cheney: Spying has prevented attacks

Lawmakers calling for an investigation

WASHINGTON -- Senators of both parties demanded on Tuesday a congressional investigation into President George W. Bush's domestic-surveillance program as Vice President Dick Cheney defended the program and warned that the critics could face political repercussions.

God Bless America: Land of many colors

By Carol Wolman

When I was a child, this was one of my favorite songs. America had just saved Europe and the world from the Nazi scourge. Every week at school we made up Red Cross boxes, stuffed with toothbrushes, wash clothes and other necessities for the war refugees. I felt very lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, with a roof over my head and plenty to eat. America seemed truly blessed.

Conyers seeks to censure Bush in Congress

WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- A leading Congressional Democrat wants to censure President George W. Bush for misleading Congress over Iraq.

Ranking House Judiciary Democrat Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has introduced a motion to censure Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for providing misleading information to Congress before the Iraq war, failing to respond to written questions and potential violations of international law, reported Tuesday.

AP Almost Gets It Right

Conyers seeks impeachment inquiry over domestic spying
Associated Press /
December 21, 2005

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney has called for "strong and robust" presidential powers, saying executive authority was eroded during the Watergate and Vietnam eras. Some lawmakers objected that President Bush's decision to spy on Americans to foil terrorists showed he was flexing more muscle than the Constitution allows.

A New Phase of Bright Spinning Lies About Iraq

By Norman Solomon

Three days before Christmas, the Bush administration launched a new
salvo of bright spinning lies about the Iraq war. "In an interview
with reporters traveling with him on an Air Force cargo plane to

Iraq: Game Over

By Robert Dreyfuss,

Robert Dreyfuss is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (Henry Holt/Metropolitan Books, 2005). Dreyfuss is a freelance writer based in Alexandria, Va., who specializes in politics and national security issues. He is a contributing editor at The Nation, a contributing writer at Mother Jones, a senior correspondent for The American Prospect, and a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone.He can be reached at his website:

The US Must Be Swarming With Al Qaedans

The US Must Be Swarming With Al Qaedans if That's What the NSA Spying Was All About
By Dave Lindorff,

It's pretty obvious what the Bush administration was doing with that National Security Administration spying program.

Stick That to Your Bumper

Judges on Surveillance Court to Be Briefed on Spy Program

By Carol D. Leonnig and Dafna Linzer, The Washington Post

The presiding judge of a secret court that oversees government surveillance in espionage and terrorism cases is arranging a classified briefing for her fellow judges to address their concerns about the legality of President Bush's domestic spying program, according to several intelligence and government sources.

Specter Wants January Surveillance Hearings

The Associated Press

Washington - Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter said Wednesday he remains skeptical about a government surveillance program despite an explanation from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Lobbying for Peace

Central Florida Vets for Peace, Code Pink, and Jewish War Vets deliver 924 "Bring the Troops Home - Out in '06" signatures to Republican Congressman

Horror, lies, corruption, deceit, death, and destruction

Mark Leno represents San Francisco in the state assembly. This opinion piece appears in the Dec. 21-27 issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

The horror, lies, corruption, deceit, death, and destruction of the Bush-Cheney administration have all evolved to a scale beyond any of our worst nightmares. Our once-great nation has been reduced to a preemptive war machine, squandering our limited national resources on its imperial conquests while our domestic needs are left unattended.

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The Counter Dossier II, Claims and Evaluations of Iraq's Proscribed Weapons

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