Senator Lieberman Loses Mind

Read this in connection with the article on death squads below.

Our Troops Must Stay
By JOE LIEBERMAN, Wall Street Journal
November 29, 2005

I have just returned from my fourth trip to Iraq in the past 17 months and can report real progress there. More work needs to be done, of course, but the Iraqi people are in reach of a watershed transformation from the primitive, killing tyranny of Saddam to modern, self-governing, self-securing nationhood -- unless the great American military that has given them and us this unexpected opportunity is prematurely withdrawn.

Preventing the Next Gulf War

America can no longer afford to use military force as a substitute for a
serious energy policy
By Tom Z. Collina

Tomorrow, President Bush will give a major address on Iraq at the Naval
Academy in Annapolis. He will speak to a nation that is understandably

Death Squads in Iraq

Sunnis Accuse Iraqi Military of Kidnappings and Slayings
By Dexter Filkins, The New York Times

Baghdad - As the American military pushes the largely Shiite Iraqi security services into a larger role in combating the insurgency, evidence has begun to mount suggesting that the Iraqi forces are carrying out executions in predominantly Sunni neighborhoods.

The "exit strategy" that isn't

Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, amidst his continuing admirable attempt to keep New Orleans as a center of attention in this country, Cooper interviewed Michael Ware, Baghdad bureau chief for Time Magazine. About that exit strategy?

The Path To Peace

By Robert Dreyfuss,

Robert Dreyfuss is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (Henry Holt/Metropolitan Books, 2005). Dreyfuss is a freelance writer based in Alexandria, Va., who specializes in politics and national security issues. He is a contributing editor at The Nation, a contributing writer at Mother Jones, a senior correspondent for The American Prospect, and a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone.He can be reached at his website:

Reality Check

By American Progress Action Fund

On Wednesday, President Bush will deliver an address at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, in which he is "expected to herald the improved readiness of Iraqi troops, which he has identified as the key condition for pulling out U.S. forces." The speech appears to be an effort by the Bush administration to lay the groundwork for potentially large withdrawals of troops in 2006 and 2007. While Bush recently claimed that withdrawing troops from Iraq was a "recipe for disaster," the White House now appears to have shifted course and is embracing a withdrawal strategy. While Bush and critics of his Iraq policy may agree that a drawdown could be the proper action to take, they differ in one key respect -- the rationale for why such a withdrawal is necessary. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) recently argued that pulling out of Iraq is necessary because "the war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion." Bush, on the other hand, is trying to suggest that a drawdown is the fruits of "good progress" being made in Iraq. A review of the situation on the ground in Iraq yields the conclusion that things are getting worse, not better.

Op-Ed from Teresa Heinz Kerry

Assault on Murtha should alarm us all

Teresa Heinz Kerry
November 28, 2005 03:33 pm
The Tribune-Democrat

“Because we in Congress are charged with sending our sons and daughters into battle, it is our responsibility, our obligation, to speak out for them. That’s why I am speaking out.

Cindy's Book Sells

As publisher of Cindy Sheehan's new book, Not One More Mother's Child, I need to set the record straight about a lie circulating right-wing websites that has even made it onto

I donated 100 copies of Not One More Mother's Child to Crawford Peace House, encouraging them to sell these copies to benefit their work. During her Thanksgiving Vigil near President Bush's ranch, Cindy agreed to sign copies for those who bought them, as a benefit for Crawford Peace House. AP and Reuters posted photos – I can't imagine why – of Cindy sitting at the book table between signings, rather than while someone was at the table. And now the smear websites are circulating an article, with these photos, that Cindy gave a signing and nobody came. It's simply not true! She not only signed all 100 copies and raised $2,000 for Crawford Peace House, she got writer's cramp!

CIA Director Defends Intelligence, Methods

By Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- CIA Director Porter Goss, saying his agency struggles to penetrate terrorist sanctuaries overseas, insists that "we know more than we're able to say publicly" about Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Scott Ritter Speaks Truth to Power

Audio, transcript and photos at:

"A must listen." -

Scott Ritter spoke to capacity crowd in Amherst, MA on November 17th for Traprock Peace Center. Ritter led UN weapons inspection teams in Iraq until 1998. As an officer of the Marines. he had been an intelligence officer during the Gulf War and nuclear weapons inspector in Russia.

Whistleblower! - US Interrogator Confirms Routine Iraq Torture

By Levity,

Here's a story that will disappear until bloggers start talking about it. Only PBS Frontline and Democracy Now! have dared to interview U.S. interrogator Tony Lagouranis, who reports widespread torture and abuse throughout Iraq.

Convoy of Death

Convoy of Death

Why have US television stations refused to broadcast this documentary?

In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops.

A Journey That Ended in Anguish

By T. Christian Miller, The Los Angeles Times

Col. Ted Westhusing, a military ethicist who volunteered to go to Iraq, was upset by what he saw. His apparent suicide raises questions.

"War is the hardest place to make moral judgments."

MSNBC and Leak Coverage

By Larry Johnson

I was contacted by MSNBC today who asked if I would appear tonight on the Joe Scarborough Show to discuss the importance of the leak to the Washington Post about the CIA secret prisons. The booker told me that Brent Bozell, head of the Media Research Center, was accusing the media of hypocrisy for focusing too much on the leak of Valerie Plame and not enough on the leak about the prisions.

Approval for Blair’s Government Down to 30% in UK

By Angus Reid

(Angus Reid Global Scan) – Few adults in Britain express satisfaction with the administration headed by Tony Blair, according to a poll by YouGov published in the Daily Telegraph. 30 per cent of respondents approve of the government’s record to date, down three points since October.

Testimony from Rove's former assistant may solidify case that he misled leak inquiry, lawyers say

By Jason Leopold and Larisa Alexandrovna,

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will present evidence to a second grand jury this week in his two year-old investigation into the outing of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson that could lead to a criminal indictment being handed up against Karl Rove, President Bush’s deputy chief of staff, attorneys close to the investigation say.

A Letter to Congress

By Amy Branham, Mother of Sgt. Jeremy R. Smith, Nov. 1981 – Feb. 2004

Dear _____________,

Today I want to tell you the story of the death of my son, Jeremy. I want you to know of his courage and bravery, the honor he showed in the final moments of his life. I hope that, through hearing his story, you will find the honor and courage to do what is right for our country in these turbulent times.

David Broder: Public Doesn't Care About Iraq Lies

According to recent polls, a majority of Americas believe the Bush administration "intentionally misled" America in making the case for invading Iraq. A similar majority also believe that, if Bush did not tell the truth, Congress should consider impeaching him.

Most people would consider this to be significant news. Nevertheless, it appears not to have penetrated the Washington media establishment. For instance, here's David Broder on yesterday's Meet the Press:

MR. RUSSERT: David Broder, is it possible for official Washington--the president, Democratic leaders, Republican leaders--to arrive at common ground, a consensus position on Iraq?

MR. DAVID BRODER: It's possible, Tim, but they won't get there by arguing about who did what three years ago. And this whole debate about whether there was just a mistake or misrepresentation or so on is, I think, from the public point of view largely irrelevant. The public's moved past that.

If you want to contact Mr. Broder to (POLITELY) suggest he may be mistaken about this, his email address is davidbroder(at)washpost[DOT]com

A Congressman for Impeachment

By David Swanson

"What's more moderate than exploring the truth? Is there really partisanship in truth?...We don't need to be afraid to use the word impeachment. It is the process that was set up. It's not a bad word. It stands for accountability. It is the system of justice in our political system…There's nothing radical in that."

Two Congress Members Nearly Killed in Iraq -- Will it Wake Anyone Up?

Rep. Murphy, injured in Iraq, expects painful recovery in Pa.
By Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., who was one of two congressmen injured when the vehicle they were in overturned in Iraq, said he expects to fly into Pittsburgh on Monday evening wearing a neck brace for a painful recovery.

Fitzgerald Targets Rove Again

By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | Investigative Report

Continuing his two-year-old investigation into the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson's identity as a covert CIA agent, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will present evidence to a second grand jury this week that could lead to a criminal indictment being handed up against Karl Rove, President Bush's deputy chief of staff, sources inside the investigation said over the weekend.

Nuclear Calendar

By Friends Committee on National Legislation

Nov. 19-Dec. 5 House of Representatives Thanksgiving recess
Nov. 19-Dec. 11 Senate Thanksgiving recess
Nov. 29 9 a.m.-1 p.m., American Foreign Policy Council, "Missile Defenses and American Security" with William Schneider, Defense Department's Defense Science Board; Ilan Berman, American Foreign Policy Council; and Brian Kennedy, Claremont Institute. 1310 Longworth House Office Building, Washington

An Explosive Downing Street Memo

By the American Progress Action Fund

Last Tuesday, the British tabloid the Daily Mirror reported President Bush revealed a plan "to bomb Arab TV station al-Jazeera in friendly a White House face-to-face with [Prime Minister Tony] Blair on April 16 last year." (At the time "the administration was infuriated with the al-Jazeera coverage of [a] battle [in Fallujah], and the way the station focused on the deaths of hundreds of people, including civilians, rather than the necessity of ridding the town of dangerous terrorists.") According to the Mirror, Blair talked him out of it. The details of the conversation are allegedly contained in "a 'Top Secret' No 10 [Downing St.] memo." One source cited by the Mirror said Bush's threat to bomb al-Jazeera was "humorous, not serious." Another claimed, "Bush was deadly serious, as was Blair. That much is absolutely clear from the language used by both men." Although the report remains largely uncorroborated and unconfirmed, both the Bush administration and the British government have reacted to the news as if they have something to hide.

Camp Casey 5

By Cindy Sheehan

The spin on the news about our weekend in Crawford is wrong and very incomplete.

I was just watching a local news show that said our rally was "poorly" attended on Saturday. There were over 500 people that came in and out on Saturday. I don't call that poorly attended, especially for a holiday weekend. We feel so happy that we got that many people. People also came to Camp Casey instead of beating each other up at Wal-Mart. No word in the media about the 12 people who came out to Crawford to support the killers and the killing.

Insider Says Troops Want Out of Iraq Now

by egrass,

I'm back from Thanksgiving with my wife's family and I've got some first-hand feedback from the troops on Iraq, leaving Iraq, and Murtha. You see, my wife is a former military officer and her brother is an active-duty Major, decorated Army Ranger, and West Point graduate with more than 15 years in and about to ship out to Afghanistan. My wife is a good liberal on military issues, while my brother-in-law has always been a thoughtful and nice guy, but very conservative, especially on military issues. We've always gotten along well and been very respectful of each other, but totally disagreed on Republicans and military issues.

Sy Hersh's new New Yorker article "Up in the Air"

by ademption,

Sy Hersh appeared on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer today and discussed his new New Yorker article "Up in the Air," which provides a little more details about the Bush administration's withdrawal proposal. During the interview, Mr. Hersh said that the Bush administration will probably withdraw US troops from the ground next year, but that won't mean that will be the beginning of the end of the war . . . .

Cheney's history needs a revise

By Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times

IF the debate over the war in Iraq now raging across our front pages and airwaves proves nothing else, it already has demonstrated that this administration believes the people's attention span can be measured in nanoseconds and that memory has the shelf life of fresh bread.

White House Is Being Forced To Face Critics

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 27, 2005 - By Dick Polman, Inquirer Political Analyst

President Bush has lost control of the debate over the future of the U.S. military presence in Iraq. There was a time when most Americans accepted his argument that we should "stay the course," but there is no broad support for that stance anymore.

Growing bored of the carnage … as crime of the century unfolds

Sunday Herald - 27 November 2005 - (Scotland)

Powerplay: Iain Macwhirter on atrocity fatigue in Iraq and sympathy for the first minister over asylum

We’ve all familiar now with “compassion fatigue

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