BBC: BBC: Tony Benn opens peace conference


Mr Benn said this peace movement was the biggest in his lifetime

Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn has shared the stage with east London Respect MP George Galloway at an international peace conference.

Scotland Sunday Herald: Cindy's War


Sunday Herald - 11 December 2005


Many voices have opposed the war in Iraq, but few cries have been louder than that of grieving mother Cindy Sheehan. Her campaign against George Bush brought her to Scotland last week. Neil Mackay joined her on the road

Pentagon Covering Up Tens of Thousands of U.S. Casualties In Official Reports


Seven Members of Congress issued a letter this week charging that the Pentagon is systematically “under-reporting casualties in Iraq by only reporting non-fatal casualties incurred in combat.” They asked for a full accounting of the accurate numbers.

Media continues to ignore impeachment polling

On November 7, Dan Froomkin wrote in a column for The Washington Post's website:

Back in June, Zogby asked Americans if they agreed or disagreed with the following question:

The Torture Administration


By Anthony Lewis
The Nation

26 December 2005 Issue

When the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 and proceeded to carry out their savagery, many in the outside world asked how this could have happened in the land of Goethe and Beethoven. Would the people of other societies as readily accept tyranny? Sinclair Lewis, in 1935, imagined Americans turning to dictatorship under the pressures of economic distress in the Depression. He called his novel, ironically, It Can't Happen Here.

Probe into Iraq coverage widens


By Rick Jervis and Zaid Sabah, USA TODAY
BAGHDAD — A U.S. investigation into allegations that the American military is buying positive coverage in the Iraqi media has expanded to examine a press club founded and financed by the U.S. Army.

An American Nightmare

Pseudofiction by Amy Branham of Gold Star Families for Peace


George climbed into bed beside Laura, tired from the long day of work. Running a nation isn’t easy. It’s really hard work. The war in Iraq wasn’t going well and disapproval by the American people was growing by the day. His economic policies were awash. You have to make hard decisions when you are President of a country, he told himself. I’m the President and I can do what I want. The people elected me, and that gave me the freedom to do what needs to be done.

Al-Qa'ida operative 'lied about links with Iraq to avoid torture'


By Rupert Cornwell in Washington
Published: 10 December 2005

The rationale behind Washington's "rendition" of terror suspects has been called into question by a senior al-Qa'ida operative, who says he made false claims to Egyptian interrogators about the group's links with Iraq in order to escape being tortured.

Helping the Romans to Oppose the Empire

Remarks for International Peace Conference in London, England, December 10
By David Swanson

When the Downing Street Minutes (which documented Bush and Blair's plans to lie about the reasons for war) were made into a major news story in England in early May, a bunch of us got together and formed a large coalition in the United States (and with key partners in the UK, including the Stop the War Coalition and Military Families Against the War). Our goal was to pressure both the media corporations operating in the US and the congress members who usually obey them to report on and investigate the story. After all, if Tony Blair was going to feel heat for having caved in to the plans of the gangsters who occupy the White House, then – we thought – the gang leaders should bear a little responsibility as well. We called our coalition and our website After Downing Street. I want to talk a little about the media right now, and save Congress for another time.

More Evidence David Broder is Right! Right! Right!


Last week I wrote a letter to David Broder about this exchange between him and Tim Russert on Meet the Press:

MR. RUSSERT: David Broder, is it possible for official Washington--the president, Democratic leaders, Republican leaders--to arrive at common ground, a consensus position on Iraq?

MR. DAVID BRODER: It's possible, Tim, but they won't get there by arguing about who did what three years ago. And this whole debate about whether there was just a mistake or misrepresentation or so on is, I think, from the public point of view largely irrelevant. The public's moved past that.

In my letter I inquired what the evidence was for Mr. Broder's assertion. Mr. Broder hasn't seen fit to respond, but I think that's only fair, since it was such a stupid question. Every passing day brings more evidence no one cares about this dumb issue—for instance, this NY Times/CBS poll released yesterday (pdf):

Peace Action Calls for International Support of Peace Movement

Proposal for International Groups to Affect U.S. Foreign Policy

Unfortunately the Bush administration is driving horrible U.S. foreign policy including the occupation of Iraq. For those working on peace issues—especially on ending the occupation of Iraq—a change of U.S. policy is the top priority.

Unknown to many in the U.S. and my guess to our colleagues internationally is that the peace movement in the U.S. is woefully under-funded and under-resourced. Peace Action—the largest U.S. grassroots peace organization—has a combined budget of it’s various entities (100 Affiliates and Chapters across the country) of less than $5 million USD annually.
There are many reasons for this:

Cindy Sheehan to Meet with Brian Haw of UK

Friday 9 December 2005
FROM: Parliament Square Peace Campaign [A]

The first meeting of two of the most iconic figures of the US and UK anti-war movements

A Very Shia Christmas?


By Larry Johnson

If you've paid attention to the right wing flapping about the so called "war on Christmas" (i.e., the apparent plot of politicians and merchants to substitute the phrase "Happy Holidays" for "Christmas") you are getting an inkling of the future of Iraq. With the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity railing against those who don't want to bow the knee to Jesus, we are getting a taste of what life in the new Iraq will be like. The religious extremists in our country, who insist that there is no compromise when it comes to Jesus, capture perfectly the mentality of the folks who are poised to take the reins of power in Baghdad. Note, even some of the President's most stalwart supporters among evangelical Christians have made quite a show of throwing away the "Holiday" card sent by the White House. Welcome to the American Taliban.

House Panel Keeps Alive Hinchey Measure To Obtain All White House Drafts Of 2003 State of the Union


For Immediate Release

December 8, 2005

House Panel Keeps Alive Hinchey Measure To Obtain All White House Drafts Of 2003 State of the Union Address That Contained False Iraq Uranium Claims

Wolfowitz Says Iraq War Might Not Have Occurred if United States Knew Hussein Had No WMD


Former U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said yesterday that the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq might not have occurred if the United States had known there were no weapons of mass destruction in the country, Agence France-Presse reported (see GSN, Dec. 5).

If America Left Iraq

The Atlantic Monthly | December 2005

If America Left Iraq

by Nir Rosen

Nir Rosen, a fellow at the New America Foundation, spent sixteen months reporting from Iraq after the American invasion.

Roll Call: Iraq Tests Dem Unity

"Iraq Tests Party Unity"

By Erin P. Billings,Roll Call Staff
Roll Call -December 8, 2005

House Democrats on Wednesday worked to hit the restart button on their Iraq war message, talking up their unity and trying to downplay suggestions that their policy disagreements are damaging them politically.

Open Letter to Congress

Dear Members of Congress:

Fifty eight thousand of your fellow citizens died during the Vietnam War in an attempt by the United States Government to impose its political will on the people of Vietnam. The lesson that the 58,000 paid for with their lives is that the United States can not, and should not, hope to impose its political will by military force in foreign lands when neither the people of the foreign country nor the people of the United States wants it. The parallels between the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq should be well-known to you, and the lesson of Vietnam should be one that you are loath to repeat, both for its effects on your fellow citizens and for its effects on the people of Iraq.

Cheney in Last Throes


Rice with Indefensible Brief; Cheney in Last Throes
By Ray McGovern
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Friday 09 December 2005

Scotland Today: Scottish First Minister Refuses to Meet with Sheehan


First Minister criticised for refusing to meet US peace campaigner

The mother of the dead Scottish Soldier Gordon Gentle has branded First Minister Jack McConnell a disgrace to Scotland. Mr McConnell refused to meet the American peace campaigner, Cindy Sheehan, when she flew into Scotland today for a series of anti-war engagements.

The Herald of Scotland Covers Sheehan Visit


In the land of her grandmothers

December 09 2005

It was a whistle-stop appearance, but there was time enough for the tall figure, all in black save for the white peace poppy on her lapel, to create a stir.

The Guardian Covers Cindy Sheehan's UK Visit

'I feel I'm carrying the world on my shoulders'

After Cindy Sheehan's son died in Iraq, her protest outside Bush's Texas ranch became a symbol of opposition to the war. Duncan Campbell joins her as she brings her campaign to Britain

Friday December 9, 2005
The Guardian

When Casey Sheehan joined the army in May 2000, he was assured that he would never see combat. Four years later, he was killed in Iraq. Over the summer, his mother, Cindy, pitched a tent in front of George Bush's Texas ranch. Others joined what was to become known as Camp Casey. Soon, Cindy Sheehan, a housewife and mature student, was the face of the opposition to the president's Iraq policy - and a target of virulent abuse from right-wing commentators. Now she is in Britain for the first time, joining the anti-war movement here.

Harold Pinter's Lecture Upon Receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature

The Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth and Politics
By Harold Pinter

In 1958 I wrote the following:

'There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal, nor between what is true and what is false. A thing is not necessarily either true or false; it can be both true and false.'

Rep. Waxman on Bush Iraq Speech

The President's Speech on Iraq Reconstruction
By Rep. Henry A. Waxman

Wednesday 07 December 2005

The President's claims today are mindboggling. Either he doesn't understand the facts or simply doesn't want to face them. The reconstruction of Iraq has been an enormous boondoggle - not an example of "quiet, steady progress." Halliburton has repeatedly overcharged American taxpayers through fraud, waste, and abuse. The U.S. officials in charge of the reconstruction have been incompetent and, in some cases, corrupt. And billions of dollars have been squandered without increasing oil or electricity production.

OpTruth & American Progress Announce

American Progress Action Fund and Operation Truth Launch
“Torture is Not US” TV Ad Campaign

Washington, DC – The American Progress Action Fund and Operation Truth announced today that they will be airing TV ads in select congressional districts as part of the campaign. The campaign ads urge Congress to enact the McCain anti-torture amendment into law for the well-being of our troops and the nation’s efforts against terrorism.

A Wunnerful, Wunnerful Constitution, John Yoo Notwithstanding

By: Mary Maxwell, Ph.D.

At the Law School graduation at Berkley in 2004, a quarter of the graduates sported red armbands to express disapproval of their professor, John Yoo, in relation to his support of torture. Perhaps next year the students will signify their disapproval of Professor Yoo’s assault on the Constitution.

Democratic Leaders Call On Bush to Provide a Real Strategy For Success in Iraq


Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Washington, DC – On the day before the president delivers another speech on the war in Iraq, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Carl Levin and Senator Jack Reed called on the president to provide a real strategy for success in Iraq. In a letter to the president, the Senators called on Bush to deliver more than a public relations document to the American people and our troops and to provide a strategy with benchmarks by which our progress can be measured.

The text of the letter follows below:

Donald Rumsfeld's War


By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | Report

Wednesday 07 December 2005

The US military death toll in Iraq surpassed 2,100 soldiers last month, and despite the fact that there is a strong debate about permanently pulling troops out of the country, there are still unanswered questions as to whether there are actually enough ground forces to deal with insurgents.

The lack of soldiers on the ground has been a hot-button issue since the start of the Iraq war in March 2003. Career military officials believe that's the reason the war hasn't been a "cakewalk," and they blame Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for designing a flawed war plan.

The war plan Rumsfeld shaped in the year before the Iraq war has led to deep divisions between military commanders and the defense secretary that continue to this day, according to some military officials who requested anonymity because they said they were not authorized to speak publicly.

That End-of-Empire Feeling


by David Corn

Is the United States in the last throes of empire? That sounds like an ideologically loaded, fatalistic and defeatist question. But it's what I've been wondering about at the start of this holiday season. Might future historians look back at the Bush II days and ask if this was the point when the country started slipping? Might the war in Iraq be regarded as a desperate act of a superpower that had already peaked? Will economists of the latter 21st century examine our economic decisions and say, "What were they thinking?" Or has the Grinch gotten to me?

Speaking Events

January 10 and 11:
Events in Washington DC to present a petition telling president elect to end wars:

January 20-21 Occupy the Inauguration
January 29 David Swanson speaking in Arlington, Va.
February David Swanson debating a war supporter in Boston, Mass.
April 21-23 UNAC's annual conference in Richmond, Va.

April 29 possible multi-issue protest in DC.

Find Events Here.




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