The Los Angeles Times Prints the I Word

By ROSA BROOKS, Los Angeles Times

Is Clinton's history in Bush's future?


You know, the Clinton impeachment thing. Remember that? It had something to do with an intern, secretly taped conversations and a cigar. But it happened in the late 1990s, and it's getting harder and harder to remember the details of that long-vanished era.

Sign Conyers' Letter to Bush

By Congressman John Conyers,

I just checked my on-line petition to Bush, and we're up to some 26,000 signatures, which is tremendous.

Editorial: Talking about impeachment

A Cap Times editorial, December 29, 2005,

The dwindling circle of right-wing defenders of the Bush-Cheney presidency would have Americans believe that only the most reckless partisans would even consider the prospect of censuring or perhaps even impeaching the president and vice president. But the prospect of officially sanctioning Bush and Cheney, as has now been proposed by U.S. Rep. John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, is gaining ground in unexpected quarters.

46 Guantanamo detainees join hunger strike

US says increase since Christmas brings total to 84
By Charlie Savage, Boston Globe

WASHINGTON -- The US military said yesterday that a long-running hunger strike among detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison underwent a ''very significant increase" starting on Christmas Day, more than doubling the number of prisoners who are protesting their indefinite detention without trial by refusing to eat.

Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

Anti-Terror Effort Continues to Grow
By Dana Priest, Washington Post

The effort President Bush authorized shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, to fight al Qaeda has grown into the largest CIA covert action program since the height of the Cold War, expanding in size and ambition despite a growing outcry at home and abroad over its clandestine tactics, according to former and current intelligence officials and congressional and administration sources.

Impeachment Radio

By David Swanson

On Friday morning, December 30th, from 7:30-8 a.m. PT, catch me on KPFA, together with a guy from the CATO Institute.

Conyers Talks Impeachment

By David Swanson

Listen to audio of Congressman John Conyers talking about the Bush Administration's crimes, and his efforts to censure Bush and Cheney and to create an investigation that would develop articles of impeachment. I recorded this conversation with the Congressman on December 29th. The bills and the report referred to in the conversation can be found here. The upcoming events discussed can be found here.

This mp3 is 24 minutes and 21 MB: LISTEN.

Here's an mp3 that reduced to 3 MB: LISTEN.

Here's a Podcast version.

Sibel Edmonds Calls for National Security Officials to Step Forward as Whistleblowers

In her first BRAD BLOG Guest Blog, the 'Gag Ordered' FBI Translator Cites 'Patriotic Duty' of America's Intelligence Officials to Make Themselves Available for Congressional Testimony, Oversight
Asks them to contact newly formed 'National Security Whistleblowers Coalition'

Calling All Bloggers: These Documents need publishing

The UK government has been quick to deny that we practice, or tolerate the practice of Torture. So it is perhaps not suprising that they are determined that you should not see the following documents:

Olbermann and John Dean on Impeachment: Transcript

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for December 27
Guest: John Dean, Bob Bernstein

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST: Which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow?

And worse and worse it gets. Did the Bush administration bypass the special wiretap court because the court was refusing to sanction those wiretaps? Did the NSA spying include eavesdropping at the U.N.? And is, as our guest John Dean suggests, the president already guilty of at least one impeachable offense?

The Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan Case

By The Gaelic Starover

Pentagon Calls Its Pro-US Websites Legal

[your tax dollars at work: ]

By Mark Mazzetti, The Los Angeles Times

An internal review finds that efforts aimed at the Balkans, in northern Africa, break no laws. But a defense official says they might backfire.

Journalists Should Expose Secrets, Not Keep Them

By Norman Solomon

Journalists should be in the business of providing timely information
to the public. But some -- notably at the top rungs of the profession
-- have become players in the power games of the nation's capital.

Anti-Imperialists Beware - Bush Is Reading Again

By Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service

Washinghton - The Reader-in-Chief is at it again, and anti-imperialists around the world have reason to be concerned.

According to the White House, U.S. President George W. Bush has taken two books with him to Texas for his holiday reading, which he will presumably indulge between his favourite ranch pursuits - clearing brush and biking.

Bush-NSA Spying in Defiance of Congress, Court

By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | Investigative Report,

The Bush administration was publicly admonished by a senate committee, and a special surveillance court, in two separate instances for repeatedly trying to skirt the law in obtaining top-secret warrants to spy on American citizens suspected of having ties to terrorists. Despite the public rebuke, President Bush circumvented the judicial process and secretly authorized the National Security Agency to spy on thousands of individuals in the United States in defiance of the very court that issued a legal opinion saying the administration was already infringing on civil liberties in other domestic spy cases.

Documents the UK Government Is Trying to Suppress

Suppressed documents the UK Government are trying to block publishing
by caribmon,

It's not the al-Jazeera Memo, but these are some more documents that the
UK Government are trying to suppress with the threat of prosecution under

Rumsfeld Admits to "Ghosting" Detainee

By David Swanson

U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has admitted that he "ghosted" a detainee, meaning that he made the decision to hold a prisoner without keeping any records of the fact.

Domestic spying prompts talk of impeachment

By Hazel Trice Edney, San Francisco Bay View

President Bush’s authorization of a secret domestic spying program – and his fierce defense of his action – is leading to talk of possible impeachment.

Impeachment March on State of the Union Jan 31

We The People remind Congress that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution, from both enemies foreign and domestic. 1. Call or Fax Congress and let them know, impeachment or else. 2. Organize State of the Union MOSH II protest, gather in DC to put the pressure on Congress the week before the SOTU. 3. Jan 31st, surround the capitol building, project truth videos to the riot cops, remind them that they too took an oath to defend the Constitution.

Did the Administration Believe in Iraqi WMD?

Eli Stephens
Left I on the News
One of the lines in today's New York Times editorial (discussed below) provides this very typical caveat in their criticism of the Bush administration: "The president and his top advisers may very well have sincerely believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction." This is an issue I've offered my own opinion on as early as September, 2003 and several times since, but since my line of argumentation has yet to be assumed into conventional wisdom, I feel like this is an appropriate time to repeat the argument.

Nuking Iran With the UN's Blessing

Only the American people can stop it
By Jorge Hirsch,

In the "global war on terror," Iran is the next target, having been designated by the U.S. State Department [.pdf] as "the most active state sponsor of terrorism" in the world. The United Nations has given its blessing, and the U.S. will fill in the blanks.

Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons

Iraq has shown the hubris of a geostrategy that welds the philosophy of the Leviathan to military and technological power

Richard Drayton, The Guardian

The tragic irony of the 21st century is that just as faith in technology collapsed on the world's stock markets in 2000, it came to power in the White House and Pentagon. For the Project for a New American Century's ambition of "full-spectrum dominance" - in which its country could "fight and win multiple, simultaneous major-theatre wars" - was a monster borne up by the high tide of techno euphoria of the 1990s.

The Constitutional crises of 2006

Geov Parrish -

"Congress, if it is (in the words the Bush White House once reserved for the U.N.) 'to remain relevant,' must impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney."

12.28.05 - In the waning days of 2005, a number of Beltway developments have pointed to 2006 as a pivotal year in the future -- if there is to be any -- of American democracy.

TvNewsLIES 2005 Person of the Year Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun with rebels and free thinkers. It's overrun with sheep and conformists: Bill Maher

He is not a boisterous man at all. On the contrary, he’s soft spoken, rather thoughtful, and quietly direct. Chances are, if you didn’t know who he was, you’d never in a million years have him pegged for a politician. Chances are even greater that you’d never guess that John Conyers was as fierce a fighter for his nation as they come.

Impeachment is Now Real

By Martin Garbus, HuffingtonPost

An hour after the New York Times described Bush’s illegal surveillance program, I wrote on the Huffington Post that Bush had committed a crime, a “High Crime,

2006: The Year the Chickenhawks Will Go Home to Roost

By Cindy Sheehan

Since hot, hot Camp Casey in August, some amazing grass roots actions have taken place all over the country. People are starting to speak up and Congress has begun to take action against the criminal and neo-Fascist regime that tried to take over America.

Three Books to Wake You Up

America's Moral Crisis, a History of Hitler's Secret Prisons and a Brief on the Illegality of Bush's War

Since his retirement by Ronald Reagan, President Carter has given active service to the causes of human rights and peace. He has written a number of books, and now he has delivered a humdinger: Our Endangered Values (Simon & Schuster, 2005) in which he takes the Bush administration to task.

Oakland Tribune to Send Every Congress Member a Copy of "1984"

Published on Tuesday, December 27, 2005 by the Oakland Tribune
Big Brother is Watching

IT took 21 years longer than expected, but the future has finally arrived.

And we don't like it. Not one bit.

Someone Knew: There Were No Weapons of Mass Destruction

By DOUG GIEBEL, CounterPunch, May 8 / 9, 2004

E ver since the Bush Administration began publicly spinning out its catalog of reasons for invading Iraq, this writer has questioned and written about the alleged existence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. More important, however, is my growing conviction that members of the administration knew the WMD did not exist in Iraq before the invasion went forward. The following account of what one might consider "circumstantial evidence" has been described by others as an "unique" or "unusual" point of view, perhaps because the perspective was hidden in plain sight and was therefore missed by investigative journalists and others hoping to find some signed or tape recorded "smoking gun."

Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges over Spy Efforts

By Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, The New York Times

Washington - Defense lawyers in some of the country's biggest terrorism cases say they plan to bring legal challenges to determine whether the National Security Agency used illegal wiretaps against several dozen Muslim men tied to Al Qaeda.

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