World Can't Wait to Run Another Ad in the NY Times

By World Can't Wait

DONATE! ALL YOU CAN. To print this ad next week in the New York Times: $45,000. LISTEN to ads running this week nationally on Air America Radio! At this moment of urgent necessity as the Bush program is being locked into place via Alito and Bush-authorized NSA spying, do all you can to stop this now. At this moment of great opportunity, as millions want this President gone, and the "I" word of impeachment is circulating, build a movement powerful enough to drive out the Bush Regime.

Cindy Sheehan in Italy

From the United States to Assisi
January 13-14, U.S. Peace Mom participates in Peace Roundtable Seminar

Cindy Sheehan is on her way to Assisi to participate in the National Seminar "There is no peace without a peace policy" of the Tavola della pace (Peace Roundtable) that will take place January 13-14 in Assisi, at the Sacro Convento di San Francesco (the same location where the first roundtable was held on January 13, 1996).

Rally calls for end to the war

By Paul Boerger, Mount Shasta Herald

On a bitterly cold Saturday morning, approximately 45 citizens gathered at the Mount Shasta city plaza t show their opposition to the Iraq war and speak out for peace.

The January 7th gathering was part of a nationwide Town Hall movement.

Carrying signs stating opinions from “Impeach Bush

Swiss Inquiry Says CIA Jails Document Must Be Followed Up

The Associated Press

Brussels - The head of a European investigation into alleged CIA prisons in Europe said Tuesday the purported Egyptian government document naming countries where such prisons existed is a new lead which must be followed up.

The Pinochet Precedent

Pinochet Stripped of Legal Immunity
By Eduardo Gallardo, The Associated Press

Santiago, Chile - An appeals court stripped Gen. Augusto Pinochet of his legal immunity Wednesday, a ruling that paved the way for the former dictator to stand trial on charges of responsibility for killing two bodyguards of the Marxist president he toppled in a bloody 1973 coup.


By Michael J. Mazarr, The New Republic

The recent election of arch-conservative Tehran Mayor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as
president of Iran, many observers expected a renewed crisis over Iran's
nuclear program. And, sure enough, one has arrived with Iran's announcement

New claims of Guantanamo torture


Fresh claims of torture and abuse at Guantanamo Bay have been published by Amnesty International to mark the US detention centre's fourth anniversary.

The London-based human rights group said 500 detainees continued to be held without charge or trial and repeated its call for the centre to be shut.

US Airstrikes in Iraq Could Intensify

By Drew Brown, Knight Ridder Newspapers

Washington - US warplanes have carried out hundreds of air strikes in Iraq in the past two years, bombing and strafing insurgent fighters and targets almost daily. And the air war, which has gone largely unnoticed at home, could intensify once American ground forces start to withdraw.

US Holds New Guantánamo 'War on Terror' Trials

Agence France-Presse

The United States will start new military trials of "war on terror" detainees at the Guantánamo Bay naval base, amid new criticism of the camp and its courts.

Accused Al-Qaeda propaganda expert Ali Hamza Ahmad al-Bahlul will be the first of two defendants to face hearings this week. He will be followed by Omar Khadr, a Canadian who was 15 when he was detained over the killing of a US soldier in Afghanistan.

A Call to Conscience

By Pete Perry

The National Campaign of Nonviolent Resistance is issuing its "Call to Conscience" this winter. As followers of a great nonviolence tradition, we believe we must in a clear and nonviolent voice speak truth to power. The most effective way for us to do will be to hold face to face meetings with our elected representatives, demand an end to the war and occupation of Iraq and thereby stop any further needless slaughter of the men and women who proudly wear our nation's military uniforms.

The Impeachment of George W. Bush

[from the January 30, 2006 issue]

Finally, it has started. People have begun to speak of impeaching President George W. Bush--not in hushed whispers but openly, in newspapers, on the Internet, in ordinary conversations and even in Congress. As a former member of Congress who sat on the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment proceedings against President Richard Nixon, I believe they are right to do so. READ MORE.

Three Years Too Many

End the War on Iraq: Bring All the Troops Home Now

A Call for a Week of Local Action: March 15-22, 2006

March 19th will mark the third anniversary of a war that never should have happened -- a war based on lies that continues to devastate the lives of thousands, both in Iraq and the United States.

I Couldn't Refuse Cindy Sheehan

By Missy Comley Beattie

I couldn’t say no to Cindy Sheehan when she e-mailed last week, asking me to represent Gold Star Families for Peace and to speak at an “Out of Iraq Now

UnFreedom of Information

Here's a letter from the Department of "Defense" in response to a Freedom of Information Request from Congressman John Conyers and many other Congress Members. It includes this line:

Dick Cheney Birthday Bash & Retirement Party

Dick Cheney Birthday Bash & Retirement Party January 30

A retirement party celebrating Vice President Dick Cheney's 65th birthday―and eagerly anticipated departure from public life―will be held in the hometown of the Lincoln, Nebraska native Monday, January 30, 2006, 65 years exactly to the day of his birth.

Attempt to tie Iran, Iraq to nuclear arms plot bypassed U.S. intelligence channels

By Larisa Alexandrovna,

Several U.S. and foreign intelligence sources, along with investigators, say an Iranian exile with ties to Iran-Contra peddled a bizarre tale of stolen uranium to governments on both sides of the Atlantic in the spring and summer of 2003.

Rep. Lois Capps Writes to Newspaper Following Event

By Jon Williams,

Thought you all would be interested to see that after our Jan. 7 action, Lois Capps, CA-23, was inspired to send a letter to the SB News-Press expressing her anti-war feelings. I’ve responded with a letter (cc’d to our groups) commending her and asking readers—progressive, moderate and conservative—to let her know they supporter her voting no on any upcoming supplemental funding bill as that truly is the way to support our troops.

The Real Choice In Iraq

By Zbigniew Brzezinski, Washington Post

"Bring 'em on."
-- President Bush on Iraqi insurgents, summer 2003

The insurgency is "in its last throes."
-- Vice President Cheney,summer 2005

" . . . there are only two options before our country: victory or defeat."


By Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D.
January 11, 2006

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
- Benjamin Franklin's motto in the

Colin Powell, Liar Extraordinaire

By David Swanson,

Can you imagine having an opportunity to address the United Nations Security Council about a matter of great global importance, with all the world's media watching, and using it to… well, to make shit up – to lie with a straight face, and with a CIA director propped up behind you, I mean to spew one world-class, for-the-record-books stream of bull, to utter nary a breath without a couple of whoppers in it, and to look like you really mean it all? What gall. What an insult to the entire world that would be.

America in Bush's Crosshairs

Congressperson McKinney (D-GA) gave the following speech before the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce, January 7, 2006.

Good Morning!

I have been given a most unenviable task.

Video of Jan. 10, 2006, Forum in Virginia with Ray McGovern, Gael Murphy, and David Swanson

Here's a good discussion of how to end the war and impeach its architects. This event was sponsored by the Virginia Grassroots Coalition. The video was shot by Todd Smyth.

Americans in Italy Working for Truth and Peace


Romacittapertallapace and U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice
Voices from the Other America
Voices from the Other Italy

Friday, January 13, 2006, 6pm
Casa delle Culture, via S. Crisogono, 45

An evening with:
Dave Lindorff - U.S. Journalist and Writer
Maurizio Torrealta - Italian Journalist, RAINEWS24

The rise of rectal journalism

By David Sirota

A lot has already been written about Joe Klein's latest column - a true foray into fantasy. The man is the epitomy of a journalist who is so self-absorbed, so obsessed with himself, or so lazy that he quite literally thinks he can just make things up. But sadly, Klein epitomzes a new brand of journalism sweeping the nation. It's what I call Rectal Journalism because its based on reporters and pundits simply pulling stuff right out of their asses and peddling it as fact, when in fact it is anything but.

The Scoop That Got Spiked

Times delay on wiretap story leaves questions unanswered

By any standard, the New York Times' story of December 16 was a blockbuster: Reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau revealed that following the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration initiated warrantless wiretaps on hundreds of people within the U.S.--including U.S. citizens--even though a federal law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, expressly forbids the government from doing so. This program was legal only if one accepts the administration's contention that the executive branch has essentially unlimited powers during "wartime" (even though Congress has not declared war).

Amnesty Releases New Gitmo Torture Testimony

Amnesty International | Press Release

Washington - Marking the fourth anniversary of the first transfers of detainees to Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, January 11, 2006, Amnesty International released new testimonies alleging the use of torture and ill treatment against prisoners in the U.S. detention center and additional details on several detainee cases.

Victory In Iraq? Winning Hurts!

Latest Flash Media presentation from Jay Shaft and the Coalition for Free Thought In Media


By Doug Ireland

ABC's "Nightline" last night aired a terrifying scoop: a former senior insider at the National Security Agency said that the agency has illegally spied on "millions" of Americans who make telephone calls overseas. As ABC's excellent Brian Ross reported:

Pentagon Spied on Concerned Peace Moms in Atlanta

By Sarah Epting, Atlanta Progressive News

(APN) ATLANTA--"Don’t they have anything to do? I am just a mom of a teenage son. I just don’t want my son or anyone else go to a stupid war," Susan Keith told Atlanta Progressive News.

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