The Real Choice In Iraq

By Zbigniew Brzezinski, Washington Post

"Bring 'em on."
-- President Bush on Iraqi insurgents, summer 2003

The insurgency is "in its last throes."
-- Vice President Cheney,summer 2005

" . . . there are only two options before our country: victory or defeat."


By Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D.
January 11, 2006

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
- Benjamin Franklin's motto in the

Colin Powell, Liar Extraordinaire

By David Swanson,

Can you imagine having an opportunity to address the United Nations Security Council about a matter of great global importance, with all the world's media watching, and using it to… well, to make shit up – to lie with a straight face, and with a CIA director propped up behind you, I mean to spew one world-class, for-the-record-books stream of bull, to utter nary a breath without a couple of whoppers in it, and to look like you really mean it all? What gall. What an insult to the entire world that would be.

America in Bush's Crosshairs

Congressperson McKinney (D-GA) gave the following speech before the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce, January 7, 2006.

Good Morning!

I have been given a most unenviable task.

Video of Jan. 10, 2006, Forum in Virginia with Ray McGovern, Gael Murphy, and David Swanson

Here's a good discussion of how to end the war and impeach its architects. This event was sponsored by the Virginia Grassroots Coalition. The video was shot by Todd Smyth.

Americans in Italy Working for Truth and Peace


Romacittapertallapace and U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice
Voices from the Other America
Voices from the Other Italy

Friday, January 13, 2006, 6pm
Casa delle Culture, via S. Crisogono, 45

An evening with:
Dave Lindorff - U.S. Journalist and Writer
Maurizio Torrealta - Italian Journalist, RAINEWS24

The rise of rectal journalism

By David Sirota

A lot has already been written about Joe Klein's latest column - a true foray into fantasy. The man is the epitomy of a journalist who is so self-absorbed, so obsessed with himself, or so lazy that he quite literally thinks he can just make things up. But sadly, Klein epitomzes a new brand of journalism sweeping the nation. It's what I call Rectal Journalism because its based on reporters and pundits simply pulling stuff right out of their asses and peddling it as fact, when in fact it is anything but.

The Scoop That Got Spiked

Times delay on wiretap story leaves questions unanswered

By any standard, the New York Times' story of December 16 was a blockbuster: Reporters James Risen and Eric Lichtblau revealed that following the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration initiated warrantless wiretaps on hundreds of people within the U.S.--including U.S. citizens--even though a federal law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, expressly forbids the government from doing so. This program was legal only if one accepts the administration's contention that the executive branch has essentially unlimited powers during "wartime" (even though Congress has not declared war).

Amnesty Releases New Gitmo Torture Testimony

Amnesty International | Press Release

Washington - Marking the fourth anniversary of the first transfers of detainees to Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, January 11, 2006, Amnesty International released new testimonies alleging the use of torture and ill treatment against prisoners in the U.S. detention center and additional details on several detainee cases.

Victory In Iraq? Winning Hurts!

Latest Flash Media presentation from Jay Shaft and the Coalition for Free Thought In Media


By Doug Ireland

ABC's "Nightline" last night aired a terrifying scoop: a former senior insider at the National Security Agency said that the agency has illegally spied on "millions" of Americans who make telephone calls overseas. As ABC's excellent Brian Ross reported:

Pentagon Spied on Concerned Peace Moms in Atlanta

By Sarah Epting, Atlanta Progressive News

(APN) ATLANTA--"Don’t they have anything to do? I am just a mom of a teenage son. I just don’t want my son or anyone else go to a stupid war," Susan Keith told Atlanta Progressive News.

The Case for Impeachment: A DVD With John Bonifaz

You may be searching for actions you can take to alter the course of our government and to begin the impeachment of Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush. Here is your opportunity to take an active part in that effort.

Pressing for legislation

BY MARY CAREY, Daily Hampshire Gazette

AREA activists are promoting legislation on subjects from censuring the president to providing for the evacuation of pets following a natural disaster.

On Monday, Progressive Democrats of America, co-founded by Tim Carpenter of Northampton, held a 'National Call In for Accountability Day,' with members contacting their representatives in Congress, urging them to sponsor three related bills. House Resolution 635 would create a committee to investigate and make recommendations on grounds for impeaching George W. Bush. Resolutions 636 and 637 call on Congress to censure Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, respectively.

Mike Hersh's Remarks at Indictments at White House

My name is Mike Hersh. I'm here representing Progressive Democrats of America, Convict Bush Cheney dot Org, and After Downing Street dot Org. I've been working to impeach Bush and Cheney since 2000, even before they took the oath of office, on the theory that if fibbing about a blow job is sufficient reason for impeachment, then cheating in the elections, losing, and having your friends on the Supreme Court throw out the votes to put you into office is grounds for impeachment and removal from office.

Peace campaigner Cindy Sheehan writes memoir

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. peace activist Cindy Sheehan, who won wide attention with an anti-war vigil outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch after her soldier son was killed in Iraq, is writing a memoir, to be published in September.

Cindy Sheehan's Irish Interview

Sheehan to Sheehan

Ronan: Welcome to Dublin!

Cindy: Thank you. It's nice to be here. I wish I could stay longer and it was under better circumstances.

Ronan: We wish you could, too. Cindy, my name is Ronan Sheehan, and I come from Dublin, and my family come from Dublin--on my father's side for a few generations, then from Kerry, and on my mother's side for many generations, and believe it or not, we can go back in law to the sixteenth century.

The yes man and the thug

By Farhad Manjoo,

In his disturbing new book, Times reporter James Risen reveals how George Tenet's gutless surrender to war-obsessed Donald Rumsfeld led to the total breakdown of U.S. intelligence.

Minutes- East Bay Impeachment Meetup- 2-9-06

Moving forwared
By Carol Wolman,

There were 18 people present, 3x as many as at any previous meeting. Most of the people had been to at least one previous meeting. The discussion was lively, and the mood much more upbeat and optimistic than at earlier meetings. This was noted, and attributed to the revelation about Bush's warrantless wiretapping, which has everyone up in arms.

Yes, the Pentagon Murders Journalists

Remember Fallujah? It's the Iraqi city of 300,000 that we had to destroy in order to save back in April of 2004. Over 30 Americans died and over 400 American troops were wounded and airlifted away. And at least 1,200 Iraqis were killed. A Red Cross official reported that American forces used cluster bombs and chemical phosphorous weapons inside the city. The target of the U.S. assault, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, along with up to 80 percent of his fighters, managed to slip out of town, leaving the Fallujans to catch the brunt of the American attack. In the end, some 10,000 homes in the city were completely leveled, and an estimated 150,000 residents displaced.

Report from tidewater Virginia Out of Iraq Event - with photos

Alma Kesling

Town Hall Forum - Ending the War in Iraq. Congresswoman Thelma Drake (R) was invited, but did not show, nor RSVP. Congressman Bobby Scott (D) graciously accepted the invitation to field questions from our attendees. Press was represented by Port Folio Magazine and the Southern ((i)), a new independent newspaper.

Dissenting Report from Seattle Town Hall


Hi. I'd like to report that the Seattle "townhall" did not allow questions from the audience. To me, it basically seemed like a campaign meeting for the Democrats--luckily there was an activist there (Bert Sacks) who has been to Iraq many times breaking the sanctions to bring medicines to the people there. He played the 60 Minutes clip of Madeleine Albright saying that the loss of 500,000 children was "worth it" to get rid of Saddam Hussein. HE reminded us this is not just about elections.

Report from Michigan Out of Iraq Event

By Thomas Ford

Our meeting went well even though driving here was somewhat dangerous because of icy roads.

We had 25 people show up from 5 different communities in the mid-Michigan area. We had 8 veterans at our gathering and some former Bush supporters.

Report from Kalamazoo, Mich., Out of Iraq Event

By Kathy Murphy

our mtg was a great success!!WE had around 100 people show up and the grand rapids Tv station covered it. Our congressman did not show but we really didn't expect that he would.Our main speaker Prof.

Bremer Claims He Was Used as Iraq 'Fall Guy'

By Edward Alden and Guy Dinmore, The Financial Times

Paul Bremer, former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, says that senior US military officials tried to make him a scapegoat for postwar setbacks, including the decision to disband the Iraqi army following the US invasion in 2003.

In Ambush Lasting Seconds, US Reporter in Iraq Becomes Hostage

By Ellen Knickmeyer, The Washington Post

Baghdad - The call came from reporter Jill Carroll's cell phone, from a young, wary-sounding Iraqi man who said he had just picked up the phone from a sprawled body on a Baghdad street. "The person this phone belongs to was just killed," the caller said.

How to Quell the Conflict: Insurgent Scenarios

By Tom Hayden,

Iraq's armed national resistance is willing to support an honorable American troop withdrawal and recognize "the interests of the US as a superpower," according to a Baghdad source with intimate knowledge of the insurgents. He was interviewed this week in Amman, where he had driven twenty hours from Baghdad for conversations.

Why Russert Didn't Want to Testify in Plame Case

By Editor and Publisher

NEW YORK Lawyers for NBC News reporter Tim Russert suspected in the spring of 2004 that his testimony could hurt I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, and Russert resisted testifying at the time about private conversations with Libby, according to court papers released Monday, The Washington Post reports today.

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