Sens. Kennedy, Feingold Keep Bush Impeachment on Table

By Matthew Cardinale, Atlanta Progressive News

US Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), US Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), and US Rep. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), did not preclude the possibility of Bush’s impeachment, when asked about the topic in interviews this weekend.


From: International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration



Mfume: War in Iraq Teaches Key Lesson at Home – We Need to Get Out

Date: Sunday, January 08, 2006
By: Kweisi Mfume, Special to

The war in Iraq remains a grave political tragedy that has little if anything to do with finding the perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks on this nation. Thousands of troops and billions of dollars have been committed to fight a war that was based at best on questionable premises and misleading statements. Twice in the last six months, I stood with other concerned Americans in protest of the ongoing war in Iraq and in support of families whose sons and daughters have been killed and severely wounded there and in Afghanistan.

Report from tidewater Virginia Out of Iraq Event

Our event was a wonderful success. Of coures, no mainstream corporate press covered it, but our indymedia were there in force. Forty folks attended, and we all went over to our local activists' hangout, the Five Points Farm Market, for a reception with Congressman Bobby Scott, and that lasted almost another 2 hours.

Report from Colorado Out of Iraq Event

On January 7 The Central Colorado Coaltion on the Iraq War, based in Salida, CO, sponsored a Town Hall Meeting and Debate on the Iraq War along with 163 other town hall forums across the country. The meeting was held at the Senior Citizens Center with a capacity of 155 and filled to the walls.

Anti-war activists keep up the fight

Dissent of military action in Iraq encouraged at forum

MORRIS TWP. -- A panel of five peace activists who oppose the war in Iraq urged fellow anti-war activists to stay unwavering and vocal in their dissent during a forum held Saturday at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship.

The NSA Spy Engine: Echelon

By Jason Leopold, t r u t h o u t |

A clandestine National Security Agency spy program code-named Echelon was likely responsible for tapping into the emails, telephone calls and facsimiles of thousands of average American citizens over the past four years in its effort to identify people suspected of communicating with al-Qaeda terrorists, according to half-a-dozen current and former intelligence officials from the NSA and FBI.

Impeach Blair over Iraq: UK general

Impeach Blair over Iraq: UK general
From correspondents in London
The Australian
January 08, 2006

A LEADING British Army officer believes Prime Minister Tony Blair should be impeached for his role in the war in Iraq, the Mail on Sunday reported.

New Book "State of War" by NY Times' James Risen Gives Vital Background to Downing Street Memo

By Jonathan Schwarz

The relevant excerpts from State of War appear at the bottom of this post

After the Downing Street Memo was leaked last May, the U.S. and U.K. governments were eventually forced to admit it was genuine. However, they never revealed any background to the memo—most importantly, who did Richard Dearlove, head of British intelligence, meet with in Washington just before the July 23, 2002 high-level U.K. government meeting the memo memorialized? This would go a long way to answering why Dearlove believed "Military action was now seen as inevitable" and "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

State of War, the just-released book by New York Times reporter James Risen, sheds important new light on these issues.

Scandal of Force-Fed Prisoners

Published on Sunday, January 8, 2006 by the Observer/UK
Hunger Strikers are Tied Down and Fed Through Nasal Tubes, Admits Guantánamo Bay Doctor
By David Rose

New details have emerged of how the growing number of prisoners on hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay are being tied down and force-fed through tubes pushed down their nasal passages into their stomachs to keep them alive.

Tacoma Talks Impeachment

By Jeff Richardson, Education Director, America in Solidarity

Our event in Tacoma, Washington, was totally awesome!

We had over three hundred people in this beautiful church, First United
Methodist on MLK Jr Way, great sound system, lots of enthusiasm, folks

Santa Barbara Event Makes the News

Peace activists hit the street

About 40 opponents of the war in Iraq rallied Saturday afternoon on State Street as part of a national "Out of Iraq" day of events.

Blair Should Be Impeached Over Iraq War: UK General

LONDON, January 8, 2006 ( & News Agencies) – British Prime Minister Tony Blair should be impeached for his role in the Iraq war, a leading British Army officer was quoted as saying by Britain's the Mail on Sunday.

How Blair was Bush-ed into Iraq war

By Deccan Herald, India

A documentary drama produced by a British TV channel, to be screened on Monday, has apparently revealed how British Prime Minister Tony Blair had yielded to US President George Bush’s wish that the UK should join its “war on terror

PDA's Report on Jan 7th Events

Working together, PDA organized over 150 “Out of Iraq

Sacramento's Out Of Iraq Forum Rocks The Capital City

By Nancy Tronaas, California PDA Activist

Author and media critic Norman Solomon, mother/activist Cindy Sheehan, and actor Sean Penn.
Photo by Bill Lackemacher IV


The Westerly Sun, RI
By Emily Dupuis - The Sun Staff

WESTERLY - On her son's birthday, Stephany Kern liked to tell him how she went into labor during a snowstorm and how, in the rush to get to the hospital, his father put both legs into one pant leg.

US Military Helicopter Crashes in Iraq

By VOA News

A U.S. military helicopter believed to be carrying 12 Americans has crashed in northern Iraq, killing everyone on board.

The U.S. military says the Blackhawk helicopter crashed east of Tal Afar in a sparsely populated area. It says the crash is under investigation. Military personnel found the crash site Sunday - about 12 hours after losing communication with the helicopter.

Domestic spying issue likely to dominate politics in 2006

BY DICK POLMAN, Knight Ridder Newspapers

PHILADELPHIA - One week into the new year, we are already mired in an acrimonious debate over whether George W. Bush - who vows to continue his warrantless domestic spying program - is crafting an imperial presidency unfettered by constitutional checks and balances or is restoring broad powers that he sees in the plain language in the Constitution.

Antiwar rally reflects changing attitudes

BY Hilary Kindschuh, Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska

People driving by an anti-war protest in Lincoln Saturday showed both support and disagreement by sticking their fingers out the window.

Photos from Sacramento Town Hall

Submitted by Bill Lackemacher
Norman Solomon, Cindy Sheehan, Sean Penn, Carly


Report from Hayward Town Hall

By Stephania, CodePink Hayward

I want to tell you, we had a very fruitful event just now, thru Code
Pink Hayward.

I did not get the DVD in time that I bought thru your site, on the
Downing Street memo, so I substituted one of mine from Democracy Now on

Report from Tacoma Town Hall

Someone counted 380 people in attendance at the event in Tacoma, Washington featuring Congressman Adam Smith. The event started off with a town hall meeting with the Congressman followed by wokrshops and a concert with Bob Wickline. Smith gave a lot of honest and frank answers about the war and the public asked some intelligent, well thought of questions from what is going on now in Iraq to impeachment. Pictures and more to come...

Feingold won't rule out Bush impeachment

Feingold won't rule out Bush impeachment
By Shay Totten & Kathryn Casa | Vermont Guardian
Vermont Guardian
posted January 8, 2006

BURLINGTON — If Pres. George Bush broke laws when ordering wiretaps and secret spying on U.S. citizens, a key Senate Democrat said he would not rule out calling for his impeachment.

Brooklyn Nation-Wide Out Of Iraq Day

Brooklyn Nation-Wide Out Of Iraq Day
Democratic Underground

Image hosted by

Audio of Jan 7 Event in DC

The Town Hall forum in Washington, D.C. tonight included a remarkable question-and-answer session. I've left out the panelists' opening remarks and included only the questions and answers and discussion in this mp3.

Anti-war peace camp at Shannon Airport

RTE News Ireland

Anti-war campaigners have established a peace camp on the outskirts of Shannon Airport to protest at the continued use of the airport by US troops and military planes.

Campaigners say the camp has been established to mark the third anniversary of the first peace camp there, and the start of the US war in Iraq in January 2003.

Santa Barbara Pushes for Peace

By Jon Williams

We had a successful rally today on “Free Speech Corner

Sacramento Says: OUT OF IRAQ!

By Cathlyn Daly

Just wanted to let you know that our Sacramento Town Hall event was a great success. Thank you so much for everything. It was great having Cindy Sheehan, Sean Penn and Norman Solomon - they stayed for the entire event and more. TV 3, 10, 13, 19, and I think 31 were all there. After the event, Sean gave TV interviews and Cindy may have as well. We had standing room only, and in fact, we had people spilling out into the street. As you probably know, we had a lot of people registered for the event (300 or so), but we were only able to admit about 180. We didn't put a limit on the ADS site because of Move Forward's tactics of registering false names resulting in a less than a full room. I had emailed everyone to tell them that the first 150 would be allowed in if they arrived by the deadline time we set at 12:30pm (the event started at 1:00pm). By around 12:40 our hall was full. Unfortunately that left 160 people overflowing outside. People felt that since they had registered that they were entitled to be admitted and given a seat and some became quite unruly. It was on the brink of erupting. So I said we would let in 10 people at a time, up until it resulted in the doors being blocked (still about 100 people outside).

Mt Shasta Rallies for Peace

By Donald *

Our gathering was a success and the weather, thankfully, cooperated. The rain held off and came just after we completed our one hour peace vigil and a 2 block spirited march around the downtown area. About 45 good Activists attended our one hour event including those with drums and percussion and we marched through downtown to end our Rally.

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David Swanson at St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT, October 5, 2016.

David Swanson in Fairbanks, Alaska, October 22, 2016.

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