Grieving families find little peace

''He's a warmonger," [Kevin] Regnier said of the current president. ''If . . . we must do this, then why isn't he sending any of his family? Why [aren't] the politicians' families over there?"
-- Kevin Regnier is the father of Specialist Jeremy Regnier, 22, of Littleton NH, KIA in Iraq Oct. 13, 2004

Grieving families find little peace
By Thomas Farragher, The Boston Globe October 26, 2005

There are 2,000 of them now.

Two thousand Purple Hearts. Two thousand knocks on the door. Two thousand flags folded smartly into triangles.
Modern warfare is waged with laser-guided weapons and the sophistication of satellites, but its symbols of loss endure.

Fitzgerald: Civil Rights Charges?

Fitzgerald: Civil Rights Charges?

Larry Johnson just alerted me to this incredible scoop. For anyone out there who has ever read Ender's Game, this is a perfect example of Ender's classic decision to focus on the goal, and not on playing the game. For those who haven't had the pleasure of reading Ender's Game, here's the deal: Instead of Fitzgerald focusing on the crime of leaking an undercover operative's name—a task difficult to prove—Fitzgerald may instead be focusing on the goal of that crime: damaging Joe Wilson's career. Since the attack was so over the top, Fitzgerald may be trying to show that the coordinated White House effort was intending to violate a private individual's civil rights.

That's strategic innovation. Everyone in Washington has just been assuming that attacking your enemies—Karl Rove's specialty since he ran around the country teaching Republicans "dirty tricks"—was fair play.

If this intel is accurate, Fitzgerald just drew a new line in the sand here in Washington.

Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue

Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue
By Richard Sale, long-time Intelligence Correspondent

This comes to us courtesy of Pat Lang at I've found Richard to always be on target in my experience.
Larry Johnson
Two top White House aides are expected to be indicted today on various charges related to the probe of CIA operative Valerie Plame whose classified identity was publicly breached in retaliation after her husband, Joe Wilson, challenged the administration's claim that Saddam Hussein had sought to buy enriched unranium from Niger, acording to federal law enforcement and senior U.S. intelligence officials.

Plan Your Nonviolent Protests Here

Wednesday October 26, 2005

UPDATED* BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush, meanwhile, sets his
sights above the fray with a meeting with the US Ambassador to Iraq at
9:20 am and remarks to the Economic Club of Washington at 1:00 pm.
[, 10/26/05]

NEW* CHENEY in Washington, DC: Vice President Cheney travels from
Wyoming back to Washington, DC today after receiving his regular
briefings. He will deliver remarks at the National Building Museum this
evening at a bipartisan tribute for Congressman John Dingell (D-MI)
which begins at 6:30 pm EDT. [, 10/26/05]

NEW* RICE in Washington, DC: 11:45 a.m. Bilateral and working lunch for

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving While Intoxicated

In a sense, the president or prime minister of any country can be thought of as the driver of the vehicle of State. While Congresses and Parliaments certainly have their say as to the direction of a country, the president or prime minister must be said to be at the wheel. Here in the United States, we consider Driving While Intoxicated (or DWI, as it is more commonly known) a serious offense.

The rationale behind our distaste for DWI is sensible. For instance, one of the key arguments behind DWI laws is that an intoxicated driver is likely to be overconfident in his or her ability to navigate the perils presented by the road they are traveling, or overestimate their ability to respond to the actions of other drivers with whom they share the highway – and in doing so, recklessly endanger the lives, health, and property of others. In this intoxicated state, they are unlikely to drive defensively – which most reasonable observers suggest is the best way to guarantee a safe and successful trip for everyone. It is also fair to argue that DWI can represent a serious character issue, since only a profoundly selfish person would even risk endangering the lives of others by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. And we also know that most drivers who are arrested for DWI have driven in this condition many times before getting caught. And some will continue to do so afterwards until they are either caught again (and again), or kill themselves. On the other hand, an emotionally intelligent person will opt for calling a cab, or having a designated driver, or even sleeping it off in the back of their car.

Iraqi Death Toll Much Higher Than U.S.

Iraqi Death Toll Much Higher Than U.S.
By JIM KRANE, Associated Press Writer
Tue Oct 25, 9:49 PM ET

The number of Iraqis who have died violently since the U.S.-led invasion is many times larger than the U.S. military death toll of 2,000 in Iraq. In one sign of the enormity of the Iraqi loss, at least 3,870 were killed in the past six months alone, according to an Associated Press count.

One U.S. military spokesman said it is possible the figure for the entire war could be 30,000 Iraqis, which many experts see as a credible estimate. Others suspect the number is far higher, since the chaos in Iraq leaves the potential for many killings to go unreported.

The Iraqi death toll

The Iraqi death toll
by Chris in Paris - 10/26/2005 03:24:00 AM

So is Bush also laughing about the thousands of Iraqis who have died as well? Estimates vary but a reasonable starting point seems to be around 30,000 Iraqi deaths since the beginning of the US/UK invasion of Iraq. With the faux constitution that does not address any of the serious issues (once again put off for another day) there is no reason to think that the Iraqi deaths will decrease. The numbers are pretty bad:

One U.S. military spokesman said it is possible the figure for the entire war could be 30,000 Iraqis...

Here is the crime in outing of CIA agent

Here is the crime in outing of CIA agent
By Gary Hart
Denver Post Guest Commentary

It is now fashionable among columnists supporting the Bush administration, New York Times journalist Judith Miller, Robert Novak and the increasing network of senior administration officials implicated in the Valerie Plame Wilson outing to say, "So what? Where's the crime?"

The federal statute making it a criminal penalty to knowingly divulge the identity of anyone working undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency was not enacted in a vacuum. In the early 1970s, in part as a result of the radicalization of individuals and groups over the Vietnam War, a former CIA employee named Philip Agee wrote a book revealing the identities of several dozen CIA employees, many under deep cover and some including agency station chiefs in foreign capitals.

New York Times Reporter Miller Is in Talks Over Her Job Status

New York Times Reporter Miller
Is in Talks Over Her Job Status

Move Follows Public Break
With the Newspaper;
Severance Package Discussed
October 26, 2005; Page B3

New York Times reporter Judith Miller has begun discussing her future employment options with the newspaper, including the possibility of a severance package, a lawyer familiar with the matter, said yesterday.

The discussion about her future comes several days after the public rupture of the relationship between the Times and Ms. Miller, a 28-year veteran of the paper. Both the editor and the publisher of the Times have expressed regret for their unequivocal support for Ms. Miller when she spent 85 days in jail for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the unmasking of a Central Intelligence Agency operative.

Poll: Few doubt wrongdoing in CIA leak

Poll: Few doubt wrongdoing in CIA leak

(CNN) -- Only one in 10 Americans said they believe Bush administration officials did nothing illegal or unethical in connection with the leaking of a CIA operative's identity, according to a national poll released Tuesday.

Thirty-nine percent said some administration officials acted illegally in the matter, in which the identity of Valerie Plame, a CIA operative, was revealed.

The same percentage of respondents in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll said administration officials acted unethically, but did nothing illegal.

Plamegate Indictment Names Are Here!

Plamegate Indictment Names Are Here!
by ccnwon
Wed Oct 26, 2005 at 09:05:18 AM PDT
Rove and Libby are to be indicted.

There will be no announcement today, but likely Friday.

Richard Sale is a long time intelligence correspondent.

Scoop: Richard Sale: Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue

On the flip:

ccnwon's diary :: ::
Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue

By Richard Sale, long-time Intelligence Correspondent

Two top White House aides are expected to be indicted today on various charges related to the probe of CIA operative Valerie Plame whose classified identity was publicly breached in retaliation after her husband, Joe Wilson, challenged the administration's claim that Saddam Hussein had sought to buy enriched unranium from Niger, acording to federal law enforcement and senior U.S. intelligence officials.

"The British government," said the president in the famous sixteen words...

(October 25, 2005 -- 09:25 PM EDT // link)
As I hinted at in this post from earlier this evening, in his 2003 State of the Union address President did not say "Iraq purchased uranium from Niger" or even that "the British say that Iraq purchased uranium from Niger." He said something much more specific and couched, using language the significance of which would only become clear months later.

"The British government," said the president in the famous sixteen words, "has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

As we learned later that summer and fall, those carefully chosen words had a very precise rationale behind them. The White House tried and failed to get the uranium claim into the October 7th, 2002 Cincinnati speech. The same battle was refought in late January of 2003 as the same parties struggled back and forth over whether the claim would be inserted in the State of the Union address. The CIA refused to countenance the use of the claim. So a compromise of sorts was struck. The president wouldn't be a fact witness to the allegation. He'd hang it on the Brits.

The LA Times picks up the La Repubblica story...

(October 26, 2005 -- 01:14 AM EDT // link)
The LA Times picks up the La Repubblica story ...

As anticipation swirled in Washington of potential indictments — and what it would mean for a Bush administration already beset by low approval ratings, the Iraq war and an embattled Supreme Court nomination — a related controversy was brewing in Italy over how the Niger allegations made their way into the intelligence stream.
Italian parliamentary officials announced Tuesday that the head of Italy's military secret service, the SISMI intelligence agency, would be questioned next month over allegations that his agency gave the disputed documents to the United States and Britain, according to an Associated Press report. A spokeswoman said Nicolo Pollari, the agency director, asked to be questioned after reports this week in Italy's La Republica newspaper claiming that SISMI sent the CIA and U.S. and British officials information that it knew to be forged.

The tsunami flows over into Italy.

The tsunami flows over into Italy. From the Associated Press ...

The head of Italy's military secret services will be questioned by a parliamentary commission next week over allegations that his organization gave the United States and Britain disputed documents suggesting that Saddam Hussein had been seeking uranium in Africa, officials said Tuesday.

Nicolo Pollari, director of the SISMI intelligence agency, will be questioned on Nov. 3 by members of the commission overseeing secret services, said Micaela Panella, a commission spokeswoman.

She said Pollari asked to be questioned after reports Monday and Tuesday in the Rome daily La Repubblica claiming SISMI passed on to the CIA, U.S. government officials and Britain's MI6 intelligence services a dossier it knew was forged.

Plamegate: Worse than Watergate

Plamegate: Worse than Watergate
by Arianna Huffington
READ MORE: Judith Miller, Scooter Libby, Patrick Fitzgerald, New York Times, Valerie Plame, George W. Bush, Iraq, Tim Russert, Dick Cheney, CIA, Scott McClellan, Karl Rove
It's getting hard to keep track of all the lies we've been told. Here's a quick cheat sheet:

We now know that Cheney lied to the American people about his involvement in the effort to smear Joe Wilson.

Three months after reportedly receiving a briefing about Wilson's trip to Niger from George "Slam Dunk" Tenet, and then telling Scooter Libby that Plame may have helped arrange her husband's trip, the Vice President went on national TV and told Tim Russert he didn't have a clue about the situation: "I don't know Joe Wilson... I don't know who sent Joe Wilson... I have no idea who hired him and it never came up."

Mother of All Protesters

Talking with Cindy Sheehan, center of a rallying movement against war in Iraq
by Kristen Lombardi
The Village Voice

Cindy Sheehan, the superstar of the anti-war movement, will descend upon the White House on the day U.S. casualties in Iraq hit 2,000—a grim milestone expected any day now. Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son, Casey, was killed in Iraq last year, will say a few words in protest, and then tie herself to the fence. She says she won't leave until she's arrested. Once she's out of jail, she promises, she'll go right back to the fence.
And when she's done with that, she intends to set up a new Camp Casey outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, hounding him throughout the Thanksgiving holiday.

The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat"

Why did the veep suddenly lose interest in the evidence?

By Jim Lobe

Judith Miller and Me

"Playing Fast and Loose with the Facts"
Judith Miller and Me

OK, for a start, there really is no "Judith Miller and me," at least in the sense that I'd invite her to my birthday party. But I have talked to her on the phone a few times (nothing to do with Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby or Karl Rove, however). For a time, our lives were remotely in each other's gravity, drawn together by a pseudo-journalist--indeed, a model for what Miller has become--named Steven Emerson.

I don't like what Miller represents in journalism. She is not, to my mind, a journalist. She forfeited that claim when she became a conduit of propaganda for the neo-conservative cabal that has its bloody hands on the control levers of the nation. In a stunning declaration this month, Miller admitted that she'd been granted a Pentagon security clearance. She tried to backpedal on the assertion, claiming the clearance was routine. But she couldn't spin away the disclosure that she'd been blindsiding her editors and colleagues. She had become a shill for the Bush administration; her employment at the New York Times


If You're Not Attending a Vigil Today, Please see this video
Many will attend candlelight vigils today in memoriam of 2,000 US soldiers killed in Iraq. If you are not among them, please view this video; extremely moving photo essay of 27 funerals, soldiers killed in Iraq. Light a candle at home or work and Remember them all, they and their families have given so much......

Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue

By Richard Sale, long-time Intelligence Correspondent
This comes to us courtesy of Pat Lang at I've found Richard to always be on target in my experience.
Larry Johnson

Two top White House aides are expected to be indicted today on various charges related to the probe of CIA operative Valerie Plame whose classified identity was publicly breached in retaliation after her husband, Joe Wilson, challenged the administration's claim that Saddam Hussein had sought to buy enriched unranium from Niger, acording to federal law enforcement and senior U.S. intelligence officials.

Make a Sign!

Notice to all planning to participate in the Candlelight Vigil honoring the 2,000 American soldiers who have been killed in action in Iraq:

We need people to volunteer to make signs/placards for tonight's event being held at 6:30 at the intersection of Nova Road and International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach. Below are links to the downloads of recommended signs and placards for tonight's event. We appreciate whatever you can do to help this effort. Thank you.

Please feel free to pass this email along to others. Thank you.

Recommended Materials:

- wooden paint stirring sticks available (often for free) from paint and hardware stores to use as handles for 8 1/2" x 11" and 11" x 17" signs/placards which can be attached by using staples

CIA Leak Charges Set to Be Handed Out

By Caroline Daniel
The Financial Times
Wednesday 26 October 2005

Indictments in the CIA leak investigation case are expected to be handed down by a grand jury on Wednesday, bringing to a head a criminal inquiry that threatens to disrupt seriously President George W. Bush's second term.

On Tuesday night, news reports, supported by a source close to the lawyers involved in the case, said that target letters to those facing indictment were being issued, with sealed indictments to be filed on Wednesday and released by the end of the week.

Those in legal jeopardy may include Lewis "Scooter" Libby, vice-president Dick Cheney's chief of staff, and Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's hief political strategist.

Not One More Man

I've written a song in honor of this inauspicious occasion. It's called "Not One More Man (Bush's War)" and is available for free MP3 download at

I thought people might want to use it to help drive the point home.

Robert Rouse

Why 2 K

Cindy Sheehan: Don't support Clinton unless she flips on war

AP Political Writer

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Cindy Sheehan, who became the face of anti-war sentiment after her son died in Iraq, urged war opponents to thwart Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's political aspirations unless she comes out against the conflict.

Sheehan said Tuesday it doesn't appear Clinton is prepared to do that or call for a withdrawal of U.S. troops.

"I believe that any candidate who supports the war should not receive our support," Sheehan said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "It doesn't matter if they're Senator Clinton or whoever."

Sheehan has become a de facto leader of the anti-war movement since she camped out near President Bush's Texas ranch while he vacationed there in August, requesting a meeting with the president. Her son Casey was killed last year in an ambush in Sadr City, Iraq.

So Arrest Me

Why I'm Getting Arrested at the White House Today
By David Swanson, October 26, 2005

The first reason I'm going to lie down, refuse to move, and wait to be arrested outside the White House today is my belief that massive civil disobedience is needed if we are going to end the war and forestall the next war. The power of nonviolent sacrifice has been tried and tested. It may not work this time, but nothing else seems remotely likely to do the job, not even my most extravagant hopes for indictments. I'm being as practical as I know how to be. Public opinion is widely against the war in this country, in Iraq, and around the world. Talk is cheap. Our democracy is a shell. Something more is needed.

Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar

Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar
New Hampshire Citizens Respond to the 2000th Military Death in Iraq

Concord, NEW HAMPSHIRE - A candlelight vigil at State House Plaza,
Wednesday, October 26 at 6pm, will mark the 2000th U.S. military death
in Iraq and ask Congress to ensure that "not one more death and not one
more dollar" are wasted on the war in Iraq. The local event, organized
by NH Peace Action and the American Friends Service Committee, is one
of more than 375 events taking place in 49 states across the country.

After being given a list of names of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq,

Bush in 1999: Lies Are Impeachable

Many news reports from 1999 have this quote of George Bush at a 1999 news conference. (E.g. AP, 6/8/99, USA Today, 6/11/99, Dallas Morning News, 6/9/99, available on

--Texas Gov. George W. Bush said Tuesday that he would have voted to impeach President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

--"I would have voted for it. I thought the man lied," he said in response to a question posed during a news conference.

Memo to President Bush: If you're thinking of reacting to any false statement or perjury charges with a statement that your boys just got confused in their testimony, that dog won't hunt.

Sign My Letter to Bush Demanding No Pardons for Treasongate

By Congressman John Conyers
Cross-posted at Huffington

As the Fitzgerald investigation nears its conclusion, I am becoming increasingly concerned that Bush will prevent the exposure of wrongdoing in Treasongate by pardoning any indicted members of his administration before trial. I wrote a letter in July asking the President to pledge not to pardon these persons. I have yet to receive an answer so I have organized a letter writing campaign demanding an answer. Over 4,000 people have already signed so I'd like to generate at least 10,000 letters to Bush.

Support WarIsACrime


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