The Next War - Crossing the Rubicon

By John Pilger, t r u t h o u t |

Has Tony Blair, the minuscule Caesar, finally crossed his Rubicon? Having subverted the laws of the civilized world and brought carnage to a defenseless people and bloodshed to his own, having lied and lied and used the death of a hundredth British soldier in Iraq to indulge his profane self-pity, is he about to collude in one more crime before he goes?

The Wimpy Empty Suits Undermining Dems on National Security

By David Sirota,

I promised myself that on my vacation this week, I would try to block out politics, but in even briefly reading the newspapers from my vacation outpost, it becomes painfully clear why the Democratic Party is perceived so poorly throughout America: because for every courageous, stand-on-convictions Democrat out there, there are other wimpy empty suit Democrats running around undermining the party for their own personal gain - no matter how stupid, pathetic, hypocritical and weak they make themselves look in the process.

Our Own 'Downing Street Memo'?

The Nation,

The Nation -- For those who had any doubts that the Bush Administration manipulatedintelligence to take us into a disastrous, unprovoked and unnecessarywar, Walter Pincus's front page story in today's WashingtonPost is must reading. Pincus's fine reporting in the monthspreceding the invasion exposed the divisions about the war within theintelligence community and its anger about how information was beingpoliticized. But his stories were almost always buried in the Post'sinside pages.

House Resolution of Inquiry into Illegal Spying Goes to Committee Wednesday

The markup for H Res 643 is going to be on Wed. Feb. 15 in the morning.

H. Res. 643, introduced by Congressman John Conyers: "Directing the Attorney General to submit to the House of Representati

Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence. Wage Peace!


Dear Supporters of the Veterans For Peace Impeachment Initiative,

In the past you have helped us by signing VFP's online petition calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Since we've started this drive the list of crimes committed by this administration has grown longer. The latest offense, the authorization of illegal wiretaps, fits into the category of "high crimes and misdemeanors" and are a clear violation of the law reminiscent of the crimes listed in the articles of impeachment written against President Nixon.

Government Snow Covers Many Sins

By Don Williams

My friend knocked before daylight.
"I saw your light on. Turns out the road's too icy to get to work."
"Well come in, help yourself to coffee, just hold it down, I'm writing my column."

NBC Distorts Its Polling on Warrantless Wiretaps

Russert, Reid paint public as backing Bush

The story of the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping is one that mainstream media have been slow to give the attention it deserves (Action Alert, 1/11/06; Media Advisory, 1/27/06). Now some journalists are pointing to public opinion to justify the news industry's less-than-aggressive approach to this major constitutional scandal. But when NBC's Tim Russert and Chip Reid cite polling data, are they really talking about what the public thinks—or what they think we ought to think?

Swami Beyondananda’s 2006 State of the Universe Address

Swami Calls for an Up-Wising: “Wise Up, Everybody ... The Evolution Has Begun!

Exclusive Interview: Murray Waas on How Cheney "Authorized" Libby to Leak


* Exclusive Interview: Murray Waas on How Cheney "Authorized" Libby to Leak
Classified Information *

We speak with investigative journalist Murray Waas who that Lewis "Scooter"

Protest Images

Get them here.

Is Porter Goss nervous about the upcoming hearing on National Security Whistleblowers?

By Sibel Edmonds, Director-NSWB

So, what is he really saying? On one hand he tells congress ‘Intel & Law Enforcement employees should not be covered by whistleblower protection laws & their reports to congress should not be given protected disclosure status', while on the other hand he is whining about leaks.

AUDIO: Ali Abunimah on Muhammad cartoons, David Swanson on White House memo

By Counterspin

This week on CounterSpin: Unflattering and offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that appeared in a Danish newspaper have set off protests around the world. Pundits seem eager to portray the story as the familiar "clash of civilizations," but what else is going on here? We'll ask Ali Abunimah of the website Electronic Intifada.

Also this week: According to the February 3rd London Guardian, a memo has emerged revealing that George Bush intended to invade Iraq regardless of UN support or if UN inspectors found banned weapons there. It also shows Tony Blair supported these Bush plans. You might not know about all this because the US press hasn't given it much coverage. We'll talk to David Swanson of and about the new memo. LISTEN

Where to Protest Peacefully

February 9-11, 2006
CHENEY, MEHLMAN, HASTERT, ALLEN and NORQUIST (all invited guests) in
Washington DC: Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convenes
at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. []

Fantastic New Resource

UFPJ's Iraq Scorecard: Find out how your Representative has voted, and what legislation they have co-sponsored
This chart collects it all in one place. Why has your Congress Member backed some bills, but not others, or none at all? Which bills have the most support right now? Which members are consistently leading the way? Which state delegations are strongest? Find out (requires Excel, will soon be in HTML as well):

United for Peace and Justice Legislative Action page:

UFPJ home page:

Renewal of Italian Mission in Iraq: No Discussion Allowed

By Stephanie Westbrook, U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice - Rome

Yesterday the Italian government called for a confidence vote in Parliament on a bill dubbed the milleproroghe (1000 extensions), which included extending the Italian mission in Iraq through June 30, 2006. The confidence vote is used to assure quick passage of legislation and allows for no discussion of the bill. There is some risk involved; if the vote of confidence is not obtained, the government is forced to resign. However, in this case Berlusconi's ruling coalition enjoys a wide majority and the bill was approved 296-158.

US and Coalition Casualties


There have been 2,466 coalition deaths, 2,263 Americans, one Australian, 101 Britons, 13 Bulgarians, two Danes, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Hungarian, 26 Italians, one Kazakh, one Latvian, 17 Poles, two Salvadoran, three Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai and 18 Ukrainians in the war in Iraq as of February 9, 2006, according to a CNN count. The list below is the names of the soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors and Coast Guardsmen whose deaths have been reported by their country's governments. At least 16,653 U.S. troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon. View casualties in the war in Afghanistan and examine U.S. war casualties dating back to the Revolutionary War. LINK TO ORIGINAL

Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq

Intelligence 'Misused' to Justify War, He Says
By Walter Pincus, Washington Post

The former CIA official who coordinated U.S. intelligence on the Middle East until last year has accused the Bush administration of "cherry-picking" intelligence on Iraq to justify a decision it had already reached to go to war, and of ignoring warnings that the country could easily fall into violence and chaos after an invasion to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Wearing Thin: Ney relies on cliches and catch phrases rather than serious analysis

By Terry Smith, Athens NEWS Editor (Ohio),

The column by U.S. Rep. Bob Ney on this page is a manifesto for his own tight political corner -- loyally backing the president for the most part, while staking out the trade-related areas where he abandons Bush doctrine in order to maintain his political viability in the Ohio Valley.

More Costs of War

Programs Bush Wants to Cut or Kill
By The Associated Press

The 141 programs that President Bush proposed to eliminate or cut in his 2007 budget, with potential savings in millions:


Our leaders have forgotten the legacy of Lawrence of Arabia

The first draft of history suggests that Britain should have stayed out of Washington's faction-fighting over Iraq
By Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

When Tony Blair is criticised over Iraq he appeals to either the past or the future. The invasion seemed a good idea at the time, or at least "Let history be my judge". Leave the present out of it.

We Lost Iraqi Hearts and Minds Long Before the Current Occupation

Published on Thursday, February 9, 2006 by the Seattle Times (Washington)
By Bert Sacks

I recently attended an alumni meeting in Seattle of a well-known East Coast college. The president of the college spoke and a hundred alumni came to listen. I used the chance to speak to several of them about something I know well from my nine trips to Iraq: the 12 years of U.N. and U.S. economic sanctions on Iraq, reinstated after the Gulf War in 1991 and ending with this war in 2003.

Iraqi voices are drowned out in a blizzard of occupiers' spin

The deception that launched the invasion of Iraq now increasingly
shapes media coverage of the occupation
By Sami Ramadani, The Guardian

Three years after invading Iraq, George Bush and Tony Blair are still

Kidnapped U.S. Reporter Appears in New Video

By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times

BAGHDAD — Looking healthy and composed, the American reporter kidnapped in Iraq last month appeared on a new videotape aired on an Arab-language television channel today, urging supporters to do whatever necessary to obtain her release.

But First We Need a Majority

By David Swanson

Some say we can't push impeachment until after non-Republicans win a majority in Congress.

This makes no sense, because first we need a reason to vote the Democrats a majority.

Visit 'Soldiers Heart', find out about it, then Pass On To A Vet, after you 'Welcome Him/Her HOME'

Call for Artists!

Soldier's Heart [ ] is a website dedicated to
information and resources for combat-related PTSD. In the spirit of "wellness
through the arts", the site provides a gallery of artwork by veterans. This

But Cheney's Worse

By David Swanson

We're trying to impeach Bush AND CHENEY. Regardless, there are several reasons to stop worrying that impeaching Bush would make things worse.

An investigation into possible grounds for impeachment, as well as proposals for censure, serve an educational and political purpose in themselves, whether or not we get to impeachment. We further discredit the Bushies, and we help to build an opposition.

Hearing Scheduled on Whistleblowers

By Sibel Edmonds,

The hearing on National Security Whistleblowers by the House Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats & International Relations (Chairman: Christopher Shays) is set to go. The list of witnesses on three panels includes: Professor William Weaver (NSWBC), POGO, GAP, Mark Zaid (WB Attorney); DOJ-IG, DOD-IG, DOE-IG; Russ Tice (NSWBC member, NSA), Tony Shaffer (DIA), Mike German (FBI), and Major Provance (Army).

Impeachment: The Cure For Executive Excess

By Molly Ivins, AlterNet

Once upon a time, in the middle of a nasty constitutional crisis in Washington, a most unlikely hero emerged -- a lawyer from one of Texas' notoriously discriminated-against racial minorities.

World Peace Forum is a go!

World Peace Forum 2006 organizing continues on track

Vancouver, February 8, 2006 - Organizing for the World Peace Forum
continues on track for its opening date of June 23rd, organizers say.

Some radio stations and print media have erroneously announced that the

Growing questions about whether Bush lied today about the supposed threat to LA that he supposedly foiled

By John in DC,

1. Los Angeles Mayor knows nothing about the supposed threat:
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Thursday he was blindsided by President Bush's announcement of new details on a purported 2002 hijacking plot aimed at a downtown skyscraper, and described communication with the White House as "nonexistent."


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