World Social Forum: A Loud, Multicolored 'No' to Imperialism and War
Inter Press News Service
January 27, 2006

By Humberto Márquez


Although the sixth World Social Forum grants equal
importance to all of the myriad workshops, seminars and

Gonzales Apparently Lied to Congress over Wiretapping

By Matthew Cardinale, Editor, Atlanta Progressive News (January 30, 2006)

(APN) US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales appears to have lied about the President’s approval of illegal domestic wiretapping, a letter from US Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) to Mr. Gonzales suggests.

Military Families Available to Respond to State of the Union Address

Families call for Troops to be Brought Home Now and Taken Care of When They Get Here

WASHINGTON, DC – Members of Military Families Speak Out, an organization of 3,000 families with loved ones in the military, including those with loved ones currently serving in Iraq, about to deploy or re-deploy, and those whose loved ones have died as a result of the war in Iraq, are available for interview to discuss their reactions to President Bush’s 2006 State of the Union Address.

Draft By Back Door

US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty
By Will Dunham, Reuters

WASHINGTON, Jan 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Army has forced about 50,000 soldiers to continue serving after their voluntary stints ended under a policy called "stop-loss," but while some dispute its fairness, court challenges have fallen flat.

A New Intelligence Failure?

By Larry C. Johnson

There she goes again. Miss "Who Could Have Imagined an Al Qaeda Attack" Rice has struck again. Are you kidding me? Secretary of State Rice was "surprised" by the election results in Palestine? According to the New York Times:

What is Bush Hiding?

By Larry C. Johnson

I suppose the average American, one who has never held a security clearance or handled NSA intelligence, is inclined to cut George W. Bush some slack. Only a crazy person would argue that Al Qaeda terrorists have a right of privacy in the United States. But that, my friends, is a canard. The issue is not about giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Instead, does this President, hell, any President, have the right to unilaterally decide what does and does not constitute a threat to national security? We are a Republic founded on the principle that the power of the Federal Government is limited. It does not matter if George W. Bush is sincere or his intentions benign. What matters is whether he has chosen to ignore the Fourth Amendment because he, and he alone, has decided that the end justifies the means.

Fear the King

By Jim Marcinkowski

It’s not about wiretaps and eavesdropping. It’s not about criminals or terrorists. Rather, it is about the Constitution, the law and our system of checks and balances, the very foundation of our Nation’s government.

Hampton Students Not Expelled or Quieted

Dear friends and colleagues:

I know that many or all of you are aware, as I have been, of
the students at Hampton University who faced expulsion for
participating in the November 2nd protests called by The World


By Jim Oberg

Today, along with so many of my friends and neighbors, I am terribly ashamed of my country. Daily revelations about the actions of my government expose unspeakable things being done in my name. The America I grew up loving, I must admit, has become the purveyor of terrible horrors against the world and our own citizens, and this regime is steadily depriving we, the people, of our constitutional rights, our freedoms and our democratic process.


Noted Journalist and Filmmaker Danny Schechter Accuses Media Corporations of "Collusion" with Bush Administration

New York, NY - Award-winning filmmaker and journalist, Danny Schechter and his publishers at SelectBooks in Manhattan, have released an explosive expose on news reportage of the Iraq conflict. Titled When News Lies: Media Complicity and the Iraq War, Schechter's book goes beyond the conventional discussion of right-wing media versus more left-leaning outlets, to expose what the author refers to as the media marketing of the war to the population.

Pentagon Investigation of War Hawk Douglas Feith Leading to More Senior Officials

By Larisa Alexandrovna,

The second part of the Senate investigation into bungled pre-war Iraq intelligence is still being held up by an internal Pentagon investigation of Douglas Feith, one of the war's leading architects, RAW STORY has learned.

George Bush and Cheney have committed high crimes including treason

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER editor Bob Chapman writes: Mssrs. Bush and Cheney have committed the following high crimes including treason:

1. Mssrs. Bush and Cheney lied to Congress and the American people in order to invade Iraq. Thousands of American servicemen and mercenaries have died in this military action against Iraq. Many times that amount of innocent foreigners have died as well. By needlessly casting the US in the role of an aggressor nation, which has already caused the death of thousands of innocent US military personnel, Mssrs. Bush and Cheney have committed treason. This demonstrates that they are nothing more than war criminals like Hitler and Stalin.

Bush Critics to Offer Their Own Perspective on the State of the Union

Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan, Congress Members John Conyers and Lynn Woolsey, Hurricane Katrina Survivor Malik Rahim, and Others to Speak at People’s State of the Union Event in DC

WHEN: Tuesday, January 31, 3 PM

March in New York on April 29


We are pleased to announce the kick-off for the organizing of what promises to be a major national mobilization on Saturday, April 29th. Today, each of the initiating groups (see list below) is announcing this mobilization. Our organizations have agreed to work together on this project for several reasons:

Harry Belafonte on Bush


* Harry Belafonte on Bush, Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and Having His Conversations with Martin Luther King Wiretapped by the FBI *

We spend the hour with the legendary musician, actor and humanitarian, Harry

World Social Forum: Series of Global Protests to Begin in March

Published on Monday, January 30, 2006 by Inter Press Service
By Humberto Márquez

CARACAS- A day of international protests against the occupation of Iraq, on Mar. 18, will mark the start of a series of demonstrations and mobilisations organised at the sixth World Social Forum, which ended Sunday in Venezuela.

Domestic Lying: The Question That Journalists Don't Ask Bush

Published on Sunday, January 29, 2006 by
By Norman Solomon

With great fanfare the other day, Oprah Winfrey asked James Frey a question that mainstream journalists refuse to ask George W. Bush: "Why would you lie?"

US Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Meets Venezuela Leader, Ponders US Senate Run

Published on Sunday, January 29, 2006 by the Associated Press

CARACAS, Venezuela - U.S. peace activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, said Saturday she is strongly considering running for office against U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein because the California Democrat will not support calls to immediately bring troops home.

Blair in Secret Plot with Bush to Dupe U.N.

Published on Sunday, January 29, 2006 by The Mail on Sunday (London)
By Simon Walters

A White House leak revealing astonishing details of how Tony Blair and George Bush lied about the Iraq war is set to cause a worldwide political storm.

New Iraq Captives Video

This morning a new video was released showing the four Christian Peacemaker Team members being held captive in Iraq.
Their captors repeated their demand for release of all US prisoners in Iraq, adding that this was the "last chance" to save the four men's lives.

Where to Protest Peacefully

January 30 - January 31, 2006
Leader Candidates have been invited to address Pence's RSC retreat.
[, 1/10/06]

Monday, January 30, 2006


SAT, FEB. 25th 7:00 PM
All Saints Episcopal Church, 132 N. Euclid Ave, Pasadena


Sunni Arab Leader Condemns Police Raids

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A Sunni Arab leader on Saturday condemned recent police crackdowns on Sunni neighborhoods in the Iraqi capital and demanded government protection from further raids. At least eight people were killed Saturday in attacks across Iraq.

Motion to Support the March for Peace, Justice and Democracy

AFT 1021 (United Teachers Los Angeles) tonight passed the following two motions to be sent to the California Federation of Teachers Convention in March--and then hopefully on to AFT in July! We urge you to adopt similar motions and continue the demand for peace ! We would like to thank the NY State United Teachers Executive Committee for most of the wording of the 2nd motion, which we adopted with the idea of approaching AFT with a united front against its current weak policy on the war. Note that this also asks AFT to affiliate with US Labor Against the War

Going to California to Get Out of Iraq

By David Swanson

Yesterday I spoke on a panel in Los Angeles organized by the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus, a body that is leading the way in promoting a plan to end the occupation. Below are my answers to the moderator's thoughtful questions.


Teresa Grady was taken into custody today to begin her sentence of 4 months.

This is Teresa's sentencing statement.

Judge Mc Avoy,
I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your leniency with respect to Peter's special concern.

US Propaganda Aimed at Foreigners Reaches US Public: Pentagon Document

By Agence France Presse

The Pentagon acknowledged in a newly declassified document that the US public is increasingly exposed to propaganda disseminated overseas in psychological operations.

The Truth About the State of our Union

By Dennis J. Kucinich,

On Tuesday night President Bush will stand before the Congress and the nation, to deliver his annual State of the Union address. We are sure to hear a rosy tale of an economy on the rebound, a blossoming democracy in Iraq, a terror network on the run, and a Gulf Coast region rebuilding better and stronger than ever before. As is most often the case with this Administration, the rhetoric does not match reality.

Bush: 'L'etat, C'est Moi'

By Helen Thomas

We are now learning what President Bush considers to be the limits of his power—nothing.

In public appearances this week, Bush defended his program of domestic spying without court approval, citing the inherent war powers of the presidency under the U.S. Constitution.

Saint Patrick’s Four

By Dahr Jamail,

The date is March 17, 2003. St. Patrick’s Day and just two days before
U.S. bombs began raining down on Baghdad, 40 year-old Teresa Grady, her
older sister Clare, Daniel Burns and Vietnam veteran Peter De Mott

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