Wingnuts Declare War on CIA to Retaliate, Defend Against, Take the Offensive in TreasonGate Charges...


Coordinated Fatwa on Intel Agency Declared by Rightwing Columnists, Bloggers, Talk Radio and Congress...

Over the last 48 hours or so, the newest front of attack by the Republican Attack Dogs on behalf of the Bush Administration has become quite clear.

To defend against the indefensible leaking of the identify of a covert CIA operative in the TreasonGate affair, it is now clear that the Rightwing has begun an offensive to try and attack the CIA in order to define them as a "rogue agency" who was out to get the Bushies from the get-go.

The insinuation has been made quite clear over the last few days with a coordinated lock-step efforts via newspapers, blogs, talk radio and congressional action to attempt to discredit the CIA. The latest strategy is now seen dropping unsupported accusations across the media spectrum to the effect that the intelligence agency's assignment of Ambassador Joseph Wilson to look into the now-discredited Iraq/Niger/uranium claims were all part of a long-term insidious scheme to try and discredit the Bush Administration.

Mr. Chalabi Comes to Washington

By Congressman John Conyers,

This week, infamous intelligence fabricator Ahmed Chalabi, will be visiting Washington. I have heard rumors that he will be staying in a luxurious bloc of eight suites at the Ritz Carlton hotel and that he has meetings arranged with high ranking Administration officials, including Secretary of State Rice.

This is a man who was reportedly the source for much of the cooked up and fraudulent intelligence foisted on the American people to justify going to war with Iraq.

That fraud has now resulted in the death of over 2,000 American soldiers. This is a man who has been accused of passing U.S. intelligence secrets to Iran. This week, he is being greeted as an esteemed dignatary by Secretary of State Rice. That is a disgrace.

Congress Members Write to Chalabi

Today, Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Maurice Hinchey and other Members will send the attached letter to Mr. Ahmed Chalabi asking for a meeting to discuss his role in manipulating the intelligence that led to war with Iraq. The current list of signers (18 in all) is attached below and will be updated later today.

November 8, 2005

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi

Iraqi National Congress

c/o The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown

3100 South Street, NW

Washington, DC 20007

Dear Mr. Deputy Prime Minister:

In the months leading up to the present conflict in Iraq, information from your close circle of associates was a key element in the Bush Administration's effort to convince the public of the need to go to war. As one of the leading Members of the Iraqi National Congress, you were responsible for providing a major portion of the information the Bush Administration used to persuade Members of Congress and the American people that a war with Iraq was neccessary.

Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre


* U.S. Broadcast Exclusive - "Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre" on the U.S. Use
of Napalm-Like White Phosphorus Bombs *

Democracy Now! airs an exclusive excerpt of "Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre,"
featuring interviews with U.S. soldiers, Iraqi doctors and international
journalists on the U.S. attack on Fallujah. Produced by Italian state
broadcaster RAI TV, the documentary charges U.S. warplanes illegally dropped
white phosphorous incendiary bombs on civilian populations, burning the skin
off Iraqi victims. One U.S. soldier charges this amounts to the U.S. using
chemical weapons against the Iraqi people.

Letter calls for inquiry into Washington Post story on CIA jails

By John Byrne, RAW STORY

Senior Republicans are pushing for an investigation into who revealed the existence of secret CIA prisons overseas for "high-value" al Qaeda suspects to the Washington Post, RAW STORY can confirm.

The Post reported on the existence of secret U.S. prisons in Eastern Europe Nov 3. The Bush administration has not commented on the report.

The letter follows.

November 8, 2005

Honorable Peter Hoekstra
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
United States House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Honorable Pat Roberts
Select Committee on Intelligence

Yes, They Lied

By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

The President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense would not assert as plainly and bluntly as they have that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction if it was not true, and if they did not have a solid basis for saying it.

- Ari Fleischer, 12/4/2002
Find a defender of the White House on your television these days, and you are likely to hear them blame Bill Clinton for Iraq. Yes, you read that right. The talking point du jour lately has focused on comments made by Clinton from the mid-to-late 1990s to the effect that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was a threat. The pretzel logic here, of course, is straightforward: this Democratic president thought the stuff was there, and that justifies the claims made by the Bush crew over the last few years about Iraqi weapons.

Wolf Blitzer Asks UK Defense Minister About Downing Street Memo

This Sunday on CNN Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer asked U.K. Defense Minister John Reid about the Downing Street Memo.


November 6, 2005 Sunday

BLITZER: Mr. Secretary, with all due respect, you say there was no debate about that going into the war, but there was what has now famously been called the Downing Street Memo, which came out on July 23, 2002, almost a year before the war, in which your government was told this, "There was a perceptible shift in attitude, referring to what's going on in the Bush administration in Washington. Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence of facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the U.N. route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action."

Chalabi Returns to Scene of the Crime

By American Progress Action Fund

Ahmed Chalabi, the "guileful politician" whom the White House used to mislead the nation into the Iraq war, "resurfaces in Washington this week, at an embarrassing moment for the Bush administration." He is due to meet Condoleezza Rice at the State Department tomorrow and Treasury Secretary John Snow today. During the course of his stay, Chalabi is also expected to see National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and "possibly the vice-president, Dick Cheney." Chalabi returns to Washington with a sordid history. He is currently under investigation by the FBI for passing U.S. intelligence secrets to Iran and is widely viewed as having provided much of the misleading and false intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq war. On Wednesday, Chalabi will deliver an address at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). "I understand why Ahmed Chalabi wants to see Condoleezza Rice, it is not entirely clear to me why Condoleezza Rice wants to see Ahmed Chalabi," said Danielle Pletka, an AEI scholar with close ties to the administration. (Others at AEI are still defending Chalabi.) By now, it is evident to most that the Bush administration made a mistake in trusting Chalabi before the Iraq war; it appears the administration is ready and willing to make the same mistake again. Here's a look at the rap sheet on Chalabi.

Sleeping With the Enemy: Chalabi’s Sordid History

“I can’t substantiate [Chalabi’s] claims. He makes new ones every year.

Mainstream American Military, Foreign Service and Intelligence Leadership Says No to the Iraq War

By Kevin Zeese,

While Cindy Sheehan has deservedly gotten a lot of attention for reawakening the anti-war movement with her allies from veteran and military family organizations, the especially interesting thing about the opposition to the Iraq War is that it includes former military leaders, former national security and intelligence officials as well as foreign service officers. The Iraq War that is opposed by those who generally support U.S. foreign and military affairs.

In fact, in March 2003, shortly before the war began hundreds of retired military officers wrote President Bush requesting a meeting before a final decision was made to invade. They expressed grave concerns about a war with Iraq. Their letter foretold the future, saying:

US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah

By Peter Popham, The Independent (UK)

Powerful new evidence emerged yesterday that the United States dropped massive quantities of white phosphorus on the Iraqi city of Fallujah during the attack on the city in November 2004, killing insurgents and civilians with the appalling burns that are the signature of this weapon.

Ever since the assault, which went unreported by any Western journalists, rumours have swirled that the Americans used chemical weapons on the city.

On 10 November last year, the Islam Online website wrote: "US troops are reportedly using chemical weapons and poisonous gas in its large-scale offensive on the Iraqi resistance bastion of Fallujah, a grim reminder of Saddam Hussein's alleged gassing of the Kurds in 1988."

US troops accused of Iraq 'abuse'


Five US soldiers in Iraq have been charged with abusing detainees, the US military has said.

The soldiers are accused of punching and kicking detainees who were awaiting transfer to prison on 7 September, the military said in a statement.

The names and ranks of the five soldiers have not been made public.

It comes on the same day US President George W Bush defended his government's treatment of detainees, and insisted: "We do not torture".

He was responding to allegations in the Washington Post that the CIA ran secret jails in eastern Europe to hold high-profile terror suspects following the 11 September attacks.

If Cheney's for torture, why not use it on Scooter?

By Linwood Barclay,

Here's an idea, and I can't believe I'm the first to come up with this modest proposal, but why doesn't the U.S. government just go ahead and torture Lewis "Scooter" Libby? And not just for that ridiculous name.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has laid five charges against Libby related to the investigation into how an undercover CIA operative's identity was leaked to the press. One can only imagine how long it's going to take for Fitzgerald to lay out the evidence, to put witnesses on the stand, to build a case against Libby, and find out whether he lied to cover up for his actions or those of others at the White House.

Impeachment Poll

By Dan Froomkin,

Back in June, Zogby asked Americans if they agreed or disagreed with the following question:

"If President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment."

An astonishing 42 percent of Americans agreed. (I wrote about that in my July 6 column .)

Since then, no news organizations has expressed any curiosity, and no polling company has decided to ask the question on its own.

But , a group urging Congress to launch a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war, keeps asking.

Their right to return

The dispossession of the Diego Garcia islanders to create a US base is an indictment of Britain

Mark Curtis
The Guardian

Today, a British-engineered occupation enters its fifth decade. There will be no commemoration, despite the human toll and murkiness surrounding what is going on there.

Yet an entire population, exiled from their homeland and betrayed by the British government, are stepping up their campaign to return home. The coming weeks may decide their fate.

Forty years ago this week, while African and Asian countries were throwing off British rule, Whitehall officials were busy establishing a new colony. The British Indian Ocean Territory (Biot) was created by detaching the Chagos island group from Mauritius and other small islands from the Seychelles, then both British colonies. Mauritius was given £3m in compensation; the following year, Britain signed a military agreement with the US leasing it the largest island, Diego Garcia, for 50 years.

Cut Off Funding for the War

Congressman Jim McGovern (D-Massachusetts) has introduced legislation to stop funding the deployment of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq: H.R. 4232, the "End the War in Iraq Act of 2005."

The bill would allow Defense Department funds to be used only to provide for: the safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops; consultations with other governments, NATO, and the UN regarding international forces; and financial assistance and equipment to either Iraqi security forces and/or international forces.

Get a Clue, Who had the Real Intel on the War

From Tomdispatch tonight, Nick Turse, "Get a Clue, Who had the Real Intel on the War"

In the second of two Tomdispatch pieces on shame and honor in the Bush era, Nick Turse takes us into the streets -- and to the most recent anitwar demonstrations. There, he reminds us that, without the latest twisted intel from generals or politicians or spymasters with top-secret access to reports from the intelligence community, millions of protestors in the United States and around the world knew in early 2003 that the coming war in Iraq would be illegitimate, deadly, and destructive. They sensed that invading Iraq would, in the long run, be no cake-walk. They already understood that what the Bush administration so clearly planned to do was based on lies. And they knew it was all wrong -- not from the start or months or years later -- but before it ever began.

Vice President Lied as White House Sought to Defuse Leak Inquiry

By Jason Leopold
Monday 07 November 2005

Did Vice President Dick Cheney help cover-up the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson in the months after conservative columnist Robert Novak first disclosed her identity?

That's one of the questions Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is likely trying to figure out. It's unclear what Cheney said to investigators back in 2004 when he was questioned - not under oath - about the leak, particularly what he knew and when he knew it.

The five-count criminal indictment handed up by a grand jury last month against Cheney's former Chief of Staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, sheds new light on a pattern of strategic deception by the Vice President and the White House to defuse an inquiry into who leaked the name of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson to the press. Months after Plame's identity was disclosed by conservative columnist Robert Novak, Cheney continued to hide the fact that he and his aides were intimately involved in disseminating classified information about her to journalists.

Ahmed Chalabi to meet Cheney

Between the Sheets - November 7th, 2005
By the Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Washington D.C.—Ahmed Chalabi, deputy prime minister of Iraq and once a U.S. favorite to replace Saddam Hussein, has not lost his luster with Vice-President Dick Cheney. Mr. Chalabi will hold a private meeting with Vice-President Cheney during his visit to Washington D.C. this week, the first such trip in more than two years.

Though not on his official schedule, Mr. Chalabi is counting on meeting his biggest backer in the Bush administration, Vice-President Dick Cheney. Among other heavy hitters, Mr. Chalabi is also scheduled to meet with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies

Posted on Monday, November 7, 2005. All text is verbatim from senior Bush Administration officials and advisers. In places, tenses have been changed for clarity.

Originally from Harper's Magazine, October 2003. By Sam Smith.

SourcesOnce again, we were defending both ourselves and the safety and survival of civilization itself. September 11 signaled the arrival of an entirely different era. We faced perils we had never thought about, perils we had never seen before. For decades, terrorists had waged war against this country. Now, under the leadership of President Bush, America would wage war against them. It was a struggle between good and it was a struggle between evil.

House International Relations Committee To Vote Wednesday On Resolution To Demand Documents Related To White House Iraq Group

By Congressman Dennis Kucinich

For Immediate Release: Monday, November 07, 2005
Contact: Doug Gordon (202) 225-5871

House International Relations Committee To Vote Wednesday On Resolution To Demand Documents Related To White House Iraq Group

House International Relations Committee To Vote Wednesday at 10:30am On Kucinich Resolution Of Inquiry Demanding Documents From White House Iraq Group (WHIG)

The House International Relations Committee will vote on Wednesday on a Resolution of Inquiry, offered by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), demanding all documents produced by the White House Iraq Group (WHIG).

Graham says Libby didn't act alone in CIA leak case

Vice President Dick Cheney must explain what he knew about the activities of his top aide, who was indicted in the CIA leak case, former Sen. Bob Graham said.
BY FRANK DAVIES, Miami Herald,

WASHINGTON - Former Sen. Bob Graham of Florida said Friday that he thinks Vice President Dick Cheney was a ''conspirator'' in a Bush administration campaign to discredit former ambassador Joe Wilson and expose Wilson's wife, CIA operative Valerie Plame.

''This was one of the most reprehensible and damaging breaches of American security in modern times,'' said Graham, who was chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the fall of 2002, when the administration made its case for war against Iraq.

U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq

Veteran admits: Bodies melted away before us.


The Americans are responsible for a massacre using unconventional weapons, the
identical charge for which Saddam Hussein stands accused. An investigation by
RAI News 24, the all-news Italian satellite television channel, has pulled the
veil from one of the most carefully concealed mysteries from the front in the
entire US military campaign in Iraq.

Video Link:

U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Iraq

Veteran admits: Bodies melted away before us.

Man on Fire--Not!

By Larry C. Johnson

I think Dick Cheney has been watching too many Hollywood flicks that glorify torture. He needs, instead, to get on the ground and talk to the folks he is ostensibly trying to empower to torture. Unlike Dick I have spoken with three CIA operations officers in the last three months--all who have worked on terrorism at the highest levels--and not one endorses torture or believes it will help us. In fact, they believe it will hurt us on many levels.

Two of my friends served in Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. If the suicide bombing of the World Trade Centers was not enough justification for hooking Haji up to battery cables, I don't know what is. My friends recognized correctly that their mission was to gather intelligence not create new enemies. If you inflict enough pain on someone they will give you information, but, unless you kill them, they will hold a grudge. As far as the information goes there is no guarantee it will be correct. What real CIA field officers know from their work with actual sources is that whatever short term benefit can be derived from torture will be offset by the new enemy you have created. It is better to build a relationship of trust, no matter how painstaking, rather than gain a short term benefit that puts you on par with a Nazi concentration camp guard.

Responses to Bush's Claim: "We Do Not Torture"

Institute for Public Accuracy
915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * *

PM Monday, November 7, 2005

President Bush was asked today: "Mr. President, there has been a bit of an international outcry over reports of secret U.S. prisons in Europe for terrorism suspects. Will you let the Red Cross have access to them? And do you agree with Vice President Cheney that the CIA should be exempt from legislation to ban torture?"

Bush replied: "...We are gathering information about where the terrorists may be hiding. We are trying to disrupt their plots and plans. Anything we do to that effort, to that end, in this effort, any activity we conduct, is within the law. We do not torture...."

How Britain failed to check Bush in the run up to war

Tony Blair's full throated support of the US led to the PM failing to exert any leverage on the White House - UK support was simply taken for granted

Sir Christopher Meyer
Monday November 7, 2005
The Guardian

Hindsight usually follows failure. As I write, things looked bad in Iraq. At regular intervals over the last two years I have asked the same question of former colleagues in the British and American governments: in Iraq, is the glass half-empty or is it half-full? With one exception the answer has been "half-full". The exception was a trusted American friend and government official, who, after paying a recent visit to Iraq, returned to tell the White House: "We're fucked."

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