Senate Intelligence Committee stalling pre-war intelligence report

By Larisa Alexandrovna,

Phase II, the follow-up to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into pre-war intelligence on Iraq, is still facing opposition from administration officials and has seen little action from the committee’s chairman, Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), RAW STORY has learned.

Cabal of Criminality

By Manuel Valenzuela

The Cabal of Criminality and Iraq

The disaster in Iraq has continued to regress with the same velocity and intensity as when it first started, raging onwards in a classical resistance, guerilla-style form of urban warfare that usually befalls occupying invaders of alien lands, yet as 2005 ends and 2006 gets set to begin, in the minds of millions of Americans finally out of the hypnotic, denial-laced clouds of 9/11, the time has finally arrived to show ever-increasing animosity to a war that was lost the moment the first American boots entered Iraq. Nobody, after all, likes a loser, and nobody jumps on the bandwagon of a so-called superpower nation being bled, of both blood and treasure, by a resistance with one-billionth the financial resources and military might – though possessing much more intelligence and patience – of the nation it is slowly and calculatingly hemorrhaging.

Roadside Bomb Kills 10 US Marines in Fallujah

The Associated Press

Baghdad - A roadside bomb killed 10 Marines and wounded 11 while they were on a foot patrol near Fallujah, the Marine Corps said Friday, in the deadliest attack on American troops in nearly four months.

Iraq: A Sudden Rush for the Exits

By Dave Lindorff,

The growing opposition to the war in Iraq here in the US, and the growing strength and success of the various resistance groups fighting against the US occupation in Iraq, have put the Bush Administration in a serious bind, not just at home but in Iraq itself.

The Insurgencies Are Winning

By Robert Dreyfuss,

Robert Dreyfuss is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (Henry Holt/Metropolitan Books, 2005). Dreyfuss is a freelance writer based in Alexandria, Va., who specializes in politics and national security issues. He is a contributing editor at The Nation, a contributing writer at Mother Jones, a senior correspondent for The American Prospect, and a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone.He can be reached at his website:

Hampton Univ. Students Face Disciplinary Action for Anti-Bush Walkout

Democracy Now!

Seven students at Hampton University in Virginia face disciplinary action
for staging a walkout during the World Can't Wait day of action against the
Bush administration one month ago. Shortly before they appear before a

Is the U.S. Training Iraqi Death Squads to Fight the Insurgency?


* Iraqi-American Member of Muslim Peacemaker Team Speaks Out for Four
Kidnapped Colleagues *

As a group of influential Sunni scholars in Iraq calls for the release of
four kidnapped aid workers of the Christian Peacemakers Team, we go to Najaf

Audit Me!

By Cindy Sheehan

Dear Friends,

The above link is a petition to have the IRS audit me.

I have publicly said for months that I am not paying my 2004 income taxes.

The Niger Forgeries

Treasongate: The Niger Forgeries v. the CIA Intel Reports - Preliminary Conclusion: An Italian Job

Treasongate: The Niger Forgeries v. the CIA Intel Reports - Post Script 2: The 6/20/03 IAEA Letter to Rep. Henry Waxman

What U.S. Media Will Report in 2045 Re Iraq

Analysis Casts Doubt on Vietnam War Claims By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer

Another war, another set of faulty intelligence findings behind it.

Forty years before the United States invaded Iraq believing Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, it widened a war in Vietnam apparently convinced the enemy had launched an unprovoked attack on two U.S. Navy destroyers.

Bush's 'Great Leap Forward'

Our Great Helmsman is steering us toward disaster
by Justin Raimondo,

There is no real need for a line-by-line analysis of the speech delivered yesterday by the Trotskyite-in-chief: a succinct summary will suffice. The president's response to the polls, which show overwhelming opposition to the Iraq war, is: screw you. To those Republican members of Congress who rightly fear for their seats as election day approaches, a similar message of disdain has been delivered. It's "victory or death" – the death of the GOP, that is, which is likely to lose control of the Senate, or the House of Representatives, and quite possibly both. In this, our president resembles those suicide bombers who are wreaking havoc in Iraq: he is willing to go down in flames, supremely indifferent that innocents are consumed in the resulting conflagration.

On Power - Open letter to the US Congress

By Stan Goff,

(Disclaiming in advance for the rare exceptions in Congress)

If there is one thing we can always count on, it’s politicians who walk over human corpses to show fear only in the face of something as formless and abstract as an opinion poll. The veterans and military families antiwar movement are well-versed on so-called realism – and that deference we are supposed to exercise when we approach elected officials, hat in hand, for a few crumbs of your attention and support.

Coalition of the Departing

Allies pulling more troops from Iraq: Ukrainians, Bulgarians plan to leave this month
By WILLIAM J. KOLE, Associated Press

Ukrainians soon may see many scenes like this - a soldier hugging his wife

In C.I.A. Leak, More Talks With Journalists


WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 - A conversation between Karl Rove's lawyer and a journalist for Time magazine led Mr. Rove to change his testimony last year to the grand jury in the C.I.A. leak case, people knowledgeable about the sequence of events said Thursday.

Bush's Mama Ain't Happy

Bush Gossip & Tonight's Ten Minutes on Air America' Majority Report

Barbara Bush is allegedly TICKED off at Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Andy Card, nearly all of them -- except Karen Hughes -- for how her boy is faring in the hearts and minds of Americans.

The Prairie Chapel Road 12

VIDEO SPECIAL | The Prairie Chapel Road 12
A Film by Rebecca MacNeice

In September, a new county ordinance was passed to ban parking and camping on the roads around Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Bullet Points over Baghdad

By Paul Krugman, The New York Times

The National Security Council document released this week under the grandiose title "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" is neither an analytical report nor a policy statement. It's simply the same old talking points - "victory in Iraq is a vital U.S. interest"; "failure is not an option" - repackaged in the style of a slide presentation for a business meeting.

Embedded TIME Reporter: Bush Lied In Speech Yesterday About Iraqi Security Forces

Embedded TIME Reporter: Bush Lied In Speech Yesterday About Iraqi Security Forces

Yesterday, President Bush claimed that Iraqi security forces “primarily led

Bush takes Cheney out of the loop on national security

Bush takes Cheney out of the loop on national security

Vice President Dick Cheney on Nov. 11 at a Veteran's Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

In C.I.A. Leak, More Talks With Journalists

In C.I.A. Leak, More Talks With Journalists
New York Times
Published: December 2, 2005

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 - A conversation between Karl Rove's lawyer and a journalist for Time magazine led Mr. Rove to change his testimony last year to the grand jury in the C.I.A. leak case, people knowledgeable about the sequence of events said Thursday.

Ex-Rep. Paul Findley on Ending the Iraqi War

Published, Dec. 1, 2005, Baltimore's Indy Media Center

The Niger Documents--How They Did It

by emptywheel, The Next Hurrah

eRiposte at the Left Coaster has been doing incredible work piecing together the Niger forgeries. For those who haven't been following along, I'd like to offer a quick summary of what he has shown, including:

Where People Cannot Afford Their Country

By Dahr Jamail and Harb al-Mukhtar, Inter Press Service

Baghdad - Despite the allocation of billions of dollars of US government money for "reconstruction," Iraqis are struggling to exist amidst soaring prices, unemployment, a devastated infrastructure, and cuts in services.

Best Blue Town in the South

By David Swanson

That's right, I've left the beautiful beltway and moved back to the coolest city in the country: Charlottesville, Va., where...

The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice promotes peace at top volume and gets even the police cars and busses to HONK as they roll by...

Why did you want to bomb me, Mr Bush and Mr Blair?

Al-Jazeera's quest for answers has been met with silence from both the White House and Downing Street
Wadah Khanfar, The Guardian,

I have lost count of the number of accusations levelled against al-Jazeera and the incidents of harassment to which it has been subjected since it was founded in 1996. It was rumoured to have been set up by Israel's Mossad intelligence agency with the purpose of improving Israel's standing in the Arab world. It has also been accused of being a CIA mouthpiece designed to disseminate western culture among the Arabs. Some have suggested that it is part of an international conspiracy to break up the Arab world by means of stirring up discord and creating problems for the Arab regimes. Others decided it was a front for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban; or funded by Saddam Hussein. And, at the same time, it has been condemned by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and bitterly criticised by Donald Rumsfeld.

How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq

From Tomdispatch today, my latest piece, "How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq"

-- my attempt to make sense of the sudden post-Murtha hurricane of "withdrawal" proposals, withdrawal trial balloons, withdrawal op-eds, withdrawal hints, clues, and suggestions of every sort and, in particular, to put the administration's newest "draw-down plans" for Iraq in the context of Nixon's old Vietnamization strategy.


Spin, Spin, Spin and more Spin

PETALUMA, CA -- The following is Rep. Lynn Woolsey's (D-Petaluma) statement in reaction to President Bush's first in a series of speech on his "war plan" in Iraq.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Polling

By David Swanson

A new CNN poll finds that in the United States

- 55% believe Bush has no plan to achieve victory
- 59% said U.S. troops should not be withdrawn from Iraq until certain goals are achieved

It's War, Not Hollywood

It's War, Not Hollywood
By John Crawford, Truthdig

John Crawford says “Off to War

Press skeptical about Bush speech

Press skeptical about Bush speech
President Bush's speech outlining his plans for a "complete victory" in Iraq prompts one Baghdad paper to call for action rather than words.

In the wider region, several papers attack Mr Bush's refusal to set a deadline for the complete withdrawal of US troops, arguing that their presence is fuelling the insurgency.


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