They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45

"It is a fascinating story and a deeply moving one. And it is a story
that should make people pause and think-think not only about the

No Bravery

A lot of short Flash presentations have been made about this war. This is one of the best, if not the best, that I've seen: LINK.

Republican Congressional Candidate Makes Opposition to Impeachment Election Issue

By David Swanson

Here's a campaign Email that was sent to supporters of Howard Kaloogian for Congress (and those who signed up on his Email list because they were attracted in the way one can be to something so disgusting that it's hard to turn away even while forced to squint and gasp for air). While a number of candidates have begun to make their pro-impeachment positions an issue in this year's congressional campaigns, this is the first I've seen make an issue of his opposition to impeachment of Bush/Cheney. He's running in a special election in April. No doubt, many will have occasion to take this up before November.

Group Presses US Military on Jailed Journalists

By Reuters

New York - The Committee to Protect Journalists on Monday called for the U.S. military to free two journalists, one held without charge in Iraq and the other, the media rights group said, detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Iraq Rebuilding Badly Hobbled, US Report Finds

By James Glanz, The New York Times

The first official history of the $25 billion American reconstruction effort in Iraq depicts a program hobbled from the outset by gross understaffing, a lack of technical expertise, bureaucratic infighting, secrecy and constantly increasing security costs, according to a preliminary draft.

Top Ten Mistakes of the Bush Administration in Reacting to al-Qaeda

By Juan Cole, Informed Comment

Usamah Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri murdered 3,000 Americans, and they both issued tapes in the past week, blustering and threatening us with more of the same. Most of us aren't wild about paying for the Bush administration with our taxes, but one thing we have a right to expect is that our government would protect us from mass murderers and would chase them down and arrest them. It has not done that. When asked why he hasn't caught Bin Laden, Bush replies, "Because he's hidin.'" Is Bush laughing at us?

Pressure on India Mounts in Advance of Bush Visit

By J. Sri Raman, t r u t h o u t |

Preparations are on, in full swing, for US President George Bush's visit to India - and protocol matters are the least of the concerns of the mandarins here.

al-Jazeera bomb plot leak pair at Old Bailey

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - A Cabinet Office civil servant and a former parliamentary researcher who allegedly leaked plans to bomb the Arabic al-Jazeera satellite station appeared at the Old Bailey.

Cabinet communications officer David Keogh, 49, and House of Commons aide Leo O'Connor 42, are charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act.

Grievances and Consequences

The Terrorist in the Mirror

"Terror" is a term that rightly arouses strong emotions and deep concerns. The primary concern should, naturally, be to take measures to alleviate the threat, which has been severe in the past, and will be even more so in the future. To proceed in a serious way, we have to establish some guidelines. Here are a few simple ones:

The Offer Congress Can't Refuse

By Onnesha Roychoudhuri, AlterNet

"The Godfather" is a pivotal film because it manages to characterize violence and illegal conduct as necessary, as honorable -- portraying it as an unsightly means to a peaceful end. Who doubted Michael Corleone's honest intentions to find the peace? He never wanted to be like his father -- he wanted to become legit.

Basis to impeach, or just use of power?

Federal law cited in arguments for, against Bush on eavesdropping
By RON HUTCHESON, Knight Ridder

WASHINGTON - The dispute over President Bush's domestic spying program hinges on the same tough question that vexed the nation's founders: How much power does a president have?

Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst

Insight Magazine

The Bush administration is bracing for impeachment hearings in Congress.

"A coalition in Congress is being formed to support impeachment," an administration source said.

Saddam Hussein is a Tyrant and a Threat to Democracy

Saddam Hussein is a Tyrant and a Threat to Democracy and Deserves Removal from the Presidency for His Litany of Unjust and Barbaric Crimes
By Brad Blog

Saddam Hussein's intolerable use of weapons of mass destruction against enemies; unprecedented aggression against and occupation of a country which posed no threat to his own; routine kidnapping, torture, murder and secret prison system; wholesale slaughter of citizens from other countries; imprisonment of political rivals held for years without charges; and secret spying on his very own countrymen without court order or legislative approval, demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that this so-called "President" was a dangerous rogue, a tyrant, and a grave threat -- of the highest order -- to worldwide peace, stability and democracy.

His immediate removal from unelected power was...and is...a completely justified imperative.

Former NSA Head Gen. Hayden Grilled by Journalists on NSA Eavesdropping on U.S. Citizens

Watch the questioning by Sam Husseini of IPA, Rev. Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, and Travis Morales of World Can't Wait!
Link to Video

General Hayden is either incompetent or a liar.

Jersey Girls on General Hayden's Defense of Bush's Illegal Spying
by Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Monica Gabrielle, Mindy Kleinberg:

Statement of September 11th Advocates

A New Sign

By Daniel I Fearn



By Daniel I Fearn


Nadler and Turley on Impeachment: Excerpted from Hearings Transcript

CONGRESSMAN NADLER: The legal arguments the administration makes are
not even debatable. They're frivolous arguments. They're
arguments that can only be made by a monarch, by someone who
is trying to justify absolute power in the executive branch.

Conyers Releases Transcript From Democratic Forum on Domestic Surveillance and Executive Power

Congressman John Conyers, Jr.
Michigan, 14th District
Ranking Member, U.S. House Judiciary Committee
Dean, Congressional Black Caucus
Contact: Dena Graziano 202-226-6888

Judge Sends War Protester to Prison for Six Months

By Nancy Dooling, Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin (New York)
Burns: 'My Conduct was Honorable'

BINGHAMTON — At least 30 peace activists sang a hymn as protester Daniel Burns was handcuffed Monday before beginning the six-month prison sentence he received in federal court for throwing his own blood in a military recruiting office.

Does Gen. Hayden Know What the Fourth Amendment Says?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Interviews Available

As part of the Bush administration's response to the revelations of
warrantless domestic spying by the National Security Agency, a former
head of the NSA, Gen. Michael Hayden, now the nation's second-ranking

God Bless the NSA!

Written, produced and performed by [name deleted to protect the author's identity, but they'll know it's me, anyway]
God Bless the N.S.A.

[sung to the tune of God Bless the USA, by Lee Greenwood]

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