Will Vermont Impeach George W. Bush?


That's right: When our little state's legislature, sitting under Montpelier's golden dome, impeach the most dangerous, dishonest and incompetent president the United States of America has ever known? The headline, folks, is not a typo.

"You're stoned! Can't be done!" you say, even if it is a worthy and patriotic goal. Only the U.S. House of Representatives can impeach a president, you shout! A Senate trial follows. That's what we witnessed firsthand with Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. Big Bill survived the Senate vote. Big Dick, however, resigned in disgrace before his trial could start.

Students Say NO to War in Iraq!

Join Cindy Sheehan, Camilo Mejia, Kathy Kelly, and students who've
fought repression and won at Berkeley, SFSU, CCNY, HCC, GMU, Kent
State, Hampton, and Madison, in supporting...

Students Say NO to War in Iraq!
College Not Combat, Troops Out Now!
Week of March 13-17*

Student week of action coordinated by the Campus Antiwar Network

Another Iraq Story Gets Debunked

By Dave Zweifel, Madison Capital Times (Wisconsin)

In November 2001, just two months after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, two high-profile U.S. journalists Chris Hedges of the New York Times and Christopher Buchanan of PBS' "Frontline" were ushered to a meeting in a Beirut hotel with a man identified as Jamal al-Ghurairy, an Iraqi lieutenant general who had fled Saddam Hussein.

Another $70 Billion for War

Institute for Public Accuracy
915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * http://www.accuracy.org * ipa@accuracy.org

On Wednesday the House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to take
up the Bush administration's "emergency supplemental" request for
approximately $70 billion more for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

MIKE FERNER, Mike.ferner@sbcglobal.net
JEFF LEYS, jeffleys@vcnv.org, http://www.vcnv.org

Lots of Smoking Guns, But Where's the Action?


Up until now, the idea of impeachment has been whispered but not discussed loudly. Rep. John Conyers brought up the subject in his call for an investigation that might lead to Articles of Impeachment—a powerful first move, but not the actual Articles.

Today, The Wall Street Journal discussed impeachment by casting it in the light of its political ramifications: (www.truthout.org/docs_2006/030606N.shtml ). The graphic included in the article is provocative, showing the results of a Zogby poll that reported 51% of likely voters surveyed support impeachment if Bush lied about the reasons for the Iraq war (and contrasting it to the impeachment poll results for Clinton, which look puny by comparison).

What Really Happened, Pt. 2 NYC Style

By Cindy Sheehan

Yesterday started off like any other day for me. I woke up, missing Casey and wondering where in the world I was.

After I got my bearings, realizing I was in my friend's apartment in NYC, I got up for my day of meetings, speeches, marches and rallies.

March 8th is International Women's Day and I was in NYC with a contingent of women from Code Pink, Gold Star Families for Peace, Global Exchange, and some brave Iraqi women to work on our women's global call for peace.



A Policy Framework, Strategy & Action Plan

Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party

Position Paper No. 1
Progressive Policy to Withdraw US Forces from Iraq and to Support the Reconciliation and Reconstruction of the Iraqi Nation.

The Progressive Caucus strongly recommends that the California Democratic Party (CDP) adopt the following strategic plan of action for withdrawing US Forces from Iraq and, further, urges the CDP to instruct its Democratic National Committee (DNC) representatives to carry the plan forward for formal action as a National Party Policy Paper to:

CIA Fights Libby's Request for Information

By TONI LOCY, Associated Press

WASHINGTON(AP) - The perjury case against Vice President Dick Cheney's former top aide appeared headed for a new confrontation Tuesday, with the CIA indicating to a federal judge that it probably would fight efforts to release highly classified intelligence briefings.

In an exchange of court filings, the CIA and lawyers for I. Lewis ``Scooter'' Libby illustrated the difficulties that U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton faces in balancing national security against a defendant's right to a fair trial.

Rogue Leader

By Jason Priestley, http://www-tech.mit.edu

MIT students like to complain about campus dining, but it could be worse. Consider Mohammed Bawazir, one of the many Guantanamo Bay detainees participating in a hunger strike. Bawazir was strapped down to a restraining chair, and force-fed for two hours through a largeish tube, inserted through his nose. The tube was larger than normal and the restraints more severe.

Green Party Calls For Impeachment

From YubaNet.com, Coastal Post Online

Green Party county officials here have approved an official resolution calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for committing "high crimes and misdemeanors."

And, late last week, the chair of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Rules Committee, and Green Party member Ross Mirkarimi, voted with a majority of the panel in calling for the impeachment, or resignation of Bush and Cheney. More than a year ago, the Green Party dominated Arcata City Council also called for Bush's impeachment.

Grounds for Impeachment

By Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive http://progressive.org

George W. Bush and his Administration have been so brazen in violating the law and asserting monarchical powers that we, as American citizens, must use the tool that the Constitution provides to reassert our rights, to reset the system of checks and balances, and to reestablish our democracy. That tool is impeachment.

Article II, Section 4, states: “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Korean peace groups against Korean troops in Iraq

Statement issued by a coalition of Korean peace groups against Korean troops in Iraq
Translated for Axis of Logic by Agatha Haun, revised by Yoo Hong

Another translation by Tlaxcala!*

Translator's Note: “Zeitun

Four Vermont Towns Vote to Impeach Bush

By Associated Press

NEWFANE, Vt. -- In a white-clapboard town hall, circa 1832, voters gathered Tuesday to conduct their community's annual business and to call for the impeachment of President Bush.

"In the U.S. presently there are only a few places where citizens can act in this fashion and have a say in our nation," said select board member Dan DeWalt, who drafted the impeachment article that was placed on the warning - or official agenda - for this year's town meeting.

UK Troops 'Could Begin Iraq Withdrawal in Weeks'

By James Sturcke and Agencies, Guardian

British troops could start leaving Iraq within weeks, the army's most senior officer in the country said today.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Lieutenant General Nick Houghton said a gradual withdrawal needed to begin soon in order to reassure Iraqis that British troops would not become a resident force.

Lt Gen Houghton said most UK personnel should be home by summer 2008, adding that the process of reducing Britain's 8,000-strong force in Iraq would happen in four stages, due to begin in the spring or by the end of the summer.

GOP Lawmakers Work to Limit Probe of Domestic Spying Program

By James Kuhnhenn, Knight Ridder Newspapers

Washington - Republicans in Congress are trying to limit the scope of any investigation into how President Bush's secret domestic-surveillance program has operated. Some key lawmakers are also working to legalize such spying on U.S. citizens in the future, perhaps with some judicial restrictions.

The dual-track effort is designed to protect the Bush administration from an all-out congressional inquiry into the secret program, while rejecting Bush's argument that he already has full legal authority to order such surveillance.

Impeachment: A Debate

The Wall Street Journal published a story Monday featuring a graphic
which noted that 51 percent of respondents in a recent national poll
said yes when asked: "If the president didn't tell the truth about the
reasons for the Iraq war, should Congress consider impeachment?" In
1998, in contrast, 27 percent said yes to the question: "If the
president lied about having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky,

Citizen Silence on Bush Regime Must End

By Ariel Parkinson, Berkeley Daily Planet

Hitler managed the Holocaust. He managed it so that in Germany everyone knew and no one knew. There would be worse news tomorrow. The wastes were picked up; the busses ran. Everyone knew, and didn’t know. It was happening. It happened. In his introduction to The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Shirer comments that Hitler was able to commit his high crimes and misdemeanors because the Germans were too torpid, too stupid, and too blind.

Bush's Illegal Conduct and Impeachable Offenses

Between the Lines Q&A
A weekly column featuring progressive viewpoints
on national and international issues
under-reported in mainstream media
for release March 5, 2006
Civil Liberties Advocates Maintain Bush's Illegal Conduct Constitutes Impeachable Offenses

Interview with Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, conducted by Scott Harris

What, Then, From Newfane?

By John Nichols, www.thenation.com

The Nation -- It is appropriate indeed that the first time voters will be offered an opportunity to weigh in on the question of whether to impeach President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors is at a town meeting in a community founded two years before the Declaration of Independence was issued.

After all, in a country founded on the principle that executives -- be they kings or presidents -- must be accountable to the people, patriots have always known that, as George Mason, the father of the Bill of Rights, told the Constitutional Convention of 1787: "No point is of more importance than that the right of impeachment should be continued. Shall any man be above Justice?"

Protect America First Act of 2006

Reps. Barrow & Thompson to Hold Press Conference Introducing the "Protect America First Act of 2006"

Proposed legislation would implement tough new security oversight standards of foreign investments into American businesses involved in national security and military defense.

Congressmen John Barrow (GA-12) and Bennie Thompson (MS-02), Ranking Member of the Committee on Homeland Security, will hold a press conference on Thursday, March 9th introducing the Protect America First Act of 2006. This legislation would implement tough new security oversight standards of foreign investments into American businesses involved in national security and military defense.

Conduct Unbecoming of the Commander-In-Chief

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches http://dahrjamailiraq.com

'Conduct Unbecoming of the Commander-In-Chief', written by Paul Kamen
for the Forum seciton of dahrjamailiraq.com examines perspectives on the
historical origins of the systematic torture of Iraqis at US hands. This
well researched piece also addresses:

-To date, the steady influx of Iraqi detainees has increased 20 percent
from 2004, causing the U.S. Military Police to continue to operate at

Lawless World: Bush Considered Flying US Spy Planes Painted With UN Colors Over Iraq In 2003 to Provoke War


* Lawless World: Bush Considered Flying US Spy Planes Painted With UN Colors
Over Iraq In 2003 to Provoke War *

British international law professor Philippe Sands, author of ³Lawless
World,² reveals President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair secretly agreed
in January 2003 to invade Iraq in mid-March 2003 regardless of the outcome
of diplomatic efforts.


Let’s go Gandhi

By Dede Miller

Yesterday my sister Cindy Sheehan was arrested outside of the U.S. mission to the United Nations. A contingent of Women which included Cindy, Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, Missy Beattie a GSFP member whose Nephew Chase Comley was killed in Iraq and eight Iraqi women were attempting to deliver the Women Say no to War petition to the U.S. mission. This visit was pre approved by the mission. As the women arrived one of New York’s finest cited a change of plans from “higher up

Conservatives Are Jumping Ship: Bush Is Going Down

By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

I'm more and more convinced that it will be Republicans, many of them of the true conservative and realist kind, who effectively will do in the Bush Administration.

In this, I am reminded of the behavior of Richard Nixon when he realized that he was fast losing his middle-class, bourgeois base: He called it quits on the Vietnam War, and likewise on his presidency after his crimes were exposed.


Congressional Progressive Caucus
“62 Strong and Growing



A former Central Intelligence Agency employee, Thomas Waters Jr.,
filed a lawsuit against the Agency last week, arguing that publication
of his book had been improperly blocked in the prepublication review

"The Central Intelligence Agency has unlawfully imposed a prior
restraint upon Thomas Waters by obstructing and infringing on his
right to publish his unclassified memoirs and threatening him with


SPRINGFIELD, MA – Rev. Lennox Yearwood, a Washington, DC-based social and anti-war activist, will be the keynote speaker at a Town Hall Meeting here on Saturday, March 18, that is part of a series of events to mark the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq War.

Rev. Yearwood is the head of the Hip-Hop Caucus, a coalition of national groups doing youth outreach, and has received national recognition for his efforts on behalf of those left homeless by the Gulf Coast disaster. On Feb. 6, he presented testimony outside the Capitol in Washington from still-homeless victims who were being evicted from hotels in the New Orleans area. The event, dubbed “The Katrina Summit,

Conversations with Machiavelli's ghost: Denials mark neoconservative's account of past and present scandal

By Larisa Alexandrovna, www.RawStory.com

Demystifying Intrigue

Neoconservative Michael Ledeen is no stranger to intrigue. In the second part of our conversation with the occasional Pentagon advisor, RAW STORY asks about Iran Contra, the Niger forgeries, and perhaps the most fascinating allegation, that Ledeen may have been somehow involved or affiliated with P2.

P2, or Propaganda Due, was a scandal in the early 1980s involving an Italian bank, the Vatican, a neo-fascist Masonic lodge and Opus Dei, a cultish movement within the Catholic faith. Truly better than fiction, the tale of P2 and its ties to false flag operations in which Italian government agents committed acts of terror and violence against their own country for political reasons, has become the stuff of legend. Of the alleged P2 lodge members, the most important ones are the current Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Burlusconi, Vittorio Emanuele IV, the “Prince of Naples,

Cheney Announces Plans to Kill Thousands of Iranians

Cheney: Iran faces consequences in nuclear dispute

By Reuters

WASHINGTON - Iran will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons and faces "meaningful consequences" if it persists in defying the international community, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Tuesday.

Cheney, speaking to the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC, also reaffirmed that the United States was keeping all options on the table -- including military force -- in its determination to prevent Iran from developing nuclear arms.

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