The Junior Senator from the Weapons Industry

This is a wonderful video of New Yorkers failing to be met by anyone in Clinton’s office and succeeding at Schumer’s office.

Where to Protest Peacefully

April 26-27, 2006
HUCKABEE in Wilmington, DE: Governor Huckabee attends the Education
Commission of the States at the Spencer Hotel. [Huckabee Schedule]

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC: POTUS participates in a briefing for
Members of the House of Representatives on the War on Terror at 10:30
AM. [White House Press Release]

NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC: POTUS and FLOTUS participate in a Photo

FBI on Campus

Michael Schwartz, University at Stony Brook

Check out this very short web page from the FBI about its effort to stop the
terrorists from "using" Universities as resources, and the FBI counter
effort to create an "alliance" with Universities to fight terrorism. This
is the "good guys" in the government talking. Instead of purging the
Universities, as Horowitz and the gang advocate, the FBI wants to make them


By Council for a Livable World


Votes scheduled today on border security


At noon today, the Senate has scheduled a vote on the Gregg (R-NH) amendment No. 3594 and the Reid (D-NV) amendment No. 3604 to add $1.9 billion for border security. The Gregg amendment is co-sponsored by Sens. Frist, Byrd, Domenici, Ensign, Alexander and Sununu. The amendments would fund more helicopters, boats, unmanned surveillance airplanes and personnel for the Department of Homeland Security and Coast Guard border patrol efforts. The Gregg amendment would pay for the program by an across-the-board 3% cut in funds in the bill to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including cuts in military personnel, operations and maintenance, Iraqi security forces training, programs to combat Improvised Explosive Devices, the Defense Health Program and the Death Gratuity Fund. The Reid amendment, on the other hand, declares the new money “emergency funding” not needing an offset.


MEDIA ADVISORY FROM U.S. REPRESENTATIVES BARBARA LEE, LYNN WOOLSEY, MAURICE HINCHEY, AND MAXINE WATERS [contacts: Susannah Cernojevich (Woolsey at 202-225-5161); Nathan Britton at 202-225-2661), Jeffrey Lieberson (Hinchey at 202-225-6335); and (Michael Rose at 202-225-2201)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Representatives Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), Maurice Hinchey (D-New York), and Maxine Waters will be co-chairing a second forum on ending U.S. military operations in Iraq and bringing U.S. troops home, while helping the Iraqis regain control over their country and their future.

Rumsfeld In Line Of Fire Of Eighth Retired General

By Demetri Sevastopulo, London Financial Times

Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, yesterday came under more fire after another retired general joined the growing list of retired brass gunning for his resignation.

Retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper, a three-star general who retired in 1997, told Fox News that Mr Rumsfeld was not capable of leading the Pentagon effort in Iraq. He is the eighth former general to call for Mr Rumsfeld to step down.

The Anti War Movement from Vietnam to Today: A Chorus of Voices Against War

Saturday, April 29, 6pm
Linux Club - via G. Libetta, 15c
Rome, Italy

An evening with:
Michael Uhl - Vietnam vet and long time anti-war activist.

Speakers include:
Gianluca Peciola, Assessore Municipio Roma XI
Francesco Tupone, Associazione Linux Club Italia
Stephanie Westbrook, U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice, Rome
Nella Ginatempo, Bastaguerra

Impeachment sought

Yarbrough pushes resolution in General Assembly
BY JOHN HUSTON, Westchester Herald, IL

Citing an obscure, 200-year-old rule, a joint resolution has been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly aimed at sparking a federal impeachment process against President George W. Bush.

The call for President Bush's impeachment has its roots in Maywood.

State Rep. Karen Yarbrough, D-7th, introduced House Joint Resolution 125 in the Illinois Legislature last week.

Banning photos added to public's `distrust' of Bush regime

By TIM HARPER, Toronto Star

WASHINGTON—Over the past three years, more than 2,500 U.S. military coffins have returned home to this country and not a single arrival ceremony has been captured by a media outlet.

But despite the policy of U.S. President George W. Bush, now apparently being mimicked by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, hundreds of such photos are available at the click of a computer key and have been published on the front pages of U.S. newspapers. Ultimately, it's done nothing to desensitize Americans to the death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Air strike kills 'Iraq militants'


US forces in Iraq have killed 12 suspected militants and a woman in a raid and air strike on a house outside Baghdad, military officials said.
The military says troops came under fire when approaching the house, which it described as a militant hideout.

All the dead men were said to have been wearing vests loaded with ammunition. There was no word on US casualties.

In other incidents, four bullet-riddled bodies were found in Baghdad and one civilian was killed in a roadside bomb.

Diman grad killed in Iraq

Mike Scandura, Herald News, MA

FALL RIVER -- The Department of Defense confirmed late Tuesday that 2004 Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School graduate and Army Pvt. Michael E. Bouthot, 19, of Fall River, was killed in action in Iraq on April 22.

According the Department of Defense release, Bouthot along with three other soldiers -- Sgt. Kyle A. Colnot, 23, of California, Spc. Eric D. King, 29, of Washington and Pfc. Jacob H. Allcott, 21, of Idaho -- all assigned to the 1st Squadron, 67th Armored Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, were killed when an "improvised explosive device detonated" near their military vehicle during combat operations in Baghdad.

In Canada, An Uproar Over Army Casualties

"Mr. Bush instituted the policy of not allowing the caskets to be open to the media, and now Mr. Harper has lifted a page from George Bush's book," Ujjal Dosanjh, a member of Parliament and the Liberal Party's point man on defense, said in an interview from Ottawa.
By Doug Struck, Washington Post

TORONTO, April 25 -- A day after Canada's newspapers carried front-page photos of the flag-draped coffins of four soldiers killed in Afghanistan, the Conservative government slapped a ban on news media coverage of the coffins' return home to Canada on Tuesday.

You call this country a democracy?

By ELYSE FULCHER, The Daily Evergreen

The past few months have been very telling for the state of our union. The White House press secretary has been dismissed, multiple leaks exposed and the continuing requests for the Defense Secretary’s removal has been ignored by our president. Following a stream of events where honesty, integrity and humility are at question, it’s becoming clearer that our country’s internal problems are possibly more detrimental than we had realized.

Peace Takes Courage

By Cindy Sheehan

I have a new friend. She is a 15 year young peace activist named Ava Lowery. She is disgusted with the war and with the Bush regime and she started to use her talents for animation to make cartoons that oppose Bush and the war in Iraq.

She first came to my attention when I read an article about all of the ugly hate mail she is getting on her site for a particularly poignant and brilliant animation she has called: "WWJD." It is a heartbreaking piece that has a child singing: "Jesus loves me" and during the song she shows pictures of dead, wounded, bloody, and screaming Iraqi children. She wanted to show how Jesus loves Iraqi children also which is apparently a frightening concept to the people who practice Bushianity.


Wednesday April 26,
5 PM, Lafayette Park, opposite the White House, Washington, DC
An adhoc group of activists will join
Dr. Jorge E. Hirsch: Professor of Physics, UCSD
To deliver the letter to President Bush
Hirsh has been widely published in progressive and mainstream
publications. See a collection at

The Urgency of stopping the US next war in Middle East is upon us.



Join with social justice advocates this summer as we challenge the
wars in Iraq and Israel-Palestine and the criminal injustice system in

For 30 days we will walk through our country's heartland, calling for:

* An end to the U.S. occupation of and war in Iraq, with the immediate
withdrawal of all members of the U.S. military from Iraq.

BBC's al-Zarqawi show

Dear Steve Herrmann, Editor, News Online

I hope all is well at the BBC.

I would like to ask for your opinion about this BBC NEWS website’s article.

'Zarqawi' shows face in new video (BBC NEWS website, Tuesday, 25 April 2006) reads:
“A website has posted a video message which shows unmasked a man who appears to be the Iraqi insurgency's most wanted leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. In the tape, the man says holy warriors are fighting on despite a three-year "crusade". US experts told the BBC they believed the recording was genuine.”

Lawmakers push for Bush impeachment

By Darren M. Allen Vermont Press Bureau

MONTPELIER — More than a dozen lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a resolution calling for President Bush's impeachment, making the Vermont Legislature the second in the nation to consider such a move.

Introduced by Rep. David Zuckerman, P-Burlington, and signed by 12 other Democrats, Progressives and the body's lone independent, the resolution requests that Congress "initiate impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush" under an obscure set of rules that allows state legislatures to directly seek such an action.

Impeaching Bush, State by State

By Evan Derkacz, AlterNet

Forget bird flu, impeachment is spreading across the nation, state by state.

On Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Dave Zuckerman (Prog.-VT) dropped the third of three nearly unreported bombshells on the Bush administration. Zuckerman, along with 12 fellow lawmakers, introduced a formal resolution for the Vermont state legislature to call on the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President George W. Bush.

Bush's Imperial Presidency

By Jim Hightower, Hightower Lowdown

A fellow from a town just outside of Austin wrote a four-sentence letter to the editor of our local daily that astonished me: "I want the government to please, please listen in on my phone calls. I have nothing to hide. It is also welcome to check my emails and give me a national identification card, which I will be proud to show when asked by people in authority. What's with all you people who need so much privacy?"

Political minded Young to tour with Crosby, Stills & Nash

By RYAN CORMIER, The News Journal, DE

Songs from Neil Young's overtly political new album "Living With War" are scheduled to get their live debut when Crosby Stills Nash & Young open their two-month summer tour in Camden, N.J. on July 6.

Young's album, which will debut online at Friday, is being rushed into stores next month with Young unloading on the Bush Administration with songs like "Shock And Awe" and "Let's Impeach the President."

McClellan resigns: Is he going to start a punk band?

COMMENTARY: JOHN KELSO, Austin American-Statesman, TX

There was one good thing you could say about Scott McClellan, who resigned as White House press secretary Wednesday.

Perhaps no one had nothing to say better than Scott McClellan. Instead of press secretary, they shoulda called the guy White House news avoidance engineer.

If a press secretary's job is to make sure the public doesn't find out what the president is up to, Scott McClellan accomplished that in spectacular fashion.

Sheehan urges Mauians to be 'peace movement'


KAHULUI – Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan called on Mauians Sunday to protest the war in Iraq and encourage American soldiers to resist fighting.

"We have to be a peace movement," she told a crowd of 800 to 900 people at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's Castle Theater.

The event was Sheehan's second stop in a three-day tour of Hawaii. She continued to denounce President George W. Bush and defend her efforts to honor the memory of her son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, who was killed in action in 2004 in Iraq.

Who Gets the Blame for Dirty Tactics in Iraq?

By Nicholas von Hoffman, New York Observer

The newest fall guy for the brass is U. S. Army dog handler Sgt. Michael J. Smith, 24, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Found guilty by a court martial, the young sergeant will spend six months in jail, be demoted and then thrown out of the service with a dishonorable discharge.

According to the Associated Press, “Smith let his unmuzzled Belgian shepherd threaten three detainees at the prison, conspired with another dog handler to try to frighten prisoners into soiling themselves and directed his dog to lick peanut butter off other soldiers’ bodies.”

Canada Bans Live Coverage of War Dead

By BETH DUFF-BROWN, Associated Press

TORONTO (AP) -- Canada's new Conservative government banned the media from showing live images of the flag-draped coffins of four Canadian soldiers when their bodies were returned Tuesday from Afghanistan, angering political opponents and some families.

The government also has stopped lowering flags to half-staff outside Parliament each time a Canadian soldier is killed, prompting Liberals to accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper of trying to play down the growing human cost of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.

Bush's Hypocrisy: Cuban Terrorists

By Robert Parry,

Like an aging rock star singing a beloved oldie, George W. Bush can count on cheers whenever he delivers a favorite line from the Bush Doctrine enunciated after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks: Any country that harbors a terrorist is equally guilty as the terrorist.

Bush got a round of applause at an Indianapolis speech on March 24, 2006, when he declared “one of the lessons learned after September the 11th is that we must hold people to account for harboring terrorists. If you harbor a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, if you house a terrorist, you’re as equally guilty as the terrorist.”


The Mirror, UK

EXCLUSIVE These are four mates who dreamed of joining the Army together. But two years after serving in Basra they say they are suffering from post-traumatic stress..
By Ros Wynne-Jones

THERE are no smiles. Just the grim determination of four young men who believe they are about to fulfill their destinies as soldiers.

Lance Corporal James Piotrowski and Guardsmen Elliott Nash, Chris McDade and John Connelly had grown up together, played soldiers together and joined up together. And four days after this picture was taken, they went to war together.

Dad searches for soldier son missing after night out in Savannah

The longer he searches, Eric Hornbeck becomes more worried that his son is either dead or "he has postwar trauma and he's holed up somewhere."
The Associated Press - SAVANNAH, Ga.

When his father called looking for him, Spc. Robert Hornbeck answered his cell phone and spoke just a few words before the connection went dead: "Dad, I'm on the stairs."

Outside the downtown DeSoto Hilton hotel, Eric Hornbeck called back but got no answer. This was the spot he'd been given to pick up his son and an Army buddy after a night of bar-hopping until last call at 3 a.m.

12 killed in Iraq

Pakistan Daily Times

KARBALA: Six employees of an Iraqi mobile telephone company were gunned down west of the Shia holy city of Karbala, bringing to 12 the number of people killed on Tuesday in attacks across Iraq.

The six Iraqis were employed with the MTC Atheer operator, Major Mahdi Saleh of Karbala’s crime department said. “We received reports that gunmen had killed six workers of the mobile company this morning,” Saleh said. The Karbala police dispatched a team to the site, he said, adding “we now have recovered their bodies”.


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