Taking the President to Court

By Congressman John Conyers, www.dailykos.com

As some of you may be aware, according to the President and Congressional Republicans, a bill does not have to pass both the Senate and the House to become a law. Forget your sixth grade civics lesson, forget the book they give you when you visit Congress - "How Our Laws Are Made," and forget Schoolhouse Rock. These are checks and balances, Republican-style.

Reason to Impeach #635

Reason to Impeach #635

If we don't impeach Bush now; the next time a presidential election is stolen, we'll have a President Cheney with a presidential pardon in his pocket. If you think impeachment is a long shot now; think of how it will be then.

BREAKING! Activists Occupy Frist's Office

Urgent: call Senator Frist's office at 202-224-3344 and demand that he meet with the Iraqi women.

David Swanson just called from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's office to report that he and a group of women activists are occupying the office to demand a meeting with Senator Frist to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

The activists include three Iraqi women who testified at this morning's Out of Iraq hearing:

  • Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
  • Aseel Albanna
  • Faiva Al-araji (right)

They are joined in the protest by:

  • Cindy Sheehan
  • Ann Wright
  • Medea Benjamin
  • Gael Murphy

The Iraqi women want to meet with Frist today because they are leaving the U.S. tomorrow. They represent the 82% of Iraqis who want the U.S. out of Iraq.

Urgent: call Senator Frist's office at 202-224-3344 and demand that he meet with the Iraqi women.

Lyrics to "Let's Impeach the President" by Neil Young

Let’s impeach the president for lying
And leading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door
He’s the man who hired all the criminals
The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
And bend the facts to fit with their new stories
Of why we have to send our men to war
Let’s impeach the president for spying
On citizens inside their own homes

LiveBlogging the Iraq Hearings

It's Thursday morning and Rep. Lynn Woolsey is hosting historic hearings on getting out of Iraq.

Read the liveblog report by Karen at DemocracyCellProject:

Watch it on politicsTV

Photo Album - photos by Marcia Jansen and David Swanson.

Lots going on in D.C. - will post report here on hearing later today or tonight. -- David

Impeach Bush Billboard

Impeach Bush Billboard

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 99 of Ashville, NC publicizing the justice part of their peace and social justice mission.

Billboard: Downtown Asheville, NC

Billboard:  Downtown Asheville, NC

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 99 keeping the citizens of Asheville, NC up-to-date and aware of the costs of the war in Iraq.

The War Looks Different from Inside Congress

By David Swanson

Public opinion in the United States and Iraq favors pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, not to mention removing any who have already entered Iran. This sentiment will be on display this Saturday at the United for Peace and Justice March in New York: www.april29.org

Inside Congress opinions vary, and it is a distinct minority that is willing to support public opinion. Some in Congress are willing to take half-way and tenth-of-the-way steps in the direction of ending the war, some of them from within such fantasyland worldviews that they are "threatening" to stop occupying Iraq if the Iraqis don't behave better (that is, threatening something that over 80 percent of Iraqis desire).

A forum hosted by progressive House members Thursday morning (to air live on Pacifica Radio from 8:30 to 11 a.m. ET, with blogging on AfterDowningStreet.org, and open to the public in Rayburn House Office Building Room 2325) will highlight the best that Congress has to offer. But it's worth taking a quick overview of what's out there.

Chat on Pal Talk Tonight

By David Swanson

Tonight from 8-9 p.m. ET, I'll be chatting live about impeachment with video and audio through PalTalk. To listen only, go here. If you want to participate, you have to log onto Paltalk by downloading the software at http://www.paltalk.com Then register and create a screename, and join us in the Social Issues Category / room: The People Speak w/AfterDowningStreet.org

Faculty speak out against war

By Robert Polhemus, http://daily.stanford.edu

Our thanks to the hundreds of students who sent the wake-up call on Friday. We of the Stanford Faculty Against the War congratulate them and others who peacefully protested the Bush war policies in front of the Hoover Institute. This sudden, spontaneous demonstration is crucial evidence of just how worried people are — not only about the failed old war in Iraq, but about a shaky administration that mumbles and leaks about attacking the Iran regime and keeping its first-strike nuclear bombing options “on the table.” American universities and colleges really do need Stanford’s good Friday lesson. If American citizens don’t work to stop it, the menacing possibility of another “war of choice” and air strikes against Iran can lead to a far-reaching reality even worse than the Iraq disaster—one whose dire fallout for ourselves, our children and indeed for global civilization would seem to be, sooner or later, inevitable.

Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury

By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | www.truthout.org

Karl Rove's appearance before a grand jury in the CIA leak case Wednesday comes on the heels of a "target letter" sent to his attorney recently by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, signaling that the Deputy White House Chief of Staff may face imminent indictment, sources that are knowledgeable about the probe said Wednesday.

It's unclear when Fitzgerald sent the target letter to Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin. Sources close to the two-year-old leak investigation said when Rove's attorney received the letter Rove volunteered to appear before the grand jury for an unprecedented fifth time to explain why he did not previously disclose conversations he had with the media about covert CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who criticized the Bush administration's use of pre-war Iraq intelligence.

About the assassination of Iraqi academics

Remarks made by Dirk Adriaensens of www.brusselstribunal.org

Madrid, April 22, 2006

First let me congratulate the Spanish people for the fierce opposition against the war and occupation of Iraq. And the Spanish government that has listened to its people and has decided to withdraw from Iraq because it became clear that this war was based on lies and was illegal under international law.

The BRussells Tribunal was originally a hearing committee composed of academics, intellectuals and artists in the tradition of the Russell Tribunal, set up in 1967 to investigate war crimes committed during the Vietnam War. The BRussells Tribunal was directed against the war in Iraq and the imperial war policies of the Bush II administration. Its main focus was the ‘Project for the New American Century’, the think tank behind this war, in particular three of the co-signatories of the mission statement: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz.

The Deconstruction of Iraq

By Michael Schwartz, University at Stony Brook

Here is my take on whatever happened to "reconstruction" in Iraq

060426 – The deconstruction of Iraq

The impression created by the American corporate media is that the Iraq infrastructure has been badly damaged by the war, particularly because of the constant sabotage and indiscriminate attacks of the insurgents. The primacy of the U.S. in creating the human carnage, the social chaos, and the economic collapse of Iraq is hidden from view.

Government Crackdown on Whistleblowers and Journalists


* Nat Hentoff on the Government Crackdown on Information From Whistleblowers
to Journalists *

Village Voice columnist Nat Hentoff discusses the government's attempt to
clamp down on the ability of the public to transmit or receive information
the government deems secret. Hentoff says the prosecution of two former
officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the "first in

GI's Beware of Radioactive Showers!

(Over the Rainbow Blog Part 4)
By Irving Wesley Hall, www.notinkansas.us

Bush's impending, insane nuclear attack on Iran has provoked an unprecedented rebellion within the top leadership of the United States military. At the same time, depleted uranium (DU) is steadily taking down our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's time for the soldiers to follow the lead of their commanders in order to end the war.

Seeking Accountability for Bloody Attacks

Seeking Accountability for Bloody Attacks:
* Fallujah, Iraq -- 2004
* U.N. Compound in Lebanon -- 1996

Interviews Available

MARTI HIKEN, mlhiken@mltf.info, http://www.nlg.org/mltf
COLLEEN FLYNN, colleen_ucsc@hotmail.com
W. GORDON KAUPP, gordonk@hotmail.com
Hiken, a spokesperson and co-chair for the National Lawyers Guild
Military Law Task Force, is the plaintiff in a Freedom of Information Act

Congress Not Allowed to Receive Information from NSA Whistleblower


The Chairmen of the House & Senate Intelligence Committees Dodge Oversight Responsibility; Again!

On December 22, 2005, the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC) made public the request by a former NSA intelligence analyst and action officer to report to Congress probable unlawful and unconstitutional acts conducted while he was an intelligence officer with the National Security Agency (NSA) and with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). NSWBC urged the congress to hold hearings and let Mr. Tice testify. Today, more than four months after Mr. Tice’s letters were sent to the chairs of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees and publicized in the media, he has yet to receive a response and be given an opportunity to lawfully disclose his first-hand account of criminal acts conducted by the National Security Agency.

Sen. Roberts seeks delay of Intel probe

By Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), who chairs the Senate Select Committee on
Intelligence, said he wants to divide his panel's inquiry into the Bush
administration's handling of Iraq-related intelligence into two parts, a
move that would push off its most politically controversial elements to a
later time.

The inquiry has dragged on for more than two years, a slow pace that

Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright to Speak in Charlottesville, VA

Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright to Speak in Charlottesville, VA

At 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 17, Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright will speak on the Iraq War and answer questions at an event in Charlottesville, Virginia, organized by the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, and affiliate of United for Peace and Justice.

Cindy Sheehan is co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace and the mother of Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, KIA April 4, 2004, Baghdad. In August, 2005, she camped out- side President Bush's home in an effort to ask him for what noble cause her son was sent to die.

Iraq: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

By Erik Leaver, www.tompaine.com

Erik Leaver is a research fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and the policy outreach director for the Foreign Policy In Focus Project. He is the co-author of The Iraq Quagmire: The Mounting Costs of War and the Case for Bringing Home the Troops .

When George W. Bush casually let slip last month that the level of U.S. forces in Iraq would be decided “by future presidents and future governments of Iraq," he dispelled any illusions of presidential accountability for the ongoing management of the war. Before the Senate debates spending another $70 billion for the Iraq War this week, they should check in with the U.S. public to see if they support another three years of war without a plan for bringing the troops home.

The Junior Senator from the Weapons Industry

This is a wonderful video of New Yorkers failing to be met by anyone in Clinton’s office and succeeding at Schumer’s office.

Where to Protest Peacefully

April 26-27, 2006
HUCKABEE in Wilmington, DE: Governor Huckabee attends the Education
Commission of the States at the Spencer Hotel. [Huckabee Schedule]

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC: POTUS participates in a briefing for
Members of the House of Representatives on the War on Terror at 10:30
AM. [White House Press Release]

NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC: POTUS and FLOTUS participate in a Photo

FBI on Campus

Michael Schwartz, University at Stony Brook

Check out this very short web page from the FBI about its effort to stop the
terrorists from "using" Universities as resources, and the FBI counter
effort to create an "alliance" with Universities to fight terrorism. This
is the "good guys" in the government talking. Instead of purging the
Universities, as Horowitz and the gang advocate, the FBI wants to make them


By Council for a Livable World


Votes scheduled today on border security


At noon today, the Senate has scheduled a vote on the Gregg (R-NH) amendment No. 3594 and the Reid (D-NV) amendment No. 3604 to add $1.9 billion for border security. The Gregg amendment is co-sponsored by Sens. Frist, Byrd, Domenici, Ensign, Alexander and Sununu. The amendments would fund more helicopters, boats, unmanned surveillance airplanes and personnel for the Department of Homeland Security and Coast Guard border patrol efforts. The Gregg amendment would pay for the program by an across-the-board 3% cut in funds in the bill to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including cuts in military personnel, operations and maintenance, Iraqi security forces training, programs to combat Improvised Explosive Devices, the Defense Health Program and the Death Gratuity Fund. The Reid amendment, on the other hand, declares the new money “emergency funding” not needing an offset.


MEDIA ADVISORY FROM U.S. REPRESENTATIVES BARBARA LEE, LYNN WOOLSEY, MAURICE HINCHEY, AND MAXINE WATERS [contacts: Susannah Cernojevich (Woolsey at 202-225-5161); Nathan Britton at 202-225-2661), Jeffrey Lieberson (Hinchey at 202-225-6335); and (Michael Rose at 202-225-2201)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Representatives Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), Maurice Hinchey (D-New York), and Maxine Waters will be co-chairing a second forum on ending U.S. military operations in Iraq and bringing U.S. troops home, while helping the Iraqis regain control over their country and their future.

Rumsfeld In Line Of Fire Of Eighth Retired General

By Demetri Sevastopulo, London Financial Times

Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, yesterday came under more fire after another retired general joined the growing list of retired brass gunning for his resignation.

Retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper, a three-star general who retired in 1997, told Fox News that Mr Rumsfeld was not capable of leading the Pentagon effort in Iraq. He is the eighth former general to call for Mr Rumsfeld to step down.

Speaking Events

March 27-April 6 Events Everywhere


April 4: Remembering Past Wars . . . and Preventing the Next: An event to mark 100 years since the United States entered World War I, and 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech against war. A new movement to end all war is growing. 6-8 p.m. at 5th and K Busboys and Poets, Washington, D.C.


April 7-9: Huntsville, Alabama: 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest


April 22: David Swanson speaking in Burlington, Vermont


June 16-18: David Swanson and many others speaking at United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) annual conference in Richmond, Va.

August 2-6: Peace and Democracy Conference at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minn.

Find more events here.


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