How to Learn to Love Impeachment and Forget About Dick

By Dave Lindorff,

So many people have written to ask about what happens if President Bush is impeached, concerned that this would leave Deadeye Dick Cheney in charge, that I think it's time to explain how this all would play out.

Impeachment, as anyone who lived through the Nixon or Clinton impeachment dramas knows, is a long, drawn-out process. It could easily take two years to go from the submission of a bill of impeachment to the House Judiciary Committee, through committee hearings on articles of impeachment, to a debate and vote in the full House.

Fact Sheets for Lobbying Your Congress Member

Take these to a meeting with your Congress Member: PDF.

ImpeachPAC Endorses Jeeni Criscenzo

Today ImpeachPAC endorsed its third pro-impeachment candidate for Congress, Jeeni Criscenzo, who is running unopposed in the Democratic primary to challenge Republican incumbent and former car thief Darrell Issa to represent California's 49th District.

Criscenzo has already been endorsed by the San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council, Progressive Democrats of San Diego, Democracy for America Meetup #23 (San Diego), and Progressive Democrats of America (national).

Cindy's State of the Union Shirt

Cindy's State of the Union Shirt

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Where to Protest Peacefully

Wednesday March 8, 2006
UPDATED* BUSH in New Orleans, LA: POTUS visits Gulf Coast at 10:25 AM.
[White House Press Release]

UPDATED* BUSH in Biloxi-Gulfport area, MS: POTUS visits the Gulf Coast
at 1:15 PM. The Bushes visit a Mississippi neighborhood at 1:55 PM.
[White House Press Release]

NEW* BROWNBACK in Washington, DC: Brownback holds a hearing on the
potential effects of a federal income flat tax. [The Note,,

Misleading Testimony About NSA Domestic Spying

By Sen. Russell Feingold,

The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Attorney General Gonzales:

I write in response to your letter of February 28, 2006, regarding your February 6 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and responding to specific requests for information by Senators during the hearing.

Say No to War, Say No to George Bush

By Missy Comley Beattie,

It was an emotional afternoon for me.

I attended an event at the Community Church of New York, sponsored by CODEPINK and Gold Star Families for Peace. Speakers included Cindy Sheehan, Mimi Evans of Military Families Speak Out, singer/songwriter/ Holly Near, Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, and the Iraqi Women’s Delegation.

Ms. Near’s beautifully clear voice and song for peace was the perfect prelude to the words of the other women.

'Out of Iraq' Congressional Caucus

Dear Colleague:

We invite you to attend an informative briefing with nine Iraqi women who have come to the US to commemorate International Women's Day, March 8. The women represent a wide breadth of Iraqi society, including academics, an engineer, health care workers, homemakers, journalists, filmmakers, and women's rights activists. A brief biography for each is below. They will speak about the effects of the war on their lives, their families and other ordinary Iraqis.

Congressional Legislation Finally Targets Wasteful Pentagon Spending to Address Federal Budget Woes

Congressional Legislation Finally Targets Wasteful Pentagon Spending to Address Federal Budget Woes
Common Sense Budget Act—to Be Introduced Wed., March 8—Transfers Wasteful Pentagon Spending to Health, Schools, other Priorities
Reagan Defense Official Lawrence Korb Identifies $60 Billion that Could Be Trimmed from Bush’s Proposed Defense Budget

WASHINGTON - March 6 -

Ben Cohen, Co-Founder, Ben and Jerry’s; President, Priorities Campaign
Lawrence Korb, Former Reagan Assistant Defense Secretary
Barbara Lee (D-CA)
Jack Shanahan, Former Commander of the US Second Fleet
Wayne Silby, Chairman, Calvert Funds
Jim Wallis, Sojourners
Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)

Parsippany (NJ) officials say H.S. mock trial of Bush crossed line

Board members blast class project; final 'testimony' to come

PARSIPPANY -- The war crimes "trial" of President Bush in a Parsippany High School classroom is expected to conclude today with additional defense testimony from the student playing Bush, but controversy over the project is continuing.

"It clearly crossed a line," school board member Frank Calabria said Monday of the mock tribunal, in which Bush is charged with "crimes against civilian populations" and "inhumane treatment of prisoners."

Code Pink Demo March 8/Anti-War Rally March 11 in Sacramento

By Dan Bacher

Don't miss these two great anti-war events taking place this week!

Sacramento's New Code Pink Chapter To Demonstrate March 8

When- 11:30 am to 1:00 pm March 8, 2006
Who- Sacramento Code Pink
Where-Capitol Building West Steps
Why- To Protest War & To Celebrate International Women's Day
Contact: 916-206-0288

Sacramento CODEPINK is one of the newest chapters in CODEPink, Women for Peace. On March 8th Sacramento CODEPink will be demonstrating at the Capitol Building in downtown Sacramento to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th from 11:30 to 1:00.

Vermont town calls on Congress to impeach Bush

By Associated Press

NEWFANE, Vt. (AP) — In a white-clapboard town hall, circa 1832, voters gathered Tuesday to conduct their community's business and to call for the impeachment of President Bush.

"In the U.S. presently there are only a few places where citizens can act in this fashion and have a say in our nation," said select board member Dan DeWalt, who drafted the impeachment article that was placed on the warning — or official agenda — for the annual town meeting, a proud Yankee tradition in New England.

Iraq Abuses Continue, Fuel Violence: Amnesty

By Abid Aslam,

WASHINGTON - U.S.-led occupation forces in Iraq retain an ''unpalatable'' record on human rights more than two years after the Abu Ghraib torture scandal broke, Amnesty International said Monday.

Detainees wait behind a barbed wire fence during a prisoner release at Abu Ghraib prison, west of Baghdad, in October 2005. Tens of thousands of people have been held "arbitrarily" in Iraq since the start of the US-led invasion in March 2003, creating a situation that is ripe for abuse, Amnesty International said.(AFP/File/Pool/Faleh Kheiber)

Peace Activist Hostages in Iraq Plead for Help

By Agence France Presse

Two Canadians and a Briton working for a Christian peace group kidnapped in Iraq three months ago issued a new plea for their release, according to a video broadcast on Al-Jazeera.

The video was the first news of the men since late January, but conspicuously did not feature an American fellow peace activist who had been kidnapped with them.

Peace Activist Hostages in Iraq Plead for Help (Photo: AFP)

Town Hall Meeting in New York: The War on Iraq Comes Home!

Tuesday, March 21, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
1199 Auditorium,
310 W. 43rd St., between 8th and 9th Aves.

The War on Iraq comes home every day to Harlem, Bensonhurst, Sunnyside, West Brighton and Van Cortlandt Park. While US troops and Iraqi civilians suffer and die every day in Iraq, the impact is felt in our neighborhoods.

The war costs NYC $9.9 billion. Ending the war in Iraq is essential to address our city’s every day problems. Our government on every level must reverse the Bush administration’s policies of war before meeting our people’s needs. Come to a town hall meeting to show support for the people who will testify about the daily crisis problems of our communities that go unmet due to Bush's war budget.

Gruesome Photos of Some Liberated Iraqis

These photos are from Faiza Alaraji - WARNING! The pictures range from saddening to horrifying to gory. LINK TO PHOTOS

Faiza Al-Araji is a civil engineer, a blogger ( ) and a religious Shia with a Sunni husband. She has three children. After one of her sons was recently held by the Ministry of the Interior, the family fled to Jordan. She said at an event in DC on Monday, very rapidly, very passionately:

See Dick Loot

By Dahr Jamail
t r u t h o u t |

Halliburton and its subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) have been making hay in the burning Iraqi sun for years now. It is, of course, no coincidence that the man sitting as vice president played a key role with his influence in obtaining the lion's share of contracts in Iraq for the company he was CEO of prior to his self-appointed position. Yet none of this is news.

Will Vermont Impeach George W. Bush?

That's right: When our little state's legislature, sitting under Montpelier's golden dome, impeach the most dangerous, dishonest and incompetent president the United States of America has ever known? The headline, folks, is not a typo.

"You're stoned! Can't be done!" you say, even if it is a worthy and patriotic goal. Only the U.S. House of Representatives can impeach a president, you shout! A Senate trial follows. That's what we witnessed firsthand with Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. Big Bill survived the Senate vote. Big Dick, however, resigned in disgrace before his trial could start.

Students Say NO to War in Iraq!

Join Cindy Sheehan, Camilo Mejia, Kathy Kelly, and students who've
fought repression and won at Berkeley, SFSU, CCNY, HCC, GMU, Kent
State, Hampton, and Madison, in supporting...

Students Say NO to War in Iraq!
College Not Combat, Troops Out Now!
Week of March 13-17*

Student week of action coordinated by the Campus Antiwar Network

Another Iraq Story Gets Debunked

By Dave Zweifel, Madison Capital Times (Wisconsin)

In November 2001, just two months after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, two high-profile U.S. journalists Chris Hedges of the New York Times and Christopher Buchanan of PBS' "Frontline" were ushered to a meeting in a Beirut hotel with a man identified as Jamal al-Ghurairy, an Iraqi lieutenant general who had fled Saddam Hussein.

Another $70 Billion for War

Institute for Public Accuracy
915 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20045
(202) 347-0020 * *

On Wednesday the House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to take
up the Bush administration's "emergency supplemental" request for
approximately $70 billion more for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Lots of Smoking Guns, But Where's the Action?

Up until now, the idea of impeachment has been whispered but not discussed loudly. Rep. John Conyers brought up the subject in his call for an investigation that might lead to Articles of Impeachment—a powerful first move, but not the actual Articles.

Today, The Wall Street Journal discussed impeachment by casting it in the light of its political ramifications: ( ). The graphic included in the article is provocative, showing the results of a Zogby poll that reported 51% of likely voters surveyed support impeachment if Bush lied about the reasons for the Iraq war (and contrasting it to the impeachment poll results for Clinton, which look puny by comparison).

What Really Happened, Pt. 2 NYC Style

By Cindy Sheehan

Yesterday started off like any other day for me. I woke up, missing Casey and wondering where in the world I was.

After I got my bearings, realizing I was in my friend's apartment in NYC, I got up for my day of meetings, speeches, marches and rallies.

March 8th is International Women's Day and I was in NYC with a contingent of women from Code Pink, Gold Star Families for Peace, Global Exchange, and some brave Iraqi women to work on our women's global call for peace.



A Policy Framework, Strategy & Action Plan

Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party

Position Paper No. 1
Progressive Policy to Withdraw US Forces from Iraq and to Support the Reconciliation and Reconstruction of the Iraqi Nation.

The Progressive Caucus strongly recommends that the California Democratic Party (CDP) adopt the following strategic plan of action for withdrawing US Forces from Iraq and, further, urges the CDP to instruct its Democratic National Committee (DNC) representatives to carry the plan forward for formal action as a National Party Policy Paper to:

CIA Fights Libby's Request for Information

By TONI LOCY, Associated Press

WASHINGTON(AP) - The perjury case against Vice President Dick Cheney's former top aide appeared headed for a new confrontation Tuesday, with the CIA indicating to a federal judge that it probably would fight efforts to release highly classified intelligence briefings.

In an exchange of court filings, the CIA and lawyers for I. Lewis ``Scooter'' Libby illustrated the difficulties that U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton faces in balancing national security against a defendant's right to a fair trial.

Rogue Leader

By Jason Priestley,

MIT students like to complain about campus dining, but it could be worse. Consider Mohammed Bawazir, one of the many Guantanamo Bay detainees participating in a hunger strike. Bawazir was strapped down to a restraining chair, and force-fed for two hours through a largeish tube, inserted through his nose. The tube was larger than normal and the restraints more severe.

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