I'm Tired of Bushes and Clintons

Published on Wednesday, May 3, 2006 by CommonDreams.org
by Jeff Cohen

Every presidential election since 1980 has had a Bush or a Clinton on a major party ticket. And the pundits say we're likely to see a Clinton atop the next Democratic ticket.

Unlike the last seven presidential elections, I dream of a 2008 contest that is Bush- and Clinton-free. Our country needs new leadership and fresh ideas beyond the realm of just two families.

Republicans Hint at Timing of Possible Debate on Iraq


"But under pressure from the rank-and-file, House Majority Leader
John Boehner (R.,Ohio) said yesterday that he hopes to set aside time
late this month or early June on a resolution related to the war.
"The Congress ought to have a conversation about it," he said."

Are You Karl Rove? Place Your Hands Behind Your Back Please....

ABC The Note:

The grand jury investigating the CIA leak may meet this morning at the federal courthouse in Washington, DC.

Update on No-Permanent-Bases Amendment to Supplemental Spending

From John Isaacs:

Around 12:30 PM, Sen. Biden offered on the Senate floor amendment No. 3855 (as an amendment to No. 3717) barring spending of any funds in Title I of the bill to establish permanent United States military bases in Iraq, or to exercise United States control over the oil infrastructure or oil resources of Iraq.

The Parliamentarian has ruled that the amendment is germane.

Southern Rhode Island citizens vote to impeach


On April 27, 70 concerned citizens from southern Rhode Island towns met to discuss the current state of affairs in this nation. The meeting was arranged by two local organizations Jamestown Justice and Peace Advocacy Group (JJPAG) and South Kingstown Justice and Peace Action Group (SKJPAG) who had appealed to citizens from surrounding communities to meet and discuss the current situation and possible remedies, specifically impeachment. Local politicians were specifically not invited in an effort to be non-partisan.

Hitchens the Hacker; And, Hitchens the Orientalist


Hitchens the Hacker; And, Hitchens the Orientalist
And, "We don't Want Your Stinking War!

Christopher Hitchens owes me a big apology.

I belong to a private email discussion group called Gulf2000. It has academics, journalists and policy makers on it. It has a strict rule that messages appearing there will not be forwarded off the list. It is run, edited and moderated by former National Security Council staffer for Carter and Reagan, Gary Sick, now a political scientist at Columbia University. The "no-forwarding" rule is his, and is intended to allow the participants to converse about controversial matters without worrying about being in trouble. Also, in an informal email discussion, ideas evolve, you make mistakes and they get corrected, etc. It is a rough, rough draft.

Tell Congress to Stop a Bush-Cheney Attack on Iran

George Bush is considering attacking Iran, including using nuclear bombs to do so. Such an attack would be illegal and disastrous. Congress can prevent it, but only if Congres asserts its Constitutional right to decide whether or not the United States goes to war. Congressman Peter DeFazio's H. Con. Res. 391 expresses "the sense of Congress that the President should not initiate military action against Iran with respect to its nuclear program without first obtaining authorization from Congress." This bill is rapidly picking up cosponsors, but needs more. Ask your Congress Member to sign on today. Ask your Senators to take the same step in the Senate. CONTACT CONGRESS.

Where to Protest Peacefully

Wednesday, May 3, 2006
NEW* CHENEY in Vilnius, Lithuania: Vice President Cheney meets with
President Adamkus at the Presidential Palace, at 5:45 PM (Local). [White
House Press Release]
NEW* PATAKI in Albany, NY: Governor George Pataki hosted the 12th
annual prayer breakfast this morning at the Empire State Plaza
Convention Center. [The Note, ABCNews.com, 05/03/06]
NEW* ROMNEY In Dorchester, MA: Governor Mitt Romney joins his education

18 killed in Iraq suicide bomb attacks

By Thomas Wagner, AP

Baghdad - A suicide bomber blew himself up while standing in a line of recruits outside Fallujah's police headquarters on Wednesday, killing at least 18 people and wounding 30, in an attack aimed at discouraging Sunni Arabs from joining the force, police said.

Thirteen of the dead were recruits and two policemen, said police First Lieutenant Omar Ahmed.

Police also found the bodies of 14 Iraqi men in Baghdad who apparently were the latest victims of a wave of sectarian violence involving death squads that kidnap civilians, torture them in captivity and dump their bodies on city streets.

MoD uses FOI get-out clauses to avoid releasing casualty figures

The Scotsman

THE government knows how many soldiers have been wounded in action in Iraq but is using loopholes in Freedom of Information (FOI) laws to prevent the figures becoming public, The Scotsman has learned.

A series of FOI requests has revealed that the Ministry of Defence was wrong to say there was no way of knowing how many soldiers have been injured in Iraq.

How to Kill a War in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps

by Jarrett Murphy, http://www.villagevoice.com

Three days before Saturday's big anti-war march, members of the City Council were standing on the City Hall steps, calling for a resolution making New York City a "peace zone." The five councilmembers on hand read the proclamation aloud as a dozen fellow protesters stood behind them and a handful of reporters—none from the major media—looked on. They might as well have been reading silently.

Boston College faculty object to honorary degree for Rice


BOSTON --Nearly 100 faculty members at Boston College have signed a letter objecting to the college's decision to award Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice an honorary degree.

The letter entitled "Condoleezza Rice Does Not Deserve a Boston College Honorary Degree," was written by the Rev. Kenneth Himes, chairman of the department of theology, and the Rev. David Hollenbach, who holds the Margaret O'Brien Flatley chair in the department, and sent to all faculty inviting their signatures.

Invitation to Rice debated at BC

Honorary degree draws objections
By Catherine Elton, Boston Globe

Two leading theologians at Boston College have written a stinging letter objecting to the college's decision to invite Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to speak at graduation and to give her an honorary degree.

Nearly 100 faculty members have signed the letter, according to the theology department, which declined to release their names.

Austin,TX Recruiter Forges Document to Enlist Veteran

By Karen Park

I met Sgt Green on December 20, 2005 when he came to my home. I had been talking to him on the phone previously. Before he came I told him that I was interested in becoming a Physician assistant or a Cytology Technician and that I wanted to look at all my options. I also told him that I was offered 50,000 to stay in the military so if I were to come back in I would be interested in getting a bonus. When he came to my home he took a copy of my DD214, a copy of my license and had me sign a form. Before I signed I told him I didn't want to sign anything. He promised that all I was signing was a form that gave him permission to pull my record. The top of the form was blank. He told me that after he pulled my options if there was a unit I was interested in we would fill it in on top and then I would sign that form another time. He promised that that form would need my signature in two places to do anything. This was true but what he didn't tell me was that he intended on trying to duplicate my signature and sign it himself.

Is Radioactive Fallout Headed for Idaho?

Fox 12 Boise

More than 50 years ago the Nevada test site was used for testing nuclear weapons. The next test, called Divine Strake, is designed to modify U.S. made bunker busting bombs, for use in overseas conflicts. But some worry it could have negative affects, a little closer to home.

A tunnel in Nevada's nuclear test sight is scheduled to be destroyed on June 2, by 700 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate-fuel oil.

Divine Mistrake

By Tracy Medley, New West, MT

In typical form, Sen. Orrin Hatch attempted to ease Downwinders’ concerns over the planned Divine Strake test scheduled to take place on June 2 , at a Nevada testing site, 150 miles east of St. George. The location was originally used for nuclear testing in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Speaking to a group at St. George’s Dixie Regional Medical Center, he initially dismissed the crowd’s trepidation over having a 700-ton, non-nuclear, mega bomb denoted in their back yard and kicking up a dust cloud that could reach upwards of 10,000 ft. “I’m a great stopper,” he said, offering that if he had any real concerns about the test, he would surely put a stop to it.

Bush and Nixon Battle It Out

Six months ago I graphed Bush and Nixon's approval and disapproval ratings against each other. With a new Gallup poll showing Bush's approval rating at an all time low (for Gallup) of 34%, I thought now would be a good time to do an update.

Note that while Bush's approval rating is still a bit higher than Nixon's at a comparable point in his presidency, Bush's disapproval rating is almost exactly the same as Nixon's just before he resigned. In fact, at 63%, Bush's current disapproval rating was only exceeded by Nixon's in two Gallup polls—March, 1974 (65%) and the final poll in July, 1974 just before Nixon left office (66%). For instance, in June, 1974 Nixon's disapproval rating was only 58%, noticeably lower than Bush's is today.

Hearing vowed on Bush's powers

Senator questions bypassing of laws
By Charlie Savage, Boston Globe

WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, accusing the White House of a ''very blatant encroachment" on congressional authority, said yesterday he will hold an oversight hearing into President Bush's assertion that he has the power to bypass more than 750 laws enacted over the past five years.

''There is some need for some oversight by Congress to assert its authority here," Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, said in an interview. ''What's the point of having a statute if . . . the president can cherry-pick what he likes and what he doesn't like?"

Investigate Big Dick

By Stephen Pizzo, News for Real

If the US Senate really wants to earn our respect, I have a suggestion for them: Hold bipartisan hearings into Dick Cheney's 2001 Energy Task Force.

If not now, when?

Low-wage working Americans can't afford to drive to their jobs? Already some folks have been forced to pawn personal items just to fill their tank for another week. How bad does it have to get before you guys up there start asking the questions you should have asked years ago -- and this time, demanding real answers.

April proves to be deadly month for Marines


WASHINGTON – April was the deadliest month in a year and a half for the Marine forces in Iraq.
At least 32 personnel under the command of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force died last month, the highest toll of Marines and sailors since November 2004, and a sharp jump from the relatively low casualties of the previous four months. That brought the total of the Marine and Navy dead since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom to at least 741.

Candidate takes aim at Bush

By Andy Rathbun, The Battle Creek Enquirer, MI

HILLSDALE — A fired-up Chuck Ream announced his campaign for the Democrat party nomination in Michigan's 7th Congressional District to a small but receptive crowd Monday night.

Faulting the Bush administration for everything imaginable in a 50-minute speech, the newly minted candidate only took one swipe at his potential rival in the Nov. 7 general election, U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz, R-Battle Creek.

When the President Joked About Not Finding WMD

Many say Stephen Colbert went too far in lampooning President Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner, or was just "not funny." Where was all that disapproval when Bush, at a very similar gathering two years ago, built a whole comedy routine around not finding WMD in Iraq?

By Greg Mitchell, http://www.mediainfo.com

(May 01, 2006) -- For two days the battle has raged on the Web: Did Stephen Colbert go too far in lampooning President Bush, to his face, at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night? Is that why his barbs did not generate more laughter around the room of 2700 journalists, celebrities and other guests? Or was it because he suggested the press was spineless in failing to confront the president on Iraq? Or was Colbert just not that funny?

Guerrilla Impeachment


Message from the Impeach Bush Coalition. Spread the word!

While standing at the gas pump today, watching the dollars and cents spinning far too fast in comparison to the gallons dial, I stood there muttering to myself, "What the hell will it take to impeach this criminal son of a bitch?"

Then it dawned on me.

These days, there is no better place to get your point across to the average American than while he/she is standing there at the gas pump. Aren't we all muttering at the gas pump these days?

What Hardball Covered Tonight

Tonight: a Hardball Special Report on how we went to war in Iraq. Did President Bush lead our country to war based on faulty intelligence or did his administration twist and cherry-pick the information for a war they'd already decided to start? Who is responsible for the war?

Tonight, a Hardball investigation with high-ranking CIA operatives who were actively involved in the run-up to the war. Chris talks to two former CIA officials who know: Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of operations for the CIA in Europe, and Gary Berntsen, a former CIA field commander who was on the ground in Afghanistan pursuing Osama bin Laden and author of the book "Jawbreaker." They'll both talk about failures and fights within the U.S. intelligence community that led up to the invasion of Iraq. Did the White House purposely dismiss information that didn't bolster the case for war? Is there still a battle between the CIA and the White House over intelligence? Could political agendas and power struggles lead the U.S.

UC Berkeley Arbitrarily Cancels Teach-In on the Case for the Impeachment


UC Berkeley Arbitrarily Cancels Law Day Constitution Teach-In on the Case for the Impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney; Berkeley Moves Toward Putting Impeachment on the City Ballot

BERKELEY, CA – A mere thirty minutes before the scheduled start of an ASUC sponsored Constitution Summer teach-in to rally support for a possible ballot measure for impeachment in Berkeley, Constitution Summer learned that the teach-in had been cancelled when, citing concerns about a lack of previously agreed-upon sound equipment, they approached the Office of Student Life (OSL). The OSL notified Constitution Summer of cancellation for the stated reason of staffing shortages, despite the presence of three students and two managers in the OSL. Constitution Summer was informed that the cancellation had been sent in an email to an unspecified person on an unspecified date. When Constitution Summer Co-Founder Abraham Kneisley asked to whom the email was sent, OSL staff refused to answer. The Office of Student Life had previously confirmed the event verbally and had stated that written confirmation would come via United States Postal Service mail, but that it might come late and that Constitution Summer should go ahead with the event. Cancellation by email was not discussed, and no one at Constitution Summer received such an email. When OSL staff called an unspecified manager to confer on the decision, Mr. Kneisley asked to speak with the manager, was refused, and so requested to speak with the ASUC President, a Dean, or the Chancellor. These requests, too, were refused. Upon arriving back on Sproul Plaza, Constitution Summer organizers were confronted by the UC Berkeley Police, who said that the event was no longer sanctioned and that a police report would have to be filed if any teach-in occurred. Constitution Summer then heeded the cancellation of the teach-in, informed the speakers and gathering crowd of the cancellation, created signs announcing the cancellation of the event, and instead held a demonstration in support of free speech rights. Councilmember Kriss Worthington, Center for Constitutional Rights staff attorney Shayana Kadidal, Berkeley Peace and Justice Chairperson Steve Freedkin, and Constitution Summer Co-Founders, Abraham Kneisley, Geoffrey King, Saba Sahouria, Taylor Hines, and Abe Gardner spoke on the importance of free speech and the reasons for and viability of the impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney through grassroots organizing.

US and Europe Draft Iran Resolution

By Elaine Sciolino, New York Times

Paris - The United States, Britain and France have drafted a binding Security Council resolution requiring Iran to stop key nuclear activities, but Russia and China are already resisting, officials involved in the negotiations said today.

The Americans and the Europeans want to move swiftly against Iran, and to that end, the resolution will be introduced in New York on Wednesday or Thursday, according to R. Nicolas Burns, the under secretary of state who has led American diplomatic efforts concerning Iran.

Impeachment Radio on Wednesday May 3rd

Listen here to the Peter B. Collins Show on Wednesday, May 3rd, for David Swanson of AfterDowningStreet at 3:30 p.m. PT, Paul Koretz, California Assembly Member and author of impeachment resolution at 4:00 p.m. PT, and Larisa Alexandrovna of RawStory.com at 4:30 p.m. PT.

California Democratic Party's Impeachment Proclamation on Video

Click HERE and then on the Saturday Morning video, and watch the part between 13:40 and 16:00.

Republican Christians for Impeachment

By David Swanson

Here's a statement from someone with whom I may have nothing in common other than this: we want Bush and Cheney impeached. What uniters!


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