At the Rubicon: US Asks Turkey to Host Iran Attack

YNet News reports we are at the threshold of the most terrifying moment in human history: a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran. Contrary to the public story, the Bush Administration is proceeding full speed ahead, Congressional authorization be damned:

Turkey won't let U.S. attack Iran from its land
Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Sunday that his country refused a request from the United States to attack Iran from its Air Force base in Incirlik, despite the U.S. offer of a nuclear reactor, according to a report in Al Biyan.

MSNBC Confirms Plame Was Working on Iran

MSNBC Confirms Plame Was Working On Iran When She Was Outed [UPDATED w/link to video]

Mon May 01, 2006 at 03:48:28 PM PDT

Per Raw Story:

A Cheney Free America

A Cheney Free America

An informed citizenry--it's the Anti-Cheney. Get involved.

Impeach Cheney First

By David Swanson

We should impeach Vice President Dick Cheney first, and President George Bush immediately thereafter. This idea is not original with me. It's been seen on bumper stickers for quite some time. My attention has been called to it by the fact that Congresswoman and Judiciary Committee Member Maxine Waters is talking about it. See below.

I'm persuaded of thevalue of this approach for several reasons. Among activists who very much want impeachment, one can hear a long list of fears and concerns about how things might go wrong, how impeachment could help Republicans who come around and back it, how impeachment could take energy away from elections, etc. But by far the most common of the nonsensical fears one hears is this one: "Impeaching Bush would give us Cheney, who is worse."

Two More Congress Members Back Impeachment Investigation, Bringing Total to 36

Congress Members Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois and Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania have joined the growing list of Representatives who have officially co-sponsored House Resolution 635, Rep. John Conyers' bill to create an investigation into grounds for impeachment of the President. More information:

Sacramento Impeachment Forum is a Huge Success

By Bob Fertik,

On Saturday I flew to Sacramento for an outstanding forum on Impeachment organized by the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party, led by Joye Swan and Jo Olson. was a co-sponsor and Sophie de Vries, the national impeachment coordinator of, did yeoperson's work, not the least of which was persuading me to go and suppressing her exhaustion to get me home on the redeye.

A Stunning Weekend for Progressive Democrats, and Californians

By Jo Olson, MD, Progressive Caucus CDP, 42nd AD Delegate, Valley Grassroots For Democracy

This weekend at the California Democratic Convention in Sacramento, the Progressive Democratic voice was not a rumble, but a roar. For progressives, the weekend started with the Progressive Caucus meeting on Friday afternoon. Despite the fact that many members were trying to register for the convention downstairs, the room quickly filled with over 350 people, all eager to move the progressive agenda forward. The meeting was packed with action items, including a briefing from Northern California Co-Chair, Mal Burnstein, on the issues of importance in the platform (single payer healthcare, impeachment, Iraq withdrawal language and poverty elimination.) The first draft of the Caucus’ position paper on healthcare was introduced by co-chair, Dr. Jo Olson. The Progressive Caucus fully supports Sheila Keuhl’s single payer healthcare legislation, SB 840. Officer at large, Brad Parker, led an action to support DNC Chair, Howard Dean’s “50 State Plan.” Hundreds of “We’ve Got Your Back” messages will be faxed to the Chair over the next several days in support of the Chair. Harlan Hobgood, first author of the Progressive Caucus position paper; Withdrawing Us Forces From Iraq; A Policy Framework, Strategy & Action Plan, and Chair of the Caucus’ Foreign Policy and International Relations Committee met with his committee before the meeting to prioritize their efforts in eradicating nuclear proliferation. Vice-Chair Ahjamu Makalani gave an inspiring and charged reflection on the importance of eradicating poverty remaining a front and center priority for all Democrats. Joye Swan, Officer-At-Large, gave an update about the Caucus’ role in moving impeachment forward on the Democratic agenda. Distinguished guest, Representative Paul Koretz, who recently introduced legislation to bring impeachment charges against President Bush, spoke to the Progressive Caucus members about the role of the state legislature in impeachment. Koretz urged the members to meet with each of their state representatives to sign on to AJR 39, in order to see the bill to success.

Chalabi involved US, Iran policy making again, current and former intelligence officials say

By Larisa Alexandrovna,

Ahmed Chalabi, the man who helped provide cooked intelligence on Iraq to the Pentagon and the New York Times in the lead-up to war, is once again being engaged in US policy decisions, current and former intelligence officials say.

According to two former high level counterintelligence officials, one former senior counterterrorist official and another intelligence officer, Chalabi is acting as broker between the US Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Iranian officials in what are now stalled diplomatic efforts between the US and Iran.

Mind Games

By Daniel Schulman,

When the United States launched Operation Iraqi Freedom in March 2003, Sam Gardiner, a sixty-four-year-old retired Air Force colonel, was a regular on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, where it was his job to place the day’s events in context. As the campaign wore on, and he monitored the press coverage and parsed the public statements of military and administration officials, he at first became uneasy, then deeply concerned.

Mrs. Tenney went to Washington, and The Speaker of the House ran for cover

By Dan DeWalt

Three years ago, G W Bush stuffed some padding in his pants, flew dramatically onto an aircraft carrier anchored a few hundred yards offshore, and declared “mission accomplished”.

Today, in memory of the thousands who have since died in Iraq, and fulfilling their obligations as citizens to protect the American Constitution, Ellen Tenney and Julia DeWalt presented the first three Vermont town resolutions calling for Congress to impeach the President to the U.S. Speaker of the House. Except the Speaker was afraid to meet them. He was afraid to face the naked truth that Congress will now have to be dealing with the wrath and determination of forthright American citizens who are calling their government to accountability. Congress now has to answer to a public that does not rely on timid political advisors, repeating the same outdated and losing conventional wisdom, worrying about potential “backlash” to ideas that are true and to demands that are just.

Hundreds of Thousands in New York City March Against the War

Largest labor antiwar contingent ever demands immediate return of all troops

Organizers estimate 350,000 or more people joined the March for Peace, Justice and Democracy in New York City Saturday. The trade union contingent was the largest, broadest and most spirited of any in fifty years or more. Between fifteen and twenty thousand labor antiwar activists came from across the country - from as far away as California, Mississippi, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and upstate New York.

2 Quick phone calls needed today!

UFPJ Legislative Alert

Victory on "No Permanent Bases" is within our reach!
Feingold introduces amendment to bring the troops home by the end of the year!

Call your Senators today (even if you called them last week!)

Our call-in day to the Senate on the supplemental spending bill (to continue funding the war in Iraq) last week was a great success. Thousands of calls were made asking the Senate to bring the troops home now, and to pass an amendment barring permanent U.S. bases in Iraq. The Senate did not vote last week on the supplemental spending bill (HR4939), so we have one more opportunity to make our voices heard. In addition, we have an exciting new development: Sen. Feingold introduced an amendment last Thursday calling for troop withdrawal by the end of the year. A strong show of support for the Feingold amendment would be politically devastating for the warmongers.

Where to Protest Peacefully

Monday, May 1, 2006
NEW* BUSH, RUMSFELD and RICE in Washington, DC: President Bush meets
with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld in the Oval Office to discuss their recent visit to Baghdad.
[, 5/1/06]

NEW* BUSH and LAURA BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush and the
First Lady appear at the "Preserve America" Presidential Awards in
the Rose Garden at 10:30 AM EST. [, 5/1/06]

U.S. Labor Against the War Heads to Detroit

By Michael Eisenscher, USLAW

With the April 29 demonstration behind us, USLAW now turns its attention to the Labor Notes conference this coming weekend in Detroit. On Friday, from 4 to 6 p.m., USLAW will hold a caucus for members of its affiliated organizations and associate members who will be attending the conference. On Sunday morning, there will be a labor antiwar interest group meeting at which we'll show the documentary "Meeting Face to Face" and hear from Amjad Jawhary, North American representative of the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq (who is one of the six Iraqi union leaders featured in the video who toured the U.S. last June) and Samir Adil, a representative of the Iraqi Freedom Congress. The interest group meeting will be followed Sunday morning by a labor antiwar workshop presented jointly with Military Families Speak Out. In addition, USLAW Co-Convenor Nancy Wohlforth will be the keynote speaker on Saturday, and we'll have a literature table up during the conference where we will sell copies of the video.

Impeachment Forum in Sacramento Sold Out - Enthusiastic Crowd

By Joye Swan, California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus

On a beautiful Spring evening in Sacramento, a sold-out crowd of over 900 Pro-Impeachment Californians gathered at the Crest Theater to hear a panel of distinguished speakers from the fields of law, politics and grassroots activism. Panelists included Congresswoman Maxine Waters, CA State Assemblyman Paul Koretz, Center for Constitutional Rights Attorney Shayana Kadidal, Former federal prosecutor and author Elizabeth de la Vega and president of Democrats.Com and Co-founder of, Bob Fertik. Moderated by always amazing Mike Malloy of Air America Radio, the forum was hosted by the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party. Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, Jo Olson, started the evening off with a bang by reading the surprise proclamation that was unanimously adopted by the California State Democratic Party that morning. The statement called for immediate investigation of both the president and vice president based on allegations of "misfeasance and malfeasance" leading to their impeachment and removal from office.

Bush Impeachment Forum in Sacramento, CA Filled to Capacity

By Phil Burk, 4/30/06, LINK TO ORIGINAL

On Saturday night, April 29th, at the California State Democratic Convention, the hot ticket was to the Bush Impeachment Forum in the Crest Theater. The 900 seats were filled and folks were turned away at the door. The crowd was very enthusiastic and often interrupted the proceedings with cheers and standing ovations. Mike Malloy of Air America Radio was the moderator and clearly popular with the crowd. He gave some background on the history and process of impeachment and then led a forum discussion.

In Leak Cases, New Pressure on Journalists

By ADAM LIPTAK, New York Times

Earlier administrations have fired and prosecuted government officials who provided classified information to the press. They have also tried to force reporters to identify their sources.

But the Bush administration is exploring a more radical measure to protect information it says is vital to national security: the criminal prosecution of reporters under the espionage laws.

US should call for direct talks with Iran

Communication could help alleviate tension from historical grievances.
By John K. Cooley,

ATHENS - It's time to soften the Bush administration's hard position against direct talks with Iran. A good time for both Washington and Tehran to begin overtures toward such talks would be following the UN Security Council's April 28 deadline for Iran to suspend uranium enrichment, which Iran rejects.

Bush Violates Hundreds of Laws

Read this related Kos diary by Kagro X.

By Charlie Savage, The Boston Globe

President cites powers of his office

Washington - President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.

VIDEO: April 27 Congressional Forum on Exiting Iraq

Video by Chris Belcher
Quicktime files (be very patient, they are very large)
First Half
Second Half
Or watch it more quickly at

King Would be Proud of Rep. Barbara Lee!

by William Hughes

“War is a poor chisel to carve out tomorrow.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Washington, D.C. - On April 27, 2006, at 9 AM sharp, in Room 2325 of the Rayburn Building, on Capitol Hill, the highly-respected Chairwomen, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), called to order the second Congressional public forum on how to bring the troops home from Iraq. She is one of the cofounders of the House of Representatives’ “Out of Iraq Caucus.” One of the other cofounders of that anti-Iraqi War group is Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), an African-American member of the House of Representatives, who even before the March 20, 2003 invasion, dared to challenge the Bush-Cheney Gang, on the legality and morality of the blood stained conflict.

Tomgram: Giving the President a Pink Slip in New York City

"I'm Already Against the Next War"
Marching in New York City
By Tom Engelhardt,

It's the perfect day for a march. Sunny, crisp, clear, spring-like. The sort of day that just gives you hope for no reason at all, though my own hopes are not high for New York's latest antiwar demonstration. I haven't received a single email about it. Many people I know hadn't realized it was happening. I fear the outreach has been minimal and despite all the signals of danger (of another war, this time with Iran) and of possibility (nosediving presidential approval polls, an administration in disarray, and the Republican Party in growing chaos), I approach this 30 block march with something of a sinking heart.

Mission Accomplished Day

By Cindy Sheehan

May 1st, 2006 will be the 3rd Anniversary of the end of "major combat" in Iraq. It was a glorious day when George Bush flew onto the deck of the Abraham Lincoln and was hailed by the rapturous throngs of toadie "news" persons such as Chris Matthews ("And that's the president looking very much like a jet, you know, a high-flying jet star," Hardball, May 1, 2003) and Bob Schieffer ("As far as I'm concerned, that was one of the great pictures of all time. And if you're a political consultant, you can just see campaign commercial written all over the pictures of George Bush." Meet the Press, May 4, 2003). What a fast and clean war! G. Gordon Liddy was enthralled with the president's package ("all those women who say size doesn't count -- they're all liars." Hardball, May 7, 2003) and a new era free from terrorism was ushered in.

Reliving past with 700-ton blast

"It's time to divorce ourselves from King George the XLIII before he destroys innocent people and whatever's left of this country's once-good reputation."
The Spectrum, UT,

Uh-oh, if Orrin Hatch is getting nervous about a military project, we'd better all be nervous.

The Republican senator from Utah sent his aides to the Nevada Test Site to check out the location where a 700-ton ammonium nitrate-fuel oil bomb will be exploded on June 2.

16 dead in Iraq violence

By Associated Press

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sectarian violence has forced about 100,000 families across Iraq to flee their homes, a top Iraqi official said, and 16 Iraqis were killed Saturday, six of them tortured in captivity.

An American soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in the capital, raising to 70 the number of U.S. service members who have died in Iraq this month, according to an Associated Press count.

U.S. commander warns of increase in insurgent attacks

By Louise Roug, Tribune Newspapers: Los Angeles Times

BAQOUBA, Iraq -- The top U.S. general on the ground in Iraq warned Saturday that a spike in violence is likely in coming months as Iraq's new government begins its full term in office.

Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, commander of U.S.-led troops in Iraq, said that despite political progress and the growing competence of Iraqi security forces, troops in Iraq are still fighting a bloody insurgency.

Mourning father channels grief into protest against Iraq war

“Sgt. Zachariah Davis, USMC, my son, did not die in vain. I support the troops. I support impeaching Bush!!!”
By Jutta Biggerstaff / Hi-Desert Star

Retired Marine Terry Davis keeps himself busy. Each weekday he travels from his home in Wonder Valley to Palm Springs, where he works for the Riverside County Health Department as a medical assistant. After work he takes massage therapy classes at Maric College. Sometimes he doesn't get home till after midnight. On weekends he plays with his grandchildren.

Protesters at Kyl office oppose war in Iraq

The Arizona Republic

About 300 war protesters on Saturday brandished signs, beat drums and encouraged passing motorists to honk if they wanted to end U.S. involvement in Iraq.

The Arizona End the War Now Coalition held the march and picket at 24th Street and Camelback Road near the office of Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl to protest the third anniversary of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech.

Sarandon tells of Iraq death threat

By Anushka Asthana, The Observer

Speaking out against the Iraq war left the Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon and her family facing death threats and a stream of vicious attacks from the public and the media, she reveals today.
Sarandon, who is hoping to play 'Peace Mom' Cindy Sheehan in a film about the mother's protest over her son's death in Iraq, said she feared for her safety because of the 'horrifying' way in which she was targeted by newspapers, radio phone-ins and people in the street.

Violence Uproots 100,000 Families in Iraq

By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sectarian violence has forced about 100,000 families across Iraq to flee their homes, a top Iraqi official said. At least 17 people, including an American soldier, were killed Saturday in fighting.

Abdul-Mahdi‘s estimate was higher than any offered so far by Iraqi officials.

That includes 25,000 Shiites who have fled since the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Samarra on Feb. 22 triggered a wave of attacks on Sunni mosques and clerics.


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